Chicago Bears at Oakland Raiders Game Thread

Chicago Bears at Oakland Raiders Game Thread

Last Minute Game Thoughts

  • I truly expect to see the Bears re-install Matt Forte into the passing game. Since the return of Earl Bennett and as Cutler has become more comfortable with his receiving corps, Forte has been far less a factor in the screen game and as a checkdown. I think Hanie needs him today and I think he's the difference.
  • I expect a big game from Julius Peppers.
  • I really believe a win here will put the Bears in the postseason. It'll put them a game up on the Lions and next week the Bears have the Chiefs at home while the Lions travel to New Orleans in primetime. That means we could be up two with four to play. Playoffs.

Scoreboard Watch Alert!
Unless you think the Eagles are still a threat (they're not) the only relevant game to Chicago is Minnesota at Atlanta. I tried to root for Les Frazier's boys when they underused the now-injured Adrian Peterson and it is too frustrating for words. With Toby Gerhart starting who knows what Les will pull.

Don't Think the Bears Are a National Franchise?
The Bears v. Raiders will be the nationally televised late afternoon game on Fox, making them a national game six out of the last seven weeks.

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  • First time Hanie to make a start. First time for him to win as a starter. Bear Down!!

  • In reply to Viva:

    Second that

  • Survive early, Calab. A punt is not a bad thing.

    It's one thing to be suddenly dropped into a game due to injury but it's ANOTHER to get the start.

    Defense cannot allow Michael Bush to gash them the way he has other teams of late.

    The Raiders put out an injury list of "Questionables and Probables" as long as your arm that includes Richard Seymour but I figure they just did a "Belicheat" and included anybody with as much as a hangnail or a paper cut. It would be nice if Seymour took the day off but we KNOW he'll be there if he's ambulatory.

  • Time for some pre-game tailgate. Epic Peel Time.

  • No FOX late game in South Florida so for me it's one of those pirated internet feeds or Joniak/Thayer on the WBBM webcast....

  • In reply to tobijohn:

  • It's gonna be funner to watch today than normal....hope Calab shines. He's been given the shaft by this Lovie since he got here. He plays well in the preseason and got stuck behind Grossman, Collins, and whoever else so now's his chance. Go Calab!!!!!!

  • For the team to have kept Haney around as long as they have it means there is more than one Bears coach who has thought he was worth keeping. Today we find out if they were right. I'd really like to see him have a good game here even if we don't pull out a W.

    If we don't get a win out of this we at least want Caleb to leave with enough confidence to get us some wins in the remainder of the season. He's going to be our QB for the rest of the year, let's not be too quck to crucify him if he doesn't immediately kick butt.

  • Mark Sanchez = extremely average qb, albeit with great hair.

  • Fox only gets one game this week... They chose Vikings/Falcons in the Omaha market.


    Wife spilled on the laptop, so no plugging into the tv for the stream... Might have to make my first Bears bar venture in Nebraska ever.

    Not looking forward to no sound...

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    No sound might be a blessing in disguise...

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    Yeah, no bloviating idiots more interested in the sound of their own voice than the action on the field.

    The other day, MB posted a link to an vid in which Steve Maricci suggested that Jay Cutler's thumb could be repaired with super glue and a popsicle stick. Warren Sapp looked at him like he was nuts.

    Mariucci also called Caleb Hanie "Kha-leeb. Khalib Hanie! ...I kinda like it.

  • In reply to M Onan Batterload:

    Roy's take on Cutler's thuimb is the most imformative I've seen.

    "Reportedly, Jay Cutler suffered a Bennett's fracture which can require anywhere from 4-8 weeks of recovery time, depending on the fracture type. While plenty of doctor's who were not privy to examining the patient have speculated that Jay could be out for 6 weeks minimum, there is one type of Bennett's fracture which would require only 4 weeks of recovery. It is known as a non-displaced Bennett's fracture. In layman's terms, it is merely a hairline fracture which does not displace the bone from the joint. It's basically the least severe type of Bennett's fracture you can have.

    The treatment for a non-displaced Bennett's fracture at minimum is a traditional cast which would have to be on for six weeks. To speed up the healing process, pins can be inserted to secure the fracture. In the case of a non-displaced Bennett's fracture, the hand does not always technically need to be cut open. Holes can simply be cut into the skin of the thumb afterwhich the pins are instered. The pins are then protected and the thumb is secured with a removable thumb spica cast.

    If the injury has healed as expected, approximately one week after closed surgery (next Wednesday) Jay will begin range-of-motion rehab three times a day. If daily examinations of the bone reveal that it has continued to heal correctly, Jay will have his cast & pins removed four weeks from the date of injury (December 11th) and will begin full rehab which could take anywhere from one week to 11 days. That would place him on schedule to return in time for the Green Bay Packers game on Christmas day coincidentally enough.

    If Lovie Smith's statements are to be believed, and I'm not one to think Lovie is the lying type, then it is highly likely that the type of Bennett's fracture that Jay Cutler suffered was of the non-displaced variety, which would only require four weeks of recovery as Dr. Neal Elattrache speculated earlier on NFL Network."


  • Defense decided not to show up for the first series again today.

  • Well, not the best start in the world.

  • forget about tebus of the rockies
    it's time for the second coming of Mr. Haney

    time to unleash that ziffle
    and get arnold flyin'
    this pigs got wings and wants to fly

  • Gents, happy Bear Day!
    *Where is the game already? My cable shows it's scheduled on fox but I'm still getting commentary. Anyone?

  • Best I can do is this:

  • Dang ATT uverse isn't showing me the game in Indy! AGHHHHHHHHH
    Anyone have a game link? :(

  • See above...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Thanks TJ

  • Beautiful crispie creations!

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Thanks Mongo! As an official sponsor of DaBearsBlog weekend pick show, my Bears crispie is my fav.

  • Hop in the car, drive a little north. Watch the second half up here.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Ironically, I just left my parents place in Chicagoland to come back to Indyland. grrrr

  • three returns, two holding penalties. Dave Toub will not be happy.

  • Rex Hanie strikes again...

  • This is a god awful start. Penalties everywhere and a very bad decision by Hanie. Need to pick this up.

  • who are these refs/


  • This could get ugly fast....

  • Hanie Hanie Hanie

  • This link works best for any one else suffering...

  • Nightmare start here.

  • Our D and SP teams are going to have to win this balls out.

  • It seems Caleb didn't learn anything watching Jay for two years. This could be a blow-out.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Your always so positive Irish

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Who would you put your money on right now Murph?

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    I never bet on the Bears game anymore. I stopped that a long long time ago. Keep some positive vibe goin Irish!

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Likewise, although I was thinking about backing them today, I thought Caleb would be fine.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Except for throwing the ball way too late/when the play is already over.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    looks like he learned how to throw picks like Jay C.

  • Huge play from Pep.

  • Good hold by the D. Need to run the damn ball!! Guys are just jumping all over our line so far.

  • Sebastian is just sneaking those kicks in.

  • Damn, both of those Jankbag FGs looked really bad coming off his foot.

  • In reply to Ufficio:

    Yeah I thought he'd screwed both of them, guess I should know better than to doubt the See-Kow.

  • OK, well 6-0 isn't insurmountable....

  • the D is figuring this team out
    now the offensive line has to start playing smash-mouth football
    they cannot keep expecting the backs and QB to create from broken plays
    it looks like this game will be on them and how well they execute

  • We can chip away and turn the battle of field position into the Bears favor. Hanie needs to build some confidence.

  • Did we just run a successful draw play?

  • bout time martz

  • Forte makes me happy.

  • hanie is getting an education

  • Hanie is having a shocker.

  • Why didn't we challenge that spot? Looked like he got rid of it before stepping out.

  • In reply to Ufficio:

    I don't think it's reviewable

    Even if it were, I doubt Lovie is smart enough to do so.

  • Where is the Caleb Hanie from the Green Bay game?

  • 2 picks a qtr. that's only 8 for the game

  • Get crackin' on that playbook Josh...

  • Rex Hanie strike 2

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    We wish. Rex is 12/13 and a TD up against the Seahawks. Naturally I'm waiting on the Seahawks W for a payday. Hoping he unleashes his inner Rex.

  • hanie thought about this game too l;ong this week




  • In reply to gpldan:

    German crisps?

  • Hanie dropping back to pass as often as he is can not work. C'mon Martz. You can do better than this.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Kind of problematic when all your first down runs go for a singled yard.

  • In reply to Ufficio:

    Draws, screens, quick slants.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    He has to prove we can pass before the run is gonna work. Looks like they are committed to stopping it.

  • if cutler is on the sideline he needs to slap hanie square on the jaw and knock him back into his body

  • i'm only listening but it seems the pressure from blitzes
    is blowing hanies mind

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Here's the link if you care to watch online- let the ads load then close them out.

  • Our boy Rex is 13/14 for 138 with a TD

  • once again the O line has to walk us down the field and get hanie into a better rythym

  • WHAT



  • it does not look like we were prepared well
    for the blitz packages
    the blocking is suspect
    I hope we have some ability to adjust to their schemes
    we seem a bit confused
    so far they are out smarting our coaches on O

  • Hanie is having a tough time and seems a little overwhelmed right now. The special teams and penalties have put him into some tough positions. He needs to make better decisions and settle down. It is only 6-0 right now, it could be a lot worse.

  • In reply to NY Bears Fan:

    Right now he looks like the right handed Plako! OUCH!!!

  • well tice ?

  • Oh look!! Another Tod Collions, but younger!

  • It's time for our D to kick it up a notch. This game hinges on them.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    it will until cutler gets back
    every team is getting a good education on how to approach hanie

  • after a couple seasons playing behind this type of inconsistent O-line play; jay cutler has figured out how to tailor his game; and use his special abilities to create an effective offense

    we don't have 2 years for hanie to figure this out
    he isn't capable of playing on the run

    maybe a quarterback draw or some designed runs from hanie will calm this rush down

  • Goddamit, Jennings.

  • thats number three
    thank god the D gets the importance of this game

  • great takeaway
    we needed a big play to juice up the O

  • There we go, nice take a way. This needs to continue.

  • D-line came to fucking play today.

  • The Barbarian runnin hard!

  • this is bear football

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Plus 40 degrees

  • D-FENSE!

  • great guard play will save the day

  • why not keep pounding it till they cry uncle
    the best way to get the benefit
    from the run in the 4th qtr
    is to punish them now so we slow up the blitz

  • Man we look terrible on offense. Knox cant catch stuff across the middle

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    why isn't earl running these routes

  • WTF is Knox doing out there?

  • In reply to Ufficio:

    Dropping, falling.

  • In reply to M Onan Batterload:

    Scoring : )

  • day and martz taking
    atta boy caloeb 'duoglas'


  • Gotta love the QB picking up a 3rd and 18 with his legs, though.

  • settle in and get some points this should be at the least our 2nd field goal

  • Knocking on the door!

  • 3rd and long for hanies legs

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    yes got that ball out quick and

  • Woo hoo. TD!

  • WTF is Knox doing out there, indeed.

  • In reply to Ufficio:

    easy duty for knox on that catch
    he needs to make the tough one's stick

  • We take the lead and the Hawks block a FG. 5.14 a.m. and it's brightening up ....

  • Well Johnny snatched that one!

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Lets hope my 24-9 prediction comes to pass Murph.

  • Hanie just threw a rocket!!!!!!! Yahoo :)

  • Rex Hanie 2 ints

    Rex Hanie - 20 yd run, hot read TD.

    Maybe the Raiders will think twice about all out blitz now.

  • The road to redemption...

  • Who the hell is Marcel Reese?

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    a very good FB.

    He's a great receiver too.

    He's kinda like their Clutts, only faster.

  • Yes and a round of applause for Corey Graham. They need to find a way to keep him on defense...

  • sack time

  • And finally, Oakland doesn't have great field position....

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Didnt last long

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    I spoke too soon....

  • Conte missed that tackle for the long FB screen.

  • Nice job Caleb.

    Could he earn a starting position if he plays VERY well?

  • In reply to bajeezes:


  • C'mon D. Tighten it up!

  • Ok. No more points D. Shut out the rest of the way please.

  • knox takin' this game onto his back
    and goin' for it

  • Wow who was that guy that caught up to Knox

  • irish... go easy boy... we're not done yet maings.

  • No holding?

  • why not a screen or a run on first down
    isn't that what is working

  • Good teams use what they have to win games. We have a sick special teams and a dangerous D. Oooh Yeah!

  • I must be a good 10-15 seconds behind you guys watching live tv.

  • At least...

  • Kind of interesting watching British commercials though...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Im on another feed so I'm getting the US sportscast.

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Do you get to see Kevin Cadle, Cecil Martin, and the other guy?

  • where are the tight ends

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    there they are

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Right there!

  • I would have called a run there but oh well.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    me 2

  • What an ass hat play by Hanie....

  • Brilliant play-calling, Martz.

  • Can't Cutler just be in the game and pass off every time? Hanie is an IDIOT!

  • fuck

  • As soon as I saw him throw that rainbow, I knew what was coming

  • An easy FG and the lead going into the half. Now this....

  • 2nd and 1, and OF COURSE Martz goes empty back field BS reverse screen on the road in a tough game with a 2nd stringer!

  • fuck martz... that guy is suck a fucking moron.

  • In reply to MB30SD:


    got to know our personnel martz. idiot

  • Strike 3 by Rex Hanie.

  • OAK's going for this because they know they've got Hanie for the second half. No problem....

  • Hanie oh my god.
    Martz, why dude?

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:


    this one's going all the way back... calling it right now.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    Martz is doing it deliberately so that he can put in his bum boy McCown.

  • Martz cannot hang his QB out to dry like he's doing today. This guy is making his first NFL start and they had 2nd and 1 and Martz calls a pass? I mean it's not like he's already thrown a couple of picks. Martz is the weak link when it comes to play calling in the red zone. Just be happy we aren't down by more.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    I cannot wait until we chuck this massive prick at the end of the season. It cannot happen soon enough.

  • How do you make effective adjustments at the half when the problem is between the QB's ears?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    you have f-ed with his head by not stayin' within'
    his ability 2blM
    we suck at knowing the mindset of hanie
    when he already told everybody that he was shaky with 2 ints
    we put him in positions to fail
    this game was not the game to ask him to win it with his arm
    maybe game three was time to start that sh-t

    this was the game for the blocking to be crisp and the running backs to display their talents

    hanie does not have enough experience for the game, being called for him to execute

  • It's a god damn miracle we're still in the game.

    We can still win - Martz has just got to call a better game and Rex Hanie needs to channel the good Rex in the second half.

  • I hate martz. he's the worst... the fucking worst. NO idea how to call plays for the talent on the field. Fucking moron.

    Ok, time to see if cutty can talk hanie down and get his head out during the half.

  • Not impressed with Hanie. He's fooling no one with his pump action draws, and he's making very questionable throws. He's been in the system long enough to simply ignore what that fuckstick Martz says and do his own plays. Reverse pass on 2nd and 1 my arse.

    Major props to LL sprinting the field to get robbed by the refs. Fantastic hustle.

  • What the fucking hell was that play at the goal line. What the fuck was Martz thinking??? Marion Barber has run good all afternoon...WYF???????

  • I can't believe Hanie is making some of these fucked up throws.

  • This 5-point deficit feels more like 5 TDs.

  • so this is how you give an iexperienced Qb confidence
    what was he thinking
    get 3 go in up at half with a positive attitude after a horrible start for the offense
    martz couldn't call barber over the middle for the forst down
    he couldn't call a Qb draw or designed run
    he couldn't even hand off to clutz if he wanted to suprise

    he forces a shakey Qb to embarrass himself and send him into the locker room confused

    if I'm lovie
    I'm puttin' on some leather gloves calling Martz into the supply room and strangling him within an inch of his life

  • Save us, Neckbeard!!!

  • In reply to Ufficio:

    fuck neckbeard... save us lovie (never thought I'd say that)... lovie, please listen to Hunti and kick martz' fucking ass!!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I think they're both good ideas.

  • In reply to Ufficio:

    cept only one is actually possible

  • good adjustments by the raiders

  • WTF

  • Carson Palmer...seriously?

  • I think you need to decline that holding penalty.

    OR SACK EM i
    i DON'T CARE

  • GEE

  • we need some earl
    a gusher

  • just a thought about martz
    is he not happy that he is not getting enough credit for his smart play calling
    scoring TD's on shifty pass plays = "great call by Martz
    running it in gets recognition for the backs


  • How many balls has Knox dropped today?

  • In reply to Ufficio:

    3 that I know of
    this is not getting any better for hanie
    where is bennet
    he should be running knoxes routes
    send knox deep till he can make meaningfull catches
    complete passesputs hanie into a favorable mindset
    and he needs all the help he can get

  • In reply to Ufficio:

    Three, I think. All right in his hands.

    But it's like he's our only receiver. Where's the rest of 'em?


  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    he did this with cutler early on
    saw how to reverse the trend but
    he just can't stop himself

    lovie needs to listen in and give the checkoff everytime martz calls a pass

  • We can come back from 8 down easy. stay positive boys.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I'm tryin' but this is like 2006

  • nick roach!

  • can we try to not pass the ball for one whole drive

  • I'm really wondering how the offense are going to turn this one around. I hate having to rely on ST or defensive TDs.....

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    It doesn't look too promising.

  • so the offensive line has no love for hanie
    or answer to the raiders pressure

  • martz made no halftime adjustments to counter the blitzes
    he is having a horrible game so far

  • I'm sorry. Season over. This is turning out exactly how I thought it would. I'm friggin down and out.

  • In reply to Stuck in MN:

    Eh, 7-4 with a mostly creampuff schedule coming up. It's one game. A lot of this stuff can be corrected.

  • Well boys, unless the Bears make a statement and change the momentum soon, it doesn't look like we will pull this one out. I'm crossing my fingers but I'm not holding my breath.

  • Of course, Oakland is doing everything in their power to give me hope.

  • Were fucked...defense been on the field all day,,getting tired.

  • one of these times OAK is going to scor a TD and then it's game over....

  • we're done.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    not enough preassure and no confidence in the o.

    Fuck hanie... had high hopes man. Hope he can pull it out next game.

  • time for a peanut miracle

  • this sucks

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    yes it does
    we are getting outplayed and outcoached

    janekowski 18
    bears ....ah?

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    no we're not hunti... we're getting out martzed. And we have an unrestricted FA 'rookie' QB.

    With cutty, we're killing these guys. Just sucks man.

  • gettin' some lucky help here

  • maybe we should let the d stay on the field and run some offensive plays

  • We win this by 2 scores with jay.

  • In reply to Stuck in MN:

    we would not be in this position with jay

  • I know everyone wants to kill Martz but damn Hanie sucks donkey balls and the o-line decided not to block today. Hanie has made three picks that were all on him not Martz(they were terrible throws). Just goes to show everyone who doubted Cutlers talent how much we need him. This team is not the same.

  • In reply to JAB1:

    One is on Martz for picking pass and not run.

  • Has anyone ever seen anyone turn it around offensively after such a miserable showing so far?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    The first two were all on Hanie, but Martz really did put him into a position to fail on the third.

  • RUN RUN RUN RUN martz youfucking moron.

  • why the hell can Barber find the holes but Forte cannot????

  • Ha! Just checked out our fantasy league. Someone needs to tell Fres that just because he goes winless, it doesn't mean he gets to draft Luck next year.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Fres has got double trouble on his mind.

  • No.

  • Lotta time left. Hanie's better than this. No hope for Martz, though

  • well we have enough time to just run the ball for the whole 4th qtr and score twice

    sh-t the offensive line should be fresh
    they haven't been workin' at all today

  • barber again mike

  • I lit' some insence for martz and asked him not to call anymore pass plays today

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Forte and Barber are good, but together, they're no Walter Payton. We can't run if we have no other weapon.

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Light one and plant down his one-eyed jap.

  • this is what we need...just run run small pass run run run

  • radio says massey is not snappin' very well

  • gonna need to get a good exchange on field position after this series

  • good enough I guess. we'll take the points.

  • Really need a big play from the D here.

  • In reply to Ufficio:

    need a pick-6 here.

  • oh no lovie is bringin' his flag out

  • Second foot was out, right?

  • where is this hanie that I read about all week
    high school coaches
    college coaches
    bears coaches

    they had me ready for something positive

  • Big prayers goin up that something comes in our favor...

  • Can a red flag challenge be a momentum changer?

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    ...not when it's followed by an 80 yd punt.

  • Ok, Devin. Time to shine.

  • Thanks for the timeout, Maroons.

  • That punt was insane.

  • Wow, Lovie got one!

  • hanie needed to have throws every week
    in practice for an hour a dat
    shoulda payed fantuz to stick around
    and play catch with hanie all day in practice

    he has looked rusty

  • get us some field position

  • Holy shit, what a punt.

  • ok, here's our shot... we better make it happen.

  • I was about to say the Bears should have pretty good field position....

  • WOW
    thank god it rolled into the end zone

  • willie gault is geettin' some love
    he was the answer to the campbells soup question
    333 catches 45 td's

  • Ray Guy lives.

  • jesus

  • do we have a player named earl bennett

  • oh o
    martz is getting crazy

  • How are we still in this game.

  • 3rd poor snap by massey
    podlesh is gettin' a game ball
    if we pull this out

  • raiders vs bears today from oakland
    gold vs. janekowski

  • please peanut get us some points

  • chauncey is having a good game

  • YES

  • Call me a girl for asking this question but... does Hanie have the option of making his own decision to not run a play that has been called? Im in awe that a 'professional' is making these plays.

  • Not in Martz's offense.

  • In reply to Ufficio:

    Seriously? He thinks it's a good idea to throw the ball and chance being intercepted?

  • Can't complain too much about the officiating today....

  • really fucking really... what the fuck was that shit. god damn it.

  • I think even an OAK FG will pretty much be it for us....

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Nope. A TD for them will kill us.

  • Gotta get off the field here, D!


  • over.

    motherfucker man.

  • FUCK

  • How many players did the Raydah's have out this week? Just sayin!

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Point taken....

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Who lost more value through their injuries, though?

  • Well, this has been a study in frustration....

  • It was a nice dream. Back to the drawing board.

  • jennings was playing so well

  • Boo :(

  • Game over boys.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    ...and lady. :(

  • Apologies. I tend to watch the game with male friends so I type guys/boys out of habit.

    Sorry you had to watch this as well.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    Nah, I've got thicker skin than that :)

  • I'm out. I can't tell you how shitty it is losing a game like this... after the last 5 games.

    Just so fucking frustrating. I'm fucking pissed. god damn it.

  • I wonder if Orton will be starting for the Chiefs next week?

  • so much for our offense without cutler

    he is the offense
    face it we are not very sharp without him
    we played poorly today
    and every player except barber should turn in there paychecks

  • tice's line has been suspect since we lost williams

  • Screw Hanie. This may be an eye opener as to why Martz doesn't trust him.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    and NOW he throws the 81 yard bomb?????


  • detroit is back up
    we did not take care of business
    what kind of energy did the offense bring today

  • Done. Fuck.

  • NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nice but probably too little too late...

  • Please, please, please let us recover the onside.

  • stranger things have happened
    but we looked horrible
    so this is not a good sign going forward

  • That interception at the end of the first half was a six point swing. Just sayin'

  • In reply to Ufficio:

    it changed the whole mindset

    it was equal to asking your 18 month old to walk across the freeway
    when you could have carried him across at the light

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    if it was cutler you throw it
    but he should have had "safe"
    in mind
    and given hanie the pat on the back and the bears 3 pts

  • You know, Lovie, taking the timeout before the two-minute warning basically gives them a free pass play.

  • In reply to Ufficio:

    I think we'd be more likely to come up with an INT than an fumble from Bush.

    Irrelevant anyhow.

  • Again, I stress:

    How are we STILL in this game??

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    this is why safe play all day could have won it for us

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    now we need a miracle

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    No kidding

  • 96 yards in 1 min?

  • WHAT

  • A fitting ending....

  • I know we wouldn't have made it.BUT.




  • hanie was embarrassed
    by his own play
    and by martz's play calling

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    he did not make anyone want to invest in him after this season is over
    i blame the coaching staff for not having a better plan for caleb
    they needed to give him a positive vibe going into next week
    now he has to be questioning his ability
    and other teams have seen how to "spook" him

    he is going to be getting tons of negative press
    I suggest taking away all outside contact with the electronic or print media
    sequester him
    this thing turned on one play because martz did not check his mind and say
    what if he throws an interception
    and plan accordingly

  • It's after losses like this that I ask myself why do I get so emotionally involved with this team....

  • this will be interesting when all the other minds start to give their take on this
    i thought we should have tried a couple of deeper passes in the 1st half to spook the corners

    they seemed to get comfortable with the shorter routes
    and why is it that cutler can find bennet but haney can only find knox?

  • Hanie fucked himself.... While we didnt play well enough to win. We could have won that game...Thats the difference between Super Bowl Caliber teams and regular teams. They find a way to win the ugly games...

  • Can't even pull off a Hail Mary. No prayer for us against post season opponents unless we drastically improve our passing game or Cutler comes back.

  • Well Oakland played a really good game...Hanie .after not playing for almost 3/4 of a season still didn't do too awfully bad. We're gonna have to give him a chance to get his feet wet. Our offense really didn't give him too much help as well as "Dumbass" calling a pass play at the goal line instead of trying to use Barber to pound it in there. We've been worse!

  • In reply to MaddBearfan:

    I hope that play keeps haunting martz like the ghost of losses past
    I hope he is the one who gets called out in the video session
    this week
    and the defense collectively stands up and pelts his ass with rotten tomatoes

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Yep, don't understand that call at all..would have rather try to pound it in..and take the three if they couldn't. just had to get fancy.

  • the rest of today was beautifull
    I guess I was due to enter a system of a down

    but I am not frustrated
    this was just a god awful performance by the O-line
    when they had to step up for the rookie
    they got abused and forced him into playing panicked
    and his panic showed

  • it is not funny
    but more strange

    the last 2 games have produced 2 plays that will haunt us for weeks to come

    cutlers injury play
    matzs pass play on 2nd and 1

  • our offensive line has to look in the mirror and ask themselves how they can better execute good technique

    they got schooled today on how to not protect a rookie QB

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Yep, not to mention a few dropped balls that hurt!!!

  • What makes it all the more frustrating is like others have said, the Bears could have won it. Unfortunately, now nobody left on the schedule is a gimme....

  • give the game ball to martz he coached assome what a fuckin genus, wow his knowledge blinds me, I mean 2nd and 1 at raiders 5 yard line average coaches would've called a run not martz he really is speacial, this guy will lead us to the promise land watch out Packers. oh and defense played great. just could not win but in martzes world we did. keep em coming martz.

  • In reply to Sean:

    Good grief, I hope you're being sarcastic.

    On the TD drive, the two plays before the Knox-bomb were moronic calls. You're down 12 points with 3:15 left in the game, and you call a SCREEN PASS? And then you call a checkdown out? Even if Hanie's first option would've been open, he MIGHT have picked up 10-15 yards. When you need a TD right now. They should've been taking shots downfield immediately, not on the third play.

    And defense did NOT play "great." Yes, they did an excellent job defending short fields and keeping Oakland to FGs. But the defense imploded during Oakland's TD drive--let's be clear: Oakland was up by 5 points and all the Bears needed was a stop on 3rd and 3 to set up the game-winning TD drive. But the defense didn't get the stop--they gave up a 47-yard pass. And then more.

    You can't be great if you play well for 50 minutes, then let the game slip away in clutch time.

  • I am definetly being sarcastic about Martz. the defense gets tired after being on the field for so long they will eventually give up a touchdown, raiders got ball at the chi 28, chi 8, chi 50 9 points combined, now defense did not play great they played good can we agree with that, i think we can survive kc seattle and vikings Martz is fucking stupid period 2nd and 1 run it !! we probbaly get a td.

  • The very definition of a team loss.

  • watching Hanie fuck us in the first half while the D was making plays was painful. we can't go 10-6 and expect to make the playoffs this year. Bears pissed away the game to an inferior team today. fuck.

    No other comments.

  • if I were a reporter and i was in the martz part of the press conference I would ask him why he called that play
    after his answer I would ask him yeah; "so why'd ya call that play?"
    and wahtever he said I'd ask him again
    and that should be the only question he should be asked by everyone in the room

    and then continue to ask it for about 5 more days

  • Only read the last 50-100 posts. Martz didn't call a great game but Hanie has to make some plays and better decisions. 2 of 3 INT's should never have been thrown. Horrible decisions by Hanie. The other was a sketchy decision and a terrible pass. Don't agree about the OL getting schooled. We ran the ball pretty well. You've got to give the other team credit too. Their DL/LB's played a solid game. We win this game with Cutler. Oh well, shoulda, woulda, coulda.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    my call for a better line play came from listening to a couple of raiser announcers on radio
    they kept praising the blitzes that they said came predominantly from the middle of the line play
    if that was the case; how come we had no answer for it
    plus from their description; hanie had little or no time
    and was always being flushed or pressured

    so were they that good at disrupting our plays
    or were we that bad in having the technique to get hanie more time

    i looked at the stats and they were pretty even; except when it came to spreading the ball around
    knox and forte got the majority of catches and attempts
    so either hanie didn't have time to look elsewhere
    or maybe he was rushed

    I can't help but think tice will not be too pleased with the results

  • Ok, so like others... we were all super frustrated because with cutty we destroy that very mediocre team... but hanker needs a real shot, which means more than one game.

    Now he's gotten his dick wet and can be a real qb next game instead if apaz.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    this should be a wakeup to our coaches inability, to get a game plan to fit our level of talent

    if we are down to our third string running back who is challenged
    will we continue to give him the ball and ask him to
    win it for us?

    cutler took sacks instead of trying to throw it up when we couldn't scheme for 7 step drops because of our inability to block effectively for the 7 step
    hanie tried to throw it when in trouble instead of taking the loss

    we were told by the coaches he would not be asked to win the game
    just manage it effectively

    i hope his 1st lesson is
    this is what happens when you try to make too much of busted plays
    figure how to get out of that play with minimal damage

  • I'm not putting this one on Hanie.
    It was his first NFL start and he shit the bed, that's par for the course. Nope, this comes right back to you-know-who, as it always does. The incompetent, brainless, no-savvy, grinning goon .... Jerry Angelo. There needs to be a veteran passer on every roster. Period. That's a no-brainer (just like Angela). When your #1 goes down, you either need to call on your work-in-progress QB or your grizzly vet. We have Hanie and a guy who's been a Bear for five minutes and is about five minutes away from a career at McDonalds.

    We need to run the ball but we can't. The line's too banged up and an injury away from being season-over. As a result, we need to be able to pass it, but we can't, because Angelo is a fool and we don't have a passer on the roster. So the net net is that our defense is going to get rolled every week because they're on the field all day and our offense can't score because ... well you've just seen why. Of course that's just me being negative so let's hear the positivity from some true fans ......

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Youre a true fan... just a negative one.

    I think your first thought was right... let's see what he does next game. We have three weak teams coming up that the raiders beat. we will win the next 3 hanie calms down

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    I don't like sounding like I'm defending JA, but I disagree about needing a veteran QB. Todd Collins was a veteran. Kordell Stewart was a veteran. Shane Matthews was a veteran (I can go on). Also, what veteran QBs were available? Which ones could the Bears afford?

    No, Hanie showed in the NFC championship game last year that he could do the job. No team can afford to have 2 QBs who are both going to go out an win tough road games. You have your very good starter, and you have a guy who can do spot duty. If you want a #2 who's better, you're going to sacrifice cap space and reps (in a "QB competition" situation) and end up with a #1 who's not as good. In other words, if you want a top-10 QB, you're not gonna be able to put a backup on the roster who can do 75% of what your starter can do. You're always gonna have a dropoff--except when you have a not-so-good #1, or in rare circumstances that don't last long.

    No, the bigger problem is that Martz doesn't know Hanie well enough to get him in a groove early, so he doesn't throw 3 INTs in the first half before he settles down and has a decent game. Martz's playcalling resulted in 2 3-and-outs and 3 INTs in the first half. Yes, those INTs were bad decisions and bad throws by Hanie, and drops by WRs contributed to the 3-and-outs. But if you're a legitimate "offensive guru," you gotta know what your players can do, and you put them in a position to be effective.

    To wit: Hanie DOES NOT HAVE CUTLER'S ARM; the rollout/throwback-to-Davis play should not have been in the playbook.

    I could go on, but I won't beat the dead horse. Take away Hanie's crappy 1st half, sure, and it's probably a W. But take away lousy gap control and pursuit angles by the LBs in the 2nd half, and it's a W. Take away some idiotic play-calling that put Hanie in a situation that didn't play to his strengths, and it's probably a W. Take away some O-line play that was weak, and it's probably a W. Take away some lousy refereeing, and it's probably a W.

    Let's lambaste JA for the lack of a #1 WR. Earl Bennett was a non-factor today, and not just because Cutty was out. Put a true #1 WR on the roster, and Earl Bennett puts up Pro Bowl numbers. Without a #1 (and without a rifle-armed QB), Bennett gets swallowed up by smart defensive game plans.

  • I was always thinking like a Sage Rosenfels or Tyler Thigpen as a backup. Both could have been had for very little.

    I hope KC don't start Orton next week, that's their only chance of beating us. That ... and Caleb. Methinks Martz gets a boot up the hole this week ..... lots more running plays in the next game - Oakland have a fearsome DL, we won't be seeing that again.

  • also, can the league hold a little press conference or meeting and actually teach these fucking idiot referees what a horse collar actually is???

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    there is a good picture on the trib photos that shows all jersey in louis' hand

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    On that play when the Bears got backup up from 3rd and 7 to 3rd and 15, did they call Hanie out of bounds? If so, that was the worst call of the game. But it might have been that he was past the line of scrimmage.

    Mercifully, the place where I go to watch has far too many boisterous Bears fans to ever hear the tools on TV, and I missed the refs signal :-(

    Although Lance got called unjustly, that tackle did save four points.

  • i'm sorry Irish, i'm not giving Hanie a pass. His only job was to manage the game and not lose the game for us by throwing ill timed interceptions in our own half of the field. His first half performance all but lost the game for us. our defense dominated in that first half and Hanie's bad decisions cost us offensive touchdowns and field position and allowed Oakland to get field goals that would come back to haunt us.

    No one asked him to try to be Cutler. All he had to do was not throw brutal interception after brutal interception after brutal interception.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    Hence why I nicknamed him Rex Hanie.

    I stated this on the "Hanie" post, but I think Hanie is constitutionally incapable of being a "game manager" just like Grossman.

    That's probably why we were fishing for Orton, a game manager by nature.

    Oh well. With the way the Chief's QB is playing tonight against the Steelers, we'll be seeing Orton at Soldier Field, just for the other team.

    Best description of Palko, "It looks like he's a lefty throwing with his right hand..."

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    One of the disadvantages of watching a game on television is you don't get to see the whole field. So I can't say how often Hanie had receivers in the open and failed to throw to them, but I'm guessing, not too damn often.

    If our receivers lack the moves to get open, then we do need Hanie to be Cutler. Or we bring Hester back as a receiver and rely on speed and long bombs.

    I know, Knox and Hester don't have great hands. But I don't think Hanie's bomb to Knox was a fluke. Complete enough of those, and you spread the opposing D. Then we can run more, and create some space for shorter passes.

    BTW, somebody really needs to teach Hanie to put some oomph into those short passes.

  • In reply to M Onan Batterload:

    +1 Those floaters scared the shit out of me all day.

  • Irish, you know I'm not a fan of JA but Hanie is not a rookie. It's his 4th year. He has the talent, he has to make better decisions. Last year we had that grizzled vet at #2. I know you're champing at the bit to bring up Sage Rosenfels so here's your chance.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    it is apparent that the speed of the game and hanies lack of consistent repetition in game situations cost him

    i blame the coaches for not making it more apparent to him that they would be coming after him in a big way
    if the pressure is such that the play breaks down
    and when it does use your legs to get out of the trouble more than your arm
    unless you are absolutely sure you have a clear shot at the reciever
    it is o.k. to take a loss
    just get as close to the line of scrimmage as you can if it's first or second down
    if it is third down get outside; head upfield and look for blocking

    you have a real running talent
    use it to your benefit

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    I think he got exactly that coaching at halftime. Wasn't that 24 yard run on 3rd and 18 in the third quarter?

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    No love for Sage? We might as well go for the world record of Jews on a football team outside of Israel. Would anyone on here seriously prefer McDowner/Enderle on the roster over Sage? I know Hanie was bad today, but his 4th year ? His 4th year of not playing football maybe ... and he wasn't given much help by either his line or his OC. Plus, I think people underestimate the Raiders - they're a good team and a tough defensive line. KC won't bring much tot he game next week and I think we can run it at them and work off the play-action, even get Caleb running some. We do need to be thinking about another QB signing though .....

  • Well boys, a very very very dissapointing game today. That 2nd and 1 at the end of the first half is going to give me nightmares. Why? Why? Why?

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Because Martz wasn't satisfied with the end-around to Bennet in the waning seconds of the 2010 championship game.

  • OK, can someone let me know if I have the rule wrong?

    But I thought the only way you get called for intentional grounding when you spike the ball is when you're doing it to avoid a sack, and not to stop the clock.

    The whole focus on the spike-to-stop-the-clock is a result of Kurt Warner and his fake spike routine. So faking the spoke is an unsportsmanlike conduct or something. But not spiking the ball right away isn't a penalty--it's only a penalty if you're spiking to avoid a sack, not to stop the clock.

    Do I have this right?

    I thought Lovie blew it--at the end of the game, he should've been all over the refs, finding out how the hell a QB can be called for intentional grounding when he's doing it to stop the clock. Instead, Lovie's giving the opposing coach a hug.

  • That was a hard game to watch. Here's hoping Hanie and the coaches learn the lessons and we see the second-half Hanie from here on out. I think we've got a pretty good shot at 11-5 -- this game was one of the two I thought we could drop on the final stretch. Whoe else but the Packers are going to beat us if Hanie's not throwing the game away? The Chiefs? Tebus? The fucking Seahawks? Minnesota with no Peterson? Not gonna happen.

    Mad props to Lance Louis chasing down that int to prevent the TD. He was channeling Cutler last game. Looked tired as shit after, though!

  • Currently, only the Chiefs haven't got a starter considerably better than Hanie - although Orton will likely start next week ....

    If we can't get drives sustained then the defense is not going to last out against anybody.

  • if we are going to get blitzed early and often
    then we have to use our D as a weapon
    ask them to keep us in the game

    and run the sh-t out of the ball asking barber and clutz
    and the O-line to punish the opponents D with a punishing running attack early and often

    they got tired but it was too late in the fourth
    we should have had them pounded into the meat grinder of a brutal frontal assault for three quarters
    their legs were gone but it was too late for us to make up the difference

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Exactly my thoughts, hb. With a "new" QB against a tough defense that is stacking the box, the best approach it to beat them up. Two TE, Clutts, and Barber. Up the middle. Often. Violently.

    Even swap Omelette in for a few plays for Spencer or Williams, with no other responsibility other than the hammer the shit out of whoever closest to him (on the other team, that is, Frank).

  • i heard this week that hanie gets very few reps during the regular season throughout the week

    when you have a quarterback that got hit as much as cutler
    you would think that as an organization
    you should keep your number two
    game ready by giving him the needed time each week to be throwing as much as your regular starter

    does he go to an adjacent practice field and make throw after throw to recievers running the specific routes that will be called for in the playbook?
    is he practicing rolling one way and throwing back across the field?
    is he practicing throwing passes while rolling out?

    he seemed to make tentative throws early
    when repetition throughout the week; would be building sensory memory for touch in live action
    It looked to me from the way I heard how this went down that he needed more time to get ready
    instead of being ready from the 1st snap

  • couple interesting stats (first one's for you Irish):

    BradBiggs about an hour ago #Bears WR Johnny Knox had 4 catches for 145 yards. He's now averaging 22.2 yards per catch (28-622).

    BradBiggs about 1 hours ago #Bears ran for 172 yards today. That's getting it done. Caleb Hanie had 50 yards on 5 rushes.

    Take away the 3 picks and we win the game comfortably... shit. take away just the last one at the Raider's 5 and we win the game. Gotta give the kid a little break johnny, he had to deal with a fucking maniac as an OC. I think if he chills out a little we beat the chiefs, broncos, seattle and vikes.

    One thing that's a little troubling... he has shown a penchant to throw INTs in really critical spots. Maybe just a coinkidink, but troubling.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Denver have a good defense, and Tebow seems to be a winner, if not exactly Joe Montana. Seattle cost me today, so move onto my shit-list alongside the Chiefs and Ravens. Lynch is a beast though and their defense isn't bad. We have it all to do though.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    common dude. it's getting silly man.

    They needed overtime and 3 fucking points to beat a team we assfucked to death... and would have more without your favorite receiver falling.

    yes, we're a much different team than we were last week... but let's see how haney responds in his second game (hopefully) with the gitters out of the way. We're a all-around better team than the next 3 even with hankey.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I've sat on the fence with Tebow until now, didn't feel like I needed to have one. But here are the facts. The dude is what, 5-1 as a starter? 22 rushes against the Chargers and still posts a QB rating of 94 ? People need to give this guy a break. But if I was Elway, I wouldn't have let Orton go if you're risking your QB 22 times like that.

    KC just held the steelers to 13 points and shut down their run basically. With Orton, they'll be possibly more effective on offense. We can't count our chickens, no way.

  • Irish, you touched on it in your post. The Raiders have a good front 7 on D. You have to give them some credit. Not sure why Barber didn't get more touches. He was on fire today. We had a bunch of penalties today and consistently lost the field position batlle. Janikowski and Lechler are two of the best in the business and they proved it today. Podlesh had a crappy punt or two and the D gave up about a half dozen big plays. Dave said it best earlier, total team loss.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    It drives me nuts when Barber doesn't get the ball on X and 2. He's money at that distance. And today he was breaking out, too!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Talk about kicking. Jimminy! 6 FGs and 80 yard punts!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I guess Lechler proved it you can kick to Hester, eh? Like I said a couple threads ago, the other teams have pride and in their minds *know* they can stop Devin.

    And to repeat, teams do so far more often than they don't. We just have an extremely skewed view of the probabilities of return TDs because we have the GOAT.

  • MB, agree with ya but I'm pretty sure Martz stressed to Hanie don't throw the pass unless you're sure. Hanie got pressured and floated a change up to Davis, who was double covered. A lousy call on 2nd and 1 to be sure but Hanie did the one thing he can't do on that play.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    agree with both your posts canada. just hope he gets his shit together for next week and martz uses fucking 22 and barber.

    oh and anyone know what in thee fuck is the deal with dudes wearing kinny jeans? holy shit that's gay with a capital G.

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Kellen could have helped by coming back to the ball. He had both feet set and was waiting for it. That's a no-no and he needs to learn from it.

  • we could get into playoffs with 9 wins heres how
    Bears beat Kc and Vikings, losses to den,seattle,packers
    Lions lose to Saints,Raiders,Packers or vikings
    Giants lose to Saints,Packers/Cowboys or just two nfc losses we won't have to worry about Giants trust me. now
    Bears 9-7 divison 3-3 common opp 5-3 conference 7-5
    Lions 9-7 division 3-3 common 5-3 conference 6-6
    giants 9-7 conference 6-6

  • In reply to Sean:

    If the Bears, Lions and Giants are all 9-7 (or 10-6) only the 2nd place team in the NFC North goes to the playoffs. In your scenario it's us over the Lions, but that looks like threading a needle to me...

  • In reply to Sean:

    Hopes and fervent prayers :

    Ben Rapist is playing with a broken thumb, I'll go with the non-displaced Bennet's fracture analysis and say Cutty's back in 4 weeks.

    Mike Martz pulls his head out of his ass. Again. For the umpteenth time. Play to your roster goldfish boy. The dude needs a glass stomach to see where he's going.

    Hanie pulls his head out of his ass and throws it away a lot more.

    We run it a whole lot more. Forte has a 5.2 average and he won't be meeting the Raiders every week.

    We start Paea over Big Toe Fatboy Useless.

    Lots, lots more running. Get Levi in there if Edwin isn't cutting it. We have the size to be a running team and the backs to do it so what gives?

    Brian Urlacher stays healthy.

  • Skinny jeans=hipsters. Hipsters=beatniks with a trust fund. Can't really comment on skinny jeans. The best description of my legs came from a co-worker. He said "The last time I saw legs like that, they were on a piano." Needless to say I've never been able to wear skinny jeans.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    hee hee

    Not sure I understand what prompted that, but I don't care. It's funny.

  • Sean, if we go 2-4 in our last 6 we don't deserve to be in the playoffs.

  • let's end this on a funny note
    after todays game I am left feeling like:
    (read this in your best Zsa-Zsa voice boys)

    Olivah !!!! Olivah!!!!
    "Mr. Haney is at the door; he is selling foootssssballlssss,

    I must admit Hanie had me sold
    I now know what oliver douglas felt like after Mr. Haney
    got done working him over week after week; on green acres

  • Hanie palko'd the shit out of that game.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    I guess you're referring to Tyler Palko?

    When I went to look for that verb of yours, it led me here. Thanks for the (inadvertant?) history lesson, Johnny!

  • HB and Johnny, funny stuff. Thanks for that.

  • This is gonna get lost with the new thread but I think it's noteworthy. Maybe Jeff can touch on this a little.

    Orton lost his first start 7-9 to the Redskins. The difference seems to be the picks that Hanie threw but the result was the same. A loss is a loss is a loss but it's rather unfortunate that Martz didn't figure for Hanie's lack of game time experience when game planning for the Raydah's. It's easy for quarterbacks to know what he should and shouldn't do in the film room but there's no substitute for game time experience. You've been schooled Caleb. What are you gonna do now?

  • Disappointing loss for sure. We finally ran into a team with better special teams than us, at least on the kicking side. Neutralized a huge strength for us and gave us terrible field position throughout the game, to me the biggest reason for the loss. [Well 3 picks of course were the reason for the loss but I believe field position contributed strongly to both the picks themselves and the resulting good field position for the other team when we were either punting or picking].

    I'm not ready to blame this one on Martz. Overall I thought it was pretty good play calling. When Hanie gets flushed out and tries to make a throw to a receiver, not sure that was how the play was drawn up. If it was, then yes, that's on Martz.

    I was furious at our receivers today, dropping easy balls all over the place early. What did Knox have, 3 of them? Didn't Dane have one, Bennett, Davis, Forte too? We have a first time starter out there and our receivers are leaving him hanging out there to dry. I thought they were the biggest goats of the game. Hanie is expected to have a rough day against a good D and consistently horrible field position. Those receivers are all professionals who have been playing. They sucked.

    Sadly, the decision to trade Olsen is proving to be a terrible one. I was fine with it at the time as I assumed the combination of Spaeth and Davis would make up for him. I was dead wrong. Apparently Spaeth is not a pass catching tight end of any import and Kellen Davis? He flat-out sucks. A good tight end would have been exactly what Hanie needed, the lack of one may doom him.

    I'm a bit miffed at one Matt Forte as well. We know his last couple of games haven't been near as good. I've been bugged by his less-than-classy comments about not being extended, and yesterday I felt like he wasn't trying as hard as he could to make a defensive play after the interceptions, particularly the first one. For some reason his head doesn't seem to be that into it, and if that's the case, the reason would be obvious. Now Matt has never given us reason to think this about him, but at the same time I would have never expecfed to hear some of the things out of his mouth I heard this year. Bottom line, Matty, we need an above and beyond effort from you if we're going to thread this needle and make the playoffs, so bring it man!

    My prescription for improving our Hanie-led offense is allow, and encourage, the man to run. He's a great runner and it's working for Tebow who has a much worse arm (imo) than Hanie. Even though we no longer have any good tight ends, pretend that we do and throw them the ball. Remember when Matt Forte used to be our top receiver? GET THE MAN BACK IN THE GAME, by passing it to him. And let's assume that last throw to Knox was not a fluke - take more chances, obviously earlier in the game, to chuck it deep. Hanie's got the arm and we have been underusing the speed of our receivers of late.

    I posted that this was the game we could afford to lose, and probably would. It was painful to watch a loss for the first time in a bunch of weeks, but we survived 3 picks and still had a chance to win with a minute left. The next three aren't gimmes and we can't underestimate them but the path is much easier and if Hanie's as smart as they are saying, he will learn from this game and have twice as much practice time for the next one.


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