Kansas City Chiefs at Chicago Bears Game Preview

Kansas City Chiefs at Chicago Bears Game Preview

Will Kyle Orton be returning to Chicago as a starting quarterback? I think so. Will Caleb Hanie be able to improve upon his performance of a week ago? He has to. Will the Bears right the ship at home? Absolutely.


  • I always like the Chicago Bears.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs allow over 133 yards per game on the ground and the Bears are proving they can run the ball on just about anybody. The Bears, at home, should be able to control the game.
  • The question offensively for the Bears will be Caleb Hanie and I spent Tuesday discussing everything I have to say on that matter. The Bears can lose this game if Hanie turns the ball over multiple times, especially in Bears territory. Ball security wins the day.
  • I like Kyle Orton. He is a good quarterback who will be a sturdy backup for years to come. But the Todd Haley offense is complicated to learn and I can't imagine Orton arriving at Soldier Field with anything more than an elementary understanding of it. Tyler Palko is going to start, per Todd Haley, but if he makes it through the game that's a bad thing for the Bears defense.
  • The Chiefs do have talent at the receiver position, including Dwayne Bowe. I was planning to spend my offseason campaigning for the Bears to sign Bowe until he concluded his effort against the Steelers Sunday night with one of the most gutless plays in the history of the NFL. (To see video, CLICK HERE.) The Bears need to be physical and hit these guys on the outside. It's very clear they don't want any part of it.
  • The Chiefs have two road wins. They won at Indianapolis (and I'm confident half the SEC could do the same) and they won the ridiculous 28-0 game in Oakland as Kyle Boller and Carson Palmer threw a dozen interceptions. This Chiefs secondary is a bit larcenous and Hanie needs to be wary about sailing balls into coverage. Again, ball security wins the day.
  • The Chiefs have only 13 sacks on the season - lowest in the league - but Tamba Hali needs to be accounted for at all times. Recently it hasn't been a major concern for the Bears. Let's hope that continues.
  • And let's not forget this is also Thomas Jones' homecoming in Chicago. I have nothing to add to that fact. I just like Thomas Jones.
  • Only two of kicker Ryan Succop's last nine kickoffs have gone for touchbacks and punter Dustin Colquitt is an average player. I think Dave Toub and the Bears return units will be angry this week. Not only were they frustrated by Parts Unknown (Lechler/Janikowski) but their early penalties put the offense and Hanie in some seemingly insurmountable holes.
  • Also looks like there's a 50/50 chance of rain and snow showers throughout the afternoon. I'd like to see it. I'm tired of seeing football in sunshine.

Overall I think this game is a simple one. If the Bears don't turn the ball over they definitely win. If they turn it over once, they should win. If they turn it over twice, they might not win. If they turn it over three times, all bets are off.

Chicago Bears 17, Kansas City Chiefs 10

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  • holy crap...first? Let' see Caleb perform....word on the street is Cutty skeptical of his return...

  • In reply to RenoBear:

    Whoa! Reverse the truck there. Whaddya got whaddaya know whaddaya say?

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    he's got, knows, and says what he read in the Sun Times: http://bit.ly/s0eCTK

  • In reply to RenoBear:

    There's talk that those pins may be have to be in that thumb for as long as TEN weeks.

    Now Peanut is nicked up (Didn't practice, knee).

    I find the injury trend lately VERY disturbing.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:


  • And yes...let's see some damn snow blogfather!

  • In reply to RenoBear:

    Like the New England game? We have enough problems with Hanie and Massey.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:


  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Got a little ahead of myself there... I don't want to see anything more than a seattle playoff game last year kinda flurry...I remember that damn patriots game all too well, still makes me vomit a little bit in my mouth. As far as the real heavy snow, I'd like some of that here in Reno, My son is almost 2 years old now, and he'd have a freakin' BLAST in it! We always get a few good storms every year, but we haven't had ANY precipitation for almost 2 months now...gotta love the high desert...

  • I do not see it being that close but the Chiefs defense does keep teams honest.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    Hanie + crappy receivers + banged up line = success ? Pittsburgh managed only 13 points with Rapelessburger.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    They were really motivated for the Steelers Irish.

    They felt that they had been disrespected by them in the pregame and they still had hope for the playoffs.

    Then Palko threw the ball.

    Their D is solid when it wants to be, but lapses when it's not playing at home, a rival or being on national tv.

    As long as Hanie comes out like the 2nd half, we're good.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    sigh (again)

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    By the bye - how about Lance Louis making the tackle on that interception. Jebus H. My new favorite Bear on offense.

  • from the last thread in response to warrior waddle

    I'd be great with Tice...he's just never called offensive plays in the NFL...even when he was HC in minny he didn't call them...but that being said, I's still like to see him give t a go, just hope he'd be way more creative than Turner, but not as crazy as martz...somewhere in the middle would be nice...

  • In reply to RenoBear:

    ha ha - 'more creative than Turner, but not as crazy as martz...'

    If only.

    You know, the more I think about it, the more Martz is just the oddest fit for the Bears.

    He just doesn't seem like he's part of the team. There's Lovie, Tice, Rod and Toub...then there's some wacky guy sitting up there behind the plexiglass.

    Martz comes off as aloof, like a HC sent to the penalty box just biding his time till he gets another shot. He even looks odd in Bears gear. He just doesn't seem like a Bear. Refusing an extension doesn't help either. But, as long as he takes his meds, I'm fine with him.

  • In reply to RenoBear:

    At least 95% of the Earth's population are "more creative than Turner, but not as crazy as Martz".

    Sorry Reno, always a smartass.

    I wouldn't mind seeing Tice get a shot at it if we don't find a known quantity OC to replace Mad Mike. I think Martz has already checked out frankly.

  • In reply to RenoBear:

    i saw it on the last thread. but thanks for bringing it over. =]

    i don't think schoop ever called a play before we plucked him from kc. and looked how well that turned out!

  • I'll bet my lad Palko starts. Orton doesn't know the playbook.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    And Orton is still apparently getting over his break up with Denver: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=r8_buda5vWo

  • Per the 4letter network...

    "New Kansas City quarterback Kyle Orton said he is ready to play for the Chiefs. Tyler Palko is the starter, Kansas City coach Todd Haley has said. But he is also saying Orton could play. Orton got significant practice repetitions [40%] Wednesday."

    I agree with Jeff. If Palko is still playing in the 4rth, that's bad news for the Bears.

  • Orton?

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    (oh yeah, and palko dead)

  • http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/morning-jolt/12/01/Josh.Cribbs/index.html?sct=hp_t2_a3&eref=sihp

    anyone interested?

  • Fair to call this the Bears' latest MUST win, I think.

  • no. love. loss


    "You guys have seen me say some things to Mike," Cutler said. "Mike's going to do what Mike does. He gets in a zone up there and he's going to call the plays he wants to call."

    Translation: the stubborn fuck does what he wants no matter what logic or reason or personnel dictates.

    Asshole. please take one of the college jobs. I get how important continuity is (especially for us after not having it for so long), but fuck that guy. I'm sick of him personally pissing at least 3 very winnable games down the drain for us a year. We can do better.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    + a metric butt-ton.....after reading an article about how he seemed completely non-plussed and almost downright giddy as he walked out of the skybox in Oakland, I say fuck that fat bastard..

  • If the Injuns come in here and punk us in our own crib behind neckbeard, I am rolling up on this season and waiting for the playoffs. The Bear free playoffs, to begin.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    kinda have to agree. wonder how texan fans are feeling right now... although in all the rankings (i know i know), they are still top 8 or something... with their rookie QB. I don't really get that.

    But back on topic, kinda with you here GP. As I asked before... if a hanie squeeks us into the playoffs, does anyone here it?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    fucking android... HEAR it.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    They're tracking you.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    I know. bastards.

  • Cutty's not coming back. Not this season. Not this playoffs.

    So fuck it.

    Fire Martz now and give the team and Hanie a chance to adjust with Tice as OC.

    And tell that wannabe wizard to take his Roy-Toy with him. Fucker.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    yep... I'm kinda starting to go this direction too. Sucks man... I thought with cutty we had a 12-4 (or even 13-3) season locked up and a major shot at the SB.

    Fucken a maing.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    Have a little faith Doc. This thing ain't over yet!

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Dave, my issue is that if we do make the playoffs, can hanie lead us past teams like the saints, packers, and even falcons?

    Beating the 4-7 chiefs at home, the 6-5 broncos (who’ve only beaten one team barely above .500 in the last 6 games), the 4-7 seahawks, and the 2-9 vikes is a far cry from beating any playoff-caliber team in their house. The only caveat is that if everything continues on the path it is and we win 3 of the next 4, I’m confident that we can beat the cowgirls IFF hanie doesn’t throw 2-3 game-changing picks in that game… but realistically, anything after that game is going to be really really tough without cutty.

    So where does that leave us even if we beat the cowboys then get smoked by the saints or whoever at their house… yup, another year of pissed-down-the-drain early round angelo draft picks. Fuck me.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I have faith that we can still do very well this season. But not with Fartz. F that guy. (Been saying Fuck a bit to fuckin' much lately. So I'll fucking slow it down. Fuckin' A.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    hey doc
    i saw this on the
    "official bears site"
    earlier today

    the title to the article
    "lovie in one on one interview
    discussing the teams future plans for
    offensive coordinator mike martz"

    Martz walked into a dark room
    lovie was seated at the head
    of a long oak table
    with one othe chair waaaaayyyy
    at the other end

    lovie said nothing
    just pressed a control button
    darkened the room to black
    spun his chair around
    facing a theatre screen
    which began to play
    the throwback
    at the end of the first half
    by caleb hanie
    right after the horse collar
    this came on

    when the lights came up
    martz was in the room alone

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    in the darkness
    right behind his ear
    Mike swore he heard
    just before the lights
    came on
    go ahead call
    one more stupid play
    just before the
    final nail in your coffin
    is driven in

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    lou had some power behind him
    delivering "lovie's message"
    donald duck dunn
    steve cropper
    part of the blues bros. posse
    somehow a fitting tribute
    to one of Bob's finest moments

  • Argument #45 why women might not be best suited for the football media: http://sportstvjobs.visibli.com/share/oZo9l9

    (release the hounds!)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Or maybe just that woman.

  • well, yes... but I'm a misogynist apparently.

  • kinda funny: http://www.brobible.com/bronews/story/lebron-james-plaxicos-gunshot-injury

  • when you see these all in one place (and it's not even all of them), I just marvel that this POS isn't out longer. Some of those are fucking simple assault.


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    It's Tyson in cleats. Great link MB, as always (well, that link to the Clutts Mic'd vid was lame).

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    He's Dick Butkus in an NFL for pussies.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    Butkus was before my time. I don't believe I ever saw Singletary pull hair or kick a player when he was down. It's the cheap shots and after-the-whistle shit I object to.

  • Hahahaha...

    "vxmcclure23 about an hour ago Urlacher on Kyle Orton, ``I used to whip his ass at Ping Pong every day. I used to tear him up in our little game room at the facility.''

    Lach is lucky it wasn't BEERpong or orton would have clean house.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Maybe someone can distract Orton with a bottle of JACK.

  • In reply to Shady:


  • hester hurt: http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/football/bears/ct-spt-1201-bits-bears-chicago--20111201,0,7928473.story

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I have a feeling Hester has not been hurt the last few weeks. This could be the subtle way of demoting him. Let the other teams think 23 is hurt so they don't plan as much on ST. He has been listed as probable for awhile but is still our main returner and gets a few reps on O. Sore, sick? Naw, just sneaky.

  • Curry wasn't fooled by the play. In fact, he was expecting it.

    "I'll never forget seeing it on film and saying, 'That's their go-to play. If they need these points, that's their play,'" he told reporters Sunday, according to a story on the San Francisco Chronicle website. "Then I saw the formation on the field and I was like, 'This is easy, I'm just going to wait for them to throw it to me.'"


    Way to go Martz. Linemen with double digit IQs are sniffing us out now.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I will never understand that call. Barber was producing all day. We needed one yard, seven would have put us in the lead. Why bother with that play at all?

    As my 2-year-old is fond of saying, "BARBAIRN!!!"

  • I think most Bears fans say that way by the second half ;o)

  • get this if tie breaker happens and lets say chi loses tiebreaker over detroit, Atanta has same record they would get in with Detroit what could happen is last week of season say detroit is 9-6 Bears 9-6 Falcons 9-6 ok Falcons lose to bucs we lose to Vikings we would want lions to beat Packers total Bears 9-7 Falcons 9-7 Lions 10-6
    5th seed Lions 6 seed Bears so we could be rooting for Lions to beat Packers it's funny I thought Chi would take it over atlanta no matter what guess not.

  • In reply to Sean:

    Right -- with a three-way tie including Lions only one of us can be a wild card. Would be better for us for Lions to finish ahead of us than tie if we're tied with Falcons, too. But really in that scenario let's beat the fucking Vikes!

  • this is crazy... dude is a stud too: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/writers/don_banks/12/01/playoff.luck/index.html?sct=nfl_t11_a1

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    also didn't know that he's cousins with Brandon Spikes (Gators/Pats)

  • Gonna smoke a turkey today for Thursday Night Football. They were only $5 each after thanksgiving my cheapness couldnt resist. Not exactly an exciting game but we can scope out the Seachickens for the upcoming game. Have a good one fellas.

  • The Vikes are about to release Chunky soup.

    If Hanie doesn't show more this week against the Chiefs, which I'm very confident he'll do, I would consider it.

    Rather have him than spaggetio spleen.

  • In reply to Crown:

    Got to. Hometown love.

    Fire Martz and have Chunky learn a brand new offense along with everyone else.

  • The Chiefs..... haven't scored..... a touchdown..... in 15.....
    consecutive quarters.....

    If we freakin lose to them..... OMG.

    Bears 32 Chiefs 9

  • In reply to Urlacher FTW:


  • In reply to Urlacher FTW:

    Like Al said - if the Bears lose this home game vs Kyle Palko and the Kansas shitty Chiefs they don't deserve to make the playoffs.

  • Oh and on an unrelated note... here's some tunes you kids might enjoy





  • Here's some music for you fellas

    Thought you might enjoy some of these

    For the occupy folks

  • How about that smooth move at 2:54


    Talk about side stepping the rush.

    I forgot how bad the fights were in this movie. So funny.

  • Some more music for you:

    The Kansas City Bear Fighters - Tequila Time


    Is that Neckbeard on bass?

  • Great first song Sac. Doc actually posted that about 2 months and got me into them. Love the last video. Warriors was such an awesome movie.

  • The McNabb show heading to Chicago would be the cherry on top of a perfect season

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    You have watched the last few games with your beedly little troll eyes havent you? Theyre not going undefeated. If they do theyre certainly not repeating. Have fun rooting for your super douche QB!

  • He's pretty douchey.....but I definitely enjoy rooting for him.

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    It only takes 1 loss at the wrong time shmegma.

    The pressure is building.

    Dynasty talk, Brady saying Rodgers can't play better, the packers on the front page of espn every other day.

  • In reply to Crown:

    I don't think "smegma" has an "H" but either way - gross. Yeah I was kind of worried about all that "pressure" and "ego" stuff at the beginning of the year but they have been handling it pretty well so far this season.

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    Pursuits of perfection usually don't end well.

  • In reply to Crown:

    I was gonna make some Bo Derek crack, but the broad has held up pretty well over the years


  • In reply to gpldan:

    hee hee

    Oh, and... http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=schmegma

    nasty. gents, get snipped.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    and my god: http://www.foxnews.com/slideshow/entertainment/2011/11/29/celebrities-stars-who-lost-their-looks/#slide=1

    There's even a gratuitous Fat-Axel shot in there. Yikes!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    mathew perry is photoshopped. and not very well, might i add.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    you're a mathew perry fan huh? I didn't even know the dudes name... I just knew that he didn't have a chin.... kinda reminded me of cutty in that pic actually.

  • Beat the Chiefs. Beat the fucking Chiefs.

    Don't sign McNabb. Don't fucking sign him. If the Bears do sign him, he can only see the field if Hanie's hauled off on a stretcher. In my opinion, the Bears cannot demote Hanie in favor of McNabb for performance reasons. If the Bears season is sunk, I want to see it sink with a healthy Caleb Hanie. If Martz can coach this kid up and call a few good games to get us some wins, awesome. It's far better to know what we've truly got in Hanie than to have McNabb come in and underthrow Roy Williams on short slants and quick-outs for the last few games of the season.

    If he's being brought in only as an insurance policy, fine. But frankly, I've never been a fan of the veteran backup in situations like this.

  • In reply to WeShallReturn:

    Come on mang, the dude comes to your house with soup. Can't you see him roaming some block in Berwyn with big mama?


  • In reply to gpldan:

    That does look cozy this time of year. Eatin' soup and playing Madden with McNabb and his mom. Good times.

  • In reply to WeShallReturn:

    Ahhh, who gives a shit... Pick 'em up.

    Gotta be better than some idiot Martz wants. Anyone remember Collins?

    I'm ready to send a lynch mob for Martz. PLEASE TAKE THE ASU JOB!

    Grab Chunky Soup, put Tice Tice at OC, and see who does better... My money is on McNabb.

    In fact, it's well known that he had this "Jay breaks his thumb and I get released" thing planned since we signed JC. Genius that Donovan. Hell, that's even a smart guy's name!

    He's been sandbagging for the last 3 years. Ready to make a comeback in Chi-town.

    Fuck Rodgers.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    I don't know that I'm ready to lynch Martz because I'm not sure it's a hot idea to install another offensive system. But there is something off about that guy. My feeling though is that if he gets Hanie rolling it's another feather in his "I'm a coaching/quarterbacks wizard" cap. So I think we see the goods over the next few weeks. Although I am a little concerned that he thought the play-calling in Oakland was too conservative and that once he opened up the playbook Hanie improved. I'm worried we're going to see Hanie slinging it all over the field giving Brandon Flowers all-pro game.

  • In reply to WeShallReturn:

    I apologize for my bad attitude... This is my 5th day without the ever-so-delightful nicotine patch.

    I'm ready to lynch everyone.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    I thought it was funny.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    me too

  • In reply to WeShallReturn:

    Our quarterback roster is now Hanie > McDowner > Enderle. Can any sane person honestly say that a vet - a Chicagoan - is not a better option than any of those three ?

    Scenario : Hanie gets squashed. What then?

    It's a no-brainer and a Godsend. Sign him. Let him retire a Bear.

  • Rodgers - douche. Forever.

    That is all.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    where in thee hell have you been?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Oh, a couple of things -
    1. Final week of version 1.0 for a new software/firmware product
    2. Had to watch the Oakland game last weekend in Spanish, albeit via HDMI to my living room TV...glory be the internet and weirdos that break into my house and stream Bears games.
    3. I had to take a couple of days afterwards and not comment due to some of the post-apocalyptic viewpoints that were being expressed.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    1. Nice. Welcome to my world. You seem like a program manager to me, but wouldn't be surprised if you were a dev. lead. Which?

    2. Nice. I haven't had the time to set up the streaming to the TV yet.

    3. oh common. just bring the noise.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    i appreciate him saying "i'm not really that good."

    because it's true. he stinks.

  • Blogfather, is this the game you'll be in town for? Did you settle on a time and place for drinks with bloggers?

  • In reply to Jokey:

    Good question.

  • "Caleb Hanie is our quarterback."

  • Two years ago, I would have been the idiot and signed Mcnabb, I admit it. DON'T DO IT JERRY!!!

  • In reply to number1ninja:

    Well, OK, I'd take him over McCown.

  • In reply to number1ninja:


  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Enderle and Hanie have started one game between them. McCown can't start because he doesn't know any plays. McNabb should be an automatic signing ....

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    McCown was a Martz guy... I bet he already knows many more plays than chunky would by the end of the year. Just sayin.

    How the twins doing irish?

  • in the drama of life
    with cutler filled strife
    I believe he will come back
    to play
    but in the words of doc's bard
    who's rode this life hard
    you can always come back
    you can't come back
    all the way

    good visual explanation of the different thumb injuries QBs have incured this year
    not sure if it has been posted yet
    if so
    blow this off


  • In reply to huntinbare:

    hey hunti... is shilo a pet or a child?

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    It boils down to one thing - if it's the non-displaced Bennett's fracture thingy, he's back for Green Bay and we wreck their perfect season. I'm guaranteeing that one with money-back. If it's anything else ... we're fucked.

    Oh Cutty, my Cutty, return to your flock,
    We can't bear a Nathan, and this Hanie's a cock.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    flcok... cock... niiiiice.

    He also dislocated and hyperextended... we're fucked save a miracle.

  • sha-dy... haven't seen you on the station lately. My seahawks buddy and me have been hunt/killing each other in MW3 1:1 a few nights this week.

    Will again tonight if you're interested. Good stuff.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Got to get me some MW3 - which is more fun single player? BF3 or MW3? The download's a bitch.

    I am NOT playing with 12 year olds and Aimbot. {legal disclaimer -In an online gaming sense, that is.}

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Hmmm... good question. So I actually like the gameplay of BF3 more, but the campaign mode (single player) for MW3 is HUUUUGE. so far in MW3 I would have completed two of BF3's and I'm only just above 50% completed.

    So all in all, MW3. (and they allow you to drive/control many more vehicles (even a freaking hand-held sub, james bond style)

    Get you some and we'll have a DBB smackdown. Man, I've urned into a geek.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Works a B. I'll be on tonight in about an hour. I'll break out MW3 just for you.

  • In reply to Shady:

    nice. We let my buddy's 15 year old nephew play with us a few rounds and the little fucker jacked both of us up relentlessly man. Just ran around killing us spawn after spawn... it was ugly.

    Don't know what setting or rank the kid had, but I would come up when his back was turned would be raising my gun to shoot, and before I even got the scope up he would have turned around and killed me. We kicked him out after two games. Man that's not fun. Damn kids.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Let's roll grandma.

  • Oh, and on the "McNabb doesn't know our playbook" thing .... let him call his own plays in the huddle. That's right, football. I bet he's a better OC than the mad wizard who's never played in the NFL and has his head firmly stuck up his ass.

    I'll bet he wouldn't call a throwback-screen on 2nd and 1 .....

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    + Fucking 1

  • Desean Jackson is a pussy.

  • fb_avatar

    I agree with you about everything that we need to do. I also gave Caleb Hanie a pass last week because it was his first start. He should do better this week and the defense will bring the noise!!!

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