Weekend Show! Beat Man Paul Domowitch on the Eagles and former Bear Cam Worrell Criticizes Halas Hall's Approach to Safety Position

Weekend Show! Beat Man Paul Domowitch on the Eagles and former Bear Cam Worrell Criticizes Halas Hall's Approach to Safety Position

On this week's show. Philadelphia Daily News Eagles beat writer Paul Domowitch discusses the mood surrounding the ballclub after the Cowboys rout and what put Richard Dent over the top for this year's Hall of Fame class. Former Bears safety Cameron Worrell dissects the inability of Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo to stabilize the safety position. And the Reverend calls Jeff Pearlman's Sweetness what it is: boring.

There were no perfects from the comments section this week - one of the most difficult gambling Sundays in recent memory.

Lines This Week

FALCONS -7 Colts / SAINTS -8.5 Bucs / TEXANS -11 Browns / BILLS -1 Jets / CHIEFS -5 Dolphins / 49ers - 3.5 REDSKINS / COWBOYS -11 Seahawks / RAIDERS -8.5 Broncos / TITANS -3 Bengals / CARDINALS -4.5 Rams / Packers -6 CHARGERS / PATRIOTS -8.5 Giants / STEELERS -3 Ravens / EAGLES -8 Bears

The Brothers:  Jon (15-8-1), Jeff (14-9-1), Chris (13-10-1)

The Commenter Perfect Weeks: FQD1911 (2), New Bear in Town (2), SC Dave (2), BigDaddy (2), DYLbears23 (1), BossBear90 (1), Michael L (1), greenbayman (1), tobijohn (1), Sacramento's #1 Bears Fan (1), ben in norcal (1), CanadaBear (1), #76 Mongo Murph (1), Shady (1), Ufficio (1), TheFifth (1)

NOTE: Ya'll will be without me for the next few days as I attend funeral services for my best friend's aunt in New Jersey.  Even if you don't normally give the show a full listen, give this one a go.  The interviews are quite good.

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  • Agreed with you 10000% on the Tebow comments.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I agree with you 100% on both the Tebow and the windy cell phone comments.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Josie Woods should set up a recording booth under the stairs.
    Some plexiglass, a cheap mic and mixer, and zip line from the bar...all set.

  • San Francisco -3.5
    Raiders -8.5
    Chargers +6

  • Tebow is a sacrificial lamb? Come on.

    He's being treated like he's done something wrong to society? Are you fucking kidding me?

    Christ. (No pun intended). The DEAL with Tebow is that his faith, REGARDLESS IF HE IS FUCKING MOTHER TERESA REINCARNATED or if his family is pouring holy oil on lepers, has caused a Denver based media sensation that other players did not get. He is a red-state blue-state issue personified, and he has done a Super Bowl commercial on faith last year with his mom, so he hasn't done ANYTHING to downplay it, and has been fine with taking advantage of it.

    Do you want an example? Here's an example: Troy Smith. Won a Heisman, and ostensibly had more QB skills in a pro scheme playing for the Buckeyes than Tebow.

    Did people in SanFran put up billboards DEMANDING he play when Alex Smith was stinking up the joynt? No. Did fans chant his name in the stadium, DEMANDING that Alex Smith did the fuck down? No.

    Did he get ANY favors from the NFL? No. The black QB thing ended when Doug Williams won the Super Bowl for the Skins, regardless of Rush Limbaugh fat windbagness to the contrary. He got NO DAMN FAVORS based on his stellar college career. When he played, and played BADLY, news columnists who were also black did not write columns that the play calling wasn't favoring him?

    John Fox is giving the people what they want. If he's setting him up to fail, it's only at the behest of the screaming Denver media and fans.

    I read the Jamarcus Russell interview in SI. He blames Tom Cable calling the same play again and again, and he may have a point, as Cable is a MORON and possibly a psycho:

    Do people act as apologists for Russell? No. The purple drank took care of that.

    Does a black QB get the shake that a white Christian QB gets? Get the chances that they get? Fuck no. Do black sportswriters cry about like christian sportswriters do? Fuck no.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I think Florida fans saying he is going to be the best QB in the NFL for 5 years now definitely affected people's reaction to his loss, but let's be honest on the whole he was worshipped, and he'll still get more chances, he can take a little ribbing.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I don't disagree on most of that - I think the point is that it's not Tebow egging this on, although I thought the commercial was really kind of OTT. It's his true believers that I take issue with. I don't have a personal problem with him, in spite of the fact that I think he's a sub-par QB whose religious beliefs I do not share.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Wow. GP, I normally never recommend yoga to anyone but in your case I think it may be well worth it.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    LOL. My my, this teapot has a lot of soot on it.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I will pay for the Groupon if you guys promise to go together.
    However, you must put your cellphone on voice record.
    No cheating.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Ha, I thought you'd like that.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Sweet tebus, I think the writers of "The League" are stalking this blog.

    One of the secondary plot points tonight was two of the guys in the group, who do not share common world views, joining a yoga class (where one of them achieves a higher state of FFL awareness).

    BD, considering we have two H2H games this weekend, maybe you should take me up on the Groupon offer after all.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    lol. The only channeling I do is with the remote control when I fall asleep with it in my hand.

  • Falcons

  • Bears

  • 49ers -3.5
    Chargers +6
    Bears +8

  • Hey Jeff, he he.

    One thing I noticed about Worrell's interview was that he seemed to criticize Lovie without ever offering up any solid solutions to the safety issue. Also, you draft in the first three rounds for starters. Sooner or later you have to place your bets on the players you drafted and the only valuable experience gained is from game experience. Very few teams have consistency in finding solid DB's. Just look at the leagues passing stats over the years and you'll see that this problem is solved with the front four. I suggest most of our woe's over the years have been a result of poor pressure up front by our D-line.

  • ill see you in philly bitchezzzzz BEAR DOWN

  • Hey MB great movie clip.

    My grandfather let me watch a lot of Chevy Chase , Steve Martin, and Martin Short movies.

    Chevy Chase favs : Griswalds.. hand down CaddyShack.( when did everyone start to hate Chevy Chase)?

    Steve Martin: all time fav :Planes, Trains, and Automoblies( Great performance by Martin and Candy). Father of the Bride. The Jerk(great one Irish)

    Martin Short: Clifford, Father of the Bride, Captin Ron (ehh)

    John Candy is one of my favorite actors. He just seemed to make a movie good.

    John Candy made every movie just better. JFK, Home Alone, My fave, Uncle Buck, The great outdoors.. I could go on and on

    Some side note actors... Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Eddie Murphy(Trading Places, Coming to America).

    I will be honest.. a lot of my generation movies suck. I have very few movies now that I will watch compared to movies in the past

    The Good , Bad, and Ugly. A few Dollars More. Braveheart. Gladiator. Superman (Reeve). Man on Fire. Big. Forrest Gump. Star Wars(original) . Mad Max. Terminator. Stripes. GhostBusters. A few good men. Rain Man. Lion King. Doubtfire. Patch Adams. Dances with wolves. Field of Dreams. League of their own. Saving Private Ryan.

    I could go on but you get the point.

    Out of all of those ... Watch Planes Trains and automoblies.. Great chicago movie and feeling.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    John Candy in Summer Vacation. Lesser known, but damn good.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    The bear getting shot in the ass with the shotgun/lamp is comedy gold.
    And Aykroyd is great in it too.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Speaking of Dan Aykroyd,
    the man has lost his mind.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    what the what!?! Jesus. At least he's not grossly fat anymore.

    btw, I didn't want to get into the string of movie comments because that can go on forever. Erik, you're exonerated for some of your picks because you're very young… and probably don't know any better.

    uuuummmm... spies like us much? Sheesh.

    Oh, and then there's this... pretty funny... but the true payoff is at the bottom: http://www.midwestsportsfans.com/2011/11/photo-story-bust-buddies-starring-philip-rivers-and-chris-johnson/

  • In reply to MB30SD:


    "...when I found out I received nothing..... broke my arm."

    Are you fucking kidding me.... simply brilliant.

    or... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Lge2_H_8IQ&feature=related

    (I'd hate to be sick in this place)

  • In an interesting side note, Espn has Tebow ranked ahead of Cutler in FF this week. Also, as a believer, the older I get the more I realize how young believers misrepresent their faith due to ignorance. Sometimes zeal causes ones emotions to get the better of them.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Yeah, he's ranked high because of the scoring system for rushing yards versus passing yards. I am continually tempted to plug him in but his passing is so damn bad.

  • Are we still on Tebow? He's had what, two starts? One bad game? Remember Troy Aikman? Vinny Testeverde? Let's give the usual 5 or 6 years before we evaluate the career.

  • On the Forte situation couldn't the two sides work on a different type deal with maybe 14-16 mil guaranteed and a slightly higher yearly salary for the first 2 years so the money Forte is looking for would be there and the risk that the Bears don't want to take on a long term RB deal would be lessened?
    I know RB's make about 6mil per year and the Franchise Tag would pay them about 7.9 Mil. there has to be some way to make both sides feel like they came out on top. Angelo is definitely feeling the heat from the Chester and Manu Manu deals. He is gunshy.

  • If I'm Matt Forte, I'm cutting CJ2K and DeAngelo Williams off my christmas card list.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    yeah, that's gotta suck. I want Forte on my team for an extended period of time. He brings so much to the game catching and running the ball. It's like having a 6'2 215lb slot guy sometimes.

    I think that if they were willing to offer him that kind of guaranteed money and yearly salary that he turned down that a little creative structuring would have gotten the deal done beneficial to both sides.

    I see both sides of the negotiation here and think that the answer, as in most things, lies somewhere in the middle.

    The frustrating part of this for Forte has to be the money they've pissed away on an injured Manu, an old Chester (even though we couldn't have known his production would drop that much) and even a couple hundred thousand to Gholston and Stork, the worst fucking Qb i've seen since Jonathan Quinn. That's over a Million and a half wasted just on those last 2 guys. That would have put us around 16 million guaranteed. i know that is simplifying it but that is how close these guys are or were to a deal. Now the price has increased but if I'm Forte I take the 14 upfront add in 2 to 4 million in performance bonuses and call it a day.

  • Send that analysis over to the Score or ESPN Chicago. Maybe I will.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    I won't, but you should. It makes a lot of sense.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Flipside. If I'm Jerra, this is exactly why I don't bend over and pick up the soap for a position that has a life expectancy of 2-3 more years. Remember Kruetz? There has to be a reasonable contract offer and demand.

  • Like they did for Briggs? Fool me once, shame on me... fool me twice...

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Totally different situation. Forte strikes me as a different type of guy than Briggs. Forte is on his rookie contract. Briggs had a history of being a bitch about his contract and had already got his guaranteed money.

    I'm talking a mix of guaranteed money, performance bonuses and yearly salary creativity.

  • If I were the Bears I know EXACTLY how I'd lock Forte in. I'd offer him a contract that he can option up until the last minute to be on the Bears for slightly under Franchise pay, regardless of what happens this season the contract is signed and bonding to Bears and if he signs, it's his. Then as the barrier got closer and closer I'd push him to just sign it by delaying addiitonal contract negotiatoins. Yes he is good. But yes our line works like crazy to open up the run for him too. He needs to have a whole year like he has been performing for 7 games so far, not just 7 games. If that happens I'd hand him his franchise and beyond.

  • I was talking about front-loading the contract for the exact type of appeasement you suggest (in itself not at all a bad idea), only to have an agent-inspired demand for a raise in the back end of the contract.

    Were I Angelo, I'd be on the watch for that crap.

  • If Im Matt Forte, Im waiting until week 12 or later, if the Bears are in the thick of a playoff run, and Im holding out. Thats leverage. Lets see how many of his "friends" on the Bears would take to twitter to demand they "pay forte" after that move.

    Thats Forte's only move. He should save up 3 or 4 more gamechecks and hold out. From a business standpoint, thats what he should do.

    Obviously that would devestate me as a fan, but in reality thats his move.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    That's his only move if he wants to get traded. If I'm angelo and he pulled that move, I'd be flippin through the rollodex looking for playoff bound teams outside the division looking for a running back.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:


    But the question is does he stand a better chance of getting a long term deal if he is traded. I would say yes, If a team gives up a 1st round pick + something they are going to lock him up. A running back in the NFL gets one really good contract if he's lucky. The only thing Forte is guaranteed is roughly 7-8 million next year.

    If he holds out the remainder of this year and gets traded, hes assured somewhere close to 20 million. He does NOT have to continue to put himself in harms way, and he will still get that offer even after sitting out based on his track record.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    Also, lets keep in mind Matt Forte, and all NFL players for that matter, essentailly need to create a lifetime's worth of wealth in an abbreviated time frame. So to those that say, HEY 8 Million is a lot of money, consider this. Matt Forte continues playing and gets frachised. He gets 8 million next year. Now lets say he blows out a knee (acl, mcl) and can no longer play.

    So now Matt has his 8 million. Lets assume he has a good accountant, 25% goes to taxes. That leaves him 6 million. The average life expectacy is around 80. This leaves him with 6 million dollars to last about 55 years. Now of course he is going to get some type of return on that money, but considering the market these days this is not guaranteed. And 0.5% in a savings account isnt going to cut it. Now factor in a couple kids and a wife, inflation and general expenses.

    Now I ask you , what would you do? Sit out and get 20, or take the 8 and deal. Honestly. Again, try to assume you're at the level of talent that you know, quite certainly, you can get the bigger contract.

    Obviously, my numbers above can be picked apart, but my point still stands.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    I've always wondered why people assume that these guys could never get gainfull employment after football. Imagine being 25 - 27 or even 30 for that matter and starting out with a 1 to 7 million dollar cushion.

  • Hillenmeyer is fucking killing it right now. He's got a couple mil in the bank and has a job in Chicago for some internet company.

    His savings and investments are just going to grow and grow and grow and grow and grow and grow while he moves on with the rest of his life and charts a different path for himself.

    Please don't tell me the only reason he did that is because he went to Vandy. That is a cop out.

  • Im quite certain he is the exception not the rule. Most of these guys dont know how to do ANYTHING outside of football, and how many of them lose their ass on terrible investments. Hillenmeyer is one example of success, most are not in that situation.

    He's spent every waking moment playing football, now he's going to 9-5 it somewhere?

  • In reply to Dmband:

    yeah man, that's exactly what they should do, they're just kids and most players come from backgrounds of hardworking families.
    Very rarely does a total super gangster and total piece of shit blight to society make it to the pros.

    Elite athletes possess an inner drive that most people will never have and is the kind of drive that makes them successful at anything they do.

    It is unreasonable to assume that these guys can't do anything else with their lives for the 45 or 50 years they will not be playing football.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    are you telling me that Matt Forte won't be able to do one job not one thing after his playing days are over and that he will be relegated to playing Nintendo all day and smoking weed with his crew?

    Just because there are a couple of Pacman's in the league doesn't mean that every guy is a total fuckhead.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    Yeah maing... that's all I need. $5-$6M in the bank getting at least 5% if not 8+% avg. Some in a MM @ 4-5%, some in some aggressive shit getting 15-20%. Some more in non-liquid assets (houses/apts), and I've always wanted to check into storage facilities/parking lots. Fucking cash machines.

    Then just grow that shit daily. Go all etrade baby for a couple hrs a day and spend the rest on PS3, training, surfing, and talking to all you assholes. Ahhhh the life. (oh yeah, and traveling a lot with the fam).

    Johnny... I don't know right now mang. Lots of sharks in the water down here. And O'side is kind of a shithole. Stick with del mar or Cardiff mah bruthah.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    What im saying is you have to consider this from Forte's perspective. He's not playing in the NFL with the idea that he can become an insurance adjuster later in life. He is well aware of this fact:

    "The shortest careers among NFL players tends to be those who hit and get hit the most during games and practice. Running backs have the shortest average careers of just 2.57 years. Wide receivers have average careers of 2.81 years. The average career for cornerbacks is 2.94 years."

    I'd like to spend those 2.94 years earning 20 million, not 500k with the hopes of spending my golden years as a greeter at wal mart. just sayin.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    more solid evidence:

    "Pro football players may be some of the highest-paid athletes in the country, but having lots of cash does not equal having money sense. Even though a talented player might score as much as a few million dollars per season, it’s becoming more and more common for football players to declare bankruptcy. Why are so many in debt? Whether their financial situation is due to bad investments or supporting an entourage, there is an explanation behind every Chapter 7.

    Double Foul: The Statistics of Bankruptcy

    Let’s begin by looking at the statistics surrounding bankruptcy. First, the average career of a pro player is approximately three years. On average, a player makes a million dollars a year. That breaks down to an average play salary of $35,000 per game. 65% of players leave the game due to career-ending injuries, and 320 veteran players lose their jobs every year. Even though they make an average of $3 million over the course of their careers, after a scant two years after retirement, 78% of all football players declare bankruptcy.

    Touchdown! A Roster of Bankrupt Players

    Wondering just who some of the most famous bankrupt players are in the NFL? Following are a list of the top 8 bankrupt players and the reasons behind their financial woes:

    Johnny Unitas – won one championship, and earned $4 million. Declared bankruptcy in 1991 due to a bad business decision.

    Deuce McAllister – didn’t win any championships, but earned $70 million. Declared bankruptcy in 2010 on account of bad business.

    Dermontti Dawson – didn’t win any championships, but earned $55 million. Declared bankruptcy in 2010 due to failed real estate ventures.

    Michael Vick – didn’t win any championships, but earned $130 million. Declared bankruptcy in 2008 due to legal trouble.

    Lawrence Taylor – didn’t win any championships, but earned $50 million. Declared bankruptcy in 1998 due to drug abuse and tax evasion.

    Mark Brunell – didn’t win any championships but earned $13 million. Declared bankruptcy in 2008 due to a series of bad loans.

    Travis Henry – didn’t win any championships, but earned $20 million. Declared bankruptcy back in 2009 because of a multitude of legal issues.

    Charlie Batch – didn’t win any championships, but earned $13 million. Declared bankruptcy in 2010 on account of bad real estate ventures.

    NFL Players vs. Joe Six Pack

    So where does all the money go? To put it in perspective, it helps to take a look at how the lifestyles of NFL players stack up with the spending habits of the average Joe.

    For example, the median home value of a NFL player is $800,000, which is eight times the median home value in America. As we discussed above, NFL players average a million dollar salary every year, while most Americans make closer to $50,000. When it comes to vacations, the average NFL player spends about $10,000 while most of America spends more like $500. NFL vacations can last a lot longer – as much as six months unpaid. Most people in America get two weeks paid vacation.

    So, in summary, NFL players may make more, but they also spend more. Perhaps in addition to spring training, NFL players should take a few courses in money management as well!"

  • In reply to Dmband:


    A money market right now is averaging less than 1%. Also the aggressive portfolios with international exposure are getting crushed right now.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    yup DM, I knows... but it can't stay this way forever, and I know that the $5-$6M ain't dropping into my lap in the next few months, so I have a little bit to hone my retirement strategy.

    I've got some cash in some pretty aggressive funds and I did over 18% last year. I'm holding my own right now because I listen to much smarter money guys... I diversifys!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    hahahahaha. Awesome.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    i see your point DM

  • I think you make a good point though, these players SHOULD ASSUME they are going to need jobs post football. Its just hard to convince a 20 year old he needs to prepare for the future.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    That's a toxic move; I don't even know that there would be many GM's out there interested in a multi-year signing if he pulled that.
    Is there any precedence for a player doing that mid-season?

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I dont believe there is precedence, but I would be willing to bet there would still be a long line of GM's willing to ink him to a multi year deal, regardless of the hold out. There's only a handfull of people in the world that can do what he is doing this year.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:


  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:


    Plaxico got 3 million after being in jail and doing his best Chedder Bob impression! Someone would sign Matt Fo Sho.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    But he didn't quit playing in the middle of a playoff run.

    I think teams would forgive just about anything, including but not limited to homicide, before they'd forgive that.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:


    Its business right? Thats what the Bears are saying anyways. Business is business you use the leverage you have. Forte can say the Bears quit on him by not offering him a fair market value, particularly after JA said that was his "top priorty" and he was "going to make it right".

    I dont think anyone is going to offer to pay his bills if he gets hurt.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    Nope - hey, I'm not arguing we shouldn't pay him. I think it's the right thing to do. Just not necessarily a ridiculous contract...and I think teams would view a player that quit in the middle of a playoff run with a tremendous amount of disdain...and distrust. After all, if he did it to one team, wouldn't he do it to another?

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    That would also ensure that Angelo would be killed in the street by some out of work Grabowski.

    Forte is stuck like Briggs and he knows it. It just sucks all around.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Trade deadline has passed

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    Right you are cheesy. That blew my theory out of the water.

  • St.Louis


    Green Bay

  • The last 4 RBs to be drafted in the 1st round:

    Mark Ingram - average so far but lacks NFL burst
    CJ Spiller - 9th overall pick. Ouch.
    Ryan Matthews - value pick even at 12th overall
    Javid Best - a mixed back of injury and brilliance.

  • I suddenly like Peyton Manning alot more than I did this morning.


  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Desmond Howard vs. Phil Simms. Awesome.


  • In reply to gpldan:

    When it comes to Tebow's start for the Broncos on Sunday, Simms suggests the former Florida star got cut a lot of slack: "If Joe Flacco, Mark Sanchez, any of those guys played a game like that, how would it have been taken? You know, even in their rookie years, they would have been destroyed for it."

  • In reply to gpldan:

    coming from a guy who knows shitty QB play as a rookie when he sees it...Mr. 66 QB rating.

    Joe Flacco DID have games that bad peppered all through his rookie year. He had five great games against five really bad opponents, but was otherwise pretty mediocre-to-bad.
    Hell, Flacco had a game THIS year where he went 10-for-31.

    Sanchez had a game his rookie year where he went 10-for29 with FIVE picks! Five!

    Simms is an idiot. Tebow is not going to be a serviceable NFL QB - of that I have no doubt. But Simms is an idiot.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    GP, you know, over the last year and a half we've had some doozies and we seem to have come through it ok. You've got to admit that Tebow has gotten under your skin though and I just can't figure out why you would be so upset about his faith? Am I reading more into your angst than I should?

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    It's those Madisonian lines between church and state.

    If you want context, I lived in Colorado for several years and have first hand experience with how red the red half of the state is. It's very weird up and down the i25 corridor. On the south end, you have Colorado Springs, which is - in my estimation - batshit looney for the Baby Tebus. This is a city with such crazy libertarian slash Tea Party weirdness that they voted that they should have no taxes, and then they couldn't pay the electricity for the street lights... so they just left them off!. A whole down shuttered by darkness due to their Live Free or Die! way of life.

    On the north side, you have Boulder. 45 square miles surrounded by reality, as Denverites used to say. You have never seen so many chicks with sandals who didn't shave their pits in all your life.

    And Denver right in the middle. A city split east/west into two sections: places where white people live and places where brown people live and mostly speak Spanish.

    In Denver when I lived there, newscasters would openly campaign for Bush. They would editorialize during the nightly news. Coming from Chicago I never saw anything like this.

    I don't have to imagine a city like Denver polarized by the Baby Tebus. I know EXACTLY how that went down. Orton got a raw deal. Tebow is getting a raw deal if they don't leave him run from the gun all the time. Griese got a raw deal. Jake freakin Plummer got a raw deal.

    We may dislike Ginny and the Pets, but Bowlen is a dickwad and Elway and crew... ugh.

    Tebow could have come out hard in support of Orton, and Fox could have played Brady Quinn, at least for show, before jumping into this circus.

    So anything wackjob about the Broncos I take with a high degree of schadenfreude. You probably see that coming through when Jeff ups and says something incredibly, incredibly silly and passes it off as an insightful commentary.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    That explains alot. It's true, even within the Christian community, Colorado is known to be home to some whacko/out there Christian organizations. I do take serious issue with the way separation of church and state has been misrepresented by those who oppose Christianity though. The whole intent of Jefferson's letter was to keep the state from infringing/dictating on issues of faith, not the other way around. I would never try to coerce someone to become a Christian but I do believe that I have an obligation to defend my beliefs when they are misrepresented.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Not sure what you mean by "not the other way around" though, BD.
    The church (big C or little c) is not supposed to infringe/dictate upon issues of State either.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    See Jefferson's letter below MBP.
    American people which declared that their legislature should "make no law respecting an establishment of religion, ***or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,"***

  • In reply to BigDaddy:


    I think this is a good point. You absolutely have the right to defend your beliefs. Although I take offense to the term "nonbeliever". It seems extremely negative. I still believe there is a 'god' I just dont believe you have to follow a set of man made rules or visit a strange building every week to affirm this belief. I wouldnt patronize a business that put women in a subserviant role or blantently allowed pedofiles to go unpunished, yet people continue to do this every week. To each his own I guess.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    I think Ryan Reynolds in Waiting said it best.

    "I dont work within the exact boundries of the law, because i wasnt consulted when the god damn laws were made. No, instead, nameless, faceless politicians, the so called protectors of the moral majority decide what is right and what is wrong. I mean come on!

    I govern my life around my own personal code of ethics, and I suggest you do the same. That way, if within the constructs of my own morality, I want to do something illegal, so be it. I feel no guilt what so ever. And furthermore, if I were to buckle under the social weight of the system by adhering to laws that I dont truly believe in, I would be exstinguishing the very fires of patriotism and individuality our forefathers fought and died for".

  • In reply to Dmband:

    Fair enough. I realize definitions vary and I have not used that term to offend.
    Know this, the Bible says "Judgement begins in the house of the Lord".
    That means there's gonna be a lot of disappointed professing Christians.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    I had gotten the same vibe from GP a couple threads ago. I asked him about it and he said that was not necessarily the issue, meaning Tebow's faith. Something about him makes many people very uncomfortable, and I'll leave it at that.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    GP or Tebus? I like GP personally murph.

    (I keeed ikeeeeeeeed)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    LMAO Well I think GP has, at times, made one or two contributors to the blog pretty uncomfortable!!

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Fine - I'll come out and say it.

    Tim Tebow.......is left-handed and I hate him for it..

    There it's all out there in the open.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I love it. Bravo Brownie.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I value your honesty Brownie.....lol

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Bah!! You're the same as all the other handedness bigots MBP!

    Just look at the derivation of the term sinister.

    Perhaps we southpaws, having had so much adversity to overcome, need laws in our favor. I could thereby escape the only demographic group that does not get special treatment under the law. I refer, of course, to heterosexual white males.

    (Not that I actually believe in such things - just having a little fun.)

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Hah! Found another one! I knew it.

  • Falcons

  • vxmcclure23about 1 hours agoCutler at the podium on Earl Bennett: ``I'm excited for him. He's a heck of a football player. He's going to be good face to welcome back.''

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Me too MB. Can't wait to see him back in action.

  • Bears

  • Where did you dig up Worrell from? I bet he's the head Jizz mopper at Heavenly Bodies nowadays

  • That position has been filled. Now its off to work for me...

    has anyone seen my mop?

  • Coach... gross.


    I think that was the gun that Plax shot himself with.

    (in all honesty, how in thee fuck do you extrude beef fucking jerky?!?!)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Oh oh.... I like this


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Hah - just reread that.
    Well played.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:


    Wasn't sure anyone would get it.

  • Oh, this is about to get good: http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/bestoftv/2011/11/03/exp-nr-anonymous-v-zetas-mpg.cnn?&hpt=hp_c2

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Im sorry, I know they are probably going to end up pulling a fight club and destroying everything, but i have to say, they are pretty damn cool. And those videos are just so damn intriuging. I think its the mask and overly dramatic hand jestures.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    nerds in masks DM.

    Not sure how smug they'll be when a couple of mexican texas teenagers show up at their door high out of their minds on meth holding loaded AK47s.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Remember, remember the fifth of November
    The gunpowder treason and plot.
    I see no reason why gunpowder treason
    Should ever be forgot.
    Guy Fawkes, twas his intent
    To blow up king and parliament.
    Three score barrels were laid below
    To prove old England's overthrow.

    By God's mercy he was catched
    With a dark lantern and lighted match.
    Holler boys, holler boys, let the bells ring
    Holler boys, holler boys, God save the King.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    hahahhaa. They may have grossly miscalculated on this one!

  • In reply to Dmband:

    Seems like a dramatic gesture that may end up doing more harm than good.
    Not that I'm being critical of Anonymous. I just am not sure I see what the point is.

  • Hey, I'm surprised no one has brought it up yet.

    'Bama vs LSU

    I don't normally look forward to college football games, but this ought to be epic.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    Just cant get into it 4Ever.

    I cant get into a sport that has a season that is over by week 7 for most teams. Also, a system that penalizes parity in conferences. There is really no reason why Michigan State or Boise cant play for a chance to win the championship and the loser of this game will also not be playing for the championship. How dumb is that?

  • In reply to Dmband:

    I hear you DM. Without a play-off system, the whole thing just seems like a sham.

    However, there are certain individual games which peak my interest (that USC-Stanford game was one of them because I wanted to see how good Barkley was as a QB in primetime, and he went toe to toe with Luck).

    The Bama-LSU game to me IS the championship game, no matter what happens henceforth.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    no doubt.

  • Niners

    I'm temted to take Bengals instead of the Bears but my gut tells me the Bears will be victorious this week.

  • This t-shirt is the shit.


  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Oh oh.... I like this


  • In reply to gpldan:

    I just realized most of you guys don't have avatars anymore.

    Go get you some.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Irish must be busy or he would've been all over that like a fly on a turd.
    I like their shirts. And they sell Zubaz.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    That is a truly terrible T-Shirt, for the ....




  • Here's the actual letter that Jefferson wrote concerning separation GP. I'm not a rocket scientist but you tell me how in the sam hill this was intended to push faith out the door as it pertains to the freedom to teach, extrapolate or implement ones faith within the framework of education and government which almost every founding father intended it to be applied? Heck, Harvard started out as a seminary law school. Do you know that as late as the 1930's case law was determined only after it could comply with scripture?

    To messers. Nehemiah Dodge, Ephraim Robbins, & Stephen S. Nelson, a committee of the Danbury Baptist association in the state of Connecticut.


    The affectionate sentiments of esteem and approbation which you are so good as to express towards me, on behalf of the Danbury Baptist association, give me the highest satisfaction. my duties dictate a faithful and zealous pursuit of the interests of my constituents, & in proportion as they are persuaded of my fidelity to those duties, the discharge of them becomes more and more pleasing.

    Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between Man & his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legitimate powers of government reach actions only, & not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should "make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof," thus building a wall of separation between Church & State. Adhering to this expression of the supreme will of the nation in behalf of the rights of conscience, I shall see with sincere satisfaction the progress of those sentiments which tend to restore to man all his natural rights, convinced he has no natural right in opposition to his social duties.

    I reciprocate your kind prayers for the protection & blessing of the common father and creator of man, and tender you for yourselves & your religious association, assurances of my high respect & esteem.

    Th Jefferson
    Jan. 1. 1802.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Despite Jefferson's intentions, BD, Im very leary of using 200 year old documents to define our way of life today. It would be like a scientist only using 200 year old text books to determine theory. Its dumb.

    For all we know the "right to bear arms" may have been referring to all americans right to wear sleaveless t shirts. (I stole that from somehwere but cant remember where i heard that)

  • In reply to Dmband:

    That's perfectly reasonable, I respect your honesty. I much prefer honesty as opposed to saying that letter meant something that it didn't.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    That said, I think your interpretation of what he meant is spot on.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    Well as an operating thetan level III and loyal American I have no problem teaching religions made here in the USA. Mormonism of course being the exception as it's a cult. All hail Lord Xenu!

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Thomas Jefferson was a man of many opinions and many moods, perhaps one could even say he was flighty.
    However, I think he meant what he said in the letter. The point being, the government should not interfere in the personal exercise of your religious beliefs, whether you happen to be Christian or not.
    Actually, I'm still not sure what you're arguing in favor of.
    And I'm not trying to be leading or obtuse.
    I do find it continually interesting that in the United States of America in 2011, it is damn near impossible to run for elected office without making solemn and sometimes excessive demonstrations of religious piety of a very specific persuasion. One only need to look at the number of times that Mitt Romney (or Jon Huntsman) has been asked to defend his particular sect. Don't you find it unusual that Obama was tarred as a Muslim "sleeper agent' of some sort only a couple of months after the campaign where his particular Christian church affiliation was under assault?

    I'll quote you a much more precise text from Jefferson below.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Reproof of a professing Christian beliefs and teachings is a necessary step withing the Christian community. When a person professes to be a Christian he opens the door for rebuke when it comes to unbiblical behavior or beliefs within the "Christian community". This is not your fight, it's a contention for the propper contextualization of the scriptures within the Church.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    I'll reword my point - and to a degree, the fact that this disagreement is occurring in the context of a political race makes it my fight.

    The question is, why would their personal religious beliefs be used as a litmus test for a public (civil) office?

    The Virginia Act for Establishing Religious Freedom, which is a much more detailed and precise legal framework by Jefferson than that off-the-cuff letter, makes pretty clear what his broader stance was.

    Whether their private beliefs mesh with yours or not, shouldn't the contention over the interpretation of scripture be left in the ecumenical sphere?

  • In reply to Dmband:

    I like that article in the constitution that says "Only the government shall have the right to coin Money.". That was good until they ignored it.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    And Thomas Jefferson was the fucking man.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    So was John Adams.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    A touching story about both these guys...


  • In reply to SC Dave:

    What's particularly interesting about that relationship is that they spent several years at each others throats until they were urged back into reconciliation in the autumn of their lives. Two giants astride the history of the Revolution and they died hours apart. You couldn't make that type of coincidence up.
    I thought the "John Adams" miniseries on HBO a year or so ago was stellar.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    James Madison authored 19 amendments to an important nascent treatise that ultimately became the Constitution. Whether he or many of those that ratified those 10 that became known as the Bill of Rights quite expected the interpretation of the clause "promote the general welfare" to become carte blanche for a nanny state seems unlikely*, but I digress.

    Overall, a most laudable effort making James Madison, to me - The Man. On the political side, that is.

    And if you're curious, his take on the church/state thing:

    Overall, the ear was replete with men (and a few women in the cases where people paid attention) of prodigious talents. Choosing a titan among giants is not easy, but I would have to go with either Benjamin Franklin or George Washington.

  • Falcons

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:


  • You know what I never get? I never get how a pro football team, with billions in profit, can't buy a sound system to recreate the decibel levels of an away game.

    I've been to concerts, and sometimes it's so loud, I can't talk to my pals next to me. I know the Bears try to recreate the atmosphere with some sort of system, but obviously, it's not working.

    Can we invest in some sort Bose super-system or something? Then, practice the ENTIRE week with it on full blast...

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    Worst case scenario, we just use it at the game to play Soulja Boy before every Hester return..

  • In reply to Dmband:

    For sure.

    It puzzles me though. I mean, I have a pretty loud system myself. Can't they build a small indoor facility (only like 20 yds of turf needed solely for practicing the silent snap) with major acoustics, pipe in yelling fans at airport decibel level? Just keep snapping it in that setting till they synchronize to the point where they all wake up at exactly the same time.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    They even jump at home games too, so im not sure what the solution is.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    A few Marshall 100 watt heads on a couple of 4 - 12" bottoms ought to do it...

  • On the Cameron Worrell critiques...

    1) He says that the Bears really don't put a premium on Safeties during the draft, even though that position is pivotal in our Cover-2. He correctly states that nearly all our safeties have been drafted in the 3rd round or later, and as such, turnover is more likely.

    However, isn't this more of an Angelo fault? Does anyone believe that Lovie doesn't yearn for another Lynch?

    2) Worrell then criticizes Lovie for putting undo and premature faith on young safeties (like Conte), and argues that it has something to do with the revolving door at the position.

    Still, having faith in ANY rookie is a risky proposition, but it doesn't mean that it shouldn't be done. I mean, didn't we start Urlacher as a rookie in week 3? That worked out ok. Eric Berry and Earl Thomas didn't do too shabby as rooks

    (And maybe this is what Worrell means, that we must jump other teams to get this type of talent, but does the organization really want to sacrifice more future picks?)

    The problem with the Bears putting faith in just drafted Safeties is that Angelo is a horrible scout, not that they're young or inexperienced.

    So really, I interpret Worrell's observations more of a critique on Angelo than Lovie.

    Now, if Worrell would argue that Lovie is more responsible for drafting the safeties, or that he doesn't develop them properly, well, then I would take that more as a Lovie issue.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    I would argue that he is completely off-base; if anything, you should beat up on Jerry for not dealing well in the draft with the lack of franchise Defensive Tackles once Tommie shredded his leg. We'll see what happens with Paea.
    That has had a much bigger impact on the performance of our D since the Super Bowl year than the presence or absence of a great safety like Mike Brown.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    pouring out my 40 as we speak. We still love you mike.

    Basic fact, jerry can't draft early round talent for shit (wait… or later talent for that matter, sans the every once in a while blind squirrel pickup).

    At the key positions on your squad (for us: dline, oline, safety, wr) those all need to be rd 1 or 2 to be good usually, unless you get lucky (brady-style). We're fucked as long as we have jerry to employ his draft 'strategy' of hoping for lucky stragglers to fall to us (BJ), and/or fucking other teams out of picks to move up and feigning stupidity afterwards... which is actually and very sadly not feigning at all.

  • On Tebow...

    Yawn. Wait till the end of the year like any rook, then evaluate him.

    I'm not sure which I'm more tired of, talk about Kim Kardashian or of Tebow.

    I almost wish Favre would un-retire again and join the Colts just so I can stop hearing about Tebow.


  • Peanut and AA on the Score. Ought to be good.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    LIIIIIINK pls 85

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    yes, I'm that lazy

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    oh shoot, sorry MB30, didn't see that til I refreshed an hour later.

    I actually listen to 670 The Score online (since I'm also on the West Coast).


    Hub Arkush is on now.

    Love that dude. Is there anyone better than him? He needs to have his own show, not Mike and Mike.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    I just realized (and had forgotten) that I have that site in my favorites. Thanks 85

  • Dave Mathews Band,

    I still don't get why you brought up the bankruptcy rate among NFL players. They get filthy rich by everyday standards, and blow it. Why should I feel sorry for them? And so what if their career is over in three years. They knew that was a real possibility when they entered the sport. They should have prepared. I started my career at 34 and I'm doing just fine. And don't give me the bullshit about how they got bad advice on investments or some shit. I've been given lots of bad advice. I disregard it. The only person responsible for their own demise is themselves. I do think Forte should get paid, I just fail to see how your argument means one thing in reality.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    Doc, bad advice like wear a...

    ...ok I can't ... I won't. See I caught myself!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Ha! good one.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    Here here Doc. Spoken like a true American.

  • I have only attempted to serve as a counterweight to the most egregious of opinions. Contrary to popular wisdom, I am not an across the board Libby Leftie. For instance, the head of the Crips was put to death in Cali today or yesterday. Mike Ferrell from MASH fame and others protested his execution. The guy gunned down in cold blood shop keepers with a sawed off, then made jokes about how they sounded when their lungs exploded as the slug hit them in the chest.

    I want to kick Mike Ferrell in the balls so he makes that sound.

    I will get to Madisonian splits later. Using Gnome code. Next thread, I will be teaching Feynman's seminal red books on quantum mechanics using a 1974 IBM selectric typewriter and two sheets of carbon paper.

    MB -

    This is for you, and anyone else that was interested in his Hackers vs. Cartel post:


  • In reply to gpldan:

    Devil's advocate?

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Easy GP, that was a joke.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    I'm Al Pacino baby! Hooo-ahhh!!!


  • In reply to gpldan:

    Technically, that makes you Keanu Reeves.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:


  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    there is on;y one KR movie... and it's NOT the matrix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZXWpJw_tUU

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    oh, and we all know the only really good part of devil's advocate was Chrlize theron's tits.

    South African of course... from fucking benoni... it's like wisconsin for you guys.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    But then she did "Monster".

    (brain scrub, brain scrub, brain scrub)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Affirmative. And the only movie Swayze was cooler in was Roadhouse.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    those guys are SO fucked GP.

  • The linked article I read about Tebow being set up to fail was total bullshit. The author, Greg Couch, has about as much credibility as Rosendouche. John Fox has been around forever and like him or not, he's a pretty straight shooter. He's not going to make Tebow a sacrificial lamb to prove a point. Denver has to find out what they have with Tebow and running a spread offense because that's what Tebow does best doesn't answer any questions. Can he run a pro offense? That's the question.

    Not to get all crazy about the Bill of Rights but so much of that stuff is out of date. The right to bear arms has been taken to extremes. I've hunted my whole life and used to own a half dozen handguns beside shotguns and rifles, so I'm not anti-gun. However, it's gotten to the point that lots of States will let you carry concealed weapons without much in the way of a background check. I just read that with Wisconsin's new concealed carry law that church groups are asking people not to bring their guns to church. How fucked up is that? Why would you need a gun in church? Thomas Jefferson had some great ideas but he was a slave owner and used to have sex with lots of the young slave girls. Not exactly my idea of a great guy.

    Speaking of funny movies, nobody has mentioned the funniest movie ever made for $28,000, Clerks. The scene where Randall is phoning in his movie order while the lady and little girl wait to order "The Happy, Scrappy Hero Pup" is still hilarious. BTW, have any of you scene Kevin Smith's new movie "Red State"? Highly entertaining.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Does anybody still say this line under 35?

    My co-workers and I, when we go out to lunch, we still drop this one from time to time. I consider it Candy's signature line


  • In reply to gpldan:

    Oh, and Clerks rocks. The sequels do... not.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    F-ing A, GPL, now I want to make one.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Got to agree with you on right to bear arms being taken to extremes I don't think the founding fathers had in mind. I'm no stranger to guns either. My father is a lifetime NRA member and former big-time big game hunter. Growing up, besides the usual chores, I had to spend plenty of time reloading target ammo. Personally, guns don't blow my skirt up but I don't have a problem with ethical sportsmen owning and using them. What I do have a problem with is the general public having access to semi-automatics and ammo specifically designed for piercing body armor and/or killing people. Personally, if I were king of the world, the only handgun John Q could own would be maybe a 22 and no soft lead bullets or more than 10 grains of powder in the cartridge. And no semi-automatic anything. If the Man is coming to get you, anti-tank missiles aren't going to stop him. And BTW, if you're caught using a firearm in the act of a crime, add at least ten years to the normal sentence...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    I'm down with some of that.

    you'll never stop the black market. BUT, I totally agree with extensive background checks and one strike for any violent offenders. States like texas are fucking frightening. Cali is a bit better with the laws, but you'll never fix the gun issue.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I just hope you're at your dad's house when the zombies come tobi

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I'll be in my Huey with this little baby ...


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Big game as in packers fans?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    The Atlantic Monthly ran a great feature on the real story of gun control in the US a few months ago.
    It turns alot of our preconceptions, well, at least mine, on their head.
    I'll post the link if I can find one.

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    My view is different than many. I do not, and have not, owned firearms (although lately I've certainly considered changing my mind).

    The reason, IMO, the Second Amendment was written had nothing to do with hunting. It had everything to do with the populace being in some way capable of defending themselves against tyranny. From foreign powers, but infinitely more importantly, from their own government.

    If you take away body-armor-piercing ammunition, then you have disarmed the population in the way that truly matters. When the jackboots of Homeland Security march out to impose their will, we will be helpless.

    So consider that. Please.

    Far and away the greatest danger to my freedom in my 53+ years in the United States is the Patriot Act. Nothing remotely compares.

    Commodore Perry, but probably more familiar to us Pogo, uttered "We have met the enemy, and he is us". Heed this warning,and don't let them take the guns.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    That was exactly why the Black Panthers were vocal advocates for the second amendment and the Republican Governor of California at the time, our friend Ron, was in favor of hand-gun restrictions.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Dave, I agree with you 100%. I have never owned a gun, but I joined the NRA during the "Million Mom March". Your dead on about the Patriot Act. Our domestic police force is militarized in a very bad way.
    I used to maintain a large police training center and parts of a large military base. Both places trained police officers, and I didn't like what I saw. I'll leave it at that.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Funny what we agree on and what we don't in that four or five paragraph post.

    If your society can't depend on civil discourse as a check on abuses of power, you can have all the armor-piercing ammo you want. You're f-cked. I don't want to live in Afghanistan.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Ive heard this, "protect against tyranny" but lets really break it down. The government has nuclear weapons, a navy, fighter jets and drones.

    Do you honestly believe that we could withstand that with firearms. Honestly, that arguement does not hold water.

    Also, in the interest of full disclosure we have a firearm for protection and I do believe in that right.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    So did the USSR against Afghanistan (and us, for that matter), and looked how that turned out DM.

    NEVER underestimate the power of a determined foe with an AK.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I still don't really get clerks canada? Not my cup I guess.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    The original ending was better.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Oddly enough, it gibes with the original post.

  • FALCONS -7
    49ers - 3.5
    Bears +8

  • Cutty is on NBC Channel 5 news tonight in 15m, some kind of extended interview where he talks about shit he never talks about. Like, is he gonna marry her or just bang her, what its like to need snickers bars, and what Lack really thinks of him.

    Could be entertaining.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    he's done. cooked. No second changes. He ran once, that was part of the deal getting it back... sure, we can get back together, but you embarrassed me in front of the world, so:

    1. I’ll never forgive you and I’ll bring this shit up in 20-50 years when I am angry with you… and will smack you down with it

    2. We’re getting married and I want a fucking HUGE ring and a MASSIVE wedding AND honeymoon


    (you know the drill GP)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Wow, I never knew Lach was so high maintenance

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    hee hee

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    In #1, change "in" to "for" and I'm with you

  • Love me some Earl Bennett:

    "I have no worries," Bennett said. "I ain't scared of nobody. Go across the middle? They better be scared."

    Damn right.

  • MB, I understand if you don't think Clerks is funny. Either it makes you laugh or it doesn't. People look at me like I'm an alien from Mars when I tell them I don't find Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell funny. The Comedy Central Roasts are funny for me because of Greg Giraldo (may he rest in peace), Jeffery Ross and Gilbert Gottfried. I don't know if you saw the one for Joan Rivers. All 3 of those guys crushed it. Gilbert told one of those jokes that go on for about 3 minutes and by the end he got a standing O from the enitre dais (except Joan Rivers, of course). Funny stuff.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Ferrell is GARBAGE.

    Joe Flacco garbage.

    If it wouldn't have been for Chris Farley dying, he would have never been Frank the Tank, and would never had to subject both domestic and international audiences to that which was Elf.

    Worst movie ever.

    Sandler, well Gilmore and Madison were great, but I was in 8th grade... Ace Ventura talking butt was great... but now, fuck...

    Still - fuck Will Ferrel with an AIDS infested dildo.


  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Oh, and Clerks is funny.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Wow. I, on the other hand, find both Will Farell and Adam Sandler to be among the funniest.

    My top five from SNL: Will Farrell, Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, Mike Myers, Dana Carvey (in no particular order).

    I can get that some of their movies weren't that great, but I find them both to be absolutely hilarious. Just watching Will Farrell, no matter how bad the movie, makes me laugh. I guess there really is no accounting for taste.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    He (Will Ferrell) is one of those guys that I really, really disliked initially on SNL.
    And then I saw "Anchorman", and his old SNL stuff cracks me up now. I didn't really get him the first time around.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    I hate Sandler with the fire of a thousand suns now.

    And I will never, ever get the Ace Venture thing. I've always thought Jim Carrey was shit except for the Fire Marshall Bill character.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    WHAT? thats crazy.

    Ferrell is 100X the improviser that Farley was. And I loved Farley.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    Not sure where that idea comes from... And shit, could be true. Either way, Ferrell is not funny to me. I think Farley would have made a better Frank the tank.

    Anchorman, he sucked. Blades of whatever, didn't watch. Taladega was garbage. Elf was worst shit ever.

    Since making it past the 8th grade, and kids constantly acted like Adam Sandler from Happy and Billy... I hate "I'm a dumb guy" humor. I think that is all Ferrell has to offer.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    With you on Ferrell, that boat left me on the shore. Ditto Sandler & Stiller.

  • today S.I. opened up the undefeated season can of worms;;;;;;;;;;;
    as they portrayed the Vampire Rogers and his recieving corps
    looking so dignified on the cover
    congrats to the packer faithful for such a terrific start to a super bowl defense
    one thing I noticed as I delivered these rags......
    were the eyes of Aaron
    sporting those enormous bags

    on matt forte:
    it seems he has his sights set on attempting to become one of the elite backs........he is determined to summit
    placing his name near the top of the all time list
    if this happens; I will remind Mr. A
    that he was a big A; in 2011; when he refused to compensate accordingly

    I sure wish you would cut the crap on religion and politics
    Jesus did not give one spit about government
    Jewish style or roman style, or any style

    todays form of american fascism (that is corporate control of gov.)
    would have the Master's wip taken to it
    just like the temple jews; who so foolishly
    tried to link salvation with bought and paid for absolution

    Christ did not come to set up a "religion"
    only the mind of man could create that fairy tale
    He was on a mission to destroy the comfortable bond between rome and Israel......what was Christ really about?
    He came to open up the ability for direct experience of God
    if you do not have direct experience
    all you got is jeffersonian style, conceptual " hogwash"
    and flesh of the pig, to the jew, was defiled

    Jesus did not give a damn about the things of this dimension
    they were pointless; because they are not eternal
    all this shit dies with the body
    why settle for the fake and phony
    go on the heroes journey
    walk the razors edge in your bare feet

    you gotta' die to the notion of self
    or stay in the mind
    and play word games with all the other talking heads

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    sorry for waxing again MB
    but, remember Alfred K

    you can always say something more
    about what has already been said

    and as far as direct experience
    he also said
    "the map is not the territory"

    and that is for all of you "cartographers"
    good night my freinds

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Jesus was cool. When I was a kid he was my favorite superhero.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Beezlebub was just such a homo:


  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    jesus was a good jewish boy irish

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    They dont make Jews like Jesus anymore.

  • And to think, he was also handy with a hammer...I bet he used to piss all his carpenter buddies off when he'd mind pound the shit out of some nail. Their all shaking their carpal tunnel ridden hands thinking, "Judas?....Has anyone seen Judas?"

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    my favorite line about judas
    and i must admit I steal this regularly from the carpenter

    "it would have been better if he had not been born"
    in fact, i borrowed it 2 days ago in reference to boss limbaugh

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    There is of course a conspiracy theory that he nailed himself to the cross and framed Pilate. Some smart ass will probably say that isn't even possible. People are so brainwashed.

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Personally, I like it when you wax. Maybe it's because I share your hippy zeal.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:


  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    waxing helps clear the head of unwanted baggage
    lighten the load in the coco-nut
    that's a good perscription doc

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    Hippies rule. Although not actually ... obviously.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    i am really just a wallflower pattern in the wallpaper

  • just a sec. Irene....
    I hope to see a series or 2 for
    "rootin"" tootin""wooten" on mon. eve

  • I wish there was more Olivia Munn on Daily Show.


  • In reply to gpldan:

    looks like she likes weenies

  • Hee hee


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Downtown Detroit has a total zombie apocalypse feel to it.

    If you were just to drive aorund the area near Ford Field, and then track this music to it, you'd pretty much have it:


  • In reply to gpldan:

    I've suffered through a couple episodes of Hardcore Pawn... which I think is filmed in that same vicinity. I’m sure it’s all over-dramatized, but still seems like kind of a scary neighborhood.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I accepted your friend request MB and i think i accepted Shady's as well. It's time to keel the fuck out of some 14yr olds with anxiety issues.
    I have to warn you though. i fight like Nick Cage in a John Woo movie. I only let lead fly if i'm jumping out of a window or off of a cliff or some shit. I also am that fag that uses commando pro and tactical knife and ninja to sneak up on suckas to cut them from behind.
    If you create the diversion with rockets, grenades and smoke i'll circle the whole board, get behind the lines and go all Seagal on their ass.

  • you're going to eat hotdogs while sitting down?

    Saw that maing... I was trying to create a MW4 1:1 session to invite you to, but my PS3 kept freezing up. It was late so I gave up. Next time I see you online we'll hook it up.

    Oh, and GP/Shady/Johnny... got my Uncharted3 yesterday and did the first few chapters. It's a prequel and starts with him as a teenage grifter. Pretty interesting start too, starts with him and sully in a bar fighting like 30 dudes. Good signs.

    Couple last items. GP, git in on this maing. And Johnny, pick up Battlefield3 today.

    - Nerdboy out

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Or this ...


  • Chiefs

  • Berry shits on the Bears all up and down the column. There is Bears hate every few inches of column space


  • In reply to gpldan:

    Hey GP, are you sure you posted the right link? I couldn't find anything but a bunch of childish answers to readers questions?

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    At the bottom of the column, he doesn't include Forte anywhere, and puts Cutler and the Bears D in his hate section.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Remember, shit is a four letter word.

  • Wow, absolutely no love for Da Bears from any "anal-ist". Not one picked em. Hmmmmm.

  • Fucking french are crazy.... just not about working.


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I saw these guys ona Waren Miller flick- crazy! I want to try!

  • Right behind you Sac... just don't look back

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • MB,

    One of these days you'll have to share with me how your homeland came up with their name. My minds eye sees a couple of white conquering types sitting around the fire...

    Stuffy white british guy #1: "So....what should we name this place?"

    Stuffy white british guy with horrible teeth #2: "How about Queensland? Or New Britain?

    Stuffy white british guy with huge teeth and fish breath #3: "Bloody Hell, that's a jolly great idear!"

    Stuffy white british guy #1: "No that'll never work, nobody will no where to find us, by George."

    Stuffy white brithish guy #2: "Bloody ell, I know. How 'bout South Africa"

    In unison, the three Red-Coats clank their tea glasses and cheer "Jolly Good idea there mate! Jolly good indeed!"

    It's a good thing the other countries in Africa weren't all settled by the British, or Zimbabwe, for example, would be called Central-South-East Africa and Tanzania would be SE North Africa.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:


    Allow me to clarify. I believe you misunderstood my point. Rich, not rich, bankrupt, not bankrupt, I was supporting my point with facts. Regardless of why they go bankrupt or why they dont, my point is simply this. If I am Matt Forte, and I know with relative certainty I will be able to get 20+ million dollars guaranteed, I would not continue to put my body in harms way to get 8 million.

    So again, my question is simply this, would you rather have 8 million or 20 million. My post regarding mismanagment of funds was in response to TA's post about Hunter Hillenmeyers post -playing success. He is not the norm. I was also making the point that you have to consider Forte's point of view, that he is trying to create a lifetime's worth of wealth with this next contract. All that goes away if he blows out a knee.

    Im certainly not asking you to feel sorry for anyone. The post was in regards to what I would advise Forte to do and thats sit out in week 12.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    Fair enough.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    Doc, I could have made a bunch of jokes and stupid shit, but I decided to link to the real deal (you know, as real as wikipedia gets) below instead. Net-net, the british didn't colonize SA first, the dutch (and a smattering of others) did... hence the boers (Afrikaner):


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yeah, I'm just reaching for shit to razz you about. Real or otherwise. I didn't even feel like researching it first. I apologize for the lackluster attempt.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    I did enjoy the imagined pommy banter.

    Fucking pommies.


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Fucking Rooinek.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    The good ole US of A is still a British settlement and don't you forget it Doc. A victorian society owned in totality by the Fed, which is in turn controlled by Rothschilds bank and the Bank of England (also owned by Rothschild) and a bunch of other banks owned by the Rockefeller/Rothschild families. We're ALL owned by the R people except for the Chinese. They're greatest victory is in keeping us under the illusion that we're free. Yessir.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    You'd think them guys wouldn't have waited so long to send our military to bail them out in WWII. Poor planning, I guess.

  • man Correy Wooten has fallen off the edge of the world. He may not suite up, even though he is apparently healthy now. From the team website's Larry butt-boy "Here’s what coach Lovie Smith said about Wootton Thursday: “He’s back in the mix right now, and we’ll just keep looking at him and see when it’s time. He’ll have to earn a uniform because we dress seven defensive linemen normally, so it’s tough competition in practice to get to game day.”

    All I know is that if we don't get better QB pressure from our front 4 we are toast next 3 weeks games. Pep only has 4 sacks, and where is Izzy ? Reed ? Really ?

  • In reply to GuinnessPlease:

    I think Reed has a better motor and upside than Woot. Hard to tell though.

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    Wildcat busto

  • MB -

    Sorry to thread hijack - but - how is BF3 compared to say, PC shooters?

    See, I grew up on America's Army. Played the hell out of that game.

    Punkbuster, however, sucked. It couldn't keep up with the DX7 & 8 rootkits, so cheaters with aimbots just ruled. See one ruling in action here:

    I knew, at least until Sony's signing key was derived by those Norweigians, that PS3 was a safe platform. So I downloaded Battlefield 1942 from PSN. It was DLC game, no disc.

    The problem I have with shooters aimed at this audience, is that spawn-bam-die-spawn-bam-die-spawn-bam-die sucks. Winning the island became about just how fucking relentless you were, and sometimes - just sometimes - it was about if you could make a push using a tank. The planes were so hard to fly and bomb with, they were essentially useless except to shoot at other planes.

    How is BF3? I don't want more wash-rinse-repeat. It gives me a headache, I'm too old for that. I want the tension of America's Army, where a given round usually lasted about 10-15m and was a last man standing thing to get the objective. I understand the playstation crowd will simply never tolerate last man standing, but crap - just slow down respawn rates and make it feel like one guy can actually get something done without having to do rush all the time.

    I watch my nephew play MW3 on XBOX on their big screen LCD TV and I just can't stand it. Kid wouldn't last 5 in AA. It's more akin to CounterStrike, which I hated that game.

    So, if BF3 more hunting and doing stuff, or are you constantly getting killed and respawning?


  • In reply to gpldan:

    Would Assasins Creed or Hitman be more along the lines of what you are looking for?

  • In reply to Dmband:

    Assassin's creed has multiplayer. You run through crowds, and you don't know who in the crowd is another online player, and who is CPU controlled. Everybody tries to assassinate each other. Again, I watched my nephew play this when I gave it to him last Christmas. It looked fun, but it's not a war shooter.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Oh, and AA is basically dead once the Army screwed over the devs in California that were contracted got canned.

    The state of the art in hyperrealistic shooters is ARMA. ARMA is PC based, but it takes a freakin tri-core intel i7 with twin GPU Nvidias at about $4k to run the thing properly, but it is hardcore. Here's a clip of it in action:


    I know BF3 is not ARMA, nor should it try. But look at all that sneaking around in the woods, there should be more of that and less charge and die and spawn, that's all.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Operation Flashpoint - Dragon Rising sounds like it would be your bag.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Red River is out, and yes - it looks like what AA was. And what I want to play. But no head-to-head? Only co-op? That is crazy. I can imagine the PSN players dry up pretty quickly doing it that way...


  • In reply to gpldan:

    That's why Counterstrike will always be the best FPS of all time, to me.
    No Deathmatch bullshit, no respawning.
    You die, you're done for the round.

    I also enjoyed the hell out of Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

    I just have never acclimated to thumbs-FPS games on consoles. Gimme a keyboard and mouse any day.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I believe there was one called "Lockdown" (Speaking Tom Clancy)....that game was awesome, and there was actually strategy involved (i.e. breaching doors, clearing rooms with a crew, etc)

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Multi-player is for tots IMHO. Can't beat single player missions on games where you have to control a whole team. Socom/Conflict/Rainbow 6. Awesome if you have the time i.e. no children.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Rainbow Six is the shit.

  • http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970203716204577015903150731054.html

    The NFL is really strange about this. I would absolutely love to have a channel where I could watch the all-22 camera. How much better of a fan would we all be if we could really see what's going on in the secondary?

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Hopefully, it is just a matter of time before the guy with the remote can pick which camera to view. Interactive sports television is way overdue!

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    You know, you can actually do that via the Sunday Night Football webcast, at least the last time I watched one on-line.
    I do not know why they don't provide the same thing via NFL Network.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    "Frank Hawkins, a former NFL executive during the 1990s who is now a Scalar Media Partners consultant, says he remembers the NFL considering releasing the All 22. The biggest objection, he said, came from the football people.

    Charley Casserly, a former general manager who was a member of the NFL's competition committee, says he voted against releasing All-22 footage because he worried that if fans had access, it would open players and teams up to a level of criticism far beyond the current hum of talk radio. Casserly believed fans would jump to conclusions after watching one or two games in the All 22, without knowing the full story. "

    So, the NFL is worried about 2nd guessing its coaches and refs? After a loss, fans do that all the time, only now they'll have evidence to back up their arguments.

    It's weird that the NFL is so secretive of those tapes. Makes me think about the Church keeping everything in Latin so the masses won't "misinterpret" info.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    as one might expect from my mind
    i hate suppression of information
    it is football censorship

    we should all donate to a pool
    when the total is enough
    launch our own sattelite
    into the sky
    with multiple cameras
    so we can detect what we want
    when we want
    the eye in the sky
    it could be a "socialistic" football viewing experience
    cutting out the censorship of media moguls
    who think they know
    wehat we really want to see
    on any given sunday

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I've watched Sunday Night Football a few times online... That is sort of the direction I hope things are headed. Although they just have like the regular view, sideline view, and like a celebrity cam or something lame.

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    Yeah, the star cam where you get to watch Eli Manning pick his boogers for four quarters if that's your thing.

    It's the right approach though - let the viewer be their own editor if they want.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    he doesn't eat them does he?

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Pretty sure he flicks them at Tom Coughlin when he isn't looking.

  • http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news;_ylt=AmhaixVHb3Meb3WVShxTIiE5nYcB?slug=ms-silver_peyton_hillis_hamstring_contract_browns110411

    Thank god Forte is playing nice right now. Better than poor Cleveland. Hillis missed a game with "strep throat" on the advice of his agent and now he's hurt again? His own locker room is starting to talk.

    Forte goes balls out every game. Gotta love it. Matty, take the 15 million and the 6 Mil per year and ask for performance bonuses. If he got hurt at this point that would be tragic.

  • I own Hillis in FF land and that pisses ME off, I can imagine his locker room.

    However, I see this as more of a cautionary tale.

    Guys getting paid or wanting to get paid do not have a good track record this year.


    And I don't see the players giving any money back when they sit out.

  • That last sentence is exactly why it pisses me off that he has not been paid. And why I have repeatedly posted that I hope Matt paid for an insurance policy in case it happens.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I think i heard a commercial for Forte signing autographs at some shitty store somewhere. Gotta get money where you can get it. Forte should become a commercial product whore like Ditka. Forte Condoms, Forte Goatee hair coloring, etc.

  • I can see the ad campaign now,

    "If pullin' out is not your Forte!"

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    that was a truly entertaining comment.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    very nice doc...

    sooooo... then those wouldn't really work for you then, right?

    (I know, I know... it was just too easy mang. You don't lob pujols a softball fucking underhand.)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yeah. That was an intentional lob.

  • The Madden-cover curse is in full effect.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    But Hillis isn't so much injured as he is a dickhead.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    have you seen that dude without pads... he's a fucking beast. He's GOTTA be hoping the union successfully sidesteps GH testing.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yeah, he's on horse juice or something. Those arms are not natural.

  • What's the jam playing behind John's picks?

    That joint is fawnky, and was sampled by Mr. Lif on Madness in a Cup.


  • 49ers

  • GP, I don’t think you’ll get away from the respawn thing any longer in any newer FPS games maing. They're ll pretty similar these days from what I can tell. Call of Duty MW3 is releasing next week too.

    I personally don’t like going into a big room full of strangers to get immediately lit up by five 14-year old geek who all pretty much live there when he’s not cooking totino’s in mommy and daddy’s kitchen.

    I usually run through the campaign mode on normal first, then look to hook up with bros to play 1:1s and maybe a LAN party with 2-5 bros max. Anything other than that is pandemonium apeshitness and a total waste of time.

    I think you’ll enjoy BF3… at least, it’s worth the $60. For me, it’s all about weapon set and where you get to play. In BF3 you get to fly goose style (the weapons dude in the back) in a fighter jet, and in a tank a lot. It’s a fun game and you get to use some fun weapons. I think overall you’ll dig it.

    That and you, Shady, Johnny and me can get in a room as fuck some shit up… or each other. MBP, you in?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I'm still weighing whether to get it or not - $60 and that game better give me a massage and a snack.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    we'd be unstoppable. form a clan and go into team deathmatch and have 2 or 3 of us have smoke grenades, grenade launchers and scavanger perk on. Just throw smoke all day long use misdirection like our quick trap and 2 of us use ninja and silenced weapons to go behind the lines to create havoc

  • All that game makes me want to do is go drop $1.5k on a bigger TV.
    I remember when a 42" LCD was nice.

    You're making me think, Waffle...if I could unload my copy of Black Ops for me than $10, I'd already be in.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I'll give you my black ops MBP. Thing sucks.

    ...and it gives me motion sickness. Strange.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    and I'm ashamed to say that I've been thinking about picking up a Sony 70" Aquos.


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    man, I gotta stop buying usless shit.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I played the zombie mode with my little brother while he was here but its the first time I've picked up Black Ops since I finished the single player.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    practicing for the inevitable huh MBP, good thinking.

  • I would totally have my money on 12-14 year olds against all you ancient old farts. It would be like middle-aged dads hitting the wedding dancefloors while the teenagers are body-popping and saying "watch this!".

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    the key is to use their impatience against them. Lots of claymores

  • Fucking tweens love to Zerg rush in every game. It's like they crawled out of the womb button-mashing their way into their swaddling clothes.

  • As puff pieces go, this was practically fellatio


  • In reply to gpldan:

    I'd let her fellatiate me...

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Jay needs those types of pieces once in a while. It was fellatio alright but it was a good morale booster. Pair that with a win on monday and it's on.

  • i find it odd; or contrived that both the trib and sun times, would have reporters pen a story; that praises the wisdom of jerry angelo.
    they both speak to interligent rejection of paying forte, or any running back; significant money when the position has such built in risk.

    do these guys share assignments and take a week off as the other guy pens an article; that is then "re- written" by the weekly loafer.

    or are the trib and times beholden to the gods at halas hall for team access?
    if i were matt i would be keeping score

    apparently, today the Theo-theory is also being added to the genious of jerry
    so if you only pay for future performance; this must be matt's last best year; and it is all downhill after 2011

    I hate that these creeps get paid to write speculation pieces....get into investigation; pound the beet, shake the bushes, get your stinky ass off the barstool and find some creative genious, inside those copycat minds of yours.

    no one knows when matt will go down; but by not paying him; gerry's mind is telling his own self; that it is almost assured that he will get blown up.

    the press and angelo seem to want to use the coming first round draft picks on a running back
    no wonder we can't get linebackers, and recievers,
    we need a better, newer model; of what we already have

    order matt a couple rolls of jerry angelo toilet paper so he can wipe his ass.
    as for the reporters
    take them into the back room of the bar
    and let uncle domenic teach them the "fast eddie felson"

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    It is all bullshit, Huntin'. Used to be, the Bears put a high value on their "blue collar" workhorse RB's, and treated them right.

    I dunno about all this "it's just good business" snake oil, but it reeks of disrespect.

  • In reply to Sdwat52:

    Rememer Kruetz, CJ, DeAngelo. It's business and both parties are still in the negotiation process.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Remember Kruetz, Cris Johnson and DeAngelo Williams. Also, when the O-line really sucked, Matty averaged 2.5yds a carry. There has to be some acknowledgement that the Bears blocking in combination with game plan and Matty's skills have produced these numbers. It's not all Matty but he want to be paid like it's all him. That's just not reasonable.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    I don't know trac... numbers are numbers. And the year he averaged 2.5 he also played hurt all year right?

    I agree that NO back should get CJ money anymore because that's proven to be broken logic and an immense risk... but matty IS our offense this year and he deserves MUCH more than the 5-hundy he's getting this year.

    That said, there are millions of ways to skin a biz deal so that both side feel like they won. Jerry's just too much of a buffoon to get something done. Maybe I should send him a copy of this: http://www.amazon.com/Power-Nice-Negotiate-Everyone-Especially/dp/0471080721/ref=cm_lmf_tit_1

    (good book btw, you guys should read it)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yes but the year before his yards per rush were pedestrian to average. Did they use him alot? Yeah, but they weren't All Pro numbers.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    this is his fourth year right?

    First year he was rookie of the year level, second year he was hurt, last year he did really well, and this year he's the leading yards holder from scrimmage in the entire NFL, right?

    Not a bad resume for a guy who's had the NFL's worst (literally the fucking worst) line and no real receiving corps for that entire time - we'll see how we finish, but seems like our Oline MIGHT make it juuuust to the middle of the league this year if we improve in the second half like they always do.

    So all in all, I think the dude deserves a nice fat deal… a fair one, not a stupid CJ-like one. There’s a way to get that done, jerry’s just not smart enough to offer up something creative.

    Forte can be one of the Bear's greats. Lock him up and give him the money he deserves (not the silly money other dumb teams have paid their guys)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    forte doubters may feel differently when monday night happens
    calling this a business is new school
    i went to college with acountancy/finance/marketing majors; and they were some heartless individuals
    full of themselves
    maybe that is why he is not getting paid; jerry is just another heartless suit ; or the shrewdest business mind the bears have

    the only way i will ever know; forte bolts and continues his greatness elsewhere

    how will all of us post then; as we wait for our new angelo draft pick to turn into Cedric the great

    one more point; not every back runs in coordination with the o-line; that too is a developed skill, and matt is just growing into it
    these guys stay together 2 more years..... jay, matt, and this O-line combo; and we should be sitting near the top in offensive statistics

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Not sure where you get the 2.5 yd avg Trac. Here's his numbers;
    '08....3.9 avg/carry....7.6 avg/rec
    '09,,,3.6 avg/carry...8.3 avg/rec
    '10...4.5 avg/carry...10.7 avg/rec
    '11...5.4 avg/carry...11.0 avg/rec

    He's had 935 carries and 209 receptions in 3.5 years with 10 fumbles (6 were turnovers). He's averaging a fumble every 114.4 times he has the ball.

    I'm truly anal about stats. It's easy to check and get them correct.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    nicely done Canada.

    Btw, stats are correct 47.3% of the time.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Forte's rankings among RB's in NFL since he entered the league are as follows:
    '11-Currently 5th-Contract year

    Prior to this year, his numbers were bordering good/pedestian. No way this guy should be turning his nose up at 6ys, 36 mil with 14 mil guaranteed which I think is where Jerra was.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    You're not taking into account his passing yds, lack of fumbling and never has to come off the field because he can block. Not to mention, lousy schemes, worst OL in the league and crappy WR's during those 3.5 years.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I love the guy, all I'm saying is that he's being just as hard headed as Jerra.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    He just started getting good at blocking.

    He was responsible for quite a few sacks last year. I recall many of us bitching about missed blitzes.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Among running backs who do not return kicks Matt Forte is eighth in all purpose yards over the last five years.

    Adrian Peterson: 8,303 yards, 69 games, 120 ypg
    Maurice Jones-Drew: 8,105 yds, 69 games, , 117 ypg
    Stephen Jackson: 6,588 yds, 61 games, 108 ypg
    Frank Gore: 6,524 yds, 61 games. 107 ypg
    Fred Jackson: 6,453 yds, 63 games 102 ypg
    Chris Johnson: 6,085 yds, 54 games, 112 ypg
    Ladanian Tomlinson: 6,022 yds, 68 games, 89 ypg
    Matt Forte: 5,822 yds, 55 games, 106 ypg

    Among those backs, only Forte, Gore, Peterson, and Jackson are having good years currently.

    Oh, and he plays hurt.

    Pay the man.

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    One word huntin, "Shrewd".

  • i don't see much about hockey
    and I understand...... but,
    i could watch patrick "sugar-cane" 24-7

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Really fun to watch the hawks this year. They just need to stop giving up the equalizer, especially late in games.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    Also, getting concerned about the late season effect of 6 OT games so far this year. Thats a lot of extra ice time.

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Just don't expect him to pay for a cab ride.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    remember when he was in that limo photo with hossa
    i think that they are also good paired on the ice together

  • Grace Potter...
    Great singer, songwriter, musician....
    She's not Dylan or Van Morrison, but she's got a great body of work for being only 27-28.

  • Falcons, Saints, Rams.

    I want to pick the Bears because I think they'll win straight up but ... Don't want to put the Hoodoo on them.

  • TheFifth & Doc... reminder to get your PIck'Em selections in.

    As for Cam's interview. To be fair, a few extra points should be mentioned. One, they did invest one high draft pick to try and stabilize the position: Manning. Two, it's true Lovie didn't shy away from throwing rookie safeties into the fire, resulting in mistakes for many of them, but Harris (the guy Cam praised) was started early as a rookie too and he thrived. Three, part of the reason JA wasn't more aggressive was because they kept hoping Mike Brown would regain his healthy ways. Obviously that never happened. Four, they've never felt settled at DE or 3T (even after '06) so that has always been a bigger priority than safety. Lastly, even draft and development gurus like Belichick have been unable to solidify that position for years so this is hardly an indictment specific to only JA and Lovie. Still, great interview Jeff, and definitely an interesting perspective.

    As for the Reverend, his take is hardly surprising for someone who hates biographies, haha. His rant seems more against fans that view athletes as people rather than against the book...

  • After posting Matt's numbers I want the Bears to sign him even more. I'm not throwing a pity party for him. I'm sure he has insurance and will get a nice payday next year (and beyond). I want him signed because he's a top level RB in all phases, rarely fumbles, never embarrasses anyone and is self-motivated to be great. Hey Pus Nuts, you make one really good pick every 4-5 years. Maybe you should re-sign those picks. Dumb Ass!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    bingo on the last sentence canada

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    It's probably just as well that we both don't live in the Chicago area. I'm pretty sure we get each other worked up enough to do something stupid trying to get Pus Nuts out of town.

  • I was hearing Hub yesterday, and he informed the audience that Forte's agent is also MJDs agent, and that he might be looking for something similar. 8mil/yr, 20 mil guaranteed.

    Of course, that was before the CJ2K deal, which maybe made everyone a lot greedier.

    I think it would be smart by everyone to sign a deal similar to MJD who I think is a more comparable back to Forte.

    Also, Hillis should be a cautionary tale to Forte, not only of how NOT to deal with a contract dispute (holding out of a game from strep throat at your agent's behest? C'mon man!), but of how "injury" can significantly diminish value.

    Forte needs to sign an MJD type deal NOW.

    (If not, take a gander at the ESPN AFC N BLOG to get a sneak peak at our future).

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    Pasted directly from Brown's blog:

    "yout know..... i think some of these guys that are not browns fans are right. WE DONT PAY THIS BOY WHAT HE's WORTH!!! and we have a history of that. i look at ozzie newsome and the awesome work he's done with the ravens and quite frankly im jealous..... that should be us..... but its not a curse....it's clevelands upper echelon not payin wha they weigh. don't get me wrong ... Hillis focus "IS" off... (gettin married mid season?? c'mon Hillis) he didn't think before he made that decision. But NO there are NOT many backs doin what Hillis is doin now!! so dont say "EVERYTHING HILLIS CAN DO BUSH CAN DO BETTER" smh well then bush would've been on the madden cover then!! BOTTOMLINE....We need to buy a better line and BUY PEYTON OUT!!!!!! BEE-OOOTCH!"

    Now, replace Browns with Bears and Ravens with Packers...

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    yep 85.

    How about the McCaskey's allow Ozzie to have revenge on Jerry for his draft-day buffoonery by giving Ozzie a raise and jerry's job in chi? I'd take ozzie over Jerry in a NY minute.

    Anyone? Anyone?

  • this is the garbage from PK that we need to game plan against martz. Don't let this become a fucking sack fest for those two dicks

    Chicago Bears (4-3) at Philadelphia Eagles (3-4)
    Just two weeks after it seemed they were out of the playoff race for the year, the Eagles move to within a game of first in the NFC East. Look for Trent Cole's and Jason Babin's eyes to get very wide just before gametime. Sack night at the Linc.

    Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/writers/peter_king/11/03/week.9/index.html#ixzz1crkm3urV

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    btw, he's picking the chargers to beat the pack at home. Stranger things have happened. All it will take is anothony garay and his gay hair cut to take rodgers out of the game (or the season)... please.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I actually think the Chargers are gonna upset the Pack this Sunday too.

    However, I could be deceivd by wishful thinking.

    I heard that the crowd is going to be 50/50 and it's rainy in Southern Cali, so - so much for hometown advantage.

  • damn man... he's in hospice, that means it's only a matter of days/weeks.


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I guess if I said "down goes Frazier" that would pretty much make me the worst person in the world.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Maybe not the worst. I laughed so that makes me just as bad. Too bad about Smokin' Joe. I was a huge Ali fan but always felt bad for Joe. He was a true warrior in the ring. Too bad his style was perfect for Big George. What a beating. It was the only time in my life I can remember a heavyweight being lifted off the canvas with a punch.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Sad to hear about the Champ. I always thought Joe was tougher than Ali though, or as tough. When his corner threw in the towel in that fight he was ready to go out again, Ali wasn't. Dumb luck that his corner thought more of him and his health than Ali's. The other loss was somewhat controversial. Foreman was my champ. Ali couldn't even put Frazier down once in three fights, yet big George knocked him down six times inside two rounds when they met. If George meets Ali ten times under normal conditions and he doesn't have the flu, then he wins nine.

    They were good times for heavyweights, or for us rather, as viewers. I don't even watch them now.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    not with me; and if you get sick i recommend a steady diet of humor
    screw these people who can't separate comedy from a mean spirited attack

    i found this comment a load lightener at the end of a tough day

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Yeah. Color me shameful. That was funny.

  • Ooooooh! I thought the Eagles game was important to win.

    Roy set me straight.

    Guys! Roy says this is not a must win in the video on this page. So relax. Take a page from the Roy Williams book on life: nothing is worth trying THAT hard for.


  • In reply to gpldan:

    He's right though. We can lose to Philly and GB, beat everyone else, make the playoffs, win the wildcard and then get our asses kicked. No problem.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    why is a player thinking about losing
    it creates a culture of second best
    this is why Roy can't reach the hights of a great #1
    he settles for fear of not catching every pass
    instead of being fearless
    and seeing everything thrown his way end up stuck to his palms

    and i suppose he was thinking
    it's not important to show up to camp in shape
    i'll get into playing shape after the last pre-season game

    scoop out this guys brain and reprogram it for him
    2nd best is not an option

  • one more thing on forte
    i wonder how much attention he draws in the "scheme rooms" of opposing coaches

    as the o-line improves; and if matt stays healthy.... he may be able to turn our play action into a gold mine

    if jerry can use his accounting and drafting skills to land us a big #1

  • a thought on tim tebow
    i can't quallify as a judge of QB mechanics;
    but if they are as bad as written about

    doesn't this say something about his upbringing under gator coach herman meyer
    he wasn't prepared very well

    but i bet harbaugh would have turned out a better tebow; if tim was under jim's guidance for 4 years

  • Chargers, Jets, Falcons

  • Chiefs, 49ers, and Broncos

  • I enjoyed the show this week - nice add-ons, Jeff. + 1 on the Tebow segment.

  • Hey Trac, if ur reading this, I proposed a trade in Da Blog II league...check it out.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    Trac? Taco ? :o)

  • Bills

  • In reply to ben in norcal:

    These are the exact teams I picked last week but my comment didnt stick on the blog. I had a perfect week had it not been for either me not pressing the comment button or this buggy comment system. Hopefully Jeff or the bros didn't make these same pix, my computer always has trouble with the podcast so I have no idea what they picked.

  • In reply to ben in norcal:

    you're good, ben

  • In reply to ben in norcal:

    throw your "lovie flag" and request a review of the play
    maybe you will have better luck than our loveable coach

  • IND +7
    NYG +8.5
    SD +6

    A good week, as BUF -1, WAS +3.5, CHI +8, DEN +8.5 are all solid plays too...

  • TheFifth, get your picks in mang...

    Jeff, don't mean to complain, but could you list the lines individually on their own lines in the future? It can be a bit hard to read when they're all mashed up, separated only by slashes. If not, it's cool, but just wanted to ask. Thanks!

  • Falcons, 49ers, Cardinals


  • Falcons

  • Packers

    (I'm making these before the afternoon games)

  • thans for sharing such as wonderful article


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