The Cameron Worrell Show Premieres!

The Cameron Worrell Show Premieres!

Former Bears safety Cameron Worrell joins me for a terrific discussion on replacement refs, how the Packers defenders will handle the Monday night debacle, Chris Conte's early-career technique issues, how 2012 Tim Jennings compares to 2005 Nathan Vasher and Brian Urlacher's status in the middle of the Bears defense. He also previews the upcoming matchup between the Bears secondary and the big, physical wideouts for the Cowboys.

We love Cam around here and are thrilled he'll be joining us throughout the season with his perspective on the Bears defense. I don't know want these to be interviews. I want them to be conversations. And we'll get there. I think this is a great premiere.

(We had some tech difficulties with our first attempt.)

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  • I really enjoyed the talk about Tim Jennings, interesting to hear a former player talk about how or why a previously "pretty good player" can turn into a superstar.

  • Ask him what he thinks of this:,0,4173638.story

  • I don't know want these to be interviews. I want them to be conversations. And we'll get there. I think this is a great premiere.

    I'm not sure. If this is the worst. Grammar and syntax I've seen Jeff use. In a long while. But it might be.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I don't think it's a "Grammar & Syntax" issue.

    I think it's a "Typos / Ommissions / Proofreading-Your-Posts" issue.

    Something I am guilty of all too often.

  • I say to you all on this refs debacle!!!!!

  • The D has been superb this season, championship caliber for sure. Now the offense is what I'd like to talk about. Can we get Jim Miller or Moses Moreno in here to talk about the stick up Cutlers tukus and what it's going to take to remove it?

  • Working on someone to discuss the offense. Gimme time.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    Martz may have some free time on his hands.

  • In reply to Viva:


  • Don't worry about us signing Ryan Grant - the Skins beat us to it.

  • I don't see anywhere to click "play" or go to a link to listen to the conversation.

    (We had some tech difficulties with our first attempt.) is the last line of the article I see.

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    Fixed it! had to do a system restore though... porn possibly

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    oh you know it was

  • It's kind of interesting/ironic that the refs blow a game for a team that doesn't have a "real" owner. The league doesn't have to answer to a particular individual in this instance.

  • Logging into the Trib site is not worth the trouble...for day old information.

  • We may have regulars refs back in week 4....Mortensen is reporting.

  • Thank you, Cameron Worrell.

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  • In reply to Shannon Pankster:

    Lean on #6...on national night...collective gasp...

  • In reply to Shannon Pankster:

    fuck me man.

    Shannon, all-caps not needed maings.

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    In reply to MB30SD:

    My bad mb justed pissed, but forte is practicing today along with bush I hate the fuckin cowboys so many effin fans here! Bear Down!

  • In reply to Shannon Pankster:

    with you brother. All caps just makes your post hard to read.

    ...and I'm in a shitty mood. coming back to reality after 4 days of fun has a tendency to do that to you.

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    10-4 bro all is good just hate when we go prime time and especially that 4 letter network that hates us to begin with, I just hope Our Offense snaps outta that Funk they are in!

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    yep. 100%

  • Thanks Cam!

  • The real refs don't want that 401(k) plan. They want that pension plan. Guaranteed income in old age, who would want to walk away from that? Shit, it ain't like Social Security or Medicare will be there.

    I think they doubled down after the Seahawk shitter on the pension part, and as a result - this may not get done for this weekend. I would be shocked if we saw real refs for the Cowpoke game.,0,2945769.story

  • In reply to gpldan:

    honestly, I don't think I want it done by this weekend. It seems too soon, and like I said before, these refs are letting Ds play. I mean, it can't be a coincidence that Tim Jennings all of a sudden looks like Revis and our D looks circa 2005.

    I'd prefer them to begin next week when we play the Jags that way they can work out all the kinks in a somewhat ho-hum game.

  • Great interview. I will be looking forward to that every week. Who is Cam W. coaching for nowadays?

  • Worrell, "Urlacher at about 60%" ..."Can't really get off blocks"..."He's still the best option for them this year" (in other words, the Bears never had a contingency plan - even though London Fletcher was an FA and is as familiar with the cover 2 as Lach).

    Cam also said Lach should improve as the season goes on, but he looks really really stiff out there. I always thought he should lose about 10 pounds to help him out with some quickness and put less stress on his knee, but hey, what do I know...

    Ray Lewis trimmed up this year and he looks faster IMO.

    Hope Lach gets to 80% by week 10, then is ready to ball by X-mas.

  • Not unless the Knee Fairy visits him in his sleep and rebuilds it.

    He can break from his stance ok. He can backpedal ok. His foot speed is poor, which is a shame to watch because I remember when he could run Vick down from behind.

    What he cannot do, at all, is leverage the knee. When the lineman comes to block him, he does everything he can to slip the block by sliding off it or using his arms to pull himself around, but he cannot plant down on the knee and push back. I doubt he could get a blocking sled across the field unless the field was a sheet of ice. And sloped downhill.

    I don't see how that much changes this season.

    He still provides his best weapon, which is his instincts for the ball dropped out in the zone and his height to go up and grab the ball. It's very sad that Nick Roach isn't a better option than a 34 year old guy who can't shed a single block and is gimping around on one leg. That fucking sucks. I cannot believe, that Roach at Mike with JT Thomas or Geno Hayes isn't a better slice of pizza.

  • London Fletcher is older than Lach, Butch dead off..

  • He is older, but isn't gimping around, and right now we need experience at the position. Fletcher would've been a one year band-aid, but that's all we need right now. We also could have made a run at Ryans for a pepsi, but I can imagine the media frenzy that would have gone with that swirling that "Lach is done."

    Either way, the Bears either totally misdiagnosed Lach's inj (what's new?) or totally over-rated Roach (what's new?), or perhaps they didn't, but wouldn't dare even consider replacing Lach.

    Hopefully all this is a moot point, but Lach looks like Frankenstein out there right now. When he's forced to cover Vernon Davis or Kyle Rudolph, or try to shed the Oline of the Texans and tackle Foster, it might not look pretty.

  • in other words, our D-line is gonna have to play out of their minds (what's new...)

  • Our D looks better than ever, Lach will continue to get better. My opinion doesn't change one bit from a career special teamers opinion on the matter.

  • speaking of Cams... check this out:


  • btw, note to (dumb ass) self... don't post in the middle of listening to the interview. jesus MB.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    haha... I did the same thing...dumb and dumber...

  • Reported that Forte fully practiced today. He's looking good for Monday night.

  • God, I hope so, cause I keep hearing reports that Bush's shoulder in injured, and we're looking around for an extra HB.

    I definitely don't want that game coming down to Cutler having to throw it.

  • how fucking sad is that? Jesus.

  • Hey Al,

    Your man Ed isn't letting them get soft while they sit out. No way. He's got them up at the crack of dawn running 15 miles up hills and calling them maggots. So, when the time comes and he has to pull his "guns" out for display, he WILL be ready.

    Kind of like David Scwimmer in Band of Brothers.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    awesome show.

  • Did I hear right that Bush is down too, so we're down to just Bell? That's not good attoll boys and girls. Bell is gonna get his ass worked off this Sunday. Hope he holds up.

  • In reply to MaddBearfan:

    no worries. this will be Cutlers coming out party. because fuck them that's why.

  • Mmmm... muffins...

  • In reply to gpldan:

    man, a lot of 'em are kinda butter.

    I recognized a couple from the call me maybe dolphins vid. The older red-headed vixen got a (big) nose job. She looks yummy cougary.

  • Let the festivities commence...

    "We're really talking about quarterbacks from two different class levels. Romo ranks right behind the elite active QBs who have won Super Bowls. Cutler is just a bit above average despite his rocket right arm.

    Cutler, the NFL leader in interceptions and sideline hissy fits, has actually been awful the last two weeks.

    Their critics have focused on two areas: decision-making and leadership. Romo has made major progress in both departments in recent seasons; Cutler has regressed."

    For the record, they both wear their hats backwards, which Skip Bayless interprets as immature lol

  • Awesome 'conversation' Jeff. Loved the description of the intricacies of the cover 2 for a safety. That was very insightful.

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