Bears Select Oregon State Safety Brandon Hardin

From PFW:


Excellent size and athletic ability. Has played corner and safety and has extensive experience locked in man coverage. Good balance, hip flex, change of direction and body control for his size. Can turn and run vertical. Zone-aware. Supports the run aggressively. Heavy hitter. Plays with awareness and football intelligence. Has the traits and mentality for special teams. Outstanding character and makeup.


Could improve press technique. Average pedal fluidity. Lacks ideal explosion and recovery burst to survive on an island. Stressed by smaller, quicker receivers (gives up separation at the top of stems). Minimal ball production. Does not always arrive under control to tackle. At times gets wired to blocks. Relatively inexperienced (only one full season as a starter).


Intriguing size-speed prospect who looks like a safety and was athletic enough to play corner in college. Has desirable intangibles and at worst should be a versatile, valuable backup and core special-teams player. Has more upside than former OSU safety Sabby Piscitelli, who was overdrafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2007.

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    Big, fast fucking guy... but look at this shit from the beaver site:

    "CAREER: Brandon's promising career at cornerback was cut short at Oregon State midway through fall camp 2011 by a broken shoulder requiring season-ending surgery ... he was expected to start at cornerback for the Beavers in 2011 but still finished his career with 15 starts including all 12 games in 2010 ..."

    BTW, Really? Another white fucking safety?!?!?!?!?! Jesus christ, I thought Jerry was fucking gone!?

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    holy fuckstik... FIRST BITCHES!!!

    How the hell did that happen?

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    There is a flag on the play .....player failed to declare eligibility on the initial post. Five yard penalty replay the down.

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    Calm down there MB.
    It is clear that Emery has a plan and we aren't hip to it. Otherwise these picks are seemingly random.
    An OLB or 3-4 defensive end
    a trade up for a big WR
    and a safety?

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    I could have said the same thing to you yesterday, but didn't bother.

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    yes that was a fuck you.

    You haven't been around long enough to know my disdaine for white fucking corners who are supposed to somehow be a real FS. We've done this same bullshit for 5 years straight.

    This pick is horseshit. I was down with the other two.

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    no e

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    as june used to say
    "Ward, don't be so hard on the beave"

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    Disagree mang, he's 6'3 and brings the wood. Makes up for the teenchy little corners on the roster, useful for covering the bigger receivers (if and when he ever sees the field). Wright will start, and Hardman (see?) will push. No picks suck until they are proven to down the line.

    We have serious competition at the safety and cornerback positions. Little or none on the DL/LB spots. We needy to get Izzy to beef up again and go back inside (where he should have stayed).

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    Maybe not on this board, but my Bear fan credentials (pain, joy and so on) are right there with anyone here. So I respectfully reject your "fuck you", and challenge you to a worst Bears moment duel.

    I will start with my purchase of a Curtis Enis Jersey after getting his autograph after a pre-season game.

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    In reply to MB30SD:

    Good point. Emery has me edgy. He has to have a plan, right? He has to. This is not allowed to sketchy part 2.

  • 1st Hawaiian since Kreutz. Aloha Brandon!

  • White Safety Wooo!

  • hardin has got to be
    "the beave"

  • What, you believed we were going to go through a draft without drafting an injury prone, out of position, white safety?!

    Shame on you.

  • fuuuuuuuck maaaaan.

    Still the angelo stink prevails and pervades. fuck!

  • I believe he would be considered a "White Hawaiian".

  • Spam sandwiches...hmmmm....

  • doc
    this should make you smile
    you're a beaver lover

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Hey, I'm a beaver lover too


  • oh my
    we are sending
    that comment to the booth
    for further review
    you could get a flag thrown

  • look I don't know a lot about anything, but...

    "dabearsblog I continue to state what I've stated all along. Bears believe problem was Martz not the offensive line personnel. Tice likes who they got."

    I believe that is a big mistake. BIIIIIG mistake.

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    In reply to MB30SD:

    John Moon Mullin says this. Not sure I agree, but it helps me enjoy the good stuff.
    -- Forget the total sacks of a season. It’s meaningless for the 2011 Bears. Jay Cutler was sacked 23 times in his 10 games and only 12 times over the final eight. The 10-game rate is about what Aaron Rodgers (2.4 per game) and Tom Brady (2.0) endured, and the arrow was clearly pointing up when Cuter broke his thumb.

    -- The Bears rushed for 2,015 yards last season. That includes six games without their starting quarterback and defenses knowing Caleb Hanie was not going to beat them. And that includes 4-3/4 games after Matt Forte went down with his knee injury.

    -- And three different Bears backs had 100-yard rushing games. Marion Barber ran for 108 yards at Denver. Kalil Bell rushed for 121 against the Packers.

    -- Think Mike Martz wasn’t part of the problem? Of Cutler's 23 sacks, 14 came in the first three games when the playcalling breakdown was 128 pass plays vs. 51 runs: a 72-28 ratio. At Green Bay, the Bears ran 42 times and passed 28. Josh McCown was not sacked. At Minnesota (pitting J’Marcus Webb against Jared Allen, in that dome) the backs carried 21 times and McCown threw or scrambled 29 times – and was sacked on the other seven pass plays.

  • sanu finally goes.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    The Bungles have flunked their first three picks. DreK issues, Devon Still (quitter), Sanu (likely bust - can't separate). Quelle surprise.

  • Massie was available, and I would've been happier with OT.

    Safety is not nearly as pressing a need as OT, DT, or CB.

    So this kid better be damn good.

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    Someone said earlier. Emery doesn't give a shit about what any one thinks about his picks. He goes with what he knows. Doesn't matter this is the 8 year in a row we've drafted a safety. He liked this guy best of all the players on the board.

    I'd say he's basically going to redshirt, maybe play special teams and the the bears are going to try him at corner and/or free safety.

    Good motivation for Conte and Wright to get with it. But when Wright get's hurt again, this kid could be in the mix.

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    hey I have an idea, get a real fucking safety instead of these projects.

    We've done the late-round white project safeties... how's that worked out for us?

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    In reply to MB30SD:

    Not so well, now we are trying the middle round white safety approach. See the difference? What's funny is that our safety and our WR draft choices benched right around the same as our DE/OLB.

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    We would have to suck balls like the Cowboys MB.

    No thanks.

    Let's see how this pans out first. Maybe next year a stronger S class will emerge (hard to imagine it can be worse) and we can draft a stud S with our 32nd pick.

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    MB not to put too fine of a point on this but Conte and Wright were 3rd rounders. too. WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

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    It'll be fine. Conte was a third round pick and will do very well for us, Hardin, it remains to be seen, but he looks good. And big. Even Steltz improved markedly last year. I like. DTs? Me no like. All LBs not named Briggs or Urlacher, me no like.

    We've had zero pash rush, the safeties will look a lot better once we get some push - we just don't have the DTs for the job though. Melton isn't consistent.

  • yeah, he is... at corner... in 2010.

    As far as I can tell, he played coner never FS... and he broke his shoulder and didn't play at all in 2011! What in thee fuck!?

    Round 3, really??!?!

  • I doubt they picked his name out of a hat. Are we forgetting the boys know a lot more about this shit than we do?

  • Per PFW

    FS Brandon Hardin

    6'3 217 4.48


    Excellent size and athletic ability. Has played corner and safety and has extensive experience locked in man coverage. Good balance, hip flex, change of direction and body control for his size. Can turn and run vertical. Zone-aware. Supports the run aggressively. Heavy hitter. Plays with awareness and football intelligence. Has the traits and mentality for special teams. Outstanding character and makeup.

    Could improve press technique. Average pedal fluidity. Lacks ideal explosion and recovery burst to survive on an island. Stressed by smaller, quicker receivers (gives up separation at the top of stems). Minimal ball production. Does not always arrive under control to tackle. At times gets wired to blocks. Relatively inexperienced (only one full season as a starter).

    Intriguing size-speed prospect who looks like a safety and was athletic enough to play corner in college. Has desirable intangibles and at worst should be a versatile, valuable backup and core special-teams player. Has more upside than former OSU safety Sabby Piscitelli, who was overdrafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2007.

  • Just so we don't get too concerned...

    All three of then guys we've drafted are upgrades over Webb at LT.

    Nothing to worry about.


    check the only comment. Hee hee

  • I hope when this season starts we look at Emery and go AMAZING! Hope we dont say , Are you fucking kiddin me?

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:


    Fuck Murph... I hope so man, I really really do.

  • Go Beavs! Go Bears!

    Saw this kid play in a couple of games. Played pretty well. Fast and hard hitter.

    I hope he works out. Not just on special teams.

    I'm still giving Emery the benefit of the doubt and trust he knows what he is doing.

  • This guy must have played with Paea, right?

  • coined it and it's yours

    and he must be called BEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • we worked the beave out
    in march
    as did 15 other teams
    emery is going all obscure
    on us
    but as others have stated
    he has a good record
    judging talent

  • Hardin is projected as a third-round or fourth-round draft target by draft analysts.

    The 6-foot-2, 216-pounder played in the East-West Shrine all-star game in January.

    Hardin ran the 40-yard dash in 4.36 and 4.40 seconds at his campus Pro Day workout, bench pressing 225 pounds 24 times.

    That's three more reps than he was doing before the injury.

    He also posted a 35 1/2 inch vertical leap and a 10-4 broad jump.

    Hardin has played cornerback in the past, but likely projects to safety in the NFL.

    Besides the shoulder injury, Hardin had a broken hand and a sprained wrist four years ago.

    As a junior, Hardin had 63 tackles, 12 more on special teams, blocked an extra point and forced three fumbles.

    As a sophomore, he had 11 special-teams tackles and intercepted a pass against Arizona State.

    Hardin was an all-state selection growing up in Hawaii who won a gold medal in the 100 meters at the track and field championships.

  • Hardin def has the size/speed down.

    6'3 217 runs a 4.4

    That's first round numbers.

    In press cover 2, he can really excel as a CB or even FS.

    Just needs to, yeah know, get coached up and stay healthy.

    Those are big IFs.

  • Bench press reps 24, which is 5 more than McBraveheart.

  • 4E85...I know I thought braveheart but....

    McBraveheart!!!!!!!!!!!! sweet brah!!! it's yours!

  • fb_avatar

    Our wide receiver only did one less than McBraveheart

  • will be immediate plus
    on specials
    and the way safetys get banged up
    welcome to a future
    monster hitter
    for our midway

  • How many players come in to the pros and don't need coaching? Ray Lewis still gets coached. He doesn't walk into practice and tell his position coach to talk to the hand. I question the position that was drafted, but he looks like a great pick. Big, strong, fast, smart, good character, doesn't smoke up or dress like a pimp ... good pick. We've made three solid picks so far. Darfat M

  • Darfat M ... or draft Molk and we can all go home.

  • Emery deserves a pass for anything he does thats questionable until I see it play out. All I can tell you is that not having Jerry to kick around anymore will be a huge relief for me personally.

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    So. Here's what we have a DE that fits the wrong defensive scheme who bench presses less than the fat WR we moved up 5 picks to draft and a FS/CB that didn't play in 2011 and has broken a wrist, his hand and a shoulder.

    Either Emery is a f'n Genius and we mere mortals can't see it, or he has screwed the pooch right up the arse

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    Now that's what I call negative thinking. Let's give it a year or too before we start to say he's screwed the pooch. Emery and the boys are professionals, we're not. They watch everything these guys have ever done. Over and over and over again. We do not.

    We drafted a DE that plays smart, has a motor, and plays with the same high consistency on every play. Let somebody else screw the pooch on Coples and a man named Whitney. He will learn form one of the best line coaches in the business in Maranelli, Julius Peppers, and the seasoned vet Izzy. This is good.

    We drafted a Brandon Marshall-sized WR who will be trained by professionals and coached accordingly, with no rush or expectation on his shoulders. He will be completely surrounded by vet WRs as he will be the only rookie. This is good.

    We drafted a 6'3, well-muscled, speedy safety with no off-the-field issues. A smart kid, of whom nothing is quickly expected, that will contribute nicely on ST. This is good.

    The Bungles have placed bullets in the chamber, spun the barrel, pulled the trigger until it went 'click' on three picks out of three. We have not. The safety is on. We are in a Volvo with a Porsche engine, our seatbelts are fastened and Granpa is driving. Enjoy the ride to the ice cream parlor.

  • Fuck, 'two', even ....

  • thanks for the laughter
    all day as i sling the mail today
    "a man named whitney"
    is gonna make my mind smile

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    Irish, I agree completely. That was my point, Emery's either a genius "Emery and the boys are professionals", or he screwed the pooch. I'm thinking genius. (or hoping and praying). The picks are so off the map of what the prognosticators have talked about.
    I wonder if anyone has ever done a post draft analysis of "distance from projected draft spot" comparing an average of the the top 10 mocks to reality.

    I think the Bears might be in the lead there. Not a bad thing. And of course after every draft there is an immediate rush to judgement, right along with "let's give it time".

  • And if Brandon Hardin emerges as a terrific strong safety....

    It's a draft. We, collectively, all of us, know nothing.

  • Everybody needs to calm down on this pick. He's going to play some safety, sure, but this is a specials pick. Hardin is a bopper. He is someone who'll tear your head off.

    Calling for Massie is odd when the remainder of the league left him on the board too. Emery goes with his board.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    The draft has played out how I would like: Front 7 D-player and WR/DB in 2nd/3rd.

    Emery won us over in free agency, let's give him a chance in the draft.

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    In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    Not with a 3rd round pick. When you don't have enough DTs and you have 3 or 4 safeties, but only 1 and a 1/2 CBs

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    Those in the know, know the Bears won't be drafting anymore starting Oline players this year. Come on guys, get with the program. We're on the E-Train now, all aboard...........all aboard, tickets please.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Not ticket!

  • classic 4E85...classic

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:


  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    Agreed. And wasting a 3rd round pick on a tackle that won't be starting is stupid. People forget about Levi Horn and the fact that Webb may be our swing tackle this year behind either CW or GC possibly. This team will not rise or fall because of the LT position - which isn't as important as the RT position in the NFL anyway.

    There's a good reason why we haven't drafted a LT Tice has the starter on the roster, we just don't know who that is yet. Even if it's Webb that starts, we'll deal with it and still be netter than the 7-3 team we got glimpses of last year.

  • Genuinely thought that the Saints tried to take HAKEEM NICKS and not AKIEM HICKS.

  • Sabby Piscetelli? I love that name. Sabby?

  • I guess they really do like their OL? DT, CB, LB in some order (for the last 3 picks)? I'm kinda shocked they didn't address OL in the first 3 rounds and I'm probably the most optimistic regular when it comes to our OL. YIKES!

    Don't know squat about any of these guys. Hope they don't suck.

    I'm still not knocking Emery because he's earned some respect leading up to the draft. However, these three picks seem very Angeloesque. FUCK ME!

  • And I like our offensive line. I know I'm in the minority but I remember a 5 game win streak where NOBODY complained about their play. Suddenly Caleb Hanie came in and they got bad again? I think the offensive line will be good this year.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    Come on. We bitched about Webb even during the streak.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    Exactly. Folk are drinking and blogging.

  • I've said it before; I'll say it again:

    Sure, these picks might turn out to be awesome. Tweener dude can be a Bear version of Clay Matthews. The WR can put down the twinkie and catch a ton of jump-balls in the end zone. This Hawai'ian Beaver might be the second coming of Fencik.

    That'd be great. But all three picks seemed to be taken higher/earlier than necessary. Especially this safety--who, like Conte last year, would've likely been on the board in the 4th round.

    I get what you're saying about Massie, Jeff, but I'd rather reach for a guy who could upgrade a position of need than a guy who could upgrade ST.

  • And Webb--barring a HUGE developmental leap--is not the answer at LT. Maybe Williams can move back and be a solid LT. But barring some marked improvement at LT, I don't think I can sit back and think that the line doesn't need help in the draft.

    But who knows? Maybe the addition of Marshall and Jeffrey, plus the switch in OC will mask Webb's deficiencies.

    I'll drink the kool-aid. On paper, the 2012 Bears are going deep into the playoffs. The Lions have not improved their chances. The Packers have shored up their defense some. But the Bears have made serious upgrades across the board (except at LT), and even with this "we'll have to see" draft class, I expect the Bears to steamroll most of their opponents this year.

  • there is no doubt we are winning the super bowl but we are short 2 defensive tackles. Are we using Izzy and Jordan Miller (the Levi Horn of the D line)?

    It's serious that we haven't addressed either OL or DL

  • It's a philosophy that has seemed to survive the GM change: lineman are best had in FA.

    It's the opposite of how Ditka and Ted Phillips built that mid-80s team, but it seems to be how the modern Bears like to roll.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    which is fine I guess but someone tell Emery that every day that goes by in free agency without OL help MB gets that much closer to his stroke/heart attack combo.

    LINEbackers go BEHIND the LINE. Please obtain Defensive LINEmen.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Ted the bean-counter? Surely Finks/Vainisi, no?

  • We have four people who can compete for tackle spots and 9 guards on the roster. If we have a problem, it's in the center.

    DL definitely needs a big push up the middle.

  • Tice isn't stupid. He knows Webb isn't the answer at LT. If Gabe at LT with Lance at RT is the best scenario we have available then that's what it will be.

    Why does everybody assume that because we haven't gone out and drafted a tackle in the first round that Webb will be our starting tackle ?? WTF? He was our starting tackle last year which has absolutely nothing to do with who will be our starting tackle this year.

    Gabe was on IR last season - Tice couldn't fool with the line with CW and LL getting injuries too. He can start CW, JW or GC at tackle. Where is the sense in trying to start some piss-poor rookie straight out of college on Cutler's blind-side ? How dumb would that be? Mike Tice has been in the NFL, what, 30 years?

  • Let's remember, Emery helped draft Eric Berry. Seems to know what a safety looks like.

  • In reply to Shady:

    And Lance Briggs, Brian Urlacher .... maybe Brownie?

  • we are short 2 defensive tackles. Shaun Rodgers just signed with new york. Do you guys think we'll address this issue or are we going to ask Izzy to gain 30lbs of muscle in 4 months?

  • Tom Hardy gained 42lbs of muscle in a lot less than three months for 'Bronson'. It's possible. We have three picks left. I just hope the next one is Center.

  • Forte

    ummmm........fuck yes.


  • just call me tripod!!!

  • Forte will be a little bitch this year. Mark my words, he will hold out until week 6 until he is forced to report or lose a year of eligibility or he will skip training camp and come in and suck like Chris johnson did last year. I am not counting on him to contribute this year and that hurts the Bears badly.

  • And people are worried about who might start at LT ?! FRAK!

  • damn, the Rams had a good draft

    M. Brockers
    j. Jenkins
    Trumaine johnson
    Brian Quick

    However Janoris Jenkins is a frequent victim of our very own Alshon Jeffrey.

  • That is a quality draft.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Fisher is going to whip that team into shape.

    Stevie Jackson moves up on the fantasy board, got one more year in that tank

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Finnegan, Trumane J and J Jenkins are the corners now. Hmmm.

  • It was the other way around from the video I saw, Clitoris was in his pocket all day long.

  • Hardin's job is not to be Fencik. That's Conte's job.

    Hardin is asked to be the new Corey Graham, who we lost.

  • Here are some pictures of my uncle and I at the Bears draft party. I had a great time and I won a football signed by Urlacher. It has been a blessing to have a couple of great memories to help with the sad ones that I have had this month.!/ErikGrogan/status/196016824545067008/photo/1!/ErikGrogan/status/196036270298902528/photo/1!/ErikGrogan/status/196036574499184640/photo/1


  • Gramps sent you the ball and the tix. Love the Urlacher locker shot. I might have stolen a sock.

  • Mark and I thought the same thing.

    I was waiting in line to get a autograph from DJ Moore and I realized that my first autograph was going to be from DJ.

    I was like man, I really wish I could have gotten a Urlacher autograph...Ya know?

    Kid you not when I came down to level 100, my uncle kept it hidden and when I sat down, he said close your eyes.. he puts the football on the table and tells me to open them.

    The girls who were giving away prizes by Tom Thayer and jeff joneik came over and congratulated me.

    I had to show them my superman costume and everything and the night was complete once we got to tour the locker rooms and field.

    Then...after all of that I get back to my uncle's house and DJ Moore remembered me and tweeted me.. What's Up superman.

    Great day . Great day.

  • Very cool story Erik.

  • Nobody noted that Fleener and Luck are reunited, looking for some of that Manning to Dallas Clark magic.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Indy pulled a coup and landed 2 talented pass catching tightends. Fleener immediately thanked Luck for keeping him employed into perpetuity.

  • Does anyone else see why it is important to have draft players like McClellin, Jeffery and Hardin? For the first time in recent memory we are adding resources to create and defend specialized sub packages. If anyone has been watching the way the NFL is trending its not so much about lining up and beating the guy across from you, its about creating and exploiting mismatches.

    When GB slots out Finley, would you rather match him up with DJ or a 6'3" safety with corner skills? Inside the 20 when BMarsh gets bracketed off the line, would you rather have Hester working on the backside or monster posting up at the goal line like Jeffery? Lastly, and most importantly extending the versatility of your DL to the second tier. We are now looking at Peppers, Melton, Izzy and McClellin that can come at your quarterback from all angles. They can kick down, stunt inside, speed rush from the outside, drop into coverage off the end and rush from the LB position.

    The point is, if you have players that bring a unique skill set to the table the coaching staff will find new ways to utilize them. Keep in mind that this off season is only the beginning, but I think that we're seeing a GM that is going to challenge every player on the 53 while reinvigorating a coaching staff by providing the tools we need to help the Bears evolve in today's NFL.

  • In reply to bears5003:

    You sir, got me more motivated than ever before. Thanks! I can not wait! Just to keep the optimism going, J'Marcus Webb might become a monster this year (very highly optimistic). Hey, we can dream.

  • In reply to bears5003:

    Ladies and gentlemen, Phil Emery!!!!

    Solid Post mang. Bears will simply distribute fear boners out like programs and hotdogs at the ballgame.

  • In reply to bears5003:

    Intelligent analysis and perception. Thank God. Welcome bears5003, teritary adjunct of Unimatrix zero, prepare for assimilation, resistance is futile.

    Two excellent points. Yes, the NFL is changing, defensive backs need to get bigger in line with the receivers and TEs. 5'9 corners cannot, do not cover 6'5 receivers. Static-thinking staff do not percieve the tipping-point and fail to draft accordingly. We now have two 6'4 receivers to stretch the field's planes.

    Excellent point also about challenging each 'starter' on the roster. CW will be pushing JW at LT. The corners and safeties will all be competing. The receivers will be competing for the Y and Z spots. The TEs will be competing, the running backs, the guards. We just need Molk to push Garza now. Hayes and Costanzo will push Roach. McClellin and Izzy and Wooten will push each other. Lac and Pep will push each other.

    And somewhere out there, Greg Olsen is pushing .... someone's stool in.


  • Baaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha!


  • wow that's a visual I did not need you sheite!

  • In reply to bears5003:

    bears 5003..WELL FUCKING SAID!!!...well fuck said.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to bears5003:

    Bear 5003, thank you for that post. Excellent thoughts

  • J'Marcus Webb might become a monster this year

    Whatever you are smoking, does it come in a Wheaties box?

  • In reply to gpldan:

    LOL, I'm just being very, very, veeeery optimistic. I hope he stops thinking about food and starts wanting to prove people wrong. Hope is all it is.

  • I don't normally subscribe to Bleacher Report, but hey have some pretty cool footage of Hardin doing drills. He looks like a damn blur. Code name: the flash.

  • fb_avatar

    Bears fans are crazy.

    First Emery is a turd because he didn't get Cutler help in the first round. He gets a target for Cutler in the second round (trading up) and then they say that it should have been Randle. You idiots if Jeffery was the third WR on the board for the Bears why would you want him to pick the fourth or the fifth.

    The evaluation team is not HIS evaluation team. But a GM has to follow and trust the system not going rogue on his first ever draft.

    I trust the Hardin pick because as I wrote here in one of my first posts the Kansas City Chiefs have one of the best secondary in the league. The third best DB on the team got a 50 mln contract 2 months ago. Kendrick Lewis their 5 th round pick in the 2010 season ended up starting in their playoff season 2 years ago. Florence & Berry are Pro Bowlers.

    I think secondary is Emery's field. I thought he must draft one so we can see what's what. So until I see this guy cut I'm behind the pick.

    Mihai (Romania)

  • In reply to Barb Mar:

    + 1

    (Which means 'plus one' 'add my voice to the argument, singular'.
    You can't write +2 or +1000 because you can only speak for one person. They're not points. Can we get that straight this season ? Now, sit down, back to your books, open page twelve and STFU.)

    {Honey bear : Oh Irish, I love it when you talk like a teacher ...}

    Hmmm ... bebbe.

  • In reply to Barb Mar:

    Mihai, a WR was needed and Jeffery should be a solid pickup but the reason I wanted Randle is because he is as workout warrior badass non diva and is built like a fucking tank. Alshon Jeffery gained 30lbs of fat when he was not allowed to participate in football because of his shitty grades and work ethic.

    badass workout warrior vs pussy diva that complains

  • fb_avatar

    I'm calling idiots the journalists that write moronic articles just because they have to.

    The only bad thing in the strategy of Emery's picks is the lack of O Line help.

    The pass rusher, the third WR and the safety that can cover TE are superb strategic picks. Buttom line.

    Mihai (Romania)

  • I'm very happy with our draft so far guys. I'm giddy that we have a GM that has done nothing but address team need after team need, and he's done it with a boldness that I haven't seen in a long time. Let me tell you why I'm encouraged. Every player Emery has gone out and signed or drafted are baller's. I'm beginning to look at the upcoming season with the most optimism that I've had in years. As in 25+ years. What more (other than a SB trophy) could a fan hope for?

  • Everyone join with me in the chant:

    MOLK, MOLK, MOLK....

  • +2

    See what I did there?

    Molk, yessir.

  • The Crazy Train is pulling into the station boys, come get your tickets.

    ALL ABOARD !!!!!!!!!!!.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Trac............"f" ing Ozzy love ozzi....

  • Repost from earlier. This is the most talented offense on paper the Bears have ever had. I am excited and this offense is going to score points all day long.

    Forte - running and catching threat that can take it to the house
    Bush - running and catching threat that can take it to the house and is a bruiser.
    Marshall - Top 5 WR in the league
    Bennett - doesn't drop passes...ever.
    Davis - 6'7 athlete that can run solid routes and has soft hands
    Hester - GOAT returner and speedster that could shred D's if used correctly.
    Jeffrey - Red Zone threat, big body, catching machine
    Thomas - 6'2 215 multi purpose WR
    Weems - speedster returner with ball skills

  • Most teams only keep 5-6 WR. Your list has 7 and then there's Sanzenbacher. (who I don't think anyone sees making the club)

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    there are 6 wr's on that list and i will fall on a sword if Sanzenbacher is on this team. It would be an insult to out of work 6'2 205lb WR's scattered throughout the USA.

  • Top 5 WR?? I'm hurt. Brandon is hurt. Can we remove that before he sees it?

    Da Beast is Da Best. Not only do we have receivers now, we have depth. Who woulda thunk it?

  • MBP..........where are you? Brownie? Anyone see Brownie? Hope the mean streets of Chicago didn't gobble my man up.

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