Bears Attempt To Climb Over .500 Mark in London

Bears Attempt To Climb Over .500 Mark in London

The 2011 Chicago Bears are not one of the league’s elite teams, even though it’s quickly looking like there is only one elite team in the whole of the NFL.  They are also not one of the league’s bottom tier clubs.  They are in the middle ground, the nether region, the land of the unknowns.  They have been the very portrait of a .500 club.  At times terrific, at times dreadful, at times just plain mediocre, these Chicago Bears can go either way.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in a similar boat.  Two weeks ago the Bucs lost 48-3 to a San Francisco 49ers team that, while improved, still start Alex Smith at quarterback.  And there is one rule I hold for an NFL franchises: you cannot lose by 45 points to a team quarterbacked by Alex Smith.  They took their lumps from the vicious Tampa-area media (one old fella outside a barbershop who continually yells “they need Brad Johnson back”) and took care of business against the New Orleans Saints at home.  They now lead the NFC South with a 4-2 record.

Now they meet in foggy London town.  The Bucs are already there, having flown out first thing Monday.  The Bears won’t arrive till Friday – a wise decision by Lovie Smith, if you ask me.  The last thing I’d want is my football team spending the week leading up to a pivotal conference game atop a double decker bus, cameras pointed at the Big Ben that doesn’t rape women in tavern toilets.  The Bears will arrive Friday, take a day to get the bearings, and go to work Sunday.  Business trip.  Not vacation.

Everybody wants to assign value to each week’s ballgame.  It’s what comes from having six days between Sundays.  Must win is the most incorrectly thrown around phrase in the NFL lexicon.  Sunday is not a game the Bears must win in any logical sense.  They can survive a 3-4 start.  But it is a game the Bears need to win if they want to establish themselves as a top half the league-type team.  It is a game they need to win if they wish to escape the winter doldrums of the .500 hover.  The Bears have an opportunity to wipe away the negatives of the early season and go into the bye at a we all-would-have-signed-for-it-in-August record of 4-3.  The have an opportunity to go into the bye as a winning football team.  It is not a must win.  It is merely winnable.

And good teams win the ones there to be won.

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  • That's the way I look at this game too -- it's just the first step to the rest of the season...

  • Great points jeff all around.

    If our defense continues to play that agressive style like with the vikes, and falcons we will win.

  • I want to be famous in London, let's win this.

  • Rumors goin around that. Martz and Cutler are becomin more at difference. Cutler has been makin indirect comments lately, and Martz is takin more heat in chicago for his game plans.
    Also Martz contract ends this year, and most likely will not be back. Angelo originaly wanted Tice for OC.

  • Can you blame Cutler?

    Sunday night's game plan cuts 2 ways. As offensive success and as damning evidence that Martz' Detroit scheme, among others, was just plain crap.

  • Blogfader...I must respectfully disagree....I think that attitude breeds complacency...It's the kool-aid that Halas Hall wants us to drink and think . Iv'e heard enough of LDL saying " It's just one game". Well we keep losing just one game and the season is over and we are 4-12. I can't swallow that putrid drink and won't. I'm tired of the attitude of this is just one game sheite. We either have a winning attitude or shut the doors on the season and FIRE EVERY MOTHER FUCKER and move on to 2012 the Mayan Death Calender.


    "always remember, if you ain't first, you're last"
    -Ricky Bobby

  • Here's what worries me about the Bucs, and before Sunday I wasn't worried about the Bucs. They took the ball away four times from the team that kicked our ass in the superdome. They neutralised the guy that not many can neutralise. Drew Brees. They have a savvy, adjustable defense, and an onfield DC in Ronde Barber. Even if Cutler gets time, there may be nowhere to go unless his receivers are smart and can hold onto the ball. If we play D like we did on Sunday then we should contain them. I think Brees would like to be calling his own stuff in the no-huddle - it looked like his OC was holding him back.

    Ring a bell?

    It's a bit like Martz and Cutler. I wish Cutty had Jim McMahon's balls and just called his own play if he thinks the one coming in sucks. This speakers in helmets bullshit is ruining the flow of football and complicating a simple game. These guys are having meetings going on in their helmets when they should be focused on the game and their opponents, who's running on the field for the defense etc. Left to his own devices, Drew Brees can kick anyone's ass in the no-huddle. The problems for the Saints - and guys like Cutler - is when some fat old bastard who's never been in that position at that level starts figuring that they know better and want to be a little too smart with the play-calling. I admire Mac even more now, when I realise that it was a red-faced Ditka on the sideline for him. He was changing Ditka's plays - not some stoned Lovie Smith. Lovie's not going to grab you by the facemask if you come off the field after changing a play that didn't come off. Martz is up in the sky on his crack pipe. Show us some balls Jay. Be a real leader now. Let your players know that if a bullshit play comes in that you know isn't going to work .... that you don't do your team-mates the dis-service of accepting it. Change that fucker. Throw a quick slant if you think a run up the middle isn't going to work. Do what it takes. Mix it up. Be unpredictable. Don't tow the line for a pussy like MM. When Cutler learns to stick his middle finger up at management is when we have our Mad Mac with a cannon arm. Jay Cutler holds all the cards, not MM. Bears fans could give a fuck if Mike Martz went home. Jay is the man ... and he needs to put down the piss-bucket and start acting like it.

    My $0.02.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    I don't disagree much, Irish, but the Saints do not have Matt Forte. We need to RUN the football.

    If Cookie keeps pulling like he has been, and we get he, Clutts, and Spaeth at the point of attack, I like our chances on off-tackle runs. A lot. And what the hell, put Clutts and Barber in there for a couple series early, and have them abuse the outside LBs and corners on outside running plays.

    You know, soften them up a bit early on.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    i love this approach
    wear them down; by making them face hard blocks, and forcing them to tackle
    dropped passes or incoplete passes early in the game; gives their D that 1st qtr. off
    they had alot of energy against the saint into the fourth qtr.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    +100 Irish...and I think we saw a little of that happening Sunday...Cutty and the F U MARTZY that was caught by the camera...I think Cutty is coming into his own as a QB and maturing. I think he's also fed up of his arse on the turf all the time, hard to throw to your receivers on your back.

  • In reply to lobotobear:,0,5342754.story?track=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Look, Drew Brees is a great, great QB. There is no disputing that fact. But, he is barely 6 ft and that is being generous; so , sometimes he doesn't see things and makes bad decisions, and when he does it once, he tends to do it multiple times. Kind of the little guy good rex bad rex thing but he is only bad drew about once a season. Even with 3 turnovers, the Saints were in position to win that game in the last 90 seconds. And Brees turns it over again. So TB squeaking one out in the closing minutes over a division foe, doesn't make them any more scary to me than they were before that game.

    And Jay should start drawing his own plays up in the huddle now? His starting receivers can't get seperation from nickel backs and safeties, it doesn't matter what routes they run. Plus, they practice all week a set of plays and they can't even get lined up , run those routes or block for that play, how the hell are they going to execute something none of them have ever tried. And... Jay is a real leader on this team; Irish, what you have just said, is the most insanely idiotic thing I have ever heard. At no point, in your rambling incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

  • In reply to Urlacher FTW:

    I need irish around to crap on my posts after i crash
    it has become one of my morning rituals; reading his stuff does a heart good
    plus, I think he just wants jay to tap his helmet a few times on the ears
    point up toward the control throne; and give Dbl. M the I can't hear you gesture
    then call the play that HE thinks will work better
    not make one up

    Martz deserves to be chastised; or it would not be happening
    it would be one thing, if he was trying to be cosistent week in and week out.
    But, I think he gets ahead of his players abilities, and when you are trying to build consistency for the future; we can't keep having these wild swings from week to week

    Keep Irish on the field, do not bench him
    he is not that far off from the truth
    and it would be cool to see the camera on martz after it happens

  • In reply to Urlacher FTW:

    Come on, wouldn't you love to see Cutler come off the field after changing a play, it doesn't come off, and Lovie gets in his face and Cutelr jaws back at him? Okay, maybe I miss Jimmy too much. That sure was fun. It's like everybody on our sideline is on thorazine sometimes

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Agreed Irish and well said. Here's one more Chicago native who would not only "give a fuck" if MM were gone, but would welcome his departure. I'm not going to entertain the notion that he doesn't have the proper pieces to execute his "greatest show on turf" nonsense (i.e. no o-line, no WR, etc.). He should be professional enough to know how to execute with the pieces hes has. We have all seen it work. Extra protection, heavy blocking schemes, 3 steps vs. 7 (or what often feels like 17), bootlegs, screens, play action, Forte, Forte, Forte (and Clutts/Barber to "soften 'em up" - love that). Truth is, it has taken him too long to learn these lessons and I'm sick of watching Cutty get creamed on so many obvious blunders. Side note - my wife doesn't know a whole lot about football but she'll watch the game with me occasionally and - I shit you not - can predict MM's next blunder play call with increasing accuracy.
    MM is like the 45 year old high school superstar who still polishes his trophies, and savors the victories of days gone by. Hey Martz - wake up and smell the diesel, yer done. "get 'em outta here!"

  • Carson Palmer heading to Oakland for a first in 2012 and another conditional pick. Who in Oakland is makin that deal? I think his best days are behind him.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    They are leading their division, and lost their starting QB, what other options did they have?

    Favre off the couch? Orton who was benched for Tebow? Garrard is off the market... I think a first is too expensive but they were in a bad situation.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    I would give up a first round pick to save a promising season Murph. Palmer may not be the epitome of youth but I'd make that deal.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Latest I heard is that it's a conditional #2 that could morph to a 1 based on performance.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Meaning it's going to stay a 2, knowing Palmer.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Here they say a !st rounder in 2012 and another conditional one after that.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    I would consider a 1st rounder but no way would I bend over for another 1st rounder if they make the playoffs.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    "Who in Oakland is makin that deal?"
    Al Davis, of course.

    You don't think he'd let a little thing like his own DEATH keep him from running The Raida's, do you?

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    maybe he hooked them up with the ouigi board before he checked out

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Funny how they didn't make a move on Orton ....

  • Mixed bag there Jeff. Some I agree with, some not. Base on what I've seen for 6 games so far, it would not surprise me if the Bears pretty much win one, lose one for the rest of the season.

  • I think you kind of glossed over the fact that they beat the Saints, Blogfather, even if it was in Tampa.

  • Selah.

  • Is forte really on the block?

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    in a capitalistic enterprise
    everything is up for sale

  • I think Orton would've been a better choice than Palmer. They have a bruising run game and need a QB who's smart with the ball. Palmer's got a lot of rust to shake off - it's a good thing his first game will be against the Chiefs.

    Getting back to the Bears, I think this Tampa game is going to be tough. Haven't the Bucs been to this London rodeo a few times already? The last thing this Bears team needs after a consistently dominating performance is a disorienting trip across the pond. This is a young, confident TB team with tons of talent on offense. I have a feeling the Conte/Wright experiment blows up in Lovie's face on Sunday.

  • In reply to WeShallReturn:

    If we get the kind of pressure we got on McNabb then we could have the Weather Girls back there at safety and it wouldn't matter. Freeman was the weak link against the saints - if they had one. Smart defense and Earnest Graham won that game. And Brees not being able to spot a receiver in the endzone with nobody within ten yards of him @#$%!&*@#

  • tee hee hee:

  • I called it before and I am calling it again. If we run the type of offense we did against the Vikes we go to the playoffs. Cutler getting rid of the ball in creative ways and lining up a fullback in front of Matty more times than not is a good combo.

    We pissed away the win against the Lions by calling a bullshit offense. We gave away the NO and GB games because we did the same shit. Those games would have been to the fucking wire if we ran the new style offense.

    10-6 or even 11-5 is a huge possibility if we play like we can. This is going to be interesting.

  • Some of that pissing away was the defense...

    No matter how improved our offense is, we aren't the kind of team that can consistently put 30 on the board. Not without a weekly Hester run back.

    With that said, we need the D to step it up in a big way... Less bending and no breaking.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    What you're saying is true, Willie, but we all know how much an effective offense helps an aging defense.

  • I'd have to agree FTLTINTFCIOTBG - the way we played would be effective against anybody, even the Fudgers.

  • We are going to run at will against the Bucs.

  • I'm sorry but at this point every game is a "Must Win" in my book if we want any shot at the play-offs. Sure, we can lose this one and still come back and win the rest but why even contemplate that? I say win the rest...period. I say get vengeance on both GB and Detroit. I say beat the shit out of everyone and not give a damn what ESPN says or anyone else.

    Oh and when we beat Detroit I say let Urlacher go over to Schwartz and shake his hand nice and hard maybe even slap him once or twice. Let's see what he does then...

    Now that is my short Christmas Wish List. In reality I think we stay just above .500 this year and say good bye to MM and maybe..if we're lucky get rid of Angelo. I just hope Mat Forte is still a Bear next year...because if he's not then the true colors of the management and owners of this team will be revealed to all and the biggest dumb asses to ever walk the face of the planet.. nuff said.

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    If we hit him with the franchise tag... he's a Bear next year, right?

    He can pull a VJack and sit out and whine, but 1) he doesn't seem to be that kind of guy, and 2) risks losing the year's eligibility.

    His "someone will" speech, while he gets a "Bravo!", in the end means nothing. The franchise tag can still keep him around for a tad longer.

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    why don't we just have the guy from desplaines that slapped hester; wear a bears sweater, and go slap schwartz on his head
    after the game
    a drive by slapping

  • UrlacherFTW, where's the love man? That seemed a bit unnecessary. If we didn't have Irish on here, not only would we lose a great poster but we'd lose out on the enjoyment of reading words spelled like "neutralise." I'm for that.

    I think we learned a few things about this team from these last two games. First, and contrary to what I believed after the Packers game, I do believe that Jay Cutler is NOT the problem. In the Lions game he showed mad balls and playmaking ability with absolutely ZERO support from the line. In the Vikings game, he showed what he could do with time in the pocket and smart playcalling, he was nothing short of brilliant in that game. So sorry for that, Jay, I was ready to give up on you and I shouldn't have. My bad.

    So it is becoming manifestly clear that the real problem is Mike Martz. And I agree with posters above, Jay is beginning to dip his toe into the open insurrection pool. My personal belief is that it is likely no one on the Bears, whether players or management, is overly fond of Mike Martz. When you are supremely arrogant and have a very high regard for yourself, it's hard if not impossible to hide that. It would be one thing if Martz consistently delivered results worthy of his genius - instead we get completely inexplicable game plans like that of the Saints and Packers games.

    So Martz straightened things out for the Vikings game - maybe under duress and through imperial decree from above - big question is, will that continue? It did last year, as the Bears continued to improve throughout the season on offense. I think as the balance of power shifts from Mike to Jay - which I think is definitely happening - the chances are good that the Vikings-type scheme will continue. I know that's simplistic because the game plan is designed around each specific team, but the concepts that we all call for here - more running, shorter dropbacks, quicker passes, more use of tight ends - the same things JAY has been now publicly calling for - I think that works against every team we will face.

    The improvement of playcalling/offensive game plan coupled with the return of injured players should allow us to turn into a 30+ point team (the team we've been in our wins) vs. the 13 point team (our losses). Roy Williams should start to help. Earl Bennett - where in the world is Earl? - the loss of him has been KILLING us. Hurd looks like he might be ready to help. Sanzenbacher is doing all he can. I agree with Jeff, Devin had his best game as a Bear. Johnny Knox looks to be the forgotten kid, maybe not good enough, although not sure how he did everything so well last year.

    And let's talk tight ends. I'm not a huge Kellen fan yet, he may be better at blocking than he is at receiving and we need a receiver. Jeff, have to disagree with you on your conclusion that Kellen is proving out the advisability of the Greg trade - do you realize he's had all of EIGHT catches this year for 107? Greg has 25 for almost 300 with the Panthers. Then you have Matt Forte, who I now have to agree with others here, signing him is simply the right thing to do, not necessarily the most financially strategic - but it's the right thing to do. Now if you sign him and he drops off a bunch, well then I guess he's not who I think he is. But if you want to build a TEAM that's based around leaders and chemistry and not just a collective group of players who all happen to have the same employer, you have to take care of your best. And Forte is your best.

    I have to disagree about a few comments made here - for as brilliant of a game as Hester had, you can't give him too much credit for running out of bounds at the right time - he always runs out of bounds. A strategy I wholeheartedly support given who we're talking about.

    On the other hand, who in their right mind can complain about him doing the occasional dance while fielding a ball deep which costs us a bit of field position? Don't you understand that that's part of the deal? With as brilliant as this GOAT is, I will argue that we need to allow him some decisions that don't work out. (I can't recall but that might have been the new girl, don't want to run her off so she can ignore this criticism).

    I also don't think DBs/linebackers/lineman should be faulted for dropping easy oskies. There's a reason they're D, not receivers. Often times the ball comes at them at the same time they're involved in major effort to move up the field. They do work on their hands in practice, and the DBs that consistently intercept are worth their weight in gold, but I think they should be lauded when accomplishing one and expected to drop them. You probably disagree with me, that's okay.

    I just appreciate the Bears incredible A+ game against the admittedly very crappy Vikings in pulling me back from the brink. Thank you Bears. Now bring it Anglo-Saxon style against those pirates on Sunday. BEAR DOWN!!!!

  • In reply to PhilfromSATX:

    Phil.. that entire ending was messin about, it's a quote from Billy Madison. But, in all honesty, I like this blog because of insightful discussions and tangents that get drawn to hard core drinking stories. I put up with enough "meatball" fans on gamedays and listening to them on the Score and I really don't wanna read that crap here too.
    "Bah you gotta run more screeeens just runn it every play until they stop it, Da, if Ditka was here, he'd a punched that swarz in tha noz.... Cutler's gotta call hees one Playyys.. Brrp." I mean, you have to be a little bit smarter than that right?

  • In reply to Urlacher FTW:

    Sorry Ur, I should have known. Gotta rent Billy Madison!

  • "Tell Martz I say fuck you."

    I would have sent my squad out to London earlier in teh week to get acclimated. I don't like the fly in, 1 day of practice, play, fly out schedule. I know it's not Tibet, but it takes a couple days to get your bearings whenever you go to another country.

    HUGE game boys!

  • In reply to Crown:

    CROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good to see you bro!

    fu martzy!!!!! as said earlier in the post, starting to have the Mad Max attitude!!!!


  • Phil - good post except for the KD part. He is a better receiver than blocker. Spaeth is a grown man when it comes to blocking.

    It's very frustrating as a fan that knows a tiny bit about football to watch us give other teams incredible opportunities to win. We beat ourselves because Martz overthinks everything. Like Jay said, "IT'S NOT THAT HARD".

    You will see a solid gameplan and a solid victory this weekend.

    Freeman dead.

  • And except for the Forte part. We sign him because without him we'll have a shitty team, not a shitty conscience.

  • Angelo is a pencil pushing geek, who is using some formula that his MBA in Finance taught him about maximizing value on Forte. See how long you can draw this out, that way if he has a season-ending injury then you got off scott free.

    It doesn't help when guys like Chris Johnson vanish after getting paid.

    But, he's not just playing brinkmanship with Forte - he's affecting how all other agents interact with the Bears down the road. And, in this way, he's pissing in his own stew.

    This is just bluster. Forte and the trade. He's been told to take this angle with the press, talk up a trade. He's not getting fucking traded.

    But the longer this goes on, the more he works the franchise tag angle - the bigger the douchebag label gets and it affects every future draft choice and how they deal with us. And that's what Jerry will never understand. He understands what his equation says to do.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    GP...Hit it on the proverbial head bro.

    Fucking "Glitchy" what an ass-clown.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    There are more than a handful of guys in the locker room who have gotten great deals from Jerry. Re-upped rooks (Briggs, Hester, Tillman...), vets (Cutler, Garza, Urlacher, Gould), and FA's (Peppers, Merriweather, Spaeth...)

    I go back to the Briggs negotations a few years ago when he was crying for a new deal. The Bears offered him one which was rejected. That was followed by a Franchise Tag. Briggs whinned, but wore it so long as the Bears comitted to not using again the following year.

    The following year comes and Briggs hit the FA market only to find no takers. He than accepted a contract that was less than the Bears had offered him the preceeding year.

    Angelo and the team won.

    Forte has earned a new deal and the fact that the BT entertained a deal proves it, but there is a threshold the team has to stay under or it will be detrimental to the cause. At a minimum, Forte's trade value is very high...not that I want to see him traded. Losing him for nothing is not an option.

  • In reply to Viva:

    Forte is standing by the DeAngelo Williams contract as his benchmark. 5-years, 48M with 21M guaranteed.

    Yeah, that is not going to happen. The Panthers got worked over on that deal, that deal is the laughing stock of NFL Owners. Who thinks Williams is a 1000 yard+ back for the next 5 years, because that is what that money says. That money says 1200-1500 yards a year.

    No. Jerry offered something like 4 for 30 with 15M guaranteed. Nobody knows his offer, but that's speculation. That is market value. But Forte is not buying. So, I get it's a 2-way street, and the Bears can't get ripped off, but at some point throw something else out there and get this done.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    without Forte's effort, we might be calling for angelo's head along with Dbl m

    if you do not do the right thing in life
    life can come back and bite you in the ass
    in a way you did not see coming

    and your points about future dealings with players and agents will surely be one of those areas
    he may be winning according to the textbook formula on business negotiations 101
    but it looks horrible when the discrepancy is so stark
    it is a common conversation in labor circles
    when one person gets "more $' and does not produce as much
    makes for bad chemistry

    I don't predict the future
    but it seems forte is cut from the cloth that would like to have some godly carreer numbers
    this guy is in for the long haul
    and we should mine that

    he is a great compliment to cutler
    when have we had this calliber in the backfield at the same time?

    it has been a while

    and here is a selfish statement; but I want to root for a team that respects and rewards talent

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    paying him and keeping him happy;
    also helps in drafting
    we do not have to search for then use a pick on a good back
    when we could be strenghthening another weaker position

  • Posted a few threads back. The Bears have some easy weeks they need to win (last week was one of them). If they want to make the playoffs, they need to get 2 wins in 5 games against Detroit, Green Bay, Oakland, San Diego and Tampa Bay. You could arguably throw the Eagles into that mix and say they need 3 of 6.

    Thing is, I would much rather get my wins against Detroit and Tampa Bay than against Oakland and San Diego. The NFC teams are the ones that are going to be competing for the wild card spot. I want the Saints to win their division and for us to hold a tie-breaker against Tampa and Atlanta. I want the Eagles to finish second in their division and for us to have a tie-breaker there too. And I want us to split with Detroit and compete for second in the NFC North; and then win that tie-breaker with the better conference record.

    This week is not a must win. Tampa could use this to go on to win their division, but we don't have a tie-breaker against the Saints. If we want the stars to line up in December, we lay the groundwork now.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Actually the AFC games are more important than the Eagles and Seahawks games for division tie-breaking -- because common games comes before conference record.

    You have to win any division tie-breakers before you get compared to other NFC teams for the wild card. Given that they are 2 games behind DET and 3 behind GB, the priority is catching up to those teams first -- since 2 WCs from the NFC-N is possible but unlikely. So unless GB or DET starts losing a lot of games, the critical games for now will be the division, NFC-S, and AFC-W games...

    I'll do a full playoff analysis later on...

  • I know it's pageant kind of thing but damn it give Cutty some love:

  • Is it possible Da Bears have sent another QB to early retirement? tee hee hee

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    ps. both BiQueens?

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    Is that the place that QB's go to die?

  • Not a Fan, but this article pertains to this thread especially:,0,1396973.column

    favorite line of the article......

    Point is, stop it. All of you, stop it right now. Stop it before the stupidity becomes contagious.

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    That article really hit home with me lobo. My favorite part was:

    The game that Mike Martz called against Minnesota was uncharacteristically smart. It started with running the ball, which made the play-action successful, but Martz treats the rushing game like it’s a colonoscopy.

    Ain't that the truth.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    BD......yep...Ain't that the Truth.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    that was a brutal and messy assessment on martz

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    that won't help me
    I was born with a dunce cap on my head
    it seems to be in the DNA

  • In reply to lobotobear:,0,3272109.photogallery

    #9, 14, 17.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    and I couldn't even get past the 4th paragraph... what a fucking useless POS that dude is. He should be writing for a packer blog.

    Jesus, talk about an extreme fatalist drama queen .

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    Where is Rosie coming from? He says don't trust these Bears, yet writes an article like this :,0,6851089.column?obref=obinsite


    I don't mind admitting that I thought the season was over - and it may well be if Martz reverts to type or we get a couple of key injuries - but we did show a few key attitude changes with a view to protection, play-calling and roster changes. The results were stunning. Caveat emptor. This is the clown car we're talking about.

  • Who wants to see LaBuff get his ass kicked? Come on, you know you do.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Were The "F" in Bumble Bee when you need him?....probably around the corner getting this:

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    LOL. Nice stick job.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    that was awesome. Thanks GP.

    The dude beating up shia HAD to be max.

  • the Big Ben that doesn’t rape women in tavern toilets

    That might have been the funniest line I've read from Jeff. Nice work.

  • I wish my pittsburgh friend would come here to read that one
    if I can Jeff
    I would like to borrow that one; and work it into one of our convers.

  • I liked that too. Dude just got a free pass cos he's a baller.


  • WTF....Morons in the Burbs?

  • I also can't stress enough what kind of executive suite blowback there must be about Chris Johnson. Chris Johnson is to football what the Larry Johnson deal with the Charlotte Hornets was to the NBA: the deal that reset the market and made everybody stop and smell the coffee.

    4 years, $53M with 30M UP FRONT and GUARANTEED. Set up the Swiss account, gentlemen, and get ready for a fund transfer that will suck the air out of the room. Holy shit.

    And what has happened since Chris got the fuck PAID. Show him the money! Booyah!

    Yeah. He's gone JaMarcus Russell on us. He's probably doing the purple drank as I type this. His rushing stats are down, he looks decidedly unmotivated to take the hit and move the chains. Why should he? He can retire now.

    Yeah, Chris Johnson's no show for the Titans is going to make everyone reset on the RB situation.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    i find it amusing when people talk about being able to retire when they have signed a contract with 30 million guaranteed. Don't you mean 3 full generations of his family should be able to retire without ever having worked a day in their lives?

    If any of these fucking retards ever used a brain cell they could literally help change the world with 30 million. You could put dozens of needy but worthy poor kids through college per year on the interest alone....serious change the world shit. pay it forward shit.


  • How about Sir Evelyn De Rothschild? Half of the world's money controlled by one family. Half. I don't even know if they've opened a children's wing. I just shake my head when I read about Bill Gates or Buffet being mentioned as the richest people on the planet.

    Saw a clip of Ron Paul needling Bernanke on the transparency of the fed yesterday. Ron asked him if there was any truth to the Fed bankrolling Saddam Hussein to the tune of billions and billions of dollars so that he could purchase weapons from the USA and build a nuclear reactor back in the late eighties. Bernanke may be the greatest since Brando. I wouldn't like to play poker with Bernanke.

  • In reply to gpldan:


    check you out yo.

  • As for the timezone thing. England is 8 hours ahead of Pacific time, no? So if gametime here is at 10AM pacific then it will be at 6PM in England. Hence, no need to change sleeping plans, just prepare for the 6pm game in England as if it's a 10AM game here (Noon Chi). So I think it is wise to go over later rather than sooner. Keep the same sleep schedule. Don't change your watches. It might be sunny when you go to sleep, or dark when you wake up, but who cares. Put up dark curtains and keep your normal routine.

    Bear Down.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    Count on the math man.

    I like it.

    Did we just play chess to the Bucs' checkers?

    Say it ain't so... Must have been Toub's idea.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    in the days of all nighters it was white cross
    you got a buy week comin'
    crank it up and
    bring the fir of shiva all over those pirateers

  • I wonder if NFL Redzone will have it along with the rest of the games.

  • Hey Jeff, got a chance to hear you on the radio.

    I thought that observation about who actually is in charge of the Bears organization startling. Virginy? J.A.? Some goofball relative? Yikes.

  • Political Exception Rant Ahead. Skip if needed. How many red chits do we get for these? I don't think I used all of mine yet.

    "Hi, yeah, mortgage industry here. You know how, like, during the whole dot-com boom and throughout the 2000s we created a fucking housing bubble that we all cashed in, and we fueled it by letting jackwads who made $45k year a year as a 7-11 manager go ahead and buy a $450k home with 300 sq. ft and an inground pool, and you know how we didn't verify any of that paperwork, and in a lot of cases, just forged numbers to make the deal go, because those were the marching orders, just get them into something with an ARM and take the money and run like hell... yeah, the whole wholesale fraud thing that sent Countrywide upstream, you know how we kinda did all that?

    Well. here's the thing. We're too big to fail, and you aren't going to prosecute all of us. We know that, you know that. But the states, some states are being dickwads and doing shit like foreclosing on our bank branches and fighting back, and you know... we can't have that shit going on. So, what we need is for you, the Feds, to declare upon us blanket immunity for all those hijinks. In return, we'll try and re-fi some of those jackwads still scraping by that we were GONNA foreclose on, but now we'll just extend and pretend, and roll them over into some shit they can afford. For a while, at least. If you call the dogs off, we'll do it. .Because this is pissing us off. Sincerely, the banking and mortgage industry, i.e. the guys with what little money is left who you fucking need to lend to get the economy greased again.

    Hugs and kisses."

  • In reply to gpldan:

    And, as usual, the only one who nails the thing is Taibbi.

    This is HUGE, and guess what? No nightly news show will touch it.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I have been in matt's corner for a long time
    i wish he was an athlete
    he would be starting on my team
    and he would play hurt

    i have many freinds in swfla who bought homes in the $250-$300 range from the p.o.
    only to lose the domicile 'cause the spouse lost employment
    and these were not any tricked out homes
    just your average 2-3

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Greatest. Country. In. The. World. Right?

  • In reply to gpldan:

    GP, the housing bubble was created by one common trait shared by everyone involved in the real estate transaction:


    by borrowers knowingly overleveraging themselves and spending themselves into NEGATIVE savings rates
    by lenders churning through borrowers just because there was a loan to give them
    by investors purchasing the loans and creating demand for loans with no reasonable income,asset, job or credit parameters
    by ratings agencies being paid to classify said bundles as AAA rated securities
    by gov't watchdogs not doing their jobs
    by appraisers in the pockets of large lenders
    by realtors with little to no training

    It was the perfect storm of greed. It all starts with the borrower though. Every borrower wanted to be the next trump, flip the next house, get the easy money.

    There is no such thing as easy money.

  • 100 fucking %.

    there is no free lunch ever for anything. Ever. You will pay in one way or another... even if it's not in cash money. Nothing is life is free maings.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    That's the shit I'm talking about GP. This is the GReat depression all over again - another carefully planned assault on the public's cash by the bastards known as bankers. I know it was fueled by greed, but our leaders are obligated to protect the average-IQ masses from themselves. Reagan started the modern times ball rolling by de-regiulating the banks(!) - or should I say the administration lead by an aged actor with Alzheimers. You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried.

    Gekko's speech from Wall Street 2 sums it up perfectly. The only scene in the movie that matters.

  • Forte's offer was $6 mil/year for 4 years with $13-$14 guaranteed. Not bad but he's worth more than that and he knows it. Briggs is a bad comparison. There is a very limited market for 4-3 LB's. Not many hit the open market and cash in. Some team will gladly pay Forte's asking price of $8 mil/yr with $20 mil guaranteed. I get you don't want to go long term on a contract for a RB but 4 years is not that hard to deal with. I agree the more Pus Nuts fucks around with Forte the more players/agents will look elsewhere. If Pus Nuts could re-stock the team every year with good players I would agree with his stance. Since he hits on one good player every 3-4 years, he'd better pony up the cash.

    Lovie is emulating Bellicheat by going over on Friday. Not a bad guy to emulate. TB went over on Monday the last time and got beat. I'm going with Bellicheat. They are taking a red eye to London after Thursday's practice. They will be sleeping on the plane. I work 12.5 hour swing shifts; days, nights, weekends, holidays. It can kick your ass but it is manageable. Esp when you're young. Gotta admit it sucks ass when you're an old fart. Oh well.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Good call there, Canada.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    The thing with paying HBs is that they seem to stop performing once they get paid.

    See Chris Johnson and DeAngelo Williams this year, and LT, Holmes, Shaun Alexander...

    I'm not defending J.A. because I would've wrapped up Forte on incentive laden deal last year, but caution when it comes to HB signings is valid.

    They, more than any other player, seem to fall off the grid entirely.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    I agree about being careful with RB's but 4 years isn't going to be a deal breaker. They paid the Molester $7 mil and ManofMoolah $5 mil last year and Merriweather $3.25 mil this year. All 3 contract are totally worthless expenditures. They are $19 mil under the cap this year. You never know for sure who's going to take the money and call it a career but Forte really doesn't strike me as that type of player. Not to mention, even if his skills erode quickly, he would still make a great 3rd down back. He's got a lot of miles on him but he isn't that old. Usually RB's fall off the cliff after 30. He will be 26 in December. Pay the man!

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    if I gambled
    I would put my money on Forte's character

    also, why would he want to let down; when he has a good chance to go to a superbowl with cutler
    if the stars align?

  • And now something completely different:

    Did anyone else see the reason why we call them FudgePecker's nice image FuckDodgers...who's arse did you have your head up in?

  • Nice mini-breakdown of the Hester bomb --

    I like too that Cutler has admitted Hester wasn't even really a read on that play (when RW is the only other route) but that he threw it because he was open and he had time. That shows you how much Jay is just taking charge of running the plays.

    (Also the thought of a 1-read Martz play is just... wow. That shows you just how much everyone must be in his ear about getting serious with protection.)

  • Why must it be a "Must Win"

    Now, I am not the wisest when it comes to the future of our playoff hopes
    I read the posts like those from New Bear and Michael; thinking,
    I would never attempt a conversation like that
    unless I was trying to bring humor

    but, I am in the hunt to spank greenbay
    and to do that we have to play 4 qtrs consistently
    with great execution

    If I played on the team
    I believe it is highly beneficial to go into the bye with positive thoughts about what we have just accomplished

    we looked like sh-t at times; but something good is starting to happen
    and for the O-line sake we need to build on positive succesfull games week to week
    losing would just let doubt creep in
    and we go back to square 1

    I guess I believe that it is a must win
    for the confidence/psyche factor
    plus 3-4 looks scary

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    I only post about playoff scenarios this early because there's frequently misconceptions about which games are more/less important. But I've also noticed over the years of Bears playoffs scenario tracking I've done that it is rare for the media, analysts, or fans to have an accurate sense of where the Bears stand.

  • In reply to Michael L:

    i learned alot though
    keep it up for the unenlightened
    like i said i would not even be able to carry the water into a room when that topic is being analyzed
    if I even respond it probrably would not make too much sense

    so I come
    I read
    I learn
    thank you

  • Lovely packer fans. Bunch of fucking classless dipshits:,0,3949329.story

    How do I know he was a packers fan... no bears fan would ever do that to the Skunk. Martz, yes. Lovie, yes. Angelo... helll yes. Skunk, no.


    this isn't interesting for the chris harris pice... it's much more interesting for the last few paragraphs. Just like cutty is begining to rebel against martz stupid as shit game plans that neary get him killed... it is starting to feel like many players are begining to do the same for Angelo.

    Thank god some fucking one at halas hall is... unfortunately, the players can't do shit.

    Please god George... #freethebears.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Harris's fall from grace is inexplicable. I mean, wouldn't you think they'd give him one more week to see if it was just rust? Meanwhile, two weeks ago against GB, Omiyale looked like a turnstyle and got benched for Louis. I posted at the time that Cutty seemed to like Louis there. Said it gave them more options. So what do the bears do? Start Omiyale again against Detroit. WTF? Meanwhile, Chris has a been a dependable veteran for us (off and on) for a long time. He has one bad game, that could easily be attributed to rust, and he's out. I don't get that. To me, it could only mean one thing. Martz has final say on offensive personnel and Rod has final say on defensive personnel. Martz is stubborn and Rod has a hot head. I don't know, I'm reaching here. It's inexplicable to me.

    Meanwhile, Forte gets shit, Cutty is made a mockery of in front of the whole country because the bears-brass didn't accurately relay the info of Cutty's injury and is regularly left to unfriendly devices of opposing defensive linemen, Angelo fucks up a deal with Baltimore that pisses them off... Must I go on?

    What is wrong with this franchise?

    God it's hard to bear down sometimes.

    Bear Down.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    among big egos
    is the downfall
    of many an empire

    we have a proud history
    current ownership is tarnishing
    the finish

    you were a couple weeks ahead of Martz
    stay there
    he needs to sit in your classroom
    and shut up
    and pay attention

  • this is fucking sickening and disgusting.

    I cannot and will not watch that video... ever.

    Man, when I was single this stuff would make me say wtf and then I'd thrug it off. Now that I have a little girl around her age I won't/can't even allow myself to look at the still of the video, never mind play the damn thing. I can't even imagine man. Fuck, what is this world coming to?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Why post it, brotha?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I hear you MB. There was a time when I would have seen the Casey Anthony story on TV, shrugged, gone 'what a bitch' and that would be it. But the first time I saw my babies was when they were on respirators, in two little boxes side by side. Niagra falls. Since then, any such stories boil my blood. I would happily accept responsibility for despatching Ms. Anthony from this life and feel not one jot of guilt for doing so.

    I watched the video. It doesn't show any contact, everything else is shown. If there is a God, and we are made in his image, then what a despicable entity that God is and not something I would wish to be any part of anyway. This just reinforces my indifference to such beliefs. Of course there are those who come up with the 'Free Will' kicker, which is the cop-out to beat all cop-outs.

    This just confirms what I've long believed MB. People are selfish bastards. As Bill Hicks rightly pointed out, we're just viruses with shoes. We prove over and over again throughout history that we are just unfeeling fucks who just want to have a good time, belittle others, and then blow our load. 'The rest of the world can go to hell in a hand-basket' seems to be the global motto. Love for one's fellow man is such a rarity I find. There will be those that use this to justify their racism about two billion people, but such viruses are found in every single country on the planet. Rwanda, the Holocaust, war in general, and then the economic genocide perpetrated by bankers, and their enablers, politicians, the people you get out of bed for to vote into power. Fuck them all. And if there is a God watching, on that miniscule chance, may he damn them all to an eternal lake of burning fire.

    Little people are the only pure, good and holy things on this god-forsaken planet and if we can't look after them collectively then let's just push all the red buttons and clear our disgusting race off the face of the earth and let nature start over.

    Go Bears.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    my guru said the body is just a fever on
    the truth that we are

    that experience with your babies
    taught you how prescious this life is
    whatever is in that video
    shows us what we are not

    the body/mind must be seen for what it is
    a temporary fever
    we are so much more than that
    look in your babies eyes
    and see the beauty
    that you are
    eject the othe sh-t

    it is the wicked side of dualistic nature

    give the babies a big hug from me
    and tell them a hippie somewhere say's he loves you 2

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Hooray for hippies !! Will do man, I'll make a point of it.

    My favourite hippy :

  • OK, so I accidentally clicked on ESP...Power Ranking for the 1st time this year and here are the only teams I KNOW are better than the Bears.

    1) Packers

    2) Saints

    3) Ravens

    4) The Pats

    That's it. The Lions, the 49ers, the Raiders, the Chargers, the Steelers, the Bills, the Bucs...we can beat those guys. It won't be pretty, but they wouldn't cause me major concern. With angry Jay and the Tice playbook, I feel good about this team.

    IF we get on a 3 game winning streak, we can easily be back into it.

    The route to the SB begins in London.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    I want to see what happens this week and with philly B4, we beat those two teams and I mostly agree. 9ners are legit this year. And I have disliked them for most of my adult life.

    Oh, and A7, here you go man:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I think the Bucs are a lot like the Bears - schizo.

    I think I heard that Vegas feels the same. Bucs were favored now Bears (or vice versa), is it a home game? we dismantled the Falcons, then got dismantled, Bucs beat the Saints then get killed by like 30 by the 9ers...

    It ought to be interesting, that's for sure.

    Oh and I got Tebow on my FF team. I was sitting there debating what qb to start this week since Vick is on a bye, suddenly, the sky parted and a voice thundered, "Thou shall pick up Tebow from the let it be written, so let it be done..."

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    nicely played b4

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    The Bucs had Brees number. Bigtime. 900 yoyos. I'm still gutted.

  • you go jerry... you finish the job you started many years ago. You completely dismantle this team.

  • irish, i dont see what you see innthe bucs... i've watched two of thier games and haven't been impressed at all. Like B4 says, they reminde me of us... but even less consistent. At least our gaps are easy to spot, I have no idea why those guys don't seem very good... they just do.

    If we don't have massive flat, jet-lagged, shit play we should take them by a TD or more.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I watched the Bucs-Saints in its entirety because they were the fourth leg of a four-timer for me. I kept expecting the Saints to just march down the field turn the game around and then pull away. It didn't happen. The Bucs defense was very good and Brees had nowhere to go. I do think he was more successful when he called his own plays though in the no-huddle. Sean Payton went down fairly early and had to leave the field, that may have had something to do with their inability to react to what was going on. Raheem Morris is the man. And he has Ronde Barber wear a headset and coach up the D with a whiteboard when they're on the sidelines. I was impressed. Freeman not so much, they relied on the run and good, smart D.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Oh Jebus, also from Easterbrook's TMQ:

    Single Worst Play of the Season -- So Far: Trailing 26-20 at City of Tampa, the Saints faced fourth-and-2 on the Buccaneers' 4-yard line with 3:24 remaining. Backup head coach Joe Vitt, sent in for injured starting head coach Sean Payton, decided to go for it. Drew Brees play-faked and rolled right. The New Orleans offensive linemen faked a zone block left -- and then all five Saints' offensive linemen simply stood there watching as Brees scrambled madly, making no attempt to block or help.

    Bad enough the call was a pass. When Brees threw an interception into the end zone, the Bucs took possession on their 20: a failed run would have pinned City of Tampa against its own goal line with three minutes to play and New Orleans holding all its timeouts.

    But it's fourth down at the endgame and all five New Orleans offensive linemen simply brushed their men then turned around to watch the play, making no attempt to do anything. New Orleans offensive line -- you are guilty of the single worst play of the 2011 season. So far.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Tampa has the 25th ranked D, the Bears are 29th. Scoring is down in the NFL as teams have enough game film to figure out how to stop, slow down their opponents now. Our O is so skitzo, I think it will be harder for Tampa to get a handle on our game plan than for us. I look for a close game but am hoping we pull one out.

    Bears 27, Bucs 24.

  • Do you guys know that we paid gangster more than we offered Manning

    "Brandon Meriweather, S: The Bears decided to pay Meriweather more than what they even offered to one of their own free agents (Danieal Manning). So surely the club expected more from the investment than what they’ve received: a two-time Pro Bowler who is now a backup."

    Jerry angelo, you truly are a fucking waste of space. Please disappear tomorrow... please.

  • Jerry Angelo is a irrational prick who needs to get fired. gets rid of thomas jones than then Greg olsen but any ways the key to beat tampa this week is to give cutler copious time in the pocket third stop freeman were not playing at tampa so that should be an advantage Bear down

  • In reply to Sean:

    Clearly you're NOT on the rag.

  • In reply to Sean:

    Dude I like your handle. Sean. That's me - my name is Sean. Not 'Sean 90210' or 'TGIF Sean Wigger 09. Just 'Sean'. Respect.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    sean does the irish proud

    not as proud as the O' though

    I am a proud italian
    with the O at the other end ; o)

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    His name would be Seano in Dublin too :o)

    One of the many things I like about Gregg Easterbrook, you don't get analysis like this from the guys at the trib :


    Sweet "What the Martz!" Plays of the Week: Game scoreless, the Chicago Bears had first-and-10 at midfield. Mike "What The!" Martz sent fullback Tyler Clutts into the game. He and tailback Matt Forte went into the right flat, as if setting up a screen right. This distracted the Minnesota Vikings' safeties, while Devin Hester ran a deep post -- touchdown, and the home team never looked back. Sweet.

    Later, Chicago leading 9-0, the Bears had first-and-goal on the Vikings' 3. Martz sent a man in motion wide right, simulating a bubble screen right. Left guard Chris Williams trapped left, simulating an off-tackle run left. Then Marion Barber ran straight up the middle untouched for the touchdown.

    On Barber's score, the Minnesota defensive line was "twisting," a pass-rush tactic, though it was first-and-goal at the 3. That call was puzzling at best. Late in the second quarter, trailing 23-3, Minnesota lined up to go for it on fourth-and-3 from the Chicago 15. Receiver Michael Jenkins, split wide, jumped offside. The ball was marched back, then Minnesota missed a field goal attempt. Ay caramba! It's bad enough when a linemen jumps offside, but linemen must face straight ahead at the snap. A receiver split wide can simply watch the ball. Leslie Frazier is 4-8 as the Vikes' head coach, and Minnesota is playing with low football IQ.

  • In reply to Sean:

    not sure if i have seen that word here before
    dictionary please

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    copious means plentiful in number.

  • third I meant to say second.

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