Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears Game Thread

Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears Game Thread

Lovie Smith has benched Frank Omiyale.  He has benched Chris Harris and Brandon Meriweather.  The head coach is attempting to seize control of the organization, perhaps recognizing his fragile job security, and putting himself on the line by starting Major Wright and Chris Conte.  Will they last?  Who knows.

Sunday night's game is now the second must-win of the 2011 campaign.  The responded the first time around, at home against Carolina.  Will they respond this evening?

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  • First game of the rest of the season. Just take care of business and we still might make it to the playoffs.....

  • Loved that Schwartz Harbaugh kerfuffle. Hilarious.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Schwartz face as Harbaugh runs away from him after the shake is one of the best reaction faces there is.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Are the media kidding? Didn't they watch the tape? Schwarz had no problem with the handshake, clearly Harbaugh could be seen turning back slightly and saying something after the shake that incensed Schwarz.

  • Wright & Conte at safeties? The Major and the Minor?

    Anyone else see Shabba exacting a measure of revenge tonight?

    Roll Cutler out! Sprint him out! Bootleg him!
    Make those Viking lineman chase and get gassed by the 4th quarter!

    Eh, what do I know.

    As usual, lately, I do NOT have a good feeling.

  • Props to Sean Payton. It's hard to imagine somebody like Tom Landry coaching with a shattered leg.

    Go Bears

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Props to Sean Payton, sure, but...



    Sorry, GP but your swipe at Landry, intentional or not, in this instance was absolutely, postiviely, ingnorant. Read on and be enlightened:

    Tom Landry piloted or co-piloted a B-17 for 30 missions during WWII.

    You actually believe that after having people try to kill you by firing HIGH EXPLOSIVES and LARGE CALIBER bullets at your airplane (he got to see Belgium up close & personal when his damaged bomber crash-landed there) that a man like THAT would let a broken leg, shattered or otherwise, keep him off the sideline of a mere FOOTBALL game?

    Yeah, right.

    Your props to Sean Payton needn't have included pissing on Tom Landry.

  • Peppers was listed as OUT but now he's going to PLAY!

    Anyone else remember last year when Favre was listed as OUT but ended playing anyway Sunday Night? I bet you Lovie remembers...Oh he remembers.

  • In reply to Shady:

    If he's playing hurt, then what's the point. I'm expecting a loss, hoping for a win. Just no Jason Campbell type stuff happening and it's all good.

  • In reply to Shady:

    We can hope, but Orange Julius was pretty much a non-factor last week after he came up lame.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Also, BAD example. Narcissus was / is a Hall-of-Fame self-promoter. He was was likely NEVER "out" but pretending he came off his death bed to play sounded great. Especially to HIM.

  • With the bucs beating the saints, I'd say next week just got even more important-we need that head to head against the bucs in my humble opinion.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    Brees beat the Saints, I was waiting on a comeback for a thousand yoyos after Cincy, Oakland and Baltimore came good.. It's hard to overcome four turnovers. The Bucs defense is the real thing though. Their offense was all Earnest Graham.

  • My Sunday Night juices are flowing. Mmmmbearssssss

  • Blogfader....from tonight on...... "ALL ARE MUST FUCKING WIN GAMES"!!!! we must pull up our proverbial bootstraps and win from tonight on...

    HEY LDL ........WAKE THE "F" team up...I know we have a hard time in get emotional but tonight LIMP DICK LOVIE...you need to have a MAJOR PENIS HARD ON!!!!

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    ps..........DId you see how I did that?

  • Hester owns Kluwe. Hope we get to see some opportunities for the Windy city Flyer. Youuuuuuu crank that youuuuuuu crank that!

  • I'm back
    went to aurellio's bar and ordered a couple pies for ma
    sat with Stella at the bar; and let Ditka give me the salute
    behand the alter hangs a picture of the coach in a bears sweater
    giving me the finger!
    now I'm inspired for the game
    thanks coach

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    "behind" stella only f-d me up a bit

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    mmmmm Aurello's... deelish!

  • Pringles and Starsky.

    Webb vs. Allen.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Hi screen.

  • Please win, Bears.

  • good personal match-up between forte and peterson
    matt wants braggin' rights

  • those were some ugly numbers

  • peppers is old school
    there's no workman's comp in him

  • Grossman had four INTs and got benched.

  • @Albert: you nailed it. I've had my share of ouchies suffered on the field, but that's jack-shit compared to the actual heroics performed by people in uniforms that don't have home/away colors.

    Case in point: Ted Williams. Guy was a stud on the baseball diamond, but the fact that he was a Marine ground-attack pilot means a lot more to me.

    To the Harbaugh/Schwartz thing: Schwartz needs to grow the flock up. Un-friggin-believable. Even IF Harbaugh shook his hand too hard, slapped him in the back, said something unflattering, whatever, Schwartz needs to be an adult and not get his undies in a twist on the field. That's the sort of thing that you nurse into a long-term grudge, instead.

    And Peppers is playing? Attaboy, Julius!

    Now bear the fudge down and send these purple-socked cheesehead wannabes back to Minny. Much respect to Les Frazier, but not tonight.

  • Thanks for the nod, Navy. Frankly, I think ANY NFL coach's reaction to that situation would be "Shoot it up, tape it up and get me back on that sideline!"

    More Ted Williams. He did TWO combat tours. WWII AND Korea. In the recent biography on him, he complains that after walking away from a crash landing, a General drove up and the first thing he asked was for an autograph!

  • Wow, Lovie. Just wow.

  • Jumpin Jeebus. Timeout by defense on second play of game... that's awful.

    Conte, you went to Cal; you should be smart enough to line up in the right place.

  • OK, Roy-boy. THAT is why you were hired. More of that.

    Martz, same goes for you.

  • Garza has been solid this year, have to give him credit.

  • wow

  • Finally, what we've been waiting for!

  • Cutler fooled me with that play-action, I followed Forte the whole way. Great play. Like this protection scheme. Where was that?

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    eight is great

  • Good things on that play:

    1) formation fooled Vikings defense a little
    2) Play fake
    3) Max protect, Jay buys time
    4) THE ARM hucks the ball while backpedaling
    5) Hester looks like a real WR, runs TO the ball and makes the catch.

    That, my friends, is what a powerful offense looks like.

  • Matt Speath huge block on Allen.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Yeah, did you notice during the pregame, they talked up Jared Allen with his sack total... neglecting that against a shittier version of this O-line last year, he didn't get much of anything.

  • A Jay-Hester bomb. Thought I woulda seen more of those by now. Nice start, boys.

  • hester caught that like a punt
    through his hands into his chest

  • Can I hear a HELLS YES?!

  • Hang the DJ.

  • DJ!!!!!!!!!!!

    That shoulda been six!

  • the vikings look like the bears
    big plays given up on D
    dropped balls on O

  • Aww jeez, the player intros for teh Bears are bad. The offense all looked like they hadn't gotten any sleep, and for the defense, Conte looks like a child molester.

  • Actually, to clarify, Conte looks like a 'special' kid.

    Maybe they shot the intros early some morning?

  • Good start.

  • Anyone got a feed?

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    For an NBC national broadcast?

    Check out the Twitter account of Greg_Punzo

    He usually has a link to a reliable, good-quality feed.

  • I don't have a TV

  • In reply to SC Dave:


  • In reply to SC Dave:



    there'll be more links on that site if the one i put up stops working.

  • In reply to SC Dave:


    Answer to future issues, should they arise. I've seen these things for $15.

    Not an answer for you for tonight, but if anyone wants to burn time at a boring job that lacks broadband internet access (been there, done that myself), USB TV tuners can be your friend.

  • um.. nbc.com looks to work fine...

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I'm watching on tv tonight Dave and don't miss being in SC having to watch online. Good luck!

  • There's the screen Allen almost intercepted.

  • Run right at that RE every play, fellas. Webb seems to have his man owned in run blocking.

    Oh wait, who's his man? Jared Allen.

  • LOL at Angelo praying hahah

  • Hoping for a Bear win tonight.... still sad from Dan Wheldon's passing at Las Vegas Motor Speedway today. Thankful our plans fell through and we weren't there at the track today.

  • gotta talk to the team press corp and get rid of the mug shot
    maybe they thought lovie really wouldn't start him

  • OK, let's just stop the "Jay Cutler isn't tough" myth. ANYONE who has watched this team since Jay came to town has seen him sacrifice his body time and time again.
    Yeah, I think he's got a douchey face, but he straps-up and plays like a man.
    Blocking Jared Allen is proof-positive of that.

  • +100..... BNO

    tired of that sheite that he's not"f"ing tough...ppplllleeeaaassseeee!

  • SC..here's a feed:


  • In reply to lobotobear:


  • to those asking before, there is a feed on nfl.com


  • SAFTEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SAFETY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow is Minny really that garbage or are the Bears playing that well?

  • In reply to Shady:

    They have the 4th best run defense. We're on max protect, plenty of screens, Forte doing his thing, I'd say we're looking okay for today.

  • In reply to Shady:

    MN isn't too good but we're playing well, too

  • McNabb soiled his frillies when he saw Urlacher powering towards him!!

  • Welcome home Donovan.

    Well done Paea.

    Who dey ?

  • hey GP flatbread's on national TV

  • Pizza Paea!

  • Who is this team running off-tackle and getting blockers in front of the RB?

    Oh wait, there's a procedure penalty--it's gotta be the Bears I'm watching, after all.

  • This is rather pleasant.

  • OK, I don't wanna jinx this, but the O-line is pushing around Minny's D-line like there's jello for dessert in the school cafeteria.

    And once again, Roy-Boy does the deep-in.

    Where was this offense the last month?

  • We don't need to be throwing jump balls to Johnny Knox in the endzone with Hurd and Williams on staff.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:


    Knox is too short to be fighting for jump-balls. He should be dragging across the endline, or fading to the corner.

  • wow.


  • OK, that play could have been MUCH worse than it turned out. Mainly because the D-back made the cardinal sin of tipping the ball UP.

    Any CB worth his salt doesn't give his safety the chance to make that out-of-bounds near-interception.

  • Barber=Forte fantasy killer. Not that it matters :o)

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Haha I drafted Barber and I should have kept him.

  • Fuck yeah!!!

  • When's the last time we won a game in the first qtr? Was it Minny two years ago?

  • Uhm... are the Vikings really this bad, will the Bears collapse, or are the Bears turning things around?

  • Romp, excellent!

  • Again, again, again:
    WTF got into the O-line? They're run-blocking like men with chest hair. Maybe not every block is beautiful, but they're getting to their men and pushing them where they want 'em to go. Which is giving Forte all the room he needs to knife through, cut back, and make ridiculous YPC.

    And good gravy, goaline with a goaline back and the goaline back isn't TOUCHED?

    Not to mention the O-line is doing pretty well pass-blocking, too.

    Can we attribute this all to the Minny D-line not being juiced anymore?

  • Jared was leading the NFL in sacks, they were keeping opponents scores low, we're taking advantage of a fairly good defense.

  • Wonder if Jeff is still not ready to put Forte up there with the other backs in this league. The guys is just damn good.

  • What the he'll took so long with ths Peaea kid?

  • In reply to Shady:

    Bears love to redshirt for some reason.

  • In reply to Shady:

    And the knee injury is why he wasn't a late 1st to early 2nd rounder.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Knee injury in college that's taken him a while to recover completely from.

  • In reply to Shady:

    he was hurt for a big part of pre-season
    I want to see him against green bay
    and detroit

  • Conte did a good job driving him to the ground. He got his pads a bit too far in front, but unlike Meriweather (and Wright a lot of the time), Conte brought his man down reliably.

    And had good coverage on that ugly-ass throw from Webb, too.

  • He's biting on play-action though.

  • Is our o-line Webb, Williams, Garza, Williams, Louis?

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:


  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    What's up Irish? I hope you laid off the Lions this weekend.

  • 151yds of offense for the bears in the first quarter.

    Gotta snuff this drive out now though.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    Yeah, this is a "confidence-gainer" drive.

    Stop them without a score and the air goes out.

  • WTF? I guess it's OK to hold Okoye? Peanut barely grabbed the WR.

  • Ridiculous lack of holding call there.... right in the middle of the field, right in front of the ref.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I'm of the opinion that when a rusher throws his arm up in the air to demonstrate that the O-lineman is locked onto him, if the ref doesn't throw the flag, something is very wrong.

    As my wife points out every time I yell "holding!!!" on a play like that, there could be a legitimate holding call on most passing plays, if the refs look close enough.

    But sometimes the obvious ones are just that--obvious.

  • time for the stop

  • I'd love to see Pep block this one.

  • Good Job by DJ on Shiancoe there...slowed him down just enough. That is a one on one situation Shiancoe should win hands down.

  • Collinsworth is a bag of dicks.

    Can't we have one game this season without non-penalty /dodgy penalty calls? No? Cheers refs.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    You have to remember you're talking about the Bears, my man.

  • Why can't Hester just run... why does he always dance?

  • You'd have to ask the GOAT :o)

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    I won't bother.

  • For being known as being a "run-stopper" type of LB, Chad Greenway doesn't seem to be able to shed a block. (Our) Williams blew him out of that play so bad that he knocked (their) Williams out of Forte's way.

  • Guess we needed a false start, eh?

  • aPod is fucking stroking it tonight.

  • In reply to Shady:

    A-Pod. Respect.

  • I think that's the first time I've seen Cutler get pulled down to the ground.

    I really don't wanna jinx it (as I type that, Hester drops an easy ball), but the line is doing extremely well tonight.

    There have been hiccups--but so far this is as good a game as the Bears have played since December.

  • That was a bad throw, man.

  • they. keep. fucking. bringing. up. the. fucking. NFC. Championship. Game.


  • Hahaha

  • Just once I'd like someone to mention that the Packers backed into the playoffs last year, and without some dumb luck, it wouldn't be cheesy knob they'd be slobbering over right now.

  • or talk about Matty fucking Ice shitting the bed in HIS biggest career game. he stuck his dick in that game and fucked his team so hard against the Pack.

  • Too bad Jay missed that one.

    Oh, and I'm definitely starting to like Podlesh.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Showing Kluwe how it's done anyhow

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Hey, I liked Maynard, but there's definitely a reason why Podlesh gets the ball on 4th down now.


    Any punter who is that fast, and who kicked a brain tumor, can kick for my team anytime.

  • the hester effect
    infected the punter

  • The Devin Effect looks to be active.

  • Guards should NOT FALSE START.

  • LOVING the 7 man protection.

  • GREAT blocking scheme on that completion.

    Whatever Tice did this week, he should be doing EVERY FUCKING WEEK.

  • I love when Cutler is given more than a nanosecond to make his throws. He's got a rocket arm.

  • +1k

  • I'm wracking my brain trying to come up with an adjective more rocket-y than "rocket," and I got nothin'.

    But yeah, he's got an arm. His arm is so strong that it's got it's own arm, and that arm's strong, too. (Variation of one of Drew Carey's dick jokes)

  • Great googily-moogily, that was a beautiful play.

    Cutler threw that HARD.

  • Sexy timever nice!

  • What a catch from Sanzensausage!!! Knox would have dropped that.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:


  • No false start sweepstakes tonight?
    Lions and Schwartz are lowl life.
    McNabb looking like Sox pitchers - bouncing them in...
    Al Michaels is very soft indeed. Skip over Jim McMahon and reference Sid Luckman...Send this jerk to Fox.
    Saw some douche with a "If you don't love Hank Williams Jr. You can kiss my donkey" Hank Williams Jr. should get booked at Bob's Country Bunker - (see Blue's Brothers - or Blue's Clues)/

    Are we going to give this one away in the second half - he said. Just like the Vikings.
    Senzenwelker...he scores...

  • In reply to Jack Lacan:

    Not to mention Erik Kramer, who owns several team records, and (I would argue) is probably the best QB the Bears ever had, prior to Cutler.

  • Dane!!!!

  • cutty put some fucking mustard on that one. the FNG plucked it out of the air and rolled like a gator to make sure no one ripped it out.

  • Given all the plays Cutler made last week despite the awful line play, and what he's been doing today (with much better protection) dare I say maybe he's taken it to the next level?

  • Thanks to Al Michaels for telling us the Bears are "...playing brilliantly tonight"...

    Blood diamonds Al?

  • Who is this team?

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Don't get too excited. Vikings look like shit. This is a good sign though. I hope they keep it up.

  • In reply to BearDown1982:

    i just like the playcalling. it actually has rhyme and reason to it.

  • Agreed there for sure. Will they be consistent with it is the question.

  • In reply to BearDown1982:

    Yeah, I'm starting to wonder if it's the Bears doing that well, or the Vikings just sucking THAT hard.

  • I give up. I 'm confused. How does a line look terrible one week, and look like The Hogs the next? Kudos to Mike Tice it has to be said. Lovie must also take a hand after benching the boys. We're moving it against the 4th best run D and one of the best pass rushing attacks is being held up. Do we just hand Carimi back the starting job? Can't wait til Earl is back.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Maybe it's just the difference between Omiyale and (a healthy) Lance Louis.

    And if that is the case, then everyone with responsibility for Frank Omiyale needs to be shot.

  • Omelette.

  • Sam Hurd just destroyed that return!

  • Suck on that Cutler haters, booya!

  • In reply to Shady:

    Heh heh...

  • 81 just clotheslined that guy WWF style

  • I was totally waiting for flags on that.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    You and me both. Guess they are letting the boys play tonight....

  • hurd is painfully tough

  • In reply to huntinbare:


  • ugh

  • that was a nice play on the outside by roach

  • All right, here's where things get scary. Bears game-planned the D to take away AP. Now McNabb is looking like a real QB, completing passes pretty easily and maintaining the drive.

    Can Lovie adjust?

  • Interesting. We'd expect cover who from here on in allowing McNabb to have a career day for the Queens. Interesting. Will he change *anything*?

  • conte you fucking molester, nice tackle!

  • conte wraps up the legs again
    you can see why lovie likes him

  • wtg conte

  • Conte looks like he's ready for prime time.

    Of course, he's playing against the worst team in the NFC North, with a big lead, and with a front seven that's holding their own, too--so he's not exactly being asked to do a lot. Just stay deep until you're sure it's a run, then come up and make a reliable tackle. Hoepfully they don't push him out of his comfort zone too early.

  • Jeez, is Leslie Frazier so much a Bear that he's got to copy Lovie's timeout stupidity?

    Wow. Did someone dress the Bears in Viking colors?

  • think the commentary actually called it for once....they were gonna run a fake but the bears seemed prepared for it in the eyes of the vikes.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    Yeah, BUT:

    you gotta anticipate that your fake is gonna be sniffed out coming out of the 2-minute timeout, and you gotta be ready to take a chance and execute when you're down 20 late in the half.

  • Personally I agree with you, but clearly leslie fraser didnt have the cohones to stick it out.

  • Nice to see somebody else make the penalties, that's another difference between this week and lat.

    Oh, in your face Wrongwell!

  • Are we playing the bears?

  • In reply to DYLbear23:


  • What a frickin' disaster for Minny. I feel for 'em, having seen it happen for the Bears too often.

    Burn a timeout. Take a penalty. Miss the FG. Now the Bears are driving.

    And the Bears only blew one stupid timeout already, so they could go into the lockerroom up 27 instead of 16.


  • Wow... longwell misses?

  • They're brewing up a ton of kool aide tonight, why not DRINK IT UP?

  • In reply to Shady:

    I'll have a glass, why not? We'll be cursing them next week. I love it.

  • "Isn't it amazing the body language of a quarterback when he's not being hit"
    Captain Obvious announcing....

  • I heart Robbie Gould!

  • I'd let him kick my balls......

    ....wait, wat.

  • Ok that kick would have been good from 60 yards, easy. Wow.

  • awww, damn, that was a chickenshit play.

  • Argh!!

  • Automatic.

  • Good as Gold!

  • why why why?
    I don't know why
    but what a difference week to week

  • Pep was tackled, no call???

  • Peppers was tackled</b. on that play.


  • I don't get "playing it safe" with a 51-yard FG with 33 seconds on the clock and your opponent has 2 timeouts.

    Your offense is working; run it normally and trust in your defense to do their job if you can't get closer.

  • Robbie is still the man!

  • Nice catch skunk! you are our #1 receiver ...really!? damn Cutty has a the right to be pissed off about that non- catch........................$!@#%$#!@%$#!@!@!!!!!!!!

  • Shit. Sorry I didn't close that bold tag properly.

  • Figures that the Trib would buy a comments system that allows tags to stay open across comments.

  • Gnomes Revenge!

  • OK, here's my One-Sentence Analysis™ of the game thus far:

    Minnesota might be bad, but they still have AP and a decent defense--so a 23-point lead at halftime means the Bears are doing a lot of things very well.

    And then my patented Afterthought™:
    And for the second game in a row, Cutler is looking like a top-tier QB. So far in this game, he has yet to make a bad play.

  • Technically, this blog sucks. Such a waste of our prodigious talents!

  • Whoops. I think maybe I broke something, because I can't seem to reply to any specific comment now. Christianh, you're not supposed to mention that the blog has no clothes!

  • Yup, Replys not working for me either.

  • Harbaugh's reaction to the "handshake" in his press conference is fantastic.

    So when did Ditka's genes get spliced into Harbaugh's body?

  • Why don't the Bears bench Hester at WR? This guy cannot change his stars. He's a return freak but he sucks at the WR position.

  • Can the line keep it together for 4 quarters? If this remains a blowout, the Bears need to consider giving Orange Julius the rest of the quarter off.

  • Sorry I broke the code - at least *I* didn't break the reply function ;)

  • But we can blame you if we want!

  • I hate Bob Costas. He's worse than jock itch.

    I did not like Al Davis, and thought that he was a laughingstock for the past 20 years, but Costas's "eulogy" of Davis last Sunday was pretty low. When a guy dies, you don't try to go for "accuracy" or "fairness" in cataloging his faults and foibles. Leave that shit until after the mourning period. It's not like anyone who knows anything about pro football needed to be reminded about Davis's issues.

    So tonight when Costas waxes philosophic about the Harbaugh handshake, he should've just shut his pie-hole and said, "it's football; sometimes it isn't polite or appropriate. Let's not waste breath hyper-analyzing a handshake."

    Stupid smurf.

  • i'm liking this clutts kid

  • At least Costas is not muffberger

  • Can we save some of this magic for next week? Tampa will be tough...

  • @christianh: The weirdest thing is that I was replying to myself when I closed the tag, hoping other posts wouldn't get sucked into the open-tag vortex. That's probably what screwed things up.

    I just break stuff, I guess.

    Now, Lovie & Martz: your offensive game plan, until/unless the Vikings pull within 14, is to hand the ball off 75% of the time, screen pass 20% of the time, and roll Cutler out with max-protect for 80-yard bombs the rest of the time.

  • Curlers gotta feel that.

  • FART.

    Jared Allen, you might want to celebrate a little less when your team is down by 23.


    MLB does not overrun the play!

    Let play-side LB cut off the play--YOU CLEAN UP!

    That would've killed their drive--you should know better, #54.

  • Ready for the zero-adjustment Bears?

  • Mage still tackling with his head down.

  • let's remember that we need to call plays consistently that get the ball out of Cutlers hands


    Why the FUCK are you calling a FS blitz with a ROOKIE IN HIS FIRST START!? He didn't even disguise the blitz!

  • peppers should be sittin

  • we made the same adjustments at half last week

  • Sigh. Looks like my quiet evening is going to get unduly exciting.

  • The TD was on Briggs (though Urlacher let himself be blocked): the motion brought Roach to Briggs' side, which (for run support) meant that Briggs should've shifted back to Mike--and, had he done so, Urlacher would've taken the Will angle, leaving AP to Briggs.

  • The brain trust strikes again

  • Well fuck that. Right in the face.

  • GOAT

  • Greatest EVER!

  • Guess Jared Allen will get another series or so to sit on the bench and kiss his biceps.

    And Sam Hurd, you get extra whipped cream on your ST sundae for hustling your ass down and putting your body between Hester & the nearest tackler.

  • WOWIE!

  • Well I'm much calmer now... Hester really is amazing to watch. What a burst.

  • it's cool watching history be made every time he touches a kickoff or punt

  • Gregg Easterbrook says that a KOR-fumble is a crippling play in a game, but there's a LOT to be said for a KORTD.

    A team stands up after a turnover, shoves a TD in your face and shows signs of life.

    Then #23 touches the ball and pretty much says, "Hey, you got lucky there. That was a nice series. Now I'll even us up again."

  • I take back my earlier gripe about Hester... he's doing something right. May he never leave us. BEAR DOWN!

  • Replay shows Hurd running faster than Hester.

    The more Sam Hurd I see, the more I like.

    Peppers, you got your sack. Grab some bench and rest up. Game's in-hand now.

  • now sam hurd showed some more hustle following hester into the end zone

  • Of JA's bargain-basement FA spending, I think Okoye is the best pickup, and I hope he sticks for a while.

  • Sorry Murph, Bear D is kicking your ass tonight.

  • Hester was not happy with Clutts there. Just got in his way and helped the vikes out there.

    Good to see Pep can torch the Vikes second string linemen.

  • You gotta love Clutts. Gets in Hester's way, then turns and drives a guy back 10 yards as Hester goes out of bounds.

    In the comments section of the Trib article when Clutts was signed, some yahoo was wondering why sign Clutts when the Bears had just cut another FB. I think that yahoo's wondering has long-since been answered, but here's to hoping Clutt's keeps his high-motor as he continues to improve--because a DE-turned-FB is a fun thing to watch.

  • Vikings line is paper thin.

  • Why are we not trying to run the ball down there friggin throats?

  • KD is a man child in the secondary, but seriously, keep running the ball Martz.

  • First bad decision of the night for Cutler. Sometimes I think he knows he can throw the ball so hard that a LB won't catch it.

    Davis wrecked the safety there.

    And technically, the safety should be flagged & fined for hitting Davis before he completed the catch. It's a stupid rule, but if they're going to have it, they'd damn well better enforce it--even when the safety gets hurt.

  • cutler almost got picked
    did he not see the linbacker?
    or does he think he can get the ball into that tight a window

  • Agreed with everyone--this should be "3 yards and a cloud of dust" territory.

    The O-line is dominating the Vikings on running plays, so I don't think that the Vikings would be too advantaged.

  • @huntinbare: He seems to do that a lot. Dunno if he feels like he can fit the ball through a tiny window, or if he thinks he throws too hard for a LB to get the int... or if he just mis-read the coverage and didn't see the LB.

    I like my "I throw the ball too damn hard!" theory.

  • Sanzenbacher has better hands than that. Cutler made the right read and a good throw. #18's gotta catch those.

    But I'm not gonna bitch about being up 26 instead of 30.

  • cutler is showing some emotion

  • keep dropping those Dane and Cutty will cut you off mainge. hester would be cut the fuck off too if not for being the single greatest kick off and punt returner in the history of the game of football. it's get you some leniency.

  • here's booker
    and there's hurd

  • If I hear 'Pondering about Ponder' again I will slap someone.

    Go on. Send him in. Let Pep ruin his career before it's even a quarter old.

  • Dane needs to keep getting chances, at least until EB gets back.



  • I think Cutler's gotta feel vindicated with his play over the past couple games.

    And I think that it took a little while after Olin was cut, but it seems like Cutler has stepped up to being a very focal leader (e.g., calling out Martz's playcalling). But--from experience--you feel very emphatic (and get very vocal) when you know you are doing your job and getting things right, and someone else screws up. I can recall times that a corner blew his coverage and I'd get sucked up on a play-fake, so I couldn't really throw stones. But when I'd play an airtight game, I'd be throwing all sorts of stones.

  • can we sit peppers

  • Pep!
    then Izzy and Paea!

  • I'm still convinced we're playing the bears.

  • Sack-fest. 3 plays running?

    Really, I feel sorry for Leslie Frazier. He's a good guy and doesn't deserve the shit his team is taking on the field.

  • even lovie can't slow peppers down

  • The Bears just made Donovan's mom get up to start the Chunky.

  • Seriously, the league needs to fine Jamarca Sanford, as well as the ref who DIDN'T throw the flag on the hit.

    The purpose of that "defenseless receiver" rule is to prevent injury, right? Well, Jamarca Sanford caused an injury--his own. Ergo, he should be fined.

    If the purpose of the fine & flag is to discourage players from making those hits, this needs to be done. Maybe the next time, Sanford won't be hitting a 265 lb TE and it'll be the 185 lb WR who gets hurt.

    Stupid rule, but enforce it consistently.

  • @navy and orange
    it is not fun when a bear is involved
    I feel for him and hope his team can respond to him next week

  • Helmet to helmet on Cutler.

    That should be more than 15--that should be an ejection, shouldn't it?



  • there's a fine

  • Cutler needs to be wearing a baseball cap from here on.

    1) a 26 point lead in the 4th quarter
    2) your QB took a helmet-to-helmet late hit within FG range
    3) your #2 QB could use the work
    4) your O-line is playing lights-out, but is one Lance Louis turned ankle from Frank "The Turnstyle" Omiyale entering the game.
    5) Cutler can come back in, if somehow the Vikings score 21+ points in the next 10 minutes

  • Agreed. Matt should not be in either.

  • That INC to Spaeth backs up my "I throw too hard for a LB to intercept me!" theory about Cutler throwing into coverage.

    He drilled that ball, like he was trying to throw it through the defender.

  • Okay. Take Jay and Matt out.

  • Spaeth trying to catch a missle shot. not going to happen. bad call Martz, KD or the kid from Purdue should be running that route.


  • OK, so they changed the rule about the 3rd QB, right? Ponder comes in, but that doesn't mean that Webb & McNabb can't come back in.

  • Jay should have 2 more td's

  • Good point about Forte. He should be getting a rub-down from the nearest Honey Bear.

    Which, of course, pre-supposes that the Honey Bears return.

    I have an active imagination.

  • nope, still broken.

  • Weird... now my comments are coming out of order.

    Let's see if I can't break fix the comments by breaking them again with an open tag.

  • Hester out with chest injury. Hope he is alright for the UK.

  • Like I said earlier, Bet Jay is missing Earl and Greg Olsen about right now. Dropped passes, man ..killing us.

  • This board software sucks.

    Oh, and Lovie, can you PLEASE sit your injured All-Pro unreplaceable DE?

    And maybe play a base defense and make the rookie QB work for his throws, rather than blitzing a goddamn corner and giving him an open man!

  • Why are they fellating Ponder? He's getting completions against the soft defense played by a team with a 29 point lead late in the game.

    I could look good doing that.

  • Technically, this blog is a joke

  • Collinsworth must be sniffing glue. Does he honestly think that Ponder's 4/7 for 48 yards in garbage time is anything to compare to McNabb?

  • hope Hester is not too banged up.

  • Bending away on D this time

  • Nope Tampa in London next week, then bye.

  • Bye week coming up, right? A lot of guys will get healthy in time for next game.

    Dunno that Carimi should step back in, the way Louis played tonight.

  • this has been an enjoyable game to watch. i wish we would have put a couple more TD's on the board when in the red zone but oh well. Nice game boys, i'm out.

    Next stop London for an proper asskicking. then we go into the bye at 4-3. Super Bears Super Bowl.

  • OK.

    Lovie Smith is a goddamned idiot.

    Less than 10 minutes to go. 29 point lead. YOUR STARTING QB and RB SHOULD BE ON THE BENCH.

  • Wow the blog has become a time machine - my answer to IBN+O is posted above the question...

  • Crap, the London game is this coming week? What an asinine way to schedule a team. Monday night game, Sunday night game, trans-Atlantic flight, then bye?

  • christianh: yeah, I dunno how it's doing it, but somehow it knows when a post is a response to a prior post, and it's putting them out-of-order. It's not messing up the order other times, though.

    Maybe this blog is run by Skynet, and it's become self-aware...

  • Yeah horrible scheduling. And then after the bye they play Monday night again. How dumb is that.

  • I think I'm on my way out, too. The rest of this will just be me bitching at Lovie for risking his players, anyway.

    G'night, gents (and ladies).

    Always a nice night when an NFC North rival loses.

  • did you guys see fucking hurd on the skunk runback?

    Hester was flat out smoking all vikings defenders and fucking hurd runs up like everyone but skunk was standing still. Did I see that?

    Does that dude have series wheels?

    And who gives a flying fuck about the Vikings stadium situation. Who. Fucking. Cares.

  • good to see brian havin fun
    urlacher was jawin' at bernard

  • hanie!

  • MB hurd is a burner

  • this team is schitzo man. I have no clue. Can't figure it out?

    Are the vikes that bad... or..... little help?

    I MUCH more like this oline set up... MUCH more.

  • reply bug is back. damn it.

    Nice win. Please god can we win from here on out. Lions are going to start losing and we're going to start winning. No way they sweep us. We'll take one back from the lions AND the fucking pack... and sweep the vikes. there's still hope if we keep playing like this.

  • Our line plays terrible on fast surfaces, like in NO and DET.

    We do best in the semi-swamp of Chicago. Good news is, as it gets colder this issue will serve the Bears more.

    Ponder is a good QB. A 1st rounder? Dunno. But he has skillz.

    Pep looked good at the corner on the knee, a good sign.

    I can't believe flatbread got a safety and played well in Toe's place. Adams also put his motor in gear.

    The Vikes game plan sucked because of McFlabb. McFlabb's arm is shot, he went from eating chunky to being chunky and I guess we should all thank Frazier for not starting Ponder and making a game of this.

  • i love the Cutler interview after the game. They ask him why the line seemed to do so well and he takes the most subtle yet effective strike at the past playcalling.
    If we can run playaction, 3 and 5 steps and quick hitters combined with the run game we are good to go.

  • I thought the same thing about the play calling. They had a lot more blockers in the box and were chipping the ends. It was a much better planned game. The Vikings have a strong D Line and Jared Allen is the NFL sack leader. I don't know what to think though when looking towards the future. They are so unpredictable.

  • If we can get real production from our Dallas trio of Hurd, Barber and Roy - we are a much more effective ball club.

    If Roy's contribution is the consistent crossing and out route - I will take 4 catches and 4 first downs from him a game, and be happy with that.

    Having a FB that can release and catch the outside flat route is a Bears staple, and it's good to see it come back with John Daly. It makes a team pay if they play man, and it usually picks up a 1st. Jay had a snickers bar, and his throws were extra sharp, as was his tongue he gave Mumzenbacker a good yell when he bumbled the ball on his crossing route.

  • Alright, who who ARE you guys and what did you do with the Bear Offensive line from Monday?

    Never mind, we never want to see THAT bunch again.

    OK, OK. Not getting TOO excited. It's JUST the Queens and they have now officially imploded into "AP, Jarod the Cowboy, Percy Harvin, a couple of wideouts the BEARS didn't even want and 17 guys named Joe".

    On the other hand, there IS something to be said for immediately grabbing a bad team by the neck, pushing their face into the mud, holding it there and being able to fire up the recording of Dandy Don singing "Turn Out the Lights, The Party's Over" 5 minutes into the 3rd quarter.

    The next "Biggest Game of the Season" looms in "The Old City", as Dickens would put it.

    Tampa Bay has it's eyeson that 2nd NFC wild card slot, too. A slot that figures to come down to tiebreakers and Head-to-Head is the trump card. Would have been nice if Buffalo could have punked the Giants for us today.

    No offense to the Brits but I absolutely HATE the entire concept of this London Game.

    We can only ope Hester's chest injury isn't as bad as Bennett's.

    Nice effort, Julius. Thank you.

  • Saw that GP.

    Also, my wife watched the Jay interview after the game and she goes, “who is that… is he sick, or a drug addict?”


    I said, babe, he’s jay fucking cutler, are you serious? And he has diabetes for christ sake… and she goes, “see… told you”

    God I love her.

  • Cutler gave no credit to Martz and gave Shane fucking Day credit. that is how disgusted he has been with the playcalling. There is no reason why we shouldn't be taking shots with Hester, throwing slants to Williams and getting the ball out of Cutlers hands quickly but creatively so teams can't just jump the hot route from the slot guy. It's not that fucking hard. See what happens? Let's do the same thing again next week.

  • Okay, I give up. Overall impression of the game ... WTF? Didn't see that coming. I don't know who the Bears are other than Jekyll and Hyde. If it ain't broke don't fix it - so I don't know what happens when Carimi comes back - do we just hand him the job? Would Spencer or Louis be the RG if we did? Whatever about Minny's pass defense, their run defense was highly rated, as was their pass rush coming into this week - we just controlled the LOS. Well done Mike Tice.

    We're up against the best redzone defense in the NFL next week. Having watched every painful minute of that Saints game, the Bucs Defense are no muppets - just as well crowd noise won't be a factor in what is supposed to be a home game for them. Cutler will be able to hear somebody farting in row J.

    Martz certainly got a boot in the ass. How about all those screens and shorter passes? Love the max protect, and working off that. Who knew we'd be the leading points scorer this Sunday? When Earl gets back, I'm liking Williams, Hurd and Bennett with some Devin sprinkled in as our WR corps. Knox and Sanzy can sit until required. With Wooten healthy we can rotate the ends more and give them breathers .... Paea could be a handful too. Damn the Bears. Just when you think you're out, they pull you back in. Corleone stylie.

    No complaints other than why couldn't we have done this sooner?

    Is Chris Harris in civvies because they're about to trade him?

    Jim Schwarz - really?

    Drew Brees, would it have killed you to quickly scan the left hand side of the endzone? It certainly killed me. I've never seen a receiver so wide open.

    Deep breaths.

  • Do ya'll suppose a new thread will end the Reply problem?

  • BTW, 11 tackles and 1 assist for Peanut last night per Da Site. Conte contributed 6 with 3 assists.

  • Cutler on the offensive line and the feelings towards today's effort:

    "We managed them. A lot of five steps and play action, left some extra guys in, shift a little bit. Whenever we help them out like that and get the ball out of my hands it's going to be easy on me. It's not that difficult. Our game plan was really solid this week and we need to be very judicious going forward with what we can do and can't do."

  • Look what you started MB (in between trying to get your wife pregnant - high five Doc!) ... your merry little band of HTML nerds is growing. Ey done broke Da Blog again.

    Did anyone have a bad game? Other than Brees? I didn't see the last quarter.

    Who gets the Blog Ball? My vote goes to Lovie for turning the troops around into a team I don't recognise. Blocking, moving the chains, makng tacles, sacking the QB, smart game plan, all three phases working. Sweet. Bill Murray sweet.

  • I'm not sure which team we saw last night. Jeckle or Hyde? Which ever one it was, I hope they keep showing up. One things for sure though, the Bears are better than the Falcons, the Panthers and the Viking's. We have a game against the 4-2 Bucs in England this weekend and if the Bears beat them, I'm biting. Last night was a convincing victory but I'm still leery. I feel like last nights victory was what I was expecting as the norm after the Falcons win and if I see a repeat performance against the Buc's I'll ease up on the boys. I am kinda disappointed that I may have to wait a few more weeks for MB's rant but I am glad a see a thread of hope to the season now. I was really impressed with the pressure our D-line produced last night and that seems to be the key to our defensive success.

    Go Bears.

  • hey irish can i pull the laces from that ball you're givin to lovie
    i want to give them to jay so he can keep the old martz tied up in the broom closet before the ship sails across the rapidly increasing waters of the pond
    i swear that was a plastic blow up doll of martz in the control booth last night
    jay called a great game

  • irish... you bastard.

    Yes, Sean Payton had a REALLY bad game.

    I think it's pretty simple equation gents.

    1. We just came off the most difficult schedule in nfl fucking history. 3 top 3 teams, two other good teams despite their records (oh, and the vikings too).

    2. When martz calls a game plan like that it matches our player’s skill set. If we can continue to do that we can beat a lot of teams.
    a. I have ZERO clue why it took martz 5 games to realize this AGAIN after learning the lesson TWICE already last year. That guy is a fucking idiot. Sorry

    3. I think they finally got the left side of our line right. When game comes back I think we move him to the left tackle position… he played that at Wisc, and I think he’s better than web hands down

    4. The safeties had deep cover over the top on the threat of death. And McNabb was the QB

    5. Where the fuck did that dline come from?? Oh yeah, the vikes oline is almost (I said almost) as ours (before tonight)

    6. Pea…. Nut. My man.

    Anyway, like a few of us have said, we're not an elite team. Plain and simple. We beat mediocre to good teams, and maybe have a shot at an elite team here or there under the 'any given sunday' clause.

    All I know is that if we keep playing like this, we WILL beat the lions at home, and we'll have a shot at the pack (a second time in three years would be nice lovie you fucking clowshit… it was your fucking decree after all). Other than thems, the only other team on the rest of our schedule that scares me is the raidahs (we’ll beat the eagles coming of the much needed rest of a bye). I would list the chargers too, but we play them at home, at the end of november... and I know for a fact that san diegans are pussies about the cold/weather – so let’s hope there’s an early snow storm that weekend. And yes, I know this from experience... unless I'm snowboarding I hate the fucking cold.

    There is hope, but martz can NOT call games like the last 3 (before last night). If we stick to this type of game plan, and the D fucking stays awake, we could have a legit shot at a wild card. Looking at the rest of the sched, I think 9 wins is very possible… even with another meltdown or two. But we gotta play like last night every week from here on out.

  • when you have simplicity in the workplace; that all employees can execute; the profits are plenty
    we wasted our time with the ridiculous notion, that a newly
    tooled offensive line could handle that beastly early schedule;
    with the" lofty ideas" inside of martz's playbookm as the vehicle towards dominance.

    simple tactics, timed with great execution; still poses problems for todays complicated defensive schemes
    we went to school on this and recieved a failing grade.
    now that we have come back to our senses; we need to settle i to a steady pace in the marathon of this seasonal adventure;
    as we hunt the frontrunners

  • i hope greenbayman and his ilk were more packer backers

    one leg of the stool they are perched on
    up there in the tundra just broke off
    vicarious livin' just got a bit more wobbly
    as we say goodbye to a good brewers club

  • The Raidahs are short a QB now; we'll see who the pick up in the next 48 hours, but that game may have just gotten substantially easier.

    Missed the talk last night (was busy watching the game with family minus laptop), but -

    Devin, you are truly an idiot savant with the football. You make some of the dumbest decisions and some of the most brilliant decisions with the football of any player I have ever seen. The key with you seems to be to react, not use your noodle. Hopefully Lovie is rest about your chest injury. You need to keep putting that return record further and further out of reach for future generations.

    Cutler - That arm. Is. A. Rocket launcher. He almost put one through Shitzengiggler's facemask at one point.

    The D played with some pride last night.

    Can we give the "flatbread" talk a rest for a couple of weeks? All he did was collapse the pocket repeatedly and score us a safety. In his first active gameday. So, maybe the pick wasn't a complete waste, yet (for the pessimists among us)?

    On behalf of Bears fans everywhere, Chris Harris, you should stay off of twitter and worry about why you got benched. Hint, it's got something to do with your speed.

    Conte - nice game.

    And the Christian Ponder era has begun. Mobile, arm like a wet noodle.

  • mmmmm... wet noodles. I missed the first half MBP. Was benchpress really that good... or is he pulling a henry? Why was he benched all year even though 'healthy'... mari had to see something in all those practices he wasn't impressed with?

  • MB it bothers me that those loses were approached so differently

    what we needed was an approach to stay with other teams through 4 quarters
    cutler can create magic at the end of a game for us that is close; so can forte, or hester, or a D takeaway
    why don't we pecieve that and believe it
    use your strenghts as a downpayment on that one slim chance of opportunity late in a game

    the one thing it does; by staying close
    it creates a mindset within each of our players,.that we are at the very least, a superior talented opponents, worst nightmare.
    great teams lose games to fundamentally sound, skilled players;
    who stick around and do not make mistakes

    the discordant crap that we played through
    built frustration
    cutler, and I hate to judge him by watching him in interviews and sideline shots, (he hates this crap, so forgive me jay).
    put his fist down every so slightly at the end of a question last week; and what you saw was the frustratioon of an employee who knew what to do;
    but was not allowed to pursue it, to find it's merit

    last night he was chippy with his recievers and rightfully so; the drops were the only highly visible weak spot
    but, to see him laughing on the sideline was good medecine
    and it justified his rebellion
    For him and his teammates, i am greatfull that you fixed what was broken

  • I will rescind Paea's nickname of "flatbread" and chalk a pre-season where he was pancaked on three different snaps as something to do with his knees or leg. I am assuming he's healed up, as he looks quick off the snap.

    Toe is not coming back soon, so we need him.

    No love for Mario Addison?

    Pep's "shove the fat kid down" sack on McFlabb was outright pathetic. Playground shit.

    Hester and Knox simply drag safeties back far enough and scare them enough to give Forte good room if he breaks past the LBs. After the bomb, the Vikes cushion was so large they were often out of frame on the HD telecast.

    Frazier compared AP to Sweetness. Frazier is one of the few that can say something like that. Well, AP - now you know how Walter felt playing behind Vince Evans. The sole weapon. I can't imagine the Vikes don't push Ponder along to try and salvage a season where they are vying for a new stadium.

  • when jay went into that pose after the big bomb for a TD in the first half
    did anyone notice he stayed in the "crane pose" that 'danielson'
    and mr. maiggi kid made famous in the karate kid; for added emphasis

  • Pringles and Strasky were not tested until Ponder came in. While they looked ok, it's hard to tell as they could step up on almost every snap because they knew McFlabb wasn't going to torch them.

  • Brett Farve a Raider? Come on... you know you want to see it. George motherf'ing Blanda style.

  • via Michael C. Wright's twitter....

    "Bears S Chris Harris will formally request trade today."

    are you fuckin' serious...?????
    what a douche......
    can we get a decent receiver for him...?????

  • Winning a lot... and as usual, doing it with the utmost class: http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/blog/shutdown_corner/post/Photo-Packers-8217-A-J-Hawk-flips-off-Rams-s?urn=nfl-wp9613

    Pathetic behavior. That's one thing I love about us... we're not a bunch of thugs. Rather have the wins I guess, but still.

  • for

  • I doubt we'd get a ham samich from his ass Soil

  • don't remove the "flatbread" moniker from the fighting beaver
    it is a pedestrian bread that goes well with any dish
    and it is the pedestrians in life that push the vehicles of power to their lofty hieghts
    so, dip that flatbread into some olive oil and tons of garlic
    and let him slay the " vampire rogers"

    i still believe when healthy; he and rootin tootin wootin will pay big dividends for the McCashkeys
    just like the pedestrian
    Matt " the underpaid, but never outplayed" Forte
    who held his own against the highly rated AP

  • MB....when I first started following him on twitter I thought he was a cool down to earth player but literally he's the biggest fuckin douche sack jagoff I've ever talked to and his play this yr. has been shit.... I say so long and stay off twitter ya fuckin twat....

  • I think blanda woulda kicked farve in the ass for "the drama" of his later years

  • harris wore a scowl on the sidelines in the one photo I saw
    he is dealing with rejection so we should try and be supportive
    he is needed, and four weeks off will have a positive affect on his body
    plus, he gets to see what it looks like from the "Other Alternative"
    to starting
    that will help his head
    he is resiliant and i hope he responds positively

    a cohesive team is going to be needed against GB and DET.

  • we need to figure out how to better utilize mr. hurd
    he wants to produce and we should get him to be the one who gets the "welker" tag in this org.
    he is not swayed by contact
    use him a bit on 3rd down comin' through the traffic of mid field
    he is a speedy, tough, motha'
    the diamond in the FA finds

  • fuck Chris Harris' cry baby ass...

  • Speaking of people that should stay off twitter - Mario Addison.

  • via his manager's twitter
    "Bears grant Chris Harris 's agent @AlbertEliasMGMT permission to explore a trade."

    let's get Brandon Marshall or Reggie Wayne.

  • it is good to have another sun. mon. off this week
    it felt great absorbing a win that was fundamentally sound
    .500 never looked so good

    i am anxious for some jeff disection on the minutia of individual performances

  • @MikeBrownHadAPosse...lmao I was thinkn that ALL last night,,,,
    very random and seems to
    not have any real friends....

  • Mully and Hanley played a clip from the game last night where you can hear Cutler yell to Shane Day "Tell Martz I said fuck off!"

  • i realize now that I am out of life's curent loop
    did not know Harris wanted out
    but, twitter emains a leap for me i am not ready to take
    so iwill wait to hear from the blog on the "tweeter and the monkeyman" updates

    since his agent is tweeting; i imagine his" agent- ass bank" account is itching for a wheelbarrow full of cash; to be spilled at his door

    try telling your "payday' to play up to his ability; and then land your FA contract at the end of this year...socially manipulated rosters will be the bane of the landscape

    I prefer the old way of being 100% at any task given
    and for the team to be more important than an individual

    I am amazed at the change of language towards harris in a matter of day's
    he went from...no way he should not be starting
    to his sullen demise
    if we are flush with help at safety
    then maybe he can be put on the auction block

    but, if he played 25 yrds. off the ball each play...I believe he too would still be starting

    get rid of him if need be, but that is up to a more in depth analysis
    of our roster pool than i can ever put forth at this time

  • Oh man, on that Mully and Handley clip, that's awesome. Go Jay!

  • jrnmn17
    if that is true thank you
    you just made me smile so big
    i am grinnin back to the third molar

    atta boy jay

  • Here is the Jay clip. Hard to know what's going on there


  • Haha, "Reply" really is broke as shit eh? Man, what a POS blog system...

    MB30, he was 3rd on the depth chart because he's a rookie and they liked AA and Toe for the NT. Melton fills out the DT rotation at the under tackle. When they've wanted to suit up another DT, it's been Okoye who had a very productive pre-season and is an experienced vet.

    As far as I know Paea only plays the NT, so it's taken injuries to get him suited up because they dress only so many D linemen. I think this is more a matter of him stepping up to the plate, and trying to prove they can trust him to play. Remember too that he didn't have a real off-season to learn the system and get used to playing NFL seasoned Centers and Guards (in training camp he faced Garza fresh at C and just-converted tackles at G).

  • shane day a QB coach with michigan credentials
    now there is a martz plant if there ever was one
    he is the yes man
    and cutler just told the" Quality can'trol specialist"
    NO MAN

  • this team needs to realize that Mr. Jay; has more going for himself than raw ability
    he is smart; reserved and treats life with respect

    that tells me that he would not try "foolish" game plans when he has already judged his team talent as "not there yet/not capable yet"; at executing the difficult parts of the playbook

    his measured response to martz has been totally professional
    he is not anybodies fool
    he is brtght, intelligent, gifted, and been doing this QB thing on inferior teams his whole life

    so if anybody in the org. knows how to try and win with less than the best
    it is him
    we should mine his wisdom and marginalize martz and "not the light of Day"

  • do you tech nerds break this thing on purpose or is this just a typical blog experience?

    I have this phantasy that your postings have a double meaning
    one for our bear's head
    the other to undermine these "trolls" you all speakof

    the battle is entertaining to the unenlightened
    thanks for the entertainment
    it is not frustrating for the unknowing
    but, I can tell the pro's are not happy starting in the JV's iniforms

  • btw, can I tell you how much I love the picture for this thread? Just fucking beautimus.

    Thanks Mike. I guess.. we'll see how he continues to do.

  • hee hee: http://www.prideofdetroit.com/2011/10/16/2494452/anthony-davis-twitter-49ers-lions

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