Questions Heading into NFL Draft Saturday

Questions Heading into NFL Draft Saturday

Q: Will the Bears look at the quarterback position on day three of the NFL draft?

I think it would be fascinating if Kirk Cousins is still on the board when the Bears pick in the fourth round. Cousins is not a special-type quarterback but he reminds some folks, including me, of Jon Kitna. With the Bears only signing Jason Campbell to a one-year contract and Josh McCown being mediocre the Bears may be looking to develop Jay Cutler's longterm backup.

Q: Why haven't the Bears addressed the offensive line?

The answer is simple: they like their offensive line and they love their offensive line coach, Mike Tice. The Bears rushed for 2,014 yards in 2011 and you simply can't achieve those kinds of numbers with bad line play. This is especially true when you consider the Bears had three backs record 100-yard rush games even after opponents realized Caleb Hanie was incapable of completing a pass.

Yes they struggled in pass protection but they only allowed five sacks in Cutler's last five games under center. Two of those were admittedly Cutler's fault. The question of the 2012 season may very well be this: will J'Marcus make significant improvement from year one at left tackle to year two? If he does the Bears are going to have one of the most dynamic passing games in the sport. If he does not the Bears will need to supply assistance on the left side of the line continually and look to find a longterm answer at the position next offseason.

Q: Why has Ole Miss tackle Bobby Massie slid to the third day of the draft?

Nobody knows. Mel Kiper looked stunned on ESPN and Mike Mayock admitted, on camera, he needed to revisit the tape in order to understand how a player's draft stock could decline so majestically. (He did not use the word "majestically" but he should have.) Whatever the case may be I think the Bears should find a way to grab him in the fourth round. Not because I know anything about the player but because I can't imagine he won't enter the NFL with a rather massive chip on his shoulder. Massie came out early. Articles were written Wednesday that he might go in the first round. Now he's available on the weekend and will most likely be a longshot to make an NFL roster in 2012. I'd like to see him fighting for that spot in Bourbonnais.

Q: What position might the Bears surprise fans by attacking?

Running back. There are three or four talented backs still available in this draft, especially Washington's Chris Polk and Miami's Lamar Miller. We know Michael Bush and Kahlil Bell will be arriving at Bears camp this summer. We do not know about Matt Forte. Phil Emery and the organization might be best served to send the Double Deuce a clear message they are prepared to move on without him.

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  • First!
    "they like their offensive line"
    Be afraid, be very afraid, Jay Cutler.

  • In reply to Scala:

    Get out, I disagree. Every pick is gonna count this year, we don't need to draft a starter at oline. Not this year.

  • Vontaze burflict??

  • In reply to Evan Moore:

    I can't see it Evan. Not the kind of character Phil likes to see in a young guy. Specially with all the question marks next to his name.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Shhhhsssh ... it's honeybear's boyfriend .... tell him I'm not here ....

  • In reply to Evan Moore:

    Udfa only pls

  • Agreed Trac, although if Molk was still on the board and Lamar Williams was gone, he'd be a great pick. Outside of those boys I don't know anybody.. If we got Lamar, and the Forte situation continued in stalemate, the NYG would take him straight up for Osi, and there's our DL rotation complete. They're not interested in a low draft pick, but if their cap situation could work it they'd take Forte in a heartbeat .

    Last stop New Orleans.

  • I would much rather take a flier on massive than cousins.

    You can bs all you want about the line, but they graded out in the bottom 10% again. Period. At the very least we need an upgrade at LT. Injuries ARE going to happen and we are already anemic at tackle. Hate to be the naysayer, but I see what I see (you know, for the last 4 years running)

    As for the first three rounds.... I liked the first two.... I think.... if emery turns out to be as much of a Studier and knower as we're all hoping. I will have faith.

    But taking another white safety for the 3rd year in a row, and taking a guy who has never actually played FS according to his own school's website, and who's broken his hand, arm, AND shoulder.... AND hasn't played a down of football for over a year and a half?!?!?!

    I know emery isn't supposed to take risks and he knows his shit, but this seems like an angelo pool boy pick. The dude is big fast as hell and hits like a truck, all my favorite attributes in a safety. So why am I so worried about this pick?

    1. We've picked late round safeties literally every year since losing mike brown.... Payne, afalava, seltzer, major, conte... yeah content miiiight kinda work out if we can't find a franchise back there, but we're repeating history.... baaaaad history. Doesn't make any sense

    2. Even if we picked him up just to hang back, learn, and play St... we really moved up and reached for this guy in the 3rd to play fucking St?!?!?!? There weren't other, stronger players at BPA???? Really???

    3. This pick has love written allllllll over it. Love goes full retard (often), and everyone know..... you NEVER go full retard man.

    I'm hoping emery picks up some diamonds today. I really do. All in all I have faith in his evaluation skills and process. I will wait and see, but I didn't like the 3rd rd pick much.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I was just gonna say +1, but that wouldn't properly stress the very important, insightful points you've made.

    1) Totally on-board. Yes, give Emery a pass for not being Angelo... but that said, it's asking a lot of fans to trust you in round 1, round 2, AND in round 3 that you (Emery) know your shit.

    2) Absolutely. This is my concern. Yes, these might be diamonds that Emery has caught, but even still... couldn't they be gotten later? I've seen in places that the Hawai'ian Beaver was ranked pretty highly among FS, but again, how many teams are going to draft this guy before the Bears' next pick (after the 3rd round)? And if someone else grabs him, surely there's another ST-er you can find, anyway.

    Yeah, everybody says that 31 teams passed on Tom Brady in multiple rounds. But the fact is, taking Tom Brady in the 3rd round isn't any smarter than taking him in the 6th.

    3) Yeah, I wonder how much Emery picked the guy Lovie wanted to make up for (what I feel to be) the signal with the #1 pick that Lovie's time is short.

    I'd LOVE the 3rd pick if there was a need at FS. Conte did well back there before he got hurt, and yeah yeah depth blah blah blah, but bottom line, Hawai'ian Beaver doesn't fill much of a need now or tomorrow.

    And there must be something really nasty about Massie for him to fall; even still, wouldn't he be worth a 3rd?

    Finally, let's remember that JA took a flyer on Hester. Sometimes you strike gold with these types of picks. Hawai'ian Beaver has all the measurables to be a monster. If he's the second coming of Mike Brown, I will forever shut up and name all my future children* Phil Emery Super-Genius.

    *more likely to be felines than humans

  • I think it makes sense that the Bears go after DT, TE for sure. I think the rest of his picks will probably be determined by who's still on the board. I would like to see some o-line projects given a hard look at and maybe go that route but that probably won't happen to the 6th or 7th round.

  • 1. No, not in the 4th round. 6th round, 7th round maybe if a QB they like drops.

    2.Yes they like what they've got, to some degree, but maybe the players available aren't considered to be enough of an upgrade to warrant drafting in rds 1-3.

    3. Never heard of Bobbie Massie before the draft. Looked at the tape, kinda looks like J'Marcus Webb out there. no joke.

    4. Yes QB and/or RB would be surprising, but I'd add another dip into the WR or DE pool. Bears, obviously, still need to address both lines, CB, LB and TE.

  • In reply to Shady:

    wht happened to you last night...I sought maybe ze hund got you viz ze knife

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    hahaha my innerwbs connection has been garbage this week. Keep getting signed in/out.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Rank rank rank

  • In reply to Shady:

    I'll be own after the Bears make their 4th round selection.

  • Marshall, Jeffery, Bennett, Bush, Bell, mix in a TE and some creative use of Hester and the Bears offense doesn't *need* Forte to be effective as long as #6 in. Picking up a RB would be fine if they deem it amazing value, but no need to do so just to send a message that's already been sent. Forte can take things to a new level and offers more security if Campbell has to step in for some games or the D slips. But the season ain't lost if he sits, especially because worst case he will finally clock in mid season to accrue his service time.

  • Will someone please head over to the site draft site and tell me what I'm watching?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    OK, after refreshing, it looks like a desktop shot. Prior to that it was a bunch of black folks sitting around a room snacking and talking on cell phones...

  • Hold my fkn burger a minute. Just watching the Alshon hug-a-commish video there on NFL.COM ... they list Jeffrey at 6'2 on the screen !!? WTF? He's 6'3 on Wiki, 6'4 on ESPN, and the NFL has him at 6'2 ?? Their website says 6'4. Somebody tell me the man is 6'4 please.

  • 6'3" 216 @ combine

  • In reply to reprisal:

  • Doesn't matter. I watched the tape. Kid can ball. Envisioning him opposite Marshall with Earl in the slot and Forte in the backfield gives me a straight chub.

    Not so sure about the first and third pick, but I tend to think Sheamus will be Urlachers's understudy. I think he'll be an excellent linebacker and love his versatility. Think the third pick will be a valuable depth and special teams addition. Which are both needed and important.

    With the free agents we've gotten, Martz's departure, and our shiny new toy opposite Marshall, Man it's gonna be fun.

  • Evan Rodriguez a full back. Why not Massie?

  • a fullback? reaaaaalllly? Don't we have the Clutts?

  • Evan Rodriquez , TE?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Full back, T/E, Hback

  • why even fucking bother making a pick at all. A fucking fullback??

  • Sometimes this BPA stuff is baffling...

  • ESPN got it wrong. He's a TE....

  • In reply to OsosFan:

    No they didnt, look at his bio

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    FWIW, they projected him as a 5/6 rounder but, well.....

  • In reply to OsosFan:

    Dont think we need a 6'2 TE

  • For the season he had 400 yards and 3 TD's in 2011

  • And for all you O-line needs help guys, Massie went next to AZ....

  • Doc, HB, boys, it's a sad day. It's official. A minute's silence, please. I shall treasure the memory of my three trips to the Mecca of Ganja

  • Apparently we dont know shit!!!.............LMFAO

  • Ohhhhh, a TE, OK.

  • Why not MASSIE!!!!!!!!!!!! AUUUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to gpldan:

    because apparently the guy that we drafted last year the was a Left Tackle is somehow unable to ever even try to play that position in the NFL. This is such bullshit. what the fuck is going on here?

  • Either Emery is genius, or he is MB's worst nightmare. Angelo part 2

  • Hope he plays special teams. Full back, TE, Hback, I dont get the pick, at all. I really am speechless on this guy.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    i'm so pissed i just swore at a two year old's bday party.

  • Guys - I am seriously moving over to the "Emery is a fucktard" side of the room here. The Cardinals must have spit their coke out when Emery grabbed Rodriquez.

    He passed a unanimous steal up who graded at 85 for a weird tweener on O that grades at 53.

  • And to amuse ourselves while we wait through everyone else picking in round 5, below is a link to the Bears draft history. It's kind of fun to play "Where are they now":

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Boy, they had some bad drafts in the early/mid 90s...

  • New thread

  • I'm sorry you guys don't see what I see. It's going to be a long say for you. I called TE/DT earlier in the thread. Emery is filling in the gaps that HE knows need to be filled. Not the ones WE want. Think chess, not checkers.

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