Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears Game Preview

Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears Game Preview

The Bears and Panthers played a Week Four shootout in October of 2011. But nobody has been firing anything but blanks at the 2012 Bears defense. And, almost bizarrely, the Panthers were a far better team with a rookie quarterback playing his fourth game than they are today.


  • I always like the Chicago Bears.
  • Because I am not buying into the "letdown game" concept. And unless you buy into the concept of the Bears suffering a letdown coming off Detroit, you can not conceivably think this beaten-and-left-for-dead Panthers team is going to win a big game on the road.
  • (See: Pertinent Statistics.)


  • Carolina is allowing over 120 yards per game on the ground.
  • Matt Forte rushed for 205 yards against the Panthers a year ago.
  • Carolina is ranked in the NFL's bottom five in both yards and points per game.
  • The Bears are allowing only 13 points per game. They are a full 1.3 points better than San Francisco's 14.3.


And I will have nightmares of his playoff Bears mauling from 2005 for the rest of my life. Don't remember it?

Side note on Smith: I'll be discussing an approach to covering Smith with Cameron Worrell on the pod later this week.


  • We played the Ron Rivera/Greg Olsen motivation story line to death last year and the Panthers still lost the game. I don't think Rivera or Olsen are thinking about anything Sunday aside from attempting to rescue a sinking season.
  • Yes the Panthers played the Bears tight in 2011 but they played the Bears during the the worst portion of their Cutler season. The Bears had come off back-to-back embarrassments versus Green Bay & New Orleans and followed the Carolina game with their humiliating Monday night effort in Detroit.
  • Steve Smith had 8 catches for 181 yards last year and has about 10,000 yards against the Bears in his career. If Peanut Tillman shuts Smith down, I'll write a letter to Canton asking for his early enshrinement.
  • I thought Cutler was going to have a breakout game against the Lions and he very well may have if he doesn't get DDT'd by Suh late in the second quarter. Having watched the Panthers secondary a few times this year, this could/should be the week if Cutler is as healthy as he says.
  • This is not what you want to hear your coach say. Ron Rivera in the Charlotte Observer: “If (firing an assistant coach) is what has to happen eventually, then yeah. Maybe that’s what happens,” Rivera said. “Do we cut players? Yeah. Maybe that’s what we’ll have to do. We’re evaluating everything as we go forward.”
  • The Panthers have lost their last two games at home while scoring 12 and 14 points. The Bears are averaging 13 points allowed. Hmmm...
  • I think Greg Olsen will be a significant test for Brian Urlacher over the middle of the field but Olsen is not exactly a tough, over-the-middle type.


He's the key to this game. Everything else is a secondary. I don't see how any prognosticator/analyst can accurately predict what the big righty is going to bring to Soldier Field Sunday because he's become the most unpredictable player in the sport down-to-down. The criticism has grown louder and louder. Here is what columnist Jason Whitlock wrote on Newton recently:

Cam Newton is being ruined. In the aftermath of Sunday’s loss to the Cowboys, Newton, once again, handled the postgame news conference horribly. He not-so-subtly criticized his coaching staff. He flippantly quipped that he wanted to bring a suggestion box into the news conference. He condescendingly called a female reporter “sweetheart.”

He sounded like a crybaby and a loser. The black information bubble immediately leaped to Cam’s defense, claiming Cam’s critique of the offensive strategy was accurate.

The accuracy of his complaints is irrelevant. A quarterback is in partnership with his head coach and offensive coordinator. Their disagreements and criticisms should be handled internally and not referenced at a news conference by the QB.

Newton's maturity - much like the maturity of his quarterbacking counterpart - has been questioned publicly and his out-the-door GM questioned whether he'd put any leaders in the Panthers locker room. He's also been exhibiting odd behavior at press conferences. Like this:

I'm not concerned with his maturity (or the odd behavior, to be honest). I'm concerned with his ability to read defenses, make smart decisions and get the football to one of the best receivers in the game. Right now I just don't buy he'll be able to do that consistently for four quarters.


Bears win easily and save their clunker for me, in person, in Nashville. Chicago Bears 28, Carolina Panthers 10

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  • First.. it's 7 am here. I really think the next few games will tell the season.

    Get ready amigos.

  • S'up bitches


    So Artoo, you got married? For reals? Has the sex stopped yet?

    Apparently the last defensive MVP was LT? Is that possible? This dude reckons Peanut deserves a shout. If he keeps doing his thing they might have no choice. See Charles Woodson is gone for the season too.

  • Yep. For reals. Living in Monterey, CA. Maybe you can come stateside to the 49ers game with me?

    Sex has not stopped yet lol

  • sadly, it's just a matter of time lad.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    What is sex?

  • In reply to Viva:

    exactly. Viva, now that I am free, if you'd like to live vicariously through me I am ok with that.

  • I think this will be a game where Forte and Bush put up some huge fantasy numbers. Cutler will just hand it off and avoid damaging his ribs more.

    For some reason, the Panthers have not been able to stop Forte. I don't see that changing.

  • Tice will call plays to protect Cutler but that doesn't mean he will just hand off.

  • Sports radio guys down here in Tampa were comparing Newton's pouting to Cutler's general "I don't care" attitude, didn't really make the connection.

    Bears 17
    Panthers 9

  • In reply to Perno:

    Newton pouts because he is a pussy.

    Jay sports an "I don't care attitude" when it comes to the media's criticism of his fucking facial expressions. Everyone with a fucking IQ above 80 knows he cares.

    I don't know how some of these guys get to live and breath and make money talking about nonsense.

    I hope you called in and fucking gave them the what for.

  • DDT... awesme:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    actually, it was pretty much a 100% textbook judo "O-Goshi" Hip Throw

    That's that asshole's new nickname, o-goshi.

  • fb_avatar

    Steve Smith 2005 Playoff game, had some rookie corner covering him, despite my shouts and pointing at the the TV with a pointer, "right there, right there, cover that guy". We didn't. Shredded ... at home, by a guy the size of a HS Freshman... UGH. I will always hate and fear Steve Smith and the Panthers.

  • Quick story..

    Growing up, my grandfather constantly yelled and screamed at the Bears. Who could blame him? That being said, I never heard him scream louder or cuss as much as he did in 2005.

    When the Bears played the Panthers during the playoffs.. I learned really quickly who he was screaming at and cussing at.

    Steve Smith.. how you kept me up all night and how I hated you.

  • Damn the Vikings have a tough road ahead of them..

    Vikings need win tonight; at least 2 of 3 games b4 wk 11 bye. Post bye: Bears (A), Packers (A), Bears (H), Rams (A), Texans (A), Packers (H)

    That's maybe one win.. possibly two?

  • Vikings are royally screwed.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    was meant to be a reply to you Artoo, but I'll add more. Can see them pushing the Rams, maybe the Pack at home if the Mullet gets to roam free, but the Texans D will be too good, as will ours.

  • Bears will put a bullet in the head of Cam Newton's season and Ron Rivera's tenure as head coach.

    Cam is such a gigantic pussy that I almost feel bad for him. He's never really lost before and now he's getting a Bear sized dick of it. He will then be subjected to one of the most aggressive teams in the league on defense. Melton, Pep and the Boys are going to make this pussy cry in the post game and I can't fucking wait. Oh, you'll see a pick six and a forced fumble before it's through.

    Bears 27
    Panthers 10 (garbage time TD)

  • Hope you're right Johnny. Last year we were lucky to get a win. Peppers sleepwalked through the game and the rest of the D wasn't much better.

    I think we will win going away. I think the run game will be good for 200 and the passing game for about 150. Maybe MB's favorite player will go off this week. If he does, there's a slight chance I'll mention it.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    You'll see short routes that don't require Cutler to be exact so alot of hitches short crossing routes, checkdowns etc.

    Alot of YAC from the receivers and running backs and the occasional deep shot if the Panthers get too aggressive against the run.

    I'm calling a Conte or Jennings pick.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    just for the damn record canada, I do NOT hate hester, I do NOT think he's a shitty player or athlete.

    What i DO is, think he's either too tired, has given up, doesn't care on returns. I've also suggest a reasonable fix (fucking shady)... stop this idiotic heater-package bullshit.

    Let the GOAT be the fucking GOAT again. We've already tried this experiment and it's failed.

    Oh, and if he couldn't do shit against the (statistically) worst specials in the NFL last week, he ain't this week... unless he pulls his head out of his ass and actually tries. Just sayin.

  • DaCoach-stradamus is predicting our first shut out of the year. Cam throws 9 picks, breaking the previous single game record of 8. We take 3 of them to the house and end up winning 63-0. Chico gets fired and arrested for strangling Mr. Newton with a microphone cord 30 seconds into the press conference.



    Sorry dude, that nickname's already taken. And how many times do I have to say this... only douchebags make up their own fucking nicknames.


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    True enough about nicknames. The problem is sometimes you get stuck with a nickname that you'd rather not. My bike riding buddy in Wisconsin stuck me with one back in the '80's and to this day he introduces me to people by that name. By about the mid '90's I gave up trying to avoid it and embraced it. It's none too complimentary but that's OK. That's what good friends are all about.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    You know you have to tell us the nickname now. Is it Dingleberry? just a shot in the dark.

  • Not quite that bad Coach. It's Cannonball. Partly due to my ability to go downhill on a bicycle at a high rate of speed. Mostly it's because of the way I look. I'm pretty much 5'2" any way you measure me. Not a pretty site! It is funny when he introduces me to people. They truly don't know what to say.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Now we know why you always defended Garrett Wolfe! hehehe

    CanadaBear, inch for inch the toughest sumbitch on DBB! Thats a great nickname Canada!

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Good one Murph! I'm not very tough but I'm very resilient. I used to hate it because of the obvious reference to my body type. My buddy took such obvious joy from it that at some point resistance was futile.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Could be much worse. I have a buddy who had the nickname of Twat all through highscool, and even a few years after.

  • Oh, I know. My wife knew a guy who's nickname was douche. OUCH!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Still call my best friend Taint for a variety of reasons.

  • In reply to Crown:

    Love that one!

  • My roommate in college was called "Twist" since high school. It took about 2 years from the time I first met him to find out his first name.

    Turns out he was playing flag football in PE freshman year and somehow got one of his nuts twisted around inside the scrote. Got surgery and a nickname for life.

    It was quite hilarious when girls I brought around would ask him, "So, why do they call you Twist?"

    Going into senior year, we took a bball trip to the middle of nowhere for a tournament. Long story short, one of the incoming freshman wiped his ass with his hand (no toilet paper around) and was given the nickname "Sticky Fingas" (or just "Fingas" for short) for the next 8 years... Imagine explaining THAT one to a prospective mate!

    Another kid on the team had the nickname of "Streaks" due to this inability to properly clean himself. I guess someone saw his shit-stained draws on the locker room floor once, and well... the rest is history.

    We also had a "Cosby Lips", "Muff", and a "Puker".

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    I got saddled with "Bigfoot" in high school (for not a very good reason; I was only wearing size 12s by sophomore year), and it stayed under-the-radar until halfway through my college career.

    Ran into a high school friend at a college party, and suddenly I'm "Bigfoot" again. Except my college friends made some weird assumption that it couldn't be a literal name, and because I wasn't hairy it must mean I was hung like a horse. So I became "Donkey" (or "Dong") to all my college FB teammates.

    Meanwhile, my best high school friends re-christened me "Bonk" (after the little video game caveman who killed his enemies by head-butting them) because one drunken night, without throwing or getting hit by a punch, I headbutted two guys in a fight... and then headbutted a car window. I honestly don't have any memory of the night (either drunkenness and/or head trauma, natch), so I couldn't argue the point.

    So to one set of friends, I was "Bonk" and to another I ended up "Dong." Two great nicknames for a cerebral guy who ended up a published author and college teacher.

  • I was one of those kids who got hit with nicknames left and right... In high school, my last name of Petrillo got turned into "Petrilly", then shortened to "Trilly" and then "Trill". Well, some time later, "Trill" got turned into some retarded southern gangsta rap slang. The nickname never stopped with the high school clan and now it fucking sickens me. I am not trill.

    In college my proclivity for short haircuts and large cigars filled with illicit material provided the nicknames of "Buzz" and "Bluntman" (soon shortened to "B-man") - combined into "Buzz Beamen" of Sports Illustrated for Kids fame. I embraced that, as Buzz Beaman was fucking cool as hell when I was in elementary.

    When the high school group met the college group it became "Trilly Beaman", (with associated "Willy Beaman" from Any Given Sunday references/songs) which somehow manifested into the letter-swapped form of "Billy Treeman".

    As you can see, it was a pain in the ass to explain to the wife the etymology behind my friends calling me "Billy T". Especially the part about the illicit materials. Which she is none too fond of.

    Now, Nebraska land comes along - and I'm "Skinny" to these corn-fed mules. Or just called by my initials, which is preferred.

  • Love the nicknames and back story for you and Willie. Great stuff! Always fun and funny. The best part is if someone hates the nickname and gets bent out of shape every time they hear it. That never gets old!

  • Here ya go Will the Trill.

    Hope it makes you feel a little better.

  • Ah I actually liked the nickname I got in college while rushing, "Rooster" All because I had dyed red splotches into my hair.
    It kida faded with time though. I should bring it back.

  • fucking classic.

    Bonk and/or Dong are awesome nicknames because they sound so ridiculous.

  • What do you write? Scholarly or otherwise?

  • I was carne (meat) and chango (ape) to the football team. Still called chango by a few god buddies who I played with in HS.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Johhny Skidmarks...

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Enjoying all these nicknames. Both names I've used on the site are nicknames that still stick to this day. Cormonster started Freshman year football, because I was the smallest guy on the team (@ 110 lbs) but started at Middle Linebacker and had a lot of sacks. The name came back late in HS due to my drinking abilities and I sold the best weed in school. The Fifth is way too long a story. It was the final name that stuck after it changed 6-7 times. I honestly don't even remember how it started.

  • The Panthers are a wounded animal. Can't turn on the TV without Cam's mug looking like one morose mother. Moon's "critique of Cam is racist" only compounded their issues. They just fired their coach. Smith has publicly said he chided Cam on the sidelines. Coach is looking for scapegoats, and the players know it's going to be one of them (trade deadline still coming up).

    Like all wounded animals, only one of two things can happen: crawl into a corner and die, or fight back ferociously.

    I think the Panthers will come out with a bang, but end with a whimper.

    (literary references ok, jeff?)

  • fired their GM, sorry.

  • Gotta agree Butch. Right now it looks like Newton is a head case. Let's hope we keep him in that space.

  • Any guesses to want the contest will be tonight? AP rushing yds? Ponder passer rating? V Jax receiving yds?

  • In reply to Shady:

    The way Jeff Jinx works, I hope it's Ponder passer rating...

  • I'd rather see AP get the jinx, no doubt the Vikings offense runs through Peterson. No pun intended.

  • I want the Bears game to be such a vag kicking that heads roll at the Panthers facility. I want the Bears to be the reason of others football suffering.



    BU, Ray Ray, Brady, eli?!?!

  • The injury bug keeps hitting the Packers. Greg Jennings is gonna have abdominal surgery, Woodson has a broken collarbone, and Jordy Nelson pulled a hamstring. I want to see how that young secondary does the next few weeks without Woodson. They have played well the last few weeks, but not without one of the leaders of the defense. They play the Jags this week, so this shouldn't be a real test.

  • new thread ladies

  • Damn, this Doug Martin guy from TB looks impressive.

  • Really want to see the rest of the offense step up in this one. With Jefferies out the supporting cast has done just enough to get by. Hester's had a few moments but he isn't a consistent contributor. Kellen Davis has had a couple great plays and more bad ones. Hopefully Bennett can get his game going again. Can we get the run game going strong enough that Bush is getting 10+ touches with out limiting Forte's touches? Cause thats what it's going to take to win tough games like Houston or when a few things break the wrong way.

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