Audibles From the Long Snapper: Wrapping Up the Monday Nighter

Audibles From the Long Snapper: Wrapping Up the Monday Nighter


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  • Jay Cutler was hurt as the second quarter was coming to an end. And no matter what anyone around Halas Hall tells you Cutler had no business playing the second half. But the coaching staff knew it was important for Cutty to stay on the field and they managed the game accordingly. They were not going to risk his health until Detroit pushed the issue and a series of costly turnovers kept that from happening. Sometimes it's not all about play calls and scheme. Sometimes it's about understanding the moment. Lovie and Tice did an excellent job of that Monday night.
  • The Bears need to get more out of Adam Podlesh. His foot goes limp deep in Bears territory and he's terribly at pinning the ball inside the ten. Great punters can make a huge difference in the types of games the Bears will soon be playing. I don't think Podlesh is one.
  • Hey Jay Cutler. Slide.
  • With about thirteen minutes left in the second quarter, Cutler hit Marshall on a bullet slant from the Bears 1. 18 yard gain on 3rd and 11. I think it was the single most important offensive plan of the night. (If Bears punt out of end zone they are in trouble.)
  • What is going on in Gabe Carimi's head? Why so many thoughtless penalties? He has become the biggest liability along the offensive line.
  • I see why Mike Tice likes Chilo Rachal. He's a street fighter.
  • What's the record for false starts by a center? Roberto Garza may break it this season.
  • You know who the best player on the offensive line is? Lance Louis.
  • I thought Nick Harris had a spectacular night punting for Detroit.
  • I thought Brian Urlacher had more burst at the point of attack that he's had all season.
  • If Kellen Davis can't catch the ball, send someone else into the routes. Give Kyle Adams a shot to make plays. I don't need to see #87 drop any more balls this year. I'm good.
  • I'm not as opposed to the Bears pulling Hester off returns as others. Sometimes it is very evident Hester doesn't have his head in the game and he looked awful on returns early. Bears were trying to create some field position on specials and Hester wasn't even fielding the ball.


...are must wins for me. Of course they could lose one of them still make a deep run in the postseason but they could be essential wins from a psychological perspective. Beat Carolina and Tennessee. Get to 7-1. And then all you'd "need" is a final eight split to reach 11 wins and a sure thing trip to the tournament.


I don't watch First Take on ESPN2. Why? Because I would rather have my eyes gnawed out of my face by a toucan than intentionally spend thirty seconds with either Stephen A. Smith or Skip Bayless - never mind both simultaneously. But Brandon Marshall's Tuesday appearance garnered some attention and he's terrific. Here it is.


From USA Today:

We've tended to highlight some of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler's morequestionable antics around these parts, so it's only right to point out when he goes out of his way to be a stand-up guy.

According to ESPNChicago, Cutler invited the family of the Bears fan killed in Jacksonville prior to the team's road game against the Jaguars in Week 5. Christopher Pettry, 42 and a married father of three from Lake Villa, Ill., was stabbed at a restaurant in the Jacksonville Landing area.

Cutler gave Pettry's family tickets to Monday night's game against Detroit and spent time with them prior to kickoff. The Bears defeated the Lions 13-7.

"We wanted to reach out and bring them to the game," Cutler told ESPNChicago. "It's a tough situation. There's nothing I or anyone can say that can really ease their pain or bring anybody back. Hopefully we were able to let them have an enjoyable time for three or four hours and kind of forget their loss and just have a good time and help them in that way because it's hard."

Don't judge a man's character by how he responds to questions from people like David Haugh.

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  • If think the play of first importance in the Detroit game was Cutler's scramble to turn that first 3rd down into a first and allow the drive to continue that led to most of the Bears points for the game.

    Not just for that game, but for the rest of the season - Cutler *can* beat you with his feet. An important psychological edge I think.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I sure hate seeing a typo just as I hit the Comment button. Grrr...

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    it's ok. if jeff can write about urlacher and the "point of attach," you can be existential and "if think." =]

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    comletely agree Dave, 3 rushes for 34 yards is huge. That kills a defense on 3rd down when the coverage should result in a sack.

    Cutler stepped up and his play resulted in points and enough points to win a hard fought game.

  • Bears are rolling like I told you they would. We brought Cutler in to win games and that is what he does.

    His first year people forget that we were missing 2 starting linebackers and had Ogunleye and Brown at DE's in what was effectively their last semi productive year in the league.

    Jay is going to lead us to the playoffs and beyond this year and that is just how its fucking going to be. We have our franchise QB and people are just now realizing it?. I knew it almost immediately but people just called me a homer.

    The legend grows..........

  • so, jeff, now that you're highlighting the slant as the single most important play of the night, are you willing to admit that it's not a play that should be retired from the playbook? it can work. it just needs some work.

    i agree on kellen davis. he's getting the opportunities but he's not converting them. according to the washington post, though, he only has 3 dropped passes on the year. that seems a little low...

  • In reply to evantonio:

    Only 3? Why does that sound wrong..

  • because it seems like he has at least 1 a game? at least that's the way i'm looking at it.

  • evantonio, absolutely. it still terrifies me when it leaves cutler's hands.

    point of attach,


  • oooohhhhh caaaaannnnnaaaadaaaaaa...

    "I'm not as opposed to the Bears pulling Hester off returns as others. Sometimes it is very evident Hester doesn't have his head in the game and he looked awful on returns early. Bears were trying to create some field position on specials and Hester wasn't even fielding the ball."

    100fucking% Jeff.

    I also agree re: LL. I kinda felt the same way about Cookie williams at LG last year... wtf happened with that?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Like I said back a few weeks ago. They took a great returner, tried to turn him into a WR, and now we have an average returner and a less than average receiver. He has NO balls. After that one catch he could have gotten the first down, instead he just laid down between the two defenders. Other teams dont seem afraid to kick to him anymore. He's not the same player. Is it the big contract? Did he watch the Johnny Knox reruns too much? Or has he just lost that will to win at any cost?

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    I think he's just gassed after playing WR on more then 50% of the snaps. He did an interview about that a few years back (when he was supposed to be our #1 WR). Its tough to come in and try to beat 9 or 10 guys when you've been running up and down the field every play of the night.

    In a way, he's his own worst enemy in wanting this "Hester package" to work out. If he would focus on being the top return guy and allow himself to settle in as the #4 or #5 reciever (and maybe an emergency DB), he'd have the chance to really shine again on special teams.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    I just read he was in on 59 of the offensive plays Monday night. That's more than he's been in all year by a lot. I'm sure they were trying to ease Earl back into the rotation and they did 3 WR's a lot because the Kitties were hurting at CB.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Other teams aren't afraid to kick to him anymore? That's a joke, right? Cmon guys, Heater might be getting frustrated a but because teams won't kick to him, but this talk about replacing him on all returns and even trading him is silly. Opponents spent all week practicing how they're going to keep the ball away from Devin Hester. He's not perfect, but you're willing to live with a mistake or two because if given enough chances he's going to take it to the house. The problem is teams haven't given him enough chances and he's getting frustrated. But trading him? Cmon guys. When he's fair catching the ball on the opponents side of the 50 you should realize he's that's why he's such an asset. What other returner in the league will force a team to give you the ball on their side of the field instead of giving the returner an opportunity?

  • In reply to Shady:

    Auto correct is killing me today. Sorry guys.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Eh. I don't know.

    None of us know how much time is spent game-planning around Hester's return ability. We know what the goof balls say to the media when specifically asked.

    These days, they don't offer up "avoiding Hester returns" as the answer to, "What did your team focus on most this week with the upcoming game against the Bears?" - Sure, it USED to be "don't kick it to 23".

    These days, I feel like a "So, uh, Schwartz - whaddayathink about this Hester fellow?" type question is tossed out there (to fill space) and the generic "very dangerous playmaker" cliches come out.. when everyone with a set of eyes and the ability to make comparisons knows that he's just not what he used to be.

    For whatever reason.

    I'm not saying trade him, or take him off returns, or anything rash. I'm saying he looks scared. Looks slow. Looks more dumb than usual.

    Maybe the Knox thing did resonate. Maybe he sees more dollar signs in finally becoming that above-average WR now that he has real receivers to take some attention away from him, and he simply doesn't give a shit about doing anything but staying healthy. Maybe he's waiting for that perfect opportunity where every man in punt coverage immediately falls to their knees as if they've heard the voice of God. Then he can scamper in and be a hero for another season until we wash, rinse, and repeat.

    Shit, if you call everything a fair catch, no one really knows how you've lost the will to be the best returner of all time.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    You don't have to listen to what coaches say during the week, just look at how teams are (not) kicking to Hester. The ESPN crew had a neat highlight of how the Lions were keeping it away from the GRMOAT.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I know... I get that they don't explicitly punt it to him and try to get as much hang time as possible. I just think he's not the focus he once was...

    My main beef: fair catches that shouldn't be.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    The stats don't back that up Murph. His last 3 years; Kick offs (2012) 26.9 avg, (2011) 21.9-1 TD, (2010) 35.6 avg. Punt returns (2012) 7.6 avg, (2011) 16.2 avg-2TD's, (2010) 17.1 avg-2 TD's.

    His two highest averages for his career for kick offs were 2012 and 2010, for punt returns his 2 highest averages for his career are 2011 and 2010. In the previous 2 years he's had 1 kick off TD and 5 punt return TD's.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Of course after all that I fucked up his punt return TD's for 2010. He had 3.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    As I posted a few threads back, if the Rams want Williams to play tackle, they will be dissapointed. If the Rams want Williams to play left guard, they just a heck of a player.

    We're pretty set at guard, not probowl set, but solid. We need a lot of help at tackle, and we need to either fix Garza's mental errors or else bring in someone to push him.

    I think the real challenge with Garza isn't his play though. We can get a center in the off-season to push him no problem. The problem is, what happens if we draft a solid rookie to take his spot? Who's the leader on the O-line? We need a guy like Chilo or LL to step up and become the anchor and the leader, and that's tough to do if you're not snapping the ball or protecting the blind side.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I thought you were going to follow up the first two words with "our home and native land". Guess not. I get why some of you guys are pissed at Devin but mostly I think you have short memories. Let's talk after the season.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Personally, I think it has to be somewhat difficult for Toub to keep up the level of blocking that used to exist on the return team. His best guys have a tendency to get noticed and end up on other teams.

    I do agree with Murph that there is something about Devin that simply looks tentative and fearful. That pass reception Murph mentioned sort of astonished me - can you imagine Brandon, Alshon, or Earl giving up on the extra yards like that?

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Agreed, but blocking means shit in constant fair catch land.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Some of Hester's former blockers on special teams included Tillman, Idonije, and Ayonbidajo , or however you spell it. Tillman and Indonije were incredible special teams players for many years.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    Agreed. Hillenmeyer was a good blocker too.

  • Of course a man should be judged by his actions and not soley by his words or facial expressions. Rick Reilly has really fallen off by the way, that hack piece on Cutlers facial expressions was embarassingly poor. While Reilly would have you believe eveyone in the City hates Cutler, the reaction from the faithful at Soldier Field when Cutler came running back onto the field proved otherwise. That reaction along with Jay putting the cap on BM on the sidelines were both special moments Monday Night.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Gotta agree. There are "fans" in Chicago that don't like Cutler but I'm guessing most of them wouldn't know much about the Beloved other than "Da Bears", Ditka, Fridge and the Bruise Bros.

    Cutler was really touched when he got a rousing ovation when he came back into the game. I think it's starting to dawn on him that most Bears fans like him and want him around for another decade. Other than those meltdown games.

  • I'm pretty sure toucans can't gnaw.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Lol... getting back to the important stuff!

    Perhaps "eyes nipped out of my face..." ?

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I'd rather have a toucan shit in my eyes till they rot out of my head than spend 30 seconds with Skip Bayless.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    I believe Bob Marley's last record was called "Too Can Shit"

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Holy Crap, GP's back!

    There's always The Amazing Rhythm Aces "Toucan Do it Too".

  • In reply to gpldan:

    He's back!

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Yes tou can! (no to shitt)

    Welcome back, dan.

  • Bears were sacked 12 times in two games against NFC North rivals. Cutler completed less than half his passes in those games, and threw for only 126 & 150 yds. The Bears managed just 11.5 pts. per game. Of course we have yet to see Jared Allen, and NFC North teams aren't the only ones who can rush the passer. They're just the only ones the Bears have faced. Their 4 non-division opponents combined for only 7 sacks against them. Bears scored an average of 35 points in those games, and Cutler had several 2-300 yd. games. I hope Emery & crew are sufficiently worried.

  • I'd like to get Viva's take on Devin and the poor special teams play so far this year. He like many of us is a big fan of Dave Toub and specials, but the uncharacterisric lack of production and the high amount of penalties is concerning. But perhaps we've just been spoiled for too long? IDK

  • Didn't Hester have 3 return td's last year?

    As for whether or not he WANTS it as much as he used to, I would argue that he wants it too much. This wasn't evident in the Detroit game but in previous games this season, it seemed he was trying to do TOO much. Rather than one cut and head north at full speed, which is what he used to do, I noticed him running east and west too much, trying to make something out of nothing. I think he needs to concentrate on revising his technique more than anything else. When he was good, he'd juke once or twice, but then he'd take off full speed north and south. This year, fair catches aside, he seems to be falling into the trap of thinking that he can outrun everyone to the sideline, which often results in poor returns.

  • Gotta agree Doc. His 2 years where he was pretty avg, 2008-2009, he did a lot of that running East and West.

  • There were a couple punts where Skunk caught the ball with about 10 yards of open space before the first defender, but we consistently got the ball at out 40 or the 50 because they were kicking away him. You gotta take the good with the bad. I'm not willing to trade the GOAT returner yet for a 2nd rounder. Ill be patient. Once he breaks one, it changes the his confidence level and his whole dynamic back there.

  • In reply to Crown:

    Gotta agree Crown. Not to mention, who's offering a 2nd rounder for him?

    Everyone over values their team's players and trades almost never happen. Earlier people were talking about a fifth rounder for Cookie. Emery couldn't even get a conditional 7th rounder. I think the Bears released Cookie because they liked him and he never complained. It would have made more sense to hang onto him for depth.

  • Like I said b4 the Lion's game, and say so now, if Hester couldn't go off against the turrrrible Lion's SP Teams, on MNF, then he needs to be off SP Teams. I'm not gonna pretend to know WHY Hester is ineffective. To me, He doesn't have the burst he once had, but it's not like a got a stop watch timing rookie Hester with vet Hester. That's just what my eyes see. Could it be the "Knox-effect", "$ complacency", inferior blocking, better overall punting? Sure, why not? But the end result is the same: ineffectiveness.

    Hester running 50 plays can't help, and we're gonna continue that trend for as long as Alshon's out, so why not put Weems back there?

    Weems is good. He'll be fresh, and Toub can work miracles with a player who solely focuses on sp teams. He may not be the TD threat Hester is, but we don't need that right now. We need 20 yds and a little breathing room for our nascent O. We need field position advantage cause between our struggling returns and Podlesh's 30 yd punts, we're putting a lot of stress on our D and O.

  • I wouldn't have a problem with Weems getting some looks on ST's while Jeffery is out. I'm guessing Earl will get way more snaps this week and fewer 3 WR sets.

    Devin's avg return on kickoffs this year is 26.9. Not other worldly but certainly better than avg. He's really struggling on punt returns.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I actually don't mind Hester on kick-offs. He's pretty crafty as a KR.
    Also, because our D is so bad ass, we usually only get KRs either at the start of the game, or after half-time, which means Hester is fresh. Besides, the ball usually travels ot of the endzone thanks to the new rule.

    But I say put Weems on KR too, for now, esp against the Panthers and Titans. See how he does, what kind of decision maker he is.

    Who knows, maybe he can blow-up and give the Texans, 9ers, Vikes something more to worry about.

  • I hope Cutler sport that Kevlon Flak Jacket Vick wears for his ribs.

    This might actually make the Bears run it more, which is good. Beason is out for the Panthers, and their Run D was already suspect.

    I also surmise that Rivera will try to establish the run to try to settle down Cam, so we won't have to ask Cutler to be in a shoot out, thus exposing his ribs less when throwing.

    I would say that this would be a big game for our TEs on those intermediate routes (not sure how accurate Cutler will be with the long ball while his ribs are throbbing), but I have little confidence in Davis.

  • expect alot of short throws to Forte, Bennett and Mr. YAC.

    Get the ball out of Cutlers hands asap.

  • I'll be watching Kuechly.


    Hesters return stats for 2012, 20th total yards, but we arent taking many kickoffs due to our D.
    13 guys in the top 20 with a better avg. per return.

  • Carimi was called for holding on a play that also saw his man called for offisides.


    Of COURSE he had to hold him

    Such a situation should nullify the offensive foul.

    What's Carimi supposed to do, let his QB get PLANTED because his man beat the snap?

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Yeah, I remember screaming at the tv "It should be a free play!" Or at the very least, 5 yd penalty, not off-setting penalties. Rule's committe needs to revise that one.

  • And now, a word from out sponsor...

    The Lions had Megatron tested this week...
    ...seems they're worried about about his energy

    What they discovered is not so terribly unique.
    Apparently. he just has a... PEANUT allergy!
    Burma Shave.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:


  • Wonder when we'll see Brody Eldridge? I don't know squat about him, but he played some OL in college and is said to be a very good run and pass blocking back. Bears could definitely use some help in the pass protection department.

  • Good angle stillshot of the Cutler bodyslam:

    Other angles create the illusion that Suh was more distant from Cutler. But obviously, when Suh flipped Cutler over his thigh, he was right on him. Cutler was in his grasp. The ball was within his reach. Suh went for the piledriver instead.

    "I can't control my momentum," Suh said. "Especially at that high speed. I'm chasing him. He's running away from me." You'd have to be a fucking idiot to believe that shit.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    On second thought, there is probably a lot of truth to that quote, if you take it out of context.

    "I can't control my momentum." I lose control...

    "Especially at that high speed." In a typical football game, or in my car...

    "I'm chasing him. He's running away from me." Or anytime my predatory instinct is sparked.

    If a hyena could speak, play football, and drive a car, that is what it would say.

  • wow:

  • I was looking at the list of most/least liked players (I feel shame). The only real surprise for me was Kyle Orton at #7 least liked. I'm guessing it's due to him playing with the Cowgirls. Otherwise, he's about the nicest, least controversial QB in the league. I remember him starting a recycling program for the cafeteria in summer camp and driving a Prius. If being a tree hugger generates a lot of hate, NFL fans are more fucked than I thought.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Yeah, that surprised me too. What do assholes who answer telephone polls have against Orton? The guy inspires as much passion as a rumpled blanket. He should poll at exactly 50/50.

    My guess is, alot of assholes developed a dislike for Orton when he was cockblocking their Tebow hardons.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Iowa, his home state, must hate him because he doesn't promote ethanol. It's the #1 cash crop.

  • I think Buttsteak has it right. I really liked orton and was dying to get him back on waivers last year.

    btw buttsteak, you should really stick around for the offseason. Not only does it qualify you are a 'real' reg, and a fucked up crazy bear nerd, but we actually have some fun.

    anyway, this one's for you:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I'm the fan who can't finish a football article if there's a link to a picture of Scarlett Johannson in the sidebar.

    I meant to stick around after draft & free agency, but it started to wear on me (the lack of news about the Bears, the uncertainty about Cutler, thinking about thumbageddon, looking forward to the new season which was so far off). It felt like waiting. I wanted to forget about the Bears so time would pass more quickly.

    This place is always fun, even in the off-season when it's like being stuck in the great salt lake desert of Utah, heading down the Hastings Cutoff.

  • this is for Erik and Johnny:

  • Last word on Hester from me (today)

    …let me remind shady and canada (and the others) that devin is not being paid this year for what he's done in the past (I mean, he is... but... but… you know what I damn well mean), he's being paid to do it all over again this year.

    And I, like willy, $, and a couple others in my camp aren't saying he all of a sudden forgot how to return, we're saying he looks like a different guy back there this year. Totally scared, slow, fair catches EVERYTHING that doesn't offer an immediate sideline escape within 5 yards (or a dive down opty), and when he does take off, looks totally panicked and terrified of being hit... but mostly he fair catches EVERYTHING and ANYTHING.

    The 'i'm fucking tired' excuse certainly seems like a viable one in my mind, but it's just that... a bitch ass excuse. For the best that’s ever been… that’s how you’re going to go out? The year we win the SB? THAT is going out like a biatch. We need brilliance from him this year more than any other if we’re going to deliver on the opty in front of us.

    I personally think the hester package garbage is just that… total unadulterated bullshit. Guy is not a good WR. Without a doubt, he’s made some great long-ball catches in the past that have totally impressed me, but mostly you get what you got in the lions game (badly dropped passes and dive downs), and completely unsuccessful screens. I know who he is and what he’s meant for this team, and for the record personally I’ve not once suggested we trade him… but someone needs to talk to him, and/or stop with this ridiculous hester-package tripe. We’ve tried that refuse already, it’s just plain fucking inane.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    You're right, he sucks. We should trade him...

  • In reply to Shady:

    Dude, I'm the one face/palming on this one. You're being brutal. And a homer.

    I bring real anecdotal observations backed up by his terrible stats this year, and provided what I think the answer should be... and all you come back with is that. Booooooo. You're becoming as lazy as a certain bear's kick returner.

    Getting my damn TV this weekend finally... you need a haji beat down. Alalalalalalalal!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Did Hester once bang your sister and then juke his way out of your house before you could kick his ass?

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