Ranking the Remaining "Needs" in Chicago

Ranking the Remaining "Needs" in Chicago

Here is what I believe.

I believe that if the Bears were to enter the 2012 season with just the defenders currently under contract they could compete for a championship. I believe from 1-to-11 the Bears defense is superior to both the defenses that appeared in our most recent Super Bowl. Offensively I believe the 2012 Chicago Bears are, with the additional of Brandon Marshall, the most talented group of skill players they've assembled in my lifetime. (Cutler-Forte-Marshall are superior to McMahon-Payton-Gault at both the quarterback and receiver spots.) And we know the specials are good, making up for the prospective loss of Corey Graham with the acquisitions of both Eric Weems and Blake Costanzo. As long as Dave Toub is in charge I won't worry what's happening in the kick games.

The Bears are better on March 20th 2012 than they were on November 20th 2011. On that date they were 7-3 and charging up the meaningless power rankings of the mainstream sports media. Maybe the biggest reason is that on November 21st they would have Jason Campbell and not Caleb Hanie assuming the reigns.

They do have needs, however. And when I say needs and I do not mean a lack of depth. Every team would like a fourth linebacker, a third safety, a plethora of nickel corners. But it is not the makeup of the modern NFL roster or the modern league cap to be able to stack depth across a team's bench. When I address needs I am addressing needs when the whistle blows on game day. Starters. Immediate impact players.

#1 Defensive End

I've never seen it from Israel Idonije and I don't believe Lovie Smith or Phil Emery has either. The team's failed pursuit of Jaguars standout Jeremy Mincey proves the club is looking to improve on the edge. But premiere pass rushers cost a fortune and it is incumbent upon Emery and the scouting staff to find Julius Peppers' compliment in April's draft.

#2 Safety

What do we know about Chris Conte and Major Wright? We know they are talented. We know both are good when the ball's in the air. We also know both have difficulty staying healthy. The Lovie Deuce defense can only be great - not good, but great - if there is a star-type in center field. The Bears need a Mike Brown. Badly.

There have been many arguing the Bears need an upgrade at corner. I disagree. (1) Corner, as a position, is devalued in today's NFL. Rules being what they are I am constantly surprised to see teams drop $40 million plus on players who can barely make contact with their opposition without drawing a yellow hankie. (2) Corners are always devalued in Lovie's system. They need to sit back, be disciplined and tackle well.

The Bears need a player capable of keeping Calvin Johnson from sprinting by him twenty yards off the line of scrimmage and also capable of bringing Adrian Peterson down after a gain of 8 instead of 80.

#3 Running Back

The Bears were never a more dynamic run game than they were with Thomas Jones carrying the load and Cedric Benson bruising up defenses as a change-of-pace. Matt Forte can cover the TJ bit. But who will get the tough yards early in the third quarter? Who will keep Forte from having to surpass 30 carries a week? It can't be Marion Barber, kids, because I can't afford to have my head explode.

#4 Veteran Left Tackle

He won't necessarily take J'Marcus Webb's job but he will challenge Webb in camp. A player like Marcus McNeill might have nothing left in the tank but I'd prefer to see the tank drained in Bourbonnais. I maintain that Webb will play far better in Mike Tice's system than he did under the previous regime but that should not keep Emery and company from finding  a player with more than sixteen games experience on the left edge. J'Marcus could have a long career in the NFL as a flex tackle off the bench.

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  • first you dirty man whores?

  • Jeff, good post mainge.

    Bears need DE help badly. Melton can have a great year with a little more push on the edge.

    Bears need DE help badly. Conte and Wright/Steltz can be more effective if the quarterback's spleen is ruptured and he is buried under the ground like a road runner cartoon.

    Bears need DE help badly. A solid run stopping presence that can rush the passer like Freeney would keep things contained and would allow Urlacher who tore the fuck out of his mcl and pcl in the last fucking game of the season to not have to go sideline to sideline to make tackles.

    Bears need DE help badly. Jennings and Peanut showed they can play more physical ball on the corners and that combined with more pass rush equals less 10yard slant completions to Jennings and Jordy Nelson every fucking play like Nintendo.

    Bears need DE help badly. Teams like the Giants change games with badass rushmen with cool custom facemasks that injure QB's. that's just fucking cool.

    J'Marcus Webb needs to fucking go away.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    Bottom line is offensive line has been priority 1A since the season ended. We got the WR covered now its time to find a LEGIT, LONG-TERM solution at the O-Line position.

  • Tight end?

  • In reply to azita:

    We resigned Kellen Davis. Plus we've got Matt Spaeth. I can't see us drafting too high at TE.

    Plus, there will be a run on TEs after what San Francisco and New England did last year (not to mention New Orleans). That combined with a relatively weak draft class and free agency class equals a recipe for a wasted pick. The position will be overvalued; teams like Miami will over reach; its not a good year to explore upgrading the position.

    Welcome to the blog by the way. Lots of new faces lately.

  • In reply to azita:

    seriously? common maing

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Maybe we can trade Forte to pick up an extra spot in the 7th so we can fill that glaring hole on the roster....

  • We've been talking about it for years on here, OL and S priority 1 and 1a.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Honestly, I think if you asked Lovie what his top defensive priority is, he would say DE before safety.

  • In reply to Shady:

    If there was another guy like MB in the second, I'd be OK with that.

    But is there?

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I not talking draft or FA, I'm just talking about priority needs regardless of who might be avaialbe to satisfy those needs.

  • Also....

    I'm predicting solid years for Bennett and KD because of the presence of Marshall. It is a given that Marshall will have us shaking our heads in disbelief that we didn't get this kind of guy years ago and thus going to multiple post season appearances.

    Forte will benefit as well since Marshall can clear out the whole side he is on since the safety is going to be in "oh fuck" mode more often than not. He will be catching balls in the flats with only a linebacker to catch up to him and will be open for sceens with Marshall blocking the fuck out of whatever poor NFCN corner is in his face.

    The NFCN has never seen a WR like this possibly ever. Old Moss was good but this dude is different. He shakes off press coverage with ease, pushes hard on his breaks and has control of his body the likes of which we've never seen on this team. He will abuse the DB's of our foes and it's going to be fun to watch, point and laugh at them getting stiff armed into the ground, blocked into the sidelines, beaten deep and straight up getting run over.

    Cutler is going to play with even more confidence this year with a 3 solid safety valves on the field in Marshall, Bennett and KD. No more bullshit target on his back 7 step drops where DE's and blitzing corners can run to a predetermined spot to fucking tee off on Cutler. I'm talking Bates/Cutty/Marshall going back to the old shit and showing Tice film of what a 1300 yard receiver looks like and Cutler will be back in the pro bowl. Moving the pocket, rollouts, bootlegs, you know, the type of shit we were convinced Martz was going to do this past year since it is fucking common sense.

    It's on. 2012 has been put on notice.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    I love "oh fuck" mode.
    Not to mention how much more effective the screen pass game will be.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    What he said.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    "The NFCN has never seen a WR like this possibly ever" - Retard comment of the day....Megatron plays in the NFCN, correct? Randy Moss in his prime also played in the division. Don't get me wrong, i'm bonging the Marshall cool-aid too, but that was a little over the top.

  • haha

  • Oh no...not J'Marcus Webb's again...C'Mon blogfather!

  • couple of carriers
    called in sick today
    I told you my Miami
    freinds would be pissed

  • Mr. Jeff
    not tryin' to
    tell us what to do
    but if we have identified
    these needs
    maybe we could take
    a strategic look
    at each one
    through available players
    in this years draft
    but not on
    one thread
    maybe we could do a DE thread
    for a couple days
    then a safety thread for a few
    then a LB thread -O line thread
    ect. it gets tough remembering
    all the great players you guys
    bring up
    this came to me today
    as I was schlepping through
    my route
    so if I knew next monday was
    DE thread I could do some
    more homework
    and quit repeating
    that body part guy
    Sheperd Cox

  • you have all been
    preachin about our aging LB's
    this is from an article
    that is up on the Trib site
    he was in orlando with family giving his response
    to the BM signing

    Urlacher, who said he still isn't fully recovered from the knee injury he suffered in the 2011 season finale at Minnesota, said a player of Marshall's caliber helps the defense as well as the offense.

  • i have been wondering
    how mike Tice
    call a game
    it is stunning to see
    that his Minn. teams
    and Jax. teams
    utilized the tight ends
    the site below will allow
    you to see the passing stats.
    for each year he was there
    in authority
    just click on the team for
    each year to see
    how the ball was distributed
    the Tight End will get his due
    this year in Chicago

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Great site, eh? :-)

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    it helped me learn
    about his past tendencies
    actually I hope he uses the tight end
    back in the early days
    of the super bowl
    when I was at that bar
    on Turtle Lake outside
    getting my face washed in words
    from those Green Bay bartenders
    I decided I needed a second team
    so I took Mr. Unitas and his Colts
    I still marvel at how
    quickly he got the ball
    to Mr. Mackey over the middle
    that was and is my favorite pass play
    nobody could bring him down consistently
    he ran over and through many a linebacker
    even Mr. Nitschke

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Yes, I remember John Mackey too, although a bit dimly I confess. So far as I know, Ditka and Mackey really defined the pass catching TE position.

    Ditka was crazy good his first four seasons and then tailed off pretty sharply. Mackey was never that spectacular, but was a steady performer for more years.

    Were I five or six years older, there are two Bears I know would be among my lifetime favorites - Mike Ditka and Doug Atkins. Born just a little late for those guys.



  • it's simple, and at least jeff gave my pet peeve some love

    1. Left tackle
    2. Safety

    rb? what? coomon now

  • In reply to MB30SD:


    Get the point...E-Train!!

  • I'm sorry to re post..but I just couldn't help it:

    So boys and girls had a great dream last night.....2013 SuperBowl...

    NFC Champions Chicago Bears
    AFC Champions Denver Donkey's

    What: XLVII

    Where: Superdome

    a little twist of fate:
    Ex Donkey's Cutty & The Beast
    Ex Superbowl Champion MVP Mangly who btw won that against whom?

    just for fun: 1985 Reunion Capt: Jimmy Mac helps the boys see the highlights of Bourbon Street!

    Priceless: We bring Back the SB Trophy..yeah I won't call it by it's name because of it's name..and btw FudgePeckers on this blog..that's for you FUCK OFF!

    Frosting on the cake?: SB Dual MVP's Cutty & Beast

    I woke up with a "WOODY"!!!!! cal me tripod!

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    That would be wonderful if the Bears beat the Broncos in XLVII, but way wayyy TMI lobo, way TMI.

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    Y'know what Lobo, I hope it is the Broncos we get, and fitting indeed that it's the Superdome. I'll be impressed with Manning if he comes back from a year off without throwing, adapts to a team and an offense that he doesn't know, and magically leads them to the superbowl ... where Corey Wooton ends his career (Cutty MVP). Payback.

    Call me Tripod. Moby Dick. Mwah!

  • Before we look at specific players in the draft, it makes sense to rank needs. As I've preached in the past (I'm looking at you MB) it does not make sense to just pick a position in each round and declare that to be the best way to draft. Here's how I see the needs breakdown by position - and what I mean by "need" is how much I think bringing in a true first round talent would improve our team.

    DE - The team is defensive minded. The defense is based on a powerful 4-man rush. Our highest paid player is a DE, but he needs a bookend to be truly effective. Hence, DE is the biggest bang for the buck if we can draft a true standout.

    LT - The QB is the most important player on the team. The LT protects the QB, making him the second most important player on the team (loosely taken from "The Blind Side"). Having a good backup QB is a nice insurance policy. Actually keeping the starter healthy is even better.

    Safety - I don't know if strong or free safety is truly what we need (or if it really matters to Lovie in a Cover 2), but beyond DE, safety is where we need the most help on D. Our Defensive is predicated on taking away the big play.

    [I think there's a break here in terms of priority]

    Wide Reciever - We have a great #1. A great #2 in Earl. We need a third reciever, and the flexibility of 1&2 means we aren't picky on the style of player we bring in.

    Linebacker - With a healthy Lach and Briggs, we're pretty good here. But we can field a third standout without moving either of them to the bench. Plus, if Lach or Briggs goes down, we're in trouble. I'd give a slight advantage to the OLB spot over ILB in terms of needs, but either would be fine.

    Cornerback - Tim Jennings is an okay #2. He'd be a great nickelback. A standout who fits the scheme would upgrade us, and would help a lot when we switch to man coverage to be more aggressive in getting turnovers.

    Guard - I think a CW / RG / LL middle of the line is pretty solid to be honest. Not pro-bowl, but solid. But Garza and Williams are both liabilities in pass coverage. We could upgrade the middle of the line and see improvement in the run and pass games.

    [Again I think there is a gap]

    Defensive Tackle - We're not exactly probowl at DT, but we're developing some players that could turn into something special. Nonetheless, with the possible loss of Okoye, we could use help at DT. Plus, with up to 8 players in the game day rotation, we can always use more good players on the line.

    Running Back - I have to disagree with Jeff on this one. Marion Barber had an absolutely horrible game where he made one bad error (running out of bounds) and was victimized by sloppy ball protection and a great strip by an opponent, but he was a good backup for us. He plays hard, and he can wear down defenses pretty well to give Forte a break. Michael Bush is probably an upgrade (though he has durability concerns), but we've got 3 good backs on the roster right now.

    Tight End - Davis and Spaeth are quality guys. Davis moreso in pass catching, Spaeth moreso in run blocking. But we don't have anyone who has emerged as a star. An upgrade here would be an option.

    Quarterback - With the FA moves we've made, we're looking really solid in this position. But, Enderle as our #4 and only development prospect is troubling. If he can't replace Josh McCown as the #3 quarterback by the end of the season, he needs to be replaced. Next year Campbell will be gone and we'll need a backup that's ready to see the field.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    I can't disagree with a single point you made.

    I'm the antithesis of a great football mind but I've been thinking the last few days on how a good offense can help a very good defense tremendously. not just in keeping them off the field (like Urlacher said today) but also in allowing them to be more aggressive. If you know it's not all over after you're down by a couple of scores then you can just keep going at it, knowing something is going to break for you eventually. Other than the mid-eighties, I can't remember the last time the Bears had an offense (not D/ST like that AZ MNF game in 2005) that could get them back in the game once they fell behind. This 2012 offense, for reasons others have already mentioned, finally can.....

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Well thanks for the support.

    I'm not sure if its ever good strategy to play ultra-risky defense simply because you think you can win a shootout - unless you're already trailing that is. But I see what you are saying.

    Really though, I think the key benefits to our D by having a stronger O are two things.

    1) Lach said at the end of last year that the D switched to more man-coverage because they felt they had to be more aggressive and risky to help out the weak O. With an offense that holds its own, our D can play to its strengths and let the opportunities come to them.

    2) A stronger O that can move the chains keeps the D off the field. Defenses get worn down faster than offenses do, especially in the passing game. If we can keep the offense on the field, its a lot easier to win the time of possession battle.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Yes, I guess what I really meant was your first point, namely that the defense can play to its strengths. Not so much being more aggressive than they normally would be, just not having to be more conservative than they would like to be....

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    I think I concur with NBIT that a good offense enhances the D, particularly the cover-2/3, because it forces the other offense to play less conservatively. And the cover-2 shell is just begging for teams to try high-risk throws against deep zone coverage.
    It's what Mike Brown excelled at taking advantage of because of his closing speed and incredible timing. and hopefully it is what Conte will do very well at. The worse our offense is, the more conservative our opponents can play, forcing our linebackers and safeties closer and closer to the box and putting our corners in more and more man-looks.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    well then. I see I've been singled out. Hurumph.

    Here's the way I see it NB... my 'strategy' isn't specific to the draft. It's pretty simple actually.

    I see a critical gap that needs filling and I advocate we fill it with the best available guy. To be honest, I feel much more comfortable suggesting FAs, because they are known entities. In the draft everything moves so much so quickly so many times before the pieces fall into place, that I kinda just take a crack at it. I wouldn’t do what Erik and $ do, because as they can tell you… things change daily and it’s a lot of work that probably will only be ½ right regardless of what calculations you make.

    Net-net, my ‘strategy’ in a nutshell is… just get the guys we know we need. Period.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    As Sandra Bullock rightly points out - and she should know, one Mississippi two Mississippi - is that the first check you write is for the mortgage, but the second is for the insurance. QB then Left Tackle. I used to think backup QB was 2nd most important spot on the team, but if you can protect your starter - all the better.

    That was a very quick turnaround on Webb there Jefe!

  • hey shady.



  • In reply to MB30SD:

    nice. yeah you got me good you fucker.

  • In the words of HOF'er Steve Young, Jim McMahon was a phenomenal QB.

    Jim McMahon excelled at reading defenses like few other QB's ever have. His leadership skills and competitiveness separated him from most other QB's.

    If McMahon had played in a passing offense in the NFL, like he did in college, his name would be all over the NFL record book like it is in the NCAA, where he holds 71 passing/offense records, more than another other college QB.

    Unfortunately for Mac, he played in a 'ground & pound' offense with the Bears. That said, Mike Ditka is on record as say that that "without Jim McMahon, we don't win the Super Bowl."

    Jay Cutler has more physical talent that McMahon, no doubt. But if QB'ing was all about physical skills then Jeff George would've been an all-time great.

    I like Jay a lot and am glad he's with the Bears. This shouldn't be taken as a criticism of Cutler. But until further notice, Jim McMahon is the greatest Chicago Bear QB in the Super Bowl era.

  • In reply to GeoMak:

    Cutler still has a lot to prove. I think this is year to make that happen as long as the O-line holds up.

    If Cutler passes for 5000+ yards this season, basically matching the season Matt Stafford had last year, do you still stand by your comment? What if Cutler passes for 4000+ and Forte rushes for 1500? I think both of those stats could happen.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    In many ways (unfortunately) football is a much different game now, than before.

    Dan Marino's passing yardage record stood for decades. Last year, I believe three QB's broke it. That says something.

    It's all about the offense in recent years as WR's and especially QB's can't even be touched anymore. The NFL is slowly become a 7 on 7 passing drill.

    I'm not real big on numbers. Like I said I like Jay. A lot. I hope he leads the Bears to multiple Super Bowl victories. I have NOTHING against Jay Cutler. In fact, one of the reasons I like Jay is that his 'attitude' reminds me of Jim McMahons. Both guys cared little about what people outside the locker room thought/said about them.

    Anybody that watched Jim McMahon play, however, and understood the game, understood the era the game was played in at that time and understood just how difficult it was for a prolific passer like Jim to thrive in Mike Ditka's offense, anyone like that knows what a great and special QB Jim McMahon was for the Chicago Bears. Mike Singletary once said that McMahon was the perfect QB for that team.

    His greatness was on the field of play. It wasn't in the stat line.

  • In reply to GeoMak:

    That's all well and fine, but you've got to give a basis for comparison. Otherwise, you sound like so many other fans who basically believe nobody will ever be as good as the '85 Bears.

    For example... Marino was amazing, but I think Drew Breese is every bit the quarterback he was. And I think Peyton Manning is better than both of them. But if you want to say "It was a different time, QBs had it so much harder then to do what we do now" then nobody can ever be better than Marino. And that's just not the case. McMahon isn't even in the conversation with those three, and Cutler isn't either. But I think Cutler can have a career here that will surpass anything we've done since at least Sid Luckman.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Marino was amazing.

    He stood in the pocket and threw the ball 100 times a game. He's going to have greater stats than QB's who actually hand off once-in-a-while. To his credit, Marino (along with Joe Namath) was one of the greatest pure passers ever.

    Joe Montana was amazing. His HC, Bill Walsh, was probably the greatest QB position coach (technique and fundamentals) in NFL history. Walsh also authored the West Coast Offense which was mainly designed to stretch the field horizontally, giving his QB short slant routes that the receiver would (hopefully) turn into long gains. Montana also had maybe the greatest WR (Jerry Rice) on his side.

    Those are two examples. All Marino did was stand there and throw the ball, The Dolphin offense was designed to do just that, and only that.

    Montana had the best QB coach, the best WR and ran an innovative offense that originally was extremely confusing for defenses. One that was designed to turn short passes into long gains.

    If JIM McMAHON had played for Bill Walsh and the 49'ers of the 1980's. people would be talking about Jim McMahon as maybe the greatest of All-Time instead of Joe Montana.

    Joe Montana was drafted by an offensive savant, Bill Walsh. Jim McMahon was drafted by Iron Mike Ditka whose team was built of defense and running the ball.

    Therein lies the difference.

  • In reply to GeoMak:

    I'm with you on all of that ... except Joe Namath. Montana was much more than a product of Bill Walsh, who was definitely a genius . .and if there was a product in there, then it was Jerry Rice. That he was voted #1 NFL player of all time on NFL.COM is a joke for me. If he was the drafted by the Lions, the likes of Artoo would never have heard of him.

    Montana was a crafty little fucker in his own right, he was covered in snake-oil and when the two-minute warning sounded, Joe (and Jim Kelly) was (were) doing what Manning gets all the praise for now. It was their show when time was running out.

    Who would you want now? Cutty to Rice, or Cutty to Marshall?

    Your QB is Matt Moore. Who would you want now? Rice or Marshall?

  • I think you're completely full of shit on Jerry Rice, Irish. Production speaks for itself. Granted Jerry had some pretty good players around him (John Taylor was as good as just about any #1 in the NFL right now), but he would have been a stud wherever he played.

    The biggest beneficiary was Joe Montana, who saw more three yard throws turned into 20+ yard completions than any QB I can remember because of Rice and to a lesser extent Taylor.

    I would take Cutler to Rice in a heartbeat, were Jerry Rice not pushing 40. In his prime, the question is stupid - Rice wins without second thought.

    Rice is *by far* the best player ever at his position in the post-merger era. The only guy remotely close to him is Don Hutson (IMO the best ever).

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    So you're saying that the fact that Joe Montana throwing him the ball had nothing to do with him being #1 player all-time in the NFL (according to that poll) ? Had his QB been Eric Hipple on the Lions, things would have been no different? Really?

    And let's deal only in facts, Jerry Rice's YAC was 2.2 - Greg Olsen territory. Marshall's is 4.5. So that doesn't add up.

    Let's face it, there were *no* Brandon Marshall's when Rice was playing. Bodies like Marshall can knock people over, Rice couldn't do what Marshall does. Rice could run nice routes and catch the ball, but he couldn't block the shite out of a linebacker or run through a tackler.

    Now Cutler AND Rice AND Marshall .. .there's a duo.

  • Joe Namath?

    When he came out of college the greatest HC in NFL history, Vince Lombardi, is on record as saying he was the Perfect Passer.

    Namath had a cannon for an arm.
    Few QB's (if any) in NFL history had a stronger arm.

    Also, this:

    When he went to the Jets the trainers and doctors didn't want to approve him. Namath had terrible knees before he ever played a down in the AFL/NFL.

    He was one of the most courageous QB's to play the game, as he stood in the pocket and took a pounding (like all QB's of that era) with the knees of an old man.

    His many Interceptions? That's how the game was played back then in the AFL. It was a wide-open, downfield passing attack. HC's back then didn't lose their brains when their QB threw the ball away. They figured that on the next possession they'd agaain throw downfield in the hopes of a quick-strike TD.

    Namath threw the ball 70 yards with the Jets. Joe Montana threw the ball SEVEN yards with the 49'ers. night & day difference between the two passing attacks/passing philosophies.

  • In reply to GeoMak:

    I never saw Namath play, and I know stats don't tell the whole story, but here are Joe's :

    1. He lost more games than he won : 62-63-4.
    2. He completed 50% of his passes.
    3. He threw 47 more INTs than TDs.

    Now, color that anyway you want, but they're hardly impressive. In fact, they suck.

  • In reply to GeoMak:

    I used to really love Jim Finks, until I read in Sweetness that he hired Neil Armstrong as Bears HC when he could have had Walsh.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I read that too. Nobody's perfect.

    In hindsight it looks like a horrible move but the NFL wasn't beating down the door to put Walsh in control.

    The geographical proximity between SF and Stanford, where Walsh was coaching, certainly didn't hurt when Eddie D. decided to go with Walsh.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    ???? Wow. Well at least our guy was the first dude to walk on the moon. That's not a bad thing to have on your CV.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    I cannot abide black marks against Jim McMahon.

    In a sense, Jimmy Mac pisses all over Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Dan Marino. The first three named all have Lombardis for starters, and neither Manning nor Brees have any more. Had Jimmy stayed sound, no question there would have been more.

    The Dan Marino boat left me on the shore in a crowd of one, I don't get it. Yes, he threw for a lot of yards. So what. Somebody explain to me what passing yardage has to do with anything, please. He wasn't/isn't a smart man,and I think that's why he didn't win anything. Throwing great big rainbows is all well and good, but they don't hand out trophies for it. It's the W in the column, and it's the manner in which it's put there is all that counts.

    Why don't people talk about Otto Graham? He was in the damn 'superbowl' every single year he played! People don't talk about him because they never saw him play. That's exactly what I think when I hear somebody -especially a non-Bears fan - downplay McMahon. There isn't a QB in the NFL like him today. Except, funnily enough, maybe Cutty.

    Mac isn't even in the conversation with those three? Whoa Nelly. McMahon was waaaay smarter than Marino - who was a fucking dummy, not to put too fine a point on it. How many Lombardis does Marino have? What did he win? McMahon was a winner, period. I think he was 21-0 as a starter at one point. I've never seen a QB make the kind of comebacks he made - I'm thinking of Tampa, KC, Minny and the Holiday Bowl in particular. Three TDs down? I'm not beaten yet. He was a way better field general than Marino, way better at calling audibles. He was tougher than Marino - and Manning - not afraid to do what was necessary to win the game. Brees is similar in the smart stakes, but Mac was tougher than all three put together and that counts for a lot. Brees, Marino and Manning were all on pass-heavy offenses. Mac wasn't. Look at the records he left behind in college. Ownage. Absolute dominance as a college passer.

    I'd love to see Peyton Manning play back in the day, having his head bounced off the concrete by some LB five seconds after the play is dead or getting poleaxed every other pass. he wouldn't last five minutes - he's possibly the biggest choker in NFL History. He made the playoffs almost every year he played and what's he got to show for it? Cometh the hour cometh the man. The one SB he did win he sucked in. Sucked. And they gave him the MVP. If only Tommie and MB were healthy then he finishes his career like Marino, a loser on big occasions.

    The cotton wool Manning and Brady is puke-inducing. I cannot respect a QB like Manning who doesn't put his body on the line, drops their shoulder to scramble and claw for that extra yard like there's no tomorrow. I guarantee a lot of 1.7 second releases from Manning this year.

    Not only is Mac in the conversation, but I want to know why he isn't right at the top. I don't care how many league games Manning won, he's got exactly the same number of Lombardis. Ditto Brees. Mac is 5th all-time on winning percentages anyway, if people want to play that game. Heart and moxie? He was the best.

  • Don't give me the tougher bullshit, Irish. That's idiotic. McMahon's biggest problem was he could not stay on the field. And don't tell me it was the era; Marino did just fine *keeping himself on the field*. Worrying about clawing out that extra yard on a QB run is stupid if it means you don't play the next game. Stupid and bad for your team.

    There are so many ways to refute what you wrote that I won't bother. Just remember when talking about being a winner that the core of McMahon's career was played with the best offensive football player ever, and one of the finest defenses ever assembled. To say nothing of the best offensive line the Bears have had since the 1940s.

    Marino was all most of those Dolphin teams had, other than a pretty good offensive line. And he was good enough to beat the vaunted '85 Bears - while tough guy McMahon spent most of the game on the bench.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    As I stated earlier, one of the reasons McMahon had trouble staying on the field was, in the words of Mike Ditka, 'Jim had no regard for his body."

    That's what led former college and NFL HC Ron Meyer to say (with regards to McMahon throwing his body around like a linebacker): "Is it smart? Probably not. Does it WIN games? You bet it does."

    His teammates and especially his O-Lineman LOVED that about Jim.

    The Bears had the incomparable Walter Payton (whom I consider the greatest player in NFL history) and won NOTHING.

    They had the greatest defensive mind in NFL history in Buddy Ryan (Ryan is my favorite NFL coach - I followed him to Phoenix where I still live when he was named HC of the Cards in 1994) and won NOTHING.

    It was ONLY until they had the greatness of Jim McMahon under center did everything fall into place.

    That's why MIKE DITKA, that's right, MIKE DITKA, is quoted as saying this: "Without Jim McMahon we DON'T win the Super Bowl."

    I have that quote on DVD. If need be, I'll be happy to send it to you.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Buddy Ryan lost the Dolphins game because Buddy Ryan was a stubbornb asshole. Marion could get rid of the ball quickly and when you're getting blitzed every single play and you've got Duper and Clayton to throw to.

    I guess if you like QBs who are afraid of contact and are masters of getting rid of the ball, then so be it. I'm not. Football is a tough game and there is something to be admired, IMHO, in a QB who is willing to get those extra inches no matter what the risk is, or what 'might' happen as a result - in a game that is purely defined by inches.

    The Bears defense had *nothing* to do with Jim McMahon playing the game of football. They weren't around him in college. How many superbowls did the Bears win without Jim McMahon? Ditka said himself they don't win the superbowl without him, and that statement must have stuck in his throat.

    Marino was a bigger guy than Jim - he could absorb the hits better, if and when he took them - he also wasn't scrambling to help his team out, he was getting rid of it as quickly as possible so he didn't have to get any dirt on his nice white top.Dan Marino threw for a bunch of yards. Big deal.

  • But I'm completely with you on Otto Graham - certainly among the most underrated football players ever. The only knock against him is longevity, as he only had six seasons in the NFL (4 in the old AAFC).

  • "In a sense, Jimmy Mac pisses all over Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Dan Marino"

    This is the icer that will get you into the Bears fan meat head hall of fame.

  • He was tougher than all three - it's not even debatable. So "in a sense" - referring to the toughness aspect taken in context - he did piss all over the above trio. Indisputably.

  • Real easy to sit there and piss on other people's chips without offering anything of your own up 'Stache ....

  • In reply to GeoMak:

    When he was on the field, that is. McMahon was not as good in my opinion as people seem to believe.

    While you may blame Ditka's offense for lack of big numbers, one certainly cannot deny that the passing game was easier for McMahon than a number of other QBs because of the presence of a certain monster at HB.

    It's very difficult to believe that teams altered game plans for fear of Jim McMahon and the Bears passing game.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    SC Dave.

    You simply do not understand.

    The Bears were NOT a prolific passing team, unlike teams like the 49'ers and Dolphins.. They were built of defense and the running game.

    Jim McMahon WAS, however, the most prolific passer in NCAA history.
    He didn't lose that ability when he was drafted by Chicago.

    The greatness of Jim McMahon was in his toughness, and leadership and in his competitiveness.

    Also this: Although the Bears didn't throw the ball 50 times a game, Jim McMahon made the MOST of the passes he made.

    In the NFL, it's not how OFTEN you pass . . . it's how often you make BIG PLAYS in the passing game.

    Witness game 3 in 1985, the 'Minnesota Miracle.' The Bears were surely going to lose that game with Steve Fuller under center. Jim McxMahon came in late in the game, threw TD's with his 1st two passes and 3 TD's in 5 plus minutes.

    NO Bear QB in the Super Bowl era could've done what McMahon did that night. Jay Cutler is probably the only other one who has that potential.

  • In reply to GeoMak:

    One can define any set of statistics, point out how a player matches them, and call thay guy a superstar.

    Bottom line with McMahon was that he was not in the lineup enough, and that hurt his team.

  • In reply to SC Dave:


    He was in the line-up LONG enough to help make the '85 Bears the Greatest Single Season team in NFL history.

    Aaron Schatz on Football Outsiders recently emailed me that he concurs with that assessment, and that even if the 2007 Patriots had beaten the N. Y Giants to win the SB and go 19-0, he'd still consider the '85 Bears to be the greatest team in NFL history.

    And Schatz is a PATRIOT fan!

    Bottom line: (again for the LAST time): Irom Mike Ditka, the HEAD COACH of the 1985 Chicago Bears: "Without Jim McMahon, we DON'T win the SUPER BOWL."

    What part of that statement CONFUSES you?

  • In reply to GeoMak:

    That argument is stupid. The bears also wouldn't have won without Payton, Singletary, Dent....

    The 9ers don't win without Montana or Young. The Colts don't win without Payton, the Saints- Brees, the Pats-Brady on and on. Anybody can say that a certain team wouldn't have won without their star QB. It doesn't make the guy the greatest to ever play the game.

    And just so you know, I'm not saying McMahon wasn't great or whatever, just that your argument is hogwash.

    And please don't appeal to NCAA as evidence. He played in the WAC. Is Tebow the GOAT because of his stellar college career? No. Maybe the college GOAT but it has no bearing on the NFL.

    You guys sound like complete irrational homers.

  • In reply to GeoMak:

    Amen on that last sentence, Doc. This whole thing is nuts.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    But you can't say Jim McMahon hurt his team - he won them a fucking Lombardi!! Count 'em up! How about saying Howie Long hurt McMahon instead? Charles Martin? It's not his fault he was born not looking like Rothlisberger, it's not his fault QBs were fair game back then. When he was on the team, they won. Period.

    I can't believe the man needs defending on a Bear's blog ....

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    And Walter was in Jim's ear telling him what audibles to call? Walter was in the BYU backfield when Jimmy was re-writing the college passing records?

    He's got the 5th highest winning percentage of any QB all-time. Argue with that. His defenses were better? Accepted. But does Doug Flutie or Steve Fuller put those percentages up if they were the guy under center? Do either of them go 21-0 as a starter? Mike Tomczak? Maybe, but we'll never know.

  • In reply to GeoMak:

    Throw away the O record book.The new rules negate defernse. This is not the NFL I grew up with..

  • In reply to GeoMak:

    without question.

    Also... steve young is a douchebag.

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • In reply to GeoMak:

    Fkn A. Jimmy Mac was, and remains, The Man. When a HOFer says he learned the game sitting on the bench in BYU watching him play, and another HOFer like Ditka says he's the smartest player he'd ever coached, that's worth something. A winner through and through. Joe Cool is QB on my All-Irish team, but Jimmy Mac is the guy that goes in for him. Cutty hasn't won anything. Ever. That could all change this year though. I hadn't seen much of Marshall in a Dolphin's uniform, but the more I see the more I'm impressed. What he does after the catch I don't see anyone in the NFL do. He's like a Jedi Ninja.

    I don't expect Cutler to go 21-0 as a starter like Mac did, but he certainly needs at least a Lombardi to get in the conversation. No way he gets the tag of 'greatest' without one.

  • ESPN had a series called SportsCentury. I have a copy of the episode on Jim McMahon.

    Steve Young talks about McMahon's greatness on that program, as he did this past Sunday on Outside the Lines.

    Also they cover the McMahon's 1980 Holiday Bowl, which many call the greatest comeback in college football history.

    They show where McMahon defied his HOF HC (Lavell Edwards) who sent the punter on the field on a 4th down late in the game. McMahon went to the sidelines screaming at Edwards about 'giving up.'

    Edwards relented, the punter was called back, McMahon and company converted the 4th down into a 1st down and the rest is history.

    Watching McMahon yelling at Lavell Edwards was a precursor to when McMahon would argue with Ditka.

    The losing coach in that game (SMU's Ron Meyer) talks about how Jim McMahon threw his body around like a linebacker in college and in the NFL. Meyer said: "Is that smart? Probably not. Does it win games? You bet it does."

    Jim McMahon was the ultimate winner.

  • In reply to GeoMak:

    Yessir. Drew BRees, kiss my ass, Manning Kiss my ass, and most certainly Marino - get in there. Joe Cool starts, but Jimmy's comin' in if I need him.

  • i must say
    if a game was on the line
    in the last 2 minutes
    I am bringing up
    the great John Unitas
    he utilized every player he had
    and he read a defense BETTER than any QB
    I have seen in the modern era
    he was as good as anybody mentioned so far
    and he delivered the goods
    more often than not
    in any type of weather
    and against any type of D

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    No arguments there, HB. But when I see people kissing Marino's ass or Manning's .... it just makes it doubly sad that Harris and Brown weren't there to keep Manning winless in the Lombardi hunt.

  • Article about Erin Henderson, probably the best pickup we could make at linebacker in FA.


    If he's in the same league as, say, Nick Roach, he'd be worth bringing in. Roach's contract expires at the end of this year, its a 2 year $4.5M contract. Figure we offer the same deal to Henderson and we're still okay in the cap department. If he wants better, we could probably do 3 years, $7 million.

    As far as I see Henderson is still developing. He's got some character concerns (was suspended for juicing at one point, and is having a twitter fit about his contract), but nothing terrible. Plays special teams as well as OLB, has had some success creating turnovers (which we value) and can play the pass with some skill.

    He'd probably step in and challenge Roach for the second OLB spot, but he could spend a year as our #4 without being a bad investment for that money. He's definitely got a lot of upside.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Yes, definitely, to Erin - although I see Lovie was meeting with Keenan Robinson - maybe a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

  • Johnny Knox's contract is worth $1.25M this year, more than double what he made last year. I wonder what the deadline is to cut him before the Bears have to pay that?

    If we're up against the cap and he's looking to spend the season on IR, do we cut him? I really like him along with Hester and Weems to play the backup WR and ST. Couple that with a solid draft pick and we're looking great in the passing game. But he can't do any of that from the hospital...

  • Well, FA is more or less over, and I'm not afraid to review my predictions...

    Butch’s 2012 FA Predictions [reflection]

    Top Offensive Players

    QB Manning. Still sticking to MIA. Broncos a surprising candidate too.

    [Update. MIA is a mess. But Broncos? Wow.]

    QB Flynn. SEA seems the most logical destination. Browns as well.

    [Called this one. I like when logic prevails]

    QB Smith. Re-signs with the 49ers. Lucky to even start in NFL.

    [Like I said, lucky to even get an offer from a team]

    HB Bush. Browns just released Hillis. If Browns wait till April, Jets.

    [Still unsigned. Bears still in play. Browns must want Trent Richardson]

    HB Tolbert. Bengals need insurance.

    [Signed with Panthers even though they have 2 Hbs. Odd]

    HB Hillis. The CIA. If not, the Pats fancy reclamation projects.

    [Went to Chiefs for cheap. Pats still don’t have a HB]

    WR Vjax. Many court, but ultimately cashes in with Bucs, Jags or Skins

    [Called this one. Bucs had need and $]

    WR Colston. Re-signs with Saints. If not, see above.

    [Many speculated, but I knew he’d go nowhere]

    WR Meachem. The Bears? Most likely, the Pats; they’re smart.

    [SD usu don’t make bold FA moves, but loss of Vjax was too much]

    TE Carlson. Broncos need one. Maybe Gmen too.

    [Broncs still need a TE, but might import Dallas Clark]

    OT Gaither. Re-signs with SD.

    [No Brainer]

    OT McNeill. Vikes are old at T. Need to protect Ponder somehow.

    [Vikes still need a T, but Kalil is almost a lock now. McNeill still available]

    OT Winston. Broncos thrilled Texans are poor.

    [Chiefs got him. They’re going to have a scary line, though no qb]

    OT Brown. Card’s trash is Ram’s treasure.

    [Cards re-signed him for cheap. Rams targeted C Wells instead]

    OG Nicks. Surprise! Stays put.

    [Surprise, he wanted to get paid! Bucs unloaded on him]

    OG Grubbs. Bengals got $ & want to build the trenches. Ravens still lurk.

    [Saints lost Nicks and picked up Grubbs. Very good move]

    OG Hutchinson. Cowboys also trying to bulk up.

    [Titans signed him in hopes of luring Peyton. Nice try]

    C Wells. Bucs are young and need a PB vet to anchor the team.

    [Bucs did get an Olineman, but it was Nicks. Rams got Wells]

    Top Defensive Players

    DE M. Williams. DING DING DING…Bears win FA jackpot!

    [Well, if Emery would’ve let me in on the Beast deal…]

    DE Wimbley. Bills get the consolation prize. Maybe the Falcons.

    [Bills PAY jackpot. Mincey stays with Jags. Bears settle for Izzy]

    DE Abraham. Jags? Titans? Bengals? Who’s a 4-3 D desperate enough to pay him?

    [Abraham stayed put. Wake up call. You’re old and mediocre]

    DT Soliai. Fins lock him up. If not, the Bills might make a move.

    [I was right here too. One of the few things MIA got right]

    DT J. Jones. Eagles really need help at DT.

    [SEA also needed a DT]

    OLB J. Johnson. Ravens want to re-sign, but maybe Colts get him.

    [SD again uncharacteristically purchased an FA]

    OLB E. Henderson. Vikes retain him.

    [He’s still out there.]

    ILB Tulloch. Vikes will make Lions pay for years.

    [Lions restructured CJs contract to sign him. Didn‘t think they‘d hand out $132M]

    ILB Lofton. Falcons re-sign him.

    [Still available, but most likely sticks around]

    ILB Hawthorne. SEA had a good D, and they know why.

    [Another good LB who has yet to sign. That D’Qwell Jackson contract really jolted the market]

    ILB Conners. Philly continues the dream.

    [Conners went to another NFCE team, the ‘Boys. For cheap, too]

    CB Carr. Who has loads of $ and no CBs? Bucs. Crazy Cowboys might make a play too.

    [Did I say crazy Cowboys? Yup. What’s $50M to Jerry?]

    CB Finnegan. Skins. Don’t know why, just see him there. Rams might show interest.

    [Rams did indeed show interest - to the tune of $50M]

    CB Rodgers. If he’s smart, he’ll stay in SF. If not, Jax/Titans can buy him.

    [He was smart. Stayed in SF]

    S Landry. J-E-T-S. JETS JETS JETS.

    [I must be psychic, that has to be it]

    S Otogwe. Chargers create a solid S duo. Pats could make a bid here too.

    [No one’s touching Otogwe…something’s rotten in Denmark.]

  • dedication to your craft mainge, i like it.

  • I'm glad I scrolled down to see how long that was before reading it. Sorry Butch.

  • No problemo. Just wanted to do a follow up to see how on or off I was. I pretty much correctly guessed the positions teams were targeting, which should bode well with my mock draft.

    I'll put up a Post FA Mock too, but that'll come a little later when things really get slow.

    Two teams who were projected to draft a T may no longer do so.

    The Dolphins now need a QB a lot worse than a T.

    The Chiefs scooped up Winston.

  • Longest post of the month award ..... Butch Deadlift outdoes the legendary Vance Von Chest-screamer and his paradigm-shifting opus 200 Reasons Why Rex Grossman Sucks Donkey Knackers.

  • i must say

  • hahahahahaha... just saw this on TV.

    Awesome! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhEUaoeHn9M

  • Draft Note: #Texans now without their impact 1st (Mario Williams), 2nd (DeMeco Ryans) & 3rd (Eric Winston) round picks from its 2006 draft.

    Excellent value pickup for the #Eagles RE: DeMeco Ryans. A nice fit. He should do for PHI what Jonathan Vilma did for #Saints when acquired.

  • Agreed on Ryans. We're going to need a plan to address MLB soon or we'll see a big dropoff on D when Lach starts to decline. Not saying it'll be this year, but linebackers don't exactly play till they're 40.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Coming off these two injuries we'd better be ready to go without him, I've been whining about his replacement as long as I was pining for Marshall. It's maybe right behind DE as a need, I'm happy to go to war with GC or CW at Left Tackle if needs be, but if Brian goes down the defense is for shit, I'm sorry. He is the glue.

    Shame we missed out on Ryans.

    MLB and Center. if we wait til next year it's too late already. Kreutz and Urlacher's heirs need to be on board yesterday.

  • Kuechly?

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I think the odds are pretty slim he's on the board for us. I have him going to Seattle below, but there are a couple of spots for him earlier in the draft, and at least a couple more between Seattle and Chicago. His stock is too high.

    But again I have to wonder, if Kuechly and Mercilus are both on the board, and both are as good as we think they are (meaning heir to Lach and truly dangerous bookend to Pepp) which do we take?

    Imagine 30 sacks from Merciulus, Melton and Pepp this season.

    Or imagine Kuechly playing as the solid #3 LB (the best 3 LBs in the league) for 2-3 seasons and replacing Lach when his contract ends.

    Which one do we need more?

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Easy, with the age of our defensive superstars, we are in win-now mode. You take Mercilus or a guy like Coples (if he's there) because a) he helps immediately, and b) he's a long-term replacement for Pep.
    Kuechly doesn't particularly help now unless Lach is finished. Our Sam linebacker is and has been an afterthought in the scheme.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Agreed. I loove Keuchly. It's like the Chinese saw Urlacher play, stole some of his DNA and cloned him. Of all the prospects in the last few years, I'd say he's the most Lachish.

    And although he is graded very highly, he's not a pass rushing LB, which might make him fall. Also, experts correctly project him as a 4-3 LB, so some 3-4 teams might pass on him.

    Still, I'm holding out hope that Lach has 2-3 more good years in him ala Lewis.

    If Keuchly does fall and we draft him, that means Lach's knee is not as healthy as they're trying to sell us.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Had not really thought about the fact that Pep might not have many more years left than BU.

  • Mock draft of top 18:
    1 Indy - Andrew Luck
    2 Washington – Robert Griffin III
    3 Minny – Matt Khalil
    4 Cleveland – Trent Richardson [No RB pickup in FA]
    5 Tampa Bay – Morris Claiborne
    6 St. Louis – Justin Blackmon
    7 Jacksonville – Melvin Ingram (DE) [bookend to Mincey]
    8 Miami – Ryan Tannehill (QB)
    9 Carolina – Dontari Poe (DT) [BPA, need to upgrade D]
    10 Buffalo – Quinton Coples (DE) [bookend to Mario, BPA]
    11 Kansas City – David DeCastro (G) [would have been Reiff, but they got Winston]
    12 Seattle – Luke Kuechly (LB) [would prefer DeCastro, but not Reiff, BPA and need a LB]
    13 Arizona – Riley Reiff (OT) [Floyd a possibility, but Reiff is BPA]
    14 Dallas – Fletcher Cox (DT) [Has Cowboy style, Floyd also possible here]
    15 Philly – Dre Kirkpatrick (CB) [BPA and a need, Floyd also possible]
    16 NYJ – Michael Floyd [New team for Sanchez, BPA]
    17 [Bengals tender to Steelers for Mike Wallace] – Janoris Jenkins (CB) [BPA, youth for the D, Bengals could also take the same player]
    18 San Diego – Jonathan Martin (OT) [Youth, BPA, Biggest position of need]
    19 Bears ???

    In this mock, I think we're a lock to take a DE. There are three available: Mercilus, Courtney Upshaw, and Nick Perry.

    Also available would be Kendall Wright and Stephen Hill at WR, plus Konz at C, and Mike Adams at OT. There are some solid DTs left as well, but I can't see us looking there.

    Bloggers, with the above players taken, who do you draft?

    And if we say that San Diego takes Mercilus, leaving Martin on the board, who do you draft?

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    It's a tough one. And best mock I've seen. We definitely need a DE, but in my mind we have a RG playing C and moving forward -well, how long do we wit before drafting repalcements for Kreutz and Urlacher? When they retire/get injured it's just too late, they need to be in place. So if we draft Mercilus we're good, if we draft Konz we're good. Where a lot of my 'Move Forte' talk came from was wanting more picks - getting both guys.

    If it's between a LT and Konz I'd still go with Konz. CW or GC are going to be better than a rookie LT next year, and I'm in the boat that says we only have the core of this roster for a couple of years, especially on D.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    My head says we need a OT but I'm pretty sure we'll draft D-line. I pick Mercilus.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    This year and in this draft, Center is a luxury - DE is a necessity.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    No way guys.

    Martin is as high as #10 in some mocks:

    You don't pass on Martin if he is there, an immediate starter and replacement to Webb.

    If Merciless goes high (he won't), but if he did, you GRAB Martin.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I was talking about Center, specifically. And that position IS a luxury. If a franchise LT falls to us, well, that's a different story.

  • Solid mock. I agree with you for the most parts. Some disagreements.

    #15 Philly. They already have 3 CBs. I think they're either gonna draft DT/DE (like Cox) or LB (even though they got Ryans).

    #14 Dallas. Even thought they signed Carr, I still think they draft a CB (Jenkins). Ryan's D thrives on pressure, and he knows his CBs have to hold up.

    #13 Seattle. LB Courtney Upshaw suits their more aggressive pass rush versatile scheme I think.

  • #15 - What's the story with Asante Samuel then? Have he and the team burried the hatchet? I could still see him being cut after the draft once Philly ensures they get their man.

    #14 - The issue there (I think) is that Cox is a special player and there will be a run on all the remaining D-line talent in the bottom third. I agree Dallas, like NYJ, needs great corners, but I think they go big at DT. Ultimately it will depend on a couple of people's opinion about which is the better player overall, both spots are big positions of need.

    #13 - Again, I think Seattle pulls the trigger on a high value player in Reiff that should not have dropped to them. Plus I think Carroll likes his recruiting skills and pass rushers enter FA a lot more often than OTs.

    But if we give Seattle Upshaw, then Arizona probably takes Kueckly.

    At that point if Dallas takes Jenkins and Philly takes Cox, the Jets will still take Floyd, the Steelers will take Dre K, the Chargers will take Reiff over Martin, and that leaves us with a choices between both Martin and Mercilus. We weren't taking Upshaw anyway - he's a 3-4 guy.

    So the question returns to who do we take? Martin, Mercilus, or someone else like Perry, Hill, Wright or Konz?

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:


  • Has anyone seen Perry play? To be honest, the only reason I want Mercilus is because his nickname is a no-brainer.

    Are there any humungous safeties out there in this year's draft? Somebody we could get in the weight room and turn into Brian? Because the available Mikes don't scream Chicago Bears at me.

    Could we throw Hester and a pick at somebody for a higher pick to grab a LB too?


    ... or is it more than just rumor that Tice has plans for Hester and route one?

  • Hester's contract is not as bad as you think it is.

    He is would be getting paid big bucks but that was only if he put up WR numbers.

    So, for the greatest kick returner , we kind of have him for really cheap right now.

  • And what exactly would we get as compensation for a KR?

    Answer: not a whole helluvalot.

  • fb_avatar

    I would be more than happy if Emery bring in Andre Carter, Geoff Schwartz and Green Ellis.
    -Carter would be at his best in a 60%-40% rotation with Izzy.
    -Schwartz can play G and T so you can create this O Line if you want to Carimi-Williams-Garza-Lois-Schwartz or the crazy one in which Webb still is a starter Webb-Louis-Garza-Schwartz-Carimi.
    -Emery needs protection and leverage with Forte so he has to bring in a good RB. Green Ellis is a very good RB.

    Looking at the Chiefs you have to like their secondary. Young good all around players. So I think is best if Emery drafts potential starters here.

    Miahi (Romania)

  • And some of us thought journalism was dead! Where's this guy been? I love it.


  • Did Matt Spaeth get released?

  • In reply to gpldan:

    No. Though him and Barber could be released.

  • http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/03/20/vikings-hint-they-prefer-morris-claiborne-to-matt-kalil/

  • So long as Okoye remains unsigned, we have no greater need than a DT.

  • As I've been saying all along SAFETY FIRST! I was at the Oakland game when we got burned deep up the sideline to set up yet another field goal by the fat man. We cut out a few big plays last year and we turn at least 3 of those L's into W's

  • If we actually got to the QB, that would not be an issue.

  • From what I heard on Sirius the last couple of days about Landry's Achilles and his decision to not pursue a surgical fix to the problem, I'm betting Lovie didn't want to repeat Mike Brown's final months as a Bear.
    He would've been cheap, but a real crapshoot as far as health.

  • Izzy probably got re-signed on the strength of his wedge-busting. He is an amazing wedge buster and can actually make an open field tackle against a return man, I've seen him do it.

    He'll probably get demoted to 2nd string swing DE, with Pep and Merciless. I know Old Sauce will be clamoring for Merciless in the draft room and Lovie will probably back him. Emery is just a paper pusher, Lovie is calling all the shots this draft.

    WIth those two, and perhaps some sort of improvement, esp. against the run, from Wootencommon, maybe we can compete. We desperately need to replace Roach with an OLB that can blitz.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to gpldan:

    Tired of hearing about Mercilus. Just don't think he's all that. Watched clips of the Illinois /Ohio State game and if he is all that, it made me want Mike Adams who regularly stoned him. Adams got beat maybe once on an outside speed rush.

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    I'm good with Adams. Merciless is a project, only one year of play, a gamble.

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    Watched the whole season, not clips, and he is all that.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I watched clips on a site that was promoting him and he looked good, not great. He's got a great speed rush, and no moves.

  • Broncos tender an offer to Caleb Hanie to back up Manning.


  • In reply to gpldan:

    Are you fucking serious?

    my god, wtf is wrong with those people?!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Hanie is a CSU kid. His roots run deep there, with the right people.

  • Mohammad Sanu ran a 4.41 at hid proday

  • Where is he projected to go?

  • In reply to gpldan:

    2nd round

  • You simply CANNOT have a different playbook for a backup QB in the NFL. And Tebow requires his own playbook.

    He pretty much has to go somewhere that he can start. The only place I can think of, where his option based book is even PLAUSIBLE, is Cleveland and the Browns. And I think they are committed to McCoy.

    He needs to go to a Jesus freak city, and Jacksonsville is sticking with Gabbert. They put alot into him.

    So, we may have a situation where the most popular player in the NFL can't get a roster spot.

  • In reply to gpldan:



    Radio just reported: Jets sent a 4th round pick to Denver for Tebow.

    Tebow a Jet.


    Sean Payton is suspended for ONE FULL YEAR. No contact with the NFL *at all*, and a $500k fine. Saints docked their 2nd round pick in 2012 and 2013.

    Greg Williams got a lifetime ban from the NFL. Joe Vitt, asst coch, got 6 games. Vilma gets 6 games.

    Yo Saints? Here's some Vaseline. You need it.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I think the NFL has sent it's message!!!!

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Since the "program" was at it's height in 2009, I think that voiding the Saints Super Bowl title that year would have been appropriate.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Saints pay the fine, btw, not Payton

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    ok, that wasn't clear. Thanks.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to gpldan:

    But he forfeits $7million salary......

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    Yeah, ouch!

  • In reply to gpldan:

    wow. brutal.

    (both the saints and the jets taking tebow... littul tebus should loooove that locker room vibe. Get your converting the heathens hat on son. Hee hee)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Really. Plenty of opportunity for a Tebow ministry beneath MetLife stadium.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    The Jets are by far the most entertaining team in the league right now.

    Tebus, Sanchez, and the wacky neighbors downstairs - Holmes and Cromartie...
    Sign me up.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    LOLing in his grave, Charles Martin is.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    fuck charles martin... in his grave. Piece of packer scum

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yep. Talk about a different time (from wiki):

    "During pre-game warm-ups, Martin displayed a white hand-towel with a list of Bears offensive players' numbers, which he wore during the game. He allegedly claimed that it was a hit-list.

    After a Jim McMahon interception, Martin grabbed him from behind and body-slammed him to the ground. Replays showed that Martin hit McMahon at least two seconds after the pass was thrown, well after McMahon was out of the play. McMahon landed full force on his previously injured shoulder--a situation exacerbated by Soldier Field's artificial turf surface of the time--and was knocked out for the rest of the season.

    Martin was ejected from the game and suspended for two games. This was the first multi-game suspension for an on-field incident in modern NFL history, and would remain the longest suspension for an on-field incident until Albert Haynesworth of the Tennessee Titans was suspended five games for stomping on the head of Dallas Cowboys center Andre Gurode in 2006.

    Two games.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Did the s.o.b. ever take the field against the Bears again?

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I don't recall. The Packers shipped him to another team the next year. I don't remember if he played against the Bears in a Packer uniform that year, or in another uniform another year.

  • Has there always been a link to this site on the Si.com? I had never seen it before.

  • In reply to JerseyBear:

    This mock gives us Floyd. Floyd would be great.


  • In reply to gpldan:

    Yea, that would work for me. Have you ever seen DBB linked like that before???

  • In reply to JerseyBear:

    yes, it's how I found this place.

    I don't want a WR in the first. I would love dreK or mercilus. Where does mark barron project to go? Will he fall to our second pick? I can't see that happening.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to JerseyBear:

    Been there forever. One of the first places I go, because it has good links. I also think that is how I found this site.

  • WOW, one year suspension. That is harsh. Plenty of coaches could have had this handed to them. Remember when Da coach ordered the opposing kicker creamed on a kickoff? I can agree with some of the punishment handed out, but other parts of this seem out of line.

  • Naanee and Evans are available in FA?

    Legedu is 6'2" and would be a great #3. Evans is only 5'10", but I remember him being okay on the Bills when they didn't have anyone...

    I think either would be an upgrade over Martz's boy Roy.

    Not that #3 is really a need at this point, but I'd be happy with either of them on the cheap.

    What's up with Plax?

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    naanee is a damn good #3. Why in thee hell aren't we picking up him and plax on the cheapy cheap?

    Emery... fucking get it done man!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    how's this shit:

    #1 - Brandon 'The BEAST' Marshall
    #2 - Plax/Naanee
    #3 (slot) - Earl the Pearl
    #4 - Hester comes in for speed packages

    Cast off the newborn giraffe and sandendouchen

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    You usually carry 5 wideouts on a roster. zinzenwacker can be 5, because Knox is done.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Agreed, although Dane will need to learn to tackle on punts and kickoffs.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    First of all we have Weems. Second, I can see us carrying six guys even if we don't dress them all.

    But either way, we will draft at least one reciever this year. There's just too much talent in the draft not to. Sanzy might get brought to camp to compete, but I doubt he wins an open competition against someone we draft in the second or third round.

    He had a good year, and he should be given a chance to play somewhere, but it'll interesting to see if there's a spot for him here. Definitely hurts that he isn't more of a special teams guy.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    if nothing else Legadoo has an nfl top 10 "wtf" name

  • in central africa legadoo naanee is like John smith here coach.

  • Sean gets the hammer
    Rog shows the iron power
    Saints get mega fucked

  • Tebow to the Jets. Hard to believe.

  • Dear HB-HO-HO-HO:

    Please, Mother Mary of Ghod, do this season's hard knocks on the Jets again. Shots of Tebow watching Sanchez show up in the locker room, sporting his Namath fur coat and a supermodel with smeared lipstick on his arm, with some photographer from Details snapping his pic, and then cutting BACK to Tebow's expression - guys, that isn't TV. That is fucking HBO.


  • In reply to gpldan:

    can you imagine the perprtual look of abject horror on his face all year?!

    My god, he's going to have to have 2 hr prayer sessions before bed every night just trying to save half the guys on that team. Poor kid.

    (oh yeah, and welcome to the real NFL ((and world)))

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    It's right out of North Dallas 40. Seriously.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I have this fantasy of Summer 2012 Hard Knocks, where Rex has copies of foot fetish magazine on his office desk while speaking to Tim about the needs for hard work and team play.

    The episode could be entitled, "Little Timmy Goes to Sodom".

  • Madden 13 Cover Voting


    (How about Rodgers!)

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Oh, fuck yeah. I just voted for rodgers. Please let him get it... and then get fucking disemboweled on the field in game one next year.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    No, no, no.


    We need a Facebook campaign to get him on there. A convicted rapist and overall pigdude. The idea of him on Madden Lucky 13 is too good to pass up.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I definitely voted for Janikowski... One of my 5 players to keep in my keeper auction league (ONE DOLLAR!)...

    I am willing to sacrifice my entire league to get him on the cover. Kicker on the cover. So right.

    But still, give me Erin.

  • Erik, $... where is Mark Barron projected to go? If there isn't a worthy DE on the board at 19, I would want him (assuming Dre.k is already gone)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    He will be a late first round pick or early second round pick.

    I like him a lot but after the Marshall trade, we can't really trade up our 2nd and two 3rds to get him now.

    If he falls to us at the second round..we will be Angelo to not draft him.

  • what artoo said. Barron was banged up for the combine, so he really hasn't climbed or dropped, but he is considered by far the best S in a weak class.

    However, coverage isn't his strong point, and might be a better fit in a 3-4.

  • Goodell ii pounding the gavil down..."Here com da judge Amos"....makes ya wonder what he'll do to Marshall.

  • In reply to MaddBearfan:

    Ruh roh.

  • In reply to MaddBearfan:

    He might actually need the NY police to give a shit, before doing anything. And, right now, they could give one. A shit that is.

    They seem more interested in finding the crack whore that threw the bottle.

  • In reply to MaddBearfan:

    I know I'm naive but I don't think anything will happen to Marshall. The cops haven't done anything and they've been investigating. The woman that got hit sounds like a total gold digger. One of the other posters mentioned it was her birthday with a lot of friends and none of them testified in her behalf.. Lots of he said, she said crap at 4 AM.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Problem is that he could get hit with suspensions for even being in the news... I wouldn't doubt that.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    I know what you mean but don't think Goodell is that much of an asshole.

  • As part of Payton's HC contract, he has to work to get paid.

    The Saints, as a result, won't be paying his salary.

    Payton is, therefore, out $7M.

    As ET says.....owww-ch

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Hahahahaha. nice one.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Going to be tough to pay those legal bills without that income...hope he hasn't been accumulating residences.

  • I wonder how disgruntled Joe McKnight is, right now. Talk about a vote of no confidence.

    Do you think Cromartie and Tebow will hang out and discuss the finer points of NY state law on Child Support?

    Tony Sporano and the Wildcats.

    This shit writes itself. The Jets are going to set a new low for disaster franchise.

  • "#4 Veteran Left Tackle

    He won't necessarily take J'Marcus Webb's job..."

    Why the hell not? Oh wait because you insist on defending this bag of shit and his lack of doing the job.

    #1 O-line...heed my words gang...if Webb starts Cutty will be eating dirt very soon after the first snap he has to drop back. Sure we can give him help from the back field but WHY THE HELL SHOULD WE HAVE TO?

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    THen we should move Carmini to LT and go get Adams


  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    Ed Zachery, B4E. Webb is not the solution.

  • RT @MikeReiss: DE Mark Anderson, who revived his career with Pats in 2011, signs 4-year deal with Bills, per his agent (@sportstars).

  • Anderson bookends with Super Mario.

    I dunno. I'm underwhelmed. Although the Bills picked up a stud DT last year, I forgot his name, but that dude is Tommie in his prime.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    His name is Marcell Dareus.

    Dareus, Anderson and Williams will make waves in the AFC.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    they're loading up to rush Brady.

    They saw what the Gmen did. Copy cat league.

    We should do the same. The pass rush (and WR drops) made Rodgers look average.

  • Melton Cheese has to get better, then.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I like the bills next year, a DL was all they were missing. Good for them.

  • #Saints contract with free agent DT Brodrick Bunkley: 5-year deal, for $25 million, including a fully guaranteed $9 million, per @JayGlazer.

  • Bunkley used to be good, but that seems a little high. Maybe they're overpaying knowing they have no 1st/2nd or uh a HC.

  • hey.... what the fuck are they going to do about a HC and a DC?!? If they get someone else, do they bring payton back next year?

    Holy shit he must be so fucking angry/bummed. Wow.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Well, the DC is the Ram's DC, so Fisher's gonna have to find himself a new DC.

    Some speculate that the Saints will promote either their OC/DC, but neither are "geniuses".

    Sucks to be the Aints.

    Best comment I've heard about that, "Maybe the Aint fans will switch paper for plastic bags over their heads."

  • Saints better not be able to fire Payton and go head hunting around the NFL. If they (or the Rams) hire some other team's offensive coordinator or special teams coach (for example) that would truly suck for the other team. Please tell me they can't do that.

  • ha!

  • Maybe knowing they have a LOT of roster positions to fill come the penalties against the players that have not yet been handed down by the league...

  • Bears receivers coach Darryl Drake also at Baylor pro day. Obviously scouting Kendall Wright.

    Something to note.

    A lot of people who ran their 40 yard dash at the combine have ran even better ones on their pro days.

    Kendal Wright, Sanu, and more.

  • what was Wright's 40 at pro day Artoo? If he runs a 4.3-4, he might hop over Floyd again as #2 WR.

  • 4.46 and 4.41 are the unofficial 40 times making the rounds for Kendall wright here at Baylor pro day

  • Wright Highlights


    He looks like he has nice hands, route running, speed. He looks like a great slot or vertical threat, which when combined with Cutler's arm, would be scary.

    However, to me, Wright looks like more like a dangerous slot guy. Being 5'10 doesn't help, but if Stevie Smith has taught us anything it is that size sometimes doesn't matter.

  • Hearing a few teams have reached out to former Bills pass rusher Aaron Schobel. He's at least contemplating a return #freeagency

  • EVen though we "signed" Izzy, I'm sure the contract stipulates he has to make the final roster.

    I say, bring him in: let the competition begin.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    1 agree GP.

    I think "Izzy" resigning was a safe bet for E-Train..he's looking to upgrade..asap!

  • Non-Bears news...
    Shaka Smart, VCU head coach, has reportedly turned down an offer of $2.5 mil per to coach at Illinois.

  • Ra-Rooh....tee hee hee...... teboner effect:


  • In reply to lobotobear:


    Thou poor Rex......
    He hast spoken
    thy lightining has struck a Jet.

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    Don't Ryan, Sporano, and Tebow have the same agent, Jimmy Sexton? The Jets must have known, right?

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Crunch what a clusterf#$!#k.....

    The most dysfunctional team in the NFL..with Miami right behind them....hard to swallow but damn "bless the McCaskey's"..oops..I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    Yes indeed. Watching the mess in Miami has been very comforting with the Brandon Marshall thing hanging over the Bears head. The Phins really are stupid enough to trade Marshall for 2 3rds, knowledge of impending suspension not required.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    last night I watched mark 'avowed bears hater' schlereth say what an amazing deal it was and that our O should be very very dangerous this year.

    That's right... Ice..... Man. I am dangerous!


    (because we were................. inverted)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I'm a baaaad man.


  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    DId you know that Liston killed a cop? WIth his fists? Prior to this fight?


  • In reply to gpldan:


  • In reply to gpldan:

    deeeeeum gina!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    oh fuck stink

  • Jeff point this out.

    The bengals did not get Bush and went with GreenEllis.

    Thus, Bush could very well be on his way here.

  • Pretty please.

  • Saw an article pointing out that CJ1K is now fully guaranteed his $8 mil salary for 2012.

    One of the dumbest contracts ever constructed.

  • Since it's been in the news: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjuP4cGnm9o

  • In reply to MB30SD:


    nice MB....how's fam brah?

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    good lobo, hope you're is well too my man.

  • "Chicago Bears Mock Draft: Building the Perfect 7-Round 2012 NFL Draft"


  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Really, REALLY like that draft plan, although I know some of you (looking at you NB) will cry about how heavy it is on OL.

    Look guys, I can promise you that if cookie williams and/or garza go down hard next year there will be an outcry because we did nothing to fix the oline... AGAIN. Someone on that line IS going to go down next year. That, and they were still in the bottom 5 olines in all of the nfl. You don't think that needs to be fixed? Really?

    Fix the fucking oline. You can't throw a TD to marshall from your back... with a broken collar bone.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Mike Adams is a reach for our first round pick. If Martin or Reiff is on the board, we've got some serious thinking to do. If neither of them is left, then that means one of the other true first round talents we want is still there (Floyd, Mercilus, Kuechly, DeCastro). I would honestly even prefer to take a falling Trent Richardson than Mike Adams. Cordy Glenn is also a solid player, but not worth the first round pick.

    You have to let the right players fall to you, not reach. Reaching is what Angelo did and it makes the roster really thin as you get a lot of guys who are glorified backups or don't even stay on the roster past their rookie deal.

    The second round however, those are my two favorite picks for us in round 2 unless Emery falls in love with a reciever to play flanker. Curry looks like a great prospect at DE, and Osemele would be a quality pickup for the line. If there was a way for us to get back into the second round to grab both, I'd do it (but I don't think we have anything to trade with).

    Beyond that, I don't know enough about the players to comment. I won't complain if Emery spend two picks on O-line, or two picks on DE, but if we spend 5 picks on just those two spots, I'll be ticked off.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Very true. This is the case where Emery and Tice must earn their money. Olinemen are notoriously hard to evaluate. There's a lot of 1st round busts at that position.

    Mike Adams is exhibit A. He had a solid year in terms of production. He looked really good at the Senior Bowh. He's humongous and shows quick feet. He's one of those "upside" tackles who teams sometimes take a chance on. Some experts rate him higher than Jonathan Martin, and those who grade him lower, don't grade him much lower than Martin.

    Emery and Tice are just gonna have to watch the tape and judge if either is worth #19.

    Personally, I'm iffy on both with our pick. Reiff would ease my mind more, but again, some project him more as a RT.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    I've only seen Adams' youtube stuff, he's very reminiscent of Webb in pass pro - but Tice obviously knows more about it and he can see things I don't, if he deems Adams is the man, then so be it. One thing that will obviously have to change is his stance - you can tell if it's a pass play or a run play just by looking at which stance he's in. He gets pushed off-balance very easily by much smaller guys and does not exactly scream NFL left tackle IMHO.

    See what you think yourselves, here's 14 and a half minutes of Mike Adams :

    I trust our staff in the draft, I believe there are good scouts out there and that Angelo just ignored them. I trust Emery not to draft a WR in the first but find value further down in that respect. It's nice to be able to say you trust your GM in light of what's just happened in Miami.

  • damn it mommy the stench just wont come off!!!!!:


  • http://nfl.si.com/2012/03/21/current-former-saints-react-to-bounty-punishments/?sct=nfl_t11_a3

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    aaaaand, this: https://twitter.com/#!/ChrisWarcraft/

    (Chris Kluwe)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    MB...I likey his vocab...


    AND BTW....F.U. TOO!
    simple and to the point.

    tee hee hee

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    "this ish cray!!!"
    - - Pierre Thomas

    Easy on the Old Style, Pierre.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    I think it was more about this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ss2dn_QI5kE

    Wait for the gold at the end.

  • Hee hee


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    opps NYJ..

    don't count your te-boner's before they hatch! I think the jersey maybe blue and gold if I am correct.

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    I just don't see how Fisher wants Tebow. I don't get that.

    We want the Jets, We want the Jets!

    Just so I can say "Dirty Sanchez and Clean Tebow"

  • In reply to gpldan:

    GP...I guess papers were never sent to the NFL office about this trade...wtf? did "The one we do not name" have his hand in it...hahahahahahahahahaha

    ppssss..."Glitchy" are you still out there?

  • In reply to gpldan:

    The devil and angel on the shoulder commercials will write themselves.

  • Holy Clusterfu%$#!@$#!$k Batman:

    The Jaguars and Jets now are in discussions with the Broncos about a potential Tim Tebow trade, Michael Lombardi reports.

  • In reply to lobotobear:


    Donkey's want 5 mil back for trade of t-boner..especially since the dumper 96 mil on mangly.

  • Guys, we could be targeting Kendal Wright in the first round. Drake had dinner last night with him and Big bird said that he wont slip past 19

  • 5'10" 190... meh

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I know.

  • of course drake wants him. fuck me, why is that useless pos still our wr coach?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    jesus, get plax/naanee and save the draft for OL and D

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I have no clue what we see in Wright.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Absolutely. Screw rookies. Plax and The Beast? Bring it on.

    And as to why Drake is still around ... you got me.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    That's a very good question MB. That's what I was asking. I don't trust Drake to develop a cold.

    Beast is going to pretty much be our defacto WR coach.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Really... does he have dirt on Lovie or something? Of all things in my life as a Bears fan that have consistently and completely sucked, the two most glaring are the inability to develop QBs and inability to develop WRs.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    you forgot DBs too Dave.

    Why in thee fuck we still have drake and byrd on the payroll I have no fucking clue. I bet them and their families all have dinner at the smith's house every week. Best buds.

    Fucking lovie, he's done well I have to admit, but I still can't wait for that catatonic fuck to get fired/retire/leave. Him and his cronyism is the worst, not because I'm necessarily against cronyism as an ism, but because all of his cronies are fucking terrible.

    (I’m all for cronyism from orgs like the pats, steelers, even packers (sigh)… lovie has the bucks and the panthers. Fucking lovie)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Double meh, and fuck no.

  • dabearsblog Last place. RT@espn_nfcwest: Seahawks announce agreed to terms with former Bears OL Frank Omiyale

    ...honest question...

    I know NFL players are rare, but when guys like this and haney get picked up I just shake my head. Haven't they proven their terribleness enough? Oh right, YOOOOUUR scheme will change everything. God luck with that.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    i saw that and my brother in law and I started laughing our asses off.

    Also, I thought GP was kidding when he said Hanie was picked up by the Broncos.

    Kendall Wright is the wrong choice. We had him 2 years ago. His name was Freddie Barnes.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Where are you guys getting that? Last I saw, Denver is merely bringing Hanie in for a look. They haven't actually signed him... have they?

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Idk... I would have skipped class to put that on here.

    That would have been some funny stuff.

  • I'm not sure it's funny. It makes sense to bring Hanie in for a look if you think Martz destroyed everything he touched - except Cutler, of course.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Mike Martz was right about Hanie. He never said it but I know why we went after an old man..

  • Josh McCown? He's only 32.

    As for Martz being right about Hanie, I'll believe it when I see the quotes, in context. But lets assume they exist. Martz correctly predicted that a second-string QB could not succeed in his offense.

    No. Shit.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    buttsteak, you're a smart guy. Please just drop this line of thought before I lose respect.

    Hanie is a fucking McDonalds fry cook.... at best. He needs to quietly disappear from the NFL into a position at his dad's fertilizer company.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Maybe so. My comment was really about Martz. It doesn't seem ridiculous to me that Elway would want to take a look at a discarded backup QB who failed in Martz' offense. Hanie is far from the only backup QB who would have failed in that situation.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    (shakes head)

  • "Besides their 4th round pick, the Jets exchanging their 6th for the Broncos 7th was the difference. Jags only offered a 4th."
    -- Mike Klis of the Denver Post

    "...Jags refused to up the ante."
    -- Vic Lombardi of CBS Denver

    So, the Jags first and final offer was their 4th rd pick (which is sixth in the round) plus the 5 million they knew they'd have to pay Tebow.

    The Jets final offer was their 4th rd pick (which is 13th in the round) and their 6th rd pick (in exchange for Denver's 7th), plus 2.5 of the 5 million owed Tebow. Denver agreed to pay the other 2.5 mil.

    So basically, Denver paid 2.5 million in exchange for a 6 position downgrade in a 4th rd pick and a 39 position upgrade in a 7th rd pick.

    Shouldn't Denver have opted for the extra 2.5 mil and the upgraded 4th rd pick??? What am I missing?

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Now Klis is saying the Jags agreed to pay just 2.5 mil - same as the Jets. But Schefter says Jags agreed to pay "most, if not all" the 5 million.

    Schefter, afaik, was the one who reported that the final decision would be Tebow's. Immediately thereafter, he reported that Denver said it would "do the trade that's best for the franchise." IDK if there has been anything definitive on who ultimately made the choice between the Jets and Jags.

    Screw it. Who gives a shite.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    I was about to just reply saying the same thing.

    Not our problem.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Rex Ryan was the Target. He he.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Yeah, I know, who cares, but...

    I checked a Draft Value Chart to see if it's true, as Klis, Lombardi, and others claim, that the picks offered by the Jets are worth more than the pick offered by the Jags.

    The Jets 4th rd pick is worth 16 points less than the Jags 4th.
    The Jets 6th rd pick is worth 15.6 points more than Denver's 7th.

    In other words, the Jets matched the Jags offer to a tee. The only difference between the two offers is the amount of money each side agreed to pay towards Tebow's 5 million dollar bonus.

    If, as originally reported, the Jags had taken it for granted during the first round of negotiations that they would be on the hook for the bonus, and if the Jets were unaware of the bonus, it's understandable how the bonus might not have entered into the discussions. The Bronco's would simply have assumed that both sides had read and accepted the terms of Tebow's contract.

    On the other hand, if the Jags had actively negotiated to pay only a portion of the bonus, the Bronco's would have had to negotiate payment of the bonus with the Jets as well. There is no way the Jets could have remained unaware of it.

    So the most likely scenario is, as originally reported, the Jets had no clue about the bonus. The Jags initial offer was therefore worth 5 million dollars more than the Jets initial offer. It's still worth 2.5 million more than the Jets offer.

    Schefter was probably right when he said the Bronco's let Tebow decide. Tebow chose NY over Jacksonville, and Denver swallowed the 2.5 million dollar difference. Now they're lying about it, because the Bronco's don't want to admit that they failed to act in the best interests of the franchise, and Tebow doesn't want to admit that he chose NY over Jacksonville.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    It beggars belief - surely Tebow is worth more staying on the Broncos roster than a 4th and a 6th? They have a single QB on their roster now. They'd only have to pay him just over a million this year.

  • Elway must really hate Tebow.

  • It would have beggared belief for him to stay.

    They didn't pay Manning a kings ransom to come out of the game for wildcat packages, nor do they think Tebow is remotely capable of running the same offensive playbook that Manning will install as de facto Offensive Coordinator. Nor is the current braintrust going to tolerate yet another year of the faithful Tebowites shouting from the rafters of Invesco for dear Timmay to take the field.

    If they don't think Manning is going to stay healthy, and I don't believe he will, then they shouldn't have signed him to that asinine contract to begin with. But they did, which meant Tebow leaving was inevitable.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    It is an interesting question though... who do the Broncos intend to use as a backup?

    Curtis Painter (backup in Indy) is the one and only QB rated lower than Hanie on Walterfootball. I think there's room for debate though.

    Josh Johnson is the only real quality prospect left. Outside of him... Billy Volek? Mark Brunnell? Kyle Boller?

    Its possible they could look at the draft. Groom someone under Manning for 2-3 years...

    Maybe Brock Osweiler in the 3rd. Maybe B.J. Coleman in the 5th?

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Sure - I mean, no matter who they throw into the mix, they will run a limited version of the offense and they will be reliant on their D to save them. If Manning goes down, the whole thing comes down around their ears.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    no way SD lets volek go... he's got a job there forever. And it's too bad, he's probably the best back up QB I've ever seen play (in more than 1-2 games).

    Elway is betting the farm, and when turtlehead goes down again... for good... he's going to be fucked.

  • According to Jensen

    #Bears are down to $7.5 million in salary cap space, according to two league sources. Restructures and extensions COULD create more room

    This is actually really close to what I projected a few threads back. In fact, I was only 100K off.

    I don't see how we're going to have room for Bush, but I guess if we release some players some room can be made.

  • must re-sign Okoye

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    Can't agree with you more. I thought he should've been signed day one, but I guess a lot of teams like him too (this is why I don't believe in 1 yr deals - the Lions went through the same song and dance with Tulloch).

    I'm also on record as stating that I don't trust one year wonders (which is why I wasn't exactly high on Avril). Melton to me is a one year wonder. There's no history saying he'll have 7sks again. The 3 tech is so important to our D . Anderson got 12 sks once; Izzy got 10.

    Let's make sure we insure ourselves.

  • Okeye is not a 3 tech guy. He's gotta sit down on the center and rg and stuff the run.

    Toe is Melton's backup at the 3 tech.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Excuse me.... left guard

  • https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=370854499615084&set=a.312126418821226.79297.100000716122775&type=1&theater

    Funny as hell

  • As for needs, we all have to create two separate categories. I) Immediate Needs (as in NEEDS to win SB in 2012). II) Long Term Needs.

    I. Immediate Needs [short term].

    1A) LT ( a TRUE LT. Unfortunately, they don't fall to #19)
    1B) DE (Protect QB, attack QB)

    2) CB (Trust Jennings? Neither do I. Can't have enough CBs)

    3) WR (if Beast goes down, then what? Hester and BackBrace?)

    II. Long term

    1) LB. Lach, Briggs, blah blah blah

    2) S. Neither Wright nor Conte are proven commodities. Yet.

    3) C/G. Garza's serviceable. Ed Williams, LL and Spencer?

  • Hester and backbrace! Yeah, Plax would be a good pickup, and if we traded our lower picks for a higher one maybe we could actually sign him

    This Reiff guy doesn't look terrible, better than Webb:


  • Here's my take on Emery's mindset. I think he's done enough to plug last years major deficiencies on the roster. I'm looking for a fabulous draft, solid high quality picks. He's going to make Lovie prove he belongs as head coach before kicking it up to the next level.

  • fb_avatar

    I would like some news today please. Need my Chicago Bears fix. You guys are great entertainment and know your football. But we are stirring the same pot over and over. Let's go Bears!, Let's go Bears. Make a move. Okeye, Bush, something.

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    Just bring up health care reform and it'll get popping again.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    There's this thing about the currency... (oh shit, sorry!)

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    damn you

  • Dr. Phil's Cheat Sheet for Draft Day

    Rule A: If Floyd is there at 19, you take him. You take him over Adams and Merciless.
    Rule B: If Floyd is not there, you do not go get Stephen Hill from GT. You do not chase Kendall Wright. If Floyd is gone, then it's possible the guy who has dropped is Cordy Glenn. You take him and you put Spencer on the bench as father time's backup.

    Rule C: In the first round, you grabbed Floyd or Glenn. If you grabbed Floyd, you can move to the D side of the ball. Hosley at corner is an okay pick, a better pick is Harrison Smith at SS. Wright is a FS, stop trying to make him play in the box, he'll just shatter like pringles in the can.

    Hopefully, you have something like a guard and a SS at this stage, o maybe a WR and CB. If it's the former, you need to address wideout, if its the latter, OL.

    3rd round quality selections include Marvin Jones or Nick Toon at WR. Brandon Washington at RG, if you skipped over.

    If you grabbed guards, you must go get a FA LT to compete with Webb. This is ALL contingent on Carmini's status. If he's not going to be 100%, forget everything I said about guards and take tackles.

    Good luck Phillip. Let's see what you are made of.

  • fb_avatar

    Nooooooo, that's why I come here. In fact I have a theory that First World Countries are great, because they channel their passion into sports, instead of religion and blowing shit up.

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    go on youtube and search for "Afganistan (or iraq) apache helicopter killing taliban"

    We don't blow shit up? Oh, we blow shit up WELL!

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    Since when are we not a First World country?

    We've been blowing shit up for 236 years and going strong. Not sure what the fuck you're talking about. The Netherlands maybe?

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    the netherlands. hee hee

    Rabbit, where were you last night maings? I fixed shady's bluetoofs for him, he can hear again. Get some.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    he meant blowing each other up inside the country mainge. Like Dems blowing up Republicans or Jews killing Christians at a state fair or at a political rally.

    For the most part we care more about Beyonce's baby's shirt color and how many tenths of a second faster some kid from college is compared to some guy one year out of college instead of the fact that since we are different in some ways we must try to eradicate each other.

  • How's Michael Bush to for the Cedric Benson role you were looking for?

  • fb_avatar

    I think all they need to do is to get along in the locker room and for forte to relax and they will be a sick team. I wrote all about this in my blog as well as a nice bet for u to take http://halftimechat.com/2012/03/sports-gambling-tip-for-nfc-2012-dark-horse-team/

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