Emery's Acquisitions & Silence Bear Fruit of Fan Confidence

Emery's Acquisitions & Silence Bear Fruit of Fan Confidence

I can't quite explain it, this feeling inside me. Over the course of the last eighteen months I have found myself defending the tenure of Jerry Angelo both here and across the Twitterverse. Never did I argue Angelo was a good GM, mind you, just that his applause meter should swing nearer to mediocre than terrible. (If Cedric Benson and Marc Colombo had their success in Chicago as opposed to Cincinnati and Dallas, respectively, Angelo's tenure would be viewed far differently.) But even I must admit I have of late experienced a deep, profound feeling inside me I have not felt in an awful long time: confidence in the general manager of the Chicago Bears.

It is not necessarily about what Phil Emery has done since a few minutes prior to the start of free agency on March 13th. I've written repeatedly that I believe the Brandon Marshall trade was a stroke of genius. But recent comments from Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, admitting the team was going to cut Marshall, make it even more so. Emery used a couple third round picks over two years to avoid a bidding war that - in a world where Laurent Robinson nets $32.5 million over 5 years from Jax - would have cost the Bears far more than Marshall's current contract.

The addition of Jason Campbell proved Emery was not willing to let a very talented Bears team repeat the mistakes of yesteryear. The additions of Eric Weems and Blake Costanzo illustrated Emery's commitment to special teams while also understanding the team was likely to lose Corey Graham on the open market. (In the past Mr. Angelo would have relied upon Dave Toub to develop another late-round selection into a Corey Graham type.)  The "controversial" contract given to Michael Bush makes the Bears one of the deeper offenses in the NFC (should Mr. Forte care to suit up). These were not headline-stealing signings but they are game-winning decisions. They are first downs, field position and roster depth.

But my feelings of confidence have also been about the decisions Emery has not made. Emery's acquisition of Marshall enabled him to avoid the absurdly high numbers paid to unproven receiving commodities like Robinson and Pierre Garcon. His refusal to enter the Mario Williams sweepstakes shows a GM comfortable in his own skin; unafraid to disappoint a desperate fan base short term for the better good of a long term organizational plan. While rumored to the contrary Emery did not write a big check to Cortland Finnegan or Brandon Carr. $50 million for a position that is being continually devalued by an evolving NFL rule book? No thanks.

Perhaps Emery's smartest decision has been to not jump into the public discussion of Matt Forte's contract. While Forte, the newspapers, current players (Greg Olsen, Robert Mathis) and former players (our friend Cam Worrell and Alex Brown) have debated the Double Deuce's worth in regard to a lucrative contract extension, Emery has stayed silent. He didn't defend his Bush decision. He didn't castigate Forte for making his emotions public. He didn't reaffirm to Forte and the fans that a deal was in the works. He has stayed silent. And in that lack of noise can be perceived an air of confidence and leadership that Angelo seemed to projected as arrogance and disorganization. Emery does not panic. He does not take a reactionary approach. Fans know there's a plan even if we never hear it said aloud.

You don't win champions in March. Just ask the 2011 Super Bowl champion New York Giants - a team considered by most, including myself, to be the overwhelming loser of the 2011 off-season. But what Phil Emery has won is the confidence of a fan base that had lost faith in the ability of Halas Hall to build a championship roster from top to bottom. A Halas Hall that served fans a dish called Caleb Hanie. Emery has won that confidence but he should not know it will not last long if Spring strategy does not deliver Autumn and Winter wins. Not in Chicago. Not with the Bears.

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  • first to say i'd like to reserve judgment until the draft.

    yes, his FA approach is to be applauded, but we've applauded some of jerry's offseason acquisitions in the past. emery is supposed to be Donny Draft - let's see it happen

  • In reply to evantonio:

    I agree wholeheartedly, Evan. The opening moves of the match look strong for Emery, but let's see what happens in the development phase of the chess match that is NFL general management.

  • Good piece.

    The draft should be interesting. This draft will be an event for me, and I believe for all of us... because this year... after many, is the first time there is hope. Real, true, hope... hope that every pick could turn out to be a Jerry rice or tom Brady. It won't come close to working out that way no matter how good emery is, but damn... doesn't the simple hope of a decent draft feel good?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    No kidding, MB. I gave up on JA about 3 years ago. I tried to defend him because our record was OK but at some point you have to admit the obvious. That's one of the reasons I've been a loyal Lovie supporter. No doubt Lovie isn't great at some things but I think he consistently has the team play above the talent level.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I had hope last season, to the bitter end. What I feel now is actual confidence. Not much, but the most since San Diego before thumbageddon.

  • Gotta agree with both Jeff and Evan. I like his work so far but the job is far from completed. We need to sign more FA's for depth and a good draft is a must. We had 5 undrafted FA's make the roster last year. Nothing against any of those guys but that said volumes about JA's poor skills at building a roster. The same glaring holes year in and year out and no depth.

  • While Forte, the newspapers, current players (Greg Olsen, Robert Mathis) and former players (our friend Cam Worrell and Alex Brown) have debated the Double Deuce's worth in regard to a lucrative contract extension, Emery has stayed silent. He didn't defend his Bush decision. He didn't castigate Forte for making his emotions public. He didn't reaffirm to Forte and the fans that a deal was in the works. He has stayed silent.

    Ummm... Jeff. Can you archive this paragraph?

    Let's pull this puppy out in about a year, and then in 2. It will be viewed in a different light then. This guy's MO is silence. He's the Stonewall Jackson of GMs. Everything that goes down in Halas from here on out will make the NSA look like PBS.

    Just a slightly different take on that. We are now in the era of Utter Bear Secrecy. Call it the UBS era, after a financial firm also noted for utter secrecy.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Hehe...Emery's a navy guy, so maybe we can call him "Red October" (as in the silent sub in the movie "The Hunt for Red October").

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to gpldan:

    As a fan, that can't get enough news on the Bears, the silent treatment is tough, but I believe it is a good approach. Let actions speak the loudest.

  • Rodgers Dead!

    it's all i could come up with today. i'm exhausted.

  • Of course, the Brandon Marshall deal might blow-up in Emery's face. But imo, that happens only if there is more to the Chelsea nightclub incident than we've been led to believe by the inaction of the NYPD and TMZ.

    If nothing comes of that incident, but Marshall's off-field woes continue, Emery rolled the dice and crapped out. It was a risk worth taking.

    I simply do not believe Ross when he says that the Phins shopped Marshall but no one returned his calls. That is the most obvious lie ever uttered. It might be true that no one was willing to top the Bears offer, and Ross chose not to mention it in order to avoid further questioning on the subject, but there is no way in hell a receiver of Brandon Marshall's caliber doesn't draw interest.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Agree with your two points Buttsteak.

    1) Marshall's a gamble but a gamble worth taking for the price.

    2) Ross is full of B.S. He was just doing damage control for the fans protesting in front of the stadium, which must have been embarassing.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    I think, Crunch, that it will be a worthwhile gamble so long as the acquisition of Marshall does not preclude the Bears executing a Plan B for a potential #1 should Marshall crap out. If the front office relaxes, assuming all is well with Brandon, and he gets in trouble and is not available, what then?

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    So much depends on Marshall, it's true. But Emery doesn't seem like someone who puts all his eggs in one basket. The way he moved immediatly on Jason Campbell, plus his acquisition of utility guys like Costanzo and Weems, makes me think he's probably on it.

  • Though I've been quiet for quite a while, I've been following everything and all of your reactions to the moves made, Emery's decisions and all moves made and not made. I think Brandon Marshall was a total coup, and demonstrates mad genius. Not only getting a true #1 WR, but one who has the best chemistry possible with #6 possible, is a master stroke. While I agree with passing on Super Mario, I believe we still need a complimentary edge rusher to Peppers. If DeCastro is there at 19, I would take him in a heartbeat. Kid is a mauler. Other than that, Mercilus is the way to go. My true preference would be to trade for Jared Allen, but his $14.2 mil cap hit this year probably prevents us from doing it. Would be great if we could restructure his deal. Cutler/Forte/Marshall is the best Chicago has ever seen......on paper. Hope it's as good in reality as it will be in our minds for the next 6 months. Bear Down.

  • In reply to MattySouthside:

    I agree on C/F/M, and that's part of the reason why I want to see Forte happily signed to a multi-year deal so badly.

    Those three, with some help from guys like Earl and a hopefully confident and upgraded Kellen Davis, would be unique in my 45 years as a Bears fan. DAMN I want it to happen.

    Some of your (Irish, Evan, and a couple others no doubt) have been on the pointy end of some barbs of mine, and I hope you're all not taking it too personally. I just REALLY want this to come off, and while others *might* work out, we *know* that Matt will.

  • Elliot Harrison article on Emery and the Bears' OL:

    A receiver who has averaged 95 catches per year over the past five seasons - acquired for two 3rd round picks. The best free-agent running back plucked off the market - for 1/3 the guaranteed money as players of similar skill.

    Phil Emery, how do you do? What a couple of weeks it's been for the new Chicago Bears GM. Talk about making your presence felt...

    ...continue reading.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Great analysis IMO. We still need OL beyond a doubt.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    "Which brings us to old reliable, Matt Forte. His presence -- despite unhappiness with his contract and Bush's arrival -- still makes the whole thing go. He's the queen on the chessboard ... the modern day Priest Holmes or Marshall Faulk who can line up outside, be a large factor in the screen game and play a traditional halfback. It's just that now teams will also have to prepare for those one or two series a half when the Bears play power football with Bush. The two-back system worked in Oakland. It even worked when it became a one-back committee, (i.e. when Darren McFadden couldn't stay healthy)."

  • Tebow Time!


  • In reply to gpldan:


  • In reply to gpldan:

    Loved the photo and bit about sacrificing a virgin.

  • E-Trains new Management meetings start with this:


  • In reply to lobotobear:

    That corny stuff makes me laugh every time. Great TV show and a good movie.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    yeah Canada...I was surprised on the movie too..

  • In reply to lobotobear:


  • btw..agree blogfader..I am very confident that all E-Trains moves are from a business stand point-aka best to serve team rather than one individual and not driven by good ol' boys and emotion. That's LDL's job for all to love each other.

    I am on the E-Train and I feel with his choices we are going to end up in New Orleans SB Station with the Silver Monster and rings for all .

  • JA is the reason PE inherited the best special teams in the league. (Dave Toub, Brandan Abeyanedjo, Tim Shaw, Skunk, Robbie Gould, Cameron, D. Manning, J. Knox, this list could keep going). Both demonstrate an institutional commitment to ST, which falls in line with our overall strategy to win ball games. (Field position, time of possession...)

    Agree on the Marshal comments. I thought the same thing (we saved an assload of cash) when I read that in the Trib. To suggest we overpaid with the 2 three's is shortsighted.

    I think rule number one going into a draft is to go in without a need, which gives you more flexibility and allows you to take the best player available. With that said, we will need to sign a DT before the draft. Okuye deal needs to get done.

    Over time, when a pick does go wrong (it will) and we loose a string of games (we will), Emery will be forced out of his shell. He needs to be prepared. (Those vultures aren't going anywhere)...

    I'm on board.

  • I salute Emery. Think about it. Our back-up QB and HB STARTED for the Raiders. We have an UNDISPUTED top 5 WR, who is big, aggressive, productive, consistent and oh, has built in chemistry with Cutler. We went after Mincey and were literally 5 min away from signing him. OK, no prob. sign Izzy to add depth and improve our specials. Constanzo is a grinder too who adds depth to our thin LB core. Knox is questionable at best, so we get another SP stud and option for Cutty. Jennings is a serviceable CB who will most likely be pushed by whomever we draft. We kept Davis because the TE market this year is shabby.

    We went from having multiple glaring holes to depth in one month, and we haven't even reached the draft or FA post draft.

    As Dickenson says...Hope is a thing with feathers...

  • Well put Jefe, I think we can all share those sentiments. I'm not worried about the draft. It's as if Emery has tapped into the fan's minds and made sensible moves that brought in game-changers. About the only desire I have yhat he hasn't fulfilled is cutting Spencer to acquire Plax.

    The draft is likely where he'll excel - adding Bush and Marshall were no-brainers. The draft is where Angelo's ego caused this franchise to weaken every year as he ignored his scouts and kept our sleeping giant in slumber. Every year as a fan we say to ourselves that this could be the year. I think now - even at this early stage - there is expectation that it is so. The draft is Emery's part piece. The Bears are ready to roar again.

    I feel Tice has a workable line going forward which will be augmented in the draft. If we do that in the first round it's likely we don't get much help at DE this year and our defense will be good but not great. As always, we are an Urlacher injury away from a poor defense. I've always maintained that Olin and Brian needed backups drafted in the first, there can be no quick fixes to the persistent damage Angelo's ignorance has done to us. Drafting a WR in the first will just be a kick in the balls.

    We either get Konz or draft Olin's replacement in the first next year. Ditto Urlacher. If neither of those avenues are pursued, it's either Ming or the best tackle available not named Mike Adams. We can probably survive without drafting a center this year. We cannot survive without getting someone to stand in for Brian. We can survive with Gabe or CW at LT. Defensive end or LB must be addressed at a high level though.

    Whoever we draft ... the Bears will roar again

  • The tough part, Irish, is how do you replace an Urlacher? It won't be easy as all Bears fans know. He is the glue that makes the whole thing work and without him the defense is at best mediocre.

    I sure hope that knee is okay.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    That's the zillion dollar question. I don't know the answer. But we have to draft a body to go in there when he can't.

  • I think that's why I keep hoping for Keuchly. He just *seems* like the guy, although now with Emery it seems okay to actually trust that the team might know a little more about drafting than we do!

  • Needless to say, Emery is not done yet. But his moves so far have made it obvious what he might prioritize in the draft. Here's the positions based on FA which I think Emery will target in the first 3 rounds.

    DE. No secret that the Bears were going after Mincey and Super Mario. Neither worked out for various reasons; nevertheless, the attempt reassures me. It tells me that he too deems Izzy a swing DE and not the starter.

    CB. What happened to Calvin Hayden? Anyhow, it took a little while for the Bears to re-sign Jennings. This signifies that they were seriously looking at Finnegan and CB in FA. When the price ballooned to $50M, Emery prudently said, "No thanks". I still expect this position to be drafted early on.

    DT. Regardless of the turnout in Okoye, the hard attempt to re-sign him signals that he wants to have more competition at the position. Hopefully, we can get Okoye and focus on other positions on day one.

    LT? This is the biggest question mark which concerns me. From everything I've read, the Bears made NO attempt in signing a tackle. They kicked the tires on a few old guards, but mums on OTs. Hopefully he is quietly eying some prospects here - after all, look at the Chiefs. They have one of the best and youngest Olines now, and it seems like Emery is following their blue print with a dominant rush attack, stud WR, and smothering D. Let's hope.

  • Bingo on Emery's upcoming moves 85. I think KC offers us somewhat of a blue print of what Phil intends to do. Exhibit A: Solid O line and a dangerous backfield. I think his plan to add to our defense will be a simple one. Mercilus and Jayron Hosley the CB out of VTech in the 2nd? Then the best available O-lineman, Maybe Mitchell Swartz OT from Cal if he's still available.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    We definitely need to grab a good CB - I was never sold on Jennings. Bowman got 6 INTs one year - only 4 people had more - Jennings can only dream about that.

  • Bowman could never stay healthy, which was the knock on him coming out of Nebraska. I wanted him to be Tillman's heir apparent but he isn't.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    I hear a lot of good things about Hosley, but he's a little small (5'10 185).

    I'd prefer Trumain Johnson (6'2 200). If he survives till our 2nd pick, we should swoop in on him.


    Luckily for us, this draft is deep in WRs, and CBs to a lesser extent. Factor in that we seek a very scheme specific set of skills, and we can definitely upgrade the position.

    As for OTs, there's some decent ones there. The drop off after Kalil is steep, but maybe Tice can find a gem. Swartz is a name that pops up, as well as Nate Potters, Nate Allen, Bobby Massie and Zebrie Sanders. They all have their negatives, which is why they're projected as 2nd/3rd rounders, and I'm not sure if they'd overtake Webb right away, but we gotta address the position, that's for sure.

  • What happened to Calvin Hayden? Anyhow, it took a little while for the Bears to re-sign Jennings. This signifies that they were seriously looking at Finnegan and CB in FA

    Jennings was benched last year in favor of Bowman, who got schooled by James Jones of the Packers BADLY. It was humiliating to see him out there on that island.

    Lovie really wanted Bowman not to suck. Unfortunately, he does.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Yeah, I remember that. Bowman couldn't defend the slant if his livelihood depended on it - and it DID!

    We're going to draft heavily on D I think.

  • --------------
    Sean Jensen

    RIP #TrayvonMartin I pray that your death is not in vain

    Can't post a pic of the avatar here, but if I'm not mistaken (am I?), that's Sean's son in a hoodie.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Unfortunately it was. Horrible tragedy. Just goes to show you how crime has a ripple effect. That guy that shot him was unqualified to be chasing down a suspected would be thief with a gun, obviously.. Unfortunately if there hadn't been so many breakin's in the neighborhood, he wouldn't have had to be there packing in the first place. I Blame the thugs that put the neighborhood on edge.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Thugs are always on the edge.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Who knows how long that jackass was packing. Not to get into a big fight with other posters but the US should be making it harder for people to carry a concealed weapon, not easier. I've hunted and fished my entire life. Before I came to Canada I had a half dozen handguns and enjoyed shooting them. Not once did I ever have the need to carry one. If you carry one you have to be willing to use it. Which should mean, knowing when to apply deadly force and more importantly, when not to. Unless you are trained to do this most people don't have the skill and reasoning to make that decision in a time of crisis.

    I always had one rule, if someone broke into my house I would call the police and stay in my bedroom. I would warn the intruder that the police have been called and if they came into the bedroom they would be killed. Thank goodness that never happened. You have insurance for anything that would be stolen. If you kill someone, you have to live with that the rest of your life. Not an easy thing to do.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I've had guns pulled on me twice, once by some redneck after a traffic incident, and once because I knocked on a door in the middle of the night to ask for directions after getting lost in the woods. I have guns myself, but I don't carry, or I would have killed both those huckleberries.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Compared to the Sudan or wherever, it really is a drop in the ocean. We're so controlled and swayed by the media. They force everything out of perspective. Gil Scott Heron was right "Television, drug of a nation ....."

  • The Revolution WIll Not Be Televised:


  • Yeah, I gave up on it about two years ago. The only thing I watch on TV is an occasional sporting event.

    Except for the only "must see TV" there is - Chicago Bears football.

  • ESPN Chicago:

    Caleb Hanie agrees to a 2 year deal with the Broncos. Go Caleb. Tebow, you suck.

  • After last year's showing, I definitely thought he would be out of football for good. There are still decent #2 QBs out there with more experience and better resumes. What could Denver possibly see in him?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    A very inexpensive contract. After signing Manning there wasn't much left for #2. And I do mean #2.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    #2 indeed canada. straight poop.

    Oh, and I think that's a good rule. Unfortunately, I have kids in two seperate rooms. I have no desire to get a CCL, and ALL my guns are totally and completely kid proofed or nowhere even close to being able to be reached by a 3 year old.

    I also think preppers are crazy and funny, but my wife and I do talk through what we would do if someone broke in. A plan is always good. Unfortunately, because of the layout of my house, I would have to go out of our bedroom to try and take care of any problems that arose. I am very ready to kill or be killed trying to protect my kids and wife.... I just hope I never have to.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    What about an 8 yr old, MB? I know if I was a kid I would definitely want to get my hands on some weaponry and check it out, if I knew it was there. I guess I'll just never understand the obsession people have with arming themselves up. Those very same weapons are many times more likely to be used against someone in your family.

    What's wrong with a baseball bat? Are junkie burglars normally armed when they break and enter?

  • Usually when that happens, it's people that knew the target beforehand anyway.
    That guy had zero business stalking and then confronting what he considered a suspected burgler while armed with a 9mm.
    Call the fucking cops or stay in your car if you have to, but it's not like he thought the kid was a suspected rapist or violent offender. And frankly, if he WAS, then he'd have been even dumber for getting out of the car and going after him.
    The whole thing was typical John Wayne vigilante bullshit. I want a well-armed and well-trained police officer in my neighborhood, not some yokel with a hair-trigger running around...partially for my own protection. I'd rather not have a 9mm round come through my kitchen.

    And yes, I'd be happy to take my baseball bat to anyone that B&E's my house.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    This case is finally bringing to light how ridiculous that "stand your ground" law is in Florida. The cops don't feel like they can arrest the guy because of this law. The guy calls the cops (who tell him not follow the kid), follows him. confronts him, gets into an argument with him and kills him. Somehow that doesn't seem to fit the argument for "stand your ground". These states that encourage people to carry concealed weapons are turning loonies with a vigilante streak or cop wannabes, into law force unto themselves. Very scary.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Yes, and the loonies (concealed or unconcealed) don't know the law. I had a neighbor who went off his meds and was threatening to shoot anyone who so much as stepped on his property. Claimed the law said he could. It was either here in FL or Texas I think where a few years back some state legislator waas trying to introduce a law that made it mandatory for everyone to be armed....

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    One of my best friends has a small arsenal in his house, a concealed carry license and is quite often packing. OTOH, he is extremely careful with firearms, grew up around them, his father is ex-military/law enforcement, and all that. But we talk about guns all the time - he knows where I'm coming from. I get where he's coming from. He's one of the very few people on the planet that is not a patrol officer that doesn't scare the shit out of me when I know he's carrying.
    I live in a pretty violent city now and it hasn't changed my mind about whether having MORE guns in my grocery store or gas station is a good idea or not.
    Actually, one of the grocery stores here got jacked by two guys with guns and a fake bomb, and one of the clerks straight up stabbed one of those fuckers. He got shot in the leg for his trouble too, but those guys booked it shortly thereafter...albeit limping and bleeding.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I should add that due to the sophisticated security system and couple of acres of perimeter around his house, my buddy's place is my first choice of residency if the zombies do rise. I'm pretty sure he's hording gold because he lives in Fort Knox.

  • in a safe with a biometric combo irish. Impossible for for anyone but the wife or I to open, but open with the swipe of a finger. Also, ony one mag... and they'd have NO idea what to do with it, where it goes, how to chamber a bullet, etc...

    Pretty much 0.00000% chance they'd put it all together.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Wow. You said ALL your guns. What do you have?

  • AR-15
    AR-15 Pistol
    .40 XD Handgun

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    don't worry Irish. It's a diff world over here, and I only use mine for target practice, home protection, zombie insurance. I only have one left to buy and that's for bird hunting this fall. Then I'm done and I have what I need.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    That's a @#$% assault rifle ! Have you got a walk-in safe? Fk, pity the fool that strolls into your casa. Mang.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Make sure you have slugs for the 12-Gauge handy.

    Zombies and buckshot, even full choke, just doesn't mix. Slugs in the head, Gallagher Style.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    No kids. Pretty easy plan for me. People used to ask me what was the best weapon to defend yourself. I always said the same thing. 12 gauge shotgun with 00 buck. It's like getting shot with 9 .32 bullets. Not to mention it's much easier to aim.

    The Chris Rock solution doesn't work. There are literally millions of people that re-load their own bullets and thousands that cast their own lead, usually for re-sale.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    gots me one of thems too canada. I'm ready. Ha.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    People make their own bullets? Smh. I am indeed from another planet.

    Anyway, hope you all never have to use your various arsenals.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    To say nothing of the black market such a thing would create. You think the idiotic War On Drugs upped the ante and violence in the drug world, just wait and see what would happen if they tried to essentially outlaw ammunition with some insane price control!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    It was a dumb move by the Broncos dealing Tebow (especially for so little). If and when Manning goes down, they have Caleb Hanie leading their franchise. Good call Elway.

    The right to bear arms was given to the people in a different time, that it has not been amended is insane. The more guns are flying around, the more people will die. Chris Rock was right, every bullet should cost five thousand dollars - you wouldn't have to take the guns away, but if someone gets shot, it's with good reason.

    It also says in the Constitution that only the governemnt shall issue money. I guess some aspects of the Constitution are enforced and others aren't. While that's the case, Georde W. Bush was right. It's only a piece of paper.

  • Although my old man is a lifetime member of the NRA and my childhood chores included reloading target ammo as well as cutting the grass and taking out the garbage, I've got to wholeheartedly agree with #2. Hunting rifles and target pistols with small or no ammo magazines I get, semi-automatic anything, I don't. Unfortunately, despite all the ongoing school and family massacres, I don't think things will ever change...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Speaking as someone who spent a year where he had to carry a rifle at all times, it is suprisingly easy to train someone up to the point that they are competent and safe with a weapon, especially if you teach them while they are young.

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Best answer I can think of is that Hanie has real game experience. Denver is probably thinking that the experience will calm the bad nerves, and a better OC plan (one that doesn't require an elite QB) combined with a better O-line will help Hanie improve. Plus, Hanie is young and likely durable; most of the other QB talent out there is over 30. And, the fact that Hanie had such a good relationship with Cutler probably helped a lot.

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    They probably see a QB that came off the bench as a 3rd stringer in the 2010 NFC championship and did pretty good. Prior to that game, Martz barely knew Hanie was alive, preferring instead to devote his attentions to Todd Collins.**

    Martz worked with Hanie extensively in 2011 however, during which time the young QB got progressively worse. By his final game as a Chicago Bear, he wasn't so much passing the football as he was handing it to opposing players.

    So my guess is the Bronco's see in Hanie another victim of the evil genius, and hope to reprogram him.

    **Collins did OK in his first appearance for the Bears, finishing 4 of 11 for 36 yards and a pick, but in his next game, he went 6 of 16 with 4 interceptions and a QB rating of 6.2. Of course, he embarrassed himself completely in his third game, the NFC Championship.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    It's possible that Hanie was just confused by Mad Martz' scheme and it all went to shit. In between NFC Champ INTs he did look okay for a while.

  • if you want to play me in madden

    gamer tag is Bears85Payton23

    Bring it.

  • It wouldn't be fair Artoo, like holding a kid at arms length as they swing wildly.

    It would be foolish to face Vader now. Go to the Dagobah system, your training is not yet complete.

  • I'll hit you up at some point over the next week Artoo. I'm itching for revenge, but I've been doing a bloody design project for the past 2 weeks straight.

  • Saints said they have reached agreement on a 5-year deal with former Falcons LB Curtis Lofton

  • damn it. prolly way too spensive, but I really wanted him to be a bear. Damn good LB.

  • One thing I've learnt over the last 3 years here with you guys... don't get too wound up about something... or anything... before about the 5th game. NOTHING is solid until then.

    We still desperately need to fix the oline, but I have faith emery is going to get it done in the draft and after when teams shift, cut, rejigger. I think we'll bolster the line by the time the reg season comes around. I just have to believe that anyway.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Pats have no D. GB has no D. ATL have Meg Ryan, the Ravens have Flacco, SF have Smith (maybe) and NYG have Eli. Saints have the hex. Chargers lost their best receiver and FB, like the Steelers (who lost two). Manning's carer will be over in week one. Everyone's got a handicap except us.

    I think we'll be the best team in the NFL.


  • I really like Emery's FA moves on offense and special teams, but he hasn't done anything on defense except resign most of our starters (hopefully Okoye comes back too).

    Emery is supposed to be a master drafter, so I'm wondering a couple of things.

    1) It looks like the Bears are leaving a spot open at tackle and at WR for the draft... so how many high picks will be left for the D?
    2) Will Emery be a BPA type, or will his picks demonstrate a focus on certain key position needs.
    3) The Marshall trade was surprising in that the so-called draft specialist gave up two picks for FA. Will Emery be a Bellichek style drafter and trade up and down the board on draft day? Or will he sit in each spot and let the picks come to him?

  • Someone has prob thought of this or said it...

    Lets assume Hester, Jay, and Marshall are playing at the top of their game.

    Do you squib kick it to give Jay a shorter field to get a touchdown ?

    Do you kick it to Hester and hope you can stop him from scoring a touchdown?

    It's a big difference now. Can't wait to see what teams try to do to neutralize our attacks.


  • Fres! You made bail dude? Where you been?

  • Fuck that dude named MR. ANGEHO. I still got a boner over his firing. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ha! welcome back fres

  • Irish, without even referring to this year chances we were missing one or two pieces that would have put us over the top consistently over the last 5 years. Emery plugged the hole, or at least 2 of them by bringing in competent backup qb's and a number 1, if not the best number 1 WR we could have gotten in the last decade.

    Vjax is a talented but inconsistent 29 year old alcholic that takes plays off and disappears during games. Marshall is a 27year old talented and always consistent n the field oguy that suffers from a mental disease but who may be one of the hardest workers in the league when it comes to every facet of the game.

    There is just no way we could have gotten a better receiver. If Marshall is on the team last year we win 2 of those Hanie games. Marshall can catch 1200yards from Matt Moore he can certainly put us over the top against KC, Oakland, Denver or Seattle. If the Bears have a competent backup or semi coherent gameplan we also make the playoffs and Cutler/Forte comes back to at least give us a shot.

    This is the year. Other fanboys of other teams won't admit it but they fucking know it. Bears have put 2012 on notice.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    Does Emery look so good because Angelo was so, well, mediocre or is he the real deal? I'm thinking it's the latter. Maytbe it's me but it seemed with Angelo, it was mostly crisis management. Emery seems to have a definite plan, actually a vision....

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    He has a definite plan. If that plan involves slutty cheerleaders and bolstering OL, DE and WR through the draft all the better. We need OL and the more I think about it I'd kind of like to see us trade our 2nd and 3rd and 4th to the Vikes to get the number 3 pick so we can get Ryan Kalil at Tackle. Then re-sign Roy at receiver for fucking dirt. Then pick up a vet LB to work in with Roach at LB. It's a ballsy move but with the return of Carimi and the subtraction of shitty 7step drop playcalls would be fucking awesome. My idea doesn't address CB or safety or even DE but I feel like our biggest need is OL and my idea would give fear boners to all D coordinators in the league.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    The Asian/African-American Honeybears. Yes. It's no coincidence that when we cut them we stopped winning Lombardis. The Curse of the Honey Bears.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    johnny, you get the smackdown from the wife finally? Haven't seen you online in a while.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    busy making things happen my man. then sister and brother in law were in town and took over the man cave for a week.

  • http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d827d9a77/article/report-eagles-put-cb-samuel-on-trading-block-?module=HP11_headline_stack

  • After the Chargers thumbfuck I was sick knowing we were done for the year. But, it was actually the best thing to happen. A relatively minor injury to Cutty (not career affecting) and the recent chain of events. Imagine how you guys would have felt after the Chargers game if the ghost of Halas would have told you that this injury will get JA axed and get us B Marshall and M Bush, and J Campbell,

  • In reply to GuinnessPlease:

    Speaking of which, I wish we'd seen Ghost around recently. I think he was getting up there in years.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Yeah; I think Ghost remembered when Luckman was on the franchise.

  • In reply to GuinnessPlease:

    Not to be a downer on what's been an exciting free-agency, but has anyone seen post-surgery Cutler throw the ball? That was a serious injury.

  • BTW, this week the NFL owners will be meeting about ten minutes away from me. Is there anything anyone would like me to drive over there and tell them?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Yes. Sit outside with a big 'Bring back the Honey Bears, Ginnie'.

    The Road to New Orleans begins with some nice flange on the sideline.

  • you guys are fucking dreaming. We're not a cheerleader team.

  • I can get the jokes with Tebow and Christianity.

    I find them entertaining. I just do not understand how ESPN or NY Post can get away with them..

    If we used any other religion, they would be sued or told how inappropriate it was. Trust me, I really don't care but curious to why no one has tried to sue them or at least point out how wrong it is.

  • Can you imagine the repurcussions if TIm Tebow were Muslim? ESPN and thre Post would probably get a call from the White House saying it was affecting our policy in the Middle East. The President would have to issue a statement saying those two organizations don't speak for the vast majority of Americans and what happened to Salman Rushdie and that poor devil in Denmark who drew those Mohammed cartoons would be back in the news....

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    No one ever hears about Rushdie if he didn't come out and 'blaspheme' Mohammed. Guaranteed he's flipping burgers right now otherwise.

  • Hell of a publicity stunt. Considering the sensitivities of certain members of that faith, the risk/reward ratio just wouldn't work for me. Actually, he was pretty well known in academic circles prior to all that.....

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    And BTW, there was some anger when the movie The Last Temptation of Christ came out but I don't recall any priests or ministers putting a bounty on the heads of the director or producers. Then again, Christianity is six hundred years older than Islam. Maybe it takes about two milleniums to calm down. Christianity was pretty brutal for a while there (although none of that behavior was ever condoned in any of the New Testament that I'm familiar with)...

  • It seems to have become accepted to trash Christians and or Christianity. On this blog there are some references made to Christianity that border on being very disrespectful. If remarks are made about different races, other religions, it would not be so acceptable. That being said, most Christians have pretty broad shoulders. Rest assured they wont be calling for a death sentence on those writers and cartoonists that mock their beliefs.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    I agree Murph, but there are some very anal Christians too (no pun intended). I think people feel less badly about critiquing Christianity because unlike race, it's a choice (well, at least according to Christians).

    Still, it's all about tone. Richard Dawkins seems to genuinely try to debate, while Bill Maher just sounds like a douche.

  • I'll give you that "4e" There are plenty of anal everything. I generally don't mock peoples beliefs, unless they are some very wrong beliefs about Da Bears! I guess I'd be up to mock a cheesehead any time. hehehe

  • I watched that 'Religulous' of Maher's. As an agnostic I'm happy to sit on the fence and watch both sides throw stones at each other, but he needs to give it a rest. To sit there with believers and essentially try to de-convert spmeone is as dumb as trying to convert someone. They believe in what they believe, Bill. Let it go.

    I don't see that religion is a choice though. People are the religion of their parents. Nobody asked me if I wanted to be christened, communed and confirmed a Christian. They just did it. The only choice I had was to opt out, which I did about the age of 13.

    I'll take Last Rites on my deathbed just in case :o)

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Turm the other cheek Murph, sticks and stones .....

    I seem to remember Muslims getting a roasting on here last off-season - far worse than anything said about Christianity. I agree with you that religion does get very little love on the blog though. People of faith are strong enough to weather it. From the Lord's prayer, "As we forgive them that trespass against us...."

    Except MB ..... who'll blow your head off. Mwah!

  • http://profootball.scout.com/2/1170807.html

    Stanton to the Broncos. Guess they aren't so secure with Hanie after all.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Wait a minute, didn't the Jets just trade him to the Colts?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    You're right. I don't know if the article was wrong before or I just had a massive blackout. Either way, it says to the Colts now.

  • As for Asaunte Samual - foggetaboutit.

    The Eagles were asking for a 2nd/3rd last offseason, and got no buyers. This year, they may want maybe a 4rth, but I doubt Emery gives up any more picks.

    Also, Samuels STINKS at tackling, which is not good for the Cover 2.

  • Agreed. If he is capable of doing what he did at his peek, we're wasting his talent. If he isn't capable of playing like that, we're just wasting our money.

  • I guess at 31 he's not really worth the trade value either. Unless it was for a player straight up.

  • Being a bad tackler is not good for ANY defensive system

  • Samuel has 4 pro bowls and 2 SBs to his name and has been in the playoffs 8 years in a row, leading the NFL in interceptions two years, and leading the NFC in another.

    Seeing Jennings get toasted week in out I can't help thinking Samuel would be a significant upgrade.

  • Wow: http://washington.cbslocal.com/2012/03/22/elfin-greg-williams-tactics-were-obvious-in-washington/

  • Report: West Virginia's Irvin to visit Bears
    by Gene Chamberlain, CBSSports.com

    In need of another pass rusher to complement Julius Peppers, the Bears are showing a lot of interest in West Virginia DE Bruce Irvin. According to a Chicago Tribune report, Irvin will visit Halas Hall on April 16. Coach Lovie Smith attended West Virginia's pro day to see Irvin, who had 22 1/2 sacks the last two seasons.


  • In reply to Shady:

    Irvin is tiny mang, he plays at 225lbs. That dog won't hunt in the NFL.

  • He seems more suited to the 3-4 OLB spot. He's on the smaller side and is weak against the run. Plus his history (high school dropout, waffled on commitments to a couple of colleges, declared early for the draft) makes me think he's pretty high risk. The Combine states are legit, but I wouldn't be looking at him in the 2nd round if I was GM.

    Maybe if the Bears grab him in the 3rd (where he'll be regarded as a value pickup) its worth trying him out. But I'm just not convinced there isn't better talent at DE in Rounds 1 and 2, where we'll likely be making the pick.

    If he's around in 2, I still really like Vinny Curry. Also a bit undersized, but could be a great pickup.

  • I worry a lot as I look at Mercilus, Perry, Curry and a few of the other DE prospects in the draft. Same story in a lot of cases: many of these guys are undersized, weak against the run, and project better into a 3-4 situation as OLB.

    If Emery isn't sold on a DE in round 1, look for him to lay off until 3 or 4, there just might not be a great fit this year to spend a big pick.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    I was thinking that too, after Ingram there's a steep drop off.

  • I do not know how serious this or if this rumor is true but it is floating around.

    One thing to note. Emery and Bellicheat are very quiet about how they conduct business. Thus, this could be comp wrong. The guy did call Buffalo getting Mario right when FA started.

    reports Source: Patriots & Bears have entered serious talks involving Forte Pats offer 2nd+4th Bears

  • 2nd and 4th not really working for me. Maybe 2nd and 3rd, but I have to be honest... I really want Forte back on this team.

    Are we really going to pay that much less than the Pats will?

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    That's his value right now in a passing league.

    I don't want to trade him for a 2nd.

    They need to offer us both first or no deal.

    This would make them really good and us really bad. Emery and Belicheck wouldn't let this out of the bag.. but Forte would.

  • That's it. I'm convinced Emery reads this blog now. Back a few threads when the Forte trade scenarios came up, I proposed a specific one to the Pats for their late 1st. Just makes perfect sense to me.

    However, a 2nd and a 4rth...hmmm...I'd feel a lot better to get two of their 2nds, or at the very least, a 2nd and a 3rd. But Billicheat ain't no fool either.

    How about Forte for Gronk or Hernandez straight up?

  • Good work Artoo. With Barber gone I was happy to keep him, but that tweet may have been fatal.

    2nd+4th would be daylight robbery for the Pats, I hope Emery doesn't bend over. The Pats have two 2nds and two 1sts don't they. Get half of that Phil.

  • The Bears will NOT win the Super Bowl if they trade Forte.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    +1. If we retain him, he's our advantage over passing teams. If we lose him, even with Marshall, we don't measure up.

  • My criteria: I don't take picks already gone in WalterFootball's current mock draft (which has some errors I've noticed); for rounds 6&7 I took more liberty but tried to stick to a compiled big board; I'm assuming no more FA moves or trades. Note in the current mock that Mercilus is off the board, but Martin is still on at #19.

    Round 1 – Jonathan Martin (OT) [Hill is a close second]
    Round 2 – Bobby Wagner (LB) [Seems a great fit]
    Round 3 – Cam Johnson (DE) [Probably gone here, but Walter has him available]
    Round 4 - Tommy Streeter (WR) [Boom/bust big body reciever]
    Round 5 – Coryell Judie (CB) [Zone guy, possible run support liability]
    Round 6 – Philip Blake (C) [Solid prospect]
    Round 7 – Terrell Manning (LB) [Depth pick, could develop into MLB type]

  • I have nothing productive to say about the free agency period, so I'll go back to the gun debate. Where I live guns are no big deal. The Trayvon story was avoidable, but in the grand scheme of humanity it's a minor tragedy. Media sensationalism makes it a big deal. Murder and violent crime rates have been dropping consistently in the US for over twenty years. This is all part of the media and politicians and academics keeping the people in a state of fear. There is a fear story in every thirty minute news program.
    For example, how many kids have been killed from Halloween candy? ONE! His father poisoned him. Yet when I give out generous amounts of candy, every parent who does not know you looks at you with suspicion. People are considered bad parents today if they don't go trick or treating with their kids
    I welcome more guns, and more powerful guns in the hands of citizens in the US. I personally don't own any, put that will change in the near future.
    I didn't bid on large contracts I previously had will the military and a large police training center due to philosophical differences. Both locations are training and militarizing local police forces. It's all being done under the guise of the War of Drugs and the War on Terror. It gives the police carte blanche to do whatever they want without repercussion. When you see it in person and meet the people being trained it is very scary.
    Large secretive FEMA camps are being built under the guise of housing people after a natural disaster.
    In the grand scheme of things, if you want to talk about tragedies, look at Afghanistan and Iraq. For every terrorist killed, I'm confident in estimating that 1,000 innocent civilians were killed. Iraq has a population of around 24 million, and over 6 million are refugees.. THAT is a tragedy. According to the 9-11 story, 19 Arab guys wielding box cutters took simulated flight lessons and were able to fly planes precisely into the World Trade Center and Pentagon making maneuvers that the best American fighter pilots could never make. It defies logic. .

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    The advent of Blackwater and suchlike is alarming (especially when you consider that Hitler's Paramilitary group was called Schwarzwasser (German for Blackwater). Isn't that disturbing? All fascist dictatorships have a paramilitary organization in order to help them seize power. What's been happening since 9/11 has had shocking similarities to 1930s Germany. The power Elite are winning the battle, and all but completely eroded any remaining freedoms. They completely pulled the wool over everybody's eyes on 9/11 to the point where even intelligent people bought the story hook, line and sinker.
    The 'New Century' think-tank were so successful with their term 'conspiracy theorist' that to this day people are afraid of bringing up the whitewash for fear of being ridiculed by people who misunderstand what patriotism actually means. Well done for speaking up.

    The physics of the twin towers and building 7 ... the big round hole at the pentagon with no engines in sight. The people bought the Warren commission, and they lapped up the 9/11 report. I don't know what happened, nobody does - but I know that three buildings were wired for demolition, and that we were lied to many times, and that a shit-load of gold was moved out of those buildings in the days leading up to it. I know that Larry Silverstein let it slip on TV. You can fool some of the people some of the time ....

  • Acording to South Park 1 out of every 4 people is retarded.

  • In reply to Nagurski:

    It is easier to steal a plane and crash it into a building than to rig a building with explosives without one of the 50,000 people who work there noticing.

  • In reply to Nagurski:

    The theory is, I believe, that it was wired during construction.

    Details of 9/11 notwithstanding, the aftermath (especially the Patriot Act) succeeded beyond a totalitarian's wildest fantasies. And when you get comments like Pelosi's that go by without the electorate demanding an instant removal from office, viz:
    "[congress has] to pass the bill so you can find out what's in it, away from the fog of controversy."

    When our "representatives" are comfortable passing game changing legislation (in this case Obamacare) *without even knowing what is in it*, the road to tyranny has become a superhighway.

  • In reply to Nagurski:

    true state... although I think it's more like 1 in 3 now.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    stat... fucking phone

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    Cor I agree with you on a lot of your post but I'm quite sure you would feel differently if the kid was related to you. The case stinks to high heaven and the cops are now in total CYA mode. I know the media is a pain in the ass but once in while a little more light needs to be put on questionable cases.

    Both of my brothers died in accidents many years ago. Trust me, it's tragic enough when they are accidents, let alone when there is questionable behavior and no justice.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I most certainly would Canada. I'm a big civil libertarian, so I read about tragedies like this on a weekly basis. There's a lot of injustice going on in this country.

  • http://aggbot.com/Chicago-Bears-News/article/16478838

    We will be draft a wideout..Fo sho.

  • I sometimes forget that you guys are lazy and hate to highlight and paste.

    Knox looking very likely that he will not play next season. Very likely.

  • That's a good thing ... for us.

  • George speaketh.


  • A student of Orwell, fo sho'

  • Knox should retire

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Seems the prudent thing to do for sure.

  • "Peyton Manning was a tremendous MVP quarterback. But he's been injured, if that injury comes back, Denver will find itself without a quarterback. And in my opinion, it would serve them right."

    - Pat Robertson on the 700 Club, running his grill about the Disrespectin' of Timmy T.

    Is this the Christianity of which you speak?

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Looks like an opinion on football to me. From anyone else, nobody would give it a second thought, so your comment appears to have an anti-Christian component.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Apparently one shared by most media outlets




    Pointing out the irony of a church leader whose religion is based on turning the other cheek wishing harm on a football player out of spite, I mean, isn't spite called Invidia in the list of deadly sins?

    Just sayin...

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Not sure what that means GP. The guy says they trade the QB that rallied them to the playoffs for a guy thats been seriously injured. if something happens to that guy it serves them right. Except that Robertson is an evangelist, what does that have to do with Christianity? The last time I checked he wasn't the official spokesman for Christians, in the event he meant some ill will, which I believe is the implication you are making.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    which I believe is the implication you are making.

    It's the inference EVERYONE, not just me, is drawing.

    Robertson put out a press release saying he means Manning no harm. Any press is good press for the deflating Mylar balloon called Pat Robertson, I guess.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    I understand the sentiment Murph but the sooner believer's learn to recognize bad theology the better. I think he has made himself fair game by the stupid things he's said over the years. The standard for Christians is always different when it comes to behavior, you know that and that's why I think we as believers bear some of that responsibility when we give people like him a free pass while holding the world and politicians accountable for what they do. I think Robertson has made many statements that are grievous and fly in the face of solid doctrine. The Lord meant it when he said "Judgement begins in the house of the Lord".

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Thank you Trac.

    And thank you for clarifying the issue behind the The last time I checked he wasn't the official spokesman for Christians line.

    Because when an Iranian Cleric calls for Death to America, we all don't go "yeah, well, he doesn't speak for all of Iran."

    Robertson is a Christian leader. Maybe just one SECT of Christianity (700 Club members, who needed somewhere to go when Jim and Tammy went to jail), but it's incumbent on "good Christians" to marginalize the wackjob factions of their religion lest the brush stroke get painted too widely.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Note that I called him out on his special brand of bigotry, not for being a Christian per se.
    Good post, Trac.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    I would never hold up an evangelist as being an example of a true Christian, they are the very antithesis of Christianity. Equally, a suicide-bomber is not a good example of a true Muslim.

  • Truth. But it doesn't make up for your Forte opinions. As for the Fed stuff - tldr

  • Bush also can catch. He started only nine games in 2011 but had more receiving yards than all but nine NFL running backs.

    And he can protect quarterback Jay Cutler. In fact, when asked what his strengths were the other day, he listed pass blocking first.


  • When discussing my strengths, I usually list my infinite patience and abiding love of humanity first.
    That doesn't make it so.
    We will see what his strengths are first-hand.

  • http://www.suntimes.com/sports/football/bears/11474371-606/mad-matt-forte-isnt-an-elite-back.html

  • http://www.nationalfootballpost.com/NFL-scouts-a-look-at-the-top-OLBDE-prospects.html

    I watched Upshaw a lot. If he fell to us, I wouldn't mind him learning from Peppers.

  • Not even going to discuss this 9/11 conspiracy horseshit.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    How about this bombshell?

    Perhaps Trayvon WAS a thug.


  • In reply to gpldan:

    Too late gp. All the pitchforks and racebaiter's have already left the yard. It's seem's some people out there may have "acted stupidly" in addressing the incident. This alway's seems to happen doesn't it?

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Trayvon sounds a lot like Tawana.

    Paging Ms Brawley, Ms. Brawley to the courtesy phone...

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Ms Brawley didn't end up dead and on a morgue slab. See a big difference there?

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    So you're OK with cops arresting you at your front door?

    My guess is that Zimmerman confronted him, got into a verbal altercation, at some point during the altercation got punched in the face and fell down, and shot the kid. So long as Trayvon wasn't presenting a threat of death or serious bodily harm, which a fucking broken nose doesn't qualify as, then Zimmerman over-reacted and is guilty of a range of felonies. And that's IF his account is accurate, which basic forensic evidence should clarify (where did the bullet enter, where was the shooter at, distance, etc) should prove.

    Either way, I'm not excusing a 250 lb man for shooting a teenager because he got a broken nose, and the law in Florida doesn't allow it either.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Maybe he was, maybe he wasn't, although it's a pretty big leap to go from "smokes weed" to "thug" - forensic evidence from the autopsy should be pretty clear on whether it matches Zimmerman's account.
    It doesn't change the fact that you had an armed guy stalking a teenager through a neighborhood, getting out of his car to confront him, and then shooting him.
    Those facts have not been disputed.
    Fuck, even a cop that shoots an armed robber gets put on administrative leave for months if not years and then has to go through review after review. This guy hasn't even been arrested!

    Fact - Martin was 140 lbs and a visitor of someone in the community.
    Fact - Zimmerman had no authority to carry a firearm as a member of the community watch
    Fact - Zimmerman weighs 250 lbs and has a criminal record of resisting arrest, domestic battery, etc.
    Fact - Martin had no criminal history

    Hard to say anyone is jumping to conclusions here, and Trac, who you calling a race-baiter? This would be fucked up if the kid was white.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    The statement in that article that Zimmerman's account was corroborated by multiple witnesses is total horseshit.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Oh they're out there Brownie. I think this is a crying shame that tragedy seems to more often than not, be subverted by the politicians and special interest groups for their political gain. There's always two sides and then the truth. I've already said that the guy shouldn't have tried to chase him down. The shooter had black relatives and friends yet now the DOJ is looking into charging this guy with a hate crime. Why do people make things more than they are is all I'm saying. To not recognize that a race baiting aspect of this incident isn't part of the dynamic here is pretty pathetic. Surely you can see that.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Maybe if he hadn't gone door to door specifically asking his neighbors to look out for and notify him of black youths of a suspicious nature, he'd have more credibility.
    And let's face it - he didn't shoot an unarmed white kid, and it certainly doesn't sound like he was out looking for them either.

    I'm not going to argue about the hate crime thing - I think it's an extremely slippery slope. In my mind, it's not the key here - it's the fact that this guy was NOT A COP.
    It's not something that should be bandied about without alot of careful, careful deliberation and evidence and even then I'm not sure what the end result really is.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Trac I think they might be looking into this due to the fact that the shooter called the police 46 times in the last 15 months. Almost always the issue was a suspicious person that just happened to be black.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I understand but that in itself is not definitive. Makes for good headlines though.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Totally agree. I don't care if the kid was black, white or green. This case stinks from beginning to end. Another part of this that tells you all you need to know, they tested the body for drugs and alcohol but not the shooter.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    We are all the same flesh and blood Brownie. That's what I believe. I believe man should be judged by the content of his character not the color of his skin. Capish'e.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    No argument here.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    And apparently, according to these witnesses, Zimmerman was on the ground getting his head bashed repeatedly into the concrete by the kid. And Zimmerman's contusions and cuts seem to be consistent with somebody who had his head bashed into the pavement.

    In that case, his role as a neighborhood watch no longer matters.
    It no longer matters under what context he was carrying a weapon, or even if the weapon was legal.
    Or what he weighs.
    Or what his background was.

    Only that the kid was on top of him, bashing his head into the pavement with his hands, and that Zimmmerman was fearful for his life (a couple head shots into pavement will do that) and that he acted in self-defense.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    That's not true - there was one witness that made that claim, and several that said it didn't happen.
    All of that matters - and the cops didn't care enough to even ID the dead body on the lawn. Gimme a break.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Which is why I said Perhaps.

    Two types of law cases: dispute of facts, dispute of law.

    This is clearly the former with only minor issues surrounding the "stand your ground" statute.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I'd say it raises significant questions about the Florida statute:
    "A person who is not engaged in an unlawful activity and who is attacked in any other place where he or she has a right to be has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony."
    Was Zimmerman acting in a lawful manner when he stalked and confronted Martin? Was he acting in a lawful manner if he assaulted Martin? Did he wield his gun in a manner consistent with the Florida concealed carry statutes?
    If he was assaulted, was it a reasonable belief that he was in danger of death or GREAT bodily harm given the size disparity between himself and Martin?
    And that's all assuming that any of this went down the way that Zimmerman claimed, which is disputed by multiple witnesses, whereas the claim that he was being beaten by Martin is given by ONE account, despite what the article you cited states (with zero evidence to back it up).

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Well, let's leave it to the British to provide the most balanced coverage here:


    I think, based on this reading, that there is some controversy as to how this went down.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Once more - the guy outweighed his alleged "assailant" by 110 lbs. And yet I'm supposed to believe he had to use a 9mm to defend his life, not his dignity, against this unarmed kid in a confrontation that he caused.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I don't know if you can lean completely on that Rabbit. I've seen big motherfuckers get thier asses handed to them by MUCH smaller guys.

    This dude totally reminds me of Farva: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBixdL7mhOQ

    Fat, mushy POS who thinks he's a fucking MMA champion (maaaaax?)

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    i'm sure it will all come out in due time.

    I thought, based on what i'd heard for a couple of weeks that a white jewish guy named zimmerman killed this little 10yr old looking kid who was holding skittles and iced tea in his hand. automatic hate crime....

    uh, then we find out that they shooter is actually hispanic, doesn't look white at all, the victim is a 6'3 17yr old and now details are emerging that Trayvon may have decked this fat motherfucker and was beating him down and going for his gun.

    I just don't get why people are calling this an "Emmit Till" case. Like the KKK strung this tiny kid up for looking at a white girl.

    I don't know what happened but I am damn positive it didn't go down the way that Jesse, Al and the New Black Panthers say it did.

    I do believe that the village retard with a gun who thought he was important was playing cop. But then we find out that his neighbors kind of support him with some of them actually being black. He also mentors black kids? It doesn't add up so I'm going to hold back judgement on this hate crime talk.

    Was the 19yr old white guy who got shot in the face point blank by a black guy at a pool party this past weekend a victim of a hate crime? didn't hear of it? oh, that's right. not only was it almost non existent in the papers, the papers then pulled the descriptions from the story and republished it. how odd.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I'm not hung up on the "hate crime" aspect, I'm hung up on dipshits playing police and shooting teenagers.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I hear ya mang but the protests and rising hurricane of momentum, justified or not, is about race, and not the village idiot and a bad law.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    If the kid was white, it might not be news.

  • In reply to SC Dave:


  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Maybe, and maybe the guy would have been arrested and charged with manslaughter right off the bat. That would've kept this out of the news.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    the 9/11 conspiracy stuff is like a bruckheimer movie script. The building was wired? the CIA was involved? Are you fucking kidding me? when I try to get a good laugh in to set me up for the day I don't usually like it to be a laugh of disbelief and the stupidity of some of our citizens. I like

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    Concerning you post above on the kid that got shot:

    I really like it when you post what I think Waffle. It's a whole lot safer. he he.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    i ultimately don't know what happened but I do know that alot deeper issues will be glossed over and ignored.

  • http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2012/football/nfl/03/25/cards.gay.ap/index.html?sct=nfl_t2_a4

    He's decent. Could have helped us.

  • When is the last time a 2nd string QB had a press conference?

    The circus has come to New Jersey.


  • Artoo - we appreciate the heads up but don't worry about a Forte trade. It's not going to happen and certainly not for a 2nd and 4th round pick. Emery makes moves to improve the team, not make it worse by taking known and proven entities and replacing them with picks that may or may not pan out.

  • According to Andrew Luck's agent, the Colts have not informed them that he will be the overall #1 pick.

    I guess...they..are... um... doing their homework.

    Come on.

  • #4 on the list: http://aol.sportingnews.com/nfl/story/2012-03-23/2012-offseason-moves-winners-losers-free-agency-draft-denver-broncos-washington-?eadid=EL/SICOM&sct=hp_t11_a4

  • Wooo Hoo Canada!


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    This points out a huge difference between Canada and the US. In the US, all the bible thumpers keep something like this from being possible. For years escort services have been legal in Canada and were basically prostitution. Nobody has ever made a big deal of it. This just makes it more out in the open. If people are openly soliciting on the street they will get arrested. That seems fair.

    When the SB was in Detroit I read that Windsor imported thousands of escorts for the week. I'm pretty sure a lot guys made the trip across the bridge!!!!!!!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Prostitution has been legal in Nevada for a long time. In my opinon, this is a perfect example where state jurisdiction should hold sway over the Feds.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Can't argue with that. I just think it makes sense to let them be in a safer environment. In a perfect world there would be no prostitution but they don't call it the oldest profession for nothing.

  • The boys on The Score wouldn't even listen to the rumor that there may be a Forte trade talk in process. First time they ever shot back a text. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............

    Artoo, who is your source for that info?

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    Incarceratedbob, scam artist.

  • Here's a nice article about Lovie. MB, after reading this you might want to re-consider calling a Lovie a pussy.


    I loved the parts about Lovie hitting a guy so hard his helmet was on backwards and his teammate talking about Lovie smoking some kid on the field and telling him next time I'll hit you harder.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    thanks Canada. Didn't change my mind, but nice to see he wasn't always catatonic.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Gee... his high school team his senior year outscored their opponents 824 to 15. Insane.

    Unlike many on this blog, I've not often (if ever) bad-mouthed Lovie Smith. I like his style, actually.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    That's crazy. 15 pts? I assume Texas doesn't have a mercy rule (which our football team was victim to most of the time I attended).

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Man, I just finished watching a special on Tom Landry. He makes Lovie look like Mr. Cogeniality.

    "When Staubach told Landry he was going to retire, Landry didn't even so much as shake his hand.

    Staubach walked away, then turned and asked, 'If I come back, can I call my own plays?'

    Tom responded, 'No Roger, we have a system.'

    Cooold blooded!

  • Yup. Them wuz the days.

  • Reports out there that Okoye is visiting the Vikings. The fucking Vikings. Emery wrap that shit up and move on.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    Man, how much is Okoye asking for? You know, he's young too. I want to say like 25. We need to sign him already so that we can use an early draft pick on Oline.

    If he goes to the god damn Queens, it's almost guaranteed that we'll draft a DT in the early rounds.

  • gotta keep him

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    Could the Bears be eyeballing a replacement other than the draft?

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    i was hoping to hear Anthony Hargrove's name come up but I think the Packers are going for him.

  • and the plot thickens: http://gma.yahoo.com/trayvon-martin-shooter-told-cops-teenager-went-gun-030349812--abc-news.html

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    btw, I hate the term 'shot dead'. it's just silly.

  • Hey, did you guys hear that Satan got a heart this week?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Why do you call him that? Cause he bitch slapped John Edwards? Hee hee.

  • Uhhhggg: http://aol.sportingnews.com/nfl/story/2012-03-24/2012-nfl-annual-owner-meetings-league-will-consider-replay-and-ot-changes

    btw, this thing on? hello?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    If you overlay that picture of Jerry with this one, I'm not sure you could tell the difference:


  • In reply to gpldan:

    Nooooo! That's not Jerry GP... that's Al Davis. Common man.

  • Bowman to the vikings too: http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/7737616/minnesota-vikings-sign-ex-chicago-bears-cb-zack-bowman-source-says

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    damn man, so who are our CBs?


    That it???? Who am I forgetting? Obviously Emery is in play for a couple CBs over the next coupla months. Right? please tell me I'm right.

  • I'll be erik today.

    Fuck man, did you guys see this? Packers add Jeff Saturday as their Center. Damn it. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/7734318/2012-nfl-free-agency-jeff-saturday-called-peyton-manning-explain-green-bay-packers-choice

    Fucking power rankings? Jesus, are you people serious? Viva, you'll love this: http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=espn:7727642

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I have to go to school some days ya know..

  • common Erik, you want this to be your career, you have to put the work in lad. We're your test subjects. Just take your laptop into class. If you get caught, ask your teacher if math is going to pay the bills? IS IT!!!?!?!?!

    Just kidding man.

  • Lovie on forte: http://espn.go.com/chicago/nfl/story/_/id/7736287/chicago-bears-coach-lovie-smith-spoken-disgruntled-running-back-matt-forte

  • needs list revised:

    1. re-sign Okoye
    2. obtain CB in FA

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    3. whor-esque cheerleaders

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:


  • -1

    Dark eyed virgin cheerleaders. C'mon Mohammad, we got killed last season.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    we need OLT and a FS before cheerleaders.

    I'd love to see that job descrip....

    'must be show vacuous joy and bounce around in -10 degree weather in a bikini.'

    Sign me up!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    ...able to....

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    No title since the Honey Bears vanished.


  • In reply to gpldan:

    Actually, just Super Bowl.

    We have a couple titles since then.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    yes. totaly and complete.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    damn it... total and complete.

  • http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/football/bears/chi-freeagent-dt-okoye-to-meet-with-bengals-20120326,0,4383486.story

    Okoye meeting with Bengals and not Vikes.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    We cut AA. Okeye was beating lineman, getting good punch consistently.

    We want to go back and bid that guy.

  • Heard on the Score that the Saints contacted Bill Parcels to coach for a year.

    Shouldn't that be illegal? What's the point of suspending a HC if that team is only going to get a better one?

  • Somebody has to be HC.

    I have a problem with punishing a franchise if a HC and DC go off the rails. Those people have been dealt with. Saints ownership and fans should be allowed to move on and compete.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    But there's a chain of command GP. SOMEBODY has to pay the price. Usually, it's the lower grunts who get shafted, so I'm glad Goodell chose to set an example that management is also accountable (which should make Harrison a little happier).

    I don't think Parcells will take the job because he likes long term projects, but it would just seem unfair if they actually got say Cowher and won it all. How big of an "FU Goodell" would that be!?

  • A gigantic, unprecedented FU to Goodell if they get a chip on their shoulder and win the Bowl.

    It would make Al Davis and his Pete Rosell come-uppances a minor footnote in NFL history if the Saints win the Super Bowl this year.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Player penalties have not come down yet. I'd not hold my breath waiting for the Saints to make the Bowl this year.

  • Pacman is off the market


  • In reply to gpldan:

    T Porter agreed with the Unicorns.

    We are short a couple good corners as backups.

  • One final note (yeah right) on Forte.

    If the Bears and Forte are indeed too far apart on the deal and can no longer compromise, then I would do this.

    I'd tell Forte, "OK, Matt. Obviously we're still far apart. We got our numbers, you got yours. We both have valid cases, but sometimes, they can never meet. So this is what we're going to do. You are going to play franchised for the Bears in 2012. That's just what's going to happen. Next year, we will franchise you again, but you will be free to try to get what you want on another team. If you have an outstanding 2012 season, and we win it all, a lot of teams will come a-knocking. You'll get your money, and we'll get our high draft picks. Everyone will be happy. Our doors will always be open if you decide to compromise further, but if not, this is the last I want to hear about the situation, on twitter or otherwise, until 2013. Have a good day."

  • I like that.

    Also, speaking to my new mantra of 'wait and see'...

    I have to admit that I’m getting a little nervous about our situation at OL and now at DB too. I was trying to be positive and patient with the OL situation, but now that we've seen two of our 2nd string CBs/Nickels leave, and both also being SP studs, I am feeling a little uneasy.

    I know Halas is now the cone of silence, but I damn well hope Emery has a good plan for both positions. I know that we can draft a DE in Rd 1 and feel more secure if we don’t sign Okoye (which we all feel would be a mistake)… but wtf do you do about filling CB, LB, and safety then? Are we really ok with white and whiter (or crumble – new nickname for pringles – speaking of, where the fuck is crown)?

    I know I’m in the minority about how below average ALL of those guys are, but then let me ask you this… what happens if Conte and/or the bayou scud go down with a season-ending injuries? Who the fuck do we have to play safety?

    Common emery, make some moves man, my nerves can’t take this silence shit.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yeah, I know what you mean. Fans always want every hole filled (that's what she said!) in FA.

    So it's a bit like Cheney water torture having to wait for the Draft, esp since we have no clue what Emery will do.

    I'm a bit antsy too. It's funny though. Under Angelo I never was because I knew he would fuck it up. It was like being on death row - I was resigned. But with Emery and hope comes anticipation, so I guess that's the Ying to the Yang.

    I'm almost certain though MB that Emery will fill DE, CB in the first three rounds. So fret not.

    OT on the other hand is where I'm more concerned. Not just because good LTs aren't available in FA or at #19, but because Tice has already proclaimed that he's pretty set with Webb.

    Hope it's all a smokescreen though.

  • indeed $, indeed.

    I do keep seeing/hearing demetrius bell's name come up... can we not jump on that still - i know he hasn't signed with anyone?

    Bell simply HAS to be an easy upgrade over webb. Is he asking a lot? I guess I just have to trust and see. I don't have ANY patience... just ask that sneak bastard shady... or rabbit for that matter. Fucking claymores.

    (speaking of, are you going to join us sometime?)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I haven't heard anything on Bell, which is crazy. I mean, how many teams need a good young LT? I thought he would've been signed day one by various teams. The fact that he hasn't must mean he has some huge red flags. Injury, character, etc.

    McNeill's in the same boat. It seems teams are waiting till post draft to sign him cheaply. It's a bit of a gamble, but it might be worth it.

    As for MW3, I still have it sitting right there. I just know how I get - I have an addictive personality - not with drugs or anything, but with nerdy stuff like blogs, fantasy football, video games...If I join you guys, I would literally never get laid ever again lol

    Also, I want to brush up a bit b4 you guys go Seal Team 6 on my ass!

  • Yeah, I had the same thoughts, but again, J.Webb is our current LT.

    Common maing, I'm married so not getting la... wait, never mind. Just jump in dawg. It's fun as heck... but yes, like crack.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Chris Williams or Gabe Carimi are upgrades over Webb, and they're already under contract. To us.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    "Who the fuck do we have to play safety?"

    And LB, C, DE ......

  • Irish, you're the only one who ever says we need a C. What are you not seeing in Garza?

  • In reply to Jokey:


  • In reply to Jokey:

    He did surprisingly well for a guy that never played center, but he's 57 years old. How long does he play for? What happens if he gets injured? Is it wrong to want to have a young prospect who has played center on the roster? Who goes in for Garza, Chris Spencer? Fuck that. You can't wait until people like Garza and Urlacher go down before you say "Shit, maybe we should have drafted a guy to replace them."

    When do we draft a center? After Garza retires?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    What makes me nervous is that we couldn't keep the DBs we weren't even excited about? I'd rather see mediocre talent pushed out by a better acquisition - now there's just a hole.

  • In reply to Jokey:

    100% jokey. I think at this stage we just have to have faith that emery has a plan for it all. That totally goes contrary to what we've been taught over the last 11 year, but that's all we gots at this point.

    Common phil, be the GM we all want you to be. Get it done.

  • As Forte, I say: "Ok, fine. If I suffer a career-ending injury this season, you will pay me $15 million in cash. Deal?"

  • I'm not sure if anyone has posted the new proposed rule changes, but here's the link.


    "The Bears also support the proposal that would move the trade deadline from six weeks into the regular season to eight."

    Remember I brought this up last year? The whole point of the 6 week deadline is to prevent crazy deals later in the season - crappy teams unloading good players to play-off teams.

    But it's way to early IMO. Unless a team goes un/defeated till week 10, everyone's technically in the race, so I don't think firesales would take place (not to mention the fan reaction of dumping favorite franchise players).

    Moving the trade deadline back a little makes sense. For us, it could have made the difference last year between Hanie or Orton.

  • Wow, 40%... don't expect that rule to change back: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2012/football/nfl/03/26/kickoffs-concussions.ap/index.html?sct=hp_t2_a5&eref=sihp

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    yeah, I saw that MB. That's a staggering number.

    Unfortunately for Hester and the fan, that kick off rule is going to be permanent. For the players themselves, it's good long term.

    That Hester kick-off TD in the SB might be the last one ever seen on the big show.

  • sad.

    No actuals Rabbit. but here's another interesting one: "But he admitted surprise that total kickoff returns dropped 53 percent."

    Damn it.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Did they give the raw numbers (I'm lazy) or just the percentage?

  • I was excited to see this: http://www.buzzfeed.com/ktlincoln/heres-a-supercut-of-every-time-tim-tebow-said-ex

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • The circus continues: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/trayvon-martin-trademarks-769123

  • LT Bell is looking into being a packer.

    Okoeye is looking into being a bengal.

    Has anyone heard about McNeil?

    We do need corners and some people to block. It's looking like the draft if where we will do that.

  • Phil Emery goes to his office @ HH


  • Bill Parcells HC for Saints per Shefter.


    This has got to be the craziest off-season ever.

  • wait, maybe not. Apperently there might be fake Shefter accounts. WTF? Stay tuna-d, I mean tuned.

  • Fake Twitter Accounts? So 2011. So played out.

  • Does anyone know if the Bears are getting any compensatory picks?

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    I don't think the Bears are getting any compensatory picks. I've read two break downs, and neither had them gaining extra picks. We haven't really lost any high profile players to FA, so it makes sense. Also, the highest pick awarded was to the Raiders (a 3rd rounder) for losing so many players like Asomougha.


  • I regret posting that tweet by Sean Jensen. Expected a very different reaction.

    I'd rather not fan the flames but somebody has to point out that Zimmerman, while talking to the 911 operator, said "...these assholes, they always get away," and later added, "fucking coons."



  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    I think most people are waiting for the other shoe to drop one way or another. Other than my comments directed to the outrageous press and political coverage, I'm not sure what to think yet.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    I see that, Trac. But think about it from both sides. You said above that "...crime has a ripple effect. ...if there hadn't been so many breakin's in the neighborhood, [Zimmerman] wouldn't have had to be there packing in the first place. I Blame the thugs that put the neighborhood on edge."

    You act as though the ripple flows only in one direction. Skinny black kids are touched by crime too, not just homeowners in gated communities.

    Isn't possible that Trayvon Martin was in fear for his life? He was alone and unarmed. It was dark. Some stranger in a truck was stalking him. He tried to get away. The stranger pursued.

    Maybe Tryavon tried to do the right thing - reversed direction and attempted to subdue the man he perceived to be a danger to the community. You know? Or maybe he tried to get to a house for help, but Zimmerman caught up with him too quickly so Martin whacked him with the nearest hard object he could find, then jumped on him when he fell, and tried to keep him down til help arrived. But the neighbors all cowered in their houses and Martin ended up dead.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    I call it sin crunchy. When humanity loses touch with right and wrong. You're right, it goes in both directions. I just know that people do stupid crap when they are scared/angry.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Very possibly a tragedy made possible by fear. Too bad morons like Geraldo Rivera can't keep their moustachioed shit-holes shut. What an unbelievable dumbass that guy is. How does he stay on the air?

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Dumbassery is drawn to dumbassery. I will never forget watching that dumbass special of Capone's vault and thinking to myself, "Self, you are a dumbass for watching this."

    You made an interesting point about the perspective thing. If you're walking in the dark, minding your business, and some tool starts following you in his truck, obviously checking you out while talking into a phone, while you walk through a somewhat unfamiliar neighborhood, what would you do? Would you not walk away as fast as you could? Would you not become defensive if he comes chasing after you? I know it would freak me the hell out, and I'm 37 and 200 lbs of "leave me the fuck alone" when I'm walking - not some 17 year old kid.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I saw that too. Ugh. It was Rivera all over. Showboat, with nothing to show.

    "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness."

    (Not bad, eh Trac?)

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Jesus blasting the religious people of the day for rejecting God's commands. Very nice indeed Crunchy.

  • Today, while my wife recovers from her gall bladder-ectomy, I went down and bought myself an early bday present from on her behalf, bless her heart. She got me Battlefield 3!!! How'd she know? Such a wonderful bride. Now....to find some time....hopefully late tonight.

  • fast recovery for the wife Doc. My wife had it done and now can't eat spicy foods... something she loved. She can't handle a lot of fats in her food either. She had alien blood before it, but now she litterally can't put on weight.

    Bad move on the BF maing. I haven't been that impressed, and you should master one first.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    The idea of flying jets is too cool to resist, all else aside. Curious what about it you don't like, but will wait to test the waters myself first.

    So how long was the recovery for the wife? It's brutal, they tell her she can't lift over 10 lbs for at least 4 weeks. And yeah, we have a 3 month old. Spring break is upon us, but I go back to work next week. Kinda panicking. Might be hoisting a baby in a chest tote whlist slingin' chalk come Monday.

    And what does eating spicy food do to her? I've been told by others that they could eat anything they wanted with no problems sans blatter of gall. She's not too big on spicy anyway so probably no real loss but I hope you're wife's an exception. Tell me more.

  • When you said hoisting the baby in a chest tote I couldn't help but think of this:



  • get online now. I'm slangin lead... easier to chat than type.

    Jets suck. Impossible to fly... nay, impossible to even get your barings and fly to where you want to go. probably a practice thing, but as I've said already... I'm like a bad doctor, I got's no patients. (see how I did that?)

  • Welcome to the dark side, Doc. While I don't play it on PS3, I do play on 360, game's way better than COD.

    As for the wife, I wish her the best, and as long as things stayed laparoscopic her recovery should be swift. Regarding the spicy food I'd have to say go on with you're bad self, life's too short to live without it.

  • What did I miss? Hope the wifey mends up Doc.

  • damn Doc...fast recovery for your bride ...brah

  • Doc I hope your little Love Dove is OK. Hopefully she'll be back to her old self in a couple of weeks. Best wishes brother.

  • I got this from Da Site:

    The Bears selected eight other players in 1975 who would eventually start: DE Mike Hartenstine (second round), CB Virgil Livers (fourth), G Revie Sorey (fifth), QB Bob Avellini (sixth), LB Tom Hicks (sixth), DT Roger Stillwell (ninth), S Doug Plank (12th) and FB Roland Harper (17th).

    The only player I wish I'd never seen start was Avellini. That guy was brutal.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    amen to that trac...amen..ugh that was a brutal time...the 70's BEARS....


  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Some of those players were just another guy but Avellini was brutal. One of the toughest QB's I've ever watched. Unfortunately, also one of the worst. Although he wasn't as bad as Bobby Douglass. He truly was the worst starting QB I've ever seen. Too bad they didn't make him a LB.

  • I know this has nothing to do with anything, By any chance, Do any of you guys play Fifa12 for ps3?

  • In reply to OsosFan:

    I'd like to.

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • Has this been posted?

    Phillips quashes talk of trading Forte

    "Matt is going to be a Bear," Phillips said... If we get a deal done, we'll be happy. If we don't, then the deal we have is the franchise tag and we'll see what happens after this year."

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Although we can't know with these guys until a contract is signed or the season starts, I sure hope Ted means this.

    You all know how I feel about having Forte on the team. He is our second best weapon on offense (after Cutler) until someone shows more. Assuming Marshall makes and stays on the team, I expect Matt to have his best year to date.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I think the Bears brain trust (it's nice to say that without being ironic) is being sincere about Matt. It's just a matter of finding a decent compromise. If the numbers we've read our correct ($14 mil vs $20 mil) this shouldn't be that difficult.

  • LSU receiver Rueben Randle erased some doubts after a good pro day. According to wha i read, he's big, physical, good speed. could be a available in the second round...

  • We might win something this off-season.


  • I want to see a team that makes people stop talking about them. A certain team from Chicago, I mean.

  • Fuck man, US Soccer failed out of the fucking olympics last night. Are we serious? What a downer man.

    Irish, how are you guys doing?

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    What happened? What's going on? The olympics? The special olympics?

  • http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nba-ball-dont-lie/picture-perfect-lebron-james-miami-heat-snap-photos-162034684.html

  • Any news on J. T. Thomas?

  • In reply to OsosFan:

    yeah... he's smoking weed with high school chicks as we speak.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Good one! One little slip up and you're branded for life!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    fucking stoner. I keeed.

    Who knows with these guys... they've been spoon-fed bullshit and sunshine since HS. It would be nice if he turned out to be a great LB for us, but I wouldn't count on the second coming of Singletary.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yeah, he was a 6th or 7th rounder so I'm guessing special teams is about as much as you can expect. I'm sure the Bears are especially sensitive about this since the Tony Montana arrest.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:


  • In reply to gpldan:

    Some of the most over the top acting ever but I love that movie.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    You want over the top, Canada? Try this:


  • In reply to OsosFan:

    Haven't read anything. I think he will be on the roster if he plays well enough. He had nothing but good press helping kids and that sort of thing up until the weed arrest. Lovie didn't sound too please about that but I think the other good deeds will balance it out.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    personally, I don't give a giant, 9-lb gambian rat's ass if he's the second fucking coming of mother theresa... can the boy play inside linebacker for the chicago fucking bears!?

    Boom canada, booooom!

    btw, green bay gets TWO fucking compensatory 4th rd picks?!??! TWO... in the 4th!!! FuckenA man.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Totally agree. The NFL guards that compensation formula like it's a state secret. Don't forget, they also get two 7th rounders. The only guy I saw they lost that was a baller was Cullen Jenkins. Although, I have to admit I'd rather poke my eyes out than keep up with the Fudgies. They do seem to get preferential treatment from the league but that could just be sour grapes on my part. Oh well.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    That's cause they play the GM game right MB. They build through the draft, not free agency. I hope that's where Phil is taking the Bears.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    not this year trac, read the article posted below on them (I think I posted it) they are having their biggest FA year ever.

    But yes, that is what they've done... and that is what we should do once we've patched the gaping holes our friend Jerry Angelo left. fingers crossed.

  • Fucking hilarious, yet pathetically sad at the same time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGfLFmlU8zo

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Nailed It!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    my checking account is in a rebuilding year...BBBBWWWWWHHHAAAAAAHHHHHHAAAAA!!!!

    and MB...I was waiting for the cat to take a dump on the letter from the home oraface!!!!....hahahahahaha

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    i likrey

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Damn good, that.

  • bacon bacon.... bacon, bacon... awesome: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGy5a9k_fhU

  • http://insider.espn.go.com/nfl/story?id=7742507&_slug_=nfl-analyzing-chicago-bears-offseason-far&action=login&appRedirect=http%3a%2f%2finsider.espn.go.com%2fnfl%2fstory%3fid%3d7742507%26_slug_%3dnfl-analyzing-chicago-bears-offseason-far

    interesting perspective... I completely disagree with it, especially since they base his worth solely on some bullshit proprietary algorithm... and they don't even really take into account the relationship with Jay, and the hacks that were throwing him the ball in the last 4-5 years (sorry Kyle).

    Personally, I call it a huge slam dunk if BM can stay healthy and stay out of trouble.

    100% agree on the oline thing though… nothing at all has been addressed yet.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    The so-called chemistry between Cutler and Marshall is in the past. Truthfully, we have no idea whether it will come back on the Bears. We all hope so, of course, but they have not played together for years.

  • if the packers are looking at Demetrius Bell, why aren't we?


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Forte's contract?

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    franchise. tag.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    According to Phillip's they're still trying to hash out a deal. Not buying it?

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    yeah, I am... I'm sure they are, but it seems like they've both thrown out their number and there's too much green in between.

    I think it makes most sense for them to pay the dude EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS this year.. GUARANTEED and see how it goes. If he blows it up again, well... he'll either have a stronger argument for more than we've offered this year, or another team will be willing to part with some high draft picks and pay the man.

    ...or, we franchise his ass again and he gets $7.7 + 20%. Fucken a... I'll take that brand of disrespect any day of the week trac.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    At some point, some agent and a law firm are going to sue the NFL in Anti-Trust court on the Franchise tag issue and win.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Kinda doubt it. The players association has agreed to it in their contract with the league. That's why it kills me that players get so upset when they get tagged. If you hate it so much, don't vote for it. Seems simple.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    As if there is a line by line veto in the CBA.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I think that kind of stuff goes to arbitration doesn't it?

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Wouldn't they have to end their collective bargaining rights as a union to have a shot at that?
    The NFLPA bargained for that and got it with everything else; what would their beef be?

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pv5jLsLoYcE

    Kazakhstan greatest country in th world, all other countries run by little girls...

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • In reply to Shady:



    Fucking eastern Europeans. Check out her face. Simply hilarious.

  • I now it's a diff system and we need a bookend, but any interest?


  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    ironic, he used to play for us

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    totally forgot that

  • GP I didn't say there was a line by line veto in the CBA. But if players hate the tag that much don't vote for the agreement. It's that simple.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Because that's an over simplification of how it works, that's why.

    Mankins and Jackson actually DID try an 11th hour stunt, basically what Reggie White pulled years ago, where they swoop in at the last moment and add themselves to the Plaintiff list to get exempted from the tag:


    It didn't work.

    Players hate the tag, and try and get out from under it. But in big deals with tons of issues at play, in a giant CBA that addresses caps, tv redist, all SORTS of issues around insurance, it isn't like players can say "I'm not voting for this deal because it doesn't abolish the tag."

    What I'm saying is: Mankins and Jackson tried to get themselves de-tagged as a chip (kinda selfish and very un-collective of them) but I bet future players (i.e. all this years rookies) could go to court and challenge the legality of the tag on antitrust grounds. And win, if they had the balls, knowing they would get the Hunter Hilleyenmeyer treatment if they tried to.

    Because no way does that stand up in court. IMO.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Oh, and by the way, once rumors went around that Mankins and Logan and maybe even Manning were trying to pull a Reggie White, but just for themselves, all hell broke loose with other players on Twitter:


  • In reply to gpldan:

    Oh yeah, those last two posts were just the alley-oop. Here's the dunk:

    Boland said he believed that if anything exposes owners to the risk of antitrust damages, it is the franchise tag and a rookie wage pool, because they are the strongest bars to movement and to players’ receiving market value for their services. But while players prepare to attack any sort of player restraint, those elements are likely to be part of a new collective bargaining agreement, whenever the sides negotiate a settlement and Tom Brady v. N.F.L. disappears into a painful part of the league’s history.


  • In reply to gpldan:

    All it takes a very smart rookie who makes a bundle this year or has a family that can weather the storm (calling Andrew Luck to the courtesy phone), to pull up Brady v. NFL and file it under the "I didn't agree to this shit" banner, and see if it would stick.

    Every decent law scholar knew that Brady v NFL would BURY the tag, but the players collectively didn't have the balls to see it through. So the case came off the docket, a CBA was signed, a few players tried to get the tag stripped from themselves (but then claimed they didn't) and no fucking way does it hold up in court.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Time will tell.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I think the "Anti-trust" threat is the only real bargaining chip the players can levy against the owners. It's the one that keeps them up at night because they know if the shit hits the fan, the lawyers will file an anti-trust suit, and 5 years later, there'd be no NFL as we know it.

    That is why they wanted the new CBA to be a decade long, so they wouldn't have to even contemplate that scenario.

    The NFL is probably the only real accepted monopoly in the U.S. Most everyone looks the other way since it's so popular and it makes so much money for everyone.

    American pragmatism at its finest.

  • I dunno, Major League Baseball and the NCAA come to mind right away.

  • Stupid blog. Reply's acting wacky again...

    Anyhow, SC, MLB is dying a slow death, so even though it might be considered a monopoly, it's going to be an irrelevant one sooner rather than later.

    And currently there are anti-trust suits against the NCAA working their way through the system, as we've brought up on the blog before, so they're going to be radically altered. Don't know how yet, maybe they'll do like Microsoft and break them up into regional sub-divisions or something.

    I should modify and say "powerful monopoly" - I'm sure there might be other borderline monopolies too, but none that I can think of rake in BILLIONS like the NFL.

    I'm sure Irish will eventually get to this topic though lol

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I recall when that happened; there were some very unhappy campers in the "non-star" rank and file.

  • MB...you asked earlier about this:?

    "Bell isn't a great pass blocker or run blocker, but he isn't awful in either. Ultimately, he might be better suited on the right side in the long run."

    sounds like another "f"ing Webb...megh#!@$!$@#$%!!

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    I don't know why everyone's so high on Demetrius, he doesn't sound like a guy you want to invest money in. We already have two left tackles not including Webb.

  • It's odd to me that Jesse Jackson didn't hold a vigil or organize protests for the Chipman Street murders in 2009. Why do you think that is?


  • In reply to gpldan:

    Gee, GPL, it might have something to do because there was never a question that the perpetrators in the murder case you just linked to would be hunted down and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, while George Zimmerman hasn't even been arrested or charged yet.
    What does one case have to do with the other?

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    One has Al Sharpton saying he's going to go Freedom Rider on the thing, one doesn't.

    Zimmerman isn't even white, and Jesse and Al are invoking images of the 1960s and fire hoses. Gimme a break.

    Last thing Obama needs in his election year, esp. in Florida.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    He's mixed-race, white and Peruvian. Although how that's relevant one way or another, let me know.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    A rhetorical question, I presume? The answer is a clear as black and white.

  • Why is it that Rev Al and Jesse never make headlines after a white doctor saves the life of a black child? I'm sure it happens daily.

  • In reply to Viva:

    Not sure I get the point Viva. Both Revs Al and Jesse are shameless self promoters but they usually are trying to stick up for people who have gotten the wrong end of the stick. Not sure a white doctor quite fits that bill.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    The truth is that there are great people doing great things everyday, but those deeds get in the way of the fear mongering that keeps them somewhat relevant.

    Deceit is their only medium of exchange.

  • In reply to Viva:


  • In reply to Viva:

    Right on. Viva, here's an anecdote from my "philosophically foggy" days as a college student at UW-Madison. This was during the time when speech codes were strictly enforced on campus under Donna Shalala, who later became Clinton's head of HHS. I walked out of college orientation at the Agriculture School within 30 minutes. A bit dramatic, but essentially EVERY speech by an administrator told the students they were racist, sexist, homophobes and needed to repent and change their thoughts. Every speech was political. It was ridiculous.
    Jeane Kirkpatrick, the first female US Ambassador, under Reagan, was invited to speak on campus. She was an ardent anti-communist. The New Left, Communists, and Socialists on campus showed up in force and shouted her down, not letting her speak. The two school newspapers praised it as a victory. She never gave her speech.
    A few weeks or months later (long time ago), Jesse Jackson was paid a shit load of money to speak on campus. I went. There were probably 3-5 thousand people there. There was no theme to the speech, just a bunch of jumbled stories of people getting the shaft and the phrase "KEEP HOPE ALIVE"! It was one of the most surreal moments of my life, other than tripping on acid or schrooms. People were standing up and cheering, and they don't even know what they were cheering for. It was just a bunch of empty words. Jesse and Al are despicable people who have sheep following them.
    The forces that be seem to be trying to drum up the culture war, and get the sheeple's focus off the economic duldrums that most people are dealing with.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    I guess that was more of a diatribe than an anecdote, aside from the Jesse speech paragraph.

  • Can't we all just get along?

    Here... let's all band together and sing the national anthem of Kazakhstan...


    Kazakhstan greatest country in th world, all other countries run by little girls...

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    oh, and not all things eastern european are bad... nooo?


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Wow, look at you MB. She's not even a blonde.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    awwww common, canada. I don't discriminate.

    ...but, gentlemen do prefer blonds.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    ha ha! Kazakhstan ...cleanest prostitutes in all the "stans"!

  • except of course for Turkmenistan's

  • I don't really understand the huge player issue with the tag. The player usually gets a big assed guaranteed paycheck for one year. The rank and file won't ever get the tag anyway... so, they're out of the discussion.

    If I was matt forte, I would feel pretty good about the fact that I get $8M bucks guaranteed for one year, and potentially $16+ Gteed for 2 years. Shit, I get ‘potential’ and the opty of a big deal, but there is just as much opty of injury… so is the everything is a risk/reward. Bottom line, it's not a bad fucking deal man.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    sorry I meant, 'so everythng is risk/reward'

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Gotta agree. I get the no respect, take care of your own stuff and there's some truth to it. Also, the risk of injury is still there before the second year. But $7.74 mil should salve that wound a little. I just wish they could come to an equitable agreement.

  • Q&A... http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/football/bears/chi-bears-askdan-120327,0,7248197.story

    old dan def doesn't have the answers, but he's covering questions we're all asking.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    The question about aquiring Bush instead of another position of need is valid.

    For instance, we could have used that money we gave to Bush for LB Hawthorne, or put a little extra for DE Mincey - or DT Okoye.

    After all, Bell showed enough to possibly be a #2HB, and we still have Unga and may even experiment with Allen.

    Still, Bush is an upgrade, and now that Martz is history, Emery, Tice and Lovie probably want to be a powerback team like the Chiefs, Raiders, Texans. It's a good way of protecting Cutler too, esp since he's ended the last two seasons injured, freak accidents or not.

    I still would have preferred the much cheaper Tolbert, but hey, what the hell do I know...

  • It's good to have a banger for short yardage. Not sure if any of the other guys have that potential. Plus we saved $2mil on the Barbarian.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I also found that take interesting Canada.

    Dan arguing that IF Forte could be counted on for short yardage and TDs, the Bears wouldn't have to keep siphoning money to other backs like Talyor, Barber and Bush.

    Ergo, they can't pay Forte top dollar. I'd have to invistigate which team pays the most for two HBs, but I'd have to think we're in the top 3. Carolina, Texans and Bears I'd surmise off the top of my head.

  • But Pompeii is wrong on that, of course. All teams need at least two good running backs. At least.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Absolutely. Right now we have two starters. That's a good thing.

  • Okay, for the next CBA. I have a suggestion for the players to put on the table.

    Franchise Tag is no longer a simple one year deal for a player.

    Every year, a team gets to designate a player the "franchise player" and give what today we consider the franchise tag. Once tagged, a player has the following options:

    One year deal as in the current tag arrangement. 100% guaranteed.
    Two year deal for 175% of the current franchise tag number. 90% guaranteed.
    Three year deal for 240% of the current franchise tag number. 80% guaranteed.
    Four year deal for 300% of the current franchise tag number. 70% guaranteed.

    Once any of the above deals expires, the team can reapply the tag with the same enhancements now currently in the CBA for second year tags. And the formula comes back. So theoretically, a player could play under the tag for 8 years if he elects the longest contract each time.

    In Forte's case, under my formula, if he wants maximum security. He could now insist on a 4 year deal worth about $23M with about $16M guaranteed. Not bad.

  • How bout this one. Get rid of the franchise tag, but if any player holds out while he has a contract, automatic 1 year suspension from the league without pay. If a player holds out, give the team that owns his contract the option to make him serve the remainder of the time on it from the start of his holdout when he returns to the team. If a player chooses to serve a one year ban, then make the player pay back any signing bonus he received before he can negotiate with another team should the team choose to cut him.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Also, dis-allow contract changes mid term. If a player wants to re-negotiate his contract, any changes cannot be implemented until the original contract term plays out. By George, this might just work. he he.

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