Bears Experiencing Downside of Relying on Superstar QB

Bears Experiencing Downside of Relying on Superstar QB

I have never experienced a season quite like this as a Chicago Bears fan. Very few people, if any, have. How often have the Bears looked on the verge of competing for a championship at midseason, scoring points seemingly at will, only to have the ground fall out beneath them? The 7-3 Chicago were one of the best teams in the NFL. The 7-6 Bears are not in the top half of the league due to an anemic offensive output. The reason for the unique situation is a simple one: the Bears have never had a quarterback like Jay Cutler.

In the past, losing the starting QB in Chicago was about as consequential as losing the nickel corner. When Rex Grossman dropped in the 2005 preseason, the Bears settled on Kyle Orton (after a Chad Hutchinson layover) and the difference was negligible. When Jim Miller would get hurt, Shane Matthews would step in and most times you could barely tell the difference. Hell even in the 1985 Super Bowl season the Bears barely missed a beat in Steve Fuller's five starts for Jim McMahon. (Having the greatest defense and tailback ever helped a bit.) Fuller's numbers weren't any good but the Bears won 4 of 5 nevertheless.

Jay Cutler makes the entire team better. The offensive line has less pressure to hold blocks due to his combination of mobility and near-alarming arm strength. The run game prospers because opposing defenses have to to keep a safety deep, knowing Cutler can strike for a touchdown on any play. The defense can play more aggressively because they know allowing a touchdown or two will not cost the Bears a notch in the win column. He does not have the credentials yet of Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger or Eli Manning but he is every bit as important to his team as they are to theirs. Likewise each of those organizations would see a precipitous decline should their signal caller see extended time on the sideline.

These things happen in the NFL. They are sad, disappointing events but they do occur. The Bears had every opportunity the past two weeks to survive this injury by making a play here or a play there. But Urlacher knocked the Hail Mary to Dexter McCluster. Roy Williams dropped the slant. Marion Barber provided arguably the worst five minutes of Bears player tape since David Terrell dropped a pair of wide open TD passes against the Lions on December 2, 2001 and Henry Burris got his Sunday night start against the Tampa Bay Bucs. Caleb Hanie missed Earl Bennett down the sideline, Johnny Knox over the middle, Barber on a screen and just about every other open receiver for 175 of the 180 minutes he's played. Lovie Smith softened the defensive coverage Tim Tebow, believing the shaky QB would not be able to move the Broncos the length of the field.

If the Bears do not reach the postseason, even with the injury to Cutler, this will not have been a successful season. Not with the losses sustained to Tyler Palko at home and after Barber's antics in Denver. To call this season successful would be to excuse a series of mistakes over the last eight quarters that are nothing short of inexcusable. And while the postseason seems like a pipe dream now it does not relegate the final three games to the land of the meaningless. The Bears can still have a winning season. The Bears can still stop their rival from perfection. The Bears can build on the success of 7-3 and the set the stage for 2012.

But they cannot win a championship. Not anymore. Not without Cutler.

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  • Hanie for MVP.

  • first to say it's all jerry's fault

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    Fucking gnome code! I was first when I fucking posted. Jesus, not my week.

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    Sorry buddy, but God has a total crush on me.

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    you are a sexy bitch.

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    Thanks to SmileTrain.

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    haha that's so wrong, you are a habitual line stepper like Rick James:

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    flag on the play.

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    Oh.. so NOW I've gone too far.

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    I know the feeling Willie.


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    just like yesterday
    you got a bit
    too wordy
    and it cost

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    second to say FUCK YOU "GLITCHY"

  • So, I'm watching the Anthony Bourdain 2011 holiday special tonight...and this band "Fucked Up" comes on at the end to sing a metal version of "Jingle Bells".
    Well, the wife notices right away that the lead singer is wearing a really bad ass shirt with a bear head on it, only the bear has a forked tongue.
    The shirt is bad-ass. The band is OK.
    I cannot for the life of me figure out who the t-shirt's logo is for...
    I did find an image on a sticker on the front fork of a bicycle, thanks to the almight Google, praise be unto your algorithms and server farms...
    Anyone have any ideas?

    If I can find the logo, I bet the wife will buy the shirt. So do it for us, DBB...

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    death adders site:

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    Duh. Posted the search term instead of the link.

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    That is the shit.

    Congrats, Buttsteak. You are the Google master...or the biggest fashionista yet on this site. Or both.

    How the hell did you find that?

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    this one's sick... and only $121!!

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    Luck. Sheer, stupid, Palco hail mary luck. I'd post the details but that would give away the secret of the Death Adders. What are they? A band? Sports franchise? Black Ops unit? WTF??? It took me HOURS to figure it out, and the answer was staring me in the face all along. Here's a clue:

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    Is it a death metal band that covers the Rock-afire Explosion?

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    But now I see I can reply to comments made prior to the virus-like unclosed italic. Good. I had things to say just to say them.

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    Sorry, MBHAP. I meant to reply much sooner but blog problems and real life intervened. To answer your question, 'how did I find the viperbear logo gear:

    -I searched Google Images (safe srch off) for the band you named + another term I can't recall.
    -Clicked a pic of the lead singer wearing the bear shirt
    -Saw that he is called "Pink Eyes."
    -Searched "Pink Eyes," plus other terms ('tee' was one).
    -Found a pic of the bear shirt at a site called "5pointz."

    The text that sparked the hit was the caption above a viperbear tee:

    "If you prefer your Death Adders pure and untainted then we have some wicked colourways of the classic oversized 'Death Adders' tees and crews. This black one with the glowing pink eyes is a staff favourite..."

    Haaaa. No mention of Mr. Pink Eyes at all. Luckiest search term ever. I didn't bother looking at the rest of the page because it's from a site in the UK. Instead I searched "Death Adders" + ?, found the main US distributor (Mishka), posted the link, and then went on to waste two hours trying to find the meaning of the Death Adder logo. Here it is:

    ...What exactly are the Death Adders? They are one of Mishka's core graphics; an imaginary American football team; the mascot of a fixed gear riding team, and a dope looking, angry, snakey bear monster thing. Mishka keep the meaning and history of this image intentionally vague, so they can continue to invent new uses for them..."

    Imaginary. Fuckers had me searching all over the intertubes for a non-existent sports team. And the site that held the answer was the same site that I ignored earlier because it's based in the UK.

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    I still love the logo.
    Nice work, Crunch Buttsteak. I think you win the coveted Web Research Analyst of DBB of the Week or Thread Depending on the Timing Award.

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    saw that episode. LOVES me some bourdain... but that episode was pretty fucked up. And that music was fucking terrible.

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    I thought the Samantha Brown cameo was good. She has a freakiness to her.

    I was all in with the octopus dish. And the Austrian venison roast. Sweet baby tebus, that looked awesome.

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    And I think the poop log tradition was pretty full-on glorious. Singing a song about shitting herrings while hitting a log with a stick? And when you finish, it poops out presents?
    What's not to love.

  • don't know what to say about this season, fellas. thought Hanie was the real deal, but he turned out to be another Erik Kramer. words can describe the Marion Barber game. hard to stomach even losing to Palko, but Tebow? that was Grade A bullshit.

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    FQQQQQ!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come back to us man.

    Twitter might be the hot new chick with big fake tits, but the blog is the high school love of your life with kids and a family. Come back.

    Speeeeeaking of Tebus...

    Ooooooooze Nooooooooze:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yes God?
    You're going to win today, Tim Tebow. I fixed it.
    Thank you, Lord. But I was reading the paper this morning and I was wonder...
    Hurry up, boy. I'm missing Jeopardy.
    Well, I heard that millions of children all over the world are being raped and beaten and starved to death, and I was wondering...
    Uh, wondering if, instead of fix...
    Questioning my wisdom?
    But the paper said I care more about important religious issues than football!
    What is narcissism...? YESSSSS!
    What? Oh. So maybe you could...
    I bet I could beat that supercomputer. Ooh, gotta go. Double Jeopardy.

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    another erik kramer? didn't he pass for 29 touchdowns in 95? sure, he stunk every other year, but hot damn i could use some of 1995 erik kramer in 2012 caleb hanie.

  • oh btw...I loved the banter between blogfader & MB.......Let's just agree to disagree....we all want the same thing boys..."THE RING"

    problem is we have a mediocre core with a mediocre GM...and management that is playing checkers while the top tiers are playing Galactic Chess...

    We have about six stars on this team that are "elite" the others are bandages and experiments to cover the mistakes of poor "choices"...yes..I said it...choices...all teams have choices..some more than others. The choices they make have repercussions to the whole team, with out even knowing it, such as taking a possible HOF for returns and try to make him a #1 WR these "events" blogfader are the repercussions from the choices of our GM and Management...

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    and to conclude class this is what we get when three of your six "Elite" go down...

    my list

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    sheite!!!!!!!!!! don't know how to count and Hes should be replaced by double deuce...I guess maybe it should be seven??? not sure what do you all think?

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    If I'm picking six to keep, then I'd swap Hester for Forte. One TD on offense ? Not much production on offense but still a sick returner with 4 return TDs this season.

    Briggsy has the same number of tackles as Patrick Willis and ten more than Lach. Love me my Peanut, and given a top WR and O-line and Cutty is top 5.

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    And so say all of us ....

  • Jefe,

    If believing that Jay Cutler is the "Elite," "Superstar" Quarterback that you've been waiting for your whole life is gonna get you through this offseason, then more power to you. Being a fan is pretty lousy when you don't have hope. Just don't jump off a bridge if he lets you down next year. He's good, but I just don't know man.......

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    Maybe it is still to early to judge Cutler though. That's possible. I don't think you could look at his resume thus far and expect great things going forward, but I personally would have said the same things about Eli Manning until recently (maybe even after he won the superbowl). I'm still not that high on Eli, but I can't deny that he's had a pretty good year and seems to be making progress.

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    Hey, none of that shit in here.

    Sac's already on the fuck-jay train. We don't need any assistance from you.

    1) He puts velocity on the ball that only a handful of NFL QB's can match...and I'm not sure that your guy is one of them. I'll grant you that Rodgers has better touch on the ball.
    2) He is as mobile as Rodgers and just as comfortable throwing on the run.
    3) He's tougher than Rodgers. This is categorically true and you know it.
    4) He's put up with more media bullshit than Eli or Rodgers, and that is a feat in and of itself.
    5) He led us to an NFC championship with one of the most awkward receiving corps ever assembled. They were the Great Lakes Avengers of wide receivers.
    5) He doesn't waste his energy with the douchiest fucking TD celebration in the history of the NFL, or do dumb fuck blowjob spots where he plays his guitar on the beach and tries to seduce the interviewer by staring in two directions at once, or blow past his fans at the airport because he's too busy listening to his iPod.

    Eli does suck, btw. He's a bitch and a mope and he is a starting NFL QB because Turtle Head made every GM believe that his mothers womb was blessed from on high.

    Was that a balanced analysis? No. But you are still a Packers fan so I could fucking care less.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I won't even get into the Rodgers/ Cutler thing. Here's the short and Curlies. If Cutler is the Packers' QB and Rodgers is the Bears' QB, I think we're talking about Cutty as the league's darling and everyone is pissing on Rodgers in the media. Receivers. They have 'em, we don't.
    I thank you.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I can only hope the powers that be have as much faith in him as the long term solution that some of the fans do. A .142 winning percentage (.166 with CHI) lifetime against the Packers with a passer rating in the 50s is the perfect tonic for Rodgers "struggles" against the cover 2.

    At least Lovie could "beat the Packers" at the beginning......

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    So you agree with me on the douchiest TD celebration thing then?

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    That's been beaten like a dead horse since the playoff run last year, so i've cooled off on it. But that shit was awesome when it was underground. Especially because it's reserved for rushing touchdowns. I actually don't really like Aaron Rodgers that much. He can be pretty arrogant and the way he perceives innocuous comments as personal slights is irritating (although I'm all for it because it certainly elevates his play).

    I also liked Cutler in Denver, but that was only because he threw up two fingers like a pimp after they scored following the botched Hochuli call against San Diego. I thought that sequence was the most badass punking that anyone has administered in the last 10 years.

    For what it's worth, I also love me some Tony Romo......and I'm a Rivers fan too (kind of). I hate the Mannings with a passion and I don't mind Tom Brady.

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    I like Brady for the simple fact that no one...absolutely no one thought he was going to become "Tom Brady".

    Romo just doesn't seem that into football, to be honest. I think he'd be better served going into the PGA.

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    Wow. really... Romo??? Rivers!?!??!?!

    It all makes a little more sense now

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    It's like you took every thought I ever had... wrapped it in bacon and baked it at 425 for 12-14 minutes on the center rack (or until the edges turned a golden brown).

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    mmmmmm... baaaaacon.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Speeeeeaking of from high on...

    Ooooooooze Nooooooooze:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Well, now we know what Prater was sniffing just before he kicked the game was a relic of Tebus's holy jockstrap.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Yeah, what was that shit?


    (Not sure what Attica is... but I've always wanted to chant it with a large group of people)

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Wasn't it an episode of police brutality?

    That's why pacino screams chants it in dog day afternoon

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    I knew I could count on you.

    I just knew it from DDA... One of the finest flicks of all time.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    I just checked. It was actually a riot at Attica Prison in response to a prisoner being killed by an officer at San Quentin.

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    And it's really catchy.

    The usage by Pacino was, I'm pretty sure, meant to be comedic, given the circumstances.

    The riot itself is a pretty ugly episode in American history.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    That 'Attica' thing was a total adlib by Pacino, he said.

  • I'm not much of a car-whore...but....drool.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Check out one of my customer's cars. GP would like this too. He's got two garages each bigger than his house filled with bad ass cars. One of those Shelby's is probably worth over half a million.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    That 67 Shelby, if it looks like that, is num match with low mileage and original interior in good shape, that car is worth 250k.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    That '68 GT is gorgeous.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    i don't care
    about fancy cars
    I just want tto
    get off of
    ken's bus

    Jeff Barnard / AP
    The 1939 International Harvester bus that author Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters drove into psychedelic history in 1964 sits on the Kesey family farm in Pleasant Hill, Ore. Stored in a swamp for 15 years, the bus has been hauled out for restoration.

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    take a look
    it changed and morphed
    all along
    the way's+futhur+bus+pictures&hl=en&qscrl=1&nord=1&rlz=1T4ADRA_enUS400US400&site=webhp&prmd=imvnso&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=TKvoTuifGIWatwfr78jnAg&sqi=2&ved=0CCQQsAQ&biw=1280&bih=510

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    as per usual
    keysey blew
    the gnomes

    but not the
    try them for
    a trip inside
    Ken Keysey's Furthur

  • did urlacher knock that pass? i thought he was going to catch it but conte knocked it to mcluster. oh wait, i forgot, i don't care. because we shoulda won that game fifty other ways. these past three games have been an utter disappointment. now a shitload of idiots will justify bringing in religion to sports, like if there was a god he would actually give a fuck about who wins in the nfl.

  • In reply to foulmouthpoet:

    interesting battle of the christians
    last sunday in denver
    marion "Burma-Shave" barber
    a devout believer
    who just wasn't Abel
    was smitten
    by brother
    Tim "yes i Cain" Tebow

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Huntin, I liked that alot. +4k

  • In reply to foulmouthpoet:

    Speeeeeaking of god caring about sports...

    Ooooooooze Nooooooooze:

  • Jeff I have to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog though I have only posted a couple times in the last few years.
    Having a QB with Cutler's skills has been great to watch and he is why we were a top team sitting at 7-3. But the failure of the last two weeks goes far beyond Cutler.
    Two years ago we lost one player (albeit a hall of famer and team leader) and our defense simply fell apart. This year we didn't just lose our QB but the league leader from scrimmage and, more importantly in my opinion, two starting offensive linemen. Two starting linemen from a squad that went from the worst in the league last year to one that was a potent run blocking and mediocre (maybe being a bit kind) pass blocking group. I don't know of any team that has had those type of losses without completely falling apart offensively.
    This isn't 2007 where our defense can blank an oponent and score the point. Whathat kills me is that our defense put us in position to win the last two games but both were lost by an utter failure by professional players to execute basic plays on offense (assisted by a fluke Hail Mary in the KC game).

  • In reply to NVAflyer:

    I'll buy all that. With Cutler and Forte healthy, Carimi at LT and CW back at LG I think we're a better overall team than GB. Their defense doesn't look like it could hang with our offense, but we could definitely slow down their offense. Please baby Jebus let the boy from Santa Claus make it rain on your birthday.

  • Jeff, you need to re-evaluate some things. If you taught me one thing this year, it was that the Bears were still in this thing after the 2-3 start. My emotions got the better of me and I was ready to throw in the towel because they didn't look good, as a matter of fact they looked bad, with Cutty and Forte in the starting lineup. The Bears are still in this thing and I have an instinctive feeling that this season is far from over. It's gut check time boys. Stand up, hunker down, don't get all wobbly on me just yet. Yes we've lost three in a row, but the last two losses were pretty much flukes. Me thinks some character building is taking place within the Bears locker room and I'm going to hang in there until our boys a mathematically eliminated.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Hear hear on this. I actually thought the single most critical loss for the Bears' playoff chances was MIN to DET this week (which is why I was exasperated at the refs handing DET the victory from certain defeat on the last play of the game)... and that coupled with falling behind in wins was essentially a death knell for them.

    But in reality, the playoff picture is still reasonably favorable for the Bears. They even still have a decent shot to get in at 9-7 since they would win tie-breakers vs the entire wild-card field except DET -- i.e. NYG, DAL, and ATL. This is according to Sean Jensen anyway, I have yet to do a full analysis myself.

    And you know what? If this team DOES manage to scrape together a performance to take them into the playoffs (and especially if that includes a victory at Lambeau), then can you imagine the momentum and confidence when/if they get Forte and Cutler back? I'm thinking... don't discount a Jets or Pack-like run from the #6 wildcard spot if that happens...

  • In reply to Michael L:

    Stranger things have happened. I still think it can happen but I'm getting really tired of the "freak" losses to bad teams.
    Seattle has a defense that will be all over Caleb, and he's going to have to do more than just not give the game away. He's going to have to win this one.
    I expect Bell to be heavily involved this week. This is his chance to supplant Barber and earn some money as an NFL running back or relegate himself to perennial third stringer.

  • In reply to Michael L:

    "...they would win tie-breakers vs the entire wild-card field except DET..."
    -- Michael L

    I looked at the tiebreaker situation last week and I don't know if I got it right but my understanding is, in a three-way wildcard tie where two of the teams are from the same division (Chi & Det), the first step is to eliminate one of the two via the division tiebreaker. Is that correct?

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Me too Trac. I can see Detroit losing two, certainly ATL to NO. Am I alone in thinking Cutty will be under center in Lambeau? It ain't over til it's over.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    I come to win
    it don't matter who is driving
    get on the bus
    and may the play of forces
    smile down
    and pay us back
    'cause we have deposited
    a large down payment
    into the account
    pf polar opposites

  • Funny that this exact debate is hashed out in this recent CST article. Even though the headline and conclusion is the same as MB30's -- that JA is primarily to blame for this 3 game losing streak -- the evidence laid out actually really upholds Jeff's position:

    In particular his points on NE, GB, NO, and IND really resonate.

  • In reply to Michael L:

    We've got six guys on IR. A lot of teams out there have a lot more, although losing your QB and RB so late in the season equates to a serious problem. But remember GB had about 14 players on IR last year and won the Superbowl - albeit they had their starting QB healthy.

    Bottom line, GB had a roster to sustain them. Players that could step in and do the job. We don't have a guy who can do that at DE, QB, MLB or even OLB. Our RG is playing center. Our starting LT is a bum 7th round pick. Our starting WRs are healthy but could not be called assets other than Earl Bennett.

    If Angelo isn't to blame, then Tim Ruskell is. Mike Martz doesn't draft or pick the team. Ruskell was forced to resign from Seattle, and it wasn't because he porked somebody's wife, it's because he screwed the pooch. And who hired Ruskell? It's a circle-jerk that invariably ends up back on Jerry Angelo's desk.

    For ten years Angelo has patched together crappy rosters with the odd golden band-aid. The band-aids come off and the whole house of turds splats to the ground again.

    When we finally get rid of Angelo in 2 years, even Cutty will be in the autumn of his career. Briggsy, Lac, Pep, Peanut and Garza are history, and we're staring from scratch having to replace all of those guys. They can't all be replaced with first round picks like they should have been, gradually, year by year.

    Angelo's legacy? Ten years of stepping on the throat of a great franchise that just needed a guy who knew football.

  • summed up beautifully irish. thank you sir.

    The shitter of it all lads... once that perennial turd goes, the fucking McCaskey’s will invariably go to the bargain bin (as usual) and will choose some other useless cunt that's just as clueless as angelo.

    Fuck our lives.

    (do the McCaskeys all fly together in the same private jet btw? Just curious.)

  • Jerry Sanduskys lawyer goes ahead and makes this statement. "If anyone believes that McQuery saw Sandusky having anal sex with a ten year old boy they need to call 1-800-Reality" Guess what, some reporters called that number and? Gay sex line!!! Kid you not, gay phone sex. With a lawyer like that he should just go get fitted for the jump suit with the flap on da back!

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    oh my

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    An extrodinary case like Sandusky's requires unorthadox legal tactics. With such heavy public and media pressure already on his client, he has to swing the presumption of innocence before guilt pendulum by any means necessary. Amendola's boisterousness might backfire, but his only option is to combat the media with his own spin at this point in the proceedings.

  • Sorry Murph but that whole thing makes my stomach turn. I can't stomach these kind of vile people. It's shameful to even talk about such things and I feel soiled just thinking about his crimes.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    i will look away
    it pains me to process
    power circles
    around it's prey
    and gives rise
    to vivid images
    of life in this
    cruel world today

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    This shit just cracks me up harder and harder.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Think it has that effect on all of us. My wife and her sister were victimized by their step father, and 40 years later it still takes its toll on her. I was writing about lawyers and not talking about his client. Apologies if I offended you.

  • loved the back and forth
    yesterday boys
    it was an epic meeting
    between 2 of the blogs
    titanic football
    not quite as stimulating
    as the "physical"
    back and forth
    but very cathartic

    my 2 nickels about all GMs
    comes from a book
    of African Yoruba stories
    the moral the parable
    is this
    "He who shits in the road
    will meet flies on his return"

  • Speeeeeaking of African yoruba stories...

    Ooooooooze Nooooooooze:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Well God has spoken to me MB. He said "Bolt, don't worry son, I'll have your boy back on Christmas day."
    "Goddammit that's great news!"
    "No doubt"
    "Thanks God!"
    "No biggie."
    "Can you make it snow just like the Rams game?"
    "Can you get Bill Murray tickets and have him on the sideline?"
    "Don't know about that...."
    "Fuck it, can you just make it snow then?"

  • excellent

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Careful MB. The Lord may just see to it that Jerra signs a long term extension with the Bears as your reward. he he.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    That would make me very happy.

  • In reply to Viva:

    damn you both.... damn you.

  • Michael and Trac -

    Dig the optimism!

    This season is not over, but we do need a rally.

  • In reply to Viva:

    Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.

    I like your bandwagon, but the wheels are rickety and I need a win to jump on it. Strap a harness to Enderle to pull it, and it might get out of the mud.

  • Hey guys, on my way to Winona, MN. Flying this year. Hang in there, either way this year we will get what we need after this season is over.

  • I want Irish to write a movie script, a star vehicle for the original SNL guys still around.

    Chevy Chase, Murray, Ackroyd and Garrett Morris as four guys taking a trip from hiding out in Thailand, trying to get back into the U.S. under fake passports to go see one last Super Bowl together.

    I think that movie would rock done totally black comedy like Zombieland was.

  • SI had a good article about the Pats. Bellicheat and the whole Boston moneyball mantra, as seen in the film moneyball when John Henry brings Beane in at the end to tell him he's changed the game.

    Pats moneyball is a philosophy. You cut bait with anyone thinking of freelancing. You get off page with Brady on O - you are gone, ala Moss. On D, you roam outside your duty, you are gone. Role players and guys willing to go that extra mile to display their one aspect they shine in.

    Angelo is not like that. He's put together a bargain basement roster, and then slapped as I think MB said, some gold played band-aids on it.

    This creates a Jerry culture. It relies on Urlacher and Peppers and the guys making 3-5x what their teammates are making to lead by example. It creates a caste system, where rules are different depending on your caste. Peppers and Urlacher can get away with alot on that team, as can Briggs. They run that locker room on D. You need other guys who can live with that, understand the vet caste system and not disrupt it.

    On O, it's Cutty's show. He is the field coach. Shane is a waterboy. Cutler screams in practice, demands perfection and dictates who is in favor and who is in the doghouse.

    The problem with a caste system locker room are all the problems that it has always had. If the high-paid stars don't perform, animosity can seethe quickly. With injury comes a total loss in field generalship.

    And make no mistake - this is Johnny Knox's last year as a Bear. I think Cutler has quite enough of Knox. With Cookie and Carmini back next year, if Carmini can play well, we will go get just one more OL and then we will go get another big wideout.

    There were opportunities to fix the Hanie thing, which everyone knew was broken. Rosenfelds could have been here. But I sense Cutty doesn't want some vet trying to impart wisdom behind him. He wants scrubs that won't challenge his authority in the locker room. And thus, you get Bears culture as it stands.

    Everything I saw in Denver was a playoff team with no QB. Bell ran well, the line was blocking early, the wideouts were getting open. But repeated 3 and outs plus the mile high oxygen content just smoked the D to where you have clueless Bowman in there playing 15 yards off.

    Hanie sucks. His career in the NFL should be over after this season. His shot on the stage came, and the gong rang. I guess McClown is even worse in practice. I guess Enderle is not something they are willing to try. They should.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    One not so minor dissagreement: JA has always rewarded his own. Lach, Briggs, Peanut, Tommie, Vashar, Hester, Gould, Bennet, Forte (who has yet tpo accept) and Garza to name a few. That changes the outlook of culture he has created in the locker room. I think it is a brilliant means to get the most out of 2nd - 7th round draft picks. They know they will be rewarded if they out-perform their contracts.

  • Just for the record...I don't even want to see Cutty back on the field unless that thumb is 100%. And I don't think he's gonna be ready at the minimum before the Vikings game.

  • For any of you still under the false impression that CTE (and steroid abuse) aren't real, I give you Bill Romanowski:

    (Holy shit)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    He's mental, but I LIKE that kind of mental.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I give him 5 years before he needs baby food to eat.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I think that's generous GP


    This was on the TV last night. I'm sure you noticed the hat, right?

    Great fucking movie.

  • Oh oh, now everyone LEAN FORWARD

    Asshole gnome code.

  • Let's see if I can close my italics

  • Thomas Edison, inventor of the lightbulb - well, stealer of invention of the lightbulb actually - once, to defend his side in the DC vs. AC debate for the national electric grid - fried an elephant as a publicity stunt using AC to show how much more dangerous it was.

    It was a FUD campaign extraordinaire.

    The elephant's name was Topsy.

    Let's watch Topsy bite it, shall we?

    Ok. So why do I bring this up?

    I think we need to subject Jerry Angelo to the Topsy test. Who is with me?

  • No offense murph. Just makes me queasy is all. I find my mind painting I picture when reading stuff like that.

  • What? One unclosed italic hoses the whole blog? I tried to reply to the comment where I left the italic open, in order to close it, and the comment was posted at the bottom of the page as new. Now when I try to reply, I get "Checking Account," then nothing.

  • No more replies... but good man, GP.

    We are now un-emphasized.

  • Crunch:

    Just watch this instead. It's Jimmy and his friends.

  • The gnomes are obviously on the ball.

    Just like real gnomes, they don't exist except in the imagination of little children and Jimmy Greenfield.

  • It was Conte who slapped that ball to McCluster, not Lach.

  • Jimmy Greenfield. I see. I always assumed y'all were referring to Gnome 3 shell. Keebler vid was hilarious, btw. Thanks.

    Now light up a doobie and watch this:

    Still can't reply.

  • Can't reply, but my account is thoroughly checked.

  • do tell

    Cutler, forte news makes me somewhat care about seahawks game. And i dont want to.

  • So, GPL only broke the reply button at the point in the page after the italics took hold. So, and I'm too lazy to check, what code did you plan in your reply?


  • color("green")
    # pen up, don't draw
    # centers the circle
    # pen down, draw
    # radius=50 center is 50 radius units above the turtle
    # center the turtle again

  • We got LOGO up in this muffukka?!?!!~?!@@!~!


  • Hahahahahaha gpl...


    That's the one.

  • my reply to that MB would be...Why?

  • The DUH!!!????? factor:

  • GP...what the fuck did you do to this piece of shit...Checking!

  • I think BleacherReport has to be the biggest sports news joke on the internet...

    Are those writers considered "journalists", or "slide show makers".

    I have never seen ANYTHING worthwhile on that site, and it is pretty annoying that google news suggests it so fucking often.



  • MB...I know the goat is Barber...but "FOOKMI" or "FOOKYU" this was from the top to the bottom "Clusterfuck" bra...coaching was shit, Hes..fair catching when no one is near him, Rex Hanie, ficking prevent bitch defense...fuck this list is huge on this -steaming turd. I just think the media as usual has found one dog down and they are going to beat the living life out of it.. FUCK YOU MEDIA!!!!

    yes..he fucked up not knelling...but it should have never gotten to that point to begin with...simple "We Are All Set"!!!

  • p.s. FOOKU "Glitchy"...

    I'm sorry I just like the feel of that on my fingers as I cruise the keys.....hahahahahahahahaha

  • MBP...wish the Bear was in Burnt Orange with the Navy Blue Crew.....

  • here you go MB...FOOK MI and FOOK U

  • Every time i think of Barber and last weeks game I think of that ESPN documentary "Catching Hell". Yes I'm a Sox Fan (and A's fan- funny how other sports you can have two fav teams but football is the one sport where it's sacrilege and I love it for that!) and watching that really opened my eyes to how Buckner, nor any one play or player doomed that team. It was a culmination of events and combination of players that led to that team losing and it was the same last Sunday. But most importantly I think of what Rev Rolenz said in that documentary
    “We need to look at what damage the idea of scapegoat does, not only to the person who becomes the scapegoat but to those people that are jeering and berating the scapegoat. It diminishes our humanity,”

    I like Barber, he plays hard and this loss was much bigger than one man. I hope if and when he decides to speak to the media someone takes that message to him instead of the same old scapegoat questions and sound bite fishing.

  • Bills broke off talks with Steve Johnson and it looks like he will be a FA next year.

    Big upgrade from Roy.

  • He also makes a better #13 than Knox.

  • Testing to see if I can post. Here's a great practical joke, part 1. He's yo-yoing to save the environment.

  • Buttcrunch, yep division tie-breakers are always applied before wildcard tie-breakers. You apply WC tie-breakers to at most 1 team from each division -- once a tie is broken, you start over with all the tie-breakers again.

    This means if you finish 3rd in the division then the best you can do is get the #6 seed and that's ONLY if the 2nd team gets the #5 seed and you beat or win tie-breakers against all the other divisions' 2nd place teams.

    That's why overtaking DET for 2nd would be so valuable, except it appears that CHI wins tie-breakers against all the other divisions' leading contenders so it actually might not matter (other than for taking the #5 vs the #6 seed).

  • Detroit finishes up with Oakland, SD and GB
    Atlanta finsihes up with Jacksonville, NO and Tampa

    Bears have Seahawks, GB and Minny. Is it over? Nothing is over until we say it is....

    I'm holding out hope even though even 1 win against the raiders, chiefs or broncos would have put us in the playoffs......i'm not bitter, i swear. holy shit i'm pissed all over again.

  • I'm with you Johnny. We can still make it to the promised land! Bear down gentlemen for this most glorious time of year known as football season only lasts so long. Here's to hoping our season lasts longer than 30 other teams.

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