Can Lovie Adjust Scheme to Compensate for Elite Receivers?

Can Lovie Adjust Scheme to Compensate for Elite Receivers?

Lovie Smith ought to be ashamed of himself.

Steve Smith is arguably the best receiver in football pound-for-pound.  He is a ferocious competitor and impossible for any corner to handle man-to-man.  Lovie Smith does not have to imagine what it’s like to battle against Smith because Smith singlehandedly eliminated the Chicago Bears from the 2005 postseason; embarrassing Lovie’s defense on the national stage.  So of course the defensive coaching staff would deviate from the normal defensive structure to prevent history from repeating itself, right?

In the lead-up to all of these games, opposing players get on conference calls with the Chicago media and are inevitably asked about facing the Bears defense.  It seems every week we’re serenaded with similar refrains: they’re not going to surprise you, they do what they do…etc.  Sure sometimes LoveRod send linebackers or defensive backs after the quarterback but most of the time they simply do what they do.

What they do is run a defensive scheme that allows for Tim Jennings, the team’s second best corner by a long run, to be lined up opposite Steve Smith.  Not because of any personnel strategy but because that’s the side of the field Smith lined up on.  And then, because such is the structure of the system, Jennings is allowed to let Smith run by him and become the problem of the safety.  Watching Darrelle Revis last night for the Jets was an interesting exercise for a Bears fan.  Revis marked a receiver and then followed him all over the field.  If he cut, Revis cut.  If he took off down the sideline, Revis was sitting in his pant pocket.  Tim Jennings is not in Revis’ stratosphere when it comes to cover skills but it would not matter if he were.  Lovie Smith’s defensive backs cover area, not people.  The passing attacks with deep rosters can exploit the spaces in the zone.  The elite wide receivers can exploit the whole system.

If Steve Smith is Roy Jones Jr., Calvin Johnson is Mike Tyson.  And if the Bears do not treat Johnson like the superstar he is, they’ll be staring down the barrel of a 200 yard, multi-touchdown performance.  For this coming week, as the Bears prepare for a Monday Night Football battle with the comeback kids up in Detroit, the talk around Chicago will not be on the offense.  Matt Forte’s bank account performance Sunday will calm those voices for another week.  We’ve seen Lovie Smith seize control of the offensive game plan and turn the Chicago Bears (at least for a week) into an off-the-bus running club.  Now we’ll see if he can adjust his baby, his pride and joy, his defense.  We’ll see if he can stop Stafford, Johnson, Pettigrew.

It will take pressure, of course.  Allowing Stafford to sit in the pocket will spell doom for the Bears.  But it will also take an aggressive approach with Johnson.  If he's allowed to navigate freely across the field, the Bears will lose.

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  • Carolina now has the league's 31st rush defense. If the Bears can solidify a run game from here on out they have a punchers chance. If this weeks game reverts back to 2.5 yards a carry, forget about it. If so, Cutty better put his night vision googles cause it won't be pretty.

  • Oh and Jeff, the answer to your question is no.

  • Third to say..."HELL NO."

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    He did it two years ago. Just sayin ....

    Admittedly there was no Burleson(?) a younger Pettigrew and no Scheffler. And Peanut was younger too ...

  • I did a bus trip to the Motor City last year to see the last Detroit matchup between Lions and Bears. The stands were 70% Bears fans and the Lions sucked. Megatron still scored, making Daniel Manning look stupid and Chris Harris slower than Bernie Kosar while doing it.

    My guess this time will be quite a bit different. In the stands and on the field.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Oh and that game featured the cheap head slap by Suh to Cutler, cementing his rep as a dirty player.

    I expect more Suh antics this weekend.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    That won't be the case this year gp. I guarantee Lions fans will be out in force. They finally have something to hope for other than a GM plant not closing.

  • I agree somewhat. I think Smith just ate up all the space that Merriweather gave him. Harris needs to come back.

    Say what you will but he knows how to play safety and we need him.

  • Btw, I can't believe some of you are not excited about this Monday. Do you guys really think Detroit can hold up against the Bears ?

    Didn't the Packer's almost lose to the Panther's too?

  • In reply to Artoo:

    Not only can they hold us up Artoo, but I have them sweeping us this year, sorry to say. I saw the Cowboys game - Romo didn't so much shit the bed, as the Lions adjusted their defense to him in the second half and had spies cutting off the slants (mostly to Robinson) that he'd been throwing in the first half.

    Our defense has no answers for their offense. Tim Jennings can't cover anybody. I recall the Bears having problems in the first half against the Lions away (two years ago?) when Lovie adjusted at half-time, moved to single high safety and Peanut manned up on CJ. Took him out of the game. But now they have Scheffler and Pettigrew, Burleson out wide. We're vulnerable down the seams with those TEs. They have three receivers better than our best receiver. Two good TEs, and probably the best receiver in the NFL right now. Mr.Jump Ball Johnson.

    Our offense? The Lions are 20th against the run, 12th against the pass. We'd be well advised to run the ball as much as we can , control the clock and keep the ball out of Stafford's and Johnson's hands. Thing is, if we go behind early - which is very possible - Martz might just revert to form and sling it. Suh, Fairley and Boschman could murderlise Cutler if that happens with Spencer curtailed or sitting out altogether. I'd like to see Horn in there at tackle instead of Omelette - I don't know how they expect Louis to play guard. We'll see how that continues. But we are not playing the Panther Monday night. We're not going unbeaten this year from this point on. We have to lose some games. The kitties are back to being Lions.

    They have come back from 20 point and 24 point deficits over the last two weeks. What have we done?

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    "...I don't know how they expect Louis to play tackle ....we'll see how that continues ..."

  • Artoo, I for one am always excited about the Bears on Monday Night Football. Don't confuse "excitement" with "apprehension". Detroit is a team flying high and perhaps they believe they can win any game as long as they hang in there. I mean Romo's collapse is irrelevant if you have a group of players who think they just cannot lose. That is a very dangerous opponent since they will play without fear.

    Detroit is a "scary" team on both sides of the ball and winning is winning regardless of circumstance. The Bears have many "holes" to exploit on Offense and Defense. I shutter to face them right now HOWEVER I am always confident that the Bears have it in them to win it. (Raises a Frosty Stein of Wheat Beer) Here's to the Bears giving Detroit their first lost and a nice slap in the face of reality. BUT it will not be easy.

    BEAR DOWN!!!

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    Raise one of these if you can find it, absolutely fantastic and packs a punch. Dog/The Fear

  • Is Steve Smith a top 10 receiver int he NFL right now? Before this season i would say hell no. But he is having a hell of a year, so maybe he is. Top 15 for sure. Calvin Johnson is one of the 3 best receivers in the league. He is a different animal that Stevereno Smiff. Pretty Sure LoveRod will not be letting him go 1 on 1 with Tim Jennings. But then again, who the fuck knows.

    I'm interested to see how we run the ball against a much better front than Carolina. Will we abandon it after a couple of negative plays? Will Martz get all stupid on Monday night football, with the nation watching?

  • THere is the Martz "look at me!" factor to consider with a national audience, that's true.

  • The Lions are good, but they've been in the hole big the last two weeks and have relied on turnovers to get them back in it. Even the Chiefs game - didn't Cassel throw like fifty picks? Although they're offense is certainly stacked and very dangerous, it hasn't been productive until late in games. This trend won't hold. And while their 'D' is stacked as well, they've been giving up points. I think the Bears eek out a win in what will primarily be a defensive battle.

  • In reply to WeShallReturn:

    The Chiefs smoked the Vikes yesterday. Shut AP down...

  • Jeff............

    I just saw your tweet regarding the Forte contract issue.

    You really think that the contract is going to get done, and that Forte is going to be the one to concede?

    Are you hypothesizing this because you feel Forte's number was ludicrous to begin with? The leverage that Forte had at the beginning of this year has perhaps almost doubled. In 2011, He's accounted for 32% of the passing game, and 52% of the total offense. from 2008 to 2010, Adrian Peterson accounted for 35%, 30%, and 32% of Minnesota's offense. In 2009-2010, Chris Johnson accounted for 44.6% (CJ2K), 33% of Tennessee's offense. They both received huge contracts before this season. Obviously there is so much more to it than that when signing a long-term extension, but as far as leverage is concerned, that measure is significant.

    Does Forte seem particularly willing to give a team-friendly discount? Doesn't seem that way to me but I wouldn't really know. Martz hasn't proven that he can be successful without Forte. Cutler hasn't proven that he can be successful without Forte. Chester Taylor couldn't produce last year, and Barber, with his health issues, has yet to prove he's a reliable option.

    It looks to me like Matt Forte has Jerry Angelo by the balls, and his pre-season comments don't indicate like he's in the mood to be merciful.

    I think if the contract gets done, it's going to be closer to Forte's number than Jerry's.

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    Uh I agree with you primarily except for one key point: Cutler's best statistical year in the league(Therefore arguably most successful) came when he had pretty much NO running back.

    Not to say that he doesn't rely heavily on Forte now.

  • I actually agree with this dillweed. The 12 to 15 mill garaunteed both parties were fighting over has now gone to 15 to 20. We'll see what plays out the rest of season, but Forte is definitely in the driver's seat, not Angelo.

  • Wow, this place is starting to look like the Bears Daily Blog. Where did all the excited faithful go? Somehow I get the feeling this season is like a ticking time bomb that's about to go off any minute. I somewhat eluded to how I feel about our team recently but words will be hard to find to truly explain my impression of our current Chicago Bears. I will continue to follow them no matter what my gut tells me, but I can't shake the handwriting I see on the wall this year. I just looked at the schedule from a perspective that I normally don't. For the first time I can remember in a long, long time, I looked at the remaining teams on our schedule from the viewpoint of upcoming games we "probably won't" win as apposed to looking at them as games we "might" lose. Am I the only one that see's the futility of this season? Could it be that the front office has finally done our team in? I know alot can happen between now and January 1st but I just can't believe in this squad, given the level of competition this year. Am I now just a bitter jaded fan that's off base or am I missing something?

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    I don't feel that way. I think alot of us see the reality of the situation, yet still watch and root and hope for good things.

    The Saints and the Packers are elite teams, playoff bound teams that smoked us. Carolina and the Falcons are good teams, solid teams that we beat. That makes us an average to good team.

    I think the Lions are a good team with some lucky breaks, that should be 2-2 like us save for some opposing team stupidity. The season is worth watching to see what the truth is - and none of us know the answer despite what anyone might say. I can see the Bears getting the Spencer-Louis thing worked out on the right, and going on a 4 game run.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    +1...I can't remember the last time I could figure out how the Bears were going to finish a season.

    Every time I thought they were screwed, they did something insane and won. Every time I thought they were going to mop the field with someone, they either eeked it out, or got the crap knocked out of 'em.

    So I'm withholding judgement until December at the earliest.

  • Sometimes a team has to pay to keep one of their best. I think you give Forte what he's that or you watch him end up on another team like Green bay, Pitt, NE, etc. and watch him get his Superbowl ring while we're on the couch setting up our next tee time. He is just too important to this team and losing him is NOT an option.

  • So, I was going to give my game thoughts, but it’s kinda pointless now.

    Here’s where my head and my heart are right now Trac…

    I was thinking about the rest of our schedule last night too. So, let’s look at that:

    @ Lions
    @ Buccaneers (London)
    --- BYE ---
    @ Eagles
    @ Packers
    @ Vikings

    Here’s what I think:
    • (W) Lions - We win this Monday. They make take one back later, but not both no matter how good they are. As someone said, too much history loosing against us for them to sweep us)
    • (W) Vikes – They are just fucking terrible… and who’s behind McNabb?
    • (L) Bucs – Loss. This is a toss up, but haven’t been impressed with the hightlights I’ve seen… but it is in London so who knows. Let’s call it a loss.
    • (W) Eagles – Shit, by then they might be without Vick, and they just lost their best LB for 4-8 weeks
    • (L) Lions – Revenge
    • (L) Bolts – Philip Rivers
    • (L) Raiders – This could go either way, not sold on Oaktown either… but for sake of reality let’s call this a loss
    • (W) Chiefs – They are doormat
    • (W) Broncos – Suck
    • (W) Seahawks – They don’t have fucking HassleourDbackfield anymore thank god
    • (W) Packers – We can’t let them sweep man, Loive just can NOT. Miracle game (might not mean anything to the pack by then too)
    • (L) VIkes – Like I said sweep

    So 9-7 basically (the jerry/lovie special). I think that’s a pretty realistic outlook – there are a couple possible flip-flop games in there like bucs, maybe one vikes game and packers obviously. I think 9-7 is achieveable if we pull our heads out our ass and field a complete team for the important games. Yes, 8-8 is also very possible with a couple more key injuries and Martz… but 10-6 also possible with some luck.

    Look, this team isn’t even in the same leauge as the packers, or NE, or even Baltimore this year, but we’re also not the fucking bungles (yeah, yeah… bills has a down game, or they’re not for real). We still have a lot of talent on this team, and I think the oline can continue getting better as the year goes on like the last 2 years and we get BJ back.

    Harris DOES actually make a huge differnce to us back there, and Jerry NEVER should have let manning go after the safety positions had finally been stabalized after 5+ years f flux and sheite.

    The net-net is that… on any given Sunday man. We are very capable of riding some luck to a wildcard birth. I’m not holding my breath, but I think it’s very possible. Are we a force? Are we going to destory anyone on our schedule... probably not. But we'll scavage Ws where we can. My $.02 anyway.

    (ps. If we miss the playoffs, at least there’s the HUGE possible consolation prize of Jerry gone (hopefully). Because as we’ve seen, we’ve probably already missed our window by one year and will have to start from scratch no matter what going forward)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    whoops, I originally had us sweeping the vikes, but I needed to make the fudge game a win... and the 'it doesn't mean anything to them' argument seemed to be a good enough excuse to not let those fucks sweep us.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    and sorry for the shitty spelling. I didn't spell check it.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    MB - If we go 9-7, I don't think Jerry will lose his job. I don't even think there will be much pressure to make changes.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I was actually thinking about the 8-8 (or worse) and no playoff scenario GP... but you're 100% right. It might not even happen then. FML.

  • damn it:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    i believe that matt will use his stage to remind mgmt. about their shortcomings
    over and over
    this makes angelo look bad if forte doesn't get paid; because if you do not pay matt, you kind of admit you are a lousy judge of talent; by giving more to lesser players
    and angelo is also going to injure himself in future acqusitions; because if you do not pay, who will want to come and play for this cheapskate

    everybody is sleepin on wall street this week to get more money out of the 1%
    how bout some bears fans shacking up on angelo's block and picket his tightwad attitude also
    soldier field should be littered with pay matt signs every game from here on out

  • That florida accent cracks me up... it's like he doesn't finish half his words.

  • MB I luv ya like a Brother...BUT

    I'm predicting that the Bears Do NOT make the play-offs this year. I'm not saying your scenario cannot come true. I'm just trying to look at this season with a "realist's" eyes and what my "gut" is telling me. I love Da Bears...but I just don't see it this year. I hope for the best and I prepare for the worst...but the worst may indeed have a silver lining. That would be the firing of JA and Luvie....Sorry gang but we need a better Head Coach than just "average" and JA has been blind for 5 years with the exception of a few good pick-ups Forte, Jay & Peppers mostly.

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    I hear ya maing. Trust me, I hear you.

    I totally get where you're coming from and wouldn't be shocked at ALL if that happened.

    Like GP said... I just hope to hell that Jerry goes if we don't make the post season with a 8 wins or less season.

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    Well, Hester was an okay pick.

  • How does it feel to know that there is SO MUCH season left, yet the bears are pretty much guaranteed to be left out of the playoffs??Pack it in, the seasons a wash for da bears. Time to discuss the draft, shitbirds???


    September 25th 2011

  • In reply to January23rd2011:


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    UNSUBCRIBE to the bears season!

    Fixed that for you, shitbird!

  • In reply to January23rd2011:

    common man, no real fan does that, no matter what the season looks like right?

    any given sunday baby.

  • In reply to January23rd2011:

    so what has winning the big game done for you personally
    i suggest to avoid vicarious living
    make your own reality you lean too much on your team;
    it is apparent you seem lost in your own ego and use it to your own abusive end
    wake up from your bitterness

  • Answer: hell mothafuckin NO. We r talkin about Lovie here.

    This D needs to adjust and wake the Fuck up. Better yet the whole team needs to

  • Mothafuck all them haters. Bears all day. January23 suck my big bear dick. You pussy

  • MB, it's way too early in the season to start making predictions. It's been a strange start to the year, and I think the lockout had something to do with it. Martz went ape-shit with all the deep passing plays against the Saints and Packers. Hopefully he's got that out of his system. Tough early competition should only help this team as the season progresses. The Lions should be a good test next week.
    On a side note, I watched the game with some old-timers from Chicago on Sunday and heard lots of cool old stories, from the Wrigley Field days, 85 Championship game, and Fog Bowl. One of the guys had never read Halas by Halas, so I gave him my copy after the game and told him to pass it along.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    Oh yeah, and I miss D Manning and Harris at safety. The DT's need to step in up against the run also. I wonder if Adams is still hurt. He's not the same this year.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    Corm... wasn't predicting just trying to run a realistic model of what would be reasonable. Like I said, any given Sunday and any of those games could be flipped. Just ask the Bills this week and the Pats last.

    Net-net, I'm still optimistic we have a shot at the playoffs.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    we have not played our best ball yet
    realism is over rated
    nobody thought forte was going to go off for 200
    i am a dreamer; and not the only one
    rooting hard for your team is your job; if you are going to do anything; do it with gusto, and do it with not shortchange your experience
    please do not let your mind tell you what will happen; it is always pre-occupied with the mathematics of the can kill a good phantasy.
    use your heart and give it your all
    what else in life feels like a football game; nothing can compare to the ride you get in the flesh
    that is why i root hard and keep looking for the bears to win; no matter what
    it is not about the superbowl for me
    I just want them to take this body on a thrilling ride each week
    let the standings take care of themselves
    everybody was writing off the O last week; and it looked bad going on what they showed prior to last week

    there are alot of intangibles to each week; and this year looks stranger than most
    I do not believe this defense is going into detroit to get their hat handed to them.....
    they will bounce back; and make us wonder were they have been the last 3 weeks
    bucker up brother; i am is time to bring some reality to the lions;
    we need to BELIEVE; it is what Walter would do
    B POSITIVE.....

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    Old Timers?
    what if time doesn't really exist
    you know they are about to throw Einstein's theory out the window cause it won't apply
    Neutrinos seem to be faster than the speed of light
    I'll give you credit though for giving us old timers some love
    I would never read that halas book though; cause he never put sayers back in
    i have an old memory too; but i will never forget....HA!

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    you are one trippy dude HB.

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    +1, but like having you around hunti... I sometimes don't read every post all the way through because you can wax a bit prodigious... but how can you not love that hair... all of that glorious hair.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    no need to read a thing this talkin' head spits out
    most all of it is meant to clear my mind
    it is good to be loved; even if it's just for the hair
    i have been payin attention to what everybody is writing to catch up; you all know your football; and know it well
    i have nothing but, the utmost respect for everyone here
    and wish nothing but the best for all who come here;
    even the opposition; until they meet the bears...then you are on your own

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    i think you took my comment the wrong way mang but that is the danger of the interwebs i guess.

    In my book trippy means thought provoking or "deep". I mean, you're not Thoreau but you've had some good stuff.

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    Your book is a little different than most :-)

  • In reply to SC Dave:


  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    Oh; I actually liked that word...
    I was a bit taken back by it;
    i was thinkin'... how does he know!
    Now I realize you were not talkingh about my formative years wandering the cow pastures after a good rain... HA
    Your avatar has intrigued me from the day I first saw it...I am a huge fan of hats; and that one in the pphoto is top shelf

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    It's your loss huntinbare, it's a good book. It's mostly about Halas' early life and the early days of the NFL and how it survived some rough times.
    I'm glad to hear your still looking after your child, regardless of what the
    "state" wants to do.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    Oh, I would read it, that line about halas is just staying in character.....
    I am always a bit mistrusting of management
    Actually, I am proud of the halas family in regards to the storied connection to the sport we love; they deserve all the credit for throwing their whole heart and soul into their love of the game
    and thanks for your kind thoughts about shiloh
    living with him is a hoot...
    in spite of the yearly intrusion
    it is time to get in a few laughs.... the three stooges are calling

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    They took 15,000 readings mang - one would assume they have the six medians required for definite proof out of that lot. They are definitely faster than the speed of light. The first inkling that the speed of light was surpassable was in 2007 - they've been trying to disprove their own numbers since then because they knew what it would mean for Einstein.

    One of the benefits of teaching inside a University is having lunch with the Professors. There's a cool guy from Birmingham (UK) who taught at Berkeley (Cal)for 20 years. I was asking him about the effect this would have on the community and he was explaining to me exactly how it presents serious problems for Einstein's theory of Special Relativity. They can't just 'tweak things around' as he put it. What Mr. Einstein said was so ... just ain't so. And that's not going away.

    Interesting aside. They recently fired a laser into a cesium-filled chamber and they found that the beam exited the chamber before it had finished entering it. Now there's a mind-blower.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    "... they found that the beam began exiting the chamber before it had finished entering it."

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    It would seem a simple matter of pulse length. If the stream of photons in the beam lasts longer than the time it takes for light to traverse the length of the chamber, of course it would start exiting before finishing entering since the beam would be longer than the chamber.

    Am I missing something here?

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    you are lucky to be exposed to this on a personal level;
    the boys that got the nobel prize discovered some news about galaxy expansion.
    Our whole world structure is rockin
    hold on

  • I watched the game from the usual sports bar, and the Lions game was on the adjacent TV, so got to watch both games. The Lions are riding a wave of good fortune and the clusterfuck shit Romo [homo say what?] single handely blew that game in an epic way. But, the Lions believe and are playing fast. Megatron is the shit. I want to see Pep and Izzy do something to break the China doll. This game will show if Lovie can actually coach up his DBs and stop the f*ckin long big pass completion. I am a realist too, and have seen way too many shitty Prime Time MNF crappy games by our boys. We have to contain Megatron and hope our O-line shows up again. Win or lose, I will back our boys til I'm 6 feet under. Bear down. China Doll dead.

  • Oh, and I've been wondering why Spencer apparently got in Tice's shithouse. The guy is playing good and not even getting reps of others. Him coming back in after breaking his hand tells me all I need to know. What's up with Tice on this ?

  • We were being shit talked even through the bye week last year with no identity and no direction and we fucking went on a run.

    This year we made the adjustments by week 4. This is a recipe for 11-5. You don't think Pep, Lach, Briggsy and the boys aren't pissed and embarassed? Do you know what a guy like Peppers or Briggs does when he is pissed and embarassed? Besides fucking the less hot version of Beyonce? The answer is that he fucking wrecks someone. Oh look, we play the Lions.


  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    Not that it's anything more than words, I thought 11 wins was doable before the opener, and I still do.

    I'd just like to repeat, however, that I really would like to see some of that Super-Jay shit on a regular basis.

  • In reply to Sdwat52:

    maybe he got some confidence seeing forte go off
    he is due for a better game
    from what i have read the detroit secondary likes to play off recievers
    this should help knox and hester
    short quick routes, is what got dallas the early lead

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    "you do what you gotta do man, I'm about to eat this fool"

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    he is going to fucking destroy stafford. he is pissed. i'm calling big game for williams. lots of douchey first down signals.

  • I'm not giving up this early. Our safeties are fucking horrible. Thanks pus nuts! If Harris is in he can get Merriweather straightened out. Major Penis is really disappointing. Conte probably blows but it's too early to tell. Steltz is a ST'er only. Bowman's big enough to play Safety. Wish they would try him there if they aren't going to play him at CB.

    I think it's a toss up each week unless we're playing a top team. We have to get a lot of breaks to beat a top team. I was following the game on the internet yesterday (at work). The Carolina fans were crying big time about us being lucky. They truly know nothing about us. We play like that all time and win. It's not conventional but it works for us. Usually teams march up and down the field and settle for FG's. The stats aren't pretty but who cares? If we don't fix the run D and the safety problem, we won't have a laugher all year.

  • btw, these two teams are fucking horrible. Litterally, they are terrible. We HAVE to beat this bucs team. Wow.

    I actually thought painter did well in the pre-season. I think he's the best choice that the colts have right now.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    i thought tampa was heading in a good direction after last season
    maybe not

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    me too Hunti... they look reasonably terrible tonight.

    They are using the screen and short ball to set up the long shot very well, hope Martz is watching tonight.

  • the lions fans at the detroit free press continue to chirp about their comment "a trio of doofuses"
    they also complain alot about their secondary
    they create too much space
    this could turn on us as martz believes he can exploit a depleted safety corps
    starter amari spievey left the boys game because of hamstring
    listed day to day
    his backup eric coleman is out
    rashied davis continues to wear a boot on his foot

    the fans also gripe about the running game

    some reason for hope
    stafford has thrown 3, 1st qtr. ints.
    and they have been outscored 40-3 in the 1st half of last 2 games

    we need to come focused from the start and take control early
    dallas used a short passing game effectively early

    message to martz.... forte had less than 6 catches...we won

  • mike and mike were talking up the newfound use of the tight end in pro ball with saints headcoach sean payton

    i wonder if we will ever get into that mode?
    give davis some quick short passes early; and see if they can tackle

    The D line should have some success this week
    they have to regain some of that fire they started the season with
    they have seen 2 of the best O lines, and carolina did a great job keeping newton upright
    I do not think detroit has an O- line of that caliber; so Pep and izzy should be able to bother stafford ; if melton can draw some attention
    they will be a key to our success
    I would like to see an early blitz; hitting stafford early seems to be a great way to get him into an uncomfortable zone and cause an early missfire
    they have used up alot of juice in the last 2 comebacks; and may come out flat in the 1st half again

  • free fights on Vs right now johnny... much better than the garbage at tampa field right now

  • wow, joe lauzon almost ripped that fucking guy's arm off. That was BAD. Holy shit.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    i missed the game and the fights. i was in the zone and just pulled off an 18hr day. Fucking love pulling a 205yd game once in a while.

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    you didn't miss much from the MNF game.

    The Bucs in some ways remind me of the Bears. A lot of mistakes, a schizo D and O - ugly wins.

    Our SP teams are much better, though when isn't that the case?

    Bucs can definitely be beat, but we better shore up that run D before Blount goes to England...


  • I think that Peanut will follow Megatron wherever he's at. Not to cover him necessarily, but to jam him. Peanut is our only CB with some size/strength. Hell, might we even see a surprise cameo by Bowman (remember him?).

    The bigger question: is Pimp slap capable of NOT free-lancing and wrapping up? Will Harris be back? Can Wright actually cover and not take bad angles?

    Really, all this secondary stuff is moot. IF our Dline pressures and SACKS China-doll, that will limit Megatron and Pettigrew. IF not, it's going to be a long day, as Martz will get all Martzy again, and we're going to be depending on our "WRs", patched up Oline, and Cutler decision making/accuracy. NOT good.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    Oh, and you can't forget about Best catching all the dump-offs either. I know. I have both Megatron and Best on my FF team and I'm thus far undefeated. I wouldn't mind losing this week though.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    Fuck you and the Ravens D/ST 32 points. If Dirty Sanchez and the Jets wern't such fuck ups last night I would have taken you down this week. Damn!

  • In reply to Shady:

    ha ha ha, only reason I was watching MNF was hoping your 3 players did rack up 36 points. It was basically Ravens D against Blount, Mike Williams, and Kellen Winslow...Ravens D won, by 7 lol Blount almost pulled it off though - damn.

    That's the second time the Raven's D won it for me. I had a chance to get the Packer D, but couldn't on principle - Karma is good.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    *not rack up, obviously.

    4-0. Not bad for a FF rook. Can I use my FF team on my resume? I'm looking at you Jerry.

  • Can Lovie adjust? Yes.

    Will Lovie adjust? Absolutely not.

    Why is Jay focusing on pussy again? Focus Jay FOCUS!,,20533949,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

    "They may no longer be engaged, but Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler are looking like a couple again.

    The Chicago bear quarterback took a seat in the ballroom audience at Dancing with the Stars on Monday night to cheer on his former fiancée. "

  • The Bears defense has been battle-tested this year. If they don't hold the line in future games, the war of the season will be over. If yards, or territory mattered, the Panthers would be 3-1, with their only loss being the game they won. Total yards don't mean shit. The opening moves have been made on the chess board. Now it's time to exploit the weaknesses in our opponents.

  • Nobody has mentioned the coaching factor, The Lions came out for the second half with a different approach defensively, it paid off. I haven't seen Schwartz a lot to be honest, but he seems like a cool customer, you can see him thinking. Lovie doesn't do that. The game plan is put in place, the script is read from and that's that. Indecision is rife between he and Martz. Are we kicking it or going for it? Kick it, no go for it ... no wait .. aw shit ... TIMEOUT! Cutler lines up, sees a defensive shift .... he scans that play for its 'built-in audible' (is Martz for real?) and realises that the 'out' part of that play won't work against that front. He has to call a time out or risk a pick-six. We're not good at game-management or clock management, and we're not good at adjustments. The Lions are. Add that to their superior offense and more disruptive D-line, and the odds are not stacked in our favor.

    Can we win it? Yes. As long as we run it outside the tackles. All. Day. Long. Try passing our way out of this, or playing our stock defense, and we pooch it.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    I have watched these Lions games. They did not out-coach anyone in the second half of the game Sunday. Unless the coaches said, "Catch the ball when Tony Romo throws it to you." The Lions are a very simple team that have been getting literally blown out of the first halves of their game. I'm writing more about this Thursday.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    No, there was a definite adjustment by the Lions in the second half. In the first half Romo was hitting Laurent Robinson on quiick slants, others too, but mostly Robinson. Clearly in the locker room something was said and then it was all Detroit defense in the second half.

  • If Jay Cutler doesn't get murdered by the Lions D line this week then I will consider this a win regardless of the score.

  • In reply to Perno:

    And I don't mean "murdered" as in "sacked a lot". I mean "murdered" as in "killed, maimed, no longer breathing due to sustaining massive head trauma."

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