Sunday (Without the Bears) Games Thread

Sunday (Without the Bears) Games Thread

If you're scoreboard watching today, here is what you want:

Enjoy a nerveless Sunday.

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  • Was up in my office checking showtimes for the first "Puss in Boots" showing today...and I hear my three old year come to the stairs and start yelling "DADDY, DADDY, IT'S THE BEARS! COME HERE!".

    Turns out I'd left the TV on a replay of the Ditka "Football Life" episode.

    I love it.

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    Nice. And I saw how you did that.

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    raise a child up in the way she should root
    and when she is old she will not depart from it

  • F-ck Philly.
    And dammit Tebow, prove me wrong and kick Detroit's ass today.
    How I would love for us to come back from the bye week with a chance to tie 'em up for second place in the division.

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    The Denver Post summed it up:

    [Those five minutes of wonder against Miami now look like an aberration. Right here, right now, Tebow is the worst quarterback in the NFL ... Offensive coordinator Mike McCoy might not use all 64 crayons in the box, but any way you color it, Denver can't win if Tebow fails to demonstrate passing skills that merit an opponent's respect. Unless the Broncos can land Stanford's Andrew Luck or Southern Cal's Matt Barkley in the 2012 draft, Tebow is a quarterback who could get coach John Fox fired in Denver.]

    Not long now, Kyle .....

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    LOL - Tebow will not get Fox fired. They just hired him. The only person he's going to get fired is Tim Tebow.

  • I want the Star of Bethlehem to shine upon Invesco Field at High Mile, and all the prayers of Colorado to have the Baby Tebus deliver the miracle of Christmas early. And then, oh yes then, there will be Thanksgiving!

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  • A college timeout:
    I'm going to be really pissed if Nebraska backs its way into the Rose Bowl due to the favorable scheduling by the Big 10.
    Their half-back is great; the rest of the team is shit, but they got the difficult matchups in Lincoln and the creampuffs on the road (other than the Badgers) - and in the meantime, the rest of the good Big 10 teams are beating the hell out of each other.

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    I think Nebraska is getting in now that Wisconsin has lost their second game. It'll come down to the Big Ten title game now.

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    Looking pretty likely. MSU let me down yesterday, Illinois choked horribly at Penn State, and Wisconsin found another way to get beaten in the last thirty seconds.
    I would literally rather have any other team win the Big 10 title this year than Nebraska.

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    Anyone see that USC game?

    I still think Barkely is the number 2 QB, but I can understand why a USC QB may concern some.

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    Yup, I watched it. It finished at about 4am UK time, during OT I was wishing for a meteor strike to hit the Coliseum just so I could go to bed.

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    That would give new meaning to "suck for Luck".

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    safety play can kill a team :o}

  • A few other complaints from watching college ball yesterday:
    the spread option offense is making college football terrible, along with the rotating QB approach, and officiating at the level of Pop Warner games.
    I'd rather watch teams play the Wildcat for 60 minutes than have to see Penn State, the Buckeyes, Nebraska, or any of myriad other teams put their "quarterbacks" in a shotgun and then shot put the ball into the stands.

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    The replay has killed the shred of interest I once had for the bush leagues of football.

  • I loved watching the smart kids beat the kids that get paid last night. When Luck threw that pick-6, he didn't once hang his head or panic. He simply waited for his D to get him the ball back and went to work. That kid, barring injury, will be a great one for over a decade in the league. I don't like, in the least bit, that the Lions picked up Chris Harris. It's the same way I hated Olin preparing the Saints D to exploit our line and get to Cutler. Harris will give Stafford and Megatron even more help in shredding us. Can't believe that Forte's contract didn't get done this week.

  • MikeBrown - dead right. Dead fucking right. The spread option is ruining the sport. It is making the game literally unwatchable at times. Even worse is Paul Johnson's triple option which relegated an intriguing Clemson v Tech game to GameCast status for me.

    You saw last night with the Stanford USC game how much better college football or any football is when there's a couple talented quarterbacks out there that can throw.

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    that whole GT offense is going to go in the first round this year.

    Garbage god damn football. They should outlaw it past highschool.

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    Just win, baby

  • oh please... oh please baby Tebus... please deliver the broncoites from the desert of investco field against the evil detroytians. Let it be said, let it be done.

    Oh and GT? Really Clemson? Fucking really? God doamn it, it's the option... it's been around since... since... well, since Jamiel Holloway.

    Damn it.

  • Interesting observation from Pat Kirwan in his book "Take Your Eye off the Ball"

    Chucky went with Brad Johnson to head his Super Bowl Bucs beacuse his audible system was so complicated and his huddle play calling system forced the QB to speak really fast and really accurately. Young QBs couldn't do it.

    Chucky developed a rep within the NFL has being hostile to young QBs after he blew up at Simms kid, and eventually left the NFL in part because he was seen as somebody who could only play with established talent and not develop new players.

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    not a big chucky fan myself GP.

    Have you picked up BF3 btw? I've seen shady online playing (sorry shady, I wasn't around for your invite my man. I'll hit you up next time)

    I would say it's infinitely better than BlackOps. I've always been a MW guy and BF3 is the first in the series I've tried. I don't know if this one is leaps and bounds above the other 2, but it is a bad ass FPS – better than anything in the MW series. The game is pretty insane. I seriously recommend it.

    Hey Johnny, I shot you a friend request my man. I'm still down with some MW2 1:1 since MW3's sucks... and all I can figure out to do in BF3 is go into a big room when about twenty 14-year olds light my up from all directions within about 5 seconds of being spawned.

    (man I sound like a gamer geek. It's ok, I guess I've always been a closet geek in a jock's body)

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    BF3 is the COD killer, supposedly. I played BF1942, a DLC game on PSN that was the genesis, but I understand BF3 is a total rewrite using Frostbite and it is intense.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I think I'll invest the time, heard a lot about it. Thanks MB. Is there an option where you can strap loads of explosives to your body and walk into one of those rooms full of 14 year olds? Just to make a bunch of geeks cry through their retainers when you ruin their killstreaks ....

  • and in the statistic dept... most avg fan (see the right side little fan meter... are much more positive about our team when we DON'T play.

    Yay fans!

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    I watched that Stanford-USC game this morning (it ended at 4am UK time). It wasn't short of incident, shall we say.

  • "@FQD1911 Jerry's tenure has been marred by his early-round draft pick missteps and struggles on o-line. I think franchise is + in his time"

    Oh FQ... how hath thee forsaken me.

    Uhhhh... the very two things that you mention are the very two things that define a good GM. Thus... the franchise is most certainly "-" in his time.

    For fuck sake... please in the name of baby Tebus stop fucking settling for mediocrity. Otherwise, that's exactly what we'll be doomed to for the rest of time.


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Flag. You have already concluded that the o-line is looking up this year. No take-backs.

  • In reply to Viva:

    historically. And yes, they are looking up this year... cobbled together with a patchwork of later round rookies and journeymen.

    Look Viva... and the restayous... I've decided that it's my fault for having silly expectations of the chicago bears, one of the most storied and historied franchises in the nfl.

    I expect a real oline that doesn't take 6 weeks and 20 different combinations to look decent. And I expect that every year. Look, the line is looking much improved, but I think we can all argue that aren't in the top 3rd to 4th in the league. And that is what I want and expect from this club.

    As I always say, what we have would be totally fine for the browns or bungles... but not for the chicago bears.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    MB -

    I hear ya, but if the Martz Mess continues to be mopped up by the Matt Machine, the O-line is bound to get a lot better, especially as the season progresses.

    Teams are going to have to game-plan Forte rather than that miserable, bound to fail 7-step drop/no audible/Oh-My-God-I'm-Going-To-Die offense.

    I know Angelo hasn't exactly been your fantasy GM, but in retrospect, I wonder if any GM could have built an O-line that could block for 7-8 seconds every down. I think it was all bass-ackwards trying to build the team around Martz/Cutler with no margin for error.

    Our "new-and-improved" offense doesn't require our receivers to be great, just reliable and good. And it doesn't require an O-line that plays at pro-bowl levels for 60 minutes every week. All they have to do is be good.

    I guess my point is that if the brain-trusts at Halas Hall had been developing this offense from the begining, we'd just be occasionally calling for someone's head on a platter, rather than 24/7.

    Last, if the offense - and in particular the O-line - as a whole is really getting better every week as they appear to be, and therefore peaking in the latter half of the schedule, then I'm good with that.

    I think everyone was much too committed to the Martz/Cutler-as-Warner strategy, and that it went on far too long.

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    what if this group is still together, 3 seasons from now?
    i am thinking that some will be peaking by then; we should be looked at, as having a very good offensive front

    you won't get consistent great play this year; but I expect weekly improvement; we will know when the pack comes to call if they have progressed.
    if they play well that game then the future posts will be mostly positive; and we can draft to keep it solid; by selectively choosing the best possible lineman through our mid round draft choices.
    I hope this is so because I believe we will need to plug defensive and reciever holes early in the next couple of drafts; instead of using our first pick on the O-line

    in jamaica the "restayous" is known as the RASTAyous

  • In reply to Viva:

    I'm also back on the bandwagon - hey, it's my team - and moreso because I have a feeling that our woes might perhaps have been more to do with scheming than anything else. Maranelli keeps his guns firmly stuck in their holsters I believe. When we sit back, we get creamed, when we use what skilled players we have, we impose ourselves on opposing offenses. When we finally did what Cutler had been calling for - the short, quicker stuff - we looked like a different team. Martz can design good plays, he just hasn't been calling realistic ones. He started off the season by calling plays for a roster he didn't have - or a roster that just wasn't ready for

    Seeing the Saints get dismantled by a Feely-led Rams squad leads me to think that so-called 'good' teams are being figured out. A banged up Steelers beating the 'Elite' Tom Brady. Bucs and Rams beating the 'Elite' Drew Brees. And so on. Looking at the scores this week one has to acknowledge the increasing parity of the NFL, with perhaps only the Packers having any bragging rights. Here's to the Chiefs laying one on Rivers tonight at 13/10.

    I still think Carimi should replace Webb when he's fit - and have Webb push for a place, not make the first rounder sing for his supper - bring Webb in as an extra tackle on run plays sure, but has Webb suddenly gone from being terrible to future solid left tackle? Has he arse. Carimi at LT for me, Louis at RT. Webb to watch from the bench. With Benentt and Carimi back, things are only looking up.

  • I watched the Navy v Notre Dame game yesterday and had the same thought about the option. Brutal.

  • In reply to Viva:

    hey Viva... going with a BCM (the recce 16) my man.

    Going to throw some assessories on there. Any thoughts on optics? I'd love to go nightvision, but man that shit is spensive. I'm thinking just a nice 3X aimpoint or eotech.


    ...that might leave a mark.

  • So, no change for the gameday blog thread today. Guess it's another long day for my refresh button, until the blog breaks again and the "comment" stops working.

    Speaking of brutal, the early games are brutal. They're showing the Giants-Mia on channel 2, and Aints-Ariz on 11 here in L.A.

    I checked the other games on the interweb and they don't look much better. Who the fuck schedules these games? The later games are gonna be way better - a toss up between the Pats-Steelers and Meows-Tebuseses...

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    oh, never mind, Fox is showing the Magic Jack, which is only slightly less entertaining than watching the Cards.

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    or rams (vs Saints, for those anal types)

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    Now THAT was a quality quip.

  • I think I'm actually now sick of the Tebow references on the blog. We'll let rapists, killers, scumbags, cheaters and all other sorts of fuckheads off the hook but if a kid does things the right way and tries to live by a certain code he is blasted like he did kill or rape someone.
    I think we should all settle down. Tebow is not going to stop you from aborting your kids and he won't look down on your for watching Asian porn. He is going to get a shot at playing pro football since he was one of the most successful college players ever.
    The blind love and the blind hate need to fucking stop.

  • It's been wierd to see - and remains so - that he's so polarizing because of his religious beliefs. I don't get it. He'll either be a good QB or he won't, but why so many marginalize him as some sort of punch-line/novelty is just bizarre.

    So, yeah, +1.

  • In reply to Sdwat52:

    it's the religion/abortion thing first and foremost and then it's the fact that he has terrible passing skills from a pro perspective and people get pissed that there are a contingent of people out there that just want him to succeed BECAUSE he is a christian.

    I understand the frustration but you can't hate the man for believing something and having the courage to stand up for it.

    No one likes someone who tries to jam something down their throats but you can't treat Tebow like some scumbag politician like Gingrich or Sanford or a blowhard like Rush who preach morals yet act like a total fuckhead in their own lives.

    Tebow is not trying to jam a faith based iniative down your throats like a president so people should stop acting like he did.

  • I almost bit on that one Johhny.

  • Well said Johnny. I'm tired of the Tebow talk for a different reason: all the damn coverage he gets for being on a shitty team and not being that good.
    I find Rush entertaining at times, but the guy is a hypocrite. Married at least three times. He's always pushing the war on drugs, yet he was addicted to pain meds. And he tries to marginalize people on the left by referring to them as pot-smoking, maggot-infested hippies.

  • politicians are corporate whores
    tebow loves a champion of the common man

    tebow is a football player with a passion for jesus
    so he speaks about his passion
    it is his bedrock; his foundation
    everything in his life is built on that rock
    whatever he encounters in his human experience will be held to that conceptual understanding
    and he is entitled to it
    i wish him well; and since he lives in a country where free speech is sacred...he will bring it, regarding jesus.
    And that is always going to be there because he has hardwired his thinking into his faith

    but, his play stands for itself
    no jesus tagged onto his performance
    he is, according to some pundits of football speak,
    overmatched at this level
    we shall see

  • The people who just want him to succeed because he is a Christian got a heavy dose today of why God doesn't pick jerseys. At one point, Denver had -7 passing yards.
    How do you even do that in the NFL?
    In one respect I do feel really bad for the guy - he has a rabid fanbase that is going to make him a toxic property to any NFL franchise that wants to take a chance on him after this year. I think he has an interesting skill-set but not the right one to be a starting QB in the NFL on a winning team. And these fans are going to make it impossible for a front office/coaching regime to put him in a position where he can succeed - they will only be satisfied with him playing QB.

  • In reply to Sdwat52:

    You guys are absolutely right. Tebow is such a polarizing figure he's (not quite) literally tearing society apart at the seams.

    The guy isn't hurting anyone so people need to focus their passion and vitriol more productively.

  • In reply to Sdwat52:

    Is it really because of his religious beliefs? Isn't America a largely Christian people? I could give a shit about what a player believes, it's more to do with the hype surrounding his entrance into the NFL and the first round pick that he came into it with. I was wowed that the Broncos reached for him until you realise McTard was in charge.

    I have zero feelings on Tebow, I just hope that Kyle gets his job back real soon, because he's earned his dues - Tebow hasn't. No rookie deserves a starting job in the NFL. It's an apprenticeship. What would have happened to Aaron Rodgers if he had started for a team on coming into the NFL. Would he be the QB he is now if he'd spent the first few years trying to carry a team whilst picking shrapnel out of his ass every five minutes?

  • Well said!!!! Amen!

  • +400,000,000,000 TA

  • Johnny I've got nothing against Tebow but after all the shit the Sex Cannon and Cutler have received I'm not feeling it for Tebow. I'm not saying his religious convictions aren't genuine (who knows?) but let's be honest, being a devout christian in the deep south is a pretty safe bet to being popular with the fans. Same with the Colorado faithful (see how I did that?). Also, the fans who love to dump on black QB's for being stupid, gangster, whatever, are the same ones that clamor for a great white hope like Tebow. That generates it's own backlash.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    .....and all asians are bad drivers....while we're generalizing here.

  • Jumpin' Joe Flacco still looking like garbage right now.

  • Cam Newton to G-Reg for a 34 yd TD.

  • In reply to Shady:

    CBS is making me watch Giants/Dolphins.

    I can't wait for the Lions game. HUGE PLAYOFF IMPLICATIONS!!!!!

  • What's going on in Baltimore?

  • Forte sounds as though he is gonna be pissed out if the Bears franchise him... Cant say I blame him, but that doesn't bode well if we wanna keep him long term. Specially not the way he is playing

  • In reply to Maxx:

    The new CBA allows for a tag up to three years in a row according to Hub Arkush. Mmmm Arkushhh

  • In reply to Maxx:

    Pissed at 8 or 9 Mil? What's this world coming to.

  • In reply to Maxx:

    in the capitalistic world of pro football
    forte is being treated like a socialistic slave

    JA's present actions toward him are very hipocritical
    in any other capitalistic structure,
    when you produce with terrific results; you get rewarded yearly with a bonus of monumental proportions

  • Early game half time report:

    Did all these suck-for-luck sweepstakes teams NOT watch the game yesterday? Why are they winning?

    Stl looking inspired by the baseball champs.

    Ariz got mad that Fox would rather re-run Magic Jack infomercials.

    Mia trying to cash the check Marshall wrote.

    This weekend might be underdog weekend.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    P.S. Colts still suck big donkey balls, nice to know someone still wants to earn Luck.

  • Saints getting WORKED in the STL.

  • Saints look to be getting schlobbernockered by Da Rams today. Nice.

  • Olindo Mare just shanked a 31 yd FG to give the Vikings the win. Ponder looks like he can be a good pro QB. I don't know why the Queens didn't start him sooner.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    I will be highly surprised if Mare doesn't get cut, that's two games this year at least that he's cost the Panthers with his pap kicking. Mind you, it did look like he was about to get flattened on that effort today.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    I started him in one DBB league this week. That puts me even with Leslie Frazier.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    You got your daughter trained right MBP.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    Thanks - she has the first couple of lines of "Bear Down, Chicago Bears" down pat, and can do the "Da Bears" SNL song pretty good too.
    Too bad, she'll have to play soccer instead of football.

  • from the Trib:

    "If Jay Cutler rubbed you the wrong way his first two seasons in Chicago, you weren't alone. Just ask D.J. Moore.

    The Bears nickel back figured he would have a natural tie with his fellow Vanderbilt alum. Moore couldn't have been more mistaken.

    "The first year, to me personally, he was an (expletive),'' Moore said. "There's no way to sugarcoat it. Some days, he was good. But some days, he was in his own world.''

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    maybe cutler wasn't so sure of his position in the pecking order; so he sat back and eased into his present role, instead of coming in, and trying to rule this club in the social atmosphere of pecking orders.

    He won't take money from ads yet, because he doesn't believe he deserves that cash until he produces returns for the team.
    He probably felt he needed to give a bit of himself in his own way before telling the posse he was one of them

    and getting his ass wipped has been his way of saying; "see, i am genuine, and not the creep the media was making me out to be"

    he came in with alot of baggage from the press; and I believe he handled his entrance into the social order of the locker room skillfully. Being boss first would have been percieved as an (expletive) also
    deep thinkers seem distant at times; but it is not done in disrespect; their thoughts consume them to a space outside the present company

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Yeah, Huntin, I agree. A person can't just step into a new locker room and think he's King-Kong, esp with Lach, Briggs, and Kruetz around.

    But now, after Lach totally backed him while he was under twitter siege when he exited the championship game, and after Kreutz has left - coupled with a more dedicated mentality (better diet, no ads, no fiance), this is his year and HIS team.

    Fuck Martz, fuck the media, and if you don't catch the ball when it hits you in the hands, or let a guy blow by, fuck you too.

    Cutler has been reborn.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    I wonder what they expected with Cutler. Dude walks into a team after a very public exit from the Broncos where the media branded him a whiner and a crybaby and he's supposed to walk onto the Bears and go "Hi ! Super to meet you!" etc.

  • Arg, no Bears to watch. What a total waste of a football Sunday.

  • Well. in all fairness, Christians never did fare very well against Lions.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Good one.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Or Bears. Too bad we don't play 'em.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    We play Denver in early December.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    At least Cutler gets to go for 600 yards and Forte can break the 400 mark. The D can try and set the sack record and see if we can get Brady Quinn out.

  • The 49er's look like a team to be reckoned with this year. They're 6-1 and haven't even played any of their shitty division opponents yet. Their only loss was in OT. Harbaugh's doing a great job so far.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    Speaking of Jim - did anyone catch the part in the Ditka "Football Life" where he decides to audible out of a play against the Vikings in the Dome and throws a pick six? I don't remember that game but figured that works as a reasonable explanation for Martz' obsession with non-audible audibles. The receiver couldn't hear the altered route over the crowd noise and the defensive back got the ball right in the breadbasket.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I remember the meltdown. Ditka had a monumental blow up. I can't remember if that's the same game Mac came in in relief and threw 2 TD's in his first 3 passes. Could be 2 different games. A little shaky on the memory.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Nah, Jim Harbaugh was the QB. Ditka said before the game there were to be no audibles because of crowd noise. If Harbaugh didn't like the look, tough titty, call the play in case a receiver doesn't get the audible you make. We'll call a new play next time. Of course Harbaugh calls the audible and it's pick six, bascially handed them the game (was it 21-20?). Ditka chewed him a new one. Classic.

  • I should probably go watch the Cowboys getting railed but my heart isn't in it.
    Why watch if a Dallas game if Romo doesn't have an opportunity to piss away certain victory in the 4th quarter?

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Just when you think Vick may have jumped the shark, bam - he nukes somebody again. The guy is resilient.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    We'll find out next week when Peppers pulls a Bane and snaps him across his knee.

    That was for Jack.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    If you want to see a Ryan's head blow up, just keep watching as the Eagles run all over his precious D.

  • Drew Brees summoning his inner Grossman? AJ Feely? Really? Got to feel for the dudes taking those odds - 1/12?

    Thank you NYG, SF, BUF, TEN & CIN for getting me back on track.

  • I like that the Eagles are pulling out all the stops. More tape for our boys to work with.

    the 3-4 is a lot like the 46 - if it gets to the Qb it's gonna be a long night for the O, if it doesn't, it's gonna be a long night for the D.

  • +1
    our coaching staff should be studied up; and hopefully the weak link is going to be a bit stronger with his play selection for the eagles
    Dallas should not be spelled with a capital D
    they were horrible on tackling and defensive energy
    dallas's pusuit was like a convicted criminal pursueing the gallows

  • Hey Willie? LeSean Kamel McCoy. MMM..........MMM............MMM

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    In both DBB 1 and 2, I was up a decent chunk until McCoy killed me...

    Sometimes my team's go three and oh, sometimes my teams gon' dosey-do... but most of the time they're just mediooooooooooo-cre.

  • Posted a perfectly reasonable and polite Bears resume over on Bleeding Green Nation asking for a back and forth on the Eagles game, with full permission from the blog chief. Sumbitches removed it after two replies!! Somewhat rude methinks.

    Some dude posted an article on Voluptuous Buttfuck for you MB :

    Anyhoo, before I was unceremoniously deleted, I got the impression from two cinsidered replies that the Eagles are finally coming together. They have their O-line all back healthy and seem to be super-enthused about their D-line. They're in love with their fullback and of course McCoy, in fact it doesn't seem there's a player on the offense that's not expected to explode.

    And then they played the Cowgirls. Number one rushing offense in the NFL meets the number one rush defense. Result? 185 yards and 2 TDs for Mr. McCoy. Can we stop him AND Vick AND Maclin/Jackson deep ?


    Very interesting take on the debacle at Invesco yesterday.

  • Well I have to post about yesterday because I’m still in total shock. I’m a HUGE Football fan but I also love Baseball. I’m a White Sox fan first above all else since I grew up on the South Side and No I don’t like the cubs…surprise, surprise. I’m an American League fan so I actually like the Yankees, Hate Boston. And since I’ve lived in St. Louis I am a Cards fan especially when they play the cubs.

    As you all know the Cards had a few miracles happen for them to win the World Series. It was a great ride and awesome for this city. My wife wanted to go to the parade yesterday to cheer them one last time. So I said hey, why not go to the Rams game, The tickets are dirt cheap since they’ve sucked rocks all year and I figured we’d leave early third quarter to get a good spot on the parade route. I figured the score would be 40 to zip New Orleans and leaving early wouldn’t be an issue.

    Well was I in for a surprise. There were many empty seats there and many Black and Gold wearing fans there as well and why not? The Saints fans had to figure they were at an easy “for sure” win. But in the NFL there are no “for sure” wins. It’s the nature of game. I like the Rams especially the great 1999 Champion Season. I was living here when the Rams came to town and how the City was so happy to have an NFL franchise here again. I honestly haven’t seen many Rams games in person unless you count the games I was actually rooting against them, Bears, Giants, Indie, Pitt are all first on my list before the Rams.

    Yesterday was the very best Rams game I had ever attended in person. Hands down. Perhaps the Cardinals with the World Series Trophy being on the sidelines the first have had some affect on them, perhaps they decided they were professionals too and wanted to prove it to them or us the crowd, perhaps, just perhaps, they were so sick and tired of losing and being made fools of so far and they had had enough. Steven Jackson said it best after the game at the press conference. “It was a bad day to play the Rams today.” He stomped up and down the sidelines yelling at his offense especially when the screwed up. The Rams defense came out and not only beat the Saints, they literally, physically, knocked their teeth out. Even Feely had a decent game which was also a surprise to many a fan, even though he almost through a few picks. The Rams line still had their problems as well not being able to pick up some blitzs…but Jackson was actually able to run some how even with a very weak line.

    It reminded me of something Ray Lewis said during the Water Payton edition of “A Football Life” He said watching old films of Walter. “That’s not skill…that’s Heart.” The Rams left their hearts on the field yesterday and it turned into a huge victory. It was awesome to watch. St. Louis was a happy city yesterday, there was electricity in the air and it was very cool to be a part of it.

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