Bears Should Celebrate Olin Kreutz in 2012

Bears Should Celebrate Olin Kreutz in 2012

The Bears have not retired the number of a single member of the 1985 Chicago Bears defense. Not Hall of Famer Mike Singletary. Not Hall of Famer Dan Hampton. Not Hall of Famer Richard Dent. Aside from the possibility of running out of numbers (unlikely) this is a travesty that should no longer be tolerated by the game's most loyal fan base or most cloying media. But being that the 25th anniversary of the NFL's greatest team has come and gone I will continue to assume that behind-the-scenes drama is precluding the McCaskey family from celebrating the achievements of these all-time greats and 50, 95 and 99 will continue to be worn by inferior performers.

Olin Kreutz never won a Super Bowl as a member of the Chicago Bears. He only made the Pro Bowl six times. He was only voted the best center in the league four times and was named to the 2000s all-decade team. He and Brian Urlacher were the beacons of light through an era of scattered sunshine. Kreutz, more than Urlacher, commanded the locker room and ran the huddle. Urlacher might have sold more jerseys but Kreutz sold the toughness. He was the aggressor. He is more Hawaiian than a Don Ho retrospective at the Pineapple Hut (made up place) but he was pure Chicago when he donned the navy and orange.

But the defining moment of Kreutz' career came off the field. No not his breaking the face of Fred Miller at a shooting range (though that would define many a man). No, Olin Kreutz defined his career in Chicago by spurning Dave Wannstedt and the Miami Dolphins in 2002, rejecting $2 million more a year, and re-signing with the Bears. He was proud. He was loyal. And he turned down the archenemy of the Chicago Bears in a glorious and legendary gesture.

How his tenure ended in Chicago was unfortunate. The Bears realized Kreutz was no longer a very good player but offered him a contract anyway - well beyond his worth. He rejected it, went to New Orleans and barely made it through a few months before walking away. The greats never know how to walk away from the game and Kreutz was undoubtedly one of the greats.

No more time needs to elapse. The Bears should select a home game in the 2012 season and forbid #57 ever be worn again. Celebrate Olin Kreutz while many of his former teammates remain on the roster and all of his fans remain in the Soldier Field seats. Kreutz may not have been the player Singletary or Hampton or Dent were but his importance to an era of Chicago football and specifically to the Chicago Bears offense can not be understated.

How often does a center come along like Olin Kreutz? Once in a generation if we're lucky. And we were lucky. We had him in our colors for all of his surefire Hall of Fame career. Why wait? I know I am one of many Bears fans that would appreciate the opportunity to say thank you.

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  • First to say, I never thought of that and great point.

  • How about, at the home opener, the first 5,000 fans get a broken jaw? LOL (had to...)

    I agree he was great for the Bears for a long, long time. But retiring the number... I'm not sure on that. If Singletary isn't retired, and Hampton isn't retired, my personal opinion is they should receive the honor before Kreutz. Not only did they also put up HOF numbers in Chicago, but they won a ring here as well.

    It's an interesting discussion, though. Why have the Bears honored so few in their great history?

  • first and only bears jersey i've ever bought.

    and no, i'm not going to include the keith jennings jersey my mom got me in middle school. keith jennings? really mom?

  • In reply to evantonio:

    Must have been on sale.

  • think she found it at the champion outlet. best part of the whole ordeal was i got in trouble when she gave it to me because my face went from jubilation to disappointment when i unfolded the jersey and saw the number.

  • In reply to evantonio:

    At least she didn't try to pull this shit on you like this:

  • In reply to Shady:

    haha...that's horrible.

    Best comment, "Damn, she throws better than Hanie!" LMAO

  • In reply to evantonio:

  • Oh Blogfather, where art thou? This impostor hath burgled thy identity and posts thee most inane drivel. Clearly, be he not a Bears fan, lest he know that Butkus himself once verily decried thine act of number retirement, refusing to allow 51 to leave circulation, because he thought the practice so shallow and beneath the dignity of greater men.

    Be gone, fake Blogfather! Return us thy correct Jeff, lest the Mighty Thor strike you down!

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Of course, eventually he did acquiesce, as the Bears put the ceremony on a giant pedestal retiring him and Sayers on a rainy night on Soldier Field.

    But it doesn't change the fact for years he thought the whole number retirement issue stupid.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Yup, it is. Do we have to retire half the numbers just because we won a frakking superbowl once?

  • In reply to gpldan:


  • Jeff I'm all for a celebration for Olin. Don't retire his number. The Bears have retired 13 numbers (most in the league). That's why they haven't retired any of the '85 Bears numbers. Put up a ring of honor in Soldier Field with all the numbers you want. I'm quite certain the Bears are out of the number retiring business. Doesn't mean any of those guys are less beloved. They got into a pissing match with Butkus and didn't retire his number for a few years. Did it make a difference? Not to me. He's still my all-time favorite player.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Second that ring of honor thing. Maybe a special patch on the uniform of a player wearing a special number? If you have 99, you would wear a small honorary patch with recognition of Dan Hampton.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    As usual it seems, I'm with Canada. A celebration is fine - retiring #57 is not.

    Not sure what you consider "once a generation" Jeff, but Jay Hilgenberg was every bit as good as Olin Kreutz, and retired from the Bears ten years before Kreutz came up. Half a generation at best.

    As much as I loved to watch Walter Payton play, I gotta go with you on Butkus too. The ultimate Monster that I have been alive to remember.

    Some of the older set may go with Bill George or Doug Atkins, both of whom by all accounts were rather beastly. I think I'll ask my Dad about them next time I see him.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I remember Bill George and Doug Atkins but they were at the end of their careers and I was pretty young. My dad loved both of them (esp Atkins). My favorite Atkins story was in training camp. Some young guys were raising a ruckus at night and woke Atkins up. He fired a pistol into the ceiling. It got pretty quiet after that.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Also, awesome story Canada. Nuggets like that are why this is my fav blog.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Great minds indeed think a like. While I was reading Jeff, I too notioned "ring of honor". I also like Murph's honorary patch idea. For Mongo, a little animal patch. A little fridge for the Fridge. Maybe a skunk for #23 eventually.

    They may also ponder constructing a "ring of dishonor". Honorary inductee...that dude who interfered with the fly ball in the Cubs play-offs...

  • Don't Blame Steve! - Serengeti

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    What's up boyz!! Hope everyone has dominated the off-season.

    This song gets me ready for the season:

    "I saw Ditka once on the Edens in a sports bar. Favorite actor dennehy, favorite drink o'douls, bear, hawks, socks, bulls."

    My Bears boner is not filled with fear this year. Nope. My dong contains hope, confidence, optimism and a healthy dose of torodol.

  • In reply to Crown:

    ha ha....Croooown!

    o, btw Willie, I still blame Steve.

  • In reply to Crown:

    Crown ! Give us a random lady-encounter story. It's been way too long .....

  • Irish, my man!! I've transformed into a committed man, but I still have some great memories:
    1. There was one time I farted while this girl was performing oral on me…long story short, I walked outta her house shirtless.
    2. I banged the light skinned girl in 2 girls and 1 cup in the summer of '05 in Prague. Needless to say, I had no idea at the time.
    3. I bagel-dogged two girls in the movie theatre while watching Snakes On A Plane.

  • Yes, Crown Yes ! That's the shit I'm talkin about!

    (Sneaks off to google 'bagel-dogging' ...)

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Atkins was a beast.

    Great as George was, he once remarked about Butkus:

    "As soon as I saw him, I knew I was done."

  • It is actually about the Bears running out of numbers. They have more retired numbers than any other team in the NFL, and how the rules state that certain positions wear certain numbers apparently make retiring too many numbers an issue.

  • Chicken Dinner was assigned #99. Why, I have no idea, he wore 92 in college and Flatbread didn't, so I don't know why he can't just have it.

  • Who was the last number retired, Payton? Seems about right to me. Everyone else was before my time. I'm surprised to see Piccolo's # retired, but only because I only see Sayers/Butkus highlights and never Piccolo's. Wouldn't Lach come before Kreutz anyway? Let's hope #9 is the next one up.

  • In reply to Jokey:

    Here is the list:
    3 Bronko Nagurski, RB-T (1930-37; 43)
    42 Sid Luckman, QB (1939-50)
    5 George McAfee, RB-DB (1940-41; 45-50)
    51 Dick Butkus, LB (1965-73)
    7 George Halas, E (1920-29)
    56 Bill Hewitt, E (1932-36)
    28 Willie Galimore, RB (1957-63)
    61 Bill George, LB (1952-65)
    34 Walter Payton, RB (1975-87)
    66 Clyde "Bulldog" Turner, C-LB (1940-52)
    40 Gale Sayers, RB (1965-71)
    77 Harold "Red" Grange, RB-DB (1925; 29-34)
    41 Brian Piccolo, RB (1966-69)

    Of these, some certainly appear more deserved than others. Piccolo and Galimore were at least partially sentimental choices, having died prematurely as active players, although Galimore was apparently a terrific player. Halas did not need his number retired; everyone already knows what he meant to the team and the league. Bill Hewitt is a bit of a mystery, but his bio on the Hall of Fame site indicates he was a strong two-way player.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Galimore had the potential to be a HOF'er. Piccolo was about as memorable as Ronnie Bull on a bad day. Totally agree about Halas. No idea about Hewitt.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    willie galimore was smooth
    as a child I saw a picture in class
    it was an antelope
    i began daydreaming of
    willie gallimore
    i loved that name
    cried when he died

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Thanks for the link, huntin... good stuff.

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Willie "the whisp" Galimore.

    Awesome link. Never really saw much of him run, but he was like Gale Sayers-lite.

    "Couldn't hit him in the open field with a handful of rice".

  • Oh, what he could have been,,.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Halas must have had his number retired after he died, because the great QB "Slo-Mo" Bob Avellini wore #7.

  • here, let me be in the minority here.

    Fuck olin Kruetz.

    There, how's that? Dude, punked out and lost $3M. Fucking tool.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Really harsh MB. Pride is a bitch. Olin had too much and it bit him in the ass. That ending had to kick him in the ass. No reason to hold a grudge. There are a million stories of athletes and entertainers not having a clue when to get off the stage.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Fuck pride!

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Well said Ving!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Damn you can hold a grudge! When MB gets pissed, it's on! Who's gettin under you skin more? Olin or Angelo???? LMAO

  • I will remember Olin Kruetz as the most overrated bear I've ever watched.
    He fumbled more snaps as center than any I've ever watched.

  • In reply to jojopuppyfish:

    No doubt about the fumbled snaps. Keep in mind a lot of them were with the Sex Cannon, who could fumble a ball covered in crazy glue.

    His last 2-3 years as a Bear were pretty mediocre. Before that, he was really good and set the tone for the offense (if not the entire team).

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Agreed, Canada. The last 2-3 seasons he was living on his rep.
    The Bears made him an offer to stay that I never would have.

  • In reply to jojopuppyfish:

    Come on jojo, you dont get voted to, and start 6 pro bowls by being overrated. Apparently you din't watch him play his whole career.

  • Well, Blogfather, we are WELL aware that the Bears KNOW how to hold a grudge, as evidenced by how long it took them to retire #51 because Butkus sued them for the job that then team Doc, Ted "The Butcher" Fox, did to Dick's knees.

    That said, O.K. dropped a "museum quality" dump on the Bears who made a very generous offer to let him finish his career as a Bear.

    The stench of said load will require more than 1 season to dissipate.

  • fb_avatar

    Seems like making the hall of fame is much easier than getting your number retired if you are a Chicago Bear.
    Ring of Honor it is.

  • I reached 10508 views. Thanks again for your support.

    So, how come whenever we mention it's time for us to meet at such an such game, no one replies.

    Who all is actually going to a game? Which game is it and do you want to hang out?

  • I AM going to be in chicago for th Dec 16th packers game. period.

    I will be there all weekend. I will go anywhere you guys want.

    Don't be escared... Fucking BOOYAH!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I might just come up there and hang out. I really don't think I can afford where you might be sitting.

  • Yeah, the prices are def keeping me out of Soldier Field. Does anybody know how much scalped tickets go for at the game? Like even at halftime? Or is everything pretty much locked up?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Wish I could. It's a money thing. I'd have to bring my Beloved Bride, visit my sisters, etc.

  • I've never seen a football game live. I've wanted to go for the last 2-3 seasons, but its a rather expensive proposition. This year, I'm thinking pretty seriously about going.

    If a blog contingent were going to get together, I would try to make it work.

  • I dont live in Chicago nor do I have season tix so if I were to travel to a game I wouldnt be the one dictating which game everyone attends. Add to that the fact that ticket prices in Chi are sky high and I'd probably rather attend an away game. Being a Cali kid I'm planning on attending the MNF game against SF in November. Would love to see the west coast contingent of the blog organize some tailgating mayhem.

  • If we can secure tix in a reasonable amount of time at a reasonable price, I will find a way to fly out for the game on Dec 16th. The earlier the tix are secured, the cheaper the flight will be. How do we do this? Jeff, can you pull some strings?

  • Any of you guys remember who Olin beat out for the center job? He went on to have a nice 16 year career.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Casey Wiegmann. Do I get a gold star Murph?

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Gold star for you Canada! Just think having two guys like that on your team to choose from Two great careers.

  • Well just FUCK ME!!!...If your'e going to crown his arse..then just crown'm...hee hee hee....and while crowning his arse, you might ass well have this guy crowned too!!!...sheite!!!!

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    please don't waste a thread on this frumunder......#'s that need real consideration:

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    Hadn't thought about it so much before right now, but back in the old days, it was easier to be an All-Pro than it is today. Why?

    There was always the #1 guy at each position, but the number of *teams* was not the same. For much of the old NFL, there were 12 teams or less, meaning fewer players to be "better than" at your position. At the merger, when two All-Pro teams started (one per conference) there were only 24 teams in the league, meaning that you had less competition than today.

    But in the end, it's really just a popularity contest anyway. :-)

    Btw, interesting link here:

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    Oh, and good link Lobo... I found that rather interesting. Hell, how many of us honestly remembered Jones? Sprinkle was new to me too.

    Harlon Hill from Florence State Teachers College - awesome! Hell, looking at the write up, and the years he put up those early career stats, he has to be a Top Five all time Bears receiver. Not like that says much. Yet :-)

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    I saw Mike Brown on there. Sweet.

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    I loved Buddha. When Ditka took over he sent him packing. That got the attention of the rest of the players.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I liked him too Canada, really good guard, played with a lot of heart. Ditka sent him packing because he said he was fat, then drafted the fridge four years later. He started every game he played in for the Bears! Who took his place? Bortz?

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    Lobo, Noah was a pretty good player. I remember him handling Randy White without a problem. Nowadays he'd be a little on the small side for a guard. He only weighed 267. Had a nice 10 year run.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    As a kid I thought of Noah Jackson as a big fat offensive lineman. Urlacher weighs 260. The Fridge was considered "huge" at 310-320 pounds when he played. Now that's considered "normal" for a Wisconsin or pro offensive lineman. It's amazing what steroids can do. Fuzzy Thurston, a great Packers guard in the 60's, used to go to my uncle's bar in north Chicago all the time. He was a little man by today's standards. I towered over him in size. But he did have huge bone crunching hands, and his entourage could put away liquor in astonishing amounts, including the old ladies.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    Even though my uncle appreciated the business and large amounts of money spent from Fuzzy and his entourage the first few years after he bought his bar/restaurant, he told them they were no longer welcome. Why? Because my Uncle was running a Bears bar, and he didn't want no Packer fucks spoiling his reputation.

  • Amboi Okyoe had his knee scoped today

  • A HA!

    I knew there had to be a reason the Bears didn't resign him and no one else threw the mula out for him.

    If his knee was a concern for the Bears, they handled it in typical Bears fashion - incognito.

    I remember hearing Cutler's thumb inj on some site, and it totally caught me by surprise. Same with JewBears "re-injury".

    Bears should run covert operations in foreign countries...

  • Jay Cutler on the #Bears WRs: "It's the best receiver group I've worked with, a lot of talent in that room."

  • Gabe Carimi had full participation at RT. Chris Williams and J'Marcus Webb continue to split reps at LT, with Williams first in on Tue.

  • Urlacher, Jeffery, Knox and Spaeth were among the players who did not participate in practice today.

  • Lach needs the rest, but is this beginning to concern anyone else?

    8-8. Thanks Sleepy.

  • Lovie Smith said he has lower body injury, hopes he can return before end of minicamp RT @kfarsalas: @ZachZaidman What's wrong w/Jeffrey?

  • Lovie Smith said Alshon Jeffery sat out due to lower leg soreness. He hopes rookie can return to field at some point before minicamp ends.

  • What is this, Hockey?

    Actually, after the Saints and dirty Harper, this "upper" "lower" body terminology is making sense.

  • Mike Tice says the entire offense has been installed

  • Wow. Hope Forte is a fast learner. He might know how to run, but how about the blitz pick up, audibles, shifts, terminology, and formations?

    I'm pretty sure the HB position now will look different since Tice will use the TE/H and Marshall plus Hester package.

  • Hello... anybody out there?

  • Some of us have, like, jobs and stuff! :-)

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    ... and have babies with partners that don't spend enough time looking after them ..... fuck.

    I'm telling you Artoo, don't do it mang. Keep it covered.

  • Uh oh, Irish. Dead beat mom? Shite!

  • "Free access (single coverage) on a great player should be something that a defense should be punished for doing," Mike Tice said. "We're going to make sure we do that."

  • Gotta like that. Actually, assuming Jeffrey comes along, we have 4 (well, maybe five) guys that you don't really want to get the ball in a little space - Hester, Marshall, Bennett, (Jeffrey), and Davis.

    Oh, and, well... Forte.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    The more I think about that, the more I likey. Can any of you old timers imagine a crazy explosive - DOMINANT - *offense* on the friggin' Chicago Bears?!!

    The possibility is truly mind boggling...

    Oh shit, Kool-Aid off. Show me an offensive line first.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Reality is such a harsh mistress.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    the rest of the players
    mostly ends
    will make our line
    look great...this year
    that ball is coming out fast
    not only will we be a good O
    we will be a fast O
    and the line will be graded up
    because of it

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    true huntin.

    I fully expect a fast tempo mixed in. When was the last time the Bears caught a defense shifting personel ala Manning? Shit, we were like the anti-Manning - Martz would call the play with 5 seconds left on the clock while the defense just sat their sipping their tea.

  • And then we'd burn a timeout with a second left on the game clock.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Or we wouldn't and we'd catch a delay of game penalty.

    Ah, that was fun.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    And then Omiyale would false start.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    2nd and 20. Time for a classic Martz 20-step drop, dump off pass to Forte...

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Or even better - a bubble screen to Hester for -3 yards!

  • Jay Cutler on #Bears OL: "We've got some talented guys up there. It's just a matter of finding which five and plugging them in there."

    He must have read my article. Jk of course.

  • I didnt realize that some of the top OL groups were on teams that pretty much stunk it up last season. Kinda counter intuitive but intriguing. Good article

  • Noticeable difference with safeties Chris Conte and Major Wright: footwork. Conte moves like a CB, smooth in his pedal. #Bears

  • that was from Matt Bowen

  • Conte I think is the real deal. He's never gonna lay the wood, but he's a wrap up tackler with instincts and speed (yes, a white safety can have speed). He looks to have nice hands too (better than Jenning's), but we'll wait to see if he can pick more off.

    What's the point of being fast and powerful like Wright with no instincts or technique? All he's going to do is look great tackling the air.

    Hopefully Hardin isn't Wright 2.0 (if so, instead of pringles, his nick name shall be "cigar tube").

  • "A lot of carryover (from my time in Denver), a lot of stuff we did last couple years. It's kind of a mixture of some stuff Mike had done in his past, stuff Jeremy has, and he learned even more in Seattle, so it's a mixture of a lot of different things."

  • The Bears are already running out of numbers. Did you know that 68, 70, 75, 76, 78, and 79 are all currently being shared by two different people?

  • In reply to Nagurski:

    That might be because the roster got expanded to 90 for the pre-season.

    Still, I think we are running out of numbers, mostly because of the rule change in designating certain positions with numbers.

    This will come to a head when Urlacher retires. I can already see the blog head line in 2014: Urlacher's Number Needs to be Retired!

  • Bahahahahaha:

  • In reply to Shady:


    Fucking LOVE that video. check out the actual pig:

  • How long has it been since MikeL has posted? I am hoping he runs another Yahoo pick'um League this season.

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    and Viva?

  • In reply to Shady:

    viva comes around now and then... hoping he shows up for the game on the 16th. Homeboy owes me a steak.

    Viva, you listenin my man?

  • damn man, fucking damn:


    Hahahahah... the Giants didn't beat us...


    Yeah, something else was sucked outta that feeg.

  • Perhaps Halas Hall is on board with this article. Regardless, I found it rather interesting. And yes, QBs definitely have it too easy nowadays.;_ylt=Ao9F2ospIkm.3cuzwjrfcv1DubYF

  • I'm with most of these more retiring numbers please.

  • The thing to remember about retiring a number of a Chicago Bears player... is that it's a Chicago Bear, not a Jacksonville Jaguar or a Seattle Seahawk or something.

    Look at the guys who've had their numbers retired by the Bears. Most of them aren't just great Bears, they're all-time greats in the NFL. Guys who changed the game. Even Pic--who as a player wasn't anything super-special--is a guy who changed the NFL, a guy who humanized the sport and whose story transcends the uniform.

    In short, the Bears don't retire numbers of good players, or memorable players, etc., they retire numbers for legends of the game.

    Seriously, if I calling the shots, I'd retire the number "85" or maybe "46," to honor the '85 team and/or the defense. But as good as Kreutz was--and he'll never be a HoFer--and as great as Singletary, Dent, Hampton, and Covert were, none of them reach "legendary" status like the last 3 guys whose numbers were retired from the navy & orange.

    And that's what the Bears' retired numbers are about: legends, not simply "greatness."

  • Piccolo died of cancer at age 26, while he would have still been a Bear. Not after his playing days were over. It made a big impact on the NFL.

    The sad irony that is now Bears legacy is that years later, the roles reverse. In Walter's final days, Matt Suhey drove Walter to see all of his friends so Walter could say goodbye to them.

    I keep waiting for there to be a screenplay about those days, but I guess Suhey doesn't want to talk about it except in the vaguest of terms.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I love how when Walter was sick Suhey would drive by his place and just pause before driving on. When Walter would be lying on his bed and saw him, he'd just give him the finger.

  • that would be a great shirt
    "When Chicago retires a #
    It's for a legend in the game"

  • 'Sup bitches??

    Retire Olin Kreutz' number? Before Jay Hilgenberg? Let's see, Jay has one more superbowl and one more pro bowl than Olin. So fair's fair. That Lombardi is worth a lot. No way Olin gets anything for services rendered before Jay does.

  • 'sup wit'choo

  • Well looks like we gotta pass the hat and come up with bail for Artoo

    On an unrelated note aprently all the public works folks in Jakarta are from the Justice League

  • R2, that is a wicked 'stache. The broads, they love a 'stache like that.

  • "An arrest does not mean that theindividual has been convicted of thealleged violation. Individuals on this website areinnocent until proven guiltybya courtoflaw."

  • Damn, you guys can't go anywhere without finding my name.

  • R2 you look much younger
    than 37 in the Superman skin

  • I think one of the reasons the NFL opened up 10-19 to be used by receivers was the issue of number drain.

    First guy who comes to mind that used the range was Keyshawn Johnson.

  • Chitown doesn't like Bush? Who doesn't like bush? I like bush.

  • In reply to BAM46Blitz:

    All because he couldn't get into a club.


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    That took big balls...

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Whereas the roided out bouncers had no shriveled balls and didn't even question the dude's authority.

  • *had shriveled balls. Shite.

  • In reply to BAM46Blitz:

    imagine being a pro football player and being denied entrance to a bar by some amazing dbag.

    things will change after he takes his first jaunt into the endzone.

  • sorry, this was meant to go here:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

  • watched that one... hilarious.

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • In reply to BAM46Blitz:

    Maybe it will keep him from doing something stupid out clubbin'.

  • Dwayne Bowe is still unsigned? Is there ANY way the Bears can pick him up on a one year deal? Or maybe a multi year deal loaded on the back end that doesnt hit our salary cap too hard?

  • ...Where did you read that?

  • yeah, didn't he resign with KC a looooong time ago?

  • He hasnt signed his franchise tender and has been making grumblings about leaving KC. Doesnt look like they'll even make the playoffs this year so perhaps he's looking to play for a contender. Look to Chicago Dwayne.

  • We don't need him.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Well I dont NEED a new dirtbike but I want one.

  • I want our starting running back on the field first - I'm pretty happy with our receivers at the moment. But Bowe/Marshall would be sick, no doubt about it.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    It won't happen in a million bajillion years, but that's ok.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Getting scary that we're starting to agree so much :-)

    Yup Forte >>>>> Bowe for our team right now.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I think we've nearly always agreed on football matters.
    The other stuff, not so much. :)

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Damn, Posse. I'll drink to that!

    Hopefully someday we'll get to do so.



  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • uh oh dave... uuuuuhhhh oooohhhh:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    read the comments... those guys have ZERO clue about the bears and the situation.

    One dude even says look what happened to cuttler when matty went down. Uhhh... cutty went down way before matty. dbags.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    The longer Forte is out the worse it will be..

    The offense has been installed 3 or 4 times and I am pretty sure Forte hasn't been to any of the installations.

    Should be easy for him to pickup it up considering Bush said it was pretty simple but different strokes for different folks.

  • fb_avatar

    That link came for David Haugh's Tribune article. The comments on the Trib website are much better. Some very insightful thoughts on both sides. (and a few children as well unfortunately)

    Sounds like it is time for the Bears and Forte to go their separate directions.

    Just have the Bears agree not to franchise in '13 (see Lance Briggs a few years ago), and Forte will sign tender in time for training camp or 1st game of season.

    All Forte ever wanted is to test his open market value. All of the speculation about what his value is or is not is really a moot point, provided Forte is free to test the market in '13.

    Given that he is "falling fast out of favor" in Halas Hall, there should be no hesitation on the Bears' part to go in a new direction offensively? Are the Bears next going to suggest that they can't let Forte test the market, to protect him for himself?

    Or, are the Bears and their fans just being disingenuous??

  • That's what worries me Artoo.

    If we had the same exact personnel, oc, etc, then it wouldn't worry me as much. But from everything I hear/read, Tice is more than tweaking the Martz playbook.

    Let's not forget that we play the Fudge in week 2. Will Forte be up to speed by week 2 of the reg season (that is, if he doesn't hold out till week 10)?

  • I'm not tremendously worried about either Forte's game shape or his ability to pick up the offense under Big Fella.
    It should be markedly simpler than under Martz and he seems like a pretty bright guy, other than the whole hold-out thing.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Forte has historically not been a guy that needed to work his way into shape with the team. He is a workout fanatic by all accounts.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    yeah, I'm not concerned about his shape. by all accounts, he keeps himself in shape year round. and he actually came out more yoked last year when he did his own thing.

    but I just keep hearing that Tice is making tweaks, Bates is making tweets, Marshall and Lovie are prob giving their two cents, h backs, TEs, Hester sub packages, audibles, etc etc

    Seems like a lot to get up to speed on.

    July 16 is the date that should be circled on all our calenders.

    What makes me feel a little better is that the Ravens and Jags are going through the same issues with Rice and MJD...misery loves company...

  • No coincidence since MJD and Matty have the same douchebag agent (as someone here pointed out - can't recall who)...

  • fb_avatar

    November 20th is another date to be circled on all calendars. This is the last date that Forte can sign the tender and still play in '12. This is the Tuesday prior to the Bears' 11th game, against the Vikings.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I have watched some highlight films this evening, and to me Matt Forte is the best running back the Bears have had since Neal Anderson (Thomas Jones fans notwithstanding). If Matt finishes a season or two with the kind of play he showed last year then Anderson will be replaced with Payton.

    And while "never" is a really long time, I feel safe in predicting Matt will never be Walter. :-)

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Forte is already the best bears back since Payton.

  • I won't fight you on that Coach. No way. Neal was good though. 'course, he did have a better line.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Gee.... some douche posts drivel and I'm supposed to worry?

    Truly, it will be the Bears', and our, loss if something is not worked out. I wrote six months ago what I thought they should do. I have no idea who is playing hardball, but I suspect it is the franchise and not the running back.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    And just to reiterate my belief, Michael Bush is no where close to as good as Matt Forte.

  • #Lions RB Mikel LeShoure has been suspended 2-games without pay + fined 2 game checks for violating substance abuse policy, NFL announced.

  • Who exactly do they have ready to play running back this year?
    Leshoure is a headcase and I have no doubt his injury is a timebomb.
    Then there's Concussion-Guy...and next up was Kevin Jones, wasn't it?
    Did they draft any this year?

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Oops, Kevin Smith...and they didn't draft a RB (mind boggling).

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    ha ha, yeah, Smith. For some reason I thought the same.

  • Both of them are pretty injury prone and got cast off by the Lions only a couple of years into their respective careers. It's pretty easy to get them mixed up. I'm not sure if Smith is still under contract to them or if he just signed a 1 year tender last year when Best got hurt.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I think they brought in a few undrafted guys, but they're pretty much gambling that Concussion Best recovered, but any time a player's season ends due to a concussion (see Hunter), that ain't good.

    Jones is always injured.

    While Leshoure is unproven, when not inj or suspended.

    If the Lion's are counting on Dike-Face to throw for 5,000 yds again, they're in trouble. The more times China-Doll must drop back, the more opportunities he will have to be cracked.

  • Maurice Morris could be their guy at RB. Isn't he still under contract through this year?.....not a scrub but certainly no one that creates fear in opposing teams.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Yeah, they pretty much have a rotation of serviceable backs, like the Pack.

    Best actually is the most dangerous - he's got McCoy moves, but one more concussion and he might be retiring.

    That's not good when their D is suspect at best. The Pack might have allowed a lot of yards, but their D created a lot of turnovers and was middle of the road in points allowed.

    The Lion's D was just horrible, and without a running game to control the clock, they're going to be out there more.

  • Which means teams teeing off on China Doll all day long...
    Yep, gonna be a short season for Stafford.

  • Wasn't that the guy Irish was so dismayed we didn't draft?

  • In reply to SC Dave:



    Starting to miss Forte a little bit more each day.

  • Vision, speed and cut backs separate Forte from Bush.

    They're both about the same with their hands and pass blocking, with Forte edging out Bush in the former, and Bush maybe edging out Forte in the latter.

    Power, however, goes a long way on 3rd and goal-line situations.

    In sum: perfect 1-2 punch.

  • dedicated to Forte...get with the program, son!

  • Say what you want, but here is what the *players* said:

    "He's the guy who catches the ball out of the backfield as good as any back we've seen"

    "I wasn't expecting him to be as physical as he was. He's breaking tackles, running downhill."

    "Most people watching don't see that, but he's a big, strong athlete"

    "He breaks a lot of tackles, but he also has that breakaway speed"

    "I think, it's just like his vision - he's seeing the cutbacks before they even open up"

    ... and there's more. This is the guy, DAMNIT.

  • Brian Urlacher continued to rehab on the side during the early portions of the workout.

  • Bears WR Alshon Jeffery returned to practice today after missing Tuesday.

  • sweet

  • Also worth noting SS Major Wright had 2 picks, played much better than Tuesday.

  • Wright would be best as 2nd string, because he's one of the few that can play both SS and FS.

  • Good thing they still have Shaun Hill...ouch!

    "Adam Caplan ‏@caplannfl
    Worst arm I've ever seen live. MT @evansilva: Kellen Moore's weak arm "has been noticeable" at #Lions practices"

  • J'Marcus Webb got the first few reps at LT today followed by Chris Williams. The opposite of what we saw on Tuesday.

  • Julius Peppers on Shea McClellin: "He's going to help us out when he gets on the field."

  • Charles Tillman: "In my ten years of being here, I think this is the best group of corners we've had, just overall talent."

  • Figured I'd go fishing for some good wishes.

    June 13, 2012. Today, I turn 30.

    Feeling good... the theme of the day yesterday was "30 is better than 20." Got a good life, good job, good wife and kids, live in a good community, have my feet on the ground. Being a Bears fan doesn't hurt either. Didn't have any of that 10 years ago. Its a good life; I hope it gets even better this decade :)

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Congratulations, NBIT!
    Hope we get to hang out again at a Bears game this year...hope the rest of your birthday is good to ya!

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Wow.... good shit, NBIT. Best wishes for this decade, and the fourteen following ones that you will enjoy.

    Positive stuff is *so* refreshing.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Love your outlook NB. Congrats on the milestone. I hit 60 this month. Life is good!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Congratulations. Congratulations.

    One for each 30 years :-)

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    nothing but the best
    for NBT and family
    to the top

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Good stuff NewBear. Happy Bday my man.

    But you don't need to rub it in the faces of us miserable bitter bastards (I'm looking at you MB).

    Just Joshing. Congrats. I am reminded of this little nugget by Chekhov though

    "Life does not agree with philosophy: There is no happiness that is not idleness, and only what is useless is pleasurable."

  • Interesting quote, but I would say that its only true for a shallow person. People looking for shallow pleasures try to save up time and money, and then blow them on passing fancies. True happiness comes from being occupied (compare retirees with nothing to do and retirees who go out and find something to keep them busy). And that's the point of what I was saying... its wonderful now to have something going.

  • Chekhov must have be a fag.

    I think most of us would agree that copulation is pleasurable. And, from a survival of species and evolutionary perspective, is about as opposed from "useless" as can be imagined.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I despise rendering a post of mine lame through typographical errors based on an abundance of alcohol in my circulatory system.

    Please feel free to remind of this whenever I try to congratulate myself on being clever.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    During your 30th year, your sack will drop 2 inches. Enjoy it, but try not to pee on your balls.

  • So true.

    Try not to tea-bag the toilet water too.

  • True story, my grandfather had to get a raised toilet seat due to that happening on a regular basis. My Grandmother shared this piece of information during a rather memorable Thanksgiving a few years ago....

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Happy Belated Birthday! Keep counting those blessings.

  • Slot WRs can put up sizeable numbers in this Bears offense. Which is why Earl Bennett reached out to good friend Eddie Royal for advice.

  • Interesting. It's good that Earl seeks advice wherever he can get it. But as ya'll know, my guys are Matt and Earl. I'm thinking Bennett will have a handle on what he needs to do.

    So long as there are no cocksucking Saints bounty hunting him again.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    +100 on that last line. Fuckers!!!!!!!!!

    I'm a huge fan of both guys. They are football players. Period.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    yepper!!!!!!!!! 2nd that

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    shit, I totally forgot to post the piece I read today, but then I totally forgot and now I have no idea... wait... I do remember, hold on let me find it....

    (2 minutes later)

    HA! Fuckers! Here it is!

    "• Earl Bennett stretched the field numerous times from the slot and looks poised to be a dangerous weapon< in the new offense under Mike Tice."

    Boo... yeeeeah!

  • First-year tight end Evan Rodriguez made several receptions downfield in both full-team and seven-on-seven drills. Rodriguez appears to have great strides since struggling at the club's rookie minicamp held in early May.

  • Can't believe I'm the first one to point this out, but, did da blogfader say that Miami is our archemies? Huh?

  • I remember that loss
    more than any
    in my whole existence
    as a bears fan
    every year when a team gets
    to say 10 and 0
    the undefeated sh*t starts
    down here in SWFLA
    Don Shula shows up
    more times than on those
    weight loss gigs
    on the midnight movie commercials
    h*ll ...he is running a special
    at his restaurant in Naples
    just to commemmorate
    They are the epitome of EVIL
    arch enemies forever
    that is the one team for which
    I yield to the demons inside
    and pray we

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Sorry Doc
    I lost my head

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Miami won the game, But the bears were beaten by themselves that day. I hold no ill will towards the fish. Undefeated would have been nice, but maybe the loss is what renewed our focus for the stretch run, when we really started dominating. I get where you're coming from, but the 9ers ended our playoff lives at least 3 times in the eighties. The niners are who kept us from being a dynasty. If any team outside our own division is to be our archenemies, in my humble opinion, it is the 9ers.

  • fuck miami... oh, and fuck the 9ers too.

    (although, I still have a man-crush on jimmy and wish we would have jettisoned flat-liner for him last year)

  • You could say the 49ers for 1984 and 1988, but I gotta go with the Redskins in 1986 and 1987.

  • i live too close
    to the noise
    you get a facial every season
    when you tell any miami fan
    you root for the bears
    maybe when i skip town
    i will see it differently
    actually, if I apply some therapy
    to my contorted misery
    it's actually the fans
    that give me the creeps
    some of my favorite "other than bears" players
    come from the fish
    Mercury M and of course.....
    Ricky Williams
    He was the man on and of the field

  • and Forte is getting bad advice from his agent. At this point it's a principle, not the money play. Dumb. Not endorsement-worthy enough to take this stand. Take the offer, accept the franchise, don't fuck up. Shades of Todd Bell with this one.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to tomburg:

    and who are the Bears getting their bad advice from, the ghost of George Halas?

    So, let's see. From the Bears' pov:

    1) Forte's knees no longer merit a long-term contract, eventhough they abused and overused him over the last four years.

    2) The Bears are better off with a backfield of Bush and Bell, as Forte continues to drop on the depth chart (in June with no pads??)

    3) The Bears won't pay running backs they draft due to fiscal prudence, but will pay running backs drafted by other organizations (all things considered, probably a wise approach for about 90% of Bears' draftees at any positions).

    4) Bears' management, the Honey Bear media, and Bears' fans endlessly drone on how no NFL team will ever pay Forte, eventhough only one team can actually bid for his services, claiming their monopolistic price is "fair".

    Forte has performed and delivered on all goals beyond all expectations, only to be insulted and devalued by the team, media, and fans alike. He deserves much better from all.

    If the Bears want to devalue running backs, that is fine - maybe even smart. However, a player of the caliber of Forte has earned the opportunity to test his open market value, rather than listen to every loco tell him that no team ithe NFL will ever pay him, so accept whatever the Bears deem to offer you.

    After all, if these Bear fans are correct, what do they have to fear. In their mind, no team will offer Forte a long-term deal in '13, and he may even come crawling back to the Bears after all. If Bear fans are correct.

    The Bears should offer to not tag Forte in '13, and Forte will sign his tender in time for training camp. The Bears will get Forte's services for all 16 games, while he is playing in a contract year. At the end of the season, both the Bears and Forte go their own ways. The Bears will be better ithe long run with Bush and Bell in the backfield. Forte learns what his market value is, from all 32 teams rather than just one.

    It's win-win for Bears and Forte.

  • In reply to Pete Wilberscheid:

    Pete, your post is so bad on so many levels. Please re-read your post and admit that you were blacked out drunk when you posted it.

    1. Forte would get a long term contract if he wasn't asking for ludicrous top 4 running back money. 3 knee injuries in a little over 5 years and abused to hell at TULANE first and then used alot by the every NFL back that runs the ball.

    2. If you thnk the Bears' view is that they are better off with Bush and Bell in the backfield you are high off of your ass. Also I'm pretty sure they realize it's only June and no pads are on yet which I don't really know why that part of the comment is even relevant.

    3. "The Bears won't pay running backs they draft due to fiscal prudence, but will pay running backs drafted by other organizations.." - what the fuck does this even mean? They drafted one guy as a top pick and that was Cedric Benson. They paid him a shit load of money. Forte was not a number one pick and is on his rookie contract. Why would you voluntarily rip up the guys rookie deal and needlessly pay him insane amounts of money when you don't have to yet.

    4. "Bears' management, the Honey Bear media, and Bears' fans endlessly drone on how no NFL team will ever pay Forte,"

    - Pete you must not live in Chicago or read much Chicago Bears news. There is a whole "pay Forte" movement you fucking moron. Bears management has never fucking said that no other team would not pay Forte. That is a fucking silly comment. The media usually brings up salient points on the whole Forte issue on the pros and cons of giving and not giving him sick top 4 running back money given his knee problems. Bears fans are pretty adamant about him either getting paid or not getting paid. That comment was brutal.

    "Forte has performed and delivered on all goals beyond all expectations, only to be insulted and devalued by the team, media, and fans alike. He deserves much better from all."

    - Huh?

    Pete, i'm sorry dude, someone had to say it. your post was fucking terrible.

  • Unfortunately, you are either
    a) not terribly bright;
    b) not been paying attention
    c) All of the above.

    1) Again, for the not terribly bright, simple solution - Give Forte the same guarantee made to Briggs a few years ago. Agree to go your separate ways after this season. You don't have to tax your mind over false claims of demanding top 4 money. You don't have to worry at all, as Forte would never be asking the Bears for a contract again.

    2) If you are just waking up now, or taking notice of the NFL, this is the year 2012. We have an African-American president, and the Cubs have yet to win a World Series since 1908. In terms of the Bears, they have not won another Super Bowl since last you dozed off in 1986. So sorry, but rest assured, Bear fans still lead the league in boasting nevertheless - as it is the "Windy City" after all. In just the last two days, each major paper addressed the Forte issue : Morrisey in the Sun Times, and Haugh in the Tribune. Unfortunately, the internet links don't show the headline referenced by Morrissey. If buying the Tribune, the price has risen to $1.00 while you were sleeping, sorry again.

    3) Ummm, Forte's contract has expired. I would make a comment about not paying attention, but I might be guilty of a tad overkill at this point.

    4) Now, where can I find a link to one of the almost infinite posts of either a reporter or fan claiming that Forte doesn't deserve an opportunity to test the open market. Wait! We can just go right to your post. Thank you, that was easy!

    At some point, you are going to need to either grow up or wake up and realize that come times when what is best for a team and best for a player are not always going to be one and the same. That does not justify the piling on the player to the degree seen by the Bears and their fans. One sees none of this childish behavior from the Ravens in their dealings with Rice.

    Eventually, both parties have to sit down and find a middle ground that both can live with. One possible solution is to ensure Forte is not tagged again, giving the Bears 16 games of his services and Forte his much sought after free agency in '13.

    Hopefully, one day you will stop being a thumb-sucking childish Bears' fan and recognize that a solution is needed to satisfy both parties, rather than having one party laud a shallow victory over the other.

  • In reply to Pete Wilberscheid:

    AND the troll finally rose to the bait.
    Is Matt your neighbor or something? I don't think anyone here has been "piling on" fact, he's pretty damn popular on this here blog.
    What all of us would like to see is for Matt's agent to get a reasonable contract worked out with the Bears FO in time for him to play week 1.
    Are the Bears playing hard-ball because they have all the financial leverage? Yes!
    Is Matt's agent also orchestrating a hold-out by MJD (who btw has multiple years remaining on HIS contract)? Yes!
    Do the Bears have any reason to agree not to franchise him again if no long-term deal is reached? Not really! If he holds out during the regular season, he's damaging his market value, which is probably not that high to begin with (this has been hashed over repeatedly in other posts). No GM, outside of DC anyway, wants to sign a huge contract with a player that actually will go to the length of hurting the team by not playing under their agreement. And like it or not, the franchise tag designation is a mutually agreed upon option for ballclubs in the NFL. If Matt has a problem with it, he should find the union rep in the locker room and take it out on him (Gould, isn't it?).
    If Matt's agent is paying attention, he should be looking at other situations this year with the franchise tag, as in the case of Marshawn Lynch. Do I think he's better than Lynch? Hell yes. But because of the franchise tag structure that the NFL and NFLPA agreed to, that's irrelevant.
    I am hopeful they will reach a four-year deal before July 16th with slightly better numbers than what Lynch got and we can all move on.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Again, not really paying attention, are we?

    The option for a player to sit out 10 games and playing last six is also mutually agreed upon with the CBA by both the NFL and NFLPA. Vincent Jackson did this 2 years ago. And guess what? He received a lucrative contract as soon as he became an unrestricted free agent. There was no collusion amongst the 32 teams against the player.

    With 32 teams competing against each other, there are enough teams that feel that a top 10 RB is the missing piece for a Super Bowl, that Forte will receive the best offer that an open market would allow.

    In addition, teams know that this is a business and that he is not walking away from a signed contract or any agreement with the Bears. Again, for those of us just catching up, Forte is not under contract. There is no agreement for him to walk away from.

    Given the Bears' recent statement that talks on a long-term deal can resume only if Forte signs his tender, it should be clear to everyone (yes, even to Bears' fans as well) that talks are not even in progress. So, yeah, keep hoping for that long-term deal. The Bears will not allow that to happen. The rest of us can focus on alternatives that may be possible.

  • In reply to Pete Wilberscheid:

    Did I say he was under contract?
    It's irrelevant because if he wants to play in the NFL, he's going to do so under the CBA rules unless he feels like fighting the union too.
    Secondly, if you don't recognize that the market for running backs and wide receivers is not the same, then I don't know what to tell you.
    You sure seem to take this whole scenario personally. Ease up on the caffeine, champ.

  • In reply to Pete Wilberscheid:

    I have a more simple question.

    Why the fuck are you here?

    Ooohhhhh, right, you're a fucking vikings fan... god know's there absolutely nothing to talk about on vikings blogs now and for the last 3 years.

    Jesus, go away troll.

  • Not retirement worthy, esp after that embarrassing shooting range incident (thinking about it from a McCaskey point of view). They didn't win it all with Olin, and he didn't change the franchise for the better, so I don't see it. Good corporate soldier, tough as nails, epitomized what it is to be a Bear ... not retirement worthy.

  • Totally off-topic, anyone here have any experience with streamline 203k loans?
    I am looking at a rehab property in a great neighborhood (1/2 a block from the marina and great seafood restaurant) as a new primary residence and wondering if it is worth the hassle re: lenders, etc. I've only used VA loans in the past.

  • fb_avatar

    Hmm, maybe not everyone in the Chicago sports media is a Honey Bear wanna-be. Go figure.....

    Just testing .......

  • fb_avatar
  • In reply to Pete Wilberscheid:

    It's been established on DBB that Morrissey is something of a cock munch.

    So the Bears are putting out media spin about Forte's knees. And Forte is making Youtube videos of pulling sleds, or waht have you.

    Child games. The Bears shouldn't have said it, but Morrissey's contention that "oez noez, we don't want an UNHAPPY Forte in camp, he might not play his hardest!" is so much fucking bullshit it's not funny.

    No NFL player has ever prospered by putting the pads on and then dogging it. Some have tried. Name one for whom it worked.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I am curious though if there is anything in the CBA, tag or standard contract about a player just deliberately playing badly. Imagine a left tackle, ticked off at his coach, just blatantly let Julius Peppers take his QB's head off. And deliberately enough that its indisputable - like the guy just starts walking to the sideline after the snap and flips the bird at the coach.

    What happens if a franchise tagged player signs his tag (think Carson Palmer), and then tells the coach "do not expect me to know the playbook, do not expect me to stay in shape. If I touch the ball on the field, I will imediately fumble or take a knee. I'd rather take the veteran minimum somewhere else than wear this uniform again."

    If the team doesn't want to pay him, do they have to let him out into the free agent market?

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    That won't ever happen NewBear, for a few reasons.

    1) When playing under the franchise tag, it's usually a one year deal in which said player wants to hit the open market in prime position, meaning, great stats and performance.

    2) If a player does get the rep for dogging it because he's mad, a lot of teams would be turned off, thus driving down his market.

    3) They're pros. Personally, I don't remember anyone intentionally playing poorly out of some personal temper tantrum, even in pop-warner. As a player, you might hate the coaches, scheme, etc, but like with soldiers, you play for the guy next to you. If little kids instinctively know not to take the dive...something would have to be seriously askew in an NFL athlete.

  • fb_avatar

    Not to mention that dogging it in the NFL can easily lead to career ending injury.

    The closest recent example that I can think of is what happened with Randy Moss in Minnesota, after being traded by the Patriots.

    Moss was released by the Vikings, but he wasn't franchise tagged. The franchise tag is guaranteed money for the season, so it is a valid question about what happens under that scenario if Moss were franchised.

    Given that the Bears are a hot-button topic that defies objectivity here, maybe it's better to use Rice as an example.

    Say Rice were tagged, sat out first 10 regular season games. came back in week 11. At that point, the Ravens tell Rice to go home, as they don't want to disrupt the team's chemistry. The Ravens would owe Rice $2.92 million, as that money is guaranteed, prorated to the games available.

    However, if Rice showed up in week 11 and refused to play?? Perhaps there would be arbitration options available to the team. However, it is distinctly possible that the money is guaranteed in that scenario as well.

    This is not likely to happen in most normal scenarios, though.

  • I go back to the Carson Palmer thing though. That guy retired rather than play for the Bengals again.

    Plus, you've got to remember that a lot of these players are impulsive. A lot are prima-donnas. A lot have a history of really stupid decisions that hurt the team.

    This would be an extreme example, but its the kind of thing that I'd put in a contract if I was a lawyer.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    They are impulsive (sometimes more than children) and def prima-donnas, but even in the worst case scenario (I was thinking of Albert Haynesworth when he was being accused of "under-performng" for the Skins), that same ego wants to prove to the world that they should be worshiped.

    As it turned out, Haynsworth wasn't dogging it; he just sucks.

    Moss is prob the poster-boy for dogging it, but I'm not even sure we could consider what Moss did "dogging" it. He never had Jerry Rice work ethic (that would've been scary), and his production dropped at the Raiders because THEY ARE THE BLACK HOLE - everyone not named Nahmdi sucked over there. He goes to a SB team, with a HOF Coach and QB, and suddenly he produces cause he's happy? That's kinda like the chicken and the egg. Production leads to happiness, happiness leads to production...

    I think it's really hard to intentionally suck and sabatoge your team because the other players can see it, and call them out on it (imagine if someone on the Bears tried that shit while Kruetz was there). At that time, they then go to the coach and say, "Get this douche out of here" but that is like you guys stated, very rare.

    Look at Holmes in NJ. He's still there!

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to NewBearInTown:

    In the CBA, there is a mention that if a player fails to "establish or maintain his excellent physical condition will be subject to review of a neutral physician appointed by the parties".

    So, it doesn't address the scenario of willful refusal to play, which may still be guaranteed. But, it does address a player's physical neglect, I suppose, in which case the franchise tender is not guaranteed.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to gpldan:

    The point of Forte going on the field and not playing 100% should not be a real concern.

    The point of Forte doing anything and everything in his power to convince the Bears not to tag him again, is another matter.

  • fb_avatar

    Hmm, maybe not everyone in the Chicago sports media is a Honey Bear wanna-be. Go figure.....

  • Hard-Knocks, Bears Edition.

    These are excerpts from Brandon Hardin's rook journal.

    "“My advantage, I think, is that I came to the Bears as a clean slate. Never having played safety before, I didn’t have any bad habits built up for that position. My coach can work with me and teach me the way he wants me to play. That’s a very good thing because it’s easier to learn good habits from the beginning rather than struggle to erase any bad habits you might have developed over time. "

    "“One of the first things I noticed once the vets came to the minicamp was the speed difference in this game as compared to the college game. You have to be on your toes all the time at the professional level or the offensive guys are going to go right past you. You need to get to the point where you react rather than think about things. That's my job right now. "

  • jesus.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I have his rookie journal too!

    "Why does everyone hate me so? I heal lepers and the blind, and everyone begins getting afraid and looking around for the nearest stone. As such, I have to move around more than I'd like. I loathe boats. I get seasick. In fact, I got ill so badly once that I had to literally calm the storms. It seemed to impress everyone, but I just needed to give my stomach a rest. This is my first year doing my thing. John coached me up really well. He warned me, "There's a reason I baptize in the middle of the wilderness. Our people are crazy!". I'm beginning to think ALL humans are, Jew, Philistine, Greek or Roman. Maybe I should just stick to carpentry."

  • Petey -

    I have the reputation on this blog as the wackjob liberal, always taking labor over capital - always doing the "fight the powers that be" bit - which is ironic because I work in Finance, but perhaps not because I see it for what it is.

    But I agree with management on this. They can tag Forte. He can play for 7.7. Now, maybe the ethical, right thing to do, is to agree in writing not to tag him next year - even though they could. They probably shouldn't. But having him play for tag money isn't exactly a raw deal, and all of your posts you frame it as if it is. Which is bullshit.

    Forte made a negotiation mistake: he should have held out last year. Instead, he came in and played well for small potatoes compared to what he was worth, in the hopes the Bears would give him a deal on par with DeAngelo Williams.

    Well... the market changed. AP got hurt and it was a wake up call to the market for running backs. That's life. The job market changed for a lot of people. Boo hoo.

    He can sit for the first 10 games and take a pay hit. Bears don't want that. Fans don't want that. Bears put a deal on the table, nobody knows the deal's exact structure, we just know it was rejected. It isn't like Cliff Stein has a reputation for screwing people over, so my take was it was a market deal - and there is disagreement on what the market is.

    That DOES NOT mean, as you seem to think, that the Bears have some moral imperative to allow Forte to become UFA, just because it's the right thing to do. Fuck that. If you were a GM, and somebody told you "hey you can no longer use your tags in negotiations", you'd tell them to fuck off. The hell they can't.

    So, in short - you got nobody on your side here. And I was probably the one person here who was most likely to take labor's side in this one, and I won't. Good luck.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    And, since you went to the trouble of bolding it, let's be real real specific:

    Forte is not under contract. There is no agreement for him to walk away from.

    There's your crack pipe there. Are you going to make a legal argument that the Terms & Conditions of a league contract is the only binding measure on if a player can be held to a team? Because you would lose and lose badly. Brady v. NFL had a great deal of law analysis, go read some of it. The existence or non-existence of a specific deal between player and club has no bearing on a player's ability to be allowed to openly negotiate with other clubs. This was covered for rookies and the draft, it was covered in 1987, when Freeman McNeil got his ass handed to him in a collective bargaining case against the NFL on the constitutionality of free agency.

  • In reply to gpldan:


    GP, thumb-sucking childish Bears fan. And Bacon fan, too.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Hmmmm, bacon

  • In reply to ben in norcal:

    mmmmmmm... baaaaaacon:


  • In reply to gpldan:

    good arguments GP, but please don't feel the trolls (I know, I know... that's like saddam telling Chavez not to be a fucking lunatic), but he's a fucking vikings troll man. yeah, I know... I don't think I've seen one before either, but there it is. Right in his sad, pathetic avatar. (btw, here you go: ((check the slo-mo… cool huh?)))

    Just ignore it and it might go away, god knows once the season starts it will probably commit suicide anyway. Sad little purple creature.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to gpldan:

    Again, missing the point.

    The original contention made by one of the kids(?) was that teams are not interested with a player that actually will go to the length of hurting the team by not playing under their agreement.

    To that point, Forte is not walking away from any agreement by sitting out the first 10 games, as this is specifically part of the CBA. In fact, if Forte was not interested in the $2.92 million for six games, he could sit out the whole season and not violate any agreements ever made. Forte has yet to sign the tender, so is not eligible to be fined or disciplined by the NFL at this point.

    I even gave the kids a recent example, Vincent Jackson, who exercised this very right. Now, I suppose next you will point out the legal cases filed by the NFL and San Diego Chargers against VJax at the time. Oh wait, there weren't any legal actions, as this is a bargained right.

    Ok, well then, you next will show how the action has driven Vincent Jackson out of football by insulted owners across the league. Oh wait, VJax just signed for $55 million over 5 years, an open market value contract that SD chose not to pay, which is also their right.

    My guess is that you may be aware that no mention was ever made that Forte should challenge the legality or binding nature of the CBA. However, you must not have any relevant points to the discussion at hand, so you invent an issue to have something to post on the Bears' blog??

    One might suggest that if one has no relevant point, that one simply remains silent. But, if Bears' fans never posted on blogs if no intelligent points are to be made, would there be any interesting on any Bears' blogs nationwide?

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to gpldan:

    No one is mentioning moral imperatives or "right thing to do". This is only about an option to maximize Forte's earning potential. In the end, it would be his option (not an agent, Cutler, family member, etc.) alone on what he chooses to do, or not to do to obtain an open market value deal from himself.

    Also, not Cliff Stein, Forte, Forte's agent, you, or anyone else can definitively state what an open market value deal for Forte would be. That's the beauty, it's determined by 32 teams bidding for the players services, not just one.

    And seriously, do you really believe that NFL teams did not recognize the inherent injury risks associated with the RB position before week 16 of last season. Shouldn't at least this blog have a way to specifically tag comments that are nothing but "Bears' Fan Foolishness". It would allow the rest of us to quickly scan to the most entertaining comments on the page. :)

  • good job breaking the blog btw dipshit. mother fucking trolls

  • Hey Pete... don't go away angry... just go away dude.

  • on another meaningful topic... I don't think happy valley is going to be able to make this one go away from everything I've read. I think this monster is going to get the book. I just hope he gets gang-raped and then killed in jail. Disgusting excuse for a human.

    (too strong?)

  • Yeah, good job breaking the blog....Asshole.


  • yeah, doc... none of us has ever done THAT before! Jerk.

  • Hahahahah... only in dreams and on TV:

  • Read very carefully and slowly. This is what happens if Forte holds out the whole season

    If any Franchise Player doe s not play in the NFL in a League Year, his Prior Team shall have the right to designate such player as a Franchise Player or a Tran­sition Player the following League Year, if such designation is otherwise available to the Team, except that the applicable Tender must be made and any 1 20% Tender shall be measured from the Player'S Prior Year Salary. If such a player is redesignated as a Fran­chise Player for the League Year following the League Year in which he does not play, the player may be designated only under Section 2(a)(i) above, except that Draft Choice Compensation of only one first round draft selection and one third round draft selection shall be made with respect to such player in the event he signs with the New Club. If such a player is designated as a Franchise Player for a third time, the terms of Section 2(b) above shall apply. I f a Franchise Player who has sufficient Accrued Seasons to be­come an Unrestricted Free Agent is not designated as a Franchise Player or Transition Player for any League Year immediately following a League Year in which he does not play, then on the first day of that League Year, the player becomes an Unrestricted Free Agent and is completely free to negotiate and sign a Player Contract with any Club, and
    any Club is completely free to negotiate and sign a Player Contract with such player, without penalty or restriction, including, but not limited to, Draft Choice Compensation between Clubs or First Refusal Rights of any kind, or any signing period.

  • Called this one all off season: the #Bears have waived QB Nathan Enderle.

  • Adam Oestmann ‏said the Enderle comment.

  • fb_avatar

    Didn't come to the blog for a few days and I see that Peter was still here. That guy is off. Glad to see him smacked around.

    On to better things. Enderle never seemed like he belonged. Some factions on the Blog brought up the point that we need a young 3rd QB to develop and now we have an old veteran 3rd QB. What's the take on that? Do you think the young guy from Wisoncsin Whitewater is tearing it up and he's the new project?

  • I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be wounded by being called a kid.
    It's like getting carded when I buy beer...

  • dude, is mental illness really that rampant in this world:!

    Holy fucking shit.

  • fb_avatar

    re: Artoo

    Ok, so what the clause from the CBA basically says is that if Forte were to sit out the entire season, the Bears would only be able to use a non-exclusive franchise tag - 2(a)(i) - or a transition tag. This year he currently is under the exclusive franchise tag.

    Forte would be able to negotiate freely with any team. With the non-exclusive franchise tag, the Bears would receive a 1st and 3rd round draft pick. With the transition tag, the Bears would have right to first refusal.

    The other thing of interest is that the CBA states 10th week and not 10th game, placing Forte's signing deadline on 11/13/12. That would mean he would have to play 7 games, including the SF Monday night game, raising the salary to 3.37 million, if he chooses to play the minimum number of games in '12.

    That seems odd, given that four teams still have a bye week in week 11, but it certainly could be true.

  • Oy vey - I always fear the sting of futility when supplicating my brethren on DBB to desist from nourishing parasitic organisms. But compadres - do you not see the effects?

  • I can't smack Petey the Purple Prick anymore, because I don't know what his point is. I don't know that HE knows what it is.

    Is it "Forte should be allowed to do what VJack did?" Nobody is arguing that he has the right to sit until week 10.

    Is it that the Bears shouldn't be allowed to get the draft compensation next year if they tag him this year?

    What is Peter the Purple Prick saying?

  • Dave you're preaching to the choir. I posted to him a few weeks ago about Forte and it was like a broken record. Apparently that same record was put back on the turntable. Now the turntable is broken.

  • Who broke the blog? Damn you Doc!

    @ Big Mike.

    Ideally, the 3rd string QB is a young "developmental" kid. Look at GB - they're a QB factory, and usually it's because they hold to this philosophy (hell, even their 2nd string QBs aren't veterans).

    However, Enderle was brought in by Martz, so there's all kinds of wrong there. For starters, I think Tice wants to purge any remnants of Martz that still infect the Bears. He's realistic about though, and knows he can't just overhaul the entire system in one off-season and thus make Cutler learn a whole new scheme, again.

    Enderle as such was a dead-man walking. He had the tools, according to Martz, to run that system. Big, strong, tough, immobile, accurate. But those "strengths" might not mesh well with audibling, bootlegging, chucking it 40 yards to 6'4 WRs. Apparently, they didn't since he be gone.

    Maybe we can bring back Dan LeFevour?

  • The reason you need developmental guys at QB is the reason why Jason Campbell (while awesome this year) is not an ideal situation.

    1) Campbell is a solid backup, but he costs $3.5 million. That's a bit steep for someone you hope never sees the field. This year, the insurance policy is justified, but wouldn't you rather have that cap space to spend on, say, offensive linemen?

    2) If Campbell plays well this year, he will be gone on the first day of FA. That guy has "#1 FA QB" written all over him, he just got victimized this year by his injury. The season ended and others had stolen the spotlight (see: Flynn, Matt). A sophmore backup on a 4 year rookie deal will still be in the fold for a season or two even if he plays well.

    3) If Campbell is truly exceptional we can franchise him, just like a rookie. But a truly exceptional rookie gives you the option of either keep him and trade your veteran (which could happen here in, say, 4 years or so), or you trade the rookie for a shiny draft pick or two (Matt Cassell) except you have a chance on not needing to use the franchise tag to do it.

  • I don't think we're going to have enough hypothetical franchise tags to pass around. Melton, Forte, Lach, Campbell...

    I agree with all your points.

    The only real question left: is McCown a suitable 2nd string QB?

    Because Campbell will most likely hit FA next year like you correctly predict, and since they cut Enderle, then the answer has to be 'yes' by the Bears. Unless they're comfortable bringing in a new guy every year to backup Cutler, McCown will prob be our 2nd next year and in the foreseeable future lest something unusual happens, but hey, it's the NFL.

  • LeFevour (6'3-230) on the other hand is somewhat familiar with our system and is a lot more mobile than Enderle. He's young, yet will have 2-3yrs experience. Maybe worth a look for 3rd QB next year...

  • Not Guilty.

  • “Conte was a killer for us,” he said.
    Coach DT said this
    it gives me comfort
    going forward

  • I guess when he played Wrigley, Waters did a duet version of Mother with himself, playing in like 1980's original Wall tour.

    He made some cracks about "poor messed up little Roger", essentially mocking his younger self.

    Is this on the Tubes anywhere? I would really like to see this, but I can't find it. I wish I could have gone to that show, the Wall performed in Wrigley Field, I bet it was great.

  • Oh oh, I found it! Sorry to bother

  • Petey is a dumb ass, but if you are actually interested in the subject of the franchise tag, and if it could have been challenged successfully by a player like VJack, had he put together the right legal team and pushed it to the SC, then it behooves you to read this case:

    This is the foundation case upon which a successful challenge to the franchise tag would be made. It's an apparel case, but by having the distinction of calling all 32 teams separate businesses, they made the NFL - by definition - a conspiracy that meet the ground of sec.1 of the Sherman Act. Anything the teams agree to with regards to reciprocation (draft picks) in free agency, is a anti-competitive restraint of market value determination (possibly Petey the Prick's argument when he wasn't calling us all kids).

    The tag is just sitting there, waiting for somebody to challenge it. It's vulnerable. The Reggie White rule lives, even if Drew Brees and VJack were some of the last guys to try and grab a bit of that for themselves.

    As a result, it's in the CBA, and the union would need to de-cert again to challenge it again. They won't. But a player properly armed, could.

    I bet when Justice Stevens decries the NFL and the price setting that went on in the apparel case, and says things like "concertive action deprives the marketplace of independent centers of decisionmaking that competition assumes and demands", Petey gets some Petey wood.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to gpldan:

    Wow, I still stand by an earlier assessment that you may be quite an intelligent poster. But, the more that I read, the more that I begin to realize that this may simply be the biggest mistake that I have made in this blog.

    Ok, to try again, at no point in any posting have I ever suggested that Forte take legal action, challenge the "Sherman Act", push for de-certification of the union, etc. As mentioned before, I suspect that you actually realize this but are simply too disingenous (or dishonest) to admit that you don't have an intelligent reply on Forte's post-July 16 options to contribute to the discussion at hand.

    So, trying to convince others that you are the "smartest kid in the room" or "closet blog liberal", you drone on with a litany of unrelated arguments and facts that fail to address any issue brought up by any other poster. Oh, and of course, toss in the random insults to further divert others from your own ignorance.

    I guess I should say carry on, as nothing (particularly common sense) could stop you anyways.

  • @ GP

    That player who challenges the NFL on the franchise tag would need some major balls, deep pockets, and about 5 years of patience.

    Everyone, the players, owners, media, fans... would villainize him as greedy and attempting to destroy the game. He would probably gain unsuspecting support from both "extremes" of labor and free market parties.

    I would guess Tebow comes out of the closet before a player challenges the franchise tag...although Drew Brees would be a good candidate since he's about 3 years from retirement, but would he be willing to "tarnish" his legacy and leave 40M on the table, and pick up the legal fees to battle the NFL?

    Doubt it.

  • cooooorrect me if I'm wrong, buuuuuuut that loooooked like a Bears banner in the background, does it not?

  • In the new Adam Sandler movie for father's day, Rex Ryan plays himself as a kind of weird homo.

    You think I am making this up. I am not making this up.

    He pats a bobblehead doll of Bill Bellichek on his desk, and calls it "my genius". He looks longingly at a poster of Tom Brady on his wall, and says "look at that jawline, with just the right amount of scruff."

    I want to laugh, but it has just enough vague creepiness that I can't seem to.

  • The first 'uh-oh...' moment of camp. 9 CBs in camp last I stopped counting .... and Lovie's in love with .... Tim Jennings?

  • ... and Melton is the new Fridge ? Sweet.

  • .... Matt Toeina broke his hand. Hmmmm ....


  • Oh I thought you were referring to the Danzig song. :(

  • hey Ben...

    mmmmmmmmmmmm.... baaaaaaaaaacon:!

  • Fckn reply to isnt working. Argh! Fckn glitchy!

  • that clown vikings fan broke the blog. fucking douchebag.


    Please don't jizz.

  • ...i think I just did.

  • Yo, Jeffry, take a break from penning the next Cats and post a new thread homey.

    Not sure if this has been posted already or not, but it's pretty god damned funny

  • If Hasselbeck gets the start this year over Jake Locker, can we label Locker a bust? Probably not, but given his draft status, I would put him as "busting".

  • I don't think so.

    I give it two more years if he doesn't start this year or plays at least 7 games

  • Artoo - that clip of Cutty to Marshall was like watching the greatest of tokyo hot vs demanding latina vs insane eastern european lesbian porn.

  • GP, isn't she in your DeadPool picklist?

  • Don't make me Wooton your ass Wilberschield!! That, or I'll make you force-fuck a pringles can.

    On an unrelated note, Big Bird just tweeted from practice that McClellin is wearing jorts, praising his grandparents for instilling a strong work ethic and getting owned at the line because he is 60 pounds too light.

  • MB -

    If I can hit Kirk Douglas and Zsa Zsa, I get three across and BINGO!

  • CROWN!!! where in THEE fuck have you been?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    He's been bagel-dogging chicks in cinemas. I'm fairly confident which one it is, although serving hot dogs-in-bagels to females is still on the short-list.

  • these two are fucking morons. Have to be honest, not really a fan:

  • And these two are fucking winners:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Just OTA nutted a little bit.

  • Someone email Jimmy the Greek.

  • Willie, Willie Tanner. Just discovered Brother Alli. That albino, muslim MC is pure fire!!!

  • Crown needs a Sprite

  • I found MB's dream app for his phone!

  • Speaking of "Cats", did that commercial for the musical creep anyone else out as a kid? And it ran on Broadway for like 20 years.

    Cats...creeping kids out since 1982...

  • After watching numerous Marshall highlights, and pretty much watching his entire season last year (who drafted him in Fantasy? That's right), I've noticed that he might not get too much separation initially, but once he catches the ball Marshall seems to EXPLODE down the field.

    I don't know if the adrenaline kicks in or what, but a lot of times he makes that first guy miss or takes him for a ride because he bursts with the ball in his hand.

    Jerry Rice was the same. He was clocked at what, 4.79 or something? Yet once he got the ball in his hands, he turned into the flash. Someone asked him about it once and Rice responded, "Hey, I was running for my life. I was running scared."

    It's like when DR. Banner get's angry, he transforms from a wimpy scientist into the Hulk.

  • btw, filthy germans. Wtf is up with those people?

  • to appease the forces of nature
    and ensure an advantage
    with weather conditions
    throughout the coming campaing
    the bears offered a blessing
    to the LORAX
    happy to see that emory
    is doing all he can
    leaving no stone unturned
    to ensure our trip to the superbowl

  • awesome GP.

  • the above referenced site
    has the Lorax being served
    on 6-11-12
    titled Da Tree Planting
    we are blessed to have
    such a wise GM
    I wonder if he is into lighting
    insence on gameday

  • @GPO
    change Locker's first name
    to "Davey Jones"
    and that ain't no monkey
    just deep 6

  • @ Artoo

    That is an enigma. I know I screamed at the TV a few times last year when he dropped some easy TDs (gotta get my points!).

    It's all in his head, and that's a scary place to go.

    Hopefully, with Cutler's canonballs, he will be forced to catch it. We can't afford to settle for FGs against the Lions, Packs, Panthers this year.

  • @4ever85 (AKA Butch DeadLift)

    What I don't get is why he suffers in the endzone..

  • I was just scrolling though, and realized what is was (other than a condescending attitude) that pissed me off so much about the last parasite that I *almost* deigned to respond, and realized it was this:

    "...and who are the Bears getting their bad advice from, the ghost of George Halas?" In Pete's defense, its improbable he knew of Ghost.

    Has anyone ever learned what became of him? Maybe it was posted here and I did not see. But since he wrote of Luckman and the like, perhaps he has moved to if/where ever Bears fans go from here.

    If so, Godspeed, Ghost of Halas.

  • The funny thing is, I've been there twice to grab a red hot - and it gets progressively out of control and funnier as the skit goes on

  • And along those lines, it's good to see you back, Crown.

  • GoH sentiment seconded.


    Funny stuff

  • Crownski... Ali is purdy dope. I got hip hop for months. Who else do you dig? I can make some recommendations.

  • Wire walking guy is fucking insane. Man on Wire was a cool documentary. Any of you checked it?

    On another note, I just got a N64 for almost-a-father day. Mario Kart is so good.

    Anyone seen Prometheus? Might check it tomorrow.

    Wait. Wire guy has a harness. Fuck him.

  • HOLY FUCK'N SHIT! The Holy Grail of Football is now open to the public! The mythical "All-22" Coaches Cam

    How did we all miss this?

  • To be honest, I didn't think it was that important..@4ever85 (AKA Butch DeadLift) Not that you posted it but the fact that all they really want is more money.

    That being said.. I got offered a job writing about the Bears for a pretty good blogger/writer. I'm thinking about taking it. I would actually make money, compared to Football Nation , who is great but doesn't pay me. Not that I am in it for the money but it is nice.

    What sayeth you?

  • "f" ing reply sheite!!! blogfader when are we moving from this sheite..chicago"f"ingnow!!

  • WWG..went to go see Prometheus..was disappointed...Fuck it was a ...2001 Space Odyssey, Aliens, Predator..... fucking 80's re-union for to today..wait for vid time...

  • Artoo - do it.

    Be prepared for the slings and arrows, and edit, edit, edit, edit, edit.
    But if you've got a chance to get paid even a little bit for it, jump on it.
    Build those relationships now while you're young and start getting your stuff out there.

  • @ Artoo

    Also, the "Coach's Cam" only cost an addition $9 bucks to the package, which is pretty cheap. The NFL totally could've charged more since they know that every arm chair sport's journalist will have to purchase it to keep up appearances.

    As someone commented, could be the biggest thing since Sunday Ticket/Red Zone

    In the long run, might prove to be even more invaluable, esp to those of us who love seeing the x & o's.

    Imagine what kind of insight guys like Matt Bowen can give armed with the Coach's Cam...actually, that might not seem so good - his articles already sometimes feel like homework assignments lol

  • 100% do it Erik. As MBP mentions, it's not even about the money itself. Once you get paid you are a pro... ask pete's mom.

    Do both. Write for everyone who will take your stuff. It's all about making a name for yourself now and parlaying that into a career a few years down the road, if that's your goal. Don't worry too much about the money, which will come. Experience and building your brand is much more important. Good job lad, I’m proud of you.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Aye, what he said. Shoot for the stars lad. You become what you think of most of the time.

  • @ Artoo.

    2nd Posse's notion. Get it out there while you're young. If you want, I can even look over some of your blogs/articles for you.

    Believe it or not, I have a degree in English and am used to proofing/editing and can throw some pro bono work your way if you wish.

    I just get sloppy with all the rules on Da Blog cause, well, a chef doesn't like cooking on his day off lol

  • Super go for the $$$$$. Take MBP's advice. I used to write a monthly column for a couple of Blues Societies Newsletters. I did that for about a dozen years. Also, wrote record reviews for one of those free entertainment papers (like The Reader in Chicago but on a much smaller scale). I never got paid and never really pursued it (the money or the networking). I don't regret not chasing the money but I do regret not doing the networking. Strike while the iron is hot. If it works out, FANTASTIC! If not, at least you won't have any regrets.

  • Artoo-

    Why write football for a living when you could be spending all of your time using your x-ray vision to look through girls clothing?

  • I was also wondering about Amobi Okoye situation and I asked him these questions...

    He asked his fans how they were doing this morning and I asked him..

    @AO_FASHO Pretty good. How was the knee scope? All is well?

    He replied

    @ErikGrogan Went very well, S/O to my Doc, Dr. Greco in huntsville, AL

    I replied saying

    @AO_FASHO Not to be rude, but I think you are a great player and was sad to see you leave Chi. Did you leave for a starting spot?

    He replied saying

    @ErikGrogan Nope! Had to do whats best for me and my family, ya know!!!

    Thus, he left for money.

  • @4ever85 (AKA Butch DeadLift)

    I would be delighted. My email address.. no sending me porn.. is


    You do realize that Superman loves Louis Lane right? lol


    Thanks. Glad you are proud, it means a lot. Fres is actually friends with me on facebook and was wanting to know if I am going to a game. I told him about how we are all trying to go the same one. I also told him to get his ass back on here and talk lol Thus, I am pretty sure you might have company on that cold Chicago night.

  • Good job Erik, Like MBP, I'm proud of you too. Good luck with all your future endeavors. Like he says, get your stuff out there, the more they see you all over the place, the better it will get. I'm sure great success and satisfaction is in your future.

  • Artoo,

    You do realize this is NOT twitter, right?

  • Yeah but the reply button is broken because you broke it again. So stop complaining.

    (jk, I know you didn't break the blog).. I hope.

  • @my @point @is @these @symbols @are @unneccessary.

    And no, that was some Vikings Troll motherfucker. I would never do that.

  • You shouldn't let a troll upset you guys so much. They only want two things..

    1. To prove they are right and you are wrong.

    2. To upset you or get you riled up.

  • Who's upset? By definition, trolls are motherfuckers. Just stating the obvious. And that it wasn't me who broke the blog. And that this is not twitter.

  • Fuck pride!

  • Well the blog should be fixed tonight or tomorrow. I emailed a nice letter to Jimmy. Hopefully it works.

  • It was a lovely email.

    OK, should be good now. Somebody up top left open a close italics in HTML and it stopped the replies. Carry on.

  • In reply to Jimmy Greenfield:

    He was raised well Jimmy ... we all take some pride in the young viking. Good tidings to all the dads out there too.

  • MBP,Trac,New Bear,MB,Waffle, Happy Fathers Day!
    @Doc, Happy Fathers Day @ you.
    Very Happy Fathers day to the rest of the fathers on Da Blog.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    thanks Murph!

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    thanks Murph, you to brother

  • Happy Father's day to all you gentlemen.


    Bye bye

  • Happy Fathers day to everybody! (Thanks, Murph and Artoo!)
    Especially, especially Doc...

    I'm off to Florida for a week and a half - hopefully Forte will be signed by the time I get back.

  • fb_avatar

    Bears 2012 Polo from for Father's day. Sweet. WTG kids.

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    I got a black darth vader shirt that says "Who's your Daddy?"

    And, I got a Black Big Lebowski T-shirt that says "The Dude Abides."


    Nice job getting the gnome to fix the blog, Artoo.

  • Happy Father's Day you inglorious basterds! Without you guys, no future cubs would come into be, that is, until cloning humans gets perfected in 2059.

    On that note, here's a Chris Rock ode to Fathers - "Thanks dad for knocking out that rent!"

  • fb_avatar

    As long as I get the Big Piece of Chicken. I'm good.

  • Snip snip on Wednesday, gentleman.

    Escared. So very escared.

  • Let me know how that turns out.

    I once told a girl that I was thinking about doing that because I didn't want kids and I was banging every girl I could. That being said, she showed me how bad it is and how it can really damage it. let me know how that turns out for ya. lol

  • She showed you how bad WHAT is? Dude. You're killing me here.
    I'm about to get a scalpel to the nuts and you're eluding to horror stories. Murph, help me out here.

  • No fear brother!! It was one of the easiest and smartest things I ever did. No pain, no complications. Some really itchy nuts a couple days later, but hey, the price to pay. My kid had it done a couple years ago and no prob for him either. The worst part Doc? You lay there, your dick draws up inside of ya, and you worry that nurse is thinkin thats the smallest dick she ever saw!!....LMFAO will all be good! One more thing, jackin off and takin it in for testing is a little odd! You look at your output and think maybe you better add a couple more loads in there. hehehe

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:


    This blog makes my day lol

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Good Stuff, Murph!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Funny, I was more worried about getting a fear boner, Murph.

  • I would highly recommend you think lunch lady thoughts before they put you under...unless you like that sort of thing in which case, good on ya.

    Good luck, Doc.

  • Doc, no worries. I was snipped 34 years ago. I was snipped on a Saturday morning and had sex with my wife at the time on Monday. Just follow instructions (as in, go home and ice down the pkg). One of the best decisions I've ever made and the pain is not worth worrying about. Unless you've lived in a bubble, you've experienced worse pain about a million times. No biggie.

  • A special happy fathers day to MB, who really needs the love right now.

    Stay positive, brother.

  • ditto.whatever is going on, maing, we love ya. Hang in there.

  • Holy Crap MB, I hope everything is OK on your end. Be cool and keep your chin up my brother.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    thank you canada...

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Your chin is not the only thing to worry about keeping up, MB.

    ====> Just kidding, bro!!! <====

    No worries, man, no worries at all.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Thanks Dave! Everything still works. Still stock, not modified. Of course, it helps that my Beloved Bride is a lot younger. Life is good, even at 60!

  • Thanks Doc and Rabbit, I really appreciate it guys.

    To you too... I mean just a normal father's day to you guys.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    MB - To borrow a yiddish expression. "Tracht Gut V'Zein Gut" "Think good and it will be good."

    Don't know what the troubles are, but there are obviously people who are rooting for you.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    thank you NB. all you guys supporting me truly means a lot.

    Thank you guys.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    hey, MB, whenever you feel like shit, just remember

    Your cosmic-will got Jerry terminated, on your b-day, no less!

    We all owe you a care package, or maybe one of these...

  • Oh my god $, that is just what I needed. thank you my man.

    ...and i guess in a few months (or however long it takes) doing something with a young lass like her will be 'leagal' for me.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    If that's what it sounds like, we're n the same boat, believe it or not. Sucks. Especially today.
    Hope you're keeping your head up. I've had some pretty low moments the last couple of months but I know I'm going to come out the other end of the shitter.
    Look out, Chicago.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I kinda had a feeling listening to you the last couple months Rabbit (that was my first guess anyway).

    Good luck maing. Next time we're both in the war theater maybe we can commiserate.

    Agree with you 100%, we'll both come out better on the other end.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    It sounds like you guys are heading for the Big D. Truly sorry if that's the case. The only bright side I can offer is you guys are still fairly young. I got divorced in my late 40's. I should have done it 10 years earlier. Giving away half of your net worth in your late 40's is a really shitty retirement plan. I don't have kids. That has to be the worst of it for you guys. Try not to get too bitter. That shit does absolutely nothing but poison the well. Good luck fellas.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    thanks canada.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Thanks, CB - I bet MB30 would agree - it's the kid that's both the single greatest concern and the single biggest ray of light in the whole thing.

  • That vid never gets old.

  • Artoo - Be a bit careful about signing any contracts. Jeff knows all about that being in the theater industry; you always want to protect yourself from exploitation walking into these things.

    With that said, take every opportunity you can get to grow as a writer. If its paid, all the better, but just write man. That's the only way to get better.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:


  • And happy father's day to everyone. Murph, happy grandfather's day too ;)

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Thanks New, thats a five bagger of grandkids for me!

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Nicely done, Gramps!

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Sacks and bags... it's all coming together here on the blog.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I'd love to see the faces on some first time readers, "what the fuck"?

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:


  • Here is some good stuff:

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    jesus christ... my issues aret that bad

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Mb, what the fuck is going on mang? I get drunk for weekend and come back to Doc getting his penis cut off, you're in dire straits, Sandusky is still fucking alive, Forte hasn't signed, Sandusky is still alive and it's not Bears season yet.

    Have no idea what is going down with you but I hope it works out alright whether it be work or family or self.

  • look up maings

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    all i can say is that I'm sorry. I know that those kids will be well taken care of regardless. Keep your head up.

  • Attention Brothers in Bears

    A few of us, MB, MBP, Shady (I think) and I, are working on making the trip out for the December 16th game against the Piss n Puke in Soldier Field. Personally, such a trip is hard to afford, unless I act quickly while plane tickets are still reasonable. So my question to you all is, who's in and who's out? How do we go about securing said game tickets? Do we buy from cheap tickets from stub hub now in the nosebleeds, or can we be reasonably confident there will be better options down the road? Should MB, rabbit, and I, who are 100% committed, buy our tickets now so we can all sit together? Or should we just all fend for ourselves and do a blog-meet up before hand?

    I've never been to Soldier, so I want what may be my one and only experience to be against the Pack, in the freezing cold of December. I've been looking online for plane tickets and if I can buy them soon, I can still afford it. If I wait until later, they are bound to become too expensive. Hence, I'm at a crossroads in that I need to act soon or not at all. But I don't want to buy tickets unless I know I will be able to actually go to the game.

    In short, I want ideas and advice on the best ways to proceed. And no, Canada, I don't think I want to ride my bike there.


  • I can guarantee another two attendees with me, which would put us at six if we can come in around $200 a ticket.
    I don't want to go nuts with the seats because I'm going to have some big expenses coming up in that timeframe. However, I am also going to be working on hotels for that weekend (going to be traveling and racking them points up between now and then) and if I can get a decent place I'll be cool with splitting it or just letting you guys crash there if it's free, unless Shady wants three roommates for the weekend. Shady better be in after ditching the Garage draft party.
    I'm not sure about the airfare deals - it's tough to time 'em, and Southwest doesn't have fares posted that far out yet so I haven't thought about pulling the trigger yet..

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Coming to town with bodyguards??

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    If my brothers do the same job they did last time, I might just leave them at home.
    I promise to leave all cereal boxes alone this time.

  • I will most likely be there but I might not go to the game.

    If I do, expect proper attire and me to be pretty drunk.

  • that is crazy erik. you need to go to the game man.

    What you should do is get your new employer to foot the bill and you'll pen a wonderful piece about the game and its history.

  • Ain't no frakkin money in education, that's what's up. Be a damn professor and the bitch doesn't add up. Ginnie ... give the man a ticket, a cone, and a place to park his bike. The Professor's comin' home !!


  • Doc, i'll know in a month whether I can go. I took some gambles and I'm either fucking fucked or I'll be buying beers all weekend. I will have a tailgate available for us which will be pretty impressive. It's a guy that married my wife's cousin and they are die hard Bears nuts and they know how to put out a spread.

    I pretty much guarantee that i'm in.

    RODGERS DEAD!!!!!!

  • excellent.

  • Pussy!

  • Doc - there are some decent seats on Stubhub around $200. For the past few years I sat in section 441, row 32 (which is about 4 rows from the top), and the view really isn't that bad. You can get section 431, row 12 or 14 for near $200, which is good for what the market is at right now. For around $400, you can get up to 8 seats in section 332. To give you an idea of how close you are, I sat in the first row of section 340 for a game once, and I could hear the Bears yelling at each other on the sideline. I'm no expert by any stretch, but if you find some tickets and you want feedback on the section, let me know.

    You could roll the dice and see what you can find on the day of the game. I tailgate at the 31st Street lots, and there are always people walking around with tickets, although how much of a "deal" you'll get depends on how well the Bears (and Pack) are doing. Seems like a big risk to travel all this way without a guarantee that you're getting in though.

    The team stays at the Hilton on south Michigan the night before games. You can usually run into a few of them on Saturday.

    You're welcome to join my crew tailgating. Like I said, we're down at the 31st Street lots, so it's a bit a walk to the game, but the atmosphere is awesome.

  • In reply to jrnymn17:

    Great advice. Well done. The only thing I can add is the day of the game tix will probably be really expensive. The only way they wouldn't be is if the Beloved are having a terrible year.

  • Doc, travel planning is really such a gamble. Buy the airfare when you are comfortable with the price. Sometimes it goes down as the day approaches, sometimes it goes up. Thats one thing I like about Southwest, if it goes down you just rebook and then you have the excess waiting to be used on another ticket within a year. Same goes with game tickets, if Bears are going great, price goes up and selection gets thin. Bears going like shit, prices down and a good selection. Artoo, if you come to town and can't make the game, feel free to hang with the old man.

  • fucking awesome:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    ok, if you're so good at singing... music.. songs, why don't you do it

  • this is marketing, but kinda cool:

  • New Thread.

  • This thread has been a keeper. I will make the tailgate or whatever gels the night before. Actually buying a ticket will be a game-time decision, or at least week-of decision.

    I dropped 300 on the NFCCG and told myself (and wife) that that was a one-in-a-lifetime decision, the closest I'd ever get to a Soldier Field Superbowl.

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