Fantasy Super Bowl Contestants Set

Fantasy Super Bowl Contestants Set

The offenses and the defenses this week canceled each other out and it all came down to special teams. Seven of us will advance to the Super Bowl. Because most of us will have opposing offenses and defenses, there will be a series of tiebreakers for the game in two weeks.


Jeff "Blogfather" Hughes


SC Dave





I shall see everyone in the next twenty-four hours as I expect the Bears to make an announcement regarding their General Manager position in the coming day or so.

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  • First to hope that the two teams advancing to the Superbowl does not delay our GM.

  • Peyton Manning is going to be released then become the Colts new Head Coach.

  • Something else he can choke on. Bada-bing!

  • Sumbitch Artoo!

    Just in case anyone thinks about throwing themselves under a bus when the Ruskell promotion comes in ... have a look-see at his record.,0,2353315.story

    "...he has helped lead his teams to six division titles, three NFC championship games, two Super Bowls and one Lombardi Trophy."

    ... and he drafted : Matt Schaub, running back Warrick Dunn, fullback Mike Alstott, defensive tackle Warren Sapp, outside linebacker Derrick Brooks, safety John Lynch, cornerbacks DeAngelo Hall, Ronde Barber and Al Harris and kicker Martin Gramatica.

    Not too shabby in fairness .....

  • You could do the same with Angelo.

    In fairness.

  • Lay them on me Artoo, I'm all ears. I'll spot you Lance Briggs and Hester .....

  • Holy crap, how bad does that PR feel? Usually you see some players go over and pat the guy on the back. Nobody went over except a coach. Ouch. Also, Cundiff, DEAD!

    SC Dave there's no way that Evans' drop was a TD but I totally agree with everything you posted. Pats and Fudgies always get the benefit of the doubt. Always.

    Cor I used to listen to Michael Feldman's What d'ya know? on NPR and Clyde Stubblefield always had a band playing funk on the show. I listened to the show for both of them. Feldman was truly funny and the band was great. Of course the show was recorded in Madison. I'm not sure I've ever heard Clyde referred to by anything other than "The Funky Drummer".

    Pulling for the G-men in the SB.

    I know a lot of you guys really like Harbaugh and I would be happy if he were coaching the Bears but I sure get tired of all his bitching on the sidelines. I'm guessing it's going to backfire on him with the refs. It sure did with Ditka and Buddy.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    See him after they reviewed Davis' first TD? You'd swear it had gone against him.

  • I thought the same thing. You can't ride the refs constantly and think it's going to go well for you. He sure is a good coach.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Canada, I"m a Feldman fan too. His show and This American Life are two of my favorite radio shows. Feldman used to teach at my High School just before I started attending. Funny man. His weekly guests are great.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    Never heard of This American Life. I can't imagine having Feldman as a teacher. I'll bet the wise asses kept their stupid comments to themselves in his class. I'll bet he was a great teacher.

  • Congrats to Peanut for his Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year finalist nomination. 1st pro bowl for The Nut too. Couldn't happen to a better guy.

    Should be a good bowl. You know Brady wants this one in the worst way. I agree with whoever said they'd rather see Brady win a fourth than Eli win his second. But I must say, Eli has moved up a few notches in my QB respect list.

  • Eli's got a decent line and four of the best receivers around though, Doc. Pretty much any QB can look good surrounded by professionals and time to throw. It was only the season before last that he was throwing 25 INTs. Calling himself elite makes me want to throw him out of a window - two Lombardis would technically put him in the conversation. What would Cutty look like on the Giants? I want to see Brady win and push both Mannings further back on the shelf.

  • +undecided

  • I would soooo much rather have Eli win than Brady.

    And it would be hard to show the Giants offensive line and receivers are better than those of the Patriots over the past ten years.

  • Jeff, I didn't say anything last week but you've done it again. If you're gonna have a contest and be the scorekeeper, I think it's only fair you post the points of the contestants. Very Cleveland Brownish.

  • I've seen some posters trash the Bears ownership since the GM search began so I just thought I'd bring up a few obvious points. Two of their 5 candidates to fill the GM position are members of organizations going the the Super Bowl this year. This speaks volumes to me and I am confident that the Bears will hire a superb GM in the next few days. I get the lack of confidence we all display at times but I think this is going to be a hiring that the Bears organization finally gets right.

    What I like about the Giants team is that they have all the tools for success on both sides of the ball. I still view Marc Ross as my favorite GM candidate and I will be stoked if the Bears hire him.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Yep. Holding out hope trac. If we just promote rusky im outty.... I dont care what his record is, he's angelo 2.0. Picking ruskell shows no desire for change by management.


    Oops! Congrats jay! (you're fucked now!) Hee hee

  • 1) The Patriots O-line was the only line last night that did a good job protecting the QB. Eli and Smith were harrassed for the entire 4 hours last night, and the Pats' newly discovered pass rush gave Flacco plenty of problems too. Brady might have had a slow game, but the O-line did not.

    2) There's an expression in chess that the winner is the one who makes the second to last mistake. That 49rs/Giants game was a classic defensive battle that came down to a couple of special teams errors from the backup return man. This is the kind of football the Bears can play with some good roster moves - and I'm really glad Toub is still in town.

    3) I hate the QB fawning in this league. Eli Manning got player of the game? Are you kidding me? The one player they ask Tom Coughlin about in the post-game is the QB? That was a truly classic defensive struggle. At least the AFC guys had the decency to give props to the Pat's Vince Wilfork. I'm convinced that the announcers don't know how to talk about defense unless they actually played the position professionally. Thank you Troy Aikman and Joe Buck for being so terrible I didn't mind the kids' playing "wheels on the bus" videos in the background all afternoon.

    4) Today would be a good day to announce the hire of Marc Ross.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    I was pulling for the harbaugh bowl myself nb - toigh weekend for that family. Bored of the pats/gints.

    Does vince wilfork have his own zipcode... Jesus christo hes a freakin hoise.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    NB I agree with your post but Eli has played well this year and he was good yesterday. He got harassed, knocked down a ton yesterday and delivered. Granted the NY D played great but how do you give the award to the entire D? TV has to interview the winner and that just isn't a tidy way of doing things for them. Sucks but it will always be that way. I don't dislike Aikman but Joe Buck makes my skin crawl. I did notice Aikman making excuses for Eli when he missed any pass. Weather, pressure, etc. Doesn't seem like Cutler ever gets that courtesy.

  • Now that Pierre-Paul is playing in the super bowl, does that mean Peppers is going to the probowl?

  • In reply to Nagurski:

    Oh yeah!

  • now this Mock Draft I could I likey:

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    Don't know anything about college players but if the guy turns into a good Pro LT I'm totally behind it. Webb is fine for a swing tackle but not as a starter.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I had hope, but I'm throwing the towel in on the Webb project. He's a backup LT. We need a starter.

  • meh?#!$@%#$#!!!!...on the SB..the two teams I really don't give a rats ass about,,,,the only good thing that may come out of it is Trac...gets Ross as our that I will be rooting for!!!

    p.s. MB.....did you get your fix of the E-trade baby!? on Championship Weekend?

  • Come on G-men. I love seeing Brady depressed (almost as much as seeing Rodgers depressed).

  • I didn't watch the Pats game, I went swimming with my kids instead.

    From what I'm reading, Brady did not look sharp. 2 INTs and a lot of tentative decision making against the Ravens D and poor blitz reads.


    The Niners started to CRUSH the interior of the Giants protection, and it took some Houdini from Eli to make some of those plays happen. I can't see that kind of protection winning a Super Bowl against a Pats D that seems to remember how to rush 4.

  • In reply to gpldan: on on both....

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