One of the Most Unacceptable Losses of My Lifetime

One of the Most Unacceptable Losses of My Lifetime

I could spend fifty hours writing about how angry this game, particularly the last five minutes, made me today. But one thing is certain: Lovie Smith and the Chicago Bears coaching staff gave this game to the Denver Broncos. After forcing Tim Tebow into difficult situations all afternoon, Lovie went prevent. Pure, old fashioned prevent. And allowed Tebowed to walk the ball down the field with screens and underneath routes. It was pathetic coaching. Sad, pathetic coaching by a staff that should be ashamed of themselves. They cost the Bears postseason hope today.

Other thoughts:

  • Kudos to Adam Podlesh and Craig Steltz. Wonderful games from both.
  • Marion Barber. You just made the stupidest play in the history of this organization. Congrats. And what was the fumble in overtime? Was that just to remind us how stupid the play you made in regulation was?
  • Tim Tebow started at quarterback for the Denver Broncos and he was the best quarterback on the field.

I have no energy for this. None. Three weeks ago I thought the Jay Cutler Bears could win the Super Bowl. Now I have this. Seattle comes next week. The only question is, "Who cares?"

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  • You don't mess with the Tebow.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Tebow is a scrub and he did nothing to win the game. Any QB in this league can pick apart our prevent D.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    Bullshit. Tebow and selling his jersey had a great deal with winning that game.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    The dude is 11 TDs with 2 picks. 100+ rating in 4th qtrs. 7-1 this year as a starter - I'll take a scrub like that any day of the week.

    I think this Broncos team can make the superbowl. Why not? The Patriots defense is the worst in the league. The Jets suck. Joe Flacco sucks. You stop Arian Foster you stop the Texans, though their defense would pose problems. The Steelers, yeah, maybe.

    The Niners are one and done by the way, they also suck. Alex Smith is who we thought he was.

    Hard to hang tonight's loss on Lovie though, Jefe. Barber ran out of bounds when the game would have been over otherwise, then he loses the ball in overtime within FG range. If either of those things doesn't happen then Lovie's a hero for going to Mile High Cutty-less and coming out with a W.

  • That's all fine and well but look at what happened to them when they played a team that pursued him relentlessly....I believe he and his broncos got destroyed 45-10. If they play the Steelers or Ravens they will get shut down. Like we would have done to them if Lovie and HotRod had blitzed instead on sitting in lame ass prevent.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Yeah, don't even come close, or you'll get flagged, because Tebow is such a fragile flower.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    I got you. Point taken. I'm just capitalizing on the pure d entertainment value of riding this charade until the lights go out tonight. I am so jaded being a Bears fan for so long that I can not feel the pain longer. All I see is smoke. Smoke and mirrors.

  • It wasn't the PLAN it was the EXECUTION.

    Isn't that what the Bears always preach, execution?

    Well, they executed alright. They executed themselves right out of the play-offs.

    Can you really blame Martz for Barber going out of bounds or fumbling? That's fucken retarded.

    How hard is it to stay in bounds? Barber's a god damn moron. I don't care if it's irrational. Dump him, dump Roy, and Hurd by association. Don't want any Cowboy on our roster ever again.

  • Correction, Barber is a god damn moron AND a choker. Going out of bounds was moronic, fumbling was a choke.

  • Outside of fumblitis, Barber had a fair dinkum game. Things like this can happen on the road with a bum QB and a rockin home crowd. It's a shame Cutty went down. That's the marker for me. I knew our season was pretty much a pipe dream after that.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Don't forget that Denver's D is awesome.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Their D didn't win that game.

    Barber's stupidity and choker-ness did.

    Notice that the Broncos D didn't make anyone subhuman?

    The Broncos D allowed a 3rd string QB and 2nd string WRs and HB to march down the field in OT at home and kick a game winning FG.

    Barber just decided to lose.

  • They were ranked 5th before todays game 85. That's pretty dam good. Why do you think the Bronco's have been able to win these squeakers?

  • No, letting mug Peppers on every single play (well, those I saw from about the middle of the 3rd Q on) was the biggest thing. Without that, we're looking 10-3 (or maybe 10-6) Bears in regulation.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Our season was still alive Trac.

    If Barber stays in bounds; if Barber holds on to the ball, we're 8-5 still on top of the wild card race.

    Now, like the blogfather said, who gives a shit?

  • you forgot last week when he fucked his own game winning (or at least tying) TD by not lining up right.

    I love barber and think he was a brilliant pick up, but god damn it man. You know what... I wouldn't be so fucking pissed if 4 weeks ago we weren't on our way to at LEAST the first round, if not much more than that.

    Bottom line is that when you lose your franchise QB AND your 45% of the offense tailback in the span of two weeks, not being fucked and out of the playoffs is a miracle.

    And don't sound so fucking pleased trac, it's sticking in my fucking craw right now.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Don't come at me that way MB. Pleased ain't got nothing to do with it. It was there for all to see that dared to. I learned to temper my emotions with this bunch after the Giants game last year. I know, it's a long time ago but that game spoke volumes to me. Can't explain it other than I have never liked Martz's system and I have NO faith in THAT.

  • If you call a heartbeat and in a coma being alive then I guess you're right. I still think the Bears can muster 3 more wins and squeek in at 9-7. Still, unless Cutty and Forte come back, the season can not end with a Championship.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    I meant 2 more wins.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Key word there Trac, "BUM". Hanie is an absolute piece of shit in the pocket. We'd be better running out of the wildcat every play than letting that crap bag touch the ball.

  • In reply to JAB1:

    His overthrow of Barber was one of the worst plays I've ever seen in the NFL. I'd take Grossman over Hanie 100 times out of 100.

  • The PLAN??? The Plan was to run, pass and get first downs in the last 8 minutes 4ever or at least it SHOULD have been...again and I totally agree with Jeff. OUR COACHES LOST THIS GAME Maron Barber aside...end of should have NEVER went to overtime PERIOD. How can you defense these asshole is Martz you uncle or something? Seriously!

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    Martz didn't go out of bounds, that's how.

    Barber goes down IN bounds, Tebow gets the ball about the 15 with 8 seconds left. End of story.

    How is that Martz' fault?

    Everyone keeps wanting to run, then when they finally do, everyone says pass...

    Reminds me of what Da Coach says, "Player win the games, Coaches can only lose the games..."

  • Also, when Martz had to win the game, he went to the pass in OT and got them in FG range.

    Is it his fault Barber choked and fumbled?

  • He gave Barber the ball 8 time in a fucking row!!!! (End of Regulation and OT). Is Barber calling his own plays? It's easy to point a finger at one guy you fucks up but how that guy got into that position is not his fault. Also running him on 3rd and 7 to go was Stupid!!! Robbie is good but NOT PERFECT. Also if you look at the fumble Barber was's not like he dropped it or something that is going to happen to even the best. My main point Barber shouldn't of even HAD THE BALL ON THAT was a STUPID call.

    THAT'S ON THE COACH on no one else.

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    Ok, let's say Martz called a pass, and Roy fumbled it.

    Is that Martz' fault? Was it Martz fault last week when Roy fumbled the pass into the defense's hand?

    You can blame coaches for a lot of things, but not running out of bounds or fumbling.

  • I agree...I blame coaches for play calling. On both sides of the ball that is what lost this game for us.

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    I was surprised Bell didn't more carries, although I guess Barber is the #2 to Forte and he gets the looks.

    My attempt at optimism .....

    We have to win out, no question, that hurts. The Falcons will lose one to the Saints, but they'll beat JAC and TB.

    However, Detroit have Oakland away, San Diego at home and then lose to the Packers away. They could lose 2 or 3 of those. Oakland away is a tough one.

    The Giants are done if they lose to either the Jets or Dallas again, which they will.

    The other team that could come into it are the Cards who are better than any of the wildcard contenders right now. Skelton is a pretty good QB.

    I think Cutty makes it back for the GB game and we beat them and Minny. But we have to take care of the Seahawks and that's a tall order with Caleb. If Cutty was throwing on the field tonight, what's to stop him playing against Seattle?

  • Okay, didn't see that amzing comeback by the Giants happening - what a perfectly timed time-out by Coughlin at the end.

  • He ripped our hearts out...




    And all I can say....




    is Marion Barber giveth




    and Marion Barber taketh away.




    Burma Shave.

  • Oh goodness am I upset. I knew as soon as we did that second three run three and out in the fourth we were toast. I don't believe that this coaching staff learns absolutley nothing about how the prevent defense works on this team. It has never worked. It goes against everything this defense is built for.

    Coaches lost this one, mostly Lovie. I'm glad I can't watch the post game interviews, because I enjoyed my dinner way to much to tast it again.

  • Well said Jeff. Completely unacceptable. I feel ashamed of this team right now. What's the over-under for Bears wins for the remainder of the season? I'd feel comfortable taking 0.

  • In reply to JAB1:

    Again, the team played pretty well, I thought. Caleb obviously not, receivers ditto, and Marion only had a split-second error of judgement in a 100+ yard performance including a great TD we didn't think we could get. The ball was stripped from him, he didn't fool-fumble it. We were so close, the playoffs closer still, we were just missing a QB ...
    ..... which as always ... comes back to Angelo.

    I watched a backup QB beat the Niners today, the man could start on most teams in the NFL. Billion dollar organizations should have passers ready to go in the wings. Period. Anything else is bollocks.

  • In reply to JAB1:

    I'll take the under.


  • Why were they running Barber up the middle on 3rd and 7 in OT? Gouldy is not automatic from 55+ yards! They needed another 10-15 to be comfortable. PASS, Hanie was finally looking more comfortable.

    Why can't fans in Chicago ever get loud like that? Denver fans were louder down 10-0 than Bear fans ever were this entire season.

    The Lovie deuce bend and get bent defense will never win a championship. Peppers, Briggs, Gould, and Hester are way too talented to be playing for such a LOSER franchise with the worst coaching staff in the nfl. They deserve to go somewhere they can win a ring.

  • In reply to guinead1ck:

    If we go pass and Hanie is sacked then we're OUT of FG range. Hindsight is 20/20. The playcalling sucked, but we ran clock on those drives. If we had passed on those drives, that's a difference of 40 seconds, likely making the Barber out-of-bounds blunder mute.

    My point is, we had a 10 point lead with 2 minutes to go. We lost the game by a few good plays by Tebus and a few bad plays by Barber. The coaches and the defensive effort had a victory within our grasp. Marion fucked us. Plain and simple.

  • In reply to guinead1ck:

    They probably saw Prater kick the 70 yarder pre-game. Gould would make that kick at altitude easily.

  • In reply to guinead1ck:

    He'd already nailed one from 57 yards ....

  • The whole problem comes down to our defensive scheme. Do you think the Steelers or Ravens would go prevent when holding a 10pt lead?

    Constantly flushing Tebow to the left. Letting WR's getting behind and sit in front of your zones. Running outside when up the gut will do. Unacceptable.

    Kudos to Peppers, Podlesh, Steltz, and Roach for recovering that dodgy kick.

    Hester does not get a kudos as he pussied out of far too many returnable kicks today.

    Finally, if I was Earl I would be serving a boot up Hanies arse pronto.

    Ironic how our season was supposed to be easy once we cleared the Chargers....

  • Well, on the bright side, Hanie had a QB rating around 85 and we now have our Sundays back for the rest of the season. In a wierd sense, I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. No more anger with all the stupidity, I'm strangely at peace...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Didn't want my Sunday's back.

    I'm wishin' Lord that I was stoned.

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Isn't that the kicker about being a Bears fan? It's like a barely-there-almost-resented-ejaculation .... every season when the nail gets driven into our coffin .."Ah! Thank God it's over..."

  • watching the bears piss away 3 games to garbage teams has been tough to watch.

    hanie and barber have fucked our season so hard.

    i'm not happy

  • And we thought LAST week was bad.

  • From the
    "It seemed like a good idea at the time."

    "Saddle up men, we are gonna surprise that small band of Redskins today at the Little Big Horn!"
    - George Armstrong Custer,
    June 25, 1876

    "Screw regulations. I'm gonna put the throttle WIDE open and see what this engine can do."
    - John Luther "Casey" Jones,
    April 30, 1900.

    "OK, 1500 passengers & crew.Check.Lifeboats for 750 people. Check. Titanic is ready to sail!"
    -White Star Lines Quartermaster,
    April 11, 1912"

    "Too COLD to launch? HELL no!
    Tell Challenger they're 'go' for liftoff."
    -NASA ground control - January 28th, 1986

    "Let's see, Tebow hasn't done SQUAT all day so, let's change the defense."
    - Lovie Smith.
    December 11, 2011

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    O.K. Now that made me laugh a little.

  • I actually feel bad for Barber. He runs hard and is fun to watch. Just not the brightest bulb on the tree.
    I guess if it wasn't for bad luck we wouldn't have any luck atoll.

  • In reply to MaddBearfan:

    I don't feel bad for Barber at all.

    You don't have to be a brain surgeon to know when to fall in-bounds.

  • That was not the game. The game was the hold on Peppers that let Tebow throw the TD pass.

  • Well, I'm out.

    I've made my point as logically as possible. I'm steaming.

    PPl who have an axe to grind with Lovie and Martz are gonna blame them, but this is one of the few games where ONE player cost us the playoffs.

    This to me ranks with the Romo hold choke, and it's no coincidence that they're both Cowboys.

    You convince me that the Romo choke was the coach's fault, and I'll be convinced that this was a Lovie/Martz debacle.


  • Goodnight Butch. Night John Bob. Good night Beth Ellen ....

  • "One of the Most Unacceptable Losses of My Lifetime".

    Well, you're a lot younger than I am but this one IS up there.

  • This should of not FUCKIN happened! wtf Coaches really fucked this one up.
    Barber you are a professional. Play like a fucking professional!!!

    Tracdaddy SUCK MY DICK!

  • Call 911 Fres. Please....don't.....jump.....

  • I was always taught if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. You know what? Screw that. I am embarrassed to be a Bears fan right now. I feel like Dennis Green when the Bears beat the Cards back in the day and he went off. Same type of situation. Tebow did not win this game-ok! I hope Barber is driving along and skids on some ice and dumps his car into the Chicago River going 95MPH, because that is what he deserves. And then I see Hanie on the bench in OT comforting Barber and telling him its ok that he gave the game away. Why don't you get into the passenger seat Mr Hanie and join Barber in the bottom of the Chicago River, Go Texans, season is over Bears fans

  • In reply to ChiBears34:

    Shut your fucking mouth. Season is not over! go texans? get tha fuck outta here. GO BEARS!

  • I don't care about the Bears hate, but don't blow the fucking Texans at this watering hole, CB.

  • My original Superbowl pick Bears vs Texans before week one. So how is it that the Texans are on their third QB (Rookie that is) and still winning? What are you going to cheer for Detroit or Green Bay? You need to look in the mirror and realize that our offense is not much different from the Colts, we lose two of our best guys (Cutler and Forte) and instead of people stepping up to the opportunity, we all now make excuses. So you are trying to tell me that Hanie is legit? He had his chance the last three games and he showed all of us that last years playoff game was a fluke when he was in the game. He is an embarrassment to even be considered a NFL QB. Barber single handed lost the game, and Hanie did his part to suck for nearly 40 minutes. Its time to face the music and realize the Bears are what they are, an offense built around two good players. As soon as they got hurt, we were exposed and now everybody knows. But as long as you feel good and want to keep on hoping, then you will be fine having Lovie Smith and Mike Martz wearing Blue and Orange. We deserve better in Chicago.

  • In reply to ChiBears34:

    Seeing Hanie comfort Barber was almost sadistic. YOu could see him thinnking "Heh heh, you fucked this up more than I did, they can't hang this one on me now ...they'll be making a 'Forte come back' video for Youtube right about now ... heh heh ..."

    It was like Pontius Pilate and Judas sitting in St. Peter's waiting room.

  • People want to blame Barber but if u watch the game
    bell ran the ball very well but didn't touch it in the 4th quater. Chicago had the ball on 2 series in the 4th qt and ran it 3x's each series, putting the def back on the field were the air is thinner then usual. I think coaching is a problem. Raiders lost or should I say was blown out 2 games after us, Kansas city had their hand handed to them and we lost to each of them. Something is wrong with this picture.

  • In reply to cdobug:

    did you just become a fan today dude?

    We lost our fucking starting franchise QB AND RB?!?!? WTF?

  • In reply to cdobug:

    Yup, Cutty's not in it.

  • Jeff is spot on with his post. WHAT A COACHING FAILURE. These dumbasses did not realize that TIm Tebow hadn't done a thing ALL NIGHT - the to-that-point BRILLIANT Bears D had EXPOSED the horrible Denver scheme. And then, up by two scores, what do they do? Go straight to the Coaching for Dummies Big Yellow Book, and go to Prevent Defense. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????

    Yes Marian the Stupidian singlehandedly cost us the game, a bigger goat performance (considering the apocalyptic consequences) I do not have in my memory - but seriously, it was coaching, first and foremost, that snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

    THANKS for ruining my family's day, THANKS for killing our season, YOU FREAKING DUMBASSES.



  • Well season is over - so I have a funny story to cheer us up this holiday.

    When Houston was given its replacement franchise, after the Oilers hit the road with Eddie George and moved to Nashville, there was this big event for the unveiling of the team. CBS sent, I think it was CBS, it sent Marcus Allen to do the coverage.

    So they unveil the Texan logo and all that. And they cut back to Marcus. And he addresses the guys back in the studio, I think it might have been Phil Simms and Nance or somebody, I don't recall. And he says:

    "Phil. Ok, I believe the reason they went with the Texans name is that Houston is a city in Texas. I think that had something to do with it."

    And everybody in the studio had this silent WTF moment. It was like they were afraid to acknowledge the validity of something that stupid. So, there was this long pause... and just "yeah".

    So, now, whenever I hear the Texans, I always say "Houston is a city in Texas.". I think my GF thinks I'm nuts.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Ha. Way to go man.

    Two nipples walk into a bar, 2 beers thanks, says one....barman replies,
    " I'm not serving you, you're both off your tits."

  • Ok, I've put this season in the books today for a few reasons:

    1. Caleb Hanie isn't a good quarterback. He's been in this system for 4 years, and yet can't operate a quarter of the playbook effectively enough to make defenses respect the pass. We're one dimensional at best, and with 7 and 8 in the box that dimension isn't very good.

    2. There is absolutely zero reason now for Matty or Cutty to rush back this season. Watching the Saints and the Packers today made me realize this.....we cannot score enough points to keep up with them in our current system with our current personnel.

    3. Next year is the year that we sell out. Period. Martz and his asinine playbook are gone. We get Chris Williams and Carimi back, Cutler and Forte are healthy. We can get rid of Roy Williams, and replace him with someone who can fucking catch and act right. We can also get some playmakers on defense. A corner to match Peanut, or eventually be his replacement. A compliment to Peppers, and understudies for Briggs and Urlacher.

    This must be what Cubs' fans feel like. This fucking sucks. Who do we bring in as OC next year?

  • In reply to MattySouthside:

    being a cub fan
    tuaght me about loss

    so this losing is just
    the opposite end
    of reality
    winning existed for 5 weeks
    and loss in all
    maaner of form
    has settled in
    a 5 week stretch
    of un-imaginal proportion
    the reasons seem obvious
    but in my experience
    this is just what
    had to be

    I didn't post at all
    during a game
    in which I knew
    we would fall
    some times it sucks
    this dimension
    from this particular body
    but, I have gotten
    used to the way
    she rolls

    about the seveteenth year
    inside this skin
    at night the dream world speek
    it revealed the next day
    in vivid detail
    sometimes exactly
    with language and all
    sometimes in code
    but warnings were the call

    last night in a dream
    a spirit came in
    and a carcass
    was presented to me
    It was game meat
    I could tell
    and as I held it
    up to my eyes
    a bloodied bears paw
    was what I did see

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    It was my bloodied scroll finger.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    no it was a bear paw
    and when I woke up
    it was not a good way
    to come back into this
    I used to try to fall back
    asleep hoping there would
    some sort of change
    now for me
    when we play denver
    I will associate and see that
    paw in my hands
    the good thing is
    it was meant for just today
    but it will be tied to
    the loss

    I can only hope this
    is the end
    of some
    hoorible horrible events

    each game for
    5 weeks
    has had a play or 2
    that has been
    and taking us one step closer
    to our grave
    never been fond of
    slow death
    reminds me of when
    they used to tie
    the body to ant hills

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    It is uncomfortable
    riding this body
    we occupy
    the play of forces can
    treat it
    so unkind
    sometimes it rides
    on epic height
    other times
    it is dragged under
    waves in systematic downs

    the dream world speek
    sometimes gives me the
    and there is nothing
    that is ever done
    to change
    its' cryptic message

    you just have to stand
    and take it
    believe me
    watching today was
    a sad testament
    I didn't know how it
    would play out
    but, in the end
    you stand up like
    an oak in the wind
    and know that you
    are still part of
    a beautifull whole
    you look down and see the limbs
    you nurtured for so many
    a long year
    and you realize that they
    will now decay and
    provide food and lifesource
    for the rest of the way

    you are all beautifull
    even in loss
    we are all going to
    be together in this
    for many years to come
    and the glory
    and pain will
    always be there
    lifting us up
    and throwing us down
    take heart
    better days will come
    this love for the bears
    last a lifetime
    and it's our passion
    that makes it so pleasurable
    and keeps us so
    tightly bound

  • In reply to huntinbare:
    to beautiful music
    in times of seeming

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    +1....nice writing son woke up about 20 min after this loss, he napped a little later than usual. Going upstairs to get him and looking at his sweet face put it all into perspective and myself at ease...these bears are tough to watch...these brutal lows will just have to make the highs that much more beautiful my friend.

  • In reply to RenoBear:

    After we lost, and after the Niners failed to put away the Cards and became about the sixth team in six weeks to fuck my accumulator .... I went in to get an hour's kip. Twin #1 was blinking at me in the semi-darkness having just awoken - she offered me her soother as it was the only thing she had to give. Politely declining, I took her up onto the bed with me and we lay there looking at each other in that non-judgemental way. In those moments football gets put in its place.

    But then you sleep, and then you wake up, and it sucks again. There is a name for my pain. Angelo.

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    For the love of God Huntinbare...stay off the bong for a while.

    LOL Just kinding..but you are "deep" and it's hard to be that deep when I'm still so damned pissed off.

  • In reply to MattySouthside:

    No way the Packers put video game numbers up on us if Cutty's back for that game, which he will be.

    We must beat Seattle with Hanie, as tall an order as that is, then Cutty comes back and we win out. Maybe Matty comes back for the playoffs and we win the superbowl ... over the Denver Broncos. Hollywood ending or what?

    I think we need to keep Martz next year (ducks) .....
    .......hear me out.

    We bring in another asshole and it's another year or two before everyone's comfortable in THAT system, by which time maybe Garza/Urlacher/Briggsy/Peanut/Peppers have checked out, in which case we're fucked anyway. We were scoring 30 points a game before Cutty went down and looked like porn stars (real ones, not the take-advantage-of-amateurs-can't-get-laid-otherwise-tools). We have a defense where GB do not. We could have taken any team in the league and left them looking like Annabel Chong after a 400-guy roasting.

    He will return.

    There can be only one .....

  • I will say nothing about the Bears game. It's been said. It's clear. It wasn't Tebow who beat the Bears--he didn't kick the game-tying or game-winning FGs; he didn't push Barber out-of-bounds; he didn't strip Barber. Everyone needs to shut the fuck up about Tebow.

    What I will say is that I watched a good chunk of the Bengals-Texans game today. AJ Green made Andy Dalton look competent on a number of plays--Dalton made some lousy, sketchy, inaccurate throws, and Green saved his skin by making great adjustments, good jumps, and fighting for the ball.

    Cutler gets an AJ Green next year, and the Bears are playing for all the marbles. That's what I'm keeping in mind.

  • And the chances of Angelo drafting a stud receiver in the first or second round ... ? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  • I lack for words.

    Marion - go fuck yourself right in the face, you retarded motherfucker.

  • Chi Bears 3rd down efficiency = 0 for 11 verse KC Chiefs
    Chi Bears 3rd down efficiency = 2 for 15 verse Denver Broncos
    Houston Texans 3rd down efficiency = 9 for 16 verse Cincinnati

    See the difference Fesno2ChicagoBear54?
    That is with a Rookie QB verse our 4th year QB

    Its time to face reality

  • In reply to ChiBears34:

    he does not seem
    well prepared
    i wonder
    if he is passionate about
    working on his game
    so he can be ready

    or if our coaches
    responsible for preparing
    our secondary players
    are failing ar their assignments

    watching cutler and forte
    can give a coaching staff
    a false sense
    of security
    make them lazy
    mailing in their daily
    instead of working for the
    day when their comfort
    is removed
    and their project
    gets revealed

    hard to tell
    when we are not
    there day to day
    but if I were a reporter
    i would be doing a piece
    on this very subject
    in fact a book could
    be constructed from
    various teams approaches
    I am beginning
    to question the bears

  • In reply to ChiBears34:

    The reality is that you're crowing about the Texans in the wake of the most devastating and prolonged series of losses that Bear fans have ever experienced in a single season. I'm glad you have a plan B; I don't.

  • Fuck off, Jeff. The Bears lost for one reason, and one reason alone. The NFL has finally found a way to sell $250 jerseys (made Pakistan, or Malaysia, or fucking wherever for $10) to the born again crowd.

    I have never, and I mean *never*, in 45 years of NFL football seen a more obvious non-call than the holding against Peppers on Tebus' TD pass. And that was was the game, regardless of what you, or anyone else, says about it.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    It's time for players to declare war on bad refs. Lay those fuckers out. Make it look like an accident.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    not to mention that was the THIRD time a camera caught an obvious hold of peppers during this farce of a football game....i mean the ten times or so that Tebow had ALL DAY to throw, there was never a hold? I call bullshit all day long

  • In reply to RenoBear:

    I saw several holds on Pep and at least one on Idonije that didn't get called. Such obvious holds.

  • yep juust saw the td play again while they were promoting 'all praise tebow' special on wednesday night. Terrible non-call on the peppers hold..Also interesting how they are already advertising the Tebow lovefest already two hours after the game for wednesday night. I will subscribe to SC Dave1s theory now..the NFL want Tebus to succeed..

  • brutal.

    get rid of martz (despite what cutty says), 'let' angelo leave us with his mess... and please tell me you're ok with the last two seasons 'almost... coulda shoulda woulda'.

    THAT is jerry angelo... almost. Almost into the playoffs were it not for... almost in to the SB were it not for.... fuck jerry angelo, right in his simple, grinning face. Get a new good GM and a new good OC that will build this team for years to come and let's get another lombardi trophy at halas next year.

    Fuck me. now all I have to root for is the destruction of both the lions and the packers. Fuck my life.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Fuck the NFL - goddamn corrupt piece of fucking shit.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    with you dave. said the same thing on the game thread. Have to keep the tebus bullshit going somehow.

    What a fucked way to end a season that was looking so incredibly good. Just sucks.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Its all about jersey sales, MB.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Oh come on. You can't be serious Dave.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    I'm as serious as a heart attack. One thing those with open eyes eventually learn is that all of it is always about money.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Are you saying the NFL gave the 85 Bears the title due to Bear mania. I feel so cheapened just thinking about it.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    different age man.. wasn't the same back then.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    a change of attitude
    and direction
    can be helpfull

    the winds of change
    do seem to be blowing
    hard in our face

    one of my favorite stories
    about monks

    a monk was walking in
    a northerly direction
    the wind started
    to blow hard upon
    his face
    he turned around
    and began to
    walk south

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I've been listening to most of the games on the radio this season so I suppose it's been a lot easier to not be crushed by these losses. It's nowhere near the experience as watching the game. Nowhere near as intense. I'm guessing Irish and I are pretty much on the same page when it comes to the reality of the direction the Bears have been taking under Martz. The last two years have been very inconsistent and my gut tells me you can't dominate in this league under his system. There are just too many variables that can go wrong with it.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    i know this
    hurts bad
    it seems so
    obvious over
    the course of today
    that this
    should have gone in our

    get your mind right
    here is some good news
    for you to dream about
    don't know if will help
    but I will try to cheer you up

    I took shiloh to sit
    on santa's knee during
    the first half
    you should see how
    his whole being
    lights up

    do something good
    for somebody real soon
    'it helps with the pain of such
    a frustrating 5 sundays

    it seems we are
    and dieing a slow death
    from the venom
    and the doctors got no cure

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    thanks hunti. very glad shilo got to see santa today. good for him.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I believe change will help
    i remember coaching
    a football team in college
    I remember putting this kid in
    who nobody had confidence in
    I kept yelling at him
    every play
    Lars don't get burned deep
    he didn't
    i agree with the
    about making your players
    aware of end of game/half situations
    play by play
    i see this in the good QB's
    but sometimes position players lose focus

    when on the field
    your athletes
    must be trained to
    go over situations in their minds
    be fore the play starts
    what do I do if I am getting the ball
    what do I do if I get outside
    how do I protect the ball into the line
    ect. ect.
    it is all about discipline and preparation
    that is on the coaches to
    teach these disci[plines
    we obviously do not

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    'Fuck my life' came up a lot this Sunday .....

  • Again, another piss poor coaching job. The coaches lost this game at the end of the 4th. Should've NEVER gone into OT.

  • In reply to touchdown:

    And it wouldn't have, except for corrupt officiating to sell jerseys

  • I apologize for taking my anger out on you up top trac. you didn't deserve that.

    No, for me it's that 4 weeks ago we were looking at a worst case scenario of 12-4 (11-5 in the apocalypse) with a ticket pretty much punched to the playoffs ZERO question. Even after cutty went down, we all had hope because of what hanie did last year in the biggest pressure cooker possible.

    Now we have this garbage. Hanie can start looking for work tomorrow. He won’t get cut or anything, but I can’t see any team take that guy on as even their back up. He had an opty to be a multi-millionaire star a la kevin kolb. Man, what a rat fuck he turned out to be. Just brutal. 3 TERRIBLE teams in a row, terrible. With cutty we beat all of those teams be 30-40 pts.

    No all I get to hope for is a new GM and OC.

    And yes dave, that officiating today was disgusting. Sure it goes both ways, but If I was lovie I would most certainly lodge an official claim about today… that was just over and above. It’s not going to change any outcomes, but that was disgusting officiating. Two non-call RTP calls and almost zero holding calls on the Denver oline. Guys were getting tackled in the backfield for christ sake.

    Finally, I’ve never seen a tebow game all the way through. He is a HORRIBLE QB, just terrible. My god.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I meant he won't be cut before the end of the year... and now not no

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    No offense taken MB, I have been a Bears fan for 35 years. I have a very dry sense of humor that can very easily be misconstrued, I should be more careful when posting after a loss like today.

  • I don’t know if I believe the refs actually threw the game, I just know they were terrible and should be investigated. they should not be allowed to officiate another game without some reprogramming.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    See, those kind of things are totally missed when listening to the game.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    The roughing the passer call on Briggs was laughable.

    Peppers was being tackled by multiple linemen.

    The mysterious 3 second clock run off on the onside kick to keep it just above 2min so the Broncos would have the 2 minute warning to stop the clock....


  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    Jesus. I didn't see the mystery runoff.

    I was watching an animated impressionist painting of a football game on vipbox, and the clock was unreadable. But I was able to see the bogus roughing calls, and at least three holds.

    Hopefully, someone will splice all the bad calls and non-calls together in a high definition vid and post it on youtube.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:


    Playing the Conspiracy Card is weak, Waffle.

    There was 2:08 on the clock when they scored that TD. The clock doesn't START on the ensuing kick-off until the ball is touched AFTER it is kicked.

    That onside kick MAY have been slightly more than 5 seconds but it certainly wasn't as long as 8.

    If the "play like we're ahead by 20 points" Bear defense prevents that Bronco TD until after the 2 minute warning, it would have been "Victory Formation" time after the Bears recovered the kick.

    This game was PISSED away with multiple, mind-numbing gaffes.

    It was not STOLEN by a hometown timekeeper in "the grassy knoll."

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    People rag on our prevent D, but it's owned players like Michael Vick and it's gotten us to where we are/were. If we played single-high safety or something right at the end and then he hits Thomas deep, we'd all be ragging on the staff for not playing 2 deep. Our D kept us in this game, as did Barber, by the way, until, uh ... y'know .....

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    It was terrible Trac, Peppers was getting TACKLED all day...

  • If Barber stays in bounds we win the game. We all hate the prevent D but it would have worked if Barber stays in bounds. Twice the refs called the Bears for roughing the passer in the first half and both calls were beyond marginal. I saw Denver holding Peppers all day, esp on the TD. Many times it was totally blatant and never called. I'm not sure the refs are throwing the games but I do believe certain players get EVERY marginal call. Usually they are QB's that constantly suck up to the refs and/or are the marquee players. Everyone bitching about Martz calling all the runs late in the game aren't thinking about running out the clock. Martz was. Unfortunately Barber screwed the pooch. Without Cutler and Forte we were totally fucked even if we did make the playoffs. Hanie totally blows. The overthrow to Marion in the last half of the 4th quarter was a killer. That play would have gone for at least 30-40 yds, if not the distance. Hanie has zero pocket awareness and the OL wasn't exactly the Great Wall of China. Oh well.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I agree that the roughing call against Briggs was BOGUS, Canada, but if somebody went low on Cutty like Izzy did on Tebow, WE would all be up SCREAMING for a flag.

    That said, even though Denver got zilch in the first half, BOTH those calls extended Bronco drives and cost the Bears potential advantagous field position and maybe a another field goal try.

    Additionally, I agree with those saying Denver did everything but lasso and tie-up Peppers.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I get what you're saying about Izzy's call but from my vantage point (in a crowded sports bar and a small flat screen) it looked like Izzy got knocked down and he reached out at the son of god's ankles. I didn't think he dove at them.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    well said period. I was watching the game at a bar and when prater kicked the field goal in overtime after he made it I was looking down at the table could not look at Denver fans cheering sucks but what can you do about it. no I don't hate Tebow but damn he fucked us over.

  • In reply to Sean:

    I'd say Prater fucked us over more than Tebow ....

  • In reply to Sean:

    Nothing against Tebow but I think it was more our failure at the end than his great skill. Either way, you have to tip your cap to him because they won and he was clutch when it counted.

  • Well Boys and Girls it was all shit for the last three weeks and will be worse for the next three...I see no reason to win any of them, not with what we have shown.

    When we lost to the Saints and then the Peckers I said I would never comeback...but I did, main reason because all of are my brethren for my Bears Fix. Today was the last punch to the gut, I doubt that I will watch another Bear game as intense as today's..a last glimmer of hope that we might reach the post season..well you see what that has lead too.

    I just wanted to thank each of you for your cyber lives on this great Blog! I may never meet any of you personally but feel connected to all, the laughs, pain and all in between. Thanks brothers and the few sisters that come on here. Yeah I would love to drive to Denver right now and kick the living shit out of a few players and Coaches and refs... but not worth it..

    But the best part of this season..Having my 9 year old son screaming and kicking at the TV and realizing we have another Fanatic Bear Fan and imagining all of your kids doing the same..having three generations of Bear Fans..Grandpa, myself and my son...That's the Best! and I wish all you Daddy's and Mommy's the same Blessings.

    I really appreciate all of you. you made this season Bearable...did you see how I did that? I am going to stick to the blog but not so much on the tube..

    and Dave..yep it is all about the Merchandise bra!!! lol

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    Back at ya Lobo. Calling Numb Nuts Glitchy makes me laugh every time and I have you to thank for that one.

    I don't think the refs are trying to throw the game but I do think they get star struck and it affects their ability to be neutral. I mean, Michael Jordan must have travelled at least once in a NBA game.

  • Time to burn that Snuggie, Blogfather?

  • Well season over! I thought Bears were going to win the game, this is a offense without Jay Cutler who not only sucks, but is completly unclutch, defense played great! would have been nice if Peppers could have blocked that kick to not send the game into overtime,but it is what it is, and the Bears are an average team without Jay Cutler and Forte and a combination of bad luck I feel depressed but we have alot to look forward to, offensive lineman in the draft atleast we're not the Vikings who never won a superbowl never will. Over all it has been a long season nonetheless, so 7 months and 15 days till training camp hope is not lost. And Da Bulls, I know not even near the love toward are beloved Bears.

  • Breathe in deep lads and lassies. Beat the Hawks. Cutty comes back for Green Bay. Playoffs. Cutty goes to Disney World ... or IHOP ... or wherever the fuck.

  • I am not looking for excuses. We lost. Period.

    I am beginning to hate how referees do not call holding. Peppers is getting screwed over all the time now on holds.

  • One Town That Won't Let Me Down....It's My Kind Of Town.............Shitcago Is....

    Have a crumby day and enjoy yer crappy life,



  • In reply to phrozentundra:

    Cutty is coming for your perfect season, be under no illusions. Playoffs or not, Cutty is coming to put one in your L column, and if we do get to the playoffs he's going to knock you the fuck out.

  • Cutty, Cutty, Cutty. Fuck Cutty, fuck you, fuck all yer little ass clown buddies, fuck the Bears, and fuck yer delusions. All yer going to get for Christmas is seeing whoever you suit up get pick sixed all night. I heard all this shit last year. Total fail.

  • In reply to phrozentundra:

    you are without a doubt a fucking moron

  • In reply to phrozentundra:

    C'mon man, once again your lameness uncovers your assininity.

  • In reply to phrozentundra:

    hey fuckzone..why are you an ass-clown...Did your Mama not breastfeed you when you were younger? oh shit I forgot your mother and sister were the same..and she was probably getting fucked by some mule..nice

  • Mile high +9 hours ....

    The fog has cleared. Barber wasn't to blame. Without Barber we're not even in the game. 108 yards and a TD we didn't expect, that's pretty good against their defense, no? Barber going out of bounds didn't hand them the game, it gave them another 35 seconds, and he didn't so much fumble the balls as it was stripped away from him.

    Hats off to Matt Prater.

    No, if we want an effigy to burn then it's got to be Jerry Angelo. He's the reason Kreutz wasn't at Center and Garza flailed about in his place today. He's the reason there's a 7th round turd by the name of J'marcus Webb at Left Tackle. He's the reason our Left Tackle is at Left Guard, he's the reason we haven't got a semi-decent backup at QB or a WR roster worth a damn ... et cetera et cetera ad infinitum.

    Hanie and Barber had pretty good games all round. Our problem is a grinning cancer charading as a GM who has amazingly, incredibly remained employed for ten years with the Bears and is a multi-millionaire incompetent charlatan. And a c**t to boot.

  • If you can bring yourself to watch any of that again you will see that Hanie did not play a good game. Yes he didn't throw a pick, but he missed several open players and one in particular to barber who had nothing but field for company. He also was the reason for the majority of the sacks; he spends far too long waiting on Knox it seems.

  • +1

  • To add insult to injury....

    Bears GM Jerry Angelo said he was not considering retirement, disputing an NFL Network report that raised the possibility. ... The Broncos have recorded at least two sacks in 12 straight games, the longest active streak in the NFL.

  • Time Delay has set in. The reality of this loss set in when I woke up.

  • I hope you win the League 1 matchup Brownie. I can't even gloat after our boys got robbed yesterday. A win would have almost surely given us a playoff berth on Sunday. Now we have to wait on the Lions and Falcons to stumble twice.

  • I woke up this morning simply depressed. I have a report due in 9 days that needs a lot of work and I can't bring myself to look at it.

    As said above, Barber cannot be blamed. He ran hard all game into 7 and 8 man fronts and was an inch from breaking off and winning us the game before the defender made a great play to strip the ball.

    But this one for me falls squarely on Hanie and the defense in the 4th quarter. Enough has been said already about the defense, and I'm not going to start a Texans love in, but a 3rd string rookie QB can pass for 300yards and win the game against as good (if not better) defense with his best receiving option being Kevin Walter.

    Season's over, we should play Enderle next week and see what he can do.

  • I'm still pissed at Marion and at the moronic prevent D but a step back reminds me - we had ZERO points at half. We scored TEN points in the game. After THREE points scored in the previous game. Against the BRONCOS and CHIEFS.

    What does that offensive putridity say? Well you can state the obvious fact, which is it says we don't have our starting QB (an enormous factor) or our starting RB (only a somewhat factor).

    But really, it says a lot more, and it's all extremely damning, to our coaching staff and management. In no particular order, it's Mike Martz's job to have a game plan that puts points on the board. He failed. Can't do it with such a crappy backup and such crappy receivers and no tight end and such a crappy line, you say? Well YOU'RE THE OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR - INSIST ON IT. Lovie is at fault in the same measure, it's his team. Never mind that he was appearing to do the most credible head coaching job of his career prior to Cutty going down, your job as Head Coach is to not let the loss of one guy kill your season. That it did exposes your mediocrity as head coach.

    And last but not least Angelo. I guess it should be Devilo. You're the reason for everything that led to 3 straight losses against some of the worst teams in the league. Losing Cutler exposed how mediocre everyone else is - the lineman, our league's worst receiving crew, and absolutely asinine management of QB depth. We wasted 4 years with Caleb Hanie? Really? REALLY???

    Please leave, Mr. Angelo. Please leave, Mr. Martz. Love, I guess you can stay, you were really doing well prior, but PLEASE learn from the enormous mistakes displayed in these last 3 games.

    For all of our sake. As lifelong Bear fans.


  • In reply to PhilfromSATX:

    +1 Amen.

  • In reply to PhilfromSATX:

    "Can't do it with such a crappy backup and such crappy receivers and no tight end and such a crappy line, you say? "

    This is exactly the problem Phil.

    Martz did everything humanly possible to get another back-up qb, including trying to lure Marc Bulger out of retirement (much to the chagrin of many fans who were duped by that NFC Championship performance), but there's only so much an offensive co. can do. Ultimately, it falls on Smith and Angelo to properly evaluate and pursue better options

    As for game plan - I'm not sure how what game plan Hanie can make work other than handing the ball off 30 times a game.

    I don't understand everyone bitching about his game plan.

    Why on gods green earth would anyone want a back up qb who has 6 ints (8 if u count last year) and had a 28 QB rating in the last game - behind a line that just gave up 7 sacks in the last game - why would anyone even risk letting that guy throw it in crunch time on the road?

  • LDL-"This one hurts"...............duh?

    LDL-"Trying to stop them"........really nice prevent d you fuck!

  • So...


    How 'bout that ebola virus?

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