Packers Hold Serve, Bears Horrid on Offense

Packers Hold Serve, Bears Horrid on Offense

Here are my rapid fire reactions:

  • I tend to harbor particular plays. Often one play. And I would love to see this game play out without the Gabe Carimi personal foul. I believe that play flipped the momentum entirely and it was inexcusable.
  • So was the play of the rest of the offensive line, including Kellen Davis. There is really very little positive to say about this group when it comes to pass protection. (You'd have to add Matt Forte's pair of whiffs to that as well. Complete protection meltdown.)
  • This was an outstanding defensive effort from the Bears. Outstanding. They pressured Rodgers all game, they covered well down field and forced the Packers into consistent check downs. They deserved to win.
  • And I love the Bears use of their front four. I saw Melton at left end, Peppers at tackle and McClellin set-up like a blitzing linebacker over the left guard. I was not expecting it. Neither were the Pack.
  • What can you say about the fake field goal? We've given Dave Toub a lotta credit around here for some of his genius play-calling. He (and the rest of the Bears coaching staff) were out-coached last night. That was a masterstroke by McCarthy and company.
  • Urlacher looked better. Not great. Better.
  • Brandon Marshall can't drop that touchdown pass.
  • Devin Hester can't drop that first down toss over the middle.
  • Lance Briggs can't drop that interception.
  • The Bears lost last night because they made far too many physical errors.
  • You'd almost have to break down Jay Cutler's night play-by-play to understand it. My overall opinion  is Cutler can't allow his temperament to control his physical performance. He was pissed off at his offensive line and his wide receivers and he adopted a careless attitude toward where he threw the football. That is a losing mentality and a substantial factor in the Bears losing.
  • I continue to be thoroughly unimpressed by Adam Podlesh.
  • Matt Spaeth sighting!
  • I have zero problem with Cutler chewing out J'Marcus Webb on the sideline. Someone has to if the kid is going to allow one of the best pass rushers in the game to hit the franchise quarterback at will. My issue with Cutler? He shouldn't have stopped at Webb. He should have gone after Chris Spencer too.

Overall it is a terrible offensive performance. Terrible. But it's also the second week of the season. If this happened in December the Bears would be in serious trouble. But it's September. Now we find out what Mike Tice and Jeremy Bates have got in the coaching tank.

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  • We have a diabetic douchebag for a QB.

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  • 1.) Kellen Davis won't be on the field much longer. He looks the part but he sucks. There are three tight ends on this roster that are better.
    2.) Chris Williams back at right guard please. What the fuck?
    3.) The defense is still very good. Jennings is making plays but he go lucky a couple of times last night with some drops. Easy there TJ.
    4.) I love watching Michael Bush run the football. Matty is awesome, but his yards come in big chunks. I'll take them for sure, but Bush keeps drives alive. On a side note, I thought Forte was just getting into the groove when he got hurt. I think thats a different game if he play the second half.
    5.) This defensive line is looks to be primed for a big year. Henry Melton is a bit inconsistent but extremely impressive at times.
    6.) JWebb is probably done or close to it. Scott or Brown have got to be better options at this point.
    7.) I don't care if I ever see Armando Allen again. He got tackled by an outstretched forearm. That doesn't happen to real NFL backs.
    8.) What the fuck is with Cutler and Lambeau? Aside from making making bad decisions and holding the ball waaaaaaaayy to long, he made bad throws. The one to Marshall down the left side that was severely underthrown and ends up being a tipped interception particularly bothers me. Dude's got a cannon. What the hell was that? And quit patting the football. The line's playing like shit. Get rid of it for Christ's sake. That looked like the Giants game when he had his marbles knocked loose. Throw the damn thing. Throw it at their feet if you have to but throw it. I nearly broke my TV.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    Once he gets sacked or hit hard once, he throws of his back foot consistently with or without real pressure.

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  • Whoops. Williams to left guard please.

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  • The Carimi penalty was a drive-killer, to be sure. That let the air out of the tires.

    But the game was lost on the FG fake.

    I gotta hand it to GB; the call was unexpected and executed perfectly. I mean, who would call a fake on 4th-and-forever? If it had failed, GB fans would've been calling for McCarthy's head, because the Bears would've had the ball, down 3-0, with enough time to at least tie the game going into halftime.

    It was a ballsy--damn near stupid--call, but they pulled it off.

    I don't know why the line was so flummoxed all night.

    I'll end with this: even though it's only been twice now, I'm sick of seeing the Bears start their offensive game with a sack.

    And Peanut Tillman is a turnover machine. He should consider starting a pastry company.

  • hee hee... like apple. I see what you did there.

  • Nah. They woulda kicked the shit out of our offense no matter what happened. 7 sacks, 12 QB hurries 8 knockdowns 6 hits. Cutler didn't know which way was up. The killing he's getting shows the old meatball fans coming out .... what the hell was he supposed to do? He was gunning for points knowing his line couldn't hold. Marshall was lost to two man under. Three interceptions thrown were intended for Bennett. What was the story with Alshon? Is that Tice or Cutler beading for Marshall all the time?

  • Cutler is the easiest Q to rattle in the entire league. Once you hit him once, all he thinks about is getting hit again. I want to have faith he can take us there, I just don't feel it in my heart.

    Urlacher did not look good at all. The only play he looked servicable was when he stopped Kuhn at the line. I focused solely on him when he dropped back in coverage; he looked extremely slow and simply fell down repeatedly with little or no contact over and over again. I wouldn't be suprised if he doesn't make out of this season.

    Agree that the Carimi play was the game-changer.

    Yea, yea, its early, but that game was the most abysmal game to watch for me since the super bowl.


  • In reply to Crown:

    Crown, to qualify Jay as the easiest QB to rattle in the league would mean that you would have to stick every QB behind that shit hole of an O-line for 3 years straight, ignore everyone's insistence that you upgrade it and then watch what happens.

    c'mon dude. Only a handful of guys would even survive the experience much less thrive in the environment.

  • Wow. I didn't have anywhere near that reaction. It was disappointing, no question, but better these issues come to light last night as opposed to Week Six or Seven.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    These issues came to light several years ago. Cutler and the Bears can regroup but it's clear they have a long long long way to go.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Maybe not so far. We were in the NFC champs game, and other than the want of a wide receiver and your QB for the whole game, we weren't too far away from the superbowl. Now we have two big guys and Michael Bush. Jennings has improved his level of play. Vets on D still playing lights out. The line will get better - we just have to hope we can contain Suh and Ware in the next 6. Running it against the others with a bit of playaction and screens should be enough to let the defense win it for us. Again :o)

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    No doubt better earlier than later, Jeff. I just thought with Tice taking over the offense, Cutler having another year under his belt and a bunch more weapons, we would finally take a collective step up. That there would be some things we could rely on on offense consistently from the get go. Even though we're only 2 games in, it just feels like we're bound to be inconsistent no matter what. Agree with a lot of what you said, but Lach looked really bad to me and I honed in on him a lot.

  • In reply to Crown:

    Shady and I were talking about this over Gems&Dragons last night Crown... The Bears and consistency are two concepts that simply do not go hand in hand. And it's so incredibly fucking frustrating.

    That said, I think we're all seeing a shift. The truth about the 'new' nfl is that teams can be inconsistent. they can be unbalanced (in all aspects), and still win the SB with some luck, injury gifts, and a hot streak... as long as the weapons are there that is.

    We have the weapons. We just need to pull it together at the right time, have a good injury year, some luck at the right time… and get hot in the last 3rd of the season. We’ll be ok.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    I do agree, need to polish the yesterday´s miscues and check films. lets hold the panic button to second half of the season

  • This organization, especially during the current "Lovie Era", has been an organization of half-ass fixes and being purely reactionary in lieu of being proactive. We should have blustered our line in the fucking draft...we didn't now we'll have to scrabble to fit best they will be mediocre.

    Forte is hurt...great, but does it matter? Since for some unknown reason Tice and Lovie gave up on the run game...again our coaching in the Lovie Era...mediocre.

    We were out coached...are we really surprised!?!?

    Our Defense...OMG our Defense. If I could I'd give each of them a medal I would...they are the ONLY consistent thing the Bears have had over the last 6 seasons. Hats off to you guys on D...What can we say but "Thank you." You never have quit on us and probably never will.

    Cutler...say and think what you want, but he is a good QB and he's about at the end of his you really blame him just look at the Bullshit he's had to deal with since he got here....if he was on any other team with a good O-line the guy would be a Superstar. Of this I have no doubt...its about time someone says something...about time someone gets pissed off and yells at some of these douche bags...the problem is I feel it goes into deaf ears...especially Lovie and the Ownership.

    Until someone buys the Bears whop actually has the money to spend and want s to win above all else will be have a consistently good football team.

    I;m not giving up on the Bears...we CAN turn it around but it seems we get a re-run of the past seasons over and over again. It makes me sad.

  • I agree with Jeff. We are the bears and these games will and are going to happen no matter how good we are. It's hjust what lovie teams do.

    Look, we're all so angry because it's the fucking packers... but would we be as pissed if it was the gints or nola again? probably not.

    We've seen this before, and we've come roaring back before. And I wholeheartedly think we will again and we WILL be in the playoffs. The one thing I've learned from being here for the last 3 year is that football teams go to the playoffs (and sometimes the SB) in the last 3rd of the season, not the first Q.

    That said, couple things that just stick in my fucking craw (sp?):

    • When in THEE fuck is SOMEONE… nay, ANYONE within this org going to say, “ok, ok, ok… it doesn’t matter if Mike Tice is a good or even great oline coach, you can’t coach total shit at multiple positions into anything even approaching good. We need to totally start from scratch and put ALL of our efforts over the next 3 years into rebuilding our Oline first, then our secondary and LBs.”

    Any, yes, the line WILL get better this year… and yes, not a lot of other teams have a great oline… but I am sick and tired of ours being total and utter garbage. They’ve been our Achilles heel for at least FOUR years now. FUCKING START OVER AND FIX IT EMERY!!!!!!!!

    • Tice – As many of us said last night. That was a martz game-call last night. If we would have used bush and matty consistently all night, we would have beaten them. They had no answer for the run.

    • We just paid matty a shitload and he’s hurt again. Starting to worry about that shit.

    • Cuttler’s night dia-betus is fucking worrisome as was his attitude last night. Leaders and winners don’t act like that. What’s even more worrisome is his lamboo and even more worrisome, his general packerAIDS. Dude, much like love, has no answer for those motherfuckers. I know just beating them won’t get us to the playoffs or SB, but god damn it losing to them makes me fucking miserable.

    • I love bush!

    • I love TJ (although Bleed is right, he got very lucky on a couple where he was beaten)

    • Hats off to the packer Specials coach… we got toubed.

    • Lastly – we’ll be fine. As jeff said, it was the right time to lose. And, as a bonus, at least I get to watch a very angry Bears team beat the shit out of the rams LIVE and IN PERSON!!! WOOOT WOOOT! (oh yeah, speaking of… holy shit… he did ok last night too)

    • Oh yeah, last of all... I'm still done with Lovie Smith (again). I want a winner coach, not an almost winner coach. Job #1 is to beat the packers my ass.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I love it when after the half the NFL Network sideline girls asked Lovie what was the goal for the second half and he answers "Protect Jay Cutler"...Hmmmm shouldn't that have been the 1ST HALF GOAL as well??

    What a fucking cockmunch!

    BEAR least the season is early. KEEP HOPE ALIVE!

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    yeah maings. we'll be o, but I'm just as sick of those fucking games as you are. Just brutal. As you all well know, I'm not and never will be a lovie fan.

    We need to find a guy like Tomlin. Young, smart, aggressive, gets the players, creative. The NFL is changing and we need to change with it.

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    That's exactly what I thought too, Jay got hammered, but again...we got out coached and and out played. Pack did a great job.

  • my problem with cutler chewing out webb is that he didn't chew out marshall after the dropped TD. every player on this team gets an icy stare if jay thinks they done did funk up. marshall drops a wide open surefire six that even Roy Williams would've caught, and the camera catches Jay giving Brandon a love pat on the dome before sitting next to him with a smile.

    if you're going to be a leader, you have to lead everyone. even your besties.

  • In reply to evantonio:

    I like this.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    marshall makes that catch and it's 13-7, one score game, momentum on our side. that's the play that changed the game. not the carimi personal foul.

  • In reply to evantonio:

    That drop was just as big if not bigger than the Carimi personal Evan.

    It's bullshit that the status quo with personal fouls has always been to punish the responder rather than the instigator. I don't get it.

  • In reply to Crown:

    i say bigger. the carimi penalty was a drive killer, but we don't know what would've happened with the drive. we know what happens if marshall makes the catch - 13-7, jeff rings the bell, the whole bar sings and smiles, momentum on the bears' side.

  • In reply to evantonio:

    that was the play!!! and we all know who really Cutler is.. but we don´t like to accept it.

  • In reply to evantonio:

    Marshall gets different treatment because he's different. If Jay jumps his shit after he drops a sure touchdown, he probably ends up in an alley.somewhere shooting smack or punching a woman in a bar. Jay might be the only one that knows what it takes to keep 15 out of a cell or worse.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    that's a fair point.

  • In reply to evantonio:

    Jay got in Webb's face because that particular sack was one of the most most brutal I've ever seen Cutler take.

    Matthews could have tackled him hard using momentum to drive him into the ground. Instead he nailed him and then ripped him backwards and threw him on this fucking face.

    That is why Cutler was pissed. That was a fucking gangster ass sack and could have resulted in a season ending injury...all because WEBB is a fucking pussy. If Kreutz was that big he'd literally end people's lives on the field. Webb just smiles and plays like a fucking clown.

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    Cutler = Not Elite.

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    so what I'd like to know Mike (and maybe the other mike or $ can help with actuals here) is what kind of olines do the elite guys have.

    I am very open to agreeing with you, but I want to know if the other guys have to do it on their own like cutty has for the last 3 years first.

    Also, they've all had weapons. This is our first year giving them to jay. Will be interesting to see how we view it at the end of this year.

    So, big question is... do any of the acknowledged elite QBs have a (total fucking garbage dumptruck bullshit) line like ours? Even close?

    And, I think we have to give jay the rest of the year with Marshall, Ashlon, Bennett, erod and matty as a unit to see what he can do with weapons, even if the protection isn't there. Remember, this is also his 3rd (or is it 4th) brand new offensive scheme in as many years. Kinda rough for any QB man.

    That's a fair shake.

    (all that said, I don’t love the way he acted last night either)

  • Roberto Garza was brutal last night. I would not be surprised if Spencer takles over at center and CW is in at LG.

    Cutler was a headcase last night. Dom Capers was in his head. Composure is a virtue.

    For the life of me, I couldn't figure out Tice's playcalling in the 1st quarter. We should have been running the ball down their throats from the start. Instead, we take a sack/penalty and put ourselves in predictable situations. Stupid.

    The Skunk is in someone's doghouse. I have no idea who (Drake, Tice, Lovie, Cutler...or all of the above).

    We are better than this.

    The Packers still suck...we just sucked worse last night.

  • I don't mind him yelling at him...I did not like the bump he gave him...that was over the edge. I do not blame him though. In the heat of battle people lose it sometimes...that was his moment.

    But I agree with everything else you state MB30SD, Jay really hasn't had a chance to be in the same system for any extended period of time nor has he had this many weapons on Offense since he's been here. BUT can he really shine with the Oline that we have right now...after last night I am not very confident...but I am hoping.

  • Fuck.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    forgot to mention... happy belated btw willie.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Thanks, buddy. All I wanted for birthday is to beat GB.

    To beat GB.

    To beat GB.

    All I wanted for my birthday is to beat GB. Beat GB. To beat GB.

    (repeat infinitely)

    But, I got some MW3 - headset this weekend. Hopefully, getting my ass beat in G&D will ease the pain. Like an electronic version of cutting.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    awesome. Bring it maings. Will be online. Handle is same there as is here.


  • Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:


    Anyone else wearing black today...

    Thank God I don't work with any Packer fans...

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    Should have.

    Should have just stayed home.


  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    Just realised I did actually wear a black shirt with black pants. Went straight to work after the game.

  • when did you start working with the viet cong?

  • maybe we should all go out for a milkshake to make ourselves feel better:

    (fucking yummy!)

  • uuuuhhhhgggggg:

  • The Cutler hate, while I feel it justified somewhat, might hurt the most.

    He's a good shit. I feel bad for him. I can't keep making excuses for him, though.

    I continually ask myself "what would Brees/Brady/etc. look like in this situation?" Lucky for them, we'll never know.

    He's got a cannon. He's got the attitude. But, he's got the beetus and he's got the PTSD and he's got the gunslinger irrational confidence to fit square pegs into triple covered circle holes.

    Ugh. I hate having to defend my QB to other unintelligent casual 4-letter network headline-spewing flavor-of-the-week NFL "fans"... but to come "home" and see the same reactionary hatred occur pisses me off the worst.

    But, maybe he deserves it. I don't know.

    There's a reason i don't own his jersey, I know that much. But he's my dawg, and I'll live and die with that pouty-faced bastard.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Listening to the 670 right now (masochist)... and they're (Terry Bradshaw mostly) bitching about JC yelling at Webb and bumping him.

    So, my managerial skills have often been called into question. I'm no expert on professional athletes... BUT FUCK.

    Fuck Webb. Cutty should have ripped his throat out a la Swayze in Road House. A little Murder 1 to save the season? That's a fucking leader. No penalty for hitting your own teammate on the sideline (hear that Carimi?).

    Maybe JC let out the physical manifestation of what we were clamoring for all offseason. The dude doesn't belong on the Omaha Nighthawks dismantled franchise. Webb is disintegrated owl shit.

    If that outward showing of hatred is what it takes to get this fuck off the squad. Get us to upgrade SOMEWHERES, than I'm okay with it. I could give a shit about their relationship, THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE ONE. The only time they should come into contact with each other is when JC tips him for spraying extra vanilla scent in his car at the wash.

    I liked it. I'm glad. Show some fucking fire. I'm so sick of this "level-headed" turn-the-other-cheek Lovie bullshit. Get fucking angry.

    MJ punched teammates in the mouth. That's what I want. I used to smack our pussy center in bball (who outweighed me by 100lbs and had 8 inches on me) because he was a pussy. He FINALLY had enough... snapped.. we fought... and he became a man. Granted, that was high school. Webb shouldn't need getting treated like a bitch to grow a pair.

    (Long story short - Jay should have murdered Webb, and he should have punched Marshall, too... Fuck them)

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Funny, I thought Webb should have punched Cutler in the jaw for that shit, but he probably wanted to get back to JWebb Nation on Twitter. Have some self respect you sack of shit. It's one thing to suck, but it's another to suck and not give a fuck that you suck. You know if Jay would have tried that shit with Kreutz he would have spent the night in a hospital.

  • In reply to Shady:

    When you suck, you don't have the right to punch back.

    When you fuck up, you eat it.

    Kreutz earned the right to knock people out. Webb earns the right to get an atomic sit up.

    No one punched MJ back... JC ain't MJ, but Webb is not Steve Kerr. And Kerr knew his place.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    That analogy is ridiculous.

  • In reply to Shady:

    "Thanks for noticing" - Eeyore.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    "The only time they should come into contact with each other is when JC tips him for spraying extra vanilla scent in his car at the wash."

    OMG That is classic! Thanks for making me laugh at least once while in mourning.

  • From Wilbon's ESPN column: "You know the last time a Bears quarterback threw four interceptions and was sacked seven times in a game? Bobby Douglass in 1971, back when the Bears set the standard for bad offense."

    Hey! I resemble that remark!

  • 1st email I come to work and see -
    From: Some faggot Philly fan -
    To: Angry Johnny

    The following facts are absolutely, 100 percent true:

    • Johnny Morris is Chicago's all-time receiving yards leader with 5,059 yards. Harlon Hill is second with 4,616 yards. Both retired before I was born.
    • Chicago's all-time single-season leader for receiving yards is somebody named Marcus Robinson. He finished with 1,400 yards and nine TDs in 1999 and never topped 800 yards again.
    • In the past 40 years, only four Bears have topped 1,000 receiving yards: Robinson, Marty Booker, Curtis Conway and Jeff Graham. Only Booker and Conway did it twice.
    • In the history of the Bears franchise, eight Bears have caught 10 touchdowns or more. Only once did someone do it after 1970 — Conway's 12 TD catches in 1995.
    • Chicago's most "famous" receiver of the modern era is probably Willie Gault … whose best fantasy season (1983: 836 yards, eight TDs) would have netted you exactly 129.6 fantasy points.
    • Mike Ditka finished with more receiving yards (4,503) playing as a tight end than any Bears receiver since the AFL and NFL merged in 1970. Yes, that Mike Ditka.
     2nd email I see:

    From: A piece of shit Donk fan
    To: Sad Johnny

    Bears 1St Downs (11) = Cutler sacks (7) + Cutler interceptions (4)


  • I went out after the first quarter to a bar to try and change up the karma. I'm extremely quirky and ritualistic when it comes to the bears. The place was stacked with packers fans, even one's wearing those ridiculous cheese hats. I would never wear one of those even if I was from GB and a pack fanatic. I was heavily outnumbered. When Forte went down, a bunch of the douchenozzles started cheering and one guy yelled "get some," which is the dumbest saying of all time. I yelled at him "nice pedo beard" and asked him if he got that saying off of a no fear t-shirt. I started yelling "get some" when anything remotely positive happened for the bears with no back-up. I had about 12 to15 guys staring me down. The get some guy tried to pass me to take a leak and I blocked him, called him a douche and then when he tried to slide through I pushed him pretty good. A couple of his boys got up like they were going to do something. Looking back, I let my fandom take control and was almost willing to do something very stupid and put my license at risk all for my beloved team. I guess I need to tone it down a bit, just like Jay needs to.

  • In reply to Crown:

    Exactly. It's a fucking game, one we care about deeply but still just a game. I got so pissed last night I stopped watching after the INT when Marshall was double covered. I rarely ever give up during a game. It was the best thing I could have done. Within about 15 minutes I was back into my oh well mode. Getting into fights or being an idiot at home with the loved ones is beyond stupid. I'm slowly learning that lesson.

  • In reply to Crown:

    Crown, you would have been "CROWNED"...15 to 1....great odds!!!

  • Don't bother defending Cutler or the Bears this week. They deserve every bit of criticism they're going to receive and it will be up to them to prove football fans otherwise. Offensively, this game was an unmitigated disaster. I really thought we were beyond performances like this, but apparently not. Wake me up when we make it to Dallas, TX Monday night.

  • I still like our chances of getting into the playoffs. The D looked good last night. DL is gonna get after it all year. Everything that could go wrong did. Oh well.

    I don't care about Cutler's stats. He's always going to try to come back no matter what the score. It leads to some horrible sequences and stats. Some of you guys take it personally. I don't know if it's because you're talking shit and have to eat it later. I like Cutler's fire. I don't like it when he's out of control. When he gets rattled he's horrible. He really needs to address this. I get why he goes nuts but a player at his position can't do that. He has to play under control. Once his emotions get the best of him, his mechanics go out the window and the avalanche of bad plays begin.

    I would expect to see some changes on the OL and play calling going forward. We do have some options at LT and LG. It's not like Webb or Spencer were clear cut winners in the OL competition.

    We all knew going into the season that GB on the road on a short week was probably a loss. Let's see what happens on MNF when we face Dallas on the road. If we shit the bed again, uh-oh. If not, we could be onto something. No time to quit on this team. We've still got 14 games left.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    When you get physically rushed and hit like he was all night though, surely nobody stands up to that and somehow finds receivers regularly? That was a shade below the NYG game.

  • You're right about that. However, he has to play under control.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Its Hilarious, two games into the season and talking about playoffs.....there's 14 more games to go and yet there's talk of playoffs?!?....No one knows right now who is gonna make the playoffs!!!! and the way Cutler and crew looked in Green Bay, talk of playoffs is just stupid.

  • Ten Rants, Questions and Observations

    1. Bears Management needs to contact the fucking Mars Candy company or Ferrara Pan Candy and sponsor night games for “F”ing Cutty. Just have a case of Snickers on the sideline for his fucking sugar crash PLEASE!!!!! That’s for you GP

    2. We said we wanted to keep up with the Fudgpeckers in personnel:
    a. High Powered QB..check
    b. High Powered Receiver’s….check
    c. Shitty ass front line…double check

    3. The Ghost of “glitchy” comes back to bite our arse’s….”We are all set” mentality on the O-line…..Nothing to see here folks just carnage from the previous clusterfuck we call a o-line…move on please.

    4. Can anyone explain how the “Twelve men on the field” call was given when it is obvious that your man is off the field…Even Maylock couldn’t believe with his own eyes and the camera’s eyes they called it…when will the NFL get the real refs back…Holy shit every game is like watching clowns at the circus come out of the “Herbie Bug” it never ends….

    5. If you’re going to be the leader of this O..then you have to look into the mirror sometime and realize humility and that your are the fucking problem too. Cutty watching you at the podium and basically blame everyone but yourself…you motherfucker if I was one of your teammates I would walked up to you at the podium and just kicked the living sheite out of you on national t.v. That smirk smile I would of slapped right of your face. Be a man and admit this was everyone’s meltdown on the O, including you and the coaches.

    6. Hey E-train…thank you for understanding the X’s and O’s of Football and depth for a team…Bush, Campbell, Marshall etc…but you left a lot to be desired when it comes for the O-line and our ageing D. Please keep digging.

    7. “We have them” but we are not there yet…WR’s…really? Kraken????? Pissed six away… Earl the Pearl fight for the fucking ball!!!!!!! Int that was on you “MF”…Skunk first your’e starting to look average for a returner..really running out of bounds? fair catch? do I need to go on? And as for the drop “FIRST DOWN CLOWN”!!! you lost it.

    8. It was just not one tackle that screwed the pooch in that series it was both sides…Webb was hit for a 10 yarder either before or after the Bear Jew with the Personal Foul…we went from 1st&10 to 3rd&25..Ticey either you sart slapping the sheite out of these guys or just bench them and try something new…

    9. The real pisser about this game was to here that it was going to be a “NEW ERA” high powered O with the analogy was like scoring on the Head cheer leader on the fifty yard line , every player gets to poke at her. But instead we got a typical smash mouth Packer-Bears game. We were in the game up until the end of the third even then if we would pounded the ball it may have gone our way.

    10. Agree with Blogfader…glad it’s now rather than in December…we do have time….

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    Gotta agree with ya Lobo. The refs didn't cost us the game but you really wonder WTF. The 12 man call was horrid. Carimi's penalty was pretty predictable but the camera angle showed the official watching the entire sequence. Hawk should have gotten the penalty for being such a fucking diver. I thought I was watching soccer. On the flip side, Webb was holding a lot all night. Imagine how bad he would be without holding!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Canada..I was amazed by multiple times Fudgepecker's were pushing the refs out of the way..but no flags...I believed you in any way touch a ref and that's the cardinal sin...out of the game....I can only see this getting uglier as the season goes on.

  • The bears still suck.

    Enough said.

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    and you are still a douche...

  • A few quickies.

    1) Remember the first time we played Detroit last year? Remember the second time we played Detroit last year? This game stings, but I still think we've got the juice to beat the Packers when they come to Soldier Field in a few weeks.

    2) The games stings because the line looked horrible, but we weren't counting on this win. Most of us predicted a split with the Pack this year - that's still a very achievable goal.

    3) I feel good about our team. The D played solid - really solid - until the end of the game when they needed to take more chances to help out the offense. The offense, has the ability to do more, we just had a horrible game plan that was magnified by players failing to bounce back. We're good on special teams... everybody gets beat sometimes.

    4) We didn't look much worse than the Packers did last week. We lost to a good team, our offense's weaknesses were made very apparent. Now we need to do what the Pack did - regroup and get some wins.

  • fb_avatar

    I didn't say Cutler can't be Elite. He's not there. He pissed down his leg last night. Eli Manning gets tossed around pretty good. I'm not putting the loss on Cutler, by any stretch. Rodgers was sacked and pressured quite a bit also.

    A bit of frustration coming out on for me. I thought this was the game that turned the tide for us with GB. This was so 2009,2010, 2011.

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    I would trade our O line and TEs to Giants for ours... And Rodgers looked crappy last night for the most part.

  • Last thing on Lach. His lateral movement is totally shot. Not sure if his leadship qaulities outweigh his limited mobility on the field. It's a disservice to the team to have him out there right now.

  • In reply to Crown:

    Absolutely agree. He's the "heart" of the defensive but you have to be able to play the game and be effective.

  • In reply to Crown:

    What the fuck are you talking about Crown? He played better than he did in the first game last night. The D looked good in general. I'm sick and tired of this Urlacher swan song bullshit. Let the guy play out the year before you write him off.


  • Watched Jay's post gamer this morning on a replay BEARS POST GAME LIVE on CSN (a channel DISH adds when you add REDZONE) and was quite disappointed.

    He answered all the questions but he should have said
    "Offensively, we mostly sucked and I contributed mightily to our suckage. I need to shut up and put up."

    Regarding Webb, Cutty can scream all he wants, but if that's me and he lays his hands upon me I grab him by the collar, hoist his ass off the ground and tell him to "keep your hands to yourself or this will be Jason Campbell's team after I break you in two."

    That fact that Webb just TOOK what I consider over-the-line crap from Jay may well speak to Jamarcus' basic UNSUITABILTY for the position he plays. Or TRIES to play.

  • Me sad.

  • I think Cutler just tossed another pick....

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