I Sat There So I Get To Complain About Everything

I Sat There So I Get To Complain About Everything

Okay. I have no idea why anyonewould try to seriously analyze this game. If Jay Cutler started, the Bears win by three touchdowns. But Jay Cutler did not start and somehow the Bears lost by a Hail Mary at the end of the first half.

1. Caleb Hanie is awful. Whatever you saw on television...he's worse. We counted seven times during the game where Hanir held the ball and missed open receivers. Three of those resulted in sacks.

2. I know the Matt Forte injury will make people think the end is come but the Bears lacked nothing once we left the game.

3. Go to hell, Roy Williams.

4. If you want to fault the defense, go ahead. You're wrong.

5. Julius Peppers is the best Bears defender of my lifetime.

6. Major Wright was playing a great game beford he got hurt. So, basically, stop expecting Major Wright to make it through a game.

7. Think about these two plays: the Barber screen and the Earl Bennett sideline route. How many points did the Bears leave out there?

8. I do not want to hear "Caleb is our quarterback."

9. I don't think it mattered but Robbie Gould missed another FG he should make.

10. First and goal from the seven. No points.

11. The offensive line was bad late but not until defenders could unload on obvious passes. Cutty makes plays with the same pressure.

12. Mike Martz seems like he's already gone to a head coaching job which he won't be offered.

13. Jay Cutler spent most of the game right in front of me. He was animated when Hanie missed throws. The telling thing? Earl Bennett was continually complaining to Cutty throughout the day.

14. Edwin Williams is not fast enough to the outside.

15. I don't blame Lach for the Hail Mary. These guys are moronically taught to knock it down.

Ultimately here's what I think. Nothing. I think it's not worth our emotional energy to get upset by Caleb Hanie things. He's bad. If Cutler does not return the only dream remaining is being thrashed in the first round. But can the Bears stay afloat til he returns? The Falcons helped. Currently the Lions are too.

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  • In reply to lobotobear:

    I'll second that~

  • Jeff. forget the playoffs. We're not winning another game unless Cutler and Forte come back relatively healthy. The chances of that are slim and none. I hate to be so pessimistic but I just don't see either guy coming back with any mojo (if they come back at all). Sucks Big Time.

  • Steltz let McCluster camp out in front of Urlacher waiting for the ball to be batted down and didn't do a fucking thing to stop it. Fuck Steltz.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    Stop. Its a hail mary. Fluke play.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    Jeff, watch the replay, McCluster doesn't even turn around. It's a fluke but that doesn't mean that the guys shouldn't use some common sense. Urlacher was going for the pick, Conte batted it down and Steltz fucking pulled a Steltz.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    Urlacher had the pick - he caught it - Conte knocked it out.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    You're both right. It was a fluke play and what Johnny said.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    And just what was he supposed to do? Knock him out of the way for a pass interference call in the end zone?

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Steltz should have tried to box him out. Once the ball has been touched, everyone is fair game. Smoke 'em if you can.

  • The fact the Falcons, Cowboys, Giants and Lions all lost today will just make this more painful to watch going down the stretch.

    So sorry you had to sit through that garbage, Jefe. At least you got to see Orange Julius dominate yet another o-line.

    I expect a very similar game next week in Denver, and right now Tebus has the Bronos rolling. Edge to first and foremost.

  • Your are fucking dead on about Julius Peppers. Get someone to fucking step up and watch that man destroy a game.

    He was literally getting tripled fucking teams. Enough said.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    Peppers is the man. I was on the field with my sons football team for the play 60 and he and Garza were the only two to come over and give us the time of day. I know they don't have to do that but Peppers and Garza are first class in my book.

  • In reply to JAB1:

    that's cool
    they both have a sense of goodness
    it is encouraging after this day of infamously bad moments

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    I agee huntin, in a time of athlete selfishness it's refreshing to see some guys that go the extra mile. Don't get me wrong, i don't blame the other players for not coming over as they have a job to do but I want to just put it out there that Peppers and Garza did go the extra mile when they absolutely didn't have to.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    NFC defensive player of the month.

  • if fucking detroit pulls this off I will puke. What a total ratfuck the last 3 weeks have been.

  • BradBiggs about 5 hours ago RT @jayglazer: Good news on Forte, they believe it's a sprained MCL, not a torn ACL. MCL can go anywhere from 2-4 weeks. Again, NOT an ACL tear


    DavidHaughabout 5 hours agoI asked Lovie how far away Bears were from being a playoff team after today: "To me, one win. Against Denver. We’re still in good shape..''

    Playoffs? Playoffs!?!? PLAYOFFS!??!?!!

    and finally, your... roy williams

    DavidHaugh about 5 hours ago I asked Roy Williams where his confidence was after that drop: "My confidence is sky high..."

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    FUCK Roy Williams!! I hope he gets hit by a CTA bus in the city.

  • In reply to deemoney23:

    i would use hurd over roy
    sitting him has to be one of the "quick" changes lovie was talkin' about

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    MB, don't you worry about Forte half assing the rest of the season? Don't get me wrong I love the guy but would you risk multi millions on an injury after a scare like that?

  • In reply to JAB1:

    i doubt he will step on the field without a deal in place.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:


  • In reply to JAB1:

    JAB, cool stuff maing. Glad you enjoyed it.

    come around more often.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I try MB. A new baby and youth football season ate up my whole summer and early fall but I'm back.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    thats what millions and good drugs will do for your mindset

  • I thought Hanie was going to be a game manager but he misses throws that we all take for granted because Cutler makes it look simple.

    I thought Martz was going to call plays based off of what we had improved upon over the last couple of games like max protect, chipping the def ends, running screens and short routes. Martz is either fucking us on purpose or he is so fucking dumb that he can't remember 3 games back when we were rolling teams based on very simple concepts. All of a sudden he is calling empty set 7 step drops on 2nd and 3rd down and the result is what it always has been, a sack or a collapsing pocket or a pick or a hurry.

    It is frustrating to have the plays necessary to win, albeit ugly, yet we continue to run plays that have little to no chance of success based on our current roster.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    I'm with Jeff, being there and seeing it up close I'd say Hanie looks incompetent. I am very concerned for the rest of the season. Playoffs look like a pipe dream.

  • In reply to JAB1:

    Hanie better sit down with Earl Bennett and get to know him real quick. If Martz pulls that 7 step shit in the empty set one more time i will puke. it barely worked with cutler because when the qb hits that last step a defender is up his ass. run some fucking shotgun for gods sake.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    What I don't get Waffle is all we heard was how mobile Hanie is. Well where is that mobility. Have some damn pocket presence. An I know the penalty on 4th and 1 from the 4 hurt but why the hell wasnt Barber back there to slam the damn ball up the middle. why so many freakin passes?

  • In reply to JAB1:

    i don't know. i'm not opposed to passes but why can't we throw high percentage ones like short routes to Bennett or Davis?
    Cutler is a fucking athlete and has true mobility. Hanie wasn't drafted and it seems that he may lack some of that instinct that makes somone an elite player and not just a good one or average one.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    I am opposed to throwing passes when you have a quarterback who seems inept and your running game is actually doing damage.

  • btw..........................NICE BLOCK YOU RAT ASS BITCH DAVIS....ask Double Deuce how his fucking ACL feels after that great block of yours

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    Spaeth i think mang

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    It was Spaeth. Davis did decent this game.

  • I've defended Hanie before but honestly, I have no fucking clue after this game, the best I can say is that some of the receivers(Williams...) fucked up, and it's not like Enderle is gonna be any better

    I really miss Cutler

  • In reply to Wicket:

    that throw to Williams was absolute perfection. Roy just dropped it. A Dallas beat reporter joked that Williams doesn't drop a ton of balls but when he does they usually always end up as interceptions when the team can least afford them.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    Come to think of it.. Didn't we get a int like that when we played against him last year?

  • In reply to Artoo:

    i wouldn't be surprised.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    I think it was that fumble that cost them the game last year. But yes, it was Roy again. He sucks.

  • In reply to JAB1:

    Yep that was it. We hit Miles Austin and got that pick.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    Either way Artoo, Roy Williams sucks. No way around it.

  • In reply to JAB1:

    Not going to argue that.

  • Was anyone on here at the game today? That was my sons football team and myself calling the offensive plays. We run the old single wing. Let me just say that was the most amazing experience and even thought the Bears blow right now that took some of the sting out of a craptastic game.

  • In reply to JAB1:

    That must have been cool for your son! That Falcons Mascott was raising quite a rucus.

  • why can't hanie see who is open?
    is he unfamiliar with where the recievers will be during the play
    so he doesn't know where to look?
    or is it his tentative nature brought on by overthinking?
    maybe he should play more intuitively
    he has had succes at other levels
    but I think this has been because he felt in charge of the system
    and played with confidence
    it is different as an athlete when you are confident
    you know, and that knowing is to the Nth degree
    every position in the play is stamped in your understanding as it unfolds
    it seems he is not assured of what to do
    it is all blowing his mind
    you can see it in his interview post game
    his head is tilted
    no confidence

  • So is that it? Are we done with Hanie? Anyone still holding out hope for the kid, or is it time to move on?

  • In reply to Shady:

    can't move on, stuck with Hanie. Enderle is Todd Collins. McCown is a fucking terrible quarterback as well.

    Hanie gives us the best chance to win right now which is sick and twisted but true.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    Unfortunately I have to agree with you Waffle. The carousel of quarterback rarely works and when you have Enderle and Mccown there is no sugar coating it, "we're fucked".

  • In reply to Shady:

    I have hope. I've been a Cubs fan all my life. I suffered through the Bears of the '70's.

    Hanie played like a rabbit in the headlights today and I can't see that changing without success on the field, so I hope he gets lucky early in the Denver game. Maybe he'll unfreeze. He's not incompetent. He is capable of throwing a nice pass.

  • I'm not even kidding, I'm getting a Cutler jersey this year, because it's pretty fucking apparent what he means to this team.

  • In reply to Wicket:

    Cutler is the best quarterback the bears have ever had and hopefully they give him a chance to succeed with some weapons and some continuity of scheme.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    Can the bears do that though.. Idk.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    We are 2 linemen and a number 1 from being next level. Scheme is a completely different story though especially if Martz takes off after this year.
    well it can't be that hard to get a number one. you've got some other supporting WR's already on the roster and a great possession guy in Bennett locked up.

    Apparently the key is the hand the guy a huge fucking check while telling him that you would like him to come be your top receiver and catch lasers from Cutler.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    the annoying part is that we could have addressed those aquisitions this past offseason....or anytime over the last 7 years.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    don't get me fucking started Johnny.

    All the fucking angelo apologists can suck my dick (that was for you fres).

    All joking aside... where's all this brilliant fucking angelo depth again? The packers last year is what brilliant depth is... not what we're having to suffer through this year. And fuck you again angelo for making me have to say that out loud you cunt.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    i hear you mang but if the Pack loses Rodgers last year things turn out much different. Despite what Max says, Matt Flynn is not the second coming of Rodgers and the Pack does not get into the playoffs with him at the helm.
    The QB position is the one position on the field that if fucked with the chances of winning consistently goes out the window. Don't even say Frank Reich because that was 20 years ago.

    Regardless, Angelo is a douche. Martz an even bigger one. All he had to do was not revert back to 1999 playcalling but no, he had to do it and the mediocrity of our line is re-affirmed. We knew they were average so we did some max protect, chipped some DE's, ran some screens, used hot reads. WHY AREN"T WE DOING THAT NOW?

    fucking martz.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    true very much yes go now sleep no?

    but I would take flynn over hanie in a heartbeat. Didn't he take over a couple games last year when rodgers was out with a concussion and won those games?

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    no doubt MB, Flynn is better than Hanie. Backups don't win championships though. Just sayin.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    Let me double down johnny... would bmarshall have allowed that pick-almost 6 in the Sd game? I'll let you fast forward from that point on...

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    Flynn is a Packer. Packers DO NOT ACCEPT an injury as an excuse for losing. We will win with Flynn.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    If Rodgers went out for the season right now, the Packers would finish 12-4 and lose their first playoff game (unless it was Da Bears).

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    That's a lot to be away though. That's 27% of your offense that needs revamping. It should not be like this. It just goes to show you how valuable Cutler is.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    Sid Luckman wasn't bad for his day.....

  • In reply to DaBears4ever:

    Sid Luckman played during a time when the hottest gossip was the devils trickery that occurred during the "football contest" when Sid Luckman made the ball travel forwards through the air. Devils trickery.

    Jay Cutler plays during a time when 6 current players could probably beat 11 old time players. Different.

  • Did anyone think that Hanie kept looking for Knox?

    Knox letting Flowers get in front of him for the int is the reason Cutler does not like him that much anymore. He does not fight for the ball in the air.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    maybe we should goback to hanies college and get a playbook he is familiar with
    it seems he doesn't know where to find his recievers

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Maybe we should give Hanie an old Tecmo Bowl playbook. He looks lost.

  • this is it I'm done after this
    it is now up to the veterans to change the mood of this team

    the whole squad seems to have been in somewhat of a funk since cutler went down
    it has been 2 games
    and bad ones since his loss

    it was 2 bad games that we played after the loss of one of our greatest fans, Mrs. 54

    the vets have to stand up and lead this team out of it's
    dark night of the soul
    and into the light of a more inspired way

    tebow plays inspired and now his team does also
    the vets have to infuse or team with an animalistic inspiration that refuses to yield any ground next week
    and the offensive line has to go into denver and conquer
    the line like the mongolians hordes

  • Tebow's song is "Not Afraid" by Eminem, The Clean version of course.

    My roommate and I are going to buy Tim Tebow Jerseys if he wins a Superbowl this year. Lord help him..wait a minute..

  • I think we all get to complain about whatever we like today.

    I backed DAL, GB, BAL, NYJ, DEN & NO.

    Seven seconds left in the Dallas game, scores are tied, clock is stopped. Dallas kicker makes the FG to win the game. Except no ... his coach inexplicably calls a timeout as he kicks the ball. Has to kick it again. Misses it.


  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Could be worse Irish. You could be a Bears fan. Oh wait, god dammit.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Wanna win a lot of money? Bet it all on Tebow. The man just wins.

  • In reply to Artoo:


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I can't tell if this is an incredulous remark, or an allusion to his faith.....

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    Yeah… see how I did that?

    Jesus… tebow’s co-pilot maing. That’s the ticket… Jesus.

    Pretty much the diametric fucking opposite of who ours is this year.

    Fuck you Beelzebub.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I love the Tebow mania. No one sees that it isn't all him.

    See how I did that?

    Seriously though, that defense is going to eat us alive lol Poor Hanie. If he would just look at Earl a little more often.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    It's him and his kind.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    This Tebow thing is ridiculous....now he's throwing the football somewhat proficiently and now i gotta hear my bronco's fan bud go on and on about him all week....and now i am feeling way less than confident in our offense's ability to even give us a remote chance to win. I believe our D can hold the Tebus donkeys to 10-14 pts...but i don't see our O doing anything to help us....

  • That's a tough break on Forte. Have to assume the Bears would have the upperhand on the 5th seed before the injuries. Somehow they are still technically the 5th seed as it stands, but their schedule looks a whole lot tougher now than it did 2 weeks ago

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    It sure does.

  • http://espn.go.com/chicago/nfl/story/_/id/7315255/chicago-bears-matt-forte-grade-2-mcl-sprain-sources-say

    Also, I've noticed that almost as much as lach INTs it, he tries to like bat it down to the ground when he could just catch it. Why? Don't get it... just fucking catch it dude.... every time.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    btw, had the same sprain in college. Was at LEAST 3 weeks before felt strong enough to cut. He's out till at least GB if not longer.

    I think we're done boys... even if we make it to the playoffs, not sure how positive things look. Add Mike Martz to the mix and feeling like the season is all but lost at this point.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    we were on track for 12-4 rolling like a freight train into the playoffs...

    We can still go to the playoffs but Martz won't let it happen. This is how easy it would be.

    1. Bennett catch 5-7 passes per game
    2. Throw short passes to Davis
    3. Run the fucking ball at around a 50/50 ratio
    4. Don't throw 3 fucking interceptions per game and don't go 0-11 on 3rd down.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    Say WHAT?!

    Time to take the pledge.

    A) With Cutty down we were NEVER ".. on track for 12-4..."


    B) Nothing, repeat NOTHING is "Easy" in the NFL. If it were, the Packers wouldn't have to escape the absolutely beaten up, playing-on -short-rest Giants with a last second field goal, the Cowboys wouldn't lose to THE CARDINALS, the Eagles wouldn't be be 4-8, the Ravens wouldn't lose to the SEAHAWKS the Saints wouldn't lose to THE RAMS and the Patriots wouldn't give up 370 yards passing to DAN ORLOVSKY!!!

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    12-4 with Cutler was where we were headed. Not with Hanie.
    Our D is stepping up and with Cutler playing his best ball we were poised to be a force in the NFC heading into the playoffs.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    12-4? And your drug of choice is?

  • In reply to phrozentundra:

    you're an idiot. with the team we had going into the SD game we would have destroyed everyone but you morons... and I think we win that game with a healthy cutty and matty.

    btw, you only come around when there's tragedy on our team, but you were nowhere to be seen on our 5 game blowout. the very definition of a coward. And you’re a moron who’s not at all interesting… so there’s that.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Such a fine line twixt comedy and tragedy.
    "A damned defeat was made. Am I a coward? Who calls me a villain?"

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    A) Spot on

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I remember last year in week 3, Briggs picked off a Rodgers Hail Mary at halftime..I thought it was kinda strange, but only because they usually are taught to bat it down. I don't know why they just don't try to pick it though. Obviously the receivers are aware of the training, so they are basically just waiting for the deflection. Jaguars last year, MSU - WISC a couple months ago, and now this afternoon. Those are the only 3 hail marys that instantly come to my mind in recent times and those were all deflections

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    He WAS trying to catch it. Mr. Conte slapped the ball down.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    So why teach that method at all? Is that a lovie thing? When I played, they tought us to fucking int every Opty you had... HAS to be a lovie thing.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Damn phone... I meant.... teach-ed

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Probably because you only need one hand to knock a ball down. That gives the defender an advantage over a receiver going for the ball. In this case, Conte had the advantage over Urlacher.

  • Other notable reactions to today's game:

    "Good" Grief" - Charles M. Schultz

    "What a revoltin' devlopement THIS is" - Chester A. Riley.

    "Bring me the head of Roy Williams" - Sam Peckinpaugh

    "Football is tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid". - John Wayne.

    "What the hell's goin' on out there!" - Vince Lombardi

    "Mr. HANEY!!!" - Oliver Wendell Douglas

    "Oink!" - Arnold Ziffel.

    "Putrid. Capital P. Capital U. Capital TRID".-Elliot Garfield.

    "Sometimes the magic works.
    Somethimes it doesn't" - Old Lodgeskins.

    "Playoffs?!?!" - Jim Mora, Sr.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Hah! Thanks Al. You made me laugh. I didn't think that was possible after today's disaster.

    Not the worst Bears game ever, but the worst I can remember right now. Not just terrible play, but terrible luck. Murhpy's Law reigned supreme at Soldiers Field today. If could possibly go wrong, it did.

    To the freakin Chiefs of all teams. How freakin bad is that.


  • In reply to MikeV in OR:

    It's bad mike... really bad.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    That Peckinpah quote reminded me of a Monty Python skit that perfectly sums up today's events - Sam Peckinpah's version of the lighthearted musical, 'Salad Days.'


  • I know this will get some people enraged. Considering the three QBs that are healthy enough and wearing a Bears uniform presently (excluding Cutler), the prospects of a win are very slim. The Bears should seriously consider signing McNabb. That is honestly the only "short-term" fix that is available. I hate even typing this comment.

  • In reply to ChiBears34:

    Enough with the McNabb talk already. Is he gonna be able to put enough plays on his wristband? McNabb is finished and he's been released by the two bad teams cause he couldn't get it done. McNabb isn't heady enough to make a difference and his physical skills are nowhere near what they used to be. Forget about it. We're stuck with Hanie.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    I'm not sure what McNabb could possibly do to improve our prospects. He's not in condition, he doesn't know the system, he's never had the rocket arm, and he doesn't seem to be very effective at leading a locker room, given his last two stops.
    Did the people clamoring for him not watch our game vs. the Vikes this year? He's done.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Don't forget that Jamarcus Russell is making a comeback


    I love that people are genuinely discussing Favre, Garcia, and Mcnabb as legitimate options for any team.

  • Well, despite the "Comedy of Errors" we witnessed before our very eyes yesterday afternoon...the chips still fell in our favor by everyone else losing. Sooooo...we are down but not out...yet!
    I was a on the Hanie wagon and I admit I was ready to jump off yesterday, but the more I think about it he is still our best chance with what we have to work with. He was awful yesterday, but the rest of the Oline wasn't any better.
    Seems like when Hanie got it right, one of the other guys would fuck up some way. It wasn't all Hanie. I agree with Jeff he was holding onto the ball too long and his decision making was too slow. And when he did decide he went into the panic mode and his throws were off. But isn't this what we went through with Cutty a couple years ago?
    All I'm sayin is... it is what it is, and our O line as a whole needs to get their heads out of their asses and perform as they are paid to perform. And Lovie needs to get on Martz ass to give Caleb some help!!!

  • I wanna give a shout out to Lach this morning. It's not your fault pal. He's gotta be really second guessing himself this morning after that bat down int at the end of the half. I think its ironic that the last two games came down to one play before the half that changed the outcome of both those contests. Fortunately everyone else that was behind the Bears in the playoff race lost as well. The only thing we missed out on was an opportunity to increase our lead for a wild card and at least we didn't lose ground, so there is that. I don't know if expecting Hanie to find his groove the last two weeks is reasonable or not but I know this, he better find it this week.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Agreed - I'm pissed about yesterday, but ultimately, I'm not sure it meant much.
    My feeling is that Caleb is going to get one more half next weekend to get it together or he's gonna get pulled for Enderle.
    And Enderle would get killed behind an OL performance like we just saw vs. the Chiefs. He has no mobility whatsoever.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I agree that Enderle has no mobility but he looked deadly accurate in preseason. That puts him one up on Hanie. We can argue that 4th and short we didn't pick up should have been a run but the pass to Bennett is a simple one and he missed him by a mile. The wheel route he missed to Bennett on the sure TD was the only time all day he didn't float a pass. Just killers. He didn't have any pocket awareness. No matter how mobile you are if you don't feel the pressure it's lights out. Don't get me wrong, Martz fucked him totally and thoroughly yesterday. I doubt he would do that to his boy Enderle. I'm guessing Enderle will suck moose wang if he gets in the game but at this point I'd be willing to see.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    It depends on whether Enderle can read the field and get the ball off quickly. Guys that can do that don't need to be real mobile.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    My point is, with Louis playing his worst game of the year, "quickly" would be "in a fraction of the time that a rookie QB could reasonably be expected to diagnose the coverage and for wide receivers to run a route".
    Hanie's mobility was the only thing that kept the Chiefs from a ten-sack game.

  • I also wanna give a shout out to Murph and Brownie. Thanks guys, you made it possible for me to back into the playoffs in both leagues by taking down Norway and GP.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Thank Tom Coughlin and the Giants.

    I lost by one point. If the Giants don't tie, the game is over. Overtime gave Rodgers a shot to throw one completion to Nelson that allowed MBHP to win.

    So, you know, there is no end to the ways the Packers make me miserable.

    All I want for Christmas....

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Is an official 2011 NFC North Division Champion hat or t-shirt for your collection?

  • What? Not even one congratulations to the 2011 NFC North Division Champions?

  • In reply to phrozentundra:

    fuck you

  • In reply to Bender McLugh:

    Kinda sensitive, huh?

  • In reply to phrozentundra:

    fuck you

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Touchy bunch today.

  • In reply to phrozentundra:

    Fuck you.

  • In reply to Viva:

    look at that. very nice viva.

    Hey phrozencoward. fuck you.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Where's the love?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    the best part about being a bears fan on this blog is that when the Bears succeed we think about celebrating with our own above all things. When the Packers do well their fans first thought is to go to a Bears blog.


  • In reply to Viva:

    the best response possible.

  • The jury is still out on whether or not our boys will make the playoffs but Da Bears League's FF playoffs start next weekend.

    MPHAP #1
    IRISH #2
    MURPH #3

    LEAGUE 2
    4EVER85 #1
    MBHAP #2
    IRISH #4

    The #1 seeds will play the #4 seeds & 3 will play 4.

    May the luckiest teams win!

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Norway still has an outside long shot but I highly doubt Ryan Mathews will put up 40+ points.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    I'm going to play you in the first round in both leagues?
    That's great...

  • The good:

    1. I saw some plays called yesterday that I have not seen. I thought Martz dialed up a few plays at critical timesa that were brilliant. The executuion sucked, but the calls created favorable mismatches.

    2. Our D looked brilliant.

    3. Marion Barber, Khalil Bell, and Kellen Davis stepped up big time.

    4. Pep and Melton laid wood.

    The bad:

    1. 4th and 1 (1st half of the game) from the Chiefs 40 something and we go for it. Instead of running the ball down their throats we opt to pass the ball. Too cute for comfort. When in doubt, play to your strength. Martz blew this call.

    2. The O-Line could not pass block for shit. Dear Martz, this is strike three for you. You should never have to hear these words, "we need a moving pocket," when your QB is scrapped off the field following the 3rd sack of the day. He let it occur 4 times thereafter and that was all she wrote.

    3. Roy Williams needs to make that catch. Sam Hurd would have, and he is on our roster.

    4. Robbie has mostaccuratekickerinnflhistoryitis.

    The ugly:

    1. Playoff teams do not lose to inferior opponents at home in December.

    2. Detroit.

  • In reply to Viva:

    The D was brilliant? KC hadn't scored a TD in 3 games. Palko is the 2nd worst QB starting in the NFL right now (no points for guessing the worst). I agree the D played a good game but they weren't lights out. Not to mention they need to make the INT's when the ball is in their hands.

    Barber and Bell played well. Not sure they stepped up big time. Barber had 2 good runs and Bell had one good run.

    For every Martz call that was brilliant there were terrible calls to offset that brilliance. 4 sacks in the 4th qtr due to 7-step drops with nobody at home to help with the blocking.

    No need to talk about the bad and the ugly.

  • The Saints took the Lions to the woodshed.

    So much for the formidable NFC North. There may be no NFCN Wildcard this year.

  • Marion knows better than to not check in with an official when he lines up as a WR to ensure he is on the line of scrimmage.

    Earl had three steps on the CB in the endzone and Caleb overthrew him. Insofar as he is a FA at the end of this year, I'm sure his agent has kicked him in the balls.

    Jay needs to heal faster.

  • Maybe Martz was trying to get Hanie killed so that he could put in one of his "own guys"?

    Show off a little "recruitment" ability?

    I don't know how we can continue to go with an OC who was verbally committed to not coming back, and continues to put our QB through the gauntlet.

    The season is done. We know we are going for Jay's 3rd Bears OC... Why not see what Tice can do? Why not have JC call the damn plays? I think he has half a brain... He displayed good play calling when he began to audible out of Turner's plays at the end of his first year here.

    Kick Martz to the curb, or make him carry player;s pads... I don't know.. just get rid of him.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    I'm with you 100% Willie. We're done this year, might as well get a test drive on Tice at OC.

    Martz pisses me off to no end. Turner would make you mad but at the end of the day you knew he wasn't all that sharp or creative. He was doing the best he could but he just wasn't ever going to be the sharpest knife in the drawer. Martz is really smart and creative but he can't control himself and always wants to show off. I'll be glad when he's down the road. With Cutler in there, he has enough juice to control Fat Boy. Hanie's got nothing (on so many levels).

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    If we dump Martz(please oh please) I wouldn't mind us picking up Norv

  • In reply to Wicket:

    Norv is several grades ahead of Ron, that's for sure.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Fortunately for me, I did not see the game, but I was wondering that myself.

  • http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d824c083c/article/bears-reportedly-interested-in-mcnabb-good-or-bad?module=HP11_headline_stack

    We want himmmmmmmmm

  • In reply to Artoo:

    I like the comment at the bottom, looking out for Donovan - saying "stay away, this is not how you want to go out."

    I kinda agree. The O-line has reverted to disaster form. Denver would kill McFlabb. The money better be pretty damn good to put his body up for slaughter like that.

    Just play Enderle and start Bell at RB. WTF, who cares anymore. Whatever bonus the players would get by making the playoffs, whatever incentive Lovie has to make it financially, is offset by prepping for next year.

    Of course, dollars are dollars and I am sure they don't see it that way.

  • In reply to Artoo:


  • In reply to Artoo:

    McNabb would be worse than anyone we have.

  • Hard to watch one of our warrior's feel like shit:


  • Read an interesting perspective from a S-T columnist. What incentive is there for Forte to come back this season? At this point his agent should call up Numb Nuts and squeeze them until there is some feeling in his nether regions. Maybe this will be the tipping point to get a contract done.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Just sit the rest of the year... We're playing for nothing.

    Make it to the playoffs so he can get hurt again? Either way we get killed... and it's not a home game, so the ticket revenue won't exist...

    Just sit Matty, just sit.

  • I'm sure all of you remember Matt's second year when he played through a knee sprain. It was like watching Chester the Molester. Let that sink in for a while.

    Also, please don't feed the troll.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Thanks for the help, Canada. I fell down on that job.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    We're both on the same page with that one Dave. No issue with Cheesy. He's here a lot and actually has something to say. Frozen Taint and Douchenasty are a waste of time.

  • It is looking pretty obvious that Martz is not coming back.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    So... we keep him around why?

    He should have said "fuck off" when we tried to give him a weak 1 yr extension... Now we should say "fuck off" after 1) he didn't sign it, 2) didn't have the balls to say "fuck off", 3) used the last 2 games to try and get our backup killed so that his "eye for talent" could be tested, and 4) has made it obvious he doesn't want to come back.

    I don't give a shit if it's a power play by his camp to try and squeeze the organization for a new contract. Off with his head!

    'Twas doomed since the beginning. Let's just be happy Jay only got one (official) concussion, and let's part ways.

    Jay, you're Peyton now. You call plays. You know the strengths/weaknesses better than anyone. Let's see what you can do.

    Ahh fuck. Who gives a shit.

    Bulls need a big acquisition!

    (Sorry, I have to.. they are my life raft)

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    I hope he can do it.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    I think we've got to be near rock bottom when we, the fans, think that our OC is deliberately sabotaging the offense and placing people in harm's way as part of a personal power play on his own contract.

    Talk about Breaking Bad, sheesh.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    going from super bowl aspirations to this within a month can tend to do that to a man.

    Fuck me.

  • If we are gonna get any old qb then we might as well go to MS.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    I hear Vinnie Testaverde can still throw the long ball....

  • In reply to gpldan:


  • http://www.midwestsportsfans.com/2011/12/willis-mcgahee/

    the second one down cracked me up

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFNvZmyfMb0

    this is part of the reason I want Mathieu... and he's an even better DB!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    can I get an amen?

  • hee tee....bow.


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDU1LYFXwP8&feature=related


  • In reply to Artoo:

    Made my day.

  • I think i just puked in my mouth a little bit:


  • In reply to lobotobear:

    and btw...let's get old balls a nascar like jacket and have each emblem/logo from all the teams and sheite he's sponsored sewn to this jacket..mind you it will have to be a f-ing jacket that goes all they way to the floor but sheite he'll do it.


  • more tidbits to puke up:


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