Audibles From the Long Snapper: Shirts, 'Sante, Savior & Song

Audibles From the Long Snapper: Shirts, 'Sante, Savior & Song

Tee Shirts Sales Close Today

Orders will take some time. We will be processing them and sending them out by December 1st. (It would have been sooner but we've had some storm-related issues.)  To get your shirt (pictured above) simply CLICK HERE. We simply don't have the manpower to take orders on a rolling basis. So get them in by midnight tonight and you're all set.

Not Bears But Hysterical: Asante Samuel

Just watch this video. It's enjoyable.

Brandon Marshall Should Be Mentioned in the MVP Race

I predicted I would writing something like t by midyear and sure enough I am. But just imagine where the Chicago Bears would be today if Brandon Marshall were not on the roster. While the defense has carried the club thus far Marshall has been a revelation at wide receiver.

    • Marshall is on pace for 115 catches. The record is 100 for Marty Booker in 2001.

  • Marshall is on pace for 1,542 yards. Marcus Robinson had 1400 in 1999.
  • Marshall is on pace for 10 touchdowns. Dick Gordon had 13 in 1974 and Ken Kavanaugh had 13 in 1947.

I still think we haven't seen Marshall's best. It's coming. 15 catches, 250 yards and a bunch of touchdowns. Just a matter of time.

The Psychological Importance of 7-1

The Bears lacked urgency on Sunday. They lacked focus. They lacked energy. They delivered a three-quarter dud and a better team, a more dynamic offense, would have beat them by two or three touchdowns. You would hope that performance and their tape study will be a significant wake up call and they'll play inspired Sunday in Nashville. Because it's a pivotal game. Why?

Not just because of the schedule. Sure it would be nice to maintain a no less than two-game cushion over the Packers heading into the more difficult second half of their season. But the Bears follow Sunday's game with a Sunday night contest against Houston and a road trip to San Francisco the following Monday - two terrific teams with two of the league's three best defenses. The Bears could conceivably play well and lose both those games. They need a win keep the media's questions on game results and not on the more general contender/pretender nonsense. Because if they lose to Tennessee the media will make Sunday night against Houston a referendum on their entire season. (It won't be but the media won't care to let fact get in the way of a good story.)

I Don't Know Mark Dvorak...

...but he's about to have a lot more people watch his video.



Hopefully Noah and I will be have no issue getting to Nashville this weekend. I've received a few emails from Bears fans who'll be gathering down and we're trying to put together a spot for a few drinks on the weekend. Let me know if you're planning to be there by emailing me. jeff@dabearsblog.

P.S. I did fine in the storm. Both my neighborhood in Queens and my lady's neighborhood in Manhattan suffered minimal damage. But a lot of my family went through a rough one - especially down the Jersey shore. So thoughts with them.


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  • Glad you're safe.

  • Houston might make us look like fools. I am positive that we can beat the 49ers. All the Bears have to do is make the 49ers offense one dimensional.

    I still don't believe in Alex Smith. That is all.

  • Fuck Houston. Fuck them in the ocular cavity.

  • +1

  • Yup. I haven't worked that one out yet. Formerly the worst QB in the NFL to ...?

    Of curse that's Mark Sanchez now.

  • Alex Smith = formerly the worst QB in the NFL. Sanchize appears t have repaced him.

    {Let it go, Irish ...}


  • Some of the wide receivers you have mentioned above.. I have no clue about.

    Kinda sad that it's been that long since we have had a wide receiver this dominant and this good.

  • Dick Gordon was a stud. Ken Kavanaugh was before my time. Booker was a good receiver and Robinson had one great year. Oddly enough, my least favorite Bear of all time was the QB throwing the ball to Marcus. Basically he threw it up there and Marcus would out jump and out fight the DB's.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    1947 was a 12 game season, so to have a higher TD/game number (a truer comparison of value), one would have to get 18. But 17 would be enough given the following curious facts.

    The average number of TD receptions per team in NFL games (league wide) peaked in 1948 at 1.633, as did scoring at 23.59 points. Last season the numbers were 1.45 and 22.18 respectively. Who woulda thunk it, eh?

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    So what you're saying is, they should go back to the old rules where players could, you know, tackle and hit eachother.

    I'm all for it. And I'd like to subscribe to you're newsletter.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Very surprising.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    wow. That's why I love this blog. That's crazy. Would that mean that in 1947 a 5,000 yd passer would exist?

    Or more likely, a 4,000 yd passer with a 1,500 yd rusher. Nuts.

  • 1947 was more prolific league-wide in yards. Our Bears led the NFL with 5086 yards of total offense - 421(!) per game. If we could only do that now...

    Washington led the league with 3336 passing yards, mostly by Sammy Baugh, who finished with a 92.0 rating.

    Bears were 3093 passing (mostly Luckman) and 1959 rushing by committee... boy this stuff is interesting... look at the distribution of rushing yards here

    The *punter* fourth in rushing yards

  • Yeah, but we got Sayers, Butkus, Singletary, Hampton, Dent, and (most important of all) Sweetness, all in the modern era.

    Aside from maybe the Steelers of the 70s and 49ers of the 80s/90s, and maybe the Cowboys of the 90s, I can't think of any teams that have had so many luminaries in the modern era. Sure, we can be sad/jealous of other teams having great wideouts, but they damn well better be jealous of a string of RBs like Walter, Neal Anderson, Thomas Jones, and Forte--or a string of MLBs like Butkus, Singletary, and Urlacher.

  • Jeff, glad to hear you survived the storm with little damage. Hopefully your family members get the help they need.

  • All you guys bitching about Hester are killing me. I agree he hasn't been ridiculous this year. Far from it. However, in the last 2 years he's returned 5 punts and 1 kick off for TD's. Apparently 7 mediocre games is enough to erase the last 2 great seasons. Fuck me, you guys. Do you have any idea how many teams don't get a return TD all year? Some teams haven't had even 1 for years. Granted it's not all because of Hester. Toub is one of the best at what he does and both GM's take ST's seriously. This leads to my last point, if the blocking and timing isn't there, not many guys are going to the house.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I still believe he's good. He just doesn't look like he used to. Even when he's close to breaking one, it looks different. I suppose we should agree to disagree. I feel the same way about Cutler that you feel about Hester. Its all a matter of perspective.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    2010 leaders, PR for TD
    3 - Dal (Bryant 2, McCann)
    3 - Chi (Hester 3)
    1 - NE (Edelman)
    1 - six other teams

    2010 leaders, KR for TD
    3 - Oak (Ford)
    3 - Sea (Washington)
    2 - Ari (Stevens-Howling)
    2 - Jets (Smith)
    2 - NE (Tate)
    1 - eleven teams, but not Chi

    2010 leaders, total kick returns
    3 - Oak, Sea, Dal, NE, Chi
    2 - Tenn, Atl, Ari, Jets
    1 - twelve teams
    0 - eleven teams

    2011 Team leaders, PR for TD
    4 - Ari (Peterson)
    2 - Chi (Hester)
    2 - Den (Royal, Decker)
    1 - twelve teams

    2011 Team leaders, KR for TD
    1 - Nine teams

    2011 leaders, total kick returns
    4 - Ari (Peterson)
    3 - Chi (Hester)
    2 - Den, SF, Tenn, GB
    1 - fourteen teams
    0 - twelve teams

    2012 Team leaders, PR for TD
    1 - Tenn, Jets, Minn, Buff, Cin, Mia, GB

    2012 Team leaders, KR for TD
    1 - Tenn, Bal, NE, Jets, Minn, Buff

    2012 leaders, total kick returns
    2 - Tenn, Jets, Minn, Buff
    1 - Mia, Bal, NE, GB

    So, Hester's five returns since 2010 have only been matched or exceeded by Tennessee and Arizona (6 total), and New England (5 total).

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Well done. I totally agree with all facts stated above. Does 2012 Devin look like the Devin of any prior year to you? Its a simple question. I don't think he does. Apparently you do. Personally, I hope you're right and he breaks two against the Titans. As I've said very clearly, I still think he's good. I just don't know if he's special anymore. It wouldn't hurt to give others a few touches. They did it with Johnny Knox and it worked.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    here's my deal for the last time canada, shady, dave...

    ...he's not trying this year and it's patently obvious.

    He's still devin hester, he just needs to try again.

    I had this thought... in the past maybe last year, hester himself said he'd rather just run PK/KR and do one or two things on O a game. Maybe he's purposefully sandbagging to show the coaches that he should just be put back on kicks again?

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Johnny, MB, I'm not arguing against your perspective. Hester has lost something. But he's still as good as anyone in the league.

    To me, Hester this year looks like Hester of 2009. Most on this blog were ready to bury him then.

    It's easy for us to make theories, but having never been ludicrously good at something and setting an impossibly high bar, it is beyond my experience to know what it is like to lose that edge - to understand how hard it is to get it back.

    Hester's first two seasons were magical - something that has never been seen before and may never be seen again. Devin had something special, but the *entire unit* fed off him. The blocking was amazing those years. Every guy out there knew, just flat *knew*, that "if I just make my block, Devin can score". It is impossible, in my opinion, to overstate the importance of that.

    My feeling, perhaps only a hope, is that if Devin can take just one back, that spirit can be rekindled in the return teams. And if that happens, watch the fuck out NFL.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    good thoughts dave

  • In reply to CanadaBear:


  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I think they mean his receiving C. Frankly if he runs back one or two more in his career, that's all I want to cement his record.

  • The past 2 years don't matter, the NFL is all about what's happening right now. Hester is getting paid well to return TDs and be a good receiver. He's not a good receiver so he better return some TDs. Lots of people don't eat 3 meals a day but that won't stop me from calling my ham sandwich a piece of shit. I don't care about other teams that haven't had returns in forever, doesn't matter to me at all.

    Of course I appreciate everything Hester has done for the Bears, and that's part of the reason we're so down on him...we know what he's capable of. Let's hope this is just a blip on the radar and he comes back in full force sometime very soon.

    Jeff I think you will be watching a fantastic Chicago Bears effort in Nashville, with the Bears winning by a landslide.

  • In reply to Perno:

    Yeah, why have ham when you can have penis and mustard?

  • In reply to Shady:

    Thats funny shit. That ones going to haunt you a while Perno.

  • In reply to Perno:

    No offense but that is the definition of a front-runner.

  • In reply to Perno:

    As I'm thinking about making the Bears one f my teams this week I need an explanation of how they'll do that. Does anyone know anything about their D-line?

  • you knew this turd was coming down "Shit creek" soon....Hey Mario could of been on our rotation you ass-goblin...

    this is like saying the "Devil" made me do's your bank account????

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    Those bastards! I don't blame players for going into FA and getting big dough. If they can get it, good on 'em. It really pisses me off when they pull a Mario. If you want to stay at home, give them a discount if necessary. I really hate it when someone goes after the money and whines about being on a shitty team. Like they didn't know that going in.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Yup--plenty of guys take less money to play for better teams. Look at NE. Pittsburgh has a lot of guys give hometown discounts on their contracts. Hell, the Bears even end up benefiting (Briggs with his last contract, and Urlacher, too).

    Elite talents who just want money end up getting... just money.

    Ditka was 1000% right with his advice to Marshall, but it's true outside Chicago, as well. Find yourself a good market with a good team, and put down roots--you'll be set for life. Maybe you won't squeeze every nickel out of your talent, but look at guys like Tom Waddle and Scottie Pippen--who got the bigger paycheck, and who's set for life?

    I'm all over the place in that paragraph, but the point is: had Mario Williams sacrificed a million or so and come to the Bears, as long as he produced, he could've owned the town. Derrick Rose buys into Lou Malnati's, and he's set for life after basketball. Mario could've bought into Gino's... instead, he'll be lucky to find a Buffalo wings joint...

  • Prior to the Carolina game, I was looking at some stats and noticed something surprising (to me). Through the first six games, the Bears allowed just 78 points - 20 fewer than the Bears allowed in the first six games of 1985. Unfortunately, the Carolina game cost the current team 22 points, putting them at a slight disadvantage in round 2 vs the '85 Bears. Lol, the '85 Bears allowed 29 points TOTAL in their second six games.

    Regardless, the 2012 team is on top, 100-107 after 7 games. Can they hold Tennessee, Houston, San Francisco, Minnesota, and Seattle to a pair of field goals? Not fucking likely, but they don't need to. They only need to continue being the ungenerous bastards they are. If the offense also plays to its potential, the Bears can sweep the set. But that assumes the offensive line has potential. They're certain to be singled-out for special testing by opposing coaches in the coming weeks.

    Hester-Smester. He's not this team's weakness

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Correction - "...the current Bears are on top 100-105. Can they hold Tennessee, Houston, San Francisco, Minnesota, and Seattle to a field goal and a safety?"

    Yes, yes they can.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Selective statistics ..... our hardest games are coming now. We won't have any points-allowed record by the end of this season. Comparisons wi be made after the season - but it MUST end with a SB or there's no conversation t be had. This D-ine isn't better than 85.

    Can we win a superbowl without an offensive line?

  • I get that, Irish. I was just having fun with the numbers. They're not good for much else. Read my comment tongue-in-cheek.

    It is interesting to me that the vaunted '85 Bears, after their sixth game, had less than stellar numbers in the points-allowed category. I wish I could recall my assessment of the team at the time. Had the sense of inevitability set-in? Lol. I think it set-in, for me, late in the 2nd Patriot game.

    Can we? No.

  • I'm now officially embarassed when I keep hearing anyone talk about the 85 Bears. I am the biggest bears fan of all time. It has also been almost 30 years since we won it with a team that a fucking cat could have coached.

    That is an indictment of the Halas/McCaskey family more than anything that they allowed this shit to go on for fucking decades.

    Personal plea to Jay Cutler:

    Jay, please make up for the ineptitude of the previous 30 years by taking this squad to the promised land so we can stop fucking talking about 1985. You have the D, you have the WR's and RB so please do everything you can to make up for your shitty Offensive Line and win this year.

    I know that you will be destroyed in the press if we "only" get to the NFC Championship game and will be looked down upon even if we get to the Super Bowl but lose.

    This is the problem with a city that hasn't won in so long. People get desperate and lose perspective. Jay, you and I both know that only 1 team wins the big game each year and that people view the other teams as somehow failing but you are different. If you do not win the superbowl there will be a huge contingent of people that claim to be fans, and also including those whose teams sucked this year or were bounced out of the playoffs early that will still talk shit. I will be unable to choke them out slowly as I will only be reading their annonymous cowardly comments while becoming infuriated at the stupidity of the American people in general.

    The only thing that will shut people the fuck up is to continue to do what you do and that is win. So, in closing, fuck everyone with a huge bear shaped parking cone. I have faith that we will win and when we do I hope you go on live TV and tell everyone to suck your ballsack.

  • i'm fucking out of here.

  • Johnny are you pulling a GP or are you just out for the day? Hate to see your homer, curse-word filled rants go. Not to mention I agree with you about 90% of the time.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    i was just taking some time away from my computer and the insanity that is sports reporting. I was back several minutes later after some fresh air.

  • I resemble that remark!

    You gotta understand that ppl talk about the 85 team because it was a special team in a fun year. That team had a lot of characters, but more importantly, it performed at a spectacular level. I mean, there were some other great teams, like that "undefeated" Pats team. If they would have won the SB, ppl would talk about them as the "greatest team", but they were BORING. Robots fulfilling Bilichick programming. They were the Drago to our Rocky 85 team.

    There's just certain teams who have players that are both interesting AND elite. The Yankees won a bunch of championships with Jeter, but New Yorkers are always gonna hold that team with Mantle/Marris/DiMaggio higher no matter what.

    Over here in L.A. ppl love the Kobe championship teams, but even when they had Kobe and Shaq hoisting up the championship, most L.A. fans still thought they paled in comparison to "Showtime". Magic, Worthy, Kareem, Green...Same with Chi-town...that 90s Bulls team (JORDON, Pippen, Grant, Rodman, Kukoc) will be held in higher esteem until Rose wins about 7 in a row...

    Every year some team MUST win it all, but some teams take their season to the next level due to a unique set of circumstances.

    The 85 Bears were one of them. When Cutler wins one with panache, maybe I'll change my handle. He's gotta wear zubaz though at the press conference!

  • Fuck yeah. Especially good would be not having to hear about Ditka any more.

    And the best way to do that is to win three SB in five years or so. Like that team *should have*.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I don't think too many coaches could have handled the deranged chaos of that locker room. Mike was a legend before he was HC of the Monsters.

    Where he failed IMHO, was not getting a hold of Buddy Ryan. If you want to beat Miami it would be a big help if we didn't blitz the quickest-release passer in the game on every play. No way a DC should be allowed act like he's independent of the General. Ryan was an asshole, who put his ego before the team. Ditka took the focus and pressure off his players by doing and saying shit that was crazier than what his team were doing or saying.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I'm dying, literally, to have a coach/team that people won't shut up about for 26 years. With this O-line I'm not sure that can happen.

    85 team - strong everywhere. Proven record-holder and winner of things at QB.

    '12 team - Really very shitty bottom of the league O-line. 'Potentially very good QB yet to win anything' at QB.

    Again, Lombardi first before any silly discussions about which team is better - not that it matters who was better.

  • STFUWAB7-1 I think you'll enjoy this nugget:

    from the article;
    1. The Bears are 11-1 in the last 12 games Cutler has started. Cutler has also been a strong finisher this season.

    2.He has a quarterback rating of 132.0 in the fourth quarter this season, with six of his nine touchdowns coming in the final frame as well.

    3.Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t Cutler lead the Bears down the field on the Bears final two drives when the team needed him to step up his level of play the most?

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    i did enjoy it. I'm going to thoroughly enjoy the game this weekend. It's the little things that make me smile like Earl catching 4 of 4 third down conversions.

    Tice, here's a fucking logic progression for you:

    Earl Bennett has the one of the best sets of hands in the league- proven fact
    Earl Bennett has one of the highest ratios of caught balls/thrown to
    Bears need to move the ball better on first and 2nd down.

    Fucking throw short routes to Earl Bennett on first and second downs once in a while to keep defenses on their heels and get Jay in a rythym. It's not fucking hard.

  • Jay pretty much indirectly told the coaches in his press conference today to call plays where he can get the ball to Bennett.

  • "pretty much indirectly" is a bit of a Waffle. :-)

    But I'm with you all the way. Get Earl the ball. The only ones that will be sorry is the Bears' opponents.

  • Let me preface this with "I love my boy Jay."

    But... that's my problem with Cutty as a leader. You think Jim McMahon waited for the right call ?

    {Oh Jesus here we go...}

    Considering it was a HOFer Bears legend calling the plays, I think it took serious balls to change plays in the huddle. Jimmy could work shit out from the huddle, and then see more shit when he walked up under center and knew what was going to go down before players were in position. Cutty can't do that. Not many can.

    Jay, if you don't think the play is going to work, you grow a fucking pair and you change the play. Thermodynamics this is not. Don't blame. Lead.

  • Irish, your romantic notion that these days the quarterback and enigmatic leader of a team can continually just change the fucking play given by the Offensive Coordinator (read : the fucking coach) of a flagship team in a league worth 9 Billion dollars is cute.

    McMahon changed plays because his playcaller was fucking retarded and would have handed off to Walter 65 times a game if given the chance. This same team, stocked like a fucking allstar game could only manage 1 superbowl. The QB, melted away into obscurity and NEVER performed up to expectations. Talk about game manager??? McMahon was the ultimate game manager on a team with a Defense that is considered one of the top 5 in the history of football. give me a break.

  • Basically a must win, not so much from a record stand point, but from an offensive stand point. Tennessee's D is terrible. Need to get the run game seriously rolling, need to see Earl and the rest of the non-Brandon pass attack step up. Tice needs take a step forward and this is the game to do it. Going to be very hard to fix things vs Houston or SF. Win this week and win or lose vs Houston the game vs SF will be the Bears (first) chance to secure an inside track toward a bye.

  • In reply to reprisal:

    People are afraid of Houston - why? They don't look scary once you shut down Arian Foster. That's guaranteed to happen. Top rushers do not generally overcome the best rush defense in the NFL (with the 'finished' Brian Urlacher at the helm)

    Andre Johnson gets closed down like mom and pop stores. HEY ! Peanut! Over here!

  • "Need to get the run game seriously rolling"

    Seems like we keep refraining this every week, and every week Tice doesn't get the memo. We were avg 6.4 yds against the Panther's horrible D, and we STILL got away from the run. It's one thing to abandon the run when we're down, but in every game we've been ahead or down by a score, and we STILL refuse to commit to the run, even while Cutler is getting murdered, even though we have a PB HB and a 1,000 yard rusher behind him.

    I'm tired of repeating this every fucking week, so in the hope of reverse jinxing, I hope we go to Nashville and Cutler slings it 50 times for 400 yards in a no-huddle shotgun spread formation while Forte and Bush cheer on from the sideline.

  • 100fucking% man.

    Forte/bush were literally having their way with their D. Just crushing them for 6-10+ yards EVERY run.

    Brutal tice. Pull your head out bitch.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Um, Bush had 5 yards on 3 carries.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    uuuhhhh... BOOM?

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Exactly - where did this myth begin that we can run the ball at will?

    Tice isn't stupid. If we could get 5-6 yards on every run, Campbell would be handing it off

  • Why don't we commit to the run?

    Ask Robert Fucking Garza ! Dude couldn't block a drain.

    Metal Mickey. Jesus. A center that repeatedly false starts? The guy who's snapping the ball false starts. You couldn't make that up.

  • I can't tell you how many times I have said.. " You know Devin Hester had a good training camp?"

  • kinda sad... he's still a bear... but not.

    Let's bring him back.


  • Funny the talk above about the '85 Bears. Anyone see this?

  • In reply to BAM46Blitz:

    Dent has been saying that for years, and he is just as right as he was when he first said it.

    And it does my heart good to see it in print that I did not type. Doug Flutie?!?!? What on earth was Ditka thinking?

    I think Dent nails it - Ditka's monstrous ego.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Steve Fuller maybe .... but Tomczak always had a touch of the sex cannon about him. Doug was a better QB overall.

    It just proved that Jim McMahon was the single most important Bear on the squad. Without him they were rudder-less. Same team, but he's not there in the playoffs, one and done.

  • In reply to BAM46Blitz:

    "Hell, we didn't give up that many points. But the point of it is, you know, 'Hey, we should have won...'" -- Richard Dent

    The '86 Bears actually gave up fewer points than the '85 team, setting the record for points allowed in a regular season. The defensive roster was essentially the same. Yet this defense that fans often say could have won with _________as _________(insert ridiculous comments) did not win.

    No one will ever know what would have happened if Charles Martin had not power-slammed Jim McMahon, or if the coaching staff had made different decisions, or a thousand other things, but there is absolutely no doubt that there was some small change or combination of changes that would have made the difference. There is no such thing as 'inevitability' in the NFL. The word only seems to make sense after the fact.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Rest In Pain Martin.

  • Pro Football Focus (PFF) Evaluates Bears Oline

    "So far this season, Cutler has been pressured -- sacked, hit or hurried -- on 92 of his 248 drop backs. That pressure percentage of 37.1 is the fourth-highest in the NFL. PFF assigned 77 of those pressures to the Bears' offensive line, the 13th-highest total in the NFL, and 14 of the 25 sacks. The latter is the fifth-highest total in the league.

    That means PFF found blame elsewhere for 15 of the pressures on Cutler and 11 of the sacks. What does that mean for the Bears' offensive line? It's not solely to blame, but it shoulders the primary responsibility. Overall, PFF's formula for pass blocking efficiency -- measuring pressure relative to drop backs -- ranks the Bears as the NFL's third-worst pass-blocking group...Generally speaking, though, the Bears' offensive line has had a rough start in pass protection for the third consecutive year. It has left Cutler facing more pressure, based on percentage of drop backs, than all NFL quarterbacks except Michael Vick, Kevin Kolb and Russell Wilson. "

  • Happy Mule-o-ween everyone. Gonna get my Mule on tonight with a special Jimi Hendrix tribute set. It's gonna be incredible. Crown, wish you were here to see the show.

  • Well, aint that a penis and mustard sangwich!

    I survived Sandy, but witnessed a car get cut in half by a tree, the facade of a three story building rip off and a 80 plus Armenian woman who works at the bakery down the street blow away. Fucked up shite.

    Willie- 100 points for the peanut omar sans gayness comment.

    Anyone seen Donger since the win? Maybe he's bagel-dogging his lady or impressing her with the helicopter dick.

    7 and 1 is coming. NO LET DOWNS!!!! That goes for my undefeated DBB pick record as well. I feel like Jeff is losing faith in his ability to keep up.

    Love the fire Johnny. Changing the name of my unit from Monty to Bears Shaped Parking Cone or BSPC for short. Wow that was a lot of penis references. Im out.

  • man I love this place. I love you guys (not in a gay way)

    ((not that there's anything wrong wth that))

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Feels like I'm wearing... nothin' at all!


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