Audibles From the Long Snapper: Around the NFL Edition

Audibles From the Long Snapper: Around the NFL Edition

Not a lot happening in Bearsland over the last few days. The team is still waiting on free agent RB Michael Bush to make a team selection and he is thought to be deciding between Chicago, Seattle and Cincinnati (who've just signed Benjarvus Green-Ellis). Outside of that decision the Bears seem to have focused their attention on the draft and I don't start writing seriously about the draft until we're a week or two out.

A lot has happened across the NFL and I am taking today to weigh-in.

  • The Broncos traded Tim Tebow to the Jets - who have announced he'll be the backup quarterback to Mark Sanchez. (1) Drew Stanton is angry with the organization because they promised they would not add another quarterback. Calm down, Drew. If a team believes they can improve a position it is incumbent upon them to do so even at the risk of hurting the emotions of crappy quarterbacks. (2) If the Jets are going to sell us on Tebow running the wildcat in New York they might want to look at the numbers. The wildcat hasn't worked in the NFL in two years and Tebow has NEVER RUN that offense. He runs a strictly college read-option. It is an offensive system that depends on solid running backs and the threat of the pass. (3) Mark Sanchez is in trouble. This God-fearing Tebow fan morons don't know anything about football. But they will be in the Meadowlands 8 times this year and every Sanchez interception will be met with a chorus of "Tebow!" Tebow is the circus. He brings the clowns. (4) Congrats to Modells Sporting Goods in New York. Giants Super Bowl. Linsanity. Tebow to the Jets. In one quarter. I should have bought stock.
  • The NFL penalties against the Saints were tough but contrary to other columnists I don't think you'll see much of an impact on-field in 2012. Offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael and quarterback Drew Brees are more-than-capable of designing and operating the team's offense and whatever wrinkle Sean Payton might have added each week will surely still arrive from an unknown email address. Steve Spagnuolo is one of the best defensive coordinators in the game and he'll find ways to compensate for however many players suffer suspensions on the defensive side of the ball. (In reality the Saints don't exactly have the '85 Bears over there. They don't have a single player they can't succeed without on D.) I'm picking them to win the division.
  • I applaud Mario Williams for choosing the Buffalo Bills and I am happy for those fans in northern New York. The Bills are a great franchise and they've seen nothing but dour times since Jim Kelly left town. Mario Williams (and subsequently Mark Anderson) gives them one of the better defensive lines in the league. And their re-signing of Stevie Johnson before the start of free agency saved them millions - and I mean millions - of dollars. Great off-season for them and I'm picking them to go to the playoffs. Again.
  • I actually heard this sentence: "Peyton Manning will not be successful immediately in Denver because the talent is not there currently." Question. How many games did the 2010 Indianapolis Colts win? Answer. 10. Question. How many games did the 2011 Indianapolis Colts win without Peyton Manning? Answer. 2. Clearly Peyton is cool with not having a ton of talent around him. (Side note: the Broncos have terrific young talent at WR. You just didn't get to see it last year because they had a QB who couldn't throw.) I'd be shocked if the Broncos don't repeat in the AFC West.
  • I'm not buying the newly-manufactured debate between Andrew Luck and RG3 for the top pick in the draft but it'd be nice to have some drama on draft night.
  • Call me crazy but I think the 2012 Miami Dolphins will enter the season significantly worse than the 2011 Miami Dolphins.

Draft Party Alert! Remember on Thursday night, April 26 at Cortland's Garage in Bucktown. Da Blog will be hosting a can't miss draft party. For a $5 raffle ticket you'll be entered to win a pair of lower tier Bears tickets for a game at Soldier Field in either November or December of 2012. (I'll choose the game once the schedule is released.) Once you've purchased your raffle ticket the bar is offering a $25 open bar for the duration of the first round - nearly four hours. We'll also have other prizes and giveaways throughout the night. 
You must be present when the final pick of the round is made to win the tickets.

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    First? No way. The newbie gets here first?

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    second to say "DAMN YOU BIG MIKE"....

    the force maybe strong with this one. lol

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    What's the best we can hope for today? Sign Michael Bush and Amobi Okoye?

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    Okoye for sure. I'm still not sure what the Bears are going to do with the Barbarian. I like his running style as long as it doesn't require any thought. They're on the hook for $2.5 mil ( I think) this year. If the Bears can negotiate that down a bit or Bush wants too much dough the Barbarian might stay on the roster. Who knows?

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    In reply to CanadaBear:

    Exactly, who knows. Bush is an upgrade over Marian, but unlike many people, I have forgiven him for his bonehead plays. (KC lined up wrong negating a touchdown, Not getting out of bounds, and fumbling) I think he and Bell are a solid backup plan. Bell is Forte light. He's better than he gets credit for.

  • Jeff that party sounds like too much fun. Wish I had the dough to fly in for it. I have a sister that lives downtown so that part would be sweet. Not to mention my brother-in-law would be more than happy to drink his face off for $25. Damn!

  • 5 NFL Coaches Who Are On The Hot Seat

  • nice, lovie is #1.

    So that begs the question... who would you guys want to take over next year if lovie gets the shitcan?

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    In reply to MB30SD:

    First, I don't think Lovie should go anywhere. If you don't follow the Chicago Media, he is a well respected coach. The whiners like Haugh and he who will not be mentioned, stir the pot.

    They hate that Lovie does and says what is best for the team of players and coaches that he has at that moment. Instead of leaking nuggets that reporters can go and play with.

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    jesus. Yes, and this is the first time we've had the lovie argument on the blog Mike.

    Oooook, to recap my position for the 8millionth time... yes, he has a decent win/loss record, and yes the players love him… but with that comes:

    • errible in-game management that loses us at least a game(s) every year
    • A playoff berth every 3 years on average
    • The reason the players love him is because he’s a total pussy and he takes care of them instead of doing the right thing (i.e., shitcanning them because their production has tanked/they get injured… instead of giving them a lucrative 2-4 year extension, putting players in ‘project spots’ just because they want more money, and in general being a fucking tool
    • Has NO idea how to adjust at halftime… never has, never will. This is critical to win in the NFL, and he has proven to be TERRIBLE at it
    • Keeping his buddies on board who are TERRIBLE coaches proven to be bad (drake, byrd, babich ((don’t even get me started on the chico thing))
    • Two words.... challenge.... flag.
    • Only being able to trade with his former teams like the bucks and Carolina
    • Seemingly provides almost zero benefit to anyone in the draft room… the team of him and angelo will and has proven to be a fucking nightmare for us for years to come

    You like all that stuff and he’s your man!

    Me, no thanks. I’ll take my chances with a guy who wins in the postseason and knows what the fuck he’s doing at halftime and in a draft room. I’ve always wanted a guy like cowher personally. You can keep your comatose Nyquil lovie.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    The trade thing could have been Angelo.

    He kind of fucked himself when he became glitchy and before then he didn't really talk to any other teams.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I knew the minute Mike replied back with his statement that you were about to send a Attack Helicopter.

    Both valid points but Mike, if Lovie has a bad season this year, I can't see why we would keep him.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to MB30SD:

    I respect your position. But I disagree. Signing your own to extensions is smart football. Doesn't always work out, but I like the strategy. The challenge flag thing is overrated. Easy to be critical.

    How do you know what his role in the draft room is?

    I know there is a good portion of Chicago Bears' fans that long for the F U attitude of Mike Ditka. Or a Bill Cowher type. For me, I like the Tony Dungy style.

    I think the last trade we just made was with Miami.

    Babich was a mistake. It was corrected the next year. Marinelli, and Tice are good choices.

    Drake has never had anything to work with. Bernard Berrian? How'd that work out for him in MN. Hester.. give me a break, Roy Williams? Dane Sanzenbacher? Please...

    As for the second half, how about this. The Bears didn't do as well in the second half of games, because the defense broke down from being on the field for extended periods of time, because the offense had no talent.

    Angelo, was the plague. The plague has been purged.

    So now a shot at the sacred Cow. How good was Ditka? A team with 4-5 hall of fame players, dozens of pro-bowlers, and 2 NFC Championship appearances, 1 Superbowl and a bunch of home losses.

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    fair enough... I guess we'll both see this year mike.

    I will never be a fan of lovie, he reminds me too much of Benjamin Buford Blue

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    MB we agree on most things Bears except about Lovie. In game mgmt that loses us at least one game/year. I'll need some proof on that statement. Are you sure it was Lovie doing the project thing? That has more of a Glitchy ring to it for me. Pussy, really? Halftime adjustments, can't argue that one. Terrible coaches? Tice and Marinelli are two of the best line coaches in the league. Marinelli is a decent DC and I think Tice is going to be a VERY pleasant surprise. Challenge flag troubles are ancient history. I think he was above 75% last year. He is always willing to challenge a huge play in the hopes it gets reversed. Big Deal. How many times have we lost a game due to no timeouts? I can't think of one. How did the trade and draft issues get left on his doorstep. Glitchy is gone. Have you noticed the trade thing has improved recently? I'm guessing the draft will improve also.

    Are there better HC's? Yep. Are there better ones itching to be the HC of the Bears? Probably. Is one of them named Cowher? Extremely doubtful. He's liking the TV foof deal.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Why would he get the shit-can? Good things will happen this year mang. Good things. Life without Lovie? Let's enjoy first. No injuries and just good things happening. I honestly don't see how Lovie could mess things up, there's a really good staff in place. Positivity brothers, this is the year.

    Who have we got to beat? Green Bay? No defense. Lions? Meh. Niners? No Manning. Giants? Manning. Saints? Handicapped. Falcons? Meh. Eagles? Got their number. Skins? Rookie QB/Rex. Cowboys? Rohomo.

    The road to New Orleans is navy and burnt orange.

  • Irish, I feel great about this year.

    If Lovie manages to mess up or we have another 8-8 or worse. I can't see him coming back. That's all.

  • Only Josh McDaniels could go 8-8 with this team ... and we haven't even got our roster yet.

    We're 25-1 to win the SB. GB are 6-1 How so?

  • I agree, I enjoyed watching the Barbarian, and quite honestly, I think Forte needs to get his ass out of his head and get business taken care of. He ain't no "Sweetness".

  • In reply to MaddBearfan:

    +1. If we don't get bush I really like the barbarian. If he does HAVE to go in on thinking downs, you just have a coach in his ear for 10 minutes before he steps on the field. The dude was a stud last year but for two pays... not counting the strip.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Thank you MB.

    You want Forte to succeed again and our run game to look like it did last year?

    Keep the Barbarian. The damn nickname should tell you his football IQ is at 3.

  • fb_avatar

    I think our run game was very good last year.

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    It just got a whole lot better Mike! WOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Why would we get rid of him anyway? Leave ourselves with Forte and Bell? To save money? Chris Spencer. There's 4.5 big ones right there. Go get Plax and let Lance play RG.

  • Because Barber made some big mistakes that a lot fans will never forget.

    They will cut him..just a matter of time. Especially if we try to give Forte a long term deal.

  • Well, I know why no one has been going after Mike Wallace. I prefer to stay away from him now.

    He wants a contract like Larry Fitzgerald. Sorry. That is too much in my opinion. Great player but no one deserves that much money or needs it.


  • The money shot it at the end. Priceless

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    and if that wasn't good enough for you, this is the best thing on the interwebs today:


  • RT @ProFootballTalk Michael Bush agrees to terms with the Bears, per league source. Four years, $14 million.

    buh bye Barber

  • Good pickup for someone.

    Good luck, Marion. U2 22.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    RB Michael Bush deal with Bears 4yrs $14m, $7m guar

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    fuck man... sad to see barber go, but it doesn't make financial sense.

    I really liked him. Not sure is bell is as good, but I get he's much younger.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Why do we have to let Barber go? Damn, We've got the best backfield in the NFL right now. Are we strapped for two million? CHRIS SPENCER !! PHIIIIIL !! CHRIS SPENCER !!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I don't know. Bush seems too good to be a backup. He's like a thicker, more punishing Forte. The guy can run, catch, and even pass. He wants to start.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    What I mean is, lets see what the Bears do re Barber.

  • Thoughts of the day:

    1. Sign Okoye
    2. Sign Bush
    3. Sign Plax
    4. someone go back in time and kill Angelo as a young man so we wouldn't lose 7 years off of our Bears lives.
    5. i want to place myself in a coma for the next couple of weeks so the draft can get here faster. When that day comes I want to wake up at pick the end of pick 18 so I can see that the Bears are on the clock. Then I want a huge black WR or a huge Offensive Lineman or Defensive End to stroll onto the stagewearing a bears hat.
    6. Then I would like to skip the entire baseball season and immediately watch Cutler fire fooballs to Marshall from his new robotic hand so he can face up the defender and stiff arm the fucking shit out of him enroute to 20 yard gain after 20yard gain.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    1- agreed
    2 - Check
    3 - blah
    4 - too severe, maybe just a palace coup
    5- I want the drama of the previous 18 picks to see who we can grab, plus, the bears might do something crafty to go earlier
    6 - waiting makes it better.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    YES. yesssss. I'm in your boat and paddling with my hands. Let's start the season already. I wonder how much I could get for my children .....

    Hello Mr. Bookmaker ? Yes, do you accept children as collateral ? You do? Excellent. Chicago Bears to win the superbowl please .... C -H - I -C ........

  • fb_avatar

    Bears got bush...LMAO.. That just sounds hilarious.

  • Security check-point.

    Fans of the wearing-sweat-bands-on-both-arms-quarterback Dan Marino please remain on the last thread until further notice.

    {Awww leave off the Jimmy Mac crap Irish!}


    Forgive them Jim, they know not what they say.

  • Jimmy doesn't know what they're saying either. His brain is mush. Partly from the fact that he played profootball in the 80's and partly because he drinks about a case of miller lite per day.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    Thing is, I walk into a room and don't know why I did either. It mightn't be the football Jim.

    But Jebus. Michael fkn Bush, eh? Wow.

  • Cutler is a pretty good GM no?

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    I was about to post something like that.

    Jay lobbied for Marshall and Bush.

    My question is why he hasn't asked for a new LT.

  • We don't even need one now, mwah! We'll get Marshall to block for Bush - not that he needs it. Beast in the backfield. Beast out wide. We rock.

    Let's trade Forte. Keep Barber, Bush and Bell. With the 8M we get Plax and some other key player. Two extra second round picks .....

    {Oh Irish ...}

  • Wow. If we pissed Forte off enough, that deal might go down.

    Damn it Irish. Stop giving thoughts... A late first and second pick for Forte would be ludicrous. I say ludicrous.

  • We package up all the lower picks, *all* of our picks .. .so we can draft Konz and Mercilus and Keuchly and Hill ...

    {stoppit Irish!}

    Ew. I think I just came.

  • We would have to cut some people to draft all those guys in the first.

    New rookie money system is good but still cost some change.

  • Ludicrous? More like delusional.

  • fb_avatar

    Forte for Plaxico? Shhh. Forte for the 3rd pick in the draft.. Maybe.. even that is a huge risk. But if we took Matt Kahlil, and kept our pick at 19 for the best WR on the Market.. Whoa...

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    See what your ideas start Irish..

    Us thinking that we can trade Forte for the third overall pick in the draft.

    Ludicrous I say!

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    This is just awesome. I could give a shit who we draft now. That offense is just going to march up and down the field all day long and there's nothing anybody can do about it. Especially against Green Bay. Michael fkn Bush. Brandon Marshall. Jason Campbell. And there's like 5 months left. Man oh man.

    I love my GM.

    This dreaming thing really works. Can we have Patrick Willis?

  • That's a wet dream Irish and those are not real.

  • They were pretty real when I was twelve Artoo. It can happen again.

    Patrick Willis and Andre Johnson please. And Ryan Clady.

  • You like this don't ya?

    There are only a few guys you have clamored for that we haven't got.

    Why don't you go ahead a pray for a dend you want?

  • fb_avatar

    Anybody see Tice using a two back set? Bush can catch the rock, or pound it. He can run outside the tackles as well. We all know what Forte brings, speed, cut backs, great hands, Bennet in the slot, Marshall at X and Knox/Hester/draft choice at the Y.
    Holy smokes...

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    In the OTA's there were a lot of plays where they used two back sets and Martz talked about it.

    I guess Martz didn't like but I bet we see it a lot this year.

  • fb_avatar

    That's what I'm saying. Hell put Bell on the field and run the wishbone :)

    Seriously, though, this is more firepower than the Bears have had in years.

    If we can hit on the draft, (not only the first and second pick), but find an impact player or two in the later rounds. WOW!!

  • Jesus, you fucking guys are delusional.


    Was that enough of a wake up call. We've done NOTHING to address the oline AGAIN so far this year. NOTHING (except shitcan omelete... which I agree in this case is most certainly addition by subtraction).

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I love my delusions, MB. Get Marshall. Get Bush. Trade Forte.

    And the world of Twitter just ensured #3 is about to happen.

  • fb_avatar

    Bush Highlights

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    Did we get this motherfucker to play fullback?

    Lead block for Forte ?

    I likery.

  • fb_avatar

    2 back set baby, see post above

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    that song is so epic you could film me picking up my daugher and placing her in her highchair in slow motion and it would be fucking inspirational.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    I picture myself writing code, or sending emails looking like a hero with that song going.

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    I don't have a song going and I am doing that.

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    Fuck the guy that made this video - he thinks he's Terence Malick. I kept expecting Tom Cruise or Mel Gibson to pop up.

    Can we get Joe Thomas and Nick Mangold too? Seriously, this shit works.

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    Liked the highlights but literally 30-40 of them are 4 plays looped over and over. 6'1", 245. Gotta like that! Here's his stats;

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    He's listed variously as 6'1, 6'2, & 6'3? No one seems to have it straight.

  • Cutler uses the back channels of twitter and and texting like a cold war spy staving off nuclear disaster. In this case, to fix the disasters of that oily, clueless, stubborn ass Angelo. need a number 1? call cutty. need a badass running back? call cutty.

    I wouldn't be surprised if we found out Cutler was trying to bring slutty cheerleaders to Chicago. What a guy.

  • Love the Bush signing. Marvelous, simply marvelous. You should'a taken Jerra's offer Matty boy cause it looks like that was the best offer you're gonna get. Take my advice, find a new agent.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    +1... and stop hanging out with Lance 'Lombo' Briggs

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Is the Lombo the new cheaper polish knockoff of the Lambo?

  • All I want to know is, CAN HE PASS PROTECT? Seriously, who runs the ball anymore?

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Shady:

    From the Bleacher Report
    "In four seasons with the Raiders, Bush has primarily worked as a backup, collecting 2,642 yards, 21 touchdowns and a 4.2 average. Bush is also great in pass-protection, making him a valuable asset

    The best part about Bush? He’s fumbled three times in four seasons."

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    Nice and he has a steel leg.


  • fb_avatar

    He does.

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    We have something in common then.

  • i got that

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:


  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Shady:

    From Pro Football talk
    Bush would probably be a preferred option over Green-Ellis because of his superior passing-game skills. Bush is a bone-crushing pass blocker and a deceptively smooth receiver for his size.

  • In reply to Shady:

    We do Shady. We do.

    Clutts, Barber, Bush. We don't even need Matt now. Pound it down their throats until they have to stack the box, and then pow! playaction right on the money to The Beast. Touchdown. All. Day. Long.

    Can we have a new thread please? I have a load to shoot.

  • In reply to Shady:

    A Raiders fan I know says he is not very good at pass protecting.

  • In reply to JerseyBear:

    my buddy thinks Cutler sucks....

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    Who is his QB?

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    He wasn't hatin'. He told me this some time ago about him.

  • In reply to JerseyBear:

    Forte is hardly Munoz, and Bush has about a million pounds on him.

  • looks like emery was right to issue low tender kalil bell. if no market forms for bell, #bears will retain him at $1.26, saved ~700K.

  • so how imjury prone is bush. is he 100% now?

    Didn't he miss half the season last year? What was the injury? Erik?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Are you getting McFadden confused with Bush?

    Bush played that whole season last year.

  • oh shit, you're right. sorry.

  • The only injury I know that Bush has is from college. He has a steel leg dude..

    That has to hurt when tackling the dude.

  • He has a bionic leg? Awesome!

    Michael Bush .... a man barely alive ......

  • I remember thinking the Raiders' screen game was awesome with Bush, one of the many awesome things about him. If Forte plays, I'll bet Bush gets three times the TDs.

    It was just a fantasy at first, but it really looks like Forte is about to be traded.

    (...the sound of the smallest violin in the world being played ...)

    Bye Matt.

  • You are delusional. How can a guy leading the entire NFL in yards from scrimmage be that easy to replace? Answer. He can't.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Are you saying that between Bush, Barber and 260lb Clutts we won't be able to move the ball on the ground behind the wall Tice is going to build in front of Cutler? That means we 'd have to pass it ... but we haven't got any wide receivers ... oh wait ....

  • That's not it at all. You're delusional if you think Bush is better than Forte. Delusional if you think we're getting a 1 for a Forte trade. Bush is the #2 RB. Forte is the #1 RB for the Bears. Bush is a complement to Forte, not a replacement. Bush will replace the Barbarian and Bell gets pushed down to #3 RB.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Can Matt Forte run through people ? No. Can any random RB run 4.5 yards per carry ? Yes. Can Bush catch screens? Yes. Does he need to be 'better' than Forte? No. The game has changed Canada - this isn't 1960, it's not even 2000. Committee backfields and big-assed receivers. That's what we have.

    Bush. Marshall, trading Forte. All my delusions are becoming reality.

  • Alex Brown wants to come back to Chicago.

    I doubt we would consider him unless we do not draft anyone or someone gets hurt in OTA's/Preseason.

  • fb_avatar

    Hated to see Alex Brown go. Didn't exactly light it up in NO. He's not even a free agent is he? I guess decent pick up in July or August. If we end up with him, it means someone got hurt, or we didn't do didly squat for DE in the draft.

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    Gotta agree. I love Alex for his desire and being a stand up guy. However, he has nothing left.

  • Dudes, I don't know if I can give Emery that much credit for our FA pickups(except the Jason Campbell signing).

    Jay was busting his ass for Bush and Marshall.

    Emery's strong suit is the draft and I hope he is ready to draft. Lovie really needs to offer input and not get in the way of Emery. Work with him Lovie.

  • Emery re-purposed the Bears college scouts to the free agent market.

    Emery gets creative preparing for draft

  • reposting from above because it has to be said:

    Jesus, you fucking guys are delusional.


    Was that enough of a wake up call. We've done NOTHING to address the oline AGAIN so far this year. NOTHING (except shitcan omelete... which I agree in this case is most certainly addition by subtraction).

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Now that is something we are in total agreement. OL, OL, OL.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    actually, I find you and I are usually pretty much on the same page Canada... except about fat chicks.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Good one! I was referring to the post about Lovie. AND I'd like to point out that I haven't been down the fat chick road for almost 40 years. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    We don't even need a defense now, so why not. The draft is just a giant cherry in Danay Garcia's crack right now.

    I have a man-crush on my GM. This isn't right. Then again, after the last ten years some balance needed to be restored in the force.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    What, Webb is out? Snicker, snicker...

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    lovely, thanks trac.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Nah mang, just hand it off to Bush.


    What the fuck was that bouncing off Bush??

    That was a linebacker man.

    Whoa. I think he's dead.

  • jesus irish. common man.

    Wait till cookie goes down for a fe games and BJ's knee fucking implodes for good. Then we'll see how excited you are when cutty has .09 seconds to get the ball off and the beast hasn't even broken his 5 yard cusion yet.



  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Cutty sprint right.

    Loft the ball in the general vicinity of Brandon Marshall.

    Repeat if necessary.


    Hand off to Michael Bush. BONNNNNNNGGGG!!

    Repeat. Etc.


  • smh

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Damn it, I even posted the typo... OUR

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to MB30SD:

    In Tice we trust.

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    yeah, good luck with that. We had the 3rd WORST oline in the nfl last year. You can only coach up turds so much mike.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    MB ... mang .... can you feel the joy? Does this not please Caesar?

    Brandon Marshall. Jason Campbell. Michael Bush. Dude!

    Possibly more picks and cash to come from you-know-where .... a whole draft to go with The Wiazrd of Oz as our GM.

    Man I'm pumped.

  • Irish, it does please caesar, it really does and I'm not trying to be a downer... but the little thing we've all been screaming about for the last 4 years... the thing that angelo never fixed and thus, continues to perform in the bottom 3 of the nfl each and every year... the very thing that protects our franchise QB from serious bodliy injury AND both our passing and running games...

    ... that thing.... is our POS oline and the jokers who inhabit it.

    Yes. I am so fired up we've finally gotten the skilled o weapongs (not a typo, my new word, feel free to use) we've always needed. Now can you imagine what adding a couple GOOD vets at ey positions (LT, swing guard) would do for our offense? Why buy a house but leave in the dilapidated, broken-down 1930's kitchen with a gas leaking stove and icebox that uses actual ice to stay cold maing?

    I just don't get it. I would have shut my mouth if emery would have picked up one of the FA LTs (bell, the other guy), or at least one of the guards on the block for cheap. I get why we didn't pay for Nicks (kind of), but doing nothing for the line is just bad juju maing. Tice is good, he's not a fucking magician.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Absolutely bro, but it's coming, hang in there. Tice didn't have much to work with last year and he quite frankly stunned me with the post NO turnaround (for a while). They actually looked like a line. Now even if Tice doesn't get any new toys to play with, we've got two first round LTs on the roster already. Webb gets bumped to the bench, and Tice does his job ... with scheming, good coaching, smart plays and Cutty's legs .... it'll be a beautiful thing bro.

    Emery's pulling rabbits out of his right now, the draft is still to come. I trust Emery and I trust Tice. It's all good ... and how things have changed.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    In the middle part of the season before Cutler got hurt we were going up and down the field and that was with O-line injuries.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to MB30SD:

    Ran for 2,000 yards, when everyone knew that's all we could do. By saying "In Tice we Trust", I mean he knows what we can and can't get from this group. Can we scheme and play call to support the o-line? That sort of thing. I also believe that he can coach up whatever new meat the Bears bring in.

    It would be great to make giant strides everywhere. LT in particular. If there was any talent out there in FA that had value at LT, I think we'd have gone after it. There really wasn't.

    Growing a LT takes time, right? . Few college players come in and start at LT and look great. So the problem there is our draft position, do we reach at 19? Or, stock up rounds 2-5 on OL picks that are most likely destined for the interior line, or RT where our needs are not the greatest?

    If the kid out of Stanford is there Jonathan Martin, I'd like that pick. But it still doesn't mean that Webb or Williams are not our starting LTs in September.

    I don't know. LT is a tough equation to solve for. I like what we have on the inside. I'm praying every night that Carimi is healed and will benefit from a full offseason and preseason and pick up where he left off.

  • Love the Bush signing. Emery deserves a ton of credit for all the skill position players he's already brought in. We really couldn't ask for more. Now it's time to see how good he is at evaluating and projecting young talent which is suppose to be his strong suit.

  • fb_avatar

    Here's how I feel about today...

  • Is it me or is everyone kissing Anderson's ass?

    The guy has only had two great season. Sorry I mean, Decent seasons.

    Gosh, if he didn't look good enough with Peppers, how is he going to play with Mario?

  • It's a numbers game Artoo. How is not to reason why, but what have you don't for me lately will always fly.

  • fuck anderson. we gave him a shot and he shit the bed. he straight up shat it i tell you.

  • Reposting from last thread for your enjoyment:


  • crap, that was supposed to be "done", not don't. That's what I get for making fun of you MB. Geesh.

  • I love the fact that we still have regular editions of Audibles from the Long Snapper. I'm wondering if new traffic to the site gets the reference.

    Nice complementary player in Mikey Muff. How is he at the goal line? That is definitely not Forte's forte. (see how i did that?)
    Where did you guys hear that Cutler was pining for him? That was news to me.

  • Who fucked the blog up.. jeez

    Canada, Marshall did not do well against us in 2010, does that mean we should be thinking twice about that trade?

    Hell. No.

  • Watched Bush's highlights on da site. He is a bruiser. I didn't see one play that defenders weren't bouncing off of him. This is gonna be one heck of a season. I'm counting on hitting paydirt this year boys , can I hear a witness?

  • I have been busy, sorry for my length of absence. B Marshal and Michael Bush, Lions and Pack are in deep, deep doo doo. So excited. Forte is great and all, but it's nice to have the double back threat.

  • Not to be a wet blanket, just trying to restore some sanity to the blog.

    Last year against us his stat line was 24 carries for 69 yards for a whopping 2.8 yds/carry.

  • "The Bears are also hosting veteran guard Anthony Herrera for a visit. He played under Tice in Minnesota and was cut loose by the Vikings in a cap-related move. Something to keep in mind: The Bears typically don’t host players on show visits. They mean business when they bring players in. Stay tuned."

  • Also regarding Tim Tebow, what have I been saying on here for years now about the donkshow? As long as you have Jim Elway you will not have another great QB get established there. It cannot happen. Just watch. Tebow is the only thing on earth taht could possibly help rex ryan take sanchez back out of his gameplan, and he acted thusly. Tebow would be best utilized on the Dolphins, but laughably no one cares.

  • Wow.. Forte is getting pissed.

    @Matt Forte There's only so many times a man that has done everything he's been asked to do can be disrespected! Guess the GOOD GUYS do finish last....

  • Artoo I posted that in response to all of the euphoria over his signing. I really like the signing, just don't think he is a replacement for Forte. He's a complement to Forte.

  • was that from Forte's twitter??? man....Bears need to get on their horse and sign him long-term already.

  • Canada I agree.

  • Forte needs to learn the laws of supply and demand. You can't just base your contract demands on the 2 most ridiculous contracts out there and feel slighted when you come in 3rd best.
    If you take out the idiotic CJ2k and D'Angelo contracts his doesn't sound so bad. Bears can't win here. if they make a strong offer of 15-16 Mil guaranteed he will balk at it. He'd better not fuck up this season. Sign the fucking awesome contract and play ball.
    My house dropped 30% in value.....from when it was appraised at it's highest and most artificially inflated.
    Matt, c'mon maing. Don't be a dbag. If bringing in a 2nd string running back offends you try being a fan of an organization that has consistently fucked up easy opportunities to go to the playoffs for years and years. That is fucking annoying. This move was a no brainer.

  • This is in reply to Artoo's post.

    I'm really getting tired of this guy. Quit bitching like a little girl and get with the program Matt. That reply on twitter is pretty much what I've come to expect from him. I still think he took the wrong tact by taking his contract negotiation's public last year. Team's don't like that kind of stuff entering into the locker room and I am sad to say that Forte has kinda sounded like a whiney baby throughout this process.

  • i'm officially sick of Matt Forte. I love him but I'm sick of him.

  • WOW. Reading the Forte hate on here is a bit shocking. So Forte hasn't absolutely been slighted by Bears management?? Although that management is now gone (ABC-YA) he still has every right to be pissed. He's been the #1 weapon on offense and had a shit contract the entire time, no doubt about it. Emery though should right this situation soon enough.

    You guys need to get off the hate-aid and let the rich-ass beastly mofo spew his frustration to the world like a good little nfler. Or not....

  • ------------------
    Lindsay Jones

    John Elway, on @1023ESPN, said Tim Tebow was given a choice between Jets and Jaguars. "He knew what was going on the whole time," Elway said!/PostBroncos/status/182891632100769792

    Show me the money, said tiny Tim.

    Who *)&%%$& Da Blog. Trac???

  • I don't know how pissed Forte is but....

    Let the trade rumors begin.

  • When did opinion and commentary become hate? Aren't you kinda hatin us bloggers who are tired of his money move's? I'm just calling it like I see it. Forte will not get the kinda deal he wants. It's just not gonna happen.

  • If true, this is a bit absurd....

  • @Trac - hate was a bit strong I agree. How about "rubbish" or "crapola"?

  • Yep. I posted that up above Jersey. No thanks

  • Bender-I think some of these guys opining for bigger contracts should understand that turnabout is fair play. That's all. These guys are big boys now and don't go all crybaby when your opponent in contract negotiations decides to push back and protect their interest's as well. This is how the game is played.

  • My God, ChicagoNow. One false move, and it's Haloscan 2000.

  • fb_avatar

    Blah, blah, blah to Matt Forte's agent.

  • new thread?

  • TE Toby Fleener ran a 4.45 at his pro day

  • --------------------
    Sean Jensen

    Statement from Adisa Bakari, who is @MattForte22 agent: "To sign yet another running back, prior to completing a contract with Matt suggests disregard for Matt and his contribution to the Bears."

  • MB - In response to your earlier question: who would we like to see replace Lovie:

    Answer: Dave Toub.


  • Matt needs to stay the fuck off of Twitter.

    Dude, you're getting $7.7 mil this year, and if anything, signing Bush prolongs your career.

    So wise the fuck up and take a reasonable extension with the Bears.

  • MBP, that's the most reasonable thing posted about Forte in the last hour. Totally agree. Actually, almost all successful people in the entertainment biz would be better served by staying out of the social media. It's OK for wannabes but if you're successful already there is no upside.

  • -------------------

    re: Statement from da peanut gallery
    "For Emery to not go out and get a viable running back in light of Forte's refusal to sign his contract and his posturing towards a possible holdout for the upcoming season, it would be a very Angelesc and would suggest he is in above his head as GM of the Bears". This GM is doing his job.

  • Canada - exactly...
    exhibit A: Ashton Kutcher last year.

    All it does is increase the odds that you are going to say something dramatically stupid to thousands if not millions of people - and it will be part of the record for all time.

    No take-backs on twitter.

  • Matt forte's agent is a cancer to him and he should be fired and replaced with someone who understands:

    1. Business
    2. Reason/Logic


  • from up top mike, in answer to "Ran for 2,000 yards, when everyone knew that's all we could do. By saying "In Tice we Trust"

    Yeah, that will get you so far. What were the line's numbers at the end of the year. How many sacks did jay take? How many penalties?

    Are we really arguing about needing a better fucking oline? Really we are? 2010 was a miracle year. Injuries ARE going to happen. We will be proper fucked if even one of our starters goes down again. You can scheme all you want, jay IS going to get hit more than 90% of NFL QBs without improvement to the same line this year. You willing to risk that? I’m not. Do something with the line Phil, I’m so wanting to give you that A+ grade as our new GM. I’m aching to be able to do it.

    Viva… I would support that if another PROVEN WINNING HC wasn’t interested or available.

  • Forte straight up for Jermichael Finley. I know I know... hate to see 22 twice a year, but they would hate to see us more...

  • viva... wow.

    How about 22 straigt up for Jason Peters?

  • Forte straight up for Gronkowski or Graham. No way I want him going to the Pack.

    In all honesty - a first and a third would do it for me.

  • Hahaha....and to think I feared Phil emery landing Mario Williams and Vincent Jackson this offseason.....

    Let's hope he's better in the war room.

  • ugh..... I really don't want Forte going anywhere, my man-crush is too strong. It will break me I fear.

    Good call advising to stay off twitter, nothing but stupidity will stick.

  • I believe the reason we have not seen any OT moves is because Levi Horn is on the cusp of breaking out. (Tice has said he likes Horn, much the same way he said he liked Lance prior to making him the starter...)

    With that said, I don't think Peters for Forte would be as advantageous. If it is true that Tice values Levi, he is an unknown commodity and would fetch very little in the trade market, teams would wait for him to be a roster casualty in August. Forte, on the other hand, is a known commodity...and there would be a competitive market for him...

    I just don't see how he is not being shopped right now.

  • Is the god damn blog broken again?

    Bush getting men hot in heavy since 5 million BC.

  • You have seen the light ..Brother..Amen to that!!!

  • Waff-fle broke the blo-og. Waff-fle broke the blo-og

    There's no haters on here, brethren. Some of us think Forte has value to us by playing somewhere else. There are valid reasons for this. Picks and cash. Moves have been made by management which allow us to run the ball with or without his services. Due diligence. We no longer rely on Matt Forte. This is fact. Last year we did, now we don't. We can now run north-south as we so please. Our passing game just went to the next level, and we're not finished adding players. We can add more if Matt is moved.

    And judging by that tweet - that is exactly what is going to happen.

  • One thing has become very apparent to me: Emery has a plan.

    None of us have any idea what it is, but it's there.

    I was wondering why Meachem and a few other WR FAs weren't being interviewed by Emery. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was because Emery had Marshall lined up.

    They had a plan for both Avril and Mincey. They re-signed Izzy and a few other core players.

    They got Weems because Hester and Knox's injury. They got Constonza to replace Hurd/Graham and add depth to the LB core.

    Now, they sign Bush (who they talked to since day one).

    Obviously Emery decided what Forte was worth, and it wasn't AP, Foster or even DeAngelo money.

    All these maneuvers have been to fill holes and add depth, and I for one gotta believe that Emery is not done yet (Esp with the Oline and DE). Damn, he's already improved our team significantly and that's without his strong point: the draft.

  • Fuck this blog.

  • Crunch, I resemble that remark.

  • Sac mentioned Herrera coming in. If he did, then we have a bag full of guards. Louis could end up at RT. Spencer gets bounced, Carimi to LT. Done.

    Superbowl. 25-1.

  • Viva - good call on Horn, he's the forgotten link. Big Chief to the rescue?

    Cheesey - you're kidding right? You're shitting your pants. We now have a better offense, defense and special teams. Get bent.

    Willie - as Canada pointed out, even Bush couldn't run it on us. If Forte is a Packer, he gets shut down just the same. They'll be 2 TDs down before they know what hit them anyway, so it's a moot point. Rodgers meets the cover 2.

  • You know, it could just be that Emery doesn't like Forte's attitude and feels he wants somebody a little bigger that can punch his way across the goal line like Forte can't do. He is the GM after all.

  • Hey Trac, fucking AMEN! stupid Reply button isn't working.

  • We still need a LT, DE and DT (if we don't re-sign Okoye). We need some depth at CB, FS, LB and WR. In the immortal words of Winston Wolf, "Let's not go jerking each other off just yet."

  • Viva, I hope horn is part of the answer but who the hell knows. Maybe tice is just used to trying his best to polish turds. All I know is that is Carimi and garza can stay healthy and we picked up a guy like gaither or bell at LT I would fell MUCH much better about the oline. But no one can guarantee anyone's health in the NFL, and JWebb is still our LT. It would only take 1-2 moves to make me fell 100% better about our oline sitch, and it could have been done on the cheap.

    I know emery's forte is the draft, but as we all know... LT are thin this year... and risky every year (see exhibit A: Chris "Cookie" Williams). I absolutely love what emery has done so far, but the oline needs to be addressed before it's all over. I will try to wait patiently for him to make a move that I know has to be coming at some point before the season.

  • You bringing up the Wolf? Shit, Canada, that's all you had to say!

  • damn it man... I have to start proofing my posts again. I've gotten too comfortable with you guys. Like giving your wife a dutch oven.

    It's just wrong and I apologize for the sloppiness.

  • 100% canada.

    My order is a bit different. Mine is:

    1. LT
    2. DE
    3. FS

    Everything else is a lux-ery/nice to have (until lach/briggsy goes down)

  • MB - I give my wife the Cup O' Fart... is that legit?

  • What is up with everyone wanting to trade Forte now? Sheesh

  • Oh shit.... NO DEVIN! NOOOOO!!

    Do NOT go out with the Marshalls maings... stay home... invite him to your house for a nice quiet dinner and have a cab waiting to take them home at the end. And hide all your knives.!/D_Hest23/status/182931496787648514/photo/1

  • Cup O' Fart


    Yeah willie, disgusting, but legit.

    Ahhhh, romance.

  • Lets see Canada "Were you Uncle Conrad and Aunt Ginny billionares? No?
    Well, your Aunt Virginia is. And I'm positive if Uncle Conrad and Aunt Ginny were billionares, they would've furnished you with a whole crapload of talented players, which your Aunt Virginia is more than happy to do."

  • Erik, the more he whines about a super strong offer and/or $8M/year the more most fans will want his to go. His agent is fucking him. The guy is a greedy turd with not a whole lot of sense or understanding of the current NFL culture as it pertains to RBs.

    I watched a program last night maing, a hit in Mexico (yes, to KILL someone) is as little as US$35... thirty five fucking dollars to snuff out a human life and all of those hopes dreams, experiences, love, etc…man.

    And this Dbag is whining about having to accept $8M for 6 months of the most fun 'work' I've ever done or will do in my life. Not a lot of sympathy or patience for that type of attitude.

  • MB, we have CW, GC and Big Chief to choose from. Seems we're after Herrera/another guard. Translation: One of them will be our left tackle. Louis to RG, Spencer ... bounced. Ming in the first. Or Konz.

    Artoo - check out WCG they're all waving Forte out the door ..... he's gone baby.

  • I'm all for giving Forte a decent contract. One was already offered. The Texans sold the farm to Arian Foster and had to get rid of Mario Williams and Demeco Ryans to do it. Ask the guys on the team how happy they are about that.

    We have holes that need to be filled and they can't be filled when we are paying Forte insane amounts of money based off of insane contracts that other idiot teams gave their guys and are now regretting.

    My favorite comment of the day has to be from The Big Cheese who did his best to downplay the fact that the Bears went out and got Brandon fucking Marshall. VJax? really cheese? fucking vjax? If Detroit has Megatron we have fucking Optimus Prime motherfucker. you wanna get nerd i'll get nerd. You know who he is and you know goddamn well that the Packers took fucking notice whether you did or not.

  • Seifart about the forte sitch:

  • Well, when good ole Butch, Bolt and McLarge huge were open to trading Forte a few threads back, everyone called us mutinous for even entertaining the idea.

    Doesn't sound so crazy now folks.

    I proposed trading Forte to the Pats for a late 1st. That scenario actually is more valid now as the Pats let BJE go to the Bengals. We can use that extra 5M in cap to maybe go after LT Bell or LB Hawthorne.

    Bush is on board - who's with me now?

  • I'm not on board with trading Forte unless we get compensation that makes sense. That's been my position all along and it ain't changing yet, in spite of his idiotic approach to negotiation. He has even less leverage right now than he did 24 hours ago; if he ends up with less compensation than he thinks he's worth, it will be his own fault.
    I don't think he's going to win a game of chicken with Emery and his agent is a moron for leading him down this road.

  • Irish, Yeah... another project risk. No thanks. Save all the money and get us a franchise LT SOMEHOW... I don't care how, just get us one. We have enough fucking guards.

    Also I am posting this just to show you girly thor lovers what a dbag that guy is... check the quote at the bottom:

  • Sac - Winston Wolf.

    MB - it's about $13 in Thailand, possibly $20 with inflation now. Gets you two guys on a scooter, shooter on the back.

  • Willie and MB, Love the back and forth. Always plenty of laughs.

    Sac, I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Please explain. I'm not trying to be an ass, I just don't have the secret decoder ring for that post.

  • Is Carimi not franchise enough MB? Louis can play RT ... Horn, CW's all do-able. We're just getting better by the day. I love it.

  • for the record, I would much rather keep forte if at all possible... but if he's going to be totally unreasonable about the numbers/market value, is going to cause a shitstorm in the press and in the locker room and is going to pull some holdout shit... then trade his ass and make damn sure you get top dollar. If you can't get top dollar, just deal with it... if you can…. Buh bye matt, feel free to watch the bears win the super bowl from your fucking couch.

    What’s that ring worth matt? You ain’t getting one while on the fucking browns, raiders, chargers, (or even the pats giving recent history), etc… brother.

  • I might just change my hanfdle to this, "we have fucking Optimus Prime motherfucker"

    Although, it's yours, so you should Johnny.

  • I can't believe how little value some of you place on Forte's contributions to the Bears. I can't believe the value some of you expect to receive for a Forte trade. I find it hard to understand why any of you would turn on Forte because he wants more money. We all want more money. Forte would be better served by shutting up and letting his agent take all the bullets. That's their job. Who gives a shit what an agent says? It's all just a ploy to get what they want.

    Try to keep in mind that Forte has done everything the Bears have asked. He's been 40-50% of their offense with a shit OL. He's taken the worst pounding of any RB in the last 4 years and played hurt for most of one season. He's never thrown any players or coaches under the bus. Yes he bitches about money. We all do. Look what the Bears have done in the last 3 years. They've handed out $16.5 million in guaranteed money to his 3 back ups. In that time they have paid him about $1.2 mil. I know he's getting a great payday this coming season. He deserves it.

  • The Beast? That can be Bush. Optimus Prime ... I like.

  • Jeff, I just wanted to say that as a Chicago-first loyal Bears Fan and a reader for years now, I will no longer be reading your Blog.

    "This God-fearing Tebow fan morons don't know anything about football. But they will be in the Meadowlands 8 times this year and every Sanchez interception will be met with a chorus of "Tebow!" Tebow is the circus. He brings the clowns. "

    Saying that Tebow fans don't know anything about football? You are talking about the greatest College FB Player EVER, and a guy who barbequed a lot of teams his first year as a starter, including our beloved ChiTown Bears. It actually shows your ignorance to hate on him, and call his fans "Morons" while at the same time using improper grammar and punctuation in your article.

    The hateful and twisted attitude of people who wish the worst for a kid fresh out of college who busts his ass and takes no credit for himself is on full display here and it's a place of bias in which I do not with to find myself.


  • Thanks Butch. Makes sense now.

    Sorry Sac, I'm a little slow on the uptake.

    Love the Wolf.

  • "ALL HE DOES IS WIN"...with the exception of the last three games of the regular season.
    You know, that game against Buffalo with a 38 QB rating...
    and then the game against KC with a 20 QB rating...
    and the 9-26 game in the playoffs against the Patriots.

    Teams don't want a starting QB nowadays who can't complete 50% of their throws.

  • Canada, Sac was referencing a scene from "Pulp Fiction" - a very cool scene.

    As a matter of fact, I think we should rename Emery "The Wolf": he "solves" problems

  • interesting:

  • Canada- That was another Winston Wolf quote only slightly tweaked to apply to da Bears. It's the scene where the Wolf gives Quentin Tarantino's character a wad of cash for his linnens.


  • first, irish... what the fuck are you doing up right now?!?! Second, yes BJ would be franchise if

    A. He wasn't a RT
    B. His knee actually stays intact beyond a game or two.

    I have almost no faith in B and A is a fact. Next argument for not touching the line for the 5th year in a row?

  • I think you're semi-right about Tebow. I sat on the fence because I don't watch college ball. See how he'd play out, I just watched. The dude wins. He was a rookie. He has a good attitude and got a lot of flack over his stout faith. Never rack a man for his faith. Judge a player by what he does. John Elway ran horrible numbers for the first ten years of his career. Remember Vinny Testeverde? Aikman? The list is long. Let's give Tebow a couple of years before we bury him without good reason. He's a nice kid who knows how to win when people say he shouldn't.

  • MB, did you not see it coming?

    He turned down a pretty good deal that Jerry gave him.

    He wants more than what Jerry gave him and we all knew that since preseason ended.

    The agent is a big part of what is going but you have to admit Forte ultimately decides whether to sign the contract or not.

    Do I think he will be traded? No. Though now everyone is okay with trading him all because he wants more money? Should have seen that coming a long time ago.

  • MB, I think Tice has our LT, and it's not Webb, that's all.

    And well spotted, yes it's almosat 5 a.m. - the Bush news and season 4 of prison break has me up. Going to try and sleep now.

    I expect Joe Thomas, Andre Johnson and Nick Mangold to be Bears four hours from now when I get up. Fuck.

  • Hey A7Xthebest... confirms that you (begrudgingly) came over with cutty.

    Here you go my man:

    or:, or:


  • Different era - a 47% completion percentage does not cut it in a pass-heavy league where receivers can't be touched after 5 yards.

    And Aikman, the one guy who came into the league in the modern rules era, was missing Irvin for most of his rookie year, which didn't help much...and even he broke 50% for the season.

  • Tebow can win, as long as his D can keep the other team from scoring over 17 points.

    That's nothing special. We almost beat a few teams with a HS QB because our D had to do the same.

    But once the wheels come off (see SEA game), it gets ugly fast.

    Tebow does have value in the Red Zone though. Gotta say, he's almost unstoppable there (he helped me win the FF Trophy).

  • This blog sucks eats as much taint as Forte's agent. I can't reply to any posts. I like the Bush signing, but we shouldn't underestimate Forte. He is a big, big part of our plans on O. Muff is a role player, a change of pace dude, and hopefully a goal line weapon. Not an every down back. I really want to see what Forte can do when he doesn't have 16 guys in the box every play. He is a top 5 back in the league, and his presence will make the whole team better

  • Sac it made sense after Butch woke me up.

    I've always been a little surprised Tarantino never used The Wolf in other movies. Or made a movie about The Wolf. Couldn't you see him putting out fires for dumbass criminals for about 2 hours. Hell I'd pay to see that!

    Not to mention he drove my all-time fave sports car. Acura NSX.

  • Well Canada right now we'll just have to look forward to this one

    From the cast list alone I'm stoked on it. RZA? Don Johnson? Kurt Russell? I'm there!

  • With respect to Tebow: never underestimate men who willingly sacrifice themselves for their teams.

    It's why Tom Waddle has a radio show.

  • On the Lovie discussion above... if Lovie Smith does not remain the head coach of this team (which I think he should unless we implode this year) I would probably offer the job to Dave Toub. The players respect him, he's creative and knows how to be successful even with weak talent, and he would stay true to the things that make us successful.

  • NBIT - I like the way you think.

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