The Marion Barber Game

The Marion Barber Game

There are losses with names. The Bears loss to Carolina in the 2005 postseason will always be remembered as The Steve Smith Game. Number eighty-nine had about a thousand yards with the Bears refusing to double-cover him. Or tackle him at the line of scrimmage. Or stab him in the throat. This performance was compounded emotionally by the fact Smith did the exact same thing to the Giants the previous week. Early in the 2008 season, the Bears lost The Matt Ryan Game. Lovie Smith inexplicably squib-kicked the kickoff with about ten seconds remaining (following a brilliant Kyle Orton TD pass to Rashied Davis) and Ryan connected on a deep sideline route, the only route he could actually throw in that situation, to set up the game winning field goal.

Now they’ve lost The Marion Barber Game.  Lovie Smith is much to blame for what happened in Denver Sunday afternoon but over time his contribution to a season-ending choke job will be minimized. Marion Barber is the goat. It’s his loss and his name belongs on it.

How can a professional running back, a man paid millions of dollars, run out of bounds as regulation is winding down? How can he not understand the situation when the situation is so simple? How can he possibly believe his job there is to bounce the ball outside, bringing the sideline in play? Fucking HOW? Some folks will blame the coaches in this instance but there is no possible way Marion Barber WASN’T TOLD NOT TO RUN OUT OF BOUNDS and there is no reason HE SHOULD HAVE TO BE TOLD THAT! The man is a professional football player. There is no level of shame strong enough for Marion Barber this Monday morning.

And oh! The fumble! You can forgive a fumble, even one in overtime. But you cannot forgive Barber’s fumble. Marion had cleared the first level and was going to gain 10-15 more yards, setting up an easy Robbie Gould game-winner. He got lazy. No other way to describe it. Barber got lazy with the football and any contact would have knocked it loose. He got lazy, for the second time in about five minutes of game clock, with his brain.

Losses don't get names unless they are major losses and the Bears choked their postseason hopes away yesterday. On an afternoon where Atlanta needed a massive comeback against Carolina and Detroit tried their best to blow a big lead to Minnesota, the Bears had an opportunity to seize control of the wild card race. This game was over. The Broncos were beaten. Then Marion Barber took center stage. And the lights went out.

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  • All four of the first round Picks Contest matches have been decided. SC Dave beat FQD1911 on the Caleb Hanie tiebreaker (by under 2 points). TracDaddy can draw even with BossBear90 tonight on picks but will lose the Hanie tiebreaker and thus BossBear moves on. Michael L has beaten EnderWiggin straight up and actually has a chance for the only 3-0 perfect week tonight.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    That's not true Jeff. BossBear didn't cover the point spread with his Ravens pick. I can win it out right tonight with a Seahawks cover of the spread. Am I wrong?

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    My bad, sir. I thought the Ravens covered. Your match is ongoing.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    how when I was under Caleb's passer rating and SC Dave was way over it (i was in the 70s and he was in the 80s)?

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    One dollar, Bob!

  • When you run the ball downhill, brain first, you're not going to have a lot of brain power left over for important decisions like staying in bounds or hanging onto the ball. Players on the whole are pretty stupid when it comes what seems obvious to everyone else watching, but I actually felt bad for Barber yesterday. I thought he had a great game going until the last 2 minutes of the game. The defense played great by pitching what would have been the 1st shutout at home in Denver history, but then they pulled back and allowed Timmy to do his thing. It's frustrating, but you kind of have to laugh to keep from crying. Teeebowww!

  • That game took a lot out of me. I was in a bar and San Diego and was surrounded by Broncos fans. The horrible officiating combined with the ridiculous marketing of Tebow made me remind myself that the NFL is a multi billion dollar corporation and multi million dollar corporations dont leave profits to chance. That game was a gut punch and I'm not sure I want to watch anymore.

  • Are you saying the game was rigged?

    Pretty soon you'll tell me Balboa really didn't defeat Creed twice and mount a comeback against Clubber Lang.

  • Kieser Sosa?

  • It is hard to hold someone more obviously than Peppers was held on Tebow's TD pass.

  • It's not on the website, but the headline on the printed version of today's Trib is "BARBER SLOP"

    Pretty strong, given it's the paper's headline on the front page. Methinks Marion is no longer welcome in this town....

  • Did everyone else notice that practically every website had a story exposing our shame yesterday?

  • Unfortunately what gets lost in the debacle yesterday was the superb game our D played. Izzy's/Pepper's blocked FG, sacks, fumble, pick and flat out balls to the wall play.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Yes, our D gets shafted on this loss, lost in the shadow of Bowman's cluelessness.

  • Lest we not forget the boner Barber pulled with the touchdown recall during the KC game for not lining up on the line of scrimmage.
    I like watching this guy play, he pounds the ball through. What a shame.

  • Don't know what else to say. So disappointed in the last month. What a turn of events man. Luck is indeed a cruel, cruel mistress. Fucking bitch.

    I still really like barber. He is just a fucking dumb ass (is anyone shocked?), and had some really bad luck. Personally, I want him back next year. I much more blame lovie and rod for that inane fucking prevent D... all that shit prevents is a fucking win. Had we continued with what we were doing on that drive BOTH of marions gaffes wouldn't have mattered because they wouldn't have scored in the first place.

    Yes marion fucked up twice to lose the game... but he didn't get us into that situation, lovie and rod did. That’s where I chose to place my anger.

    To cheer me up I read this article on CNN:,,20552887,00.html?hpt=hp_t2

    Who keeps $10 fucking K in cash in their purse?!?!? Man, smack must be expensive in Hawaii.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    All those import duties and the extra shipping charges will do it everytime! Keeping DEA employees is expensive man...high cost of living out there.....

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I'm really bummed too. More so than I thought I would be since I had kinda figured the rest of the season was gonna be a tough nut to crack. I was holding out for a small chance Cutty and Forte would be back in time to make a difference. There really is a fair chance the Bears can squeak in at 9-7. I highly doubt the Bears can beat the cheese but the other two games on the schedule are very winnable, even with Hanie at the helm. Desperation is the recipe for Genius gents. Can our fearless leaders crap two more victories?

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    We thought the last three were winable with Heine. This was suppose to bge the easy part of our schedule huh!! That fucking prevent D blows, you have to know that you can kick 60 yard field goals in Denver. Lovie you dumbass!!!!

  • Haley just got canned. Who's next?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    What's his specialty? Can he call an offensive game plan?

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    obviously not.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    and I believe his specialty is... loosing.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    He was the O.C. for Arizona the year they went to the super bowl. So I think he probably can call a game. He lost Charlie Weiss after last year winning their division and I think that was big for them in the scheme of things. Bigger yet is injuries...Chiefs been hit pretty hard.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    We know how that is.

    Wasn't weiss the OC genius Murph?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yeah he was, but Haley seemed to do well as the coordinator in Arizona when they should have beaten the Steelers. Not sure why Weiss left KC, can't believe the Gator coordinator was his dream job.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    The KC Chiefs went from being the worst O-line in football, to being the best (last year). I read a piece on SB Nation about it - It wasn't roster changes that heralded the change, it was scheming. Pure and simple. I don't know how much Haley had to do with that, but he is interesting.


    We're still in the top 15 with the guys we have (or don't have) on O? Holy shit... peter king is worse than I thought.... or the rest of the league is. I know it's masochism, but can you imagine where we'd be with cutty and matty... and maybe cookie back? Fucken A we'd be #2 or 3 right now. Fuck my life man.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    We'd've (is that a word) weed of rolled into Denver on a 7 game win streak, stomped the holy shit out of the Bronco's, and left at 10 & 3. I know, it's sadism, but you asked for it.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    indeed buttsteak.

    ...and I see how you did that.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    "An ignorant tub of retardation" - damn that was good, Reverend!

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    That was re: Peter King, MB

  • I saw this last week and thought, jesus what a buffoon... oh, and he thinks he's black.

    "How bout you fine James Harrison something more than money... The boy cheap!''

    -- @CaseMcCoy6, the brother of Colt McCoy, after Harrison's helmet-to-helmet hit on McCoy left the Cleveland quarterback with a concussion.

    Read more:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Even worse - he thinks he's a quarterback - and sadly for us Longhorn fans - he not.

  • In reply to PhilfromSATX:

    hahahha... I watched one game this year where he was terrible. Maybe against A&M or maybe it was Oklahoma. I just know he got destroyed. He's a skinny little bitch too.

  • I like Marion Barber... still... a lot. Even though he was the obvious goat in that game, the dude plays with passion and fire, and his emotions on screwing everything up were obvious when he was on the bench. I love that he cares. So no, there should be no train out of Chicago for him, even given his two lapses of monumental proportions.

    Although I cotton not to conspiracy theories - ever - I was so angry about those two horrible and horribly wrong RTP calls that I felt ready, at that moment, to give up on the league. That Lance Briggs gets flagged TWICE this season for two phantom errors, well that CANNOT happen. And then Peppers in the knees? At that moment it made me feel like I don't want to be part of a league that is moving in such a ridiculous direction. Same thing on moving the kickoffs up. That was a good idea???? TO WHO?????

    The non-called holding calls, on that I just think that that probably balances out, we should get called more for holding than we do too. That's one of those "happens almost every play" kind of deals where it's probably good for everyone that the refs display a bit of discretion in how much they call it - but handing out 15 yard penalties that wipe out sacks like they're candy corn at Halloween - THAT SHIT'S GOTTA STOP.

    On another note, sucks to be the laughingstock of the NFL today, doesn't it?

  • In reply to PhilfromSATX:

    yes, but no more so than the two weeks before it... last week even more so think. Jesus isn't the chief’s co-pilot and they beat us at fucking home.

    Man, it's the rapid high to low that's killing me this year. So much hope to no hope in a matter of weeks. FML.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    and while I agree with you in general with the holding situation, when your guys are literally being tackled to the ground multiple times on multiple critical drives... e.g., on one play I saw Izzy literally being tackled to the ground by TWO guys... how can you not call that shit the second time it happens… right there on national TV for all to see?

    And while I want to jump on the conspiracy bandwagon, I think the refs just suck... they have to just suck right? I don't think my tiny brain can take a mind-blowing X-Files conspiracy like that being true... I can't handle the truth! I just want to believe in the illusion of justice and law not profit and corruption.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yes they just suck. But from all I've heard they're getting clear marching orders from the top, in the "protect all players" category. So they seem to be incented some way (maybe just be marching orders) to err on the side of throwing the flag. But why ERR at ALL?

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • The pseudo-prevent defense the Bears ran was (apparently) due to the players being tired - in part due tot he altitude but mainly due to the offense continually giveing the ball back to Denver in the 4th. It's a four quarter game and it played into Denver's strength. Tire out the defense by making them chase all game; keep the score close with solid defense of their own, and things will open up in the end.

    The TD by Denver was a case of one player thinking they were in cover-2 and another thinking they were in cover-1. That happens because of the pace of the game dictated by the no-huddle, and of course the defense being tired.

    How much of an indictment is it of management (Angelo mainly) that 10 points was considered a successful offense? That in effect the defense has to pitch a shutout to win? Still - Martz I think did the right thing in running so much. If Hanie threw a pick we'd be all on Martz mroe than we are on Barber.

    Yes, he lost the game for us, plain and simple. Rarely does a game come down to one player make an obvious mistake that loses a game - and he did actually did it twice. No - I would not cut him or not welcome him back next year. Then again, considering the KC screw-up as well, maybe I'd think about it.

  • In reply to BillW:

    Precisely - playing at altitude is no joke. Our players are not conditioned for it, and Broncos will be naturally fitter and better able to work with less oxygen.

  • In reply to BillW:

    +1, Mr. Bill.

    Amdist the shock of absorbing Sunday's implosion I had completely forgotten about the altitude factor.

  • Twenty nine. That is the amount of touches Barber had. Lazy? or tired?

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:


    Lay off Marion. Without him, we'd have been shut out.

  • Oh Pacman - you such a thug

  • Marion Barber is obviously an atheist. Thats the only logical conclusion that I can draw from this game.

    Also, being that 2012 is the end of days, the Messiah has returned and taken the only form that would garner the attention of America. A NFL Quarterback. Its genius really. If Jesus came back as regular Jesus he'd be called demented drifter, and condemed. a makes so much sense.


  • In reply to Dmband:

  • In reply to gpldan:


    No youtube at work. BLOCK PAGE is the worst.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    wow, fascism at its finest. I would quit post haste DM.

  • Michael L, gratz on the first round stomping. The Redskins pick and the Bears pick were total balls! So you deserve the W. I will be pulling for you throughout. /tips the 'ol hat

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    Thanks Ender, appreciate it. It was a killer week in the confidence league too. Hope I can keep it up...

  • I believe DA COACH said it best, in referring to the Packers playing or resting guys, DA COACH said, "If you scared of perfection, you will not acheive perfection". Simply, the Bears were scared to win the game. You TAKE WINS. YOU DONT GET WINS IN THIS LEAGUE. YESTERDAY THE BEARS TRIED TO GET A WIN WHEN THEY COULDVE TAKEN IT.


  • Also really what wouldve been the point of winning this game. Seriously. Cutler's obviously out for the season. We cant get 10 yards on 6 downs to win a game, how would we possibly beat anyone that isnt terrible.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    We are a very bad team without Cutler.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I don't think that's fair GP.

    We are a terrible offense without cutty and matty

    (although a little undercurrent that I felt yesterday was matty's chances at a big payday slipping even more as BOTH our 2nd and 3rd string backs teed off on the #5 ranked defense.)

  • In reply to Dmband:

    Why obviously? Wasn't he throwing a ball around pre-game in Denver? Anyone hear how he looked?

  • I watched the game on a low res stream, but it looked to me like Barber lost the ball because a Bronco defender managed to pry one of Barber's fingers from it. I'd have to see a clear replay to be sure, but I don't have the heart to look.

    As for Barber's bone-headed rush to the sidelines, he should have known better. But he should have been reminded anyway, prior to the play. If the Bears coaching staff didn't do everything in their power to ensure that every player on the team was aware of the need to run out the clock, they are at fault. It's commonplace to see professional athletes being given such reminders. Nothing should be taken for granted, especially in a game like yesterday's. This Bears offense looks for ways to lose, everybody knows it, and the coaching staff isn't doing enough to stop them.

    And let's be fair, Marion Barber had center stage before the lights went out. Up until the final minutes, he was the Bears offensive star of the game.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    27 carries and two receptions. He did look good.

  • Boys, watching the game over on TiVo made me wonder if fate wasn't involved:

    1. If Marion Barber goes down in bounds the game is over
    2. If Marion Barber trips and goes down before fumbling the game is over even if he gains no yards.
    3. If the Bears defense IN FUCKING PREVENT makes just one tackle in bounds the FUCKING GAME IS OVER
    4. If the clock guy starts the clock on the onside kick the game is over since the 2 minute warning would have come immediately.
    5. If the Bears get one goddamn first down in the fourth quarter the game is over.
    6. If Bowman and Steltz actually cover their zones and Tebow is even tackled at the one yard line on a run instead of throwing that TD pass the game is over.
    7. Tebow didn't hit a covered receiver all day. If we play even a super loose cover 2 instead of prevent the game is over.

    So many things had to happen to keep just several seconds on the clock. Unfucking real. It's tough to miss the playoffs pissing away a victory like this.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    Can't really disagree with much of what you are saying (except number 4, as has been pointed out), but it's always interesting to pause and think for a moment. Let's say that the Bears lost the game 13-10 in overtime, only this time, Denver recovers the onside kick, drives 30 yards in 2 minutes, and kicks the field goal. You'd probably sit here this morning and lament "FUCK, if only Nick roach had just recovered the goddamn onside kick, the game would have been over." But we know now that the broncos still had a chance (aka marion barber) even with the Bears recovering the onside kick.

    Maybe the Broncos still win if barber doesn't fumble (Gould misses the kick) or if marion barber stays in bounds (Punt Return/Hail Mary). Maybe those things still could have all happened and Tebow still would have Tebowed. Honestly, I don't know what else to say after this last game. I have never seen anything like this run. Maybe there is just nothing you can do about it

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    i'm wrong about 4. apparently the clock doesn't start until the ball is touched...i believe.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    The fault, dear Waffle, is not in our stars, but in our lack of them. If Cutler and Forte don't go down, little mistakes and freak occurrences don't make the difference.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    #5, Waffle. #5.

  • 4. If the clock guy starts the clock on the onside kick the game is over since the 2 minute warning would have come immediately.

    Waffle on a kick off the clock doesnt start until the ball is touched, if I am not mistaken.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    you are correct. but i'm sure the clock operator fucked us some other way by wearing a shiny watch and accidentally shining the beam into Hanie's eyes or maybe the ref's eyes whilst Peppers was being gangbanged by 2 dudes front and back....

  • Bill brings up an interesting point above. The D WAS gassed for sure in that last stretch. Yes, it was because of the O not being able to do much for most of the game, but it was also because of something no one has mentioned yet.

    What in thee fuck was with hanie wasting THREE fucking timeouts on 'I don't know what the fuck to do next' moments?!?!?

    What should have happened was a time out to let the D get it's bearings instead of going into the retched prevent D that should NEVER be used again ever ever. Clock management was horrid except for the running. And on that, I liked the running until it was obvious we weren’t going to pass in the 4th. We needed to just throw in some very safe (if there’s such a thing with hanie) quick outs to keep them honest. You know what… fuck it… spilled (very sour) milk.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    The defense was gassed. The offense isn't exactly complimentary even when they're healthy. For the record the Bears were NOT in a prevent the final two drives, they were in man, cover 2 and zone blitzing. The corners opposite Peanut played terribly to end the game, Bowman on the TD pass and Jennings on the FG drives. I wouldn't mind seeing Corey Graham given some more looks out there.

    As Jeff mentioned, this game felt like the ATL game back when Orton was at the helm. Statistically improbable, but a poor coaching decision and corners not playing the proper technique cost the Bears at the end of the game.

    By the way, with :02 left on the clock in regulation, I was sure Hester was going to return the kickoff if he got the opportunity. Why would you kick it to him? But he's been nothing lately when the Bears have needed him most.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Yeah just out of memory I can remember Steltz sitting at the side with an Oxygen mask on so the defense certainly was struggling.

    Good shout out with Jennings. I let him off against Oakland and the Chiefs, but this is 3 bad games in a row now. He was sitting far too deep on the final drives and he allowed the broncos to reach the sideline at least once.

    Finally, Hester just doesn't seem into it. That last kick off with :02 to go summed it up-he had the opportunity to try return one and end the madness, but he seemed to just give up and run into guys around the 20. Whether or not he was gassed as well, we'll never know (I did hear rumours that he was a little shaken up). His hustle has seemed to be missing the last 2 games.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    Jennings is not a good cover guy, I never got the love for him on here. People watching with beer goggles I guess.

  • Personally I liked him as he could wrap up the tackle. I appreciated this more in the early parts of the season when the tackling was so bad in every game league wide that it was getting ludicrous.

    We have to pursue a CB in the draft or free agency. Cut Bowman, bring in another guy and let them compete to start opposite Peanut.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    I remember seeing a shot of Devin being examined during the game while lying on a table on the sideline.

  • In reply to Shady:

    If Roach (I think; might have been Iwuh) gets a block on that punt return, I estimate 95% chance Hester would have taken it to the house.

  • sporano gone in miami.

  • sparano.

    well. since it's just me in here, I've got one more for you...

    what is wrong with Devin Hester's vagina?

    I know I know... a lot to expect of him every single game. Yes. You are right... it is. And I do. Especially when we need him most.

    What the fuck is up with all the fair catches with guys 10-20 yards away and running out of bounds AND getting tackled by fucking kickers?

    Reports are he's hurt. I damn well hope he's hurt cause he hasn't been doing much for us in the last three games when we've needed him most. Yes, last night his only nice run set up the TD on a short field, but if you watch the reply there was just green all the way to the endzone on the left.

    He just hasn't been the same guy in the last 3-4 weeks, and I won't even mention what he's 'done for the offense' in that time.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    He looked dinged up when they had him laid out on the trainer's table in the second half. It looked like they were working on his ribs.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Righto, Posse.

    He almost certainly would have taken the punt he somehow reversed the field with to the house with a block from Roach, and we'd all have gushed how it was maybe the GOAT's best return ever. As it was, the 26 yards return did set up the Bears' only TD drive of the game (which was essentially all Barber btw).

    The fair catch was probably at direction from the sideline, as it looked as if Toub had a block play called. But it did look like he could have taken a shot at returning it.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I thought he was going to take it back until he cut to the inside of Roach...thought he had nothing but daylight if he cut to the outside.
    You're right about the first 26 yards though...that was nothing short of spectacular.
    I think he's got an abdominal injury, hernia perhaps, or something with his ribs.

  • So, you guys heard any good jokes lately?

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Yes. ready?

    Caleb Hanie.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    wait... maybe that's a bad joke.

    And if you guys thing we got fucked by the ref last night, check this out:

    (the forces of the lord were against us on all fronts it seems)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    That was about the 20th inexplicable call/no-call this weekend.

    The quality of officiating in this day and age, with the amount of training and technology at the NFL's disposal, is inexcusable.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    sorry willie, that was the punchline... here's the whole joke (fron seifart's blog): "Hanie's 10.1 Total Quarterback Rating (QBR) is the worst among NFL quarterbacks with at least 100 qualifying plays this season."

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    You take out a freak Palko hail mary... and he HAS to be worse.


    Right guys?


  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    painter MAYBE... but I doubt it.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:


  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Grasshopper walks into a bar, says "Vodka rocks". Barman goes "Hey, we have a drink named after you ...", Grasshopper says "What .... Morrie?"

  • How about we play the softest prevent cover 2 in the last minute when Tebow can only throw short and intermediate routes. Jennings was playing 20 yards off his guy.


    A Little Fuckin Bump and Run or At Least Get A Hand On The Reciever Within The First 5 Yards Fuck Me In The Face

  • In reply to Crown:

    Yeah except he already beat the Bears deep earlier in the game, the WR just dropped it. It's the pocket passing Tebow has issues with, so the defense was actually called correctly but executed terribly on the edges.

  • In reply to Shady:

    ok, so at what point (if you're lovie/rod) do you say... shit this isn't working, let's go back to what was?

    Obviously after the TD for those two. I said it right away, but any sane coach says it, what, once they crossed the 50? FML.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    They blitzed Urlacher more than once on that drive and he didn't get home, nobody on that line did. I don't blame Lovie for the pass rush disappearing or for what Barber pulled out of his ass late.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I wish people would lay off the defense, they were excellent. AMranelli has coached us up to be one of the best tackling, swarming defenses in the league, and when guys do what they're supposed to do, it shuts down the likes of Tebow/Vick. Guys get tired when the O goes three and out on a regular basis. It's not Maranelli's fault.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Yeah, Denver receivers dropped a lot of passes, and Tebow threw a lot of grounders and foul balls. That's typical of the Denver passing attack. It sucks, and Denver knows it. The entire NFL knows it. For gods sake, Tebow has more rushing attempts than pass completions.

    So the Bears didn't fear the long strike and for the most part, they played like it. It paid off.

  • Some crazy shit has been happening.. I have been trying all day today to log in and comment. It kept taking me back to the last thread we had before we went to this format.

  • In reply to Artoo:


    That was before all this Tebow nonsense.

  • 5 wins in a row. 30 points a game. Defense and specials playing lights out. Run game dominating. Cookie, Carimi, Cutler, Forte. Out.

    3 losses in a row to the AFC west.

    Damn the NFL is a harsh mistress. I don't think I can stomach it any more. Yet... I will soldier on.

    Walter would.

  • DOC!

    Shouldn't you be at the hospital ready to catch the twins?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Not yet, mang.

    And if it is twins, I'm just going to pretend like I never saw the second one. Maybe nobody will notice.

  • good plan. Good luck it it happens before we can mess with you more. seriously though. Go get em mang.

  • Did it not piss you off when Bowman was out there?

    The man cannot cover no more.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    So, analyzing the double negative...

    He CAN cover more?

    Yes, he certainly can... he should be able to cover a LOT more.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    hee hee

  • In reply to Artoo:

    More importantly, the motherfucker forgot which coverage was called on that play.

    THAT was the dealbreaker. I was wondering while looking at the replay why he handed the receiver off to a safety that wasn't there. He even looks backwards as he's handing off, and HAD to see that Conte was nowhere in the vicinity.

    Bowman should be as big a goat for this loss as Barber.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    And it's not even a guess at this point. It is now a fact that Zack was playing two-deep safety coverage when everyone else was playing single-safety high.

  • Timid. We lost the fucking football game because we were fucking timid. Too timid to fucking put more points on the board (after we finally cracked the fucking code late in the 3rd quarter). And too timid to stop the inept Bronco offense with less than 2 minutes to go in the game.

    Times in our lives that it is ok to be timid:

    1. You are 8 years old and looking for a girl to do a couple skate with you at an ice rink.

    2. You are 13 years old and a girl wants to jerk you a soda.

    3. You are getting shot at, but you need to bail out of the building because there is a good chance that an RPG is on the way.

    But never in a fucking football game.

    Our coordinators stopped coordinating, and our Head Coach stopped coaching and started hoping. Hoping is not a tactic.

  • In reply to Viva:

    it's not a strategy either.

    So I've been wanting to ask you this Viva...

    That is you taking the video... or you in that window at least. You have your AR in your closet. What do you do?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I would have killed him, ran to his corpse to secure his weapon, and hope like hell that LAPD didn't fucking kill me in the process. I have a few buddies who are detectives in LA, and they have some great stories. (Lot of things could go wrong...)

  • In reply to Viva:

    I was thinking the same, but without the secure his weapon part.

    Crazy people suck.

  • I tried to log in earlier today and got some bullshit site (3 different times). MB you hit the nail on the head. With Hanie there are no safe passes. If you have been a RB in the NFL for 7 seasons and need to be reminded not to run out of bounds in that situation, you need some concussion testing done immediately.

    Jeff forgot the Greg Olsen game against Carolina. He fumbled twice. John Fox has fucked us 3 different times on heartbreaker games. I say we kill the fucker.

  • Denver is only one of 5 teams in the NFL who have all the same OL playing from pre-season, no injuries or substitutions.

    And that showed.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    TWO (clady and franklin) of whom we could have had in the draft and FA.

    Just saying man.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Cohesion is a virtue.

  • In reply to Viva:

    it's also a strategy

  • I was pooping during almost the entire fourth quarter and overtime...

    How'd it really go? All I heard was the wife screaming expletives and smacking the couch.

    I didn't have the heart to rewind.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Given the circumstances, one could say, "Holy Crap, Willie G."

    Please refrain from shitting during the 4th quarter of any more close games.

  • SB prediction:

    Broncos vs Packers - the rematch.

    But now, it's Tebow vs Rodgers. Packers are sporting a perfect record going in, ala the Brady Pats in the Giants-Pats SB.

    By the 4th quarter, the Packers are up 34-3. But the 4th is Tebow time. Final score - 37-34 with 1 second left on his own 20, Tebow calls the run up the middle, and breaks 5 tackles running 80 yards to win it.

    Then, with Madonna lining up for a post-game encore - she serenades Tebow with a stirring rendition of "You don't bring me flowers anymore."

    Then - just when you thought nothing could be more sublime - the Rapture hits.

  • In reply to gpldan:


  • Couple things....


    and why in thee fuck was bowman in for corey?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Is Ditka losing it?

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I mean like, Altzheimers? He always had a short fuse, but you could always see why he went off. I don't see it here, unless Hoge is always finding reasons to deny Tebow his due. The man can run.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Nevermind. I watched some recent video of him and he seems ok. Here he is after getting pulled out of line at the Denver airport for an enhanced TSA patdown:

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    how brutal is that shit? TSA... really? Mike ditka is a terrorist. Brilliant. Money well spent. Jesus.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    And Ditka so calm and cooperative, standing there with his arms out while the terrorist frisker takes forever to put his rubber gloves on.

    WTF is wrong with Ditka. Why didn't he go ape shit? Is he losing it?

  • Barber fucked up to be sure, but it wouldn't have mattered if Lovie hadn't done what he typically does and zone out again. Or if the real goat Hanie had been worth a shit the rest of the game. Barber might have been the guy that ultimately lost it, but he was also the main reason they were in it to begin with. Without him, they don't score a point.

  • I haven't read the previous posts yet, so do forgive ....

    With time to reflect, Marion Barber has become the scape-goat for the loss for a lot of pissed-up fans who need that immediate scapegoat to rail against, repeatedly, until the beer runs out or they fall asleep. A drunken man is not capable of rational thought and perceptions are clouded by understandably high emotions (judging by the animosity evident on the game thread). It's all on Jerry Angelo, it always is and has been for ten years of selling us all short. Here are some basic facts in the cold light of day :

    * Fact - We have no way of knowing whether Marion was told not to run out of bounds specifically - yes, he should have known etc. Brain-freezes happen.

    * Fact - Barber going out of bounds did not 'hand the Boncos the game', it gave them about 35 more seconds. Big difference between the two. If he stays in bounds, Tebow being Tebow still likely gets them in position to do the business. He does this. I've seen him do it twice before in incredible circumstances.

    * Fact - For one, Barber going out of bounds ensured the ball would not be stripped. It protects the ball. Imagine it had been stripped there and then ....

    * Fact - Barber did not so so much drop the ball in overtime as he had it firmly stripped away from his body. It was a great defensive play. When Peanut makes a strip, none of us rips on the guy that he took it away from, we congratulate Peanut.

    * Before the game, how many of us expected to score a TD on offense ? I didn't. A rushing TD? Not only was it a good run, he had108 yards on the day. Without Barber, we weren't in a position to win the game anyway.

    * Anyone looking for an effigy to burn, there's Matt Prater - who was awesome in the clutch - or Jerry Angelo to choose from. The guy who ensured we didn't have a John Skelton in the wings, a center on the field, and a worse than useless Left Tackle, and our first round Left Tackle playing Left Guard. Blame him.

  • requiem for marion barber

    Every Grain Of Sand
    In the time of my confession, in the hour of my deepest need
    When the pool of tears beneath my feet flood every newborn seed
    There’s a dyin’ voice within me reaching out somewhere
    Toiling in the danger and in the morals of despair

    Don’t have the inclination to look back on any mistake
    Like Cain, I now behold this chain of events that I must break
    In the fury of the moment I can see the Master’s hand
    In every leaf that trembles, in every grain of sand

    Oh, the flowers of indulgence and the weeds of yesteryear
    Like criminals, they have choked the breath of conscience and good cheer
    The sun beat down upon the steps of time to light the way
    To ease the pain of idleness and the memory of decay

    I gaze into the doorway of temptation’s angry flame
    And every time I pass that way I always hear my name
    Then onward in my journey I come to understand
    That every hair is numbered like every grain of sand

    I have gone from rags to riches in the sorrow of the night
    In the violence of a summer’s dream, in the chill of a wintry light
    In the bitter dance of loneliness fading into space
    In the broken mirror of innocence on each forgotten face

    I hear the ancient footsteps like the motion of the sea
    Sometimes I turn, there’s someone there, other times it’s only me
    I am hanging in the balance of the reality of man
    Like every sparrow falling, like every grain of sand

    Copyright © 1981 by Special Rider Music

  • Watching that ball being stripped from Barber's hand in slow motion is just painful. Barber is breaking free, a falling defender gets a meathook on his hand, and the hand just twists off the ball. Barber reacts quickly and comes heartbreakingly close to regaining possession, but the ball takes an unlucky path. You can't watch that and not feel for Barber. He fought for every inch all game long. He couldn't turn it off.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    And there's one angle that if you look closely in the background on the sidelines fucking Frank Omiyale starts clapping after Barber loses the football. What the hell are you clapping at Frank? Don't you know what fucking team you're on? If it wasn't bad enough fucking Frank Omiyale clapping has to be the god damn cherry on top.

  • In reply to Shady:


  • In reply to Shady:

    Let's talk about Lance Louis for a moment.
    Is he on the take now? Because for a guy that was having an admirable turn at RT for the first half of the season, he has fallen off a fucking cliff the last three games. Between the false starts and completely whiffing on his assignments, it sure seems like he's been taken under Frank's prodigious wings. It's hard to tell the two of them apart anymore.

  • Now this could only happen to a guy like me
    And only happen in a town like this.
    So may I say to each of you most gratefully
    As I throw each one of you a kiss..................
    This is my kind of town.

  • In reply to phrozentundra:

    like school on saturday... nooooo claaaaass.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    oh, and you're a fucking idiot.

  • i am having a hard time
    coming to grips with this fact
    how can we not have spent more time
    ensuring that our 2nd string QB
    was not better prepared to come in
    and manage the offense we spent
    so much investment in?

    this is a reflection of coaching and their
    judgement of talent
    it makes me wonder what's going on
    and does little to
    raise my level of confidence going into
    the offseason and rebuilding for
    the future

  • being a dreamer
    I can't see this happening
    any other way
    we win the next three

    realistically I have hope
    for the future
    these kinds of seasons
    build character and help
    reveal to all the coaches and players
    the level of committment it takes
    to win in the nfl
    nothing can be taken for granted
    everybody has to excell
    and preparation is essential

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Here's my hope. Somehow, I don't know how, maybe Hester returns two for twelve .. .but somehow we beat the Hawks. Cutty comes back for the GB game and we tear them a new one. Those pricks don't have defense, we do. Dismantle Minny the next week ... enter the playoffs ..... re-design Rodgers .... meet Tebus in the bowl, where sea-level and a host of fervent prayers don't help Tebus or Matt Prater. How about them apples?

  • Bravo man, love the optimism Irish. Honestly, and don't take this the wrong way but... you are the last person I expected to see it from at this point.

    I would love to see that happen, but Detroit is almost certainly going to have to lose games in order for the Bears to get in...

  • In reply to Michael L:

    If Cutty comes back I can see it happening, it's written in the stars. probably. And Detroit have a rough time of it schedule-wise.

  • The only redeeming aspect of the rest of the schedule is that we still have the easiest road...but it takes Detroit dropping at least 2 of 3 games and us winning out...unless I completely have the tiebreakers wrong.

  • guys look at the bright side, Greg Jennings is out for 3 weeks
    if that makes u feel any better now we'll lose 21-0 instead of 28-0.

  • holy shit MB, I didn't even know Mir was fighting at ufc140. He broke Noge's fucking arm? sick.

    Mir has always been my favorite fighter. i love me some submission fighting.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:


  • The very best way...



    to close their pie-holes...



    Is to just ignore them...



    So don't feed the trolls.



    Burma Shave

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Bravo, Al! Bravo!!

  • How about the Matrix move for Hester next week? This kid was asking for it.

  • Well, Trac, it took a blocked punt for a TD last night, but looks like I split our playoff series...and most importantly, I'm still alive in DBB 1.

    Murph, looks like you have an opportunity to knock off the king to be the king.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Hey Brownie, last year we also had two leagues. I won the other league and (not to brag) I beat you handily on the playoff total points. So just sayin, I believe you have the chance to knock off "THE KING"

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Hehehe...that is true.
    I think DBB1 counts double though.
    Because...well, because it is DBB1, not DBB2.

    I think a keeper league next year is the way to go, with ten teams. Now, that would be a challenge.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    You dog Brownie. We're still in it in both leagues though. Don't forget we play 2 weeks in a row for each round and the combined point winner moves on to the next round. This week will be interesting. I Tebowed bossbear in Da Blog playoffs with my only victory coming with the Seahawks last night. I'm guessing he copied my Miami and 49er picks and took the Ravens for his lock win. Unfortunately for him, my Seahawks pick covered and his Ravens pick didn't. He he.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Oh shit...I forgot about that with the Espie leagues...Gah!
    I better doublecheck my rosters!!!


    Puts paid to the misperception we were sitting in prevent all night - it was only the last two possessions of regulation. Single-high safety all night otherwise.

  • I don't who was saying we were in prevent "all night". There was a lot of consternation about the soft zone coverage in the last 5 minutes of regulation, and deservedly so. Tebow can hit a wide open receiver. He is utterly incapable of hitting the back shoulder fade or otherwise threading one to a guy who's in man coverage.
    And that, along with the fact that Bowman completely and utterly failed to understand his responsibilities on the last play of the Broncos TD drive, is why they scored 10 pts in 2 minutes versus zippo in the first 58.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    For the record, Pompei is the only guy that I've read who has stated that the breakdown on the TD was on Conte, not Bowman. Everyone else the last two days has stated the coverage on that play was supposed to be single-high safety, not Cover-2.

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