Ten Folks to Blame for This Loss to the Lions

Ten Folks to Blame for This Loss to the Lions
  1. Lovie Smith.  Really, Lovie?  You face a fourth-and-one and decide to try and coax an offside.  Then when that does not work, you decide to call timeout.  Then after the timeout you decide to go on fourth-and-one and run an inside handoff into the best part of the ENTIRE LIONS TEAM!  Why would anyone take you seriously anymore?
  2. Lovie Smith.  Explain to me your defense.  I've heard it should stop big plays.  It doesn't.  I've heard it should force offenses to run long drives.  It doesn't because they score on big plays.  So what is it you bring to the city of Chicago?
  3. Lovie Smith.  It may not have mattered but when you're in field goal range down 11 with under a minute to go, kick the field goal.  It gives you a chance to win.
  4. Lovie Smith.  You are responsible for penalties, especially false starts on the road.  And your team looked like amateurs tonight.  Are you happy with that?
  5. Jerry Angelo.  If you want receivers that make catches consistently or safeties that stay in position, you have to sign them or draft them.  This group is not sufficient.
  6. Chris Harris.  Keep Tweeting, CH, seriously.  You played the worst game by a safety I think I've ever seen tonight.  You were lost in coverage and actually seemed to not care about making tackles in run defense tonight.  Please, Lovie, stop blitzing this guy on run downs.  #YouAreTerrible
  7. J'Marcus Webb and Frank Omiyale.  I know Omiyale sucks.  I am starting to think Mike Tice's dreams for Webb are just those...dreams.
  8. Lovie Smith.  Explain to me the offensive game plan tonight, Lovie.  Some want to blame this on Mike Martz but I have no interest.  You are the head coach.  Explain to me what you planned to achieve offensively tonight.
  9. Lance Briggs.  How much more money do you want to make?  Sure you don't want to keep playing at your current rate?  You have been an invisible entity this season.
  10. Peanut Tillman.  So what are you?  You drop interceptions and can't actually cover a receiver man-to-man?  If another guy coached this team, would you make the roster?

I am angry.  I won't listen to idiots telling me the season is over because 2-3 is one game out of the wild card.  But I am angry.  Our football team is better than it is being coached.  Will that change?  I don't see it.  But the Vikings come to town next week.  It will be interesting.

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  • first to say fire Angelo

  • First! I agree on all points but I think Peanut played a pretty good game. He is not Revis.

  • In reply to NY Bears Fan:

    false start... what are you fucking omelete or webb tonight?

    Walk off your 5 yards in shame.

    I know, sorry... misplaced anger NY.

  • I think you forgot to mention Lovie.

  • wait a minute... I don't get it? I honestly don’t fucking get it.

    You give lovie fucking smith 5 and angelo gets 1... seriously? THAT is about as bad as lovie smith's clock management.

    Angelo is the cancer... know what... never fucking mind. I'm wasting my breath. Chicago deserves Jerry Angelo because they want to blame everyone else for zero talent that overachieves. It's tough to coach up shit. Shit stinks all by itself. And if you don’t bring in talent, you aren’t going to win shit no matter how wonderful your coaching is.

    The season's not over, but we'd basically need a clean sweep of the NFCN to have a shot now right? Angelo is supposed to be the oline expert, he’s not… he’s actually a dline guy. So, at the thing he’s best at doing, what grade do you give him? Fucking pathetic.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    It's over all right MB. Getting Carimi and Bennett doesn't fix our NFL worst defense. I haven't checked the stats, but we must be by now. The diametric opposite of the team we call the Bungles.

    Angela got heaps of praise for getting us Peppers and Cutler. May turn out to be two of the biggest nails in the Bears' coffin. And that prick brought a big old bag o' nails with him to Chicago .....

    Maybe we can beat the Buccaneers ... with a lot of luck and a fervent prayer.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    And getting into the playoffs would just be the worst thing that could possibly happen to us. We'd play an actual real NFL team and get our asses kicked. We need high draft picks this year, and another dude using them instead of the CF manager currently pissing them away. I actually feel like I'm back in my Bears comfort zone now. We suck, and nobody can argue with that. Honestly, is there anyone left drinking the kool aid? I could use a good belly laugh.

    Still, next week's matchups look like a license to print money .....

  • btw, that second FS on 87 was actually on Webb again... I watched closely on the replay. KD didn't even move, Webb did. So both our tackles had what, 4-5 penalties each? unacfuckingceptable.

    not that it matters.

  • So was any of that surprising to anybody? I mean really?

    J'Marcus Webb sucks.

    Frank Omiyale sucks.

    We have no safeties.

    We have no receivers.

    Chris Harris can't cover.

    Tim Jennings can't cover. (These are our defensive backs!)

    Eh ... our lines suck. Yep, both of 'em.

    Angelo is a tool. We suck because of Angelo.

    Love is an idiot. Generally. Specifically, we would have been up 13-7 at the half if he kicks the FG when, y'know, we were in FG range.

    Is there an echo in here ?

    Now it looks like we don't even have any linebackers.

  • Oh wait, a positive note? Matt Forte. But we're not going to pay him because that would be like a sensible thing to do for the guy who is basically half of your entire offense.

    But we pay Jerry Angelo about 6 million a year to frak us where the don't shine .....

    Anyone jumping on board the Andrew Luck train with me?
    Toot ! Toooooot ! All aboard now .... rukketa rukketa ... Toot! Toooot!

  • Hey Irish, I would just like to reluctantly congratulate you on being right. I call you out so often when I disagree with you but you were completely correct:

    Webb is TERRIBLE. He is probably the worst left tackle in the league. I think I myself could probably run around that guy. I wanted to give him a chance, but he is just bad.

    Now, for the inevitable disagreement: we just saw incredible heart and will out of our QB(During a night game no less) and you are calling for Luck? How about we draft an offensive lineman? Or did you forget we need some?

  • In reply to A7Xthebest:

    Well, he was officially the worst RT in the league last year, and witrh Mike Tice knowing more than I do .... I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I think Tice is just moving the pieces around as best he can. He didn't draft the line.

    Nah, I'm not really hoping they tank the rest of their games ... but what would happen if we did end up with the first pick, or Luck fell to us at three or four? What then? I haven't seen the guy play, but he's supposed to be a rare prospect, and one would assume he'll be better than Cutler. At 6'4 he's no smurf either. This is already Cutler's 5th/6th year? If Luck fell to us and we could get two first rounders for Cutty, wouldn't it be worth it? Pie in the sky, but what if?

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    You would trade the pick. Not cutler. Picking luck w this roster would be deja vu all over again. Two firsts would dramatically impact the depth of the roster. Purely academic. Colts will get him.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Probably the Colts will indeed win the derby (the incredibly jammy bastards). But what if it did happen? Or another team that doesn't want Luck but would trade for Jay. Trade Jay. Draft Luck. Get a first round center, a first round guard, our first rounder for a tackle. Our second round or third round to get a decent WR. D-lineman or LB with the other one. Obviously this is all predicated on Angela being tarred, feathered and set on fire out on Lake Shore drive, and somebody who understands football making the picks. Jimmy Mac has my vote.

    Surely we can make a tackle out of Carimi. Louis looks to be the real deal given time. Garza and CW to be okay backups. A solid QB, solid line for the future, and spend the next couple of years building the D back up to strength. Can I have six million a year please? The future could be bright again, the future could be navy blue and burnt orange.

  • In reply to A7Xthebest:

    Oh, by the way, no - I thought Cutty and Forte were the only two guys showing any heart out there tonight. And the thing about drafting linemen is the guy drafting them. It's still shocking that we only drafted one this year. Which would we rather have ... Mikel Leshoure or Paella? Conte or an O-lineman? Enderle or James Starks?

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    As I said the entire offseason, we should have drafted:

    OL, OL, OL, OL, S, LB, OL

    or there abouts. Main point being all first picks on OL, so that one might pan out.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    this is spilled milk dave, but as I've said a million times:

    Our own (as in 'should have'):
    - Maintain the only consistent and solid safety play we'd seen in years, by keeping Manning
    - Pay Forte
    - Throw lambo briggs a small bone to get him to not do what he's doing now... which is throw his game cause he's not happy.

    1. BearJew
    2. Trade our 4th and 7th for Franklin (RT out of the U)
    3. Trade everything else for moffitt

    * Get a tackle AND Guard (R.Harris and any one of the other 5 guys that was available)
    * Get a real free safety
    * Get Stallworth, or Edwards, or Plax, or one of the 5 other real fucking WRs that were just waiting for a call

    We had one of the biggest caps in the nfl… a real fucking GM could have made the above work… unfortunately we have jerry angelo.

  • Jeff can you get the reverend to come in and do a special edition instant post-game rant? I wanna hear what he has to say about smith, angelo, and the o-line.

  • Cutler had a really impressive game. I really thought he was gonna struggle too

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    Perhaps his mind is finally adapting that he will get no help. You could see he knew that every pass play would break down before it did, and he was able to be evasive just enough. Too bad probably 7 of his 10 incompletions were dropped first downs.

  • Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. Fucking fuck balls. It takes too long to fucking go into details about how simply awful this game was from beginning to end, in every facet, with the exception of jay and forte.

    Jared Allen is going to have a field day next week. Over/under on how many more games before Jay goes down? 2? 1.5? Poor bastard.

    And seriously, how can Forte not be sitting there thinking about how many teams have better o-lines that he could go to...

  • In reply to Maxx:

    Okay, just play with this. Bench Webb. Slide CW over to LT, because ... uh ... he's a Left Tackle and has already proven he can shut down Jared Allen. Bench Omelette. Fucking outright CUT Omelette to make space for this other wang of a wide receiver project. Try Levi Horn over at RT. Edwin Williams in at LG (or Spencer if he can go). Louis at RG. Could that be any worse?

    The thought of losing to the Queens is now a very possible nightmare scenario. Can we stop AP? We can't stop anybody. McNabb won't even have to throw a pass the way our old men are playing on D.

  • It looks like I'll overstate the obvious but, DA BEARS STILL SUCK! Geez, tough to not show up for another game. Forte ran up all those yards looking for the exit. Sucks to be you. Have a crappy day and enjoy yer crumby jobs, flatlanders.

  • In reply to phrozentundra:

    Enjoy your welfare check you cum guzzling douchebag.

  • In reply to phrozentundra:

    Anyone that uses the term flatlander is a tool.

  • I too am angry. As bad as Omiyale and Webb were at letting the Lions in to see Cutler; this was the defense's loss to absorb. Here's a list of who should get kicked in the penis: Harris, Briggs, Maranelli, and the entire D line. Omiyale and Webb get kicked twice.

    Who gets to kick them? Forte, Culter, and Gould

    Tice should be getting his resume in order. Martz should take notes during the game so he can remember what worked 5 minute prior in the game. The Lions call the same run play for big yards each time, Martz could be smart enough to do the same.

    I think the Bears recievers stepped up nicely last night. I saw Hester go up and fight for one.

  • In reply to MichBearFan:

    Careful who gets kicked. Kicking Major Wright in the penis is risking a broken foot, apparently.

    Tice should get a pass - he didn't draft the line - he does his best with what he has. I did see him put a TE in as LT and then have a guard and two tackles to the right of the center, and then we actually ran to the right and it sprung Forte a nice off-tackle stretch. That was good.

    Was the last sentence about Hester sarcastic? :o)

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    No, I think on the whole they did well. They don't yet get the separation that I want to see; but they are running better routes, giving Culter a good space to throw to, and fight a little for the ball.

    I give every reciever a drop a game. If they ran a good route, were open, and gave the QB a spot to throw. You have 3/4 credit. An opposing defense sees that bit of film as a complete pass and something that needs to be planned against.

  • Jeff, Angelo's name needs to be on that list more than anyone's. He's set this team up for failure. Tell me where Paeia is? he hasn't seen the field or even dressed for a game yet I believe. Didn't we trade up in the second round to grab him.m Chris Conte our third rounder is not good. In fact please tell me what players Angelo has drafted in the past three years that have done anything. Dan Buzuin, oh wait he sucked too. It's pretty bad when these players are cut and can't land with one NFL team. That tells me that the Bears are horrible talent evaluators and I do believe that is Angelo's job. Please fire that sack of shit right now before he gets his filthy hands on another draft and screws up this organization for another 10 years.

  • In reply to JAB1:

    I'm also wondering why Tice seems to be getting a pass from everyone. I know that he was dealt a shitty hand but isn't the job of a coach to coach them up and teach them. These guys seem to be getting worse by the week.

  • In reply to JAB1:

    Something about turds and polishing.

  • In reply to JAB1:

    Paea = Leshoure
    Conte = O-lineman of your choice
    Enderle= James Starks.


    6 million a year? Forward your CVs to Halas Hall.

  • Where do I start? How bout I go from top to bottom.
    Angelo. You went out and bought a Cadillac with the money you were supposed to spend on the Mortgage. You called your insurance agent as you drove off the showroom floor and cancelled your insurance.

    Lovie. You knew better but you couldn't stop yourself from climbing into the new car for a ride with cuz around the block. On the way back from the tint shop, cuz didn't see the train coming and the brand new Caddy got T-boned crossing the "Trac's".

    McCaskeys. You stood by and watched Angelo and Lovie systematically dismantle the tradition that has made this organization great. You have no back bone and you've exchanged the truth for a lie. This team is done. It's going to take new blood and 3 years to even have a chance to keep up with the Lions and the Cheese let alone contend for a Championship. You can't be fired but you can grow a pair and do what needs to be done. "Fire" Jerry, "Fire" Lovie and promote Dave Toub or go out and find someone that knows how to build a team.

    I brought this up when the moves were made to hire all the ex HC's we have on the staff now. Martz, Tice and Nellie were all losers. They may be great guys in their own right but they are not the kind of leaders that know how to win. Every one of them have failed miserably and when they had the chance to run a team, every one of them got fired. This organization went out and paid top dollar for failure. It's over, these guys don't know how to win. Period. I will be surprised if the Bears win 6 games this year.

    The campaign to run this group of clowns out of town has started.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Well said. The only part I don't know about is promoting Dave Toub. There's still guys like Cowher out there and first and foremost must be to get a good talent evaluator in the front office.

  • In reply to JAB1:

    I don't think anyone with any self-respect would come near this organization, least of all The Chin. The McCaskeys are renowned peen-headed jism quaffers this last quarter century. It's a poisoned chalice.

  • Hello 6-10.

    Goodbye Mike Tice. Your career is flushing down the shitter like a big egg shaped turd, which is what your head is shaped like.

    Martz. The 7-step, huh? Really thought - hey yeah, let's stick with that. No shotgun, no wildcatting. You are the Hannibal Lecter of coaches.

    It's useless. I know a Packer punched Earl Bennett's lungs out, but he'd better get his as back in uniform soon, or his career will be over, too.

    Roy Williams, hell of a homecoming there, guy. Did you catch a pass?

    Kellen - I figured it out. Well, I had it figured out by pre-season. The reason you sat down behind Olsen and Dez last year, despite your formidable physical talents is... you are dumb as shit.

    Guy responsible for keeping the line in order and knocking off the false starts - the center. Miss Kreutz yet?

    Kellen - back to you. When you are kept in to help block the DE, it helps if you actually try and block the DE.

    Watching Cutler scramble, run for his life, throw 35 yards off his back foot while getting hit, only to zip it to a guy in stride right in the hands, and then having that guy drop the ball - it's like watching Elias getting mowed down running for the chopper in Platoon. It's brutal to watch. I want to play it back in slow motion while Adagio for strings plays.

    Adams can't rush the passer or stuff the run. Toeina is down with injury, Melton has vanished and our 2nd rounder, the one we passed on Moffitt for? He doesn't even make the trip.

    It's useless. We are Matt Millen. The shoe has fallen to the other foot, or whatever fucking metaphor is apt.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Angelo is the Hannibal Lecter of managers. Guilty as fuck and still at large. I don't know why Millen is getting shot full of lead, his roster beats the piss out of ours. Then again he's had the first round pick for 55 years.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Great points gp.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Bennett got injured in new orleans

  • No an average Oline + No WRs at all = No playoffs
    I still have 2 tickets to London, but my son really wants to go, so...Go Bears??!!! I don´t belive in the playoffs since the off-season, but I need to have faith, right?

  • Okay. Just planting seeds here .. it'll be a long week. We trade Cutty ... and Peppers (you heard). Some weird set of circumstances happens where it's not the Colts with the first pick and we do a deal with a team that either has the top pick or close to it (and the top team doesn't want Luck). We draft Luck. We draft a handful of O-linemen (picked by a man not named Jerry Angelo, whose burning carcass has caused gridlock on Lake Shore). And in between, we draft this guy as our WR, who would make Sarah Palin look good at QB.

    Mr. Blackmon. Just pop it up there, and I'll go get it.


    Plantin' seeds .....

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Speaking of Sarah Palin and planting seeds, maybe Glen Rice is available to replace Roy

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Irish, how about we stuff the Luck talk, use our first 2 rounders on Offensive Linemen, pay for a free agent LB badass, draft big corners and leave it at that. Then the 2nd year we can think WR's, DE, etc

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    That would work if Angelo actually used the first two picks on OL, but he'll find some kid off Youtube who can rip up phone books and draft him on DL.

  • Knock at Frank Omiyale's door: "

    Frank : "Yes?"

    Knocker: "Are you Frank Omiyale?"

    Frank : "Uh, Yes."

    Knocker: "Chicago Police. Open up, please, we have a warrant for your arrest"

    Frank: "What's the charge?"

    Policeman: "Criminal negligence and impersonating a an NFL Football Player.
    Don't worry, we're rounding up your teammates, er, I mean, accomplices as we speak."

  • http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/09000d5d82306780/Bears-vs-Lions-highlights?module=HP11_cp

    Is Chris Harris completely involved in giivng up three TDs or what? And check out how bad Lance Briggs is pooching it. Dude's mailing in his games? Okay. He's on the truck with Peppers and Cutler for Luck, Blackmon, and a couple of O-line hotties.

    Chicago Bears Redux.

  • Luck is and will be a pipe dream...besides, he'll just look like a pretzel without an offensive line.

    Here's a crazy thought...hold onto Cutler and rebuild the line. Get rid of Martz and get an offensive coordinator to STICK WITH. Get rid of the dead wood at WR (Williams, Im looking at you). Get a new head coach and GM.

    That's a rebuilding plan. Is anyone going to deny we need to rebuild?

  • In reply to AfroCelt:

    that's crazy-talk. you are fucking ridiculous.. and what are you dumb!??!?!

    Irish's plan to trade away all of our only true talent to get a fucking college QB who could (I said could) be a brady quinn is the only way... the only way!!!

    Irish, what the fuck are you smoking dude. That inane shit sounds like a plan jerry angelo would be proud of. I know you're an irishman in fucking thailand, but dude... please stop with that garbage and come up with some real-life scenarios... it's getting silly reading that same whack shit for the 5th time in one string my man.

  • Harris came back too early with a bad hammy, yes he had some bad plays but he's better than what he showed.

    I agree with the rest of your assessments.

  • Teams should always be building, and then they never have to rebuild. But the current front-office clown troupe is not capable of doing so.

    So far as trades are concerned, trade Briggs. If anyone wants him.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I agree.

  • The two tackles that played last night have to be the worst tackle combo in the league. Whoever was involved in the decision to sign Omiyalle to that FA contract should be fired. Whoever said they want and need that guy, should be fired. Tice should be fired because they were totally unprepared last night. We have Peppers but if you have no one else capable of applying pressure it aint gonna work. I dont care who our safeties are, if we give qb's all night to throw, any safety is gonna get lit up. I thought the interior of the line played pretty well against those beasts the Lions have. When Carimi comes back, I would move him to the left side, he played it well in college and he certainly will be an upgrade over Webb. Just dont know what else to say.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    my 2.5 year old daughter is a fucking upgrade over either of our tackles murph... just shameful.

  • I wouldn't just say one or two guys on d. I think the D as a whole unit is playing pretty bad right now.

    Offensive line as a unit is to blame. Penalties, and sacks killed our drives.

    Cutler looked good for the abuse he was under.

    I won't say the season is over
    but if the bears keep playing this. Yea boys it is done.

    I hope for Lovie Smith to be fired. He is not a leader of this football team.

  • Blog-father I am also angry and I agree with your honest assessment of this shitty situation. I like most of the posts in this thread and agree with most of them and sadly I must also agree we are now in "Bears Re-build Mode" Minimum 3 years to get the personnel we need and we need to get rid of the waste and management RIGHT NOW.

    Will it happen though? I mean how long now has the McCaskeys been drinking the Lovie Kool-aid? Someone else said it, it takes balls to make serious moves like we're talking about and I'm not sure they have big enough ones to do it. Once again we are humiliated on Monday Night Football by a team that was beatable. Just as we were humiliated by Indie in the Superbowl, humiliated by our arch rivals in last years NFC championship and BTW who shouldn't have been there in the first place if we had eliminated them when we should have in the regular season. Yeah we've been out coached and have bent to stupid coaching and GM decisions for WAY TOO LONG.

    The wait is over...we need CHANGE RIGHT NOW...but alas the McCaskeys will sit back in their cushioned chairs before the fireplace and sip their port wine and stare blankly into the flames. Not realizing that the Bears future and hope burns within.

    Just switch the Statue of Liberty with Halas Hall.

    Yeah...it's that pathetic ....seriously.

  • Well, I'm an avid proprietor of doom and gloom... so, uh, let's blow this team up! Trade Cutty, Peppers, Lach, Briggs, Hester, Knox, and anyone else not named Forte.

    Now, back to reality.

    There were more plays than I can count last night that change the entire dynamic of the game. I'm not sure if that's more a glimmer of hope or just a mound of evidence into our shittiness.

    1. False starts: We planned and practiced for this? Wow, even one with the IQ of a packer troll should have known the place was going to be incredibly loud for the first half. Silent count? Is this like an audible, and doesn't exist in the Martzfense? Wow. Get rid of half of those and things change, but not necessarily as drastic as the following things.

    2. 4th and 1: Who the fuck are we kidding? We have been terrible at short distance runs for Forte's entire career. Why not a Jay sneak? Why don't you put the guy in who was brought in to help this of our offense? More than anything, sure, try to pull them offsides, okay... When you don't, you TAKE THE FUCKING POINTS! It shows you don't respect their defense, their offense, or our fans. Completely different game.

    3. Hester drop: Yeah, you made one catch. It was pretty. But... if it touches your hands you catch the fucking ball. We get that pass and things are WAY different. Get us some real receivers and things are way different, but that's not about tonight.

    4. Calvin Johnson bomb: Bend don't break? Never let people behind you? TACKLE!?!? Where was the "two" of our Cover Two? Why the fuck can't Meriweather tackle when it's not a spear? Maybe CJ covers his legs in teflon, but YOU FUCKING HAD HIS LEG. HOLD THE FUCK ON YOU FUCK. We stop him at the fifteen, maybe they kick a field goal... Maybe. Just sayin.

    5. Jahvid Best 80 yarder: Run defense? Linebackers? Fuck. But, whaddayaknow? God damn Meriweather. Again. Dude got freaked out of his panties. You do what you're paid to do and it's a whole new ballgame.

    6. Forte drop: Eh, I'm straw grasping at this point, but you gotta catch that ball man. Well, at least it stopped the clock.

    7. Special Teams: What the hell happened there? Every time Hester touched it I got excited... Well, BEFORE he touched it I got excited. How many times are you going to run up the sidelines with eleven guys 5 yards away and hope to break one off? Jesus. I now it's probably not his fault, but... our field position sucked cow dick all night. And the return where he fell out of bounds? Fuck me.

    Time for the grand scheme -

    8. D Line: Did we even touch China Doll last night? Fuck... Watching Reed fill in for Peppers was horrifying. Melton who? Okoye... Christian would have rushed better today. Fuck, I never thought I'd be thinking about Ogunleye, Brown, and Harris with this much "ah, the good old days". Rod get your shit together.

    9. O Line: Hah.. sorry Jay.

    10. Receivers: Ditto.

    11. Safeties: Wow.

    12. Linebackers: God damn you. Urlacher, if you would have JUMPED you're old balls 6 inches off the ground you may have tipped that fucking Pettigrew pass. Briggs, fuck you. Roach, who?

    Fuck you Meriweather. Knox, you are the biggest "where's out of bounds" pussy I have ever seen. O Line, go home and kill yourselves, maybe we can get some free draft picks out of your combined mass suicide. Roy, nice catch... is that 80 yards on the year? Barber, dude, I had hope. Peppers, damn it I needed something last night and you did not provide it. Rest of the D Line - HGH is for sale somewhere, go find some. Hey defense, learn to tackle. Hester, volunteer to give up your WR position.

    Jay, you're incredible. Put you on the Lions and they'd somehow be 6-0 today. Forte, I hope they pay you. Sanzo, uh, the bright star of the WR corps? How fucking sad.


    Derrick Rose.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Oh, and say what you want about the officiating, but that spearing on Urlacher was fucking bullshit.

    Also a game changer.



  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    I bet that was revenge for us against Carolina.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    I love you. Exactamento!

  • All right..everyone got their two sense in and now I want mine.

    This oline lost the game to us. I don't care how many times Our defense got burned. I do but that is not my point at the moment.

    Someone needs to realize that Omiyale is done. Do not fucking start him anymore. Period.

    I still believe in Webb. I don't give a damn what everyone thinks. The dude is starting the second or third hardest spot on the offense and he can't make mistakes?

    Why the &)**((^&)*)& can we not go on the correct )(*&&)*)&)* snap count!!!!!!

    Defense.. you disgust me. The play with Megatron was coming. I knew it.. told you..right side and I knew he would get his. He is a legit wideout. Anyways, where is our run D? I don't see any diffrences in the defense from last besides Harris and Manning. Your not gonna tell me that those two made our run D work.

    Briggs, CH, all the DT, nut the hell up.Pitiful when the offense that does not run..runs all over us.

    How about some words for Jay and Forte.. hanging in there.. making plays when the could..key word could. I am holding back any judgement on Jay from now on. Till we actually get people who can block. I don't care if the line blocks the rest of the year and Jay doesn't do it. The man has been annihilated every play and still gets up.

    Why did they keep Omiyale in there so long!!?

  • new thread

  • Lets see who's keeping the Bears company at 2-3.


    Fella's, the only team I think the Bears may be better than is maybe K.C, at least Seattle has the best home venue in the league. The big difference I see when looking at the Company the Bears are keeping, is that every one of those teams has more talent and upside than our squad. No doubt about it, "rebuilding" is all we have to look forward to. If this organization can't find a competent front office to get it done, then even rebuilding won't work. This team is so athletically and mentally challenged that I just don't see any hope at all with Jerra at the helm. I don't see any coach that will touch this mess outside of Dave Toub.

  • How did Tillman make your list but not Brandon "Spear a guy after the play is dead also don't cover anyone" Merriweather? (I'm not good at nicknames)

    Dude needs to be replaced, pronto.

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