Bears Select CB Isaiah Frey (Nevada Reno) in Sixth Round

The video posted here are Frey's high school highlights. Why not?

From National Football Post:

A taller corner with good size and overall length for the position. Possesses average bend when asked to sit into his stance and when asked to turn and run does a decent job keeping his pad level down and cleanly getting out of his transition. However, isn't real quick footed or physical. Struggles off the line to slide his feet laterally and stay in front of his target. Too often is forced to extend his arms with his feet stuck in the mud and gets overextended off the line. For his size doesn't play as physical as he should when trying to re-route because of his struggles with balance. Is easily slipped on contact and has a tough time collecting himself and getting back up to speed. Displays solid straight-line speed for his size, but not the kind needed to make up for a false step.

Gets upright when trying to re-direct laterally and simply doesn't exhibit the kind of initial burst need to close on the football and eliminate initial separation off the line. Does possess a great feel in zone coverage either. Has a tendency to get caught with his eyes in the backfield and take false steps away from the action allowing receivers to slip behind him. For his size isn't a great tackler and doesn't breakdown well when attacking downhill.

Impression: Possesses solid speed and god size, but lacks ideal balance and quickness when trying to hold his own off the line in man.

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  • Yes! A GOD sized defender! Take that Megatron!

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    He is listed at 5'11 on one report and 6'0 on another. Not a threat to Megatron.

  • Jeez.

    Well, here's the one thing I can say, from what I learned from a student of mine (an OSU football player who, at one time, was a Bear).

    When a prospect visits a team, they work out for the coaches. The coaches actually, yanno, coach the prospect, too. Maybe the knock on you is lousy footwork, but a coach for Team X tells you how to do something, and if they see that you picked it up, they know that they can fix your lousy footwork. They don't keep coaching you, figuring if they fix it for you, then subsequent teams you visit will see your improved footwork and take you higher in the draft.

  • Alonzo Spellman? hehehe

  • fb_avatar

    Ok. Blind trust is called for. That and never following the mocks again. Because this shit is just random.

  • Like it says in the scouting report, he does get a little lost in man coverage, coaching may help that...But could be a solid cover-2 corner, again with coaching... lots of coaching going on here, but hey, that's what goes on in the final rounds right?

  • Good to see a local kid from out here in Reno get drafted! I go to a lot of UNR games out here, and this kid isn't bad, has a nose for the ball, was always around a loose ball it seemed...Maybe the Bears can coach him up a bit and he can be a pleasant surprise...

  • Trent Dilfer just predicted.."watch out for the Bears"
    Yeah that Trent Dilfer

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    For it is writen, "the friend of my friend is my friend".
    Ali Ba-ba and the 40 thieves.

  • Another CB - Greg McCoy TCU

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Time for a new thread....

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