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  • Still number 1 in the NFC North.

  • In reply to Shady:

    6-1 motherfuckers!

    2nd best record in the league

    1st place in the NFC North

    QB has won 11 of his last 12 starts

    Fucking Tennessee???? Dead

  • 2nd verse same as the first.

  • I'm lodging an official complaint with the NFL. I know we're 6-1 but our 6 wins didn't all come against the Packers this year so they don't really count.

  • Bears song for this week..."I Will Survive".....Thank goodness for #26 and the Panthers letting us get a FG. Against Houston/GB/etc..we can not ask our defense to do this!!! A win is a win, but come on Bears!!!

  • In reply to 505 Bears!!:

    they "let" us get a field goal?

    what the fuck are you talking about?

  • You have to give Rivera credit. It was obvious after Hester's first two punt attempts that he was going the distance at some point Sunday. Naturally, Rivera took Hester out of the game. That was a good feeling starting at the 40 or better almost every kick. I believe that the Panther coaches had their punter so scared before that last punt he ultimately just shanked it.
    It has been awhile since we've seen an opposing coach have a big 'ol unconcealable Hester fear boner. Let us hope Hester continues to show aggressiveness, instincts, and willingness to take a hit. Winning formula.

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    Dude..the Bears started at like the 40 every drive!! They helped us out by taking Hester out!! Our offense sucked ass....Forte averaged about 6 YPC, then they stopped giving it to him...WTF!!!

  • In reply to 505 Bears!!:

    I agree with everything you said regarding field position. In fact, isn't that what I said?
    I also agree that it was mind-boggling that they stopped feeding Forte the ball.

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    Ender, you are right....I was off the handle and just pissed. I agree a win is a win, but damn, we honestly should have lost. My bad.....A few too many Zimas (haha) got me wound up...Bear Down!!!

  • In reply to 505 Bears!!:

    'Tis all good, meow. I just thought you misunderstood me.

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    FYI....Crown and Bark's Root Beer tastes like dip spit...ugh!!

  • In reply to 505 Bears!!:

    4.7ypc, but who's calculating?

  • This team is starting to look more and more like 2006..

  • With a much better QB. Best 4th quarter QB right now in the toughness, completion percentage, and rating categories.


  • Exciting win!

    BUT what's going to happen vs playoff caliber teams when
    1) the bears don't protect cutler
    2) the bears don't get 1-2tds on defense/special teams

    turnovers and returns are a crapshoot lovie, you can't rely on them, especially against the elite teams in the nfl. If they keep playing like this, it'll be an early exit. I don't see this team winning 3-4 straight games against winning teams in January

  • Bears need a tune-up, or overhaul?

    Tune-up. Jesus H Mary Elizabeth Peter Christ! How can a center habitually be offsides? The announcer, "wow, I think the center was offsides. You don't see that often." That is, of course, unless you watch the Bears. Fix that shit Garza!

    Is it me, or does Carimi ALWAYS backpedal earlier than the snap? It seems like he's a split second early on every snap, and depending on the officiating crew, it leads to penalties (hence him leading the league in penalties for Olinemen). Fix that shit BearJew!

    Overhaul. The Offense.

    I mean, the entire game plan needs to be revised as in, we need to create one. Are we a run oriented offense with occasional deep shots? Are we a quick rhythm west coast offense which relies on shorter routes? Are we a vertical deep shot offense with some runs sprinkled in? I have no fucking clue cause we've done all these, both successfully and unsuccessfully, and I'm as clueless now as I was in week 1 of the preseason.

    Some may see this as a plus "oh, that keeps Ds off balance" - which is sort of true in the same way stupidity is unpredictable. Don't believe me? Watch some Tosh.0 and be prepared to be surprised!

    This offense is like Frankenstein...a patchwork of hacked off offensive philosophies clumsily wobbling down the field, if at all. Except sometimes at the end of quarters, it transforms into a smooth agile Werewolf. Or sometimes not. Who the hell knows? (Halloween analogies too cheezy?)

    I DO know that we can't just rely on our D to score every game. So far our best receivers have been Marshall, Peanut, and Jennings.

    Need a big play? Throw to our defense!

    I'm not gonna sit here like a disgruntled douche after a win, like a bum who you give a quarter to and looks at you as if you just slapped him in the face (yeah, the little things). Ok, maybe a bit, but we got to get our O sorted out before we face the 9ers, Texans and Packers cause I guarantee you they know their offensive identities and aren't just gonna wait around for us to figure it out like the Panthers.

    That being said,

    Bear Down!

  • Our Oline sucks and Jay Cutler is an average QB at best. Super Bowl? C'mon man!
    <3 Bears

  • In reply to Scala:

    You're right Scala. This team needs a great quarterback like Grossman to get to the Super Bowl.
    If your eyes don't tell you that Cutler is something other than "average at best", you're beyond help. He played poorly this weekend. I'm giving him a pass. Playing with bruised ribs behind JWebb must be a miserable experience. I bruised my ribs once falling off a ladder. I had to sit funny to take a shit.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    Many that's one of the problems - too many repetitions of "he played poorly this weekend".

    Cutler does show potential to be a star at the position. But he lacks the consistency to be called one.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    The fumble was bad and he should have thrown it away but dude, watch the tape, we had over 75 yards of drops on 3rd down ALONE.

    His QB rating would have been through the roof if our guys catch the fucking ball.

    Throwing the ball away on a poorly executed screen by the line is essential but his play wasn't that brutal.

    It just looks worse when you try to make up for your fumble by throwing 6 fucking perfect passes and all of them are fucking dropped and all of them would have moved the chains and kept drives alive. The Spaeth catch (drop) would have resulted in at least a field goal.

    It also doesn't help when you throw perfect passes and drive down and your kicker, the 3rd most accurate kicker ever, shanks a 31 yarder.

    Perspective is needed. This is the FIRST YEAR of this offense. The coordinator is calling plays as he goes and the calling lacks consistency. You'll see more short rythym passes next week as a result. Why you ask? Because since we needed to go 2 minute drill they are going to look at the tape and slap their foreheads and exclaim, "so you're saying that if we get the ball out of Cutlers hands quickly and into the hands of a top 5 receiver in the league and the guy with literally the best hands in the league in Bennett we can actually move the ball down the field????"

    holy shit we need some perspective juice served here.

  • The Bears sure scared me this time, but I remember them barely holding on for a 34-29 win last year against Carolina at Soldier Field, and we weren't that concerned then. That was also during a 5-game winning streak. I can't see us winning against Houston or SF playing like that, but we probably won't come out flat in those prime time games either. We better not at least. I also don't wonder if maybe for some reason Carolina just poses match-up problems for us. Smith has always killed us. The six sacks and immediate pressure do show the o-line hasn't improved as much as people thought, and I'm seriously questioning Tice's ability as an offensive coordinator. Seeing Jacksonville give GB a battle made me smile, though. At least the Bears weren't the only ones who thought they could just waltz onto the field and blow out the other team.
    Is it just the opponents, or are the Bears playing much better on the road than at home this year? Seems like they're more focused and fired up on the road. Anyway, at least they got it done and are 6-1 (lame rhyme, I know).

  • Bottom line...

    They beat the crap out of us at the line of scrimmage.

    End of story.

    Tough to win when that happens but they pulled it out...Folks no matter what you want to call it, a fluke, lucky, etc...

    The Bears Defense is SCARY! Yesterday's game is a perfect example on how they can pull off a big play EXACTLY when they need to to keep us in the game.

    A win is a win let's move on and stay frosty.


  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    You mean how the defense made Steve Smith fall down when making a cut?

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    The Bears gave up yardage and didn't get off of the field on 3rd downs enough but they gave up 1 TD and held the other team to field goals for the rest. Take away the bullshit PI call on Conte and the bullshit roughing the passer on Izzy and the game is much different. That's 6 points off the board. Cutler fumbled on his own 25 so let's pin that on the defense as well.

    you guys are starting to resemble SB Nation posters.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    No. That happened because he's old. Which is also why he still has no touchdowns after week 8. One big circus catch. Big deal.

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