Monday Night Football Thread & Picks Contest Bonus!

Throughout the season, we'll be offering you opportunities to win free points for the picks contest. During Monday and Thursday night games we'll pose one statistical challenge. Meet it and the free win is yours.


Guess the total yards passing Peyton Manning. 


  1. You don't need to hit it exact. You must be within 2 yards. If you guess 248, you'd win on yardage from 246-250.
  2. Make your selection in ITS OWN COMMENT.
  3. Your number must be commented by halftime.
  4. If Peyton exits the game for injury in first half, tonight's contest will be void.

Good luck.

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  • 316 yards

  • 300

  • 286

  • 309

  • 243

  • In reply to Crown:

    Winner, winner Shea McClellan.

  • 511

  • In reply to BAM46Blitz:

    Because big brother hates it when lil Eli is getting the attention.

  • 260 yards

  • Just thought of something else interesting about our Bears' loss on Thurs night: Atleast it wasn't against the Cardinals at home.

  • 278

  • 250

  • and honestly, I don't care if the Bears win the next 3 games. It'll be more of the same.

    Until they beat the Lions @ Ford, the Texans, GB or SF, I'm still thinking we're a wild-card at best.

    Bears just need to be the wild-card race and win a signature win later in the season and ride the momentum all the way to the SB. Unfortunately, this last game has made me doubt Cutler and Tice, and Marshall too since he's been known to choke and drop TD passes.

    Marshall himself admitted it was a "mental" issue. Not sure you can teach the "clutch gene."

  • 262

  • Oh, don't you guys miss Mariotti?

    "Forget the Cubs, who still will be rebuilding when human beings inhabit Mars and continue to be enabled by a clinically ill fan base that lets Theo Epstein and Tom Ricketts get away with consumer fraud. No, the city’s biggest ongoing tragicomedy is the Bears, who have won one championship in 46 years of Super Bowls, allegedly appeared in one other Super Bowl a few years back—I seem to remember a rainstorm, Bad Rex Grossman and not much else—and have watched even the White Sox and Blackhawks end decades-long futility streaks with titles. As the NFL’s charter franchise in America’s most passionate football town, as the unifying force of an undying fan base that thrives on tradition, the Bears’ track record in defining moments is more than unfortunate.

    It’s a sad, predictable folly."

  • Jar Maroitti still sucks.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Dear Jay,

    Wow, harsh words. That was a real gut punch. I guess the Bears organization is a real black eye for the city. Only a real rat would root for the Bears.

    What can we say? We plead no contest.


    Bears fans.

  • hahaahaha. Unfortunately, the reputation of the shitbag author will prevent this article from garnering the credit that it deserves.

    For Mariotti to call Cutler - or anyone - an asshole is shameless.

    I'm pretty sick of the cutler-attitude storylines myself. Who cares? Does he have poor body language and poor leadership skills (at least in the traditional sense)? Yeah. So what. It's repeatedly blown out of proportion and the discussion is nauseating. His problem is not his leadership, his problem is that he makes too many shitty throws and has too many shitty games.

    Once again, a historically terrible performance in a big game against the packers is overshadowed by some trivial soap-opera subplot/storyline. People shouldn't be talking about how he treats his offensive linemen; they should be talking about his 1-7 record, his 16 INTs, and his 60.0 career passer rating against the city's hated rivals.

  • Fuck Mariotti.

  • 343 yards

  • I watched the Rams vs Skins, and Rams lost 2 LTs to injury. Pep, Shea and Farve killer should body bag Sam B. Watch out for Rams running game, as S Jackson will be fired up from getting benched aftet the dumb penalty he made. We need to run the fucking ball down their throats, I pray to Halas the man who ate Tice wakes up.

  • 325

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Umm, do interception yards count?

  • 268

    Blitzkrieg, end it

  • In reply to Waffle:

    lol, before i posted it looked like it was way down the page.

  • 268

  • Manning channeling his inner Jay right here.

  • 226


    Can I change my prediction to 343 interception return yards?

  • 213

  • wow, fuck these refs, that was an awful call.

  • 183

  • teeheehee

    Faux John Madden ‏@FauxJohnMadden

    "After review, the ball was tipped by a Broncos defender.. they will now inbound the ball from half court." - Replacement Ref

  • holy shit. 3 fucking interceptions in the first quarter....and there are still 6 minutes left?

    experts, pundits, NFL Network who predicted superbowl, articles, email blasts, former players, players, owners and anyone who talked so much shit about Peyton Manning killing it after 1 week???

    suck my balls because you'll still give him a pass.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    You're exactly right, bullshit.

  • 252

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Hey Canada, remember that guy The Feelin' I told you about a while back that I thought you would really like? Just found out tonight he was on The Voice. He plays in La Crosse all the time with his band and with some of my friends. Awesome piano / keyboard player who sings his own songs, but can also sound just like Dr. John or Ed Volker from the Radiators. Here's his initial performance.

    I've never watched the show, but I might have to follow it now that he was picked by Cee-Loo(?).

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    I remember you telling me about him. I've never watched any of those singing shows. Maybe I'll have to make an exception. I have no idea how this one works. Will he be on the next show for sure?

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I have no idea. Just found out tonight from some friends that he was on the show. I'll have to look into it and see what I can find out. He's got his own website with all original songs. His style can vary from show to show or within live shows. One constant is that all the live performances are very enjoyable. Here's his website where you can listen to some of his songs

  • could coach John Fox act like a bigger pussy? what a whiny fucking bitch.

  • Just saw Hanie!

  • In reply to ben in norcal:

    I thought I read the Donks released him.

  • These refs are making this game unwatchable. I like that the ESPN crew is calling them out at least, unlike those NFLN drones.

    At this rate, the game will finish sometime at noon tomorrow.

  • Link to the game anyone?

  • In reply to gpldan:

  • 311 yards

  • In reply to BearDown85:

    Sorry BearDown. We won't be able to count yours as you didn't get it in on time. By the way, what's the reward for this Manning yards guessing game?

  • So, this is the most popular youtube video in the last week:

    What's wrong with music these days? The video did blow my mind though. Dude's name is Psy and he's a rapper from South Korea. I have no idea what Gangam style means though.

  • How about that Chris Johnson fella?

    19 carries.
    21 yards.
    1/8 of the season in the books.

    Bang bang!

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:


    C'mon Twitter, you know you want to.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Faux John Madden ‏@FauxJohnMadden

    Proud of Brandon Weeden for hitting the 30 yard rushing mark on the year before Chris Johnson did.

  • -28 yards ... continued elephantitis and a painful dose of the clap.

    For now and all times ... fuck Peyton manning ... the most over-rated QB ever.

  • Amen

  • Sunday can't come soon enough. I'm hoping for a quick apology from Cutler, the media shutting the fuck up and not whoring out for pageviews over and over for the next 4 days and a solid win against St. Louis with something resembling a gameplan and not the total piece of shit that Tice called the other day.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    I'm with ya Waffle..EXCEPT Cutty ain't going to apologize, that's just not him. The media thinks he's a prick and so what...Cutty doesn't give two shits about the media or what they think. He's made that painfully clear in the past. The best thing Cutty can do now is light up the Lambs and pass for 300+ with 4 TDs. Let's hope he does.

  • Lambs - 17
    BEARS - 34

  • Gangam is a city in South Korea that is the equivalent of Beverly Hills.

    Gangam style is wealth, high life and cute Korean chicks sticking their butt in your face, apparently.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I was going to make a remark about getting it confused with Gungan style but the internets is way ahead of me.

    I am not giving any refunds on the two minutes of your life you just wasted watching that.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I didn't even know what that was... but it was painful.

    I was thinking Gundam, some weird japanime stuff. WHich would have been equally as painful.

  • Congrats Crown. You now get a free correct week in the picks contest.

  • So even though you've only picked once, you're 2-0.

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