Positives and Negatives From the Bears Loss to the Packers

Positives and Negatives From the Bears Loss to the Packers

It is hard to continue judging these games as if they are real games. They are not real games. They are games played with the alarming disadvantage of the Bears not having Jay Cutler. Other thoughts.


  • Kahlil Bell is the answer at the backup tailback position. He needs to protect the football better but he has vision, speed and is a solid catcher of the football.
  • Josh McCown. What did you think? I kinda like him. Let's see it again next week.
  • Funny how the receiving corps, including Sanzenbacher and Roy, look serviceable when an actual passer is taking the snaps behind center.
  • Hey, I'd even keep Armando Allen on the roster. He's got the kind of speed that would be useful backing up Hester on kick and punt returns.
  • The offensive line. Against the best team in football they played an excellent game., especially in the run game.


  • Where was the goddamn pressure? Against backup tackles Julius Peppers and the crew have to get pressure on the QB. I believe this team can no longer rely on Izzy Idonije to provide a compliment to Pep.
  • So did anyone beside Lovie Smith believe Zach Bowman could play corner at a professional level?
  • I think any talk of Robbie Gould making the Pro Bowl is absurd. He's missed important kicks all year and I'm getting tired of every directional kick he attempts going out of bounds.
  • Bad night for Nick Roach. Just looked awful in coverage but then again he was covering Jermichael Finley for some reason. His overpursuit on a few pitches outside was inexcusable.
  • I kept hearing Henry Melton's name. Who else played defensive tackle for the Bears tonight? Other than Okoye's offsides I didn't hear another tackle's name called.
  • Why is Devin Hester playing? What is Lovie trying to prove by risking the long term health of a major Bears weapon?
  • The deep touchdown pass to Nelson that ended the game was ludicrous. Why in god's name would Major Wright and Craig Steltz be doubling a wideout? I get sick thinking about it.

Bad night but expected. I think most Bears fans stopped caring weeks ago. I haven't. You can look at this group and see what was there and that's what it makes it hard to watch. 2012 is coming soon.

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  • First to root for the Falcons. If they can get a win before the season ends, none of this will have mattered.

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    Who do they play after the Saints?"

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  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Tampa's circling the drain. Rahim Morris could be history.

    I think it's academic. If she hadn't sung last night, The Fat Fady would have warbled after Atlanta knocks off Tampa.

  • But I have to think we should invest in a solid defensive pick in the first round of the draft.

    The more games I watch, the better I feel about our offense once everyone is healthy. We've got some talent on the improving line (thought we're not done there yet), we've got Bennett, we've got Forte plus 2-3 solid backup prospects, we've got Cutler. I don't believe we're going to get our #1 reciever picking outside of the top 10, and I don't think we should use such a high pick on the offensive line for the third time in 5 years.

    I think this game shows that we're thinner on the D than we realize, but the system masks those weaknesses in a lot of games. We can call it bad coaching to make certain assignments tonight, but the fact is if we had more talent in the secondary we could let guys win those 1 on 1s in space and focus on getting more pressure on Rogers.

    After spending some time on the draft a few threads back, I'm starting to feel strongly that our team would really benefit from investing in a true shut-down cornerback. If the top 3 corners are all taken (see Walterfootball's latest mock draft) then we can look at the D-line or elsewhere, but in terms of a pure needs assessment, I would love to see our team draft a corner.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Reasons drafting a "shut-down" corner are bad:

    1) This defense would waste such a player--it's designed for bigger corners who play well in space and who a strong on run support, not for a guy with tight coverage skills.
    2) There is no "shut-down" corner in the coming draft class, much less where the Bears will be drafting.
    3) Most teams do fine without a "shut-down" corner (in other words, you can count the number of good, "shut-down" corners in the league on one hand, and most of the teams with the best passing defenses don't have one).
    4) This organization does a pretty shitty job of drafting CBs, particularly in the past decade. Outside of Tillman (and the short period of time when Vasher was decent), they've done shit for evaluating and drafting good CB prospects.
    5) What have been the CB deficiencies this season? Playing the scheme, largely--letting receivers catch the ball in front of them (because they're not in press coverage)--and sometimes coverage errors letting a WR break free, where he's covered by a safety. It is not nearly as often that the CBs are repeatedly "burned" because they're incapable of running with WRs. Many times when CBs look beat it's because the defensive scheme leaves them without help over-the-top when they're expecting help (or the safeties just blow their assignments, take your pick). In any case, a CB with fantastic coverage skills isn't going to make that much of a difference--because when you're playing zone, you're not playing man.
    6) "Shut-down" corner implies speed (especially closing speed), and de-emphasizes size & run support. The guys burning the Bears this year aren't speedsters--they're big receivers who run good routes. I'd take a guy like Tillman who can run with receivers better.
    7) (It bears repeating) This defensive scheme would not use a cover-corner's skills, and the pick would be wasted. Spend a high pick on the D-line, where the Bears obviously can't keep operating with whatever spare parts they've got. Izzy has been as big a bust this season as he was a nice surprise last year.

  • Kudos to Josh McCown. basically just off the street and he lead the offense to 400+ yards? He should be GOSH McCown!

    Kudos to the entire offense.

    Great job on Packer drives 2,3 & 4 defense.

    Where'd you go the rest of the night?

  • No turnover by the defense. No sacks. HUGE missing elements.

    Can't help thinking "what might have been" had McCown started 2 or 3 weeks ago...?


  • No penalties on the Packers. Really? #5 and 5 tackes against peppers. really.

    I saw illegal hands to Julius' face on consecutive plays that went un called.

    The Parry crew ranks down there with Hochuli's band of incompetants.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    The hands to the face thing happens every game, Al.

  • Is it just me or did we get out-coached for at least the 2nd week in a row...?

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    We've been out-coached in most of our games this year. Including some of those we won. We don't seem to be able to make adjustments to what our opponents are doing. Most teams seem to improve their game after halftime. We usually do not. At least it seems that way to me.

  • Being on call I missed some of this game, but what I saw was not as bad as many of us feared. McCown was a surprise. He played pretty damn well for a guy who was a high school coach a few weeks ago. He looked like a actual QB. Can he do it again? It will give me one more reason to watch next week's game. There really aren't that many right now.

    Hester had an obvious limp when he took the field for the first return. It's absurd that he was out there at all. WTF are you guys thinking coaches?

    Bowman sucked ass. Bell kicked ass.

    I hate the playoffs when the Bears are not in them. Every game reminds me that we didn't make the grade. Again.

    To make matters worse, I was in the Championship Game in my FF league and lost today. Why? Because my opponent had Aaron fucking Rogers as his QB! 43 FF points! And I had the Bears D/ST. Talk about adding insult to injury.

  • In reply to MikeV in OR:

    I seriously think Lovie just packed it in.

    He wanted to find out once and for all if Bowman is who he thought he was. Why else put him in single coverage like that?

    This was auditioning time for borderline Bears, and some made the cut while others didn't. Bowman being in the latter.

    Like some observed already, Bell is Hell on Wheels (reason why I swooped in on him last week in FF and he paid off).

    Sanzenbacher reappeared on the scene, and Roy Williams continues to be a fucken enigma.

    Roach needs to be replaced. He's not even serviceable. We have a hard enough time with TEs in our scheme, no need to make it worse with bad LBs.

    We need a pass rush outside Pepp who gets mugged regularly.

    Still say, Mario Williams, in FA

    Stud WR in first round.

    cb/lb in second round

    lb/cb/Olineman in 3rd (we have to 3s)

    Then after that, see what value there is with Safeties, RBs, and SP team types.

  • As much as I'd like Mario Williams, there's no way the Bears plow that much money into their pass rush. Hell, I doubt many teams in the league would consider it. Outside the Raiders & Dallas, I don't think too many other teams would invest tens of millions in Peppers & Williams on the same line.

  • When does Urlacher's replacement get drafted? Olin's? We draft a WR in the first round and it's three years before he produces, by which time every core member of this team bar Cutty and Forte have retired. Cutty is the most important offensive player, Brian is the man on D - and he's got no backup.

  • Still in Peace on Earth, Goodwill mode, so no sarcasm tonight from me. Just wondering. Do you think McCown is that good, or does our D just have a knack of making your back up QB's look all-world? I never thought much of the guy, but Martz did a pretty good job of game planning tonite. You guys looked hungry and came to play and I can respect that. Our D has been pathetic all year and I don't feel good about a repeat this year. That D will not go too far in the playoffs. What's the deal with Cutler? Even on the sidelines he looks detached and uninspired early in the game. I never see him interact with team mates and they seem to elect to do the same. It was the same when he flew himself to the game a few weeks ago. To an unattached observer it just looks unusual.

  • In reply to phrozentundra:

    Hard to tell if McCown is the real deal because the Packer's allow a shit load of points, usually rely on turnovers, played a lot of loose almost prevent D, and surprisingly put little pressure on him tonight.

    They're kinda like the Pat's D.

    Minnesota's D isn't going to offer much of a test either since their secondary is all injured and outside of Mullet, lacks a pass rush.

    But McCown looked very sharp and pleasantly mobile. He showed effort and emotion. If he performs like that again, he deserves a shot at 2nd string.

    Cutler's just Cutler. He always has that shit face on the sidelines, but then again, so does Manning, and he aint too shabby. A lot of great players look pissed off when they're watching from the sidelines, Cutty's just more consistent, and to his defense, when he was playing THIS year, he seemed a bit more engaged than usual.

    He'll continue his "leadership" mantel next year.

  • And the reason they we're pissed off is because the Pack made a halftime adjustment on offense and we didn't counter it AS USUAL!!!!!

  • Not trying to create any angst here but can some of you guys see why Angelee didn't want to pay Forte the sick money? Looking back now on the reported offer Jerra made to Matty, it now seems he was being reasonable. Our offensive scheme with current players will adapt to life after Forte.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    I was kind of thinking the same thing. The running game last night looked fine without Forte and what kind of picks could we get in a trade to help areas we didn't look so fine in. But then, one game against the Packers run defense (actually their defense in general) is not a large enough data set to make that decision on...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Second worst defense in the league I do believe. Thing is, you put a wall up in front of a half-decent back and who cares what his name is.

    See Timmy Smith.

    MLB, Center, with the top two picks of this draft, LT with next year's top pick.

  • The OL and Bell looked good. McCown looked like a legit backup. Roy is a waste of a roster spot. When he wouldn't come back for that ball that would have been a first down, he should have been released on the spot. Can't wait to get him off the roster. The run D was good but that's all. Bowman, Wright and Roach looked like they were on another planet. The DL got no pressure all night. Sure they were holding Pep but that happens every game. Really a piss poor effort by the DL. Totally agree with Jeff about Hester. What are they thinking? It's obvious he can't cut on that ankle, let him heal up for next year. Not sure if Armando Allen has ever returned kicks but his quickness would make him a natural for the job.

    Not sure how you blame this on the coaches. The Fudgies have more talent across the board. Rodgers is the MVP and their 4th string WR (Cobb) is better than any WR on our roster.

    I had no expectations for the game and the O actually lifted my spirits. However, the D took care of that. Oh well, the Fudgies are 14-1 for a reason.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I blame the coaches for terrible scheme in the red zone. Major wright otoh is just bad in coverage.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I'm totally frustrated with how easy Rodgers makes it look. However, the DB's have to jam the WR's in the red zone and they refuse to do it. Not sure that's on the coaches. When Bowman allowed the second TD on the slant #54 was screaming at him (I'm guessing about jamming him). Next time up, Bowman jams him (kinda. sorta) and Rodgers goes back shoulder. All were perfect throws, perfectly executed by their receivers. The DL got zero pressure on Rodgers and it follows that none of the DB's looked good last night. If we don't put pressure on Rodgers, we won't beat them.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Agreed...defense dropped the ball on this one. They got WR's that can catch the ball, we have 1...Earl.

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