A Million and a Half Reasons the Bears Beat the Eagles

A Million and a Half Reasons the Bears Beat the Eagles

I am going rapid fire here.  I am too excited to do anything else.

  • Was I nuts?  Is Earl Bennett this good?  He looked like a legitimate number one receiver last night and I apologize to any commenter I criticized for saying that.
  • Jay Cutler won the football game.  You have your quarterback, Chicago.
  • Julius Peppers is beyond male.
  • Izzy Idonije knew when to step his game up.
  • The Bears have the best linebackers in football and I'm tired of hearing people say otherwise.
  • Forte, stop fumbling.  Otherwise you're gold.
  • Did anyone have a single complaint about the Bears offensive line last night?  Me neither.  Amazing, Mike Tice.  Amazing.
  • I love D.J. Moore.
  • And Tim Jennings' tackling.
  • Adam Podlesh should not be forgotten for pinning DeSean Jackson in that corner when he fumbled.  Huge punt.
  • The 51 yard field goal by Robbie Gould?  Also huge.
  • I think Lovie Smith is a winning football coach.  And if you gave him a better GM, he'd win championships.
  • Roy Williams, go fuck yourself.  You have to catch that bomb.
  • On a similar note I would stop the Devin Hester experience on offense sooner than later.
  • Did I mention Julius Peppers is post-male?
  • We thought the story would be the safeties.  It wasn't.  They were great.
  • Chris Williams, I'm watching.  You're becoming one of the best guards in the game.
  • When Gabe Carimi comes back, you tell me where he goes...

I'm sure there's more but I'm slightly less than intoxicated and I'm going to sleep.  See ya'll tomorrow.  Big win for our Bears.

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  • it was an assome win we need to keep it up against the Lyons we are playoff bound and could upset the Packers in Lambo

  • "Roy Williams, go fuck yourself.  You have to catch that bomb."

    best part of the ENTIRE post...
    I also agree with the Hester comment...
    some people say we paid him to be a receiver, I say he's EARNED that money as a returner...

    my suggestion on the WR depth chart....
    1. Bennett
    2. Knox
    3. Williams

  • In reply to SoILBearsFan:

    X - Williams
    Y - Bennett
    Z. - Hurd

    Switiching Hester/Knox in for Bennett or one of the outside guys if it's route one.

    But what, oh, what, do we thnk will happen to Carimi when he gets back. I didn't see the game tonight, read it play by play on the ticker, but zero sacks ? I guess that means Webb had a decent game?

    This game was the litmus test of who we are, and it would appear we're getting better and better. Hats off to Lovie, LoveRod, Mad Martz and Tice

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Illegal Sam Hurd Boner. 15 yards.

  • +1. Hurd recovered the punt fumble (great job Corey Graham) but didn't do much else. And he's caught 1 ball this year.

  • In reply to Jokey:

    gotta throw him the ball in order for him to catch it jokey

  • oh...
    and GREAT fucking job O-Line!!!!

  • cannot understate how brilliant of a game Martz called. that may the best game i've seen him coach as the Bears OC. defensive gameplan was excellent, special teams played great (Corey Graham better go to the Pro-Bowl this season)....great win on all 3 phases.

    i echo your Hester sentiment, Blogfather. the more time he's in the receiving corp, the more time he's holding a spot for a #1. kick Roy off, sign Reggie Wayne in the offseason, hellllllo Super Bowl.

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    Maybe you missed parts of the game but with two minutes left in the second half, plenty of timeouts and you throw three straight passes and burn maybe 15 seconds off the clock? Seriously? Martz is beyond bi-polar, at times he looks like a genius, but most times he appears as an inebriated drunk at the local dive who wants to tell you his life story. What about getting timely play calls to Cutler? You think that Cutler is smiling up at Martz high in the sky cause he is in agreement? Nope! He really wants to flip the bird to him and be able to call audibles like any other professional QB in the league. Martz is a hack, just surrounded by others that are carrying his dead weight!

  • In reply to ChiBears34:

    how can you give Cutler a bunch of credit, but take a dump on Martz? yea his redzone O that time was terrible, but overall, he called a great game. it was a balanced game where the OL protected Cutler, opened holes for Forte (w/ and w/o fumbles), and that put 30 pts. on the board (all offensive) on a hot Eagles team. gotta give credit where credit is due.

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    And the more looks he gets at WR the more likely he is to get injured, as happened against the Eagles.

  • How 'bout them Bears. Top to bottom, great win on the road!

    Love watching Jay play when he's not running for his life.

    Hats off to the O-line.

    Welcome back Earl Da Pearl!


  • Wish I could have seen that. We may only lose one more if they keep playing like that ....

  • fb_avatar

    zero sacks!

  • I never thought I would disappointed with a RB after an 150 yard game.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Nagurski:

    +1 old bean. Let's hope its just a sympathetic reaction to a temporary case of slippery bollocks or something.

  • Listening to the radio this morning is truly comforting. It felt like a wake on Mike & Mike. Hilarious. The eyebrows in the media world are starting to raise. Could it be? My Bears have found some momentum.

    Our boys really do control their own destiny now and I know the division crown looks unreachable but there's always hope.

  • At least we have a center for the foreseeable ....


  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Yup Irish. We seem to have made very good improvement on the line.

    On another note, looking at the schedule, it's pretty obvious the Bears need to lock up at least one home playoff game. Finishing our season up on the road against the Packers and Vikings will be tough without a home playoff game in the post season.

  • If the Lions, Bears, Giants beat the Cheese and they some how lose another game, it's possible. I don't see the Lions beating the Packers twice but if they do, that creates a head to head and conference scenario that would be advantageous to the Bears.

    The game is afoot gents.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    I meant advantageous to the Lions.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    the Lions won't beat the Packers once let alone twice. I'm stating right now that the Bears will beat up on the Lions next week and you will see a precipitous downfall with the Bears finishing better than them. I'd say the Lions will be lucky to go 9-7.

  • Never thought the o-line could improve like this. I've noticed there doesn't seem to be the deep drop backs for Jay anymore. He's even rolling out of the pocket by design now. Could it be that Martz finally learned that our line was not equipped to handle those deep drops? Either way I hope Martz has learned that he needs to keep to Jays strengths and getting killed on every other play when you run a 7 step drop is not his strong suit.

  • Overall, I was more than pleased.

    1) You're forgiven, Jeff. When the Bears drafted Earl, and I read that he was the all-time SEC receptions leader in three years at Vanderbilt (think about those last four words) there was no way the guy could not be really good, so I was pretty much a Day One convert. All he does is get open, catch *everything*, break tackles, and when he does not have the ball, throw serious blocks. His approach to the game reminds me of that of a certain running back from a generation ago.

    2) I think that Martz and Tice have finally come to some level of agreement on what the offense can and cannot do. Not sure whether it was Jay calling them out in that press conference, but other than a couple of “trick” plays (which I think the Bears need to keep in the mix) the play calling seems more molded to the personnel rather than trying to mode the personnel to the playbook. A number of us have called for that since I first got on Da Blog back in the Ron Turner days. Am I dreaming, or are seeing some of that?

    3) Yes, kudos big time to the offensive line. Perhaps we can stop the “CW is a bust” talk?

    4) Other than one drive when the Bears really needed to call a couple of running plays when Jay was flustered and simply could not throw the ball straight, Cutler and Martz did an excellent job. The inclusion of a moving pocket, while long overdue, came at a great time. It seemed that the Philly pass rush was confused by it.

    5) Yeah, Forte fumbled twice. But if he holds true to form, you won't see another one this year. One of the best things about last night’s offense was when the bread and butter (Matt) was having a little trouble, other guys (Marion, Earl, and Jay) picked the team up and did the job anyway.

    6) While Briggs and Peppers had fine games, Urlacher had ten tackles (including at least three times burying McCoy in the turf) and one pass deflection. The guy is playing some incredible football this year. Although it hurt a lot to have him out of the lineup in 2009, it may have ultimately given the Bears a couple extra years from a guy that is still as good as any MLB in the NFL.

  • Cool story for you guys. So my oldest son plays bantam level football and his team was chosen to play Dec. 4th at halftime of the Bears/Chiefs game. They get to play a collection of mascots out on the field. I ran the offense this season and at Bantam level the coach is on the field calling plays, so I get to go out there with the team. We had a great team this season going from 0-9 last season to 7-2 team with one playoff win. So, needless to say the kids are pumped. Couldn't be more proud of a group of kids that were outsized in every game we played this season. So if anyone is at the game on Dec. 4th watch for the old single wing offense being run by a bunch of 8-9 year olds. It's so fun to watch.

  • In reply to JAB1:


  • In reply to JAB1:

    oh yeah... enjoy JAB, that's unreal.

  • In reply to JAB1:


  • In reply to JAB1:

    That's awesome, Jab. Almost makes me want my boys to play football... almost.

  • The safeties played... ehh..

    sorry but I watched Conte get juked and then Major get juked " McCoy wasn't even looking at Major..his back was turned and he juked him"

    They did play great in the pass though.

    I thought offensivly we were awesome but the D could have played a little better. Still a great game

    Roy and Hester need to either man up or stay on the bench.

    Please, remember that for some reason the Eagles had a lot of drops and Idk if it was because they were scared or Vick couldn't stomach throwing them.

    Was it me or did Jay look effing awesome.

  • Ohh.. I apologize.. I thought we didn't need a number one wideout.

    I am wrong. We need someone who Jay can rely on like Bennett.

  • I’ll keep it in short-hand, youz guyz will know what I mean:

    1. OLine – fucking awesome game. Hats off to each of you and Mr. Balou bear tice. Zero sacks and tons of great plays

    2. Earl, my boy! Dude is the fucking MAN. One more of him at 6’4” and we’re in the SB baby

    3. I love Lance Louis (nice call irish… well, 1 for 3 but nice call) – The dude is like the frat mom out there. ALWAYS picking our guys up after plays and is always willing to get in someone’s face when they’re being a meanie. Oh and he fucking pulls and FLATTENS guys

    4. Forte – You get a pass for trying to give them the game. If it was anyone else in your situation, I would question their motives. Really glad you got your 2 yearly fumbles out of the way now… in a win. You sir, are also ridiculous.

    5. Hester had an off night. It’s ok… as long as he’s not really injured. Their punter and cover teams did an excellent job.

    6. I’m half with FQ (come back to us baby!) and half with ChiB – Martz went a little fucking pass happy in the second (the entire second) and abandoned the off takcle ‘sweeps’ that were working SO well. And he doesn’t use Barber and the beast package (louis/spaeth/clutts/barber) NEARLY enough on short yardage/goal line…. BUT, I fucking LOVED the moving pocket. 2 years fucking late, but at least it’s finally here!

    7. Lach and Briggsy we on fucking FIRE last night. Just amazing games – maybe briggsy finally forgot about the new lambo and decided to actually start playing again finally. Oh, and we (fucking jerry) better pick up lach’s replacement NEXT YEAR so he has at least 2 years apprenticing under lach. Lach is amazing still… but it won’t last forever. Same with Briggsy who may be gone next year?

    8. Peppers is a fucking freak of nature. Who goes out with a sprained knee and comes back in a couple of plays later to blow up the game…. TWICE in one fucking year! Freak. Of. Nature. Nice game izzy, thanks for showing up 8 games in baby.

    9. Great play by the corners last night… and moore. They need to catch those two INTs maings.

    10. Safeties – meh. They kept the ball in front of them… except for Pringles infuriating whiff for the TD, but to his credit, McCoy is a pretty amazing RB, his elusive style reminds me of barry. Conte was so far back off the ball it took him a few seconds to come up and hit celec on a 20 yard catch… that’s how far back he was lined up. Yes, they weren’t shit, and they didn’t get burned… and I know they are both super young… but honestly guys, we still need a franchise FS back there who knows what the fuck is going on, can get to the ball, and can cover like fog. We don’t have him right now, at all.

    11. Receivers – Did I mention Earl? I agree with Irish on Hurd man. The dude is fast and tough. I’m NOT a fan of clown shoes. Dude catches the easy ones (thank god) and always seems to miss the ones in traffic or the difficult catches. He’s totally scared across the middle and he loafs a lot. He also runs like he’s wearing clown shoes… this is NOT the roy williams of old… he’s just old roy williams. Here’s my line up:

    X – Knox/Sandbanger
    Y - Bennett
    Z. – Hurd/Williams

    Oh, and what the fuck happened to sandbanger… I know cutty was a little inaccurate at times last night, but that kid couldn’t catch a fucking cold.

    12. Awesome job cutty. Awesome game call Mari!!! The blitzes were VERY welcomed. Nice work.

    13. All in all a great game… I could barely go to sleep I was so amped. Going to be a good week regardless of what else happens… oh, and we’re going to fucking destory the lions at home baby!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I think Conte is going to be okay, MB. He knows the most important thing for a safety, and that is tackling. Every safety that has ever played periodically whiffs in the open field on the elusive-type back.

    But (and yes, I know it's still early) it looks like Conte can get the TEs to the ground, and that bodes well for tackling the big guys like Megatron.

    Speaking of learning more about what we have back in the saefty position, next week will be another test for sure.

  • By the way... was it me ... or did it look like Jay was calling audibles?

  • In reply to Artoo:

    I think he was jest telling everyone who was coming. It did look like it though

  • According to Tice, Carimi was the best O-Lineman on the squad before he went down. Obviously, when he is at full strength he will play. I have no idea where they will put him. Could Spencer supplant Garza at C, so Carimi and Louis can play their natural positions? Good problem to have, but I trust Tice make the right move. Cohesion is a virtue.

    I thought the play call on 3rd and short that went to Kellen Davis (Cutler barely overthrew him) was brutal. Especially the way we were running the ball.

    Cutler over/under threw a ton of balls in the first half. I don't think last night was his best performance from a "mechanical" standpoint, but I love the way he played throughout the game.

    Earl gets a game ball.

    Dear Dane, catch the one ball thrown to you per game, or find no balls thrown to you.

    McCoy is a stud. He was fun to watch.

    Peanut, Okoye, and Big Toe each had solid performances as well.

    If we lose last night, the sports media, instead of reporting the news, would have created news by making the issue Forte somehow cost us the game...was it intentional??? It would have been circus like. Circus acts drive ratings... glad we didn't give them that.

    Detroit is next!

  • In reply to Viva:

    viva... did you see my props for the online above? I might just owe you a steak dinner my man. Should we invite tice?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    He has earned it more than I. It's not even December yet, and we are rolling up D-Line's. There is no better recipe in the playoffs than 4.6 ypc!!!

    I want the Bears to modestly up their offer and Forte to lower his demands and get a deal done.

  • In reply to Viva:


  • http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/keepnickelback/

    BEARS FANS: Check out this petition and sign it to keep the Lions fans miserable this Thanksgiving!!!! BEAR DOWN!!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to burtvid:

    meh, let's not turn into packer-like trolls.

    The best way to keep those tools miserable is to beat their fucking ass this week. Bear down!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    +1, MB.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    +a whole lot, MB. I want Detroit fans delirious on Thanksgiving for their guys planting Rodgers on the IR.

  • It goes without saying, I LOVE the rollouts that finally appeared in the game plan.

    Earl Bennett, your table is ready.

    OK, Matt, so you're human. Now we don't expect to see you lay it down again for another 350 touches or so.

    Nice to see/hear Lovie get his back up a bit. Did you hear him actually refernce the (insulting) point spread in his post-gamer?

    The Spinmeisters were turning Jay's post game comments into a slap at his offensive line. Go suck an egg, losers.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe I saw ONE false start penalty n the Bears last night and if Lance Louis plays like that EVERY week I'll GIVE him one false start every week.

    Jay won the game and he wasn't even at his sharpest at times.

    I am soooo going to enjoy listening to the Philly broadcast of last night's game. It'll be worth the $30 NFL AUDIO subscription all by itself.

    How wounded is Hester? When I see a guy limp off without even being hit I get VERY nervous.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    yeah Al, it looked like a cutting-injury to the knee... dangerous.

  • The Offensive line was stellar...


    And Bennett's performance was slick...




    If there's one thing Lovie KNOWS how to do...




    It's how to beat Michael Vick.



    Burma Shave

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Bravissimo, Al.

  • Even when gabe carimi comes back i say sit em and make him earn his spot cause our oline is playin lights out. Lance Louis seriously wanted to kill someone last night.

    Earl Bennet enuff said.

    Even when we were down i was still very confident we were gonna win.

    Roy Williams besides the dropped bomb played decent. He caught some key passes for us.

    Great win

  • Time to be trite:

    "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" - Bert Lance.

  • It looked like half the line was ANGRY just about every play, although Lance was clearly the ringleader.

    Old school Bears football - Monsters stuff.

    Fuck yeah.

  • Oh, and thank you "Smokin' Joe" Frazier for all the entertainment when the heavyweight division still mattered.

  • Now we have another must win game down the stretch. If we don't pull off this lion's game at home we will not get the wild card, if we win this and then pull out 4 more wins down the stretch we'll get in on a wild card.

  • The irony of watching Roy Williams get back into football shape and get his legs under him is that now it highlights his case of the drops. I don't know what that is about, honestly. Alot of things can go bad on a wideout, but his hands pretty much stay the same his whole life. WTF Roy.

    Thayer's post game comments on 105.9FM (you can listen to this on the interwebs btw, at radio.com) WBBM-FM (and AM) were interesting. He said the very hardest thing to do as an O-line is to abandon the run and then go back to it. That once you get into passing sets and get into pass blocking, to turn back around and re-establish the run is damn hard, because you are hurting by the 2nd half and you have to be really tough.

    He was really pleased that we came out, established the run - then Martz went nutty and we went spread - and then Lovie bitch slapped him at halftime - and then we came out in the 3rd and got the run going again. Kudos to the run blocking for that.

    Spencer for hire is no great shakes, but he's a better guard than center. What has been the best development at O-line all season, and maybe for the last several seasons, is Lance Louis emerging as a hell of a right tackle. Who the fuck saw that coming? Irish pimped the guy, but as a guard. He's not flawless, but he works over there.

    On the drive where we had to settle for Gould FG to go to 30, they had Spaeth over there a couple times and the DE still got to Cutler. But Cutler remained remarkably upright. A few times his protection slides, just the shuffle out to the right (mostly) and sometimes left - worked very well to buy him the time he needed. It really helps when Forte is such a weapon, that the Eagles often doubled him coming out of the backfield. That is one less blitzer in all packages.

    Jay said in the post game that his fade to Bennett in the corner, Earl is not even 3rd option on that play. That they went off script, because they locked eyes and he knew that Earl saw what he saw, and Earl was ready for that fade. That is what having a QB and WR who know each other can do.

    Lastly, I know we are not to feed the trolls, but it needs saying:

    Cheesy. Go fuck yourself with a greased metal pole you ultimate douchebag asswipe who trolls another team's board because your life is so fucking pathetic. How did yo like them apples, braaaaah? Fuck you.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    good thoughts GP.

    More for cheesy's much more douchy breathren than him lately for me.

  • Bennett said the TD catch play call was supposed to be a shovel pass. If every play has a well-designed second option, does Cutler need to change the play? I say no.


  • Couple of other observations:

    After Peppers twisted his knee and sat down, they moved Melton to LE and put Paea and Toe in at tackles, with Izzy playing every down out there at mostly LE but sometimes RE. Melton's motor allowed him to bull rush decently, and many many times they put Vick on the ground.

    By the end, especially the last drives, Vick was spent. His lungs were punched out. He was sore. His throws still had zip, Maclin fucked him over with drop after drop. He was so spent that at the end, all he managed with 3 seconds left was a dump off pass. He couldn't even gun the hail mary out there for a shot at the game. That said it all.

    Pep, after he came back, his bull rush was off the table. I think that's where he needs his knee strength, and it just isn't there. His value being out there, is that even with his twisted knee, his foot speed is still incredible, near superhuman for a man his size. He is like a 4th linebacker out there, he contains Vick's runs so well because he's so damn fast. But the injury has really limited his bull rush.

    If Blogfather is to be believed, then Briggs and Lack make WAY up for Roach, who is not a great linebacker. I am not convinced that he's even really very good. I would say he skims the bottom of the average range. Watch McCoy's long TD again. You will see what I mean.

    As a result of Roach - we saw a lot of DJ Moore on the field. Which is fine, because he did a great job in his zones and really gave Vick fits. You could see Vick hesitate and pull balls down, mainly because Moore was sitting underneath routes. They had to run the crossing route to get anything cleared. Clearly, the Eagles were not worried about Pringles or Conte tagging anybody hard, so they ran the crossing route with impunity.

    Conte did what he needed to do: he played centerfield really well, didn't let anybody get behind him and was on every wideout if they broke past the LBs pretty well. He really reminds me of Fencik out there.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    GP, I know conte is a rook and he has big upside so far, but there a lot of game to be played before I start using his name in the same sentence as Fencik maing.

  • Couple of side points. 1) My betting website tried to design a bet called a slider which they unveiled for this game. They said that the best oddmakers said the Bears would win, so they offered gamblers the ability to put a bet on the Eagles at a 1.5 point spread if they wanted to take it. I am not kidding. betonline.com . They knew something was up. 2) PK's fine fifteen and SI.com's war against giving the Bears credit is falling apart again as the Bears players demonstrate that sports casters like Dilfer don't win football games. NFL players like Forte and Cutler win football games.

  • In reply to irootedforjayin09:

    I hate all those assholes root. bunch of fucking hacks.

  • Now that we know this.. Jay is calling the fucking plays man!!! lol

  • BAAAAAAhahahahah... great call peter you fucking hack:

    "Who I Like Tonight, Period
    Philadelphia 23, Chicago 21. Something's got to give: Eagles back LeSean McCoy's gashing the opposition for 5.6 yards a carry, Matt Forte of the Bears for 5.4. My money's on the Eagles to hold the line slightly better, and to protect the quarterback loads better.

    Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/writers/peter_king/11/07/Week9/index.html#ixzz1d8P3I4LM"

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    you too banks you clown:


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    watch the vieo... why do so many assholes hate us: http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2011110700/2011/REG9/bears@eagles#menu=highlights&tab=analyze


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yeah, I saw that earlier but was too pissed to comment. Fuck them.

    But it's all good; let them continue to not respect the Bears. Our guys feed on that shit big time.

  • New thread

  • All I have to say wow what a game!! Go Bears!

    Casey Mahoney Brad P

  • Really glad Matt's fumbles didn't cost us the game. Agree with most of the stuff that's been posted. I'm not going to make any judgements on individual players on D because they whiffed on McCoy. I think everyone whiffed on him at least once last night. Fucker is elusive. I loved it when Izzy walloped him. Izzy got Vick a couple of good ones too. Totally agree with GP about Vick being beat up. When Briggs chases him down from about 40 yds away, you know Vick's hurting. No knock on Briggs but under normal circumstances Vick would smoke him in a foot race.

    Don't know why you guys let the media foofs get you so worked up. I'm glad they shit on the Bears all the time. It seems to really motivate them. Give Lovie credit for using that tactic. it almost always works.

    One thing I notice with the media foofs is the way they treat Cutler. If he throws a bad ball they carry on like he's Bobby Douglass. If one of their darlings throws the same shitty ball, they have a half dozen ready made excuses. Really transparent. Oh well.

    We controlled both LOS last night. If not for Matt's fumbles it wouldn't have been close. Gotta give the coaches and players credit. They wanted it more than Philly last night.

  • Awsome win! Due to the number of Vandy players the Bears have drafted recently, I am one the growing number of Vandy Alums in Nashville and around the nation that have become die-hard Bears fans. Actually, I've always pulled for the Bears ever since former Bears QB, Bill Wade, then retired, showed up at practice during my first year of organized football and taught us how to pass the ball. But,
    now a true fan in every sense of the word.

    I've been saying since the day the Bears signed him that all they needed to do was to give Jay a decent offensive line and a few weapons at wideout and, most importantly, let Jay be Jay, he would get them to another super bowl. He is an athlete, a football player, more than he is a passer. He is much more effective when he can use all of his assets, not only the cannon arm, but his quick feet , balance, and instincts. He's best when he's moving. To put in perspective, just how good he can be. Cutler was the SEC MVP and best offensive player his senior year. Think about that. The most dominant conference in college football, Florida, Alabama, LSU, Tennessee, Georgia, etc. and Cutler, from Vanderbilt, not exactly a powerhouse, wins it.

    Vandy won 5 games that year and beat Tennessee in Knoxville in the final game of the year. Without Cutler and Earl Bennett, they would have struggled to win 1 game and would have defintely lost every SEC game. The last play of the game was a Cutler rocket to a diving Bennett in the end zone, that somehow sqeezed between 3 defenders and into Bennett's outstretched hands for the winning touchdown as as the game ended. If Cutler played for Florida he would have probably won the Heisman.

    Speaking of Earl, he still holds the all-time SEC receiving record and he only played 3 years.

    Beginning with Hunter Hillenmayer, the Vandy Bears Jay, Earl, Chris, and D.J. have given us long-suffering Vandy football fans something about Vandy football to cheer about.

    We, here in Nashvegas, know the real JC. Both as a player and as a person. He's nothing like the media portrays him. He still lives here in the off seaon because he knows we have his back.

    The media trashes him because they just can't get over the fact that he truly doesn't give a damn about what those self-important jerks think of him. He never will. They're wasting their time. That's just who he is. It's really fitting that he's a Bear. The media never gives them the credit they deserve.

    The Cutler/Bennett connection you guys saw Monday night is something special that can take the Bears a long way if they'll keep giving Jay the same protection and balanced play calling.

    Go Bears!! We here in Vandyland are pulling for ya.

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