Bears Final Pick of the 2012 NFL Draft: CB Greg McCoy (TCU)

Well this report sure doesn't make it sound like he's making a professional football team. But who the hell knows in the 7th round. In this video I kind of liked him. (Motherfucker can sing!)

From PFW:

Undersized cornerback whose biggest impact will be on special teams — gained 30.6 yards per return on kickoffs as a senior and had three career touchdowns, including two in 2011. Has good top-end speed, as well as a 38-inch vertical leap, and clocked a 3-cone drill time of 6.62 seconds. Overcame stacked odds to have success in college.

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  • Im a fan of underdogs lets see what happens! Burfict as an ufa anyone?

  • I don't know what Emery is doing. Maybe I'll compile the total grades strictly by the numbers from PFW and NFL scouts in the near future. I can already tell you it won't be pretty for the Bears.

    For instance, the Bears in the 7th drafted this singer who graded out (by NFL Network) at 45.0.

    The Pats drafted a few picks later Alfonso Dennard who graded almost twice as highly 85.7.

    OT Nate Potter graded out 62.7 and surely was worth a bone in the 7th - apparently not.

    I won't even go into OT Massie.

    I can only hope Emery's going to pick up McNeill in FA.

  • I can scarcely believe I'm about to defend J'Marcus Webb.

    Why would we draft Potter or Massie? Is it because we need help on the o-line? How does either Nate Potter or Massie help the o-line from their position at the end of the bench, behind vets who know the system and the pro game? I'm all ears. If it would help I'd be all for it, but it doesn't. Now if we drafted Matt Kalil, then you've got Webb needing to be outstanding in camp to keep his place for week one. But no way known is either Nate Potter or Massie beating out J'Marcus Webb, Chris Williams or Gabe Carimi.

    Webb WILL have competition. CW and Levi Horn to name but two. Potter and Massie would have been wasted picks.


    And Derrick Rose tears his ACL!

    What a fucked up way to end the weekend.

  • Can this fucking day get any worse?

    Worst. Sports. Day. In. A. Long. Time.

  • Yeah, I'm a bit croggled.

    Late-round picks anymore are about getting guys other teams might draft, or might entice as UFA signings.

    In other words, you pick a guy in the 7th round because you don't want him to get away. So you think that other teams are going to want him, and you draft him to keep him away from other teams.

    Was TCU Idol a guy that other teams might steal? Or could Emery have waited until it was time to sign UFAs and gotten him then, saving the 7th-round pick for someone whom other teams might've actually, yanno, wanted?

  • Mayock and the other talking heads at the NFL Network just graded our draft as B+

    Packers: B+
    Lions: B
    Vikings: B

  • In reply to MikeV in OR:

    Murph? It just ain't been your day pal.

  • In reply to MikeV in OR:

    I'll take Mayock's opinion over anyone's.

  • Here's my skinny on the long and short of the draft. I think Phil knows that we have a short window to win with the players we have now. Lach, Briggs, Peppers and Peanut are all getting up there. I think he went out and got players that he thinks can help us win the Super Bowl this year. I also happen to think that Emery himself will learn from this draft based on how the kids he drafted perform in camp and in games this year. One things for sure, I doubt he'll have a hard time getting any of the players he drafted to sign their contracts.

    If you think about it, Phil is trying his approach out of the gates to see the results of it. You'll never know if you have a winning formula unless you try it. What better time to go ape shit and pick all the candy in the store he's been eyeballing for the last year or so? He'll never again get the opportunity to take the approach he took this year in the draft if he didn't at least give it a try. I also believe Phil has some accountability process in his scouting dept. and I'm willing to give him a fair shake by waiting to see how this season plays out.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:


    That's Emery's prime attribute for 2012 draft. More than anything else, he drafted to win NOW. That's what "impact" translates into.

    Fill holes. Draft players who will contribute in 2012, even if it's just sp teams.

    Obviously, Emery does not take "BPA" unless he has his own BPA chart (which is not entirely out of the question).

    Some concerns.

    1) Emery goes for need more than BPA.
    2) Emery, like his predecessor, doesn't believe Oline is a need
    3) Emery indeed practices BPA, it just so happens that his BPA board is fucked up.
    3) Emery is still relying too much on Lovie and the Scouts he inherited from JA.

    I'm an optimistic man by nature, but I was hoping after all the awesome FA moves, that Emery would "wow" me in the draft.

    Instead, I must settle for a shrug of the shoulder and a "meh".

  • *4.

    Anywho, can't lie, I feel underwhelmed esp with what the Bucs, Eagles and Vikes did.

    However, our #1 draft pick was really Marshall, so it's all gravy.

  • I was thinking that exact same thing today 85.

  • fb_avatar

    That's a cop out. It doesn't mean this draft class can't be excellent, but killing it in FA, doesn't balance out a bad draft. Green Bay, Detroit, SF, they aren't standing still.

  • 1) If you want to win ASAP, that's the best policy. Why would we be drafting QBs at this point?

    2) I don't believe that's true, he's not stupid. That's why his predecessor was fired. He believes his OC when his OC tells him he has his players. THey're vets, they'll be better this year, and Mike Martz' days of 7 step drops no audibles and crappy protections are over.

    3) Who on a blog of amateurs is qualified to determine that having researched precisely zero of these players?

    4) Any good GM would rely on their scouts, it's the scouts job to evaluate the players and for the GM to listen to them and the coaches and decide best practice given the information at hand. I've read that Angelo didn't listen to the scouts. The BEars have excellent scouts by all accounts. The arrogant turd didn't listen to them, enforcing his own will contrary to the fact, as is typical of a type B personality like Angelo.

    I don't know how anyone can be wowed in a draft when we have absolutely no idea how these players will pan out. Three years they say, before you can be sure. I'd wager on Emery's draft record that half of these will start. 3 out of 6 ain't bad. With Angelo it was more like 1 in 6 or 7.

    Yes, the Eagles look to have had excellent picks. Pure conjecture at this point though. We'll see.

  • I've calmed down and I think I'll be OK with this draft. The new GM is entitled to the benefit of the doubt at this point. I also felt better after reading Greg Gabriel's piece in the NFP:

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    I'm telling you tobi, the football guru's (not the hacks) know how good these guys are. The only pick that I really didn't like what the last one in the 7th. To me, that was a special teams pick all the way.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    The football guru's often get it wrong too, Trac. Dent was drafted in the 8th - Colston in the 7th, etc.

    Even Billicheat misses badly (passed on Clay Matthews).

    GMs have a bit more insight since they have interview, background and health info that many others don't, which is why some players inexplicably fall.

    I guess in 3 years we'll find out if Emery's 1st draft is a boom or a bust.

  • Jay Hilgenberg, Arian Foster, Kurt Warner, Warren Moon, John Randle, Fred Jackson, Jeff Saturday, BJ Green-Ellis, MIles Austin, London Fletcher, Antonio Gates, Victor Cruz, James Harrison, Wes Welker.

    All went undrafted nfl.

    And no I didn't miss out Tony Romo, I just didn't write his name down.

    We might still sign a starter.

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    No way to grade a draft until we see these guys in action. Nice article, thanks for sharing.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Tru dat shady. It is encouraging that Mayock didn't blow our draft out of the water though. Not that is matters what any of those limp dick's say.

  • Ok guys, time for some good news. If I look back at GB's success, it's pretty dam obvious that the two things they've had going for them is their WR Corp and their QB play. Guess what, we're gonna kick their asses all over the field this year. They will have no answer for Marshall, Jeffrey, Bennett and Cutty because our defense is gonna kick their asses. In less than 6 months, Emery has taken GB's approach on offensive personal and 1 upped em. I love it, wait till we kick their asses early in the season, it's gonna be great.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:


  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    (smile) Still not quite right. If you use Explorer, this is a nice add-on:

  • Jeff, It's time to rally the faithful with an inspiration piece. I think we got alotta bloggers sucking air. Do your thing oh blogfadder. Something to keep the weak from going all wobbly on us.

  • Emery trying to be Bilichick 2.0?

    Read the short article - might relieve some of our post-draft angst.

    "Bilichick doesn't care what draft experts think"

  • wow his singing made my head hurt. And does he have a lisp?

    i know, i'm such a fucking dick.

  • just watched a chargers draft report on the local news. They are FIRED UP about their pics.

    I don't think we can say the same all told.

    My basic thoughts:

    1. I HAVE to give emery the benefit of the doubt, if I don't... as johnny said... my heart might explode and I'll have a stroke at the same time. Just the mere thought of emery being anything close to Angelo gives me the twitches.

    2. I like the first and second picks – I think farmboy will be good off the edge (Doc, he is NOT lach’s replacement. Read tobi’s article above with the comments). Harrdin CAN potentially be a good pick, but I am really worried about how injury prone he has proven to be. IF he stays healthy and learns fast, he could be a good FS. We’ll see.

    3. Fuck man, emery simply can’t be angelo redux… he just can’t. I can’t even fathom that possibility. It would be too much for me to handle.

    So, net-net, let’s see what these guys can do in a few months.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Hardin's injuries are broken bones not those chronic, nagging hamstring/back/funky knee things. It's not gonna come out right but I feel better about those (unless of course, that indicates the onset of osteoporosis)....

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I find almost a direct correlation to how fast/big and violent a Safety is, to how often they get injured.

    Bob Sanders, Polomolu, Reed, Brown...those guys were athletic, mean, ball hawks, crunchers...they also end up injured a lot.

    It's just a high impact position. Like I said before, it's probably the 2nd most injury prone position (behind HB, who they go head to head, no coincedence there).

    However, Hardin's a huge indictment on Wright. Not only is he injury prone, but takes bad angles and seems lost from time to time.

    Maybe Wright can play the first 8 games before he gets injured, then Hardin can play the remainder, with Steltz as the emergency man.

  • +1

    I played FS & SS in college. I've had two shoulder surgeries (including a reconstruction), one knee surgery, lumbar surgery and a cervical fusion--in addition to a dozen+ injections in joints and in my spine. I have bone degenerating from my tibia and talus that will eventually need a bone graft (my orthopedic surgeon back in the day said I'd need the graft in less than 10 years; I've made it almost 19 now).

    I broke bones in both feet and in my left hand, and almost had my right foot torn off.

    7 years of high-speed collisions; 4.6 speed @ 190 lbs repeatedly sticking my nose into ballcarriers' briskets.

    I paid for it. I don't know how guys like Fencik hit like they did for as long as they did, and aren't using walkers today.

  • Yeah, it's a tough living to be a safety. I played CB in HS (never really tried to play for college since I had no delusions about going pro - and I loved women and booze a bit more lol).

    The worst scenario for CBs is when the HB sweeps and there's a pulling G, and all we think is "Oh Oh."

    Esp with monster 220lb HBs running full blast, with thunder thighs. It's like tackling a horse.

    The Safeties get them galloping full speed, and they're about 10 yards back zooming in on them, then BAM. It's almost like a SP teams collision since both players get a running head start.

    I can only imagine how that sound in the NFL field. Guys like Fencik are freaking kamikaze...

  • * Fenick

  • you got it right the first time

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Haha...I should have my 85 revoked!

    My heads swimming with a bunch of names and numbers right now, so I need to go walk the dogs or something.

  • you can do both $, I promise... I've tried. Pussy and football go splendidly together.

  • bleed, you johnny and I seem like we're all cut from the same cloth. even the same size. Sadly, I'm 99.9% sure that I have a bigger penis than both of you. Maybe not put together, but close enough.

    I had a double compound tib/fib my sophomore year in college. On the field, 4th play of a game. Not fun.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Regarding the penis size, I wouldn't be shocked. I broke mine in half blocking a punt. When the doc came on the field with the chainsaw to amputate, he said he'd leave me as much of a stump as he could. Took him 14 hours and 3 chainsaws to get through my wang, but when he was done, he apologized for taking 3/4 of my length and only leaving me 14"

  • hahahahahaha..... touchet!

  • damn
    you are a medical miracle
    i'm impressed that you
    are still standing
    any tape on you tube
    of your ferocious hits

  • And who doesn't want an Ed Reed , Troy or a Mike Brown ? It's the NFL, players get hurt (except for Walter Payton). Safeties do get banged up which is why we need Hardin in case anything happens to the other 3..You don't just keep your two safeties on the roster, you have depth, I don't think it's an indictment on Wright - Lovie loves Wright.

    We have competition and depth at all DB spots. Good. Wish we had more at DE and LB but you can't have everything, nobody has everything.

  • Trac, it will be my day if I am dead wrong about this draft. It aint my day if I am right. I'm a fan of our #2. I hope they nailed it on our #1. I wanted Nick Perry, so make a note of it and see what it looks like at the end of the year. Forget makin the note, if you can remember Tice holding a clipboard 6 years ago, you dont need to make a note about this. hehehe I seriously hope this guy is an awesome judge of talent and that most of us on here dont know shit. One thing I do know, with our receivers and Cutlers arm, it is going to be one exciting year on offense! Bear Down!

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    No love for Alshon? I'm not gettin that one Murph, I think he's gonna be a beast for us next to the other beast wearing #15.

  • Also, I think what's making everyone a little nervous about Emery is that he, like Angelo, doesn't believe Oline, LT, is a big need.

    He said as much, and more so, acted on it.

    1st Round

    OT Reiff - passed on. OK. Maybe he is projected as more of a RT and we have Carimi. Besides, we need a DE just as badly.

    2nd Round

    OT Mike Adams. passed on. OK. We still needed another WR who can actually run routes and is be a red zone threat. Fine.

    3rd Round

    OT Lamar Holmes, Tony Bergstrom. OK, they were drafted towards the end of the 3rd, so maybe they didn't grade out as high? Wright is injury prone, and we needed another S in a thin safety class.

    4rth Round

    OT Bobbie Massie, Brandon Mosley. WTF!? Emery seriously had an H-back graded HIGHER than Massie? Didn't he claim he practiced BPA? Don't we already have Clutts who more than lived up to expectation? Wasn't Lovie and gang talking up Kyle Adams?

    5th Round

    Well, we traded this to move up for Alshon, but wouldn't that make drafting Massie in the previous rounds all that much more urgent, knowing that 3 more OTs might be off the board? OTs like: Zebrie Sanders, Kelemete, Kelly.

    6th Round

    OT Compton, Mondeck, McCants - passed on. Why? Because Peanut, Jennings, DJ, Hayden, Whilhite and Warren, and maybe even Hardin apparently aren't enough CBs.

    7th Round.

    Phew, luckily for us, OT Nate Potters, who some had a 3rd round grade on, falls to us! How luck are we!? Oh wait, no, we need another CB, never mind. Cards scoop up Potters and pair him Massie, sending us a fruitbasket with a thank you note.

    If Emery signs McNeill, then most is forgiven. But if not - we just better pray Carimi's knee holds up, or else, it's back to re-arranging chairs on the Titanic - a RG playing RT, a C playing G, etc...

  • Tim and Pat on Sirius know their shit 85. They have no worries about the Bears O-line. Martz was the problem, not who we have on the roster. They laughed out loud when a guy called and asked about the Bears line, Tim said he's been telling people for months, they're a good line, said they're gonna have a good line this year. I believe them.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Hope so Trac. Lovie, Tice, Emery - Tim and Pat might be right.

    I remember last pre-season we were screaming for a G, then Louis, Williams, and even Edwin and Spencer stepped up, so that this pre-season we're not even really discussing G as a need.

    Still, no denying facts. Webb by most objective analysis (and our own eyes) was the worst starting LT in the NFL last year.

    We can only hope it was due to Martz and Hanie...obviously that's what the Bears have concluded. Still wouldn't hurt to have a contingency plan in case Webb really is that horrible or in case he gets injured.

    I think we all can agree that Chris Williams should not be plan b.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    3 years ago, last in the nfl, 2 years ago last 10%, last year last 10%.

    Trac, which line are you looking at maings? AAaaahhhh, noooooo...not our Dline... we're talking about our OOOOOO line

    (as in OOOOHHHHH shit!)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Oh you're the ONE who thinks a rook 2nd tier Tackle would suplant Webb and take us to the promised land. Really MB? What happened to your ass? You used to be beautiful man.

  • Classic. LOL at 7. We now have 9 guards and 8 corners on the roster. Now that's competition.

  • WOW. Is it that time of year already? Seemed like we just went through this last year...

    Priority UDFAs

    The 2012 NFL draft came to an end at 7:20 p.m. ET on Saturday, when the Indianapolis Colts made Northern Illinois quarterback Chandler Harnish this year’s Mr. Irrelevant.

    NFL teams have already begun contacting and agreeing to terms with undrafted free agents. Here are the notables:

    1. Arizona State linebacker Vontaze Burfict — Troubled but gifted inside ‘backer.

    2. Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore — Long on college wins, short on ability.

    3. Washington running back Chris Polk — Medical knocked him out of the draft.

    4. Florida quarterback John Brantley — Reports indicate the Ravens signed him.

    5. Houston quarterback Case Keenum — Essentially a taller Kellen Moore.

    6. Stanford receiver Chris Owusu — Concussions cost him on draft weekend.

    7. Troy offensive tackle James Brown — Once highly rated by Mike Mayock.

    8. North Carolina receiver Dwight Jones — Character questions killed his stock.

    9. Texas A&M receiver Jeff Fuller — Big wideout who played small as a senior.

    10. Iowa State cornerback Leonard Johnson — Press corner lacks top measurables.

    UPDATE: Reports indicate Kellen Moore will with the Detroit Lions.

    More notable UDFAs: Arizona State receiver Gerell Robinson, Oregon quarterback Darron Thomas, Virginia cornerback Chase Minnifield, LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson, Oregon cornerback Cliff Harris, North Carolina defensive end Donte Paige-Moss, Ohio State center Mike Brewster, Vanderbilt safety Sean Richardson, Richmond quarterback Aaron Corp, Alabama receiver Marquis Maze, Tennessee running back Tauren Poole, Miami quarterback Jacory Harris, Pittsburgh defensive end Brandon Lindsey, Arizona cornerback Robert Golden, USC defensive tackle DaJohn Harris, Cal (PA) guard Rishaw Johnson, Pittsburgh guard Lucas Nix, South Dakota State receiver Dale Moss, USC running back Marc Tyler, Tulsa quarterback G.J. Kinne.

  • Burfict has already signed with Bengals according to many sources.

  • Nooooooooo.

  • Why waste a pick on a lineman that (A) is a reach or (B) is gonna sit on the bench. Do you honestly want to start a 2nd rate rook on what I believe will be a Super Bowl contending team. I don't believe all the hub bub is over depth. I think alot of fans wrongly think the Bears needed to draft a starter at tackle. They wanted a starter. Who do you suggest they should have drafted to START?

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    I, personally, didn't want to draft a starting LT not named Kalil.

    That's why I was ok with the Bears passing over Reiff. I saw him more as a RT, and like I said previously, we already have Carimi for that.

    HOWEVER, I did want an OT drafted for depth to PUSH Webb. Would Adams, Potters or Massie have beat out Webb? Maybe - but most likely not. Still, at the very least, the competition would theroritically improve Webb and provide some insurance in case Carimi's knees are still shaky.

    Certainly that sort of competition is worth more than an H-back or another sp teamer CB.

    But, hope I'm wrong.

  • It's probably premature to ask but with the FAs we signed as well as who we drafted, what players from 2011 do you guys see NOT making the roster this year? I can think of a couple (Sanz, for one) but I'd like to hear what everyone else thinks....

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Bear cuts:

    Possibly Spencer for cap
    Kyle Adams
    Armando Allen
    Blake Contanzo
    Kelvin Hayden

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I'm thinking Spaeth might be a casualty because of his salary...

  • In reply to gpldan:

    didn't we just bring in contanzo to replace CoryG?

    He's a total ST stud, and provides depth at ILB.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Constanzo isn't going anywhere, esp since we didn't draft a LB.

    Hayden is interesting because he's still inj and the Bears signed him hoping he'll recover soon, so he's 50/50 considering we drafted two CBs.

    Spencer played well towards the end, but yeah, he might be a cap casuality.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Roy. Williams. Is. Not. A. Chicago. Bear.

  • Jeff, that motherfucker dont sing as good as we did, singing Bear Down at Cortlands garage the other night!

  • Fan based draft grades for NFCN.

    Bears: C+
    Lions: B-
    Pack: B
    Vikes: B+

  • What the heck do most fans know? Look, everyone was blowing their horn for a OT or Center. The Bears went 7-3 before the injury demon hit us and then friggin Hanie happened. What the heck is all the doom and gloom about, I don't get it. If Cutty stays healthy this year and our new offensive weapons gel, this is going to be an awesome year.

  • What a joke. The Lions had a horrid draft. No help for them this year, especially where they needed it.

  • I found this in the comment's section of tobi's linked article. Found it very insightful and provides some historical perspective.

    "A bit early to say IMO, but a great breakdown.

    The picks seem fine, but until they get on the field, who knows. He could have made the best choices in draft history or the worst.

    People were lauding at one time how Chicago worked the draft in 2003. Moving down from that #4 overall with the Jets, picking up two firsts and gathering another 6th to drop 1 little spot in a move with NE, and still able to answer their QB and D-line problems.

    That one spot let NE get Ty Warren while the Bears got Michael Haynes. That QB solution was Rex Grossman. They added Ian Scott with the 4th from the Jets, and packaged the other pick with some more of their own to get Justin Gage. I saw ESPN and other places give them an A+ for all those fine moves that filled a bunch of holes.

    In the end it was the overlooked ones, Charles Tillman and Lance Briggs that really made that draft productive for them.

    The 02 draft looked good on paper for them too right away.. Colombo, who at worst would be a fine right tackle, 7 starts through some injury prone years was enough for them to send him packing. Got their secondary some help with Roosevelt Williams and Bobby Gray. Terrence Metcalf to add some interior offensive line help. In the end they got one starter from that entire draft (Alex Brown).

    Or 2001. Hit the big impact WR in David Terrell (instead of Reggie Wayne, Ochocinco, Steve Smith, Santana Moss, or even Chris Chambers). Then can’t believe a potential LT is still there in the 3rd with Wayne Gandy.

    Or that 07 draft. Come out firing by getting Olsen, a Tight end from the school that manufactures them. Then the trade that doomed them with the Chargers. End up supposedly fleecing them for picks, but get Garrett Wolfe, Dan Bazuin, and Marcus Harrison with those choices. Then grabbing Michael Okwo didn’t help in the long run either.

    My point is that what looks great on draft day, even to a fine GM and staff might not look great 5 years down the road.

    Looking at the fits... Yeah. McClellin looks like a tampa 2 end, a tad undersized maybe but they love that pass rush without the blitz, and anything to help free up Peppers sounds nice. Obvious needs, and some great athletes taken.

    I still question Jeffery's weight issues. I just think an SEC school should know enough about sports training to educate him on that. I think his diet was likely more by choice than by lack of knowledge. I remember Jamarcus Russell being talked about at his pro-day about the same thing, how well he was keeping off the extra weight. But if Jeffery has the drive to keep it off after being drafted, I don't think that should be an issue, a motivation of Russell's doesn't appear to come along very often. "

  • I have to take a different position with you on your freeing up Peppers comment 85. The Bears didn't draft McClellin to free up Peppers, they're gonna use Peppers to push the QB into McClellin who will be the bearing down on the QB with evil intent. That's what people are missing with this pick. McClellin is going to do some serious damage to Rogers and China Doll this year.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Oh, I must clarify, I didn't write that, I just pasted it from the comment's section from the link.

    I agree with you. McBraveheart will use his speed rush and counter moves to collapse the pocket along with Pepp manning the other side, esp on passing downs.

    No way will teams "free up" Peppers by not doubling him. Not if they want to keep their QBs alive.

    I like our first 3 picks actually. Very solid. I can understand those. The later picks are a bit more questionable, but heck, rounds 4-7 are more of a crap shoot.

  • Good points, all.

    Grading a draft in the same year--let alone the same day--is idiotic.

    Unless drafted rookies light up the highlight reels or get cut in training camp, you can't really grade a draft until a few years out. The '03 draft is a perfect example--looked great in April '03, but 9 years later, we know what a turd that draft was.

    I don't worry about WR weight. Linemen need weight and when they put too much on it's because they aren't doing their conditioning. Pro WRs have to do conditioning, and there's no way a pro WR has a weight issue (I mean, David Boston put on too much weight, but that was all muscle). If he can't keep his weight in the zone, then it's a symptom of a much deeper problem, and no amount of Jenny Craig is gonna fix that.



  • Camp on this thought boys. Why would Emery tell Nelli he's got his monster of the midway? That's a very very heavy statement. What if he is the next Danimal?

  • Wow. This is the strangest draft ever.

    I'll post my analysis of who I might have taken that we passed over a bit later. For now, some initial thoughts:

    1) I've learned a lot about Emery's style in this draft. Biggest impression is that he likes true athletes (similar to Lovie) more than production in college.

    2) This draft is so surprising in so many ways, that Emery has to claim it all for himself. If we get 3-4 starters, Emery is a genius. If we get 0-1, Emery is a failure. Nobody will ever be able to say "everyone thought he was a great pick at that spot" whether a player fails or succeeds.

    3) Clutts will see competition, but he can beat out a 4th round pick. Plus its possible we've got Rodriguez as more of a TE/H-back type and want to keep Clutts as the true FB. But the skill position spots on offense are definitely crowded.

    4) Really surprised not to see any help on O-line at all. Even if you like Webb at LT and Carimi at RT, who is the backup swing tackle?

    5) Really surprised not to see any help at DT. I guess we really trust Paea at nose tackle. But who is the backup in that spot?

    6) We now have about 5 kick return specialists on the roster. Hester is not one of our top 3 recievers. He's got to be getting worried.

    7) Did the Jags take a punter in the 3rd round?

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    3) Clutts is 260, it takes him time to get into blocking position, the quicker you're into lead blocking position, the better. The RB doesn't have to wait for you. Clutts will have to beat him out, I'm not so sure he will.

    4) Chris Williams or Levi Horn. Although we do only have 4 guys that can play tackle. They'll just sign an undrafted guy..

    5) Definitely a surprise

  • I don't think the hybrid will beat out clutts at FB, I think he'll beat out adams at 3rd TE.

    We found our fullback, and he's a total badass that can do it all.

  • 5) Will need to find an UDFA or FA DT certainly as Anthony Adams and Okoye (forgot his name already) took an inordinate amount of snaps last year. And good news, MB's favorite, Vaughn Meatoga, is available!

  • In reply to tobijohn:


    This was a deep draft for midde of the line players on both sides of the ball. Hopefully it was deep enough to get help from the UDFAs.

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    awesome... they're slacks made from babybacks!

  • Trac, where you get no love for Alshon? I said I LIKE our #2 pick..... Your eyes are failing you my friend. There is NO way that Shea is another Dan Hampton......A Trace Armstrong? yeah....similar to Richard Dent? maybe...another Hampton.....NO WAY!

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Sorry Murph, its been a long day for me as well. I actually really liked our top 3 picks. I kinda knew what Emery was going to try an accomplish in the draft. McClellin threw me for a loop initially but upon further review, he's gonna be a badass.

  • Here's what we didn't do in the draft...

    Round 1 - Passed on Chandler Jones, Whitney Mercilus, David DeCastro, Riley Reiff, Dont'a Hightower and Kendall Wright (among many others mentioned on blog). Probably could not have traded back as the Patriots likely would have taken McLellin.

    Round 2 - Passed on Jerel Worthy, Vinny Curry, Zach Brown, Peter Konz, Mike Adams. Given the talent available at other positions, we probably did not need to trade up to get good value (especially if Worthy would have been there), but we definitely got good value at the position. If anyone is curious, I would not have taken Casey Heyward here even without trading up.

    Round 3 - Don't see much else at this spot. I probably agree with the BPA assessment (although if I didn't know which players would fall past our 4th round pick, I might have pushed for someone like Massie).

    Round 4 - We passed on Massie, Mosley at OT. Also Nick Toon (WR) and Jared Crick (NT) at other spots.

    Round 5 - 3 tackles off the board at the pick we traded and 2/3 spots below. Have to wonder if we liked any of them.

    Round 6 - Passed on Danny Trevathon (OLB), Markelle Martin (FS) and Charles Mitchell (SS), plus several more O-linemen at the back end of the round.

    Round 7 - Passed on Nate Potter (T) and David Molk (C). Molk was a blog favorite and I'm honestly surprised we didn't take him in the 7th (or even the 6th). Also missed out on Alfonzo Dennard, which would have been hillarious given we pick up Jeffery (sparring partner at the senior bowl). Also skipped Burfict. Both Dennard and Burfict have 1st/2nd round talent, but are high risk due to character issues (Dennard could be looking at jail time). But 7th rounders frequently are cut in camp, why not use the pick to play the lottery?

    This list will look silly if our line plays well. Obviously , Emery felt it was more important to beef up the secondary in what was supposed to be a good year for corners and a bad year for offensive tackles.

    I've got lots more thoughts, but this is enough for now.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    1) Chandler Jones weighs 247lbs. He's 6'5 - what would he do for us, play wide receiver? Mercilus was scouted as being very inconsistent, ergo a risky pick. DeCastro? 9 guards. Reiff? Short arms, wouldn't start anyway.

    2) We got a 6'4 WR that the BEars had rated as 3rd best in the draft.

    4) Maybe a DT might have been interesting, but likely wouldn't start. We missed the boat in round one, they were all gone.

    6/7) Jebus H. Molk was there in the 7th? That's incredible. We drafted an 8th CB, when we have jack shit at center. Okay, that pisses me off. THere must be something medical with Molk, that's weird.

  • That's the only pick I really thought was garbage. I'm guessing that he was a bone Phil threw Toub. I could find no other explanation.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    I posted on the Oestman blog, is it possible that we're looking at Greg McCoy as the next Corey Graham? Nominally a corner, but basically a special teams standout?

    The guy is a kick returner, but we've got plenty of those. We're looking for gunners. As a corner, he's used to tackling. 7th round is a great value for a solid gunner. I have to think that Emery was thinking specials with the guy.

    This is not a "bone to Toub" though. Toub has gotten a lot of bones this off-season. And I have no complaints about that.

    McCoy will have the opportunity to compete for a CB spot in camp, but a lot of these no-name corners we're looking at will earn their roster spots on special teams. Maybe this guy is the one.

  • David Mosley, WR from NW Missouri St and Detroit native, will attend Bears rookie camp as a tryout player

    DT Ronnie Cameron, CAA defensive player of year for Old Dominion, to join #Bears as undrafted free agent

    Southern Miss LB Ronnie Thornton expected to sign undrafted free agent deal with #Bears

    Maine DB Trevor Coston expected to sign undrafted free agent deal with #Bears

    spoke with Richard Shaughnessy, he said #Troy OL James Brown has agreed to terms with Chicago Bears

    Louisiana Tech LB Adrien Cole expected to sign undrafted free agent deal with #Bears

    My part in what I think is happening.

    The one thing that seems to stick out to me is how the #Bears have planned everything out. There seems to be no hesitation. We got Marshall immediately. Drafted who we wanted and traded up for who we wanted. Now we are signing undrafted players left and right.

    I never felt that Angelo was in control or knew what he was doing. All of his moves seemed like he was winging it or guessing.

    Emery has shown he has had a plan for everything from FA, draft, and now the undrafted FA.The best part is how Emery doesn't care what we think or what anyone thinks really. All he cares about is how he can improve the #Bears. We can judge him all we want to now but the real test will be in a few years.

  • Absolutely Artoo. As I said above, Emery has put a very unique stamp on this off-season. With the exception of the Marshall trade, I don't think anyone can claim that they would have done the same things Emery did.

    If we succeed, its on Emery. If we fail, its on Emery.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Fwiw - I was suggesting two thirds for Marshall since Philbin went to Miami. He wanted him gone. I've wanted Marshall ever since we got Cutler, Angelo half-assed it. Got the QB with nobody to throw it to.

  • Spot on brah. In Emery we trust.

  • Chris Summers is 6'5. Can't see him making the roster though. The D-tackle shows a bit of go, but what's Old Dominion? Div III? Mosley is 160lbs, one can only wonder ....

  • I am begining to think those guys that got mad at the Bar got in a fight Posse.

    Three Vs. Two.

    It is just really weird we haven't heard him get on here.

  • Two Vs One, maybe.

  • No one saw him go?

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Did you check under the tables?

  • This is so fucking awesome,iyo.

    HD Brandon Marshall highlights plus Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve (with some crappy rap overlay which is starting to grow on me).

    Great job by the uploader, esp. at about 3:50, where he includes the announcer's reaction to one of Marshall's catches.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Lest people forget, this is what Emery brought us. Brandon Marshall is a Bear. Enjoy.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    That's awesome. I still can't believe Marshall is a Bear.

    It's like waking up to a maxim girl, and you say, "Yeah, I tapped that".

  • I'm off to the Maxim page now. I hope they do chocolate.

  • I'm back. The maxim 'hot 100' has just been browsed.

    1. There were 6 brown women out of 100. No black women, but 6 brown. What's wrong with this picture?

    2. Myley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan and Anne Hathaway (#7!) were in it for some reason.

    3. A woman compiled the list methinks.

    4. Nicky Minaj has a badonkadonk.

    5. Somebody needs to get to Grace Park quickly and feed her.

    6. The number of non-caucasian women. Is Eva Mendes Caucasian? 5.

  • anne hathaway is a fucking horrendous pig. it looks like someone took one of those feature ballooning software programs to her mug.


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Ditto. Can't stand her.
    Exhibit A: "Rachel Getting Married" wanted me to find every independent film producer in the US and lock them in a Michael Bay film marathon with nothing but a case of Bawls, Vodka, and Percocet.
    Last man standing could keep making films. The rest - dead.

  • We can forget about Osi. THey want a first rounder for him.

  • I like this McClelling pick Irish. Osi not needed anymore.

  • Some more fodder to mull over.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Watched the NFL Network wrap-up.

    1. Mayock mentioned a guy called Pendleton, drafted by the Jags. 28 year old DT 340lbs runs a 4.8.

    2. Billick called Stafford 'elite'. Yeah.

    3. I just realised something about Tebow. I'm listening to him talk about being thankful for getting voted in the Top 100 ... and then it hits me. He's gay. The whole celibate thing ... "I'm not that kind of boy" routine. Dude's gay. Simple as. America is the only country left in the west where you can't be a professional sportsman ... and known to be gay.

  • Tebow very well may be as you claim Irish but his convictions to astain from that behavior comes from a love for his faith. If that were to be the case, he has freely made that choice be a christian. Jesus gave his life for the sinner Irish, not the righteous. I still see nothing that would classify him as a hypocrite should that be the case. If he were a practicing homosexual, I'm sure it would be all over the headlines.

  • no shit.

    I've been saying that for months... and seriously, who cares. He's a good kid who likes to help people. I am totally down with that. And if he needs to cloak his gayness behind religion (like some hardcores do) I'm totally fine with that too. My basic, nutshell philosophy is, as long as you're a net-positive on the world, it's all good.

    ...Oh, and don't try and grab my dick.

  • Elite? Imagine the numbers Cutty would have if he got to throw it 45-60 times a game.

    Stafford is an arse. I hope McBraveheart pops him and then DJ Moore T-bags that fucker when he's down.

  • Video of Emery explaining why he didn't take any OL.

    Sound is crappy though, here's what he said :

    "What leads you to not draft a specific position — and you have to look at all the positions — is what players are on the board who can get us there the quickest?" Emery said. "I will say (wide receiver Alshon Jeffery in the second round), was a shining light up there. He was the highest-rated player on our board and the highest player available to make plays that determine winning games.

    When you do that, some positions are going to go by the wayside, whether it's O-line, whatever. You take the best player who's going to make the most plays for you, who gives you the best chance of winning."

  • Ronnie Cameron - DT - 6'2, 304 5.38 40.

    Chris Summers - WR - 6'5, 215.

  • Here's your RT MB.

    By the way, my line from an earlier post came from one of my all time favorite movies "Jackie Brown".

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    I meant LT.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Trac......this could be interesting un-drafted kid..many thought he would be drafted..concerns for me is all the 'KNOW IT ALL'S" say he should go inside...but maybe Ticey can work with him? not sure..I do like it though.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    I'm still a beautiful man trac.... just a jaded beautiful man.

  • Lovie on the draft.

  • Irish...I will actually agree with LDL..WE GOT BETTER!!!!

  • some stupid analysis
    'cause i aint got much smarts
    evan rodriguez pick is hurting
    some bloggers mind
    after he was named OC
    i went back and studied
    tice's days with the vikes
    and how he distributed the ball
    his tight ends got a buch of touches
    evan has some speed
    he may be open down the middle
    beating LB or S coverage
    it just seems that secondaries
    are going to be overmatched
    by our new offensive powers
    i will be stunned
    if we don't put up
    30+ points per game
    i am thinking he may be
    a suprise find
    cause how will they deal
    with marshal and jeffries
    somebody is gonna be open
    earle b's #'s will improve
    and our screen play
    just got so much more effective
    we will be causing D-coordinators
    to have nightmarish weeks
    trying to figure
    where jay will go with the ball
    and this the 2012 season
    one other aspect of jay's game
    will now come into play

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Yeah, our skills position guys on offense are going to seriously wear down opposing defenses this year. Take corners like Revis and Asoumagwa (however you spell that)... they're so good because they thrive on jamming guys at the line and playing physically all through the route.

    How are they going to feel after fighting with Marshall, Jeffery, Davis and Forte for 3 quarters? They're going to be exhausted. Then we've got the speed in guys like Hester and Weems to take advantage of that by coming in fresh and running the deep routes.

  • who can't like a brawler
    named hardin
    he is tall
    and powerfull
    how much did he push
    that bar
    25 times
    shoot shea only did it 9teen
    hardin will make recievers
    think twice
    he is gonna get alot of love
    from my perspective
    dig this
    he fits the 2011 chicago
    athlete mode
    all of our great players
    were hurt big time
    forte - cutler -carimi - williams
    toews - hossa
    so was hardin
    life will be kinder
    in the 2012 seasons
    chicago payed it's dues
    to the injury god's in 2011

  • fb_avatar

    Draft done, Hawks done, Bulls. :( ugh. So now what? Cubs/Sox. Blah. Oh yeah, I know. I'll get some work done.

  • some love for "spider" webb,0,2507255.column

    you have to wait and see
    on our O-Line
    tice is not martz
    he will honestly assess
    the strenghts of each player
    'cause he knows them all
    better than any other coach
    his play calling will
    surely reflect that
    he doesn't seem as
    stubborn as martz
    and jay will have
    the audible option
    to help avoid the danger

    i am nothing but positive
    about our future
    patience is now in play
    'cause i just can't wait

  • fb_avatar

    Just watched the Lovie Smith Interview...

    That guy can sell it. I'm jacked. Pack, Lions, Vikes get out your fear boners.

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    I would have been hyped if listening to lovie hadn't put me to sleep.

    Nice deep nap though.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to MB30SD:

    I'm in the minority I guess. I love his disdain for the Chicago Media and his calm approach.

  • Bears fans don't need to be reminded about the importance of keeping Jay Cutler healthy.

    The team was 7-3 with him in 2011; and 1-5 without him.

    Fred Mitchell

    Bio | E-mail | Recent columns
    2012 Chicago Bears schedule
    Sam Farmer's NFL mock draft: Bears have 19th pick
    NFL draft preview: Safeties
    Pompei's NFL draft previews by position
    1000 Football Dr, Lake Forest, IL 60045, USA
    Ads by Google
    See Todays Mortgage Rates
    Mortgages Plunge to 2.5% (2.9% APR) FHA Cuts Mortgage Requirement!
    www.MortgageRates.LowerMyBills.comNaples Coupons
    1 ridiculously huge coupon a day. Like doing Naples at 90% off! the starting left tackle last season, J'Marcus Webb says he has Cutler's back.

    "We take pride in protecting Jay," Webb said Friday. "We're all working on footwork. We want to be an elite line instead of an average line. That is going to help us protect Jay and keep his feet right and then get the ball to our receivers — to our weapons."

    Cutler's most celebrated offensive weapon this season will be wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

    Former Super Bowl champion quarterback and current NFL Network analyst Joe Theismann says the Bears have put themselves in position to overtake the defending NFC North champions.

    "You take a look at the way the Bears have competed against the Green Bay Packers the last two years ... every one of those games has been a tough, hard-fought football game. Now the Bears have an opportunity to be able to go and compete against the Green Bay Packers," Theismann said.

    As a 7th-round draft pick out of West Texas A&M in 2010, Webb's ascent in the NFL makes him both an easy target for derision, as well as a possible feel-good story.

    "There definitely has been no pressure," Webb, 23, said with a hearty laugh. "But I definitely appreciate their trust and nothing is given. I just want to make sure I continue to be consistent and work on everything I can this off-season to better help them keep me in that spot."

    Cutler was sacked 23 times last season. Backup quarterback Josh McCown hit the canvass seven times in the season-finale at Minnesota, including 31/2 sacks by Jared Allen. Still, the Bears won 17-13. Webb often is the main target of criticism among the offensive linemen.

    "I definitely don't go home and cry about it," Webb said. "I can take constructive criticism. And I don't always have to respond to (negative criticism). I just try to keep my level head and believe in those who believe in me. I believe in myself and I will do my job when they call upon me."

    Mike Tice, who has been a firm supporter of Webb, is now the Bears offensive coordinator. He will continue to work with the offensive linemen and try to devise more ways to help protect Cutler.

    "Having (Roberto) Garza and Chris Williams and Chris Spencer there — the veteran guys … we're going to be rocking and rolling really quickly," Webb said. "Coach (Lovie) Smith wants to get the ball in the athletes' hands, and us offensive linemen working together for the third year in a row, we should keep those pressures off.

    "Right now I am trying to hone myself into a better athlete. I am down to about 330 (pounds) right now. I am still a big boy," Webb said.

    the trib won't let you
    see the above linked
    webb story so here it is
    can i get in trouble
    for plagerism or something
    not like i haven't before

  • hey bleed, your new delta name is..... brokedick.

  • Either Emery is the greatest scout of all time or the NFL pundits are right. We will see. Lance Briggs was an afterthought in that David Terrell draft, it's hard to have the big ball, the crystal ball.

  • Last year we had four guys playing tackle: Webb, Carimi, Louis and Omiyale. If you are happy with the job done by the first three, you still have to recognize that #4 was cut from the team. So who is our new 4th tackle?

    If its Chris Williams, then fine. Louis and Williams will both compete to start at guard and swing out to tackle in the event of an injury.

    But what about for small injuries? If we need someone to step in and spell Webb after a big hit for 3-4 plays, do we have to shuffle the whole line? If the starting line is: JW CW RG LL GC, then all four of our tackles are on the field at the start of the game. Kinda hard to get fresh legs out there in that scenario.

    For backup guards we've got Chris Spencer (also the backup center), Edwin Williams (listed on da site as the #3 center) and Chilo Rachal. No obvious starters there, so my scenario above is not unlikely.

    There are some no-names on the roster, but that's it.

    What that means in the current situation is 3 things.

    1) There is a third phase of free agency right now, when teams start cutting players to make room for the new draft picks. We'll have out eyes open at the tackle position.

    2) Levi Horn and UDFA James Brown both stand a good chance of making this roster. If we like Edwin Williams to backup Garza at center, I could see us cutting Chris Spencer for cap space and giving the spot to either Horn or Brown (likely Horn with Brown on the practice squad for a year) as a true backup at tackle.

    3) The speculation that Chris Williams will getting another shot at tackle looks more likely.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to NewBearInTown:

    They got Brown...

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    I'd bet good money that Edwin is our LG, Lance is our RG, so that leaves Spencer as swing guard and CW as swing tackle unless he beats Webb out. I like neither backup, but maybe Horn or Brown could fill in at a push. Well, they'll have to.

  • So the punchline of my last two posts is that Emery's decision to only draft 1 lineman this year means there are question marks on at some of the backup spots.

    I hope very much we will find our answer at the four DB spots this year. Likewise at WR and TE. Because next year we will still be looking for help on both lines.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    This was supposed to go after the next post. Stupid ChicagoNow...

  • Meanwhile on the D-line, there are essentially three positions.

    1) DE, with two guys on the field. Lovie has a three man rotation and that will consist of Peppers, Idonije (more on him later) and McLellin. Corey Wootton is likely the backup, but he could get released in favor of one current roster guys (Thadeus Gibson and Chauncey Davis), or even a FA signing.

    2) NT, this is the bigger DT assigned to eat space in the middle and stop the run. I imagine Stephen Paea is expected to start here with Matt Toeaina backing him up. Neither of them is safe to competition, though we don't have too many guys on the roster to take the spot. Ronnie Cameron (UDFA) is a likely suitor as is Jordan Miller.

    3) 3T, this the 3 technique DT assigned to rush the QB from the middle. Henry Melton had success here last year and will likely start, but I'm not sure who backs him up in the role. Toeaina again could go here, but the #4 DT on the team is up in the air. If we decide to go thin at DT and like our DE prospects, Idonije could move over as Melton's backup.

    So if the starting DEs are: JP HM SP SM; with backups being Izzy MT and 1-2 big question marks.

  • Also conspicuously absent from the UDFA list... a quarterback. I think the team feels better about Nathan Enderle than was expected.

    Alternatively Enderle and McCown will compete for spot #3 on the depth chart, so why bring in anybody else.

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