The Practical Tuesday Response (Both Positive & Negative)

The Practical Tuesday Response (Both Positive & Negative)

I try not to be rash, especially in the immediate aftermath of football games.  I invest so much emotionally into these ball games (as I know many of you do) it becomes difficult to remove the impulsive anger/disappointment when stepping back to analyze what took place on the field.  So today I present a practical approach, both positive and negative, to looking at where the Bears stand after five weeks of the NFL season.


  1. The Bears defense is doing what they are designed not to do: allow big plays.  The reason is the safety position (we knew this coming into the year) and the disappearing act at the linebacker position (nobody saw this coming).
  2. The Bears are dropping too many Jay Cutler passes.  The reason is they are mediocre wide receivers.  We knew this coming into the year.
  3. The Bears are struggling along the offensive line.  The reasons are J'Marcus Webb is green (we knew this) and Gabe Carimi is hurt (we know all about Frank Omiyale).
  4. Mike Martz and the offensive coaching staff are simply not getting the job done.  Not enough throws to Forte.  Too many bubble screens to Hester.  Too many deep drops into a shaky pocket.  Not helping their tackles once they begin to struggle in games.  Right now the Bears offense is literally being saved by the quarterback's moxie/ridiculous arm and Matt Forte.
  5. The truth is the Bears are making too many mistakes.  False starts, drops, missed defensive assignments...etc.  These are organizational concerns - Jerry, Lovie, Virginia, Rahm, everyone.  These are also correctable concerns.  But the Bears know these concerns exist heading into each Sunday and they don't seem to make them priorities.


People tell me it is too early in the season to scoreboard watch.  I don't agree.  Right now if you're a Chicago Bears fan, put the division title out of your mind.  The Packers are a far superior football team and will remain so throughout 2011.  The Lions are not a far superior football team and the Bears will get another crack at them at Soldier Field  down the line.  But the Bears are ALREADY three games back of the Lions.  So put that at of your mind too, for now.

Go look around the rest of the conference.  Dallas?  Giants?  Falcons?  Bucs?  Redskins?  Eagles?  Where is that second wildcard team coming from?  The answer is it could be anywhere.  Right now the Chicago Bears don't look anything close to a title contender but winning the next couple weeks will send them into their bye 4-3 and put them in a terrific position to be a playoff team.  I repeat: this is not a championship caliber team.  But to believe this season is anywhere near over because of the 2-3 start is simply wrong.


The Bears have a home game against the Vikings and a London game against the Bucs.  If they can win these two and begin correcting their fairly large-scale errors, they can make a run to the postseason.  9-7 is going to get in and getting in is what it's all about.  Meaningful games in December are what it's all about.  They need to win these two to secure them.

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  • tired of putting jerry first on the chopping block

  • BLOGFADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF PLAYOFFS!!!!!!

  • for you coach:

  • The Bears have lost three games to the three best teams in the conference, hands down. I don't get what folks aren't noticing.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    Jeff… please don't insult our intelligence.

    We’ve lost to two of the best teams in the conference… and one with 2010-like bears luck.

    And it’s not who we’ve lost to, it HOW we’ve lost. I’m not calling for a 5-6 win season yet, but man is this team in disarray. The bottom line is that if this continues, it’s going to take a miracle for us to get a wildcard berth.

    I don’t at all blame the players (except for Briggs – he’s throwing games because he’s pissed). I just want change finally where it’s desperately needed. There is PLENTY of evidence to show that there is a chronic disease at halas. I’ve even come to the understanding/acceptance that lovie and his stable of sub par coaches can stay. At the very least they create strong team chemistry in the locker room. And I know with this ownership you must pick your battles and chose your shots…

    …my shot, as it always has been… is jerry angelo – not because of this one game, but because there is no need to keep throwing yet another week’s evidence on a mountain that is already Everest-like in its height and depth. The man who simply has no clue about any aspects of the talent acquisition process… the main, core, necessary skill that defines an NFL GM. Jerry Angelo MUST be gone before the next draft. Plain and simple.

  • All right..everyone got their two sense in and now I want mine.

    This oline lost the game to us. I don't care how many times Our defense got burned. I do but that is not my point at the moment.

    Someone needs to realize that Omiyale is done. Do not fucking start him anymore. Period.

    I still believe in Webb. I don't give a damn what everyone thinks. The dude is starting the second or third hardest spot on the offense and he can't make mistakes?

    Why the &)**((^&)*)& can we not go on the correct )(*&&)*)&)* snap count!!!!!!

    Defense.. you disgust me. The play with Megatron was coming. I knew it.. told you..right side and I knew he would get his. He is a legit wideout. Anyways, where is our run D? I don't see any diffrences in the defense from last besides Harris and Manning. Your not gonna tell me that those two made our run D work.

    Briggs, CH, all the DT, nut the hell up.Pitiful when the offense that does not run..runs all over us.

    How about some words for Jay and Forte.. hanging in there.. making plays when the could..key word could. I am holding back any judgement on Jay from now on. Till we actually get people who can block. I don't care if the line blocks the rest of the year and Jay doesn't do it. The man has been annihilated every play and still gets up.

    Why did they keep Omiyale in there so long!!?

  • I hate to say this Jeff, but I don't think we can beat the Vikings. I mean, we can't stop the run. IF we can change that then yes but damn.. our dline is getting destroyed in the run game.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    Artoo is correct Peterson will open up a can of whoop ass if we play like we did last night!

  • 4th!AND ONE ON THE 30...Ummm let's go for it.


    I hear you Jeff and I always have matter how bad it gets..I guess that's the "fan" part kicking.

    Look at the St. Louis Cards...they were 10 games out and needed the Braves to lose...everyone counted them out and I mean everyone...look at them now...Can the Bears do something similar and make the play-offs...of course...but the odds of that happening? Well I don't even want to think about it.

    WTF does it take so long for Martz to get the play to Jay...seems to me it's happened a lot in the last few games. What is the issue there bad radios?

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    I'm different in that I liked going for it on 4th and 1. It showed balls. What I didn't like was running Forte on a short yardage play. He's proven he is not the short yardage back. Why did we get Marion Barber if he's not going to run the ball in short yardage situations. if you're asking me who's the better back I'll say Forte every time but if you ask me who would you rather have on the goal line or 4th and short I'll take Barber every time.

  • In reply to JAB1:

    + so many.

    I was screaming that exact thing from my couch.


    Then, bingo. forte dive right into the middle of our line getting blown up. Fuuuuuck.

  • In reply to JAB1:

    More to the point, why doesn't Clutts or some 260 pounder run it in for us at the goal-line?

  • No Peterson won't. The Bears will commit to stopping the run Sunday night because McNabb can't beat them with his arm. One dimensional teams aren't difficult for the Bears. The Vikings are very one dimensional.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    Great effing point.

    I hope your right but damn, Peterson is still getting yards and touchdowns when people try to focus of just him.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    Peterson will have a big day. It's like this defense got old overnight after the Falcons game. One to two games of bad games can be an anomoly, but four consectuive bad outings seems like a trend to me. The Bears have given up over 2,000 yards in the past four games. To put that in perspective, that is more than they have given up in 96 years or so over the same period. Very bad sign my friends.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    Jeff, I don't feel the same way. McNabb is not a great QB but he is still a "good" one. Again, if we do not pressure him and only send our front 4 he will have time to pass and he's half bad. If our D line and LB play like last night Peterson will put a hurt on us. We cannot under estimate Vikes. There is no team out there right now...except maybe the Bucs...that I can say the Bears should beat for sure. McNabb might be old, a bit washed up, but he's no push over and the Vikes problems have been more on the defensive side of the ball. We must exploit that and use Forte and Barber to open them up to a big pass play here and there we should do fine...but I will not under estimate Peterson or McNabb..especially after last night's performance by our D.

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    He is nowhere NEAR a good one. You've got to see him these days. He's terrible. The Bears will win this game.

    And I'm not fan homering with these comments. I thought this Bears team would be far better than they are. They are simply not very good right now. But they are better than Minnesota and Tampa.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    Have to agree that Mcnabb is medicore at absolute best. Don't agree that Peterson isn't going to eat our defense alive though.

  • In reply to JAB1:

    Its okay if a great QB gets a couple of passing TDs or a great RB gets 100+ yards and a TD or 2. The trick is to make sure that the team was so committed to the stars getting their stats, that nobody else scores.

    If AP runs 150 yards and 2 TDS, the Bears can still win 20-17 no problem.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    Far enough but even a mediocre QB can look like a friggin hero playing against a defense like we put on the field last night. I hope I'm wrong and you're right.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    McNabb is finished all right, but he can just hand it off to AP every play - we can't stop anybody or anything. Who thought we'd be hanging Briggsy out to dry this year? About the only guys people seem reluctant to trade now are Jay and Forte. Is there a problem with morale because of the CF at Halas Hall?

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    Isn't that what everyone was saying about the Lions this week? All I heard was that they don't have a run game. Look how that turned out for us.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    But it's a dimension we can't even stop. Even Briggsy sucked against the Lions. If we can't stop Jahvid Best we are not going to stop AP. We can't stop anything or anybody. C'est la vie maintenant.

  • Playoffs and a maintaining of the current front office is not a route I, personally, want to go.

    Playoffs and Jerr Bear and Lovie gone? Sign me up.

    No playoffs and no more Jerry... Sign me up.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:


  • "... winning the next couple weeks will send them into their bye 4-3..."

    That's looking WAAAAY too far down the road for this team, blogfather. Let's see if they can manage 3-3 before we talk about 4-3.

  • 9-7 will not get a wildcard team into the playoffs. 10-6 maybe, but not 9-7. The Packers were #6 last year at 10-6. Tampa Bay and Philly, and NYG also were contending for playoff spots and needed to be at least 10-6 to get in.

    9-7 (or even 7-9) gets into the playoffs in lousy divisions. "10 gets you in" in generally the rule for wildcard spots.

    The Bears would realistically need to win 8 of their next 11 to contend for the playoffs. Even if Aaron Rodgers and Calvin Johnson die in a freak Nike commercial accident, one of those two teams will win our division.

    When you look at the schedule though, this looks a lot more manageable. We must win the following: @Eagles, Vikings, Chiefs, @Broncos, Seahawks, @Vikings.

    We must win 2 of the following 5 (just like our first 5): @Bucs, Lions, Chargers, @Raiders, @Packers.

    Even if we have a terrible season in the division and lose 2 to the Lions and Packers, and split with the Vikings, we can still be 10-6 if we win all of our non-division games, including Charges, Raiders and Bucs.

    I would say the Bucs, Chargers and Raiders games are probably the most important. We already beat Atlanta (who will look for a wild card behind the Saints); we need to beat the Bucs in the same division. The Raiders and Chargers will contend for a wild card spot in the West. We don't play the NFL East except for the Eagles (currently on bottom of their division).

    Assuming the Lions or Packers slow down, those rematches will have more signifance down the road for the wildcard, but the map above is clear. Get some wins in the next few games, go on a run in the very soft third quarter of the season, hope the NFC East doesn't put up a wildcard team, and we can still make the playoffs.

    One other thing. If we play well and end up at 8-7 or 9-6 in week 16, we may find ourselves in a must win against the Packers. If we're still fighting for a spot in week 17, we get to play the Vikings in Minnesota. Those could be two epic weeks.

    Also, do not be surprised if the Lions and Packers are undefeated when they play in week 12. They both have softer stretches coming as well.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Sorry 8-6 or 9-5 in week 16.

  • Lets see who's keeping the Bears company at 2-3.


    Fella's, the only team I think the Bears may be better than is maybe K.C, at least Seattle has the best home venue in the league. The big difference I see when looking at the Company the Bears are keeping, is that every one of those teams has more talent and upside than our squad. No doubt about it, "rebuilding" is all we have to look forward to. If this organization can't find a competent front office to get it done, then even rebuilding won't work. This team is so athletically and mentally challenged that I just don't see any hope at all with Jerra and Company. I don't see any coach that will touch this mess outside of Dave Toub.

    I can understand why some of you may think this is way to early to discuss based on how many games we have left but I'm calling "rebuild" based on who we have on the field. Schedules don't win games, good teams do. From what I've seen so far this year, our team is not good. They aren't even average, they're bad.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    meh, don't agree with you on much of that trac (quite the Debbie downer lately).

    All of those teams suck arse. Seattle pulled off a miracle against eli fucking manning (that’s all they’ve done this year). The jets are just terrible, and none of them have had even CLOSE to what has turned out to be the most brutal 5 game stretch in the NFL... maybe within a few years stretch even.

    That said, we better fix some shit now cause we're in trouble if we don’t.

    Good, logical analysis of the playoff possibilities NB. I was waiting for someone with a bit more playoff knowledge to drop that.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I will gladly drop my britches and kiss my own arse if you are right MB. Seeing is believing right? I see, I believe. Our team will be starting bubble players by mid-season.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    I know trac, I know.

    You HAVE to give a bit of creedence to the fact that we've played 3 top 4 teams out of 4 so far. The other two are not as good, but are dangerous, and we beat them.

    I think we both agree games like last night can't happen or we won't win anything.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    We also suck arse. And three of those teams are in the other conference. Minny have the 4th best rush defense in the league so that's Forte quietened down, their pass D is pretty bad though.

  • I hope we turn this shit around and fix what's broken, and I will ALWAYS pull for our players and for us to win...

    ...but we need a new group picking and getting talent. period.

  • Anyone see the Sunday night game bit where they timed the releases of Rodgers, Payton Manning, and Brady? They were all about 0.3 seconds.

    I thought Cutler's release was probably slower, but after seeing some of those hot read passes last night, I changed my mind. He's got one of the fastest releases when he needs to.

  • In reply to Jokey:

    ...and boooooy does he need to!

  • The Bears rank 23rd on O and 29th on D. I can see where a high ranked offense with a bad D can win or a Bad O and good D but not a bad defense and offense. There's too much film out boys. The only likely victories left on the schedule are Bucs, Chiefs, Seahawks. Maybe. Anything else will be a gift.

  • Warning, Cancer threat level has been raised to Defcon 3. has burst.......Nurse......Nurse.......I said "NURSE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to BigDaddy:


    ...easy maing. You're going a little too doom and gloom on us here Trac.

    wins against the 1-4 vikes (twice), broncos, and eagles a gift? Common man. We pick up at very least 2 if not 3 of those.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    From my standpoint, doom and gloom is 2 and 14. You and I both know that ain't gonna happen. I cannot see the future but I damn well can see the present. I have seen a play here or there to suggest a few more victories are on the way but there is absolutely nothing on the horizon to indicate this team has the talent to make the playoffs. Even that scenario will not play out. I understand your take bro, but I remember calling the season over before the halfway break. Nothing the Bears had done to date suggests otherwise. But you may be right,

  • If the Bears make it to the playoffs this year, it will be status quo ante next year. If the Bears have a losing season, the McCaskeys can't hide behind the "Well, we made it to the playoffs." BS and maybe -- just maybe -- they might have to shake things up a little.

    I can dream, right?

  • In reply to toph:

    I hate to dream of a losing season just to force front office and coaching changes. However, I must agree. :(

  • It's finally time to admit the sports writers are probably right when it comes to evaluating our team.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    see, that's my only issue with the whole thing trac. those rankings are silly (yes, I know viva). Although this is one of the most fair rankings I've seen yet until you get past #10.

    So teams like tampa, titans, and giants are above us even though the three teams that we lost to are ranked 1,2, and 3 on this very list? Who have those other teams played?

    That's my only sticking point right now. No one's arguing that we've played like shit the last 3 weeks, but no one's had close to our schedule either.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Fair points but we are 0 for 3 in those games and we had a hard time puttimg away a 1-4 team. The Lions game showed me it hasn't been a fluke up till now.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    look, like jeff says below... if we loose to the vike this week, THEN I will be on the ledge right next to you.

    There will be no other explanation other than we are bad bad.

    Whatever happens this year, we need to rebuild with a good talent manager.

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • brian fucking dawkins?!?!?!

    Where's Jay?

  • Well there's no way to argue this team is playing well right now. They are playing pretty lousy, actually.

    Like it or not, though, I think this team is going to hang around. If the Bears lose Sunday night in Soldier Field to Minnesota...that might change.

  • Wow, just wow. Your GM, Jerry Angelo:

    "“I would have felt better if we would have been able to keep Earl in the mix,” Angelo said. “Earl established himself with Jay. He does the dirty work, particularly getting those third-down plays. That was a real role for Earl and that was critical for Jay. A lot of the things that have hurt us are dropped passes and a good handful of them have come on third downs so you stop one drive that might have led to a pretty good drive, you know, they all go hand in hand. I like our receivers. Roy Williams has got to start stepping it up like I think we’re going to see the best of him as well. We feel like he’s finally got his feet on the ground with us. Maybe it came a little slower than we liked, and then the injury with Earl, to me those were reasons."

  • I think SC Dave said it earlier but in the NFL you need to keep building piece by piece while other pieces break or wear down. We've been driving this BMW defense for years without taking it to the shop and now it's starting to break down in multiple spots.

    The sad part is that we don't need 22 new players. We needed things that easily could have been added over the last 2 years and especially easy this year when it was so obvious:

    2 OL
    1 Corner
    1 LB
    1 WR

    The part that amazed me last night was how pedestrian the D looked. Harris couldn't have played worse. When you see Meriweather coming into the screen it means that Harris totally fucked up. The same 3 runs. That is why they kept doing it. Toe was getting molested and driven to the side, the qb fake was getting Briggs every time, Urlacher was too slow to get over and Harris was too hurt and slow to cover the cut back. fuck.

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    johnny.... allow me?....

    (draft AND FA)

    * 5 OL (3 draft 2 FA)
    * 2 S (both FS - 1 draft, one FA)
    * 2 WR (1 draft, one FA)
    * 1 LB (FA - we could have had cole, the lions MLB from last night, or about 5 others last year)
    * 1 corner (draft)
    * 1 DE (FA – there were MANY out there this year who are having a major impact)

    12 pick-ups total. 6 and 6… so we’d actually prolly have an extra two picks to use as trade bait.

    Over the last 2 years we've had 8 draft picks (right?), and have made I think 7 FA pick-ups.

    How many of our actual picks have worked out again? Pep?

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    2 OL
    1 Corner
    1 LB
    1 WR

    In other words, a good draft. Not possible with this clown.

  • it would just take 1 year to fully address the Offensive Line issue if we used 1st and 2nd round picks on OL. Just one year. You could plug the LB, DB and WR holes in FA. since we are only talking about 1 to 3 aquisitions. ST's seem ok and i can't get into the safety position right now. I just know we have too many white safeties.

    Need to go 4-3 heading into the bye.

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    "address" means that we brought in talent and didn't just reshuffle the fucking deck chairs. It doesn't mean it would be world class, just not the fucking worst.

  • little comic relief might help...

    this can't be for reals. KickAss in real life? This dude IS going to die one night. Geeks are funny.

  • We are not good. Merriweather sucks ass, Briggs , Peppers, and Urlacher apparently aged a few extra years in the off season. Both of our lines are worse than I thought they would be. Cuttler kind of sucks. Our receivers are the worst in the NFL. Our coach is somewhere between completely retarted and very slow. Angelo drafted dan bezine.

  • Here you go MB. I'm not crazy. Rosenturd says it so much more poetically than I ever could.,0,7873301.column

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    rosenturd. nough said.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    I don't like Rosie, but he's usually spot on.

  • My turn to cry. Lovie are you shitting me? You've got a rabid crowd, take the fucking 3 points and quiet their asses down. EVERYONE on this board knew we weren't going to pick up that 1st down. We all knew it would be Forte up the middle with zero push from the worst OL in history. THEN you challenge the spot. UN-FUKCING-BELIEVABLE.

    Martz, just keep calling for those 7-step drops with no help for the 2 worst OT's in NFL history. Great job you fucking genius.

    #54 and Briggs aren't getting it done and Roach is a backup. Peppers is dinged and was playing like shit before that. Izzy is a rotation guy and our DT's are just a bunch of guys. Except for that fabulous second round pick that can't dress on game day. Peanut is looking old and Jennings is a 3rd stringer. Thank god he can tackle because he never stops anyone from catching a pass. Our safeties are the worst in the league. The only one with any talent is not re-signed.

    Way to save some money Jerr. Speaking of which, don't bother signing Forte. Save your money. I'm sure Garrett Wolfe will still be available next year. Cutler played an amazing game. You can tell he's finally said "Fuck you Fatboy, I'm running for my life and I"m going to improvise.

    Let's add this up. Terrible DL, 2 aging LB's and just a guy. One decent CB and just a guy. The worst safeties in the league, worst OT's in history, 3 interior OL that are avg at best, worst WR's in the league, an elite RB that we won't re-sign, a QB with skills and heart running for his life and great ST's that have been castrated on kickoffs by the new rules. Sure Jeff, we just need a bit of run and we'll be a wildcard for sure.

  • Can we all agree than Turner may have gotten the shaft when Jerry canned him? It's becoming oh so obvious that he wasn't our problem.

  • Coach, sorry I don't mean to flame, but you're an idiot if you say "Cuttler kind of sucks" after this game.

  • In reply to A7Xthebest:

    I get the love for Cutty after what he's been through. I don't think we will ever be able to see his skill put to good use though. The decision to bank roll our future on him was sucky. Nodody ever puts new wine in an old wine skin but the Bears.

  • I'm just ready to start contemplating rebuilding. I see more healing and therapy in that.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    the "rebuild" is dirty and shall not be used in this forum.

    It is not hard to focus on OL in the draft with the first 2 picks, Next 2 on LB and Corner, get a WR and DB in FA, etc.

    It's not like we need a complete overhaul at every position. I thought we were going to do the right thing this offseason but apparently in order to use common sense you can't actually be the GM you can only blog about what you would do if you were.

  • Fewell anybody?

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    NO FEWELL! At times he looks as lost as Lovie. I'd take Russ Grimm or that crazy bastard Rob Ryan. He would at least entertain us if the team played poorly. Who ever is assessing our talent sucks. I cant lay it all at Angelo's door. There is a whole staff that makes the personnel choices. I still say our coaching staff does not make our players better. Who has say in who is drafted? Angelo drafts but who is in his ear? I'd cut Omiyale just to send a message, he is useless anyway. We can get a body off of someones practice squad. Just do something to shake these players up. Take a stand, make a statement!!

  • Hate to rain on an optimist but PLAYOFFS!? What the fuck did you smoke today?

    Positive: Lovie might finally be canned and take the shit show with him out of town.
    Negative: Rebuilding = Shitty season or two.

    THAT was the real Bears that we all know and loathe for most of the last decade.

  • My body false started this morning, I know I had 5 beers to calm my nerves dring the game, but I blame the O-line. 45 yards of penalties! I want my five bucks back!

  • I like the idea of rebuilding maybe a little bit more than the rest of you guys. Honestly, give us another good Tackle, a Guard, and a great, big wideout and our offense will be one of the best in the league while we wait on the Defensive rebuild.

    That's the worst part about all this, the offense is maybe 2 or 3 players away from being able to keep up with any team in the league.

    By the way, did anybody see Brian Waters kicking ass for New England on Sunday? I guess he wasn't good enough for the Bears even though the best Offense in the league has him.

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