Same Three Positions, Same Distinct Concerns

Same Three Positions, Same Distinct Concerns

After the second week of the NFL season, the Bears are even.  They won 30-12.  They lost 30-13.  One at home.  One on the road.  A push if you ask me.  And not a bad two-game stretch to push.  But Sunday's loss in New Orleans was an eye opener that should put elements of this ballclub on notice.  I will now complain about three areas of the football team we've all been complaining about forever and try to offer solutions.


I'm sure many people out there want to crucify the Bears o-line after the 6 sack, 378 hit performance Sunday but I'm not going there.  How does a Bears team in a close game for three quarters only rush the ball 11 times?  How does a Bears team knowing (and we ALL knew!) the Saints would blitz heavily not compensate for that blitz by loading up the line and protecting?  You might want to crucify them but from watching the game I wouldn't be sure whom to actually crucify.  Webb was outgunned a few times but for the most part the defender in the backfield beat no one at all and rushed unabated to #6.

It seems to me that once Martz gets some offensive success he assumes every one of his players is a Pro Bowler and subsequently the Bears are harassed by an opponent with an actual game plan.

Solution: PROTECT THE QUARTERBACK!  It really is not that hard.  Line up with two tights.  That means using only two receivers but if your entire passing game is dumping the ball off to the back, who cares?  This offense does nothing, achieves nothing, goes nowhere if the quarterback does not have time to throw the ball.  Run the ball more than 11 times.  Establish the damn run.  And when you're asking the quarterback to throw, protect him.


Is it possible the absence of Roy Williams and Earl Bennett leaves this receiving corps looking, well, like this?  Is Devin Hester really ineffective if he doesn't catch the ball behind the line of scrimmage?  Are we really in the place where we're relying on Dane Sanzenbacher to catch big third down tosses late?  Can no wide receiver run a crossing route anymore?

Solution: A lot of this goes back to point one.  If you don't block for the quarterback, you can't connect passes to wide receivers.  But didn't we go through this every-route-more-than-ten-yards thing last year?  Didn't the Bears start having a major of their success a year ago when the routes were reduced and the quarterback's drops were shortened?  Didn't we f'n do this already?


Nope.  The Bears will not win football games anytime Chris Conte and Major Wright are paired together at the back of the defense.  Ditto if Craig Steltz is in there for either.

Solution: There isn't one.  Just get Chris Harris healthy.  We've all known for months the Bears had no depth at safety and Sunday they paid for it.  CH and Meriweather need to be the starters.  And they need to be out there.  Jerry can draft all the shitty white safeties he wants it doesn't mean any of them can play professional football.

OVERALL: Bad game.  And when you play this poorly against a good team, you're going to lose.  Get it fixed and get ready.  Because goddamnit, it's Packer Week.

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  • First.

    I hope next week is a better game.

  • An all too painful flashback to the Giants game last year, Blogfather.

    I submit that before he's allowed to call another 7 step drop, Mike Martz must drop back behind his own offensive line and be blindsided by Julius Peppers at least once.

    Maybe twice.

    Is it just me or did the avalanche REALLY get rolling after Carimi went out?

    I think Cutler got his bell rung. He was off-target even when he did (occassionally) have time to set & throw.

    WGN'S INSTANT REPLAY appropriately chastised the coaching staff for stubborn, stupid, inexplicable failure to get Cutler out of harm's way late in the 4th.

    Last week: One step forward.

    This Week: Two steps back.

    Or maybe three...?

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I also noticed this. Carimi must have been freeing up the line to face the ends, after he was injured the blocking ends would forgo blocking the outside because they were still nervous for the inside blitz. I know Carimi isn't Catholic like me but I'll be praying for him to heal faaaast. I've had one wish for the Bears since square one and that is a bigger, badder O-line I think Garza and Carimi both looked great but I expect if Carimi is out for a while the line may change. The Saints play vicious D and Mike Martz doesn't play down in the dirt. The secret is out on that. BTW here is how to play down in the dirt in case martz is reading = if a d-line gets uppity, call out your big running back and move piles, BUT THAT IS NOT ALL, while doing these plays pick out a single D-Lineman that is making you frowny... double team OR triple team the BEJEEZUS out of him, put his butt on the ground 4-6 times in a row as hard as your collective O-Line can, then go back to pass run, if they get uppity, start picking on their toughest guy again. This line IS tough, but everybody knows it is not gunna hit back. If played this way, the run is basically a reverse blitz on the opponents D-Line. Perhaps with Barber and Carimi both out they couldn't hit back.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    seeing as it had to do with Martz it was probably seven...

  • Carimi went out in the second but Cutler had not been sacked before that point although was obviously hit almost every time he dropped back.

    Cutty got kicked in the throat in the third quarter and they couldn't hear him on the line.

    Our line made the Saints look like the 85 Bears .... and they're clearly not. Remember this is the defense that couldn't get into A-rodge's face. The greatest passer of the ball of all time if your name is Joe Theissman.

    I feel abused, rotten inside after witnessing that.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    So, in addition to being whipsawed virtually on every snap in the 2nd half, Cutty couldn't call plays and the Coaching staff STILL left him out there?

    That's just ignorant.

  • And with the wide receivers we have - or don't have I should say - I don't know why we don't stay in double TE sets all day anyway. Roy on one side, one of the midgets on the other. You can do a lot of big manly things that way, and Cutler doesn't get gang-banged like he was yesterday.

  • Forgive my chicken licken stance in the aftermath ... not only did I back the Bears, I backed them twice.

  • Now in the aftermath of yesterdays rehash disaster form a year ago Giants game is things really haven't changed...need to get back to a balanced attack which Martz blew off yesterday.... we have nurmerous injuries to deal with which we didn't have last year. Gonna make for a real challenge to win against the Pack.

  • Glad to see you used a "little" g there Jeff.

  • The only bright spots to yesterday were my gift wins via Fresno and Murph. Martz will cost us our some losses. What bother me is that even when he was with the Lions they consistently put up 30 plus points a game. Also, I thought our team was built for turf? Wrong.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Yeah, Fres, where are you man? You need to drop Peyton Manning, Hartley and Colston on one of the teams ....

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    I'm glad I made your day a better one! it was an Ugly day in FF for me. I did pull a win out in the auction league.

  • I know that no one wants to put any of the blame on Cutler because they feel bad for him. But I can't help thinking about Cutler vs. the elite QBs of the league. The top tier guys all come to the line recognize defensive schemes point out unblocked defenders and audible out of plays at the line. I can't remember Cutler doing much of that yesterday. Either Cutler hasn't been given that freedom (in that case Martz should be carried out of town on a rail) or Cutler's Vandy smarts just aren't translating in the heat of the moment. Either way I can't help but think that Cutler may never get there in terms of being a week in week out gamer. Given the right conditions and game plan he shines, but Peyton, Brady, Brees et. al. he ain't and never will be.

  • In reply to buckbear:

    I understand where you're getting that buck and agree with some of it, but there are a few considerations too:

    1. Those guys all have at least a decent oline. Ours has been cobbled together by Jerry Angelo. Give cutty at least 3 seconds on most plays and he's a different guy

    2. Those guys all have at least one (if not 2 or three) pro bowl guys to throw to at WR. Cutty has zero... unless you count our RB

    3. They've all been in the same system for 5-10+ years and the guy devising that system isn't a complete fucking whacko who doesn’t learn from mistakes and who vacillates between genius (the missed TD to davis game 1) and the entire second half of last night.

    4. I 100% believe that he has PTSD from the first two years behind basically the same line. He’s scared shitless… and wouldn’t you be? The most sacks in the NFL two years running, probably close to the most QB hits, 1 (maybe more) concussion, and a blown up knee will tend do that to a man.

    I don’t think cutty will ever be given the chance to show what he really can do with a Jerry Angelo team. He just has zero clue how to get an oline together… even though that’s supposed to be his forte (see how I did that?).

    I honestly think the only chance we have is to fire angelo this year and go out and pay big money for a seriously good GM. I don’t know who that would/could be, but I know that’s the only thing that will give us a shot at being decent for the next 10 years. If angelo stays, one by one our stars will get too old over the next couple years (lach, briggs???, peanut, Garza, etc…) to produce a SB and we all know he can’t draft for shit. Anyway, my $.02.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I feel about Jay Cutler the same way that Chris Rock explained his love of rap music. "I like it, but I'm just tired of defending it"
    Points 1, 2 & 3 are well taken and legitimate. On the 4th All I can say is that I work with veterans at my job and can say that if PTSD were a legitimate concern for Cutler then he's already done for. I'm not so sure about that though.
    I just wonder how much freedom/ability Jay has to walk up to the line and audible out of whatever dumbass play Martz has cooked up. Some responsibility has to lie with him at some point. He knows, all too painfully, that the asinine 7 step drops just aren't working. So either 1. He's not allowed by coaching staff to audible out of it or 2. He doesn't have the awareness of defenders who are going to be on his back before he finishes his 6th step backward.
    I'm willing to accept that it could be a little of both compounded with the total crap he's surrounded by at the line. But the more I look at the evidence I can't help but notice that he doesn't have an awareness in the pocket...period. The intentional grounding call when he could've chucked the rock off the field way earlier is just one of the many times I find myself wondering. What is missing here? Why the too long hold on the ball in the pocket? Why the lack of adjustments at the line? Lack of awareness seems to be the answer. If there was any one "intangible" quality in a quarterback that I actually believed existed that would be it.
    Screw all the people who bang on his personality/character traits. He's a person and is, like all of us, bound to embody all of his idiosyncratic essence in the face of those who criticize him. But I'm starting to think the folks who praise his physical gifts at the same time they question his "intangibles" are probably more right than I cared to admit before.

  • In reply to buckbear:

    1. I don't think it's actual PTSD buck... and thank you for what you do btw. I was using a bit of hyperbole to suggest that he basically doesn’t have a lot of faith in the line and the calls and he's running scared and has happy feet in the pocket because he never knows when he's going to get smashed to the ground

    2. As johnny emphatically mentions below… he has ZERO, absolutely no options for changing ANYTHING at the line. In Martz’ system, once the play is called the play is called and the ONLY out you have it to quickly zing it to a predefined ‘hot’ receiver/route. That’s it. So he couldn’t pull a jimmymac even if he wanted to. He’s fucked…. Hence all the (well deserved) anger on the sidelines. He’s sick of the moronic calls that get him killed.

    3. If it were not for #s 1 and 2 above (and the other points I made) I would completely agree with your statement about pocket presence etc… I think he’s just doing everything he can to try and make something happen essentially on his own. Maybe this in and of itself is a character flaw for a QB, but I at least understand where it comes from, and I respect it.

  • In reply to buckbear:

    buckbear, the elite QBs of the league ALL (take the tob ten passer rating QBs across the board) have a top receiver got to? Where was Cutler's #1 receiver go t in this game? Johnny Knox? lmao. Sorry buddy, but you put any of your top QBs in here and they'd flop too.

  • In reply to irootedforjayin09:

    cutlers number one took the summer off
    he was gambling on a strike ooooops
    you missed the starting bell; as pink floyd says

    this sh-t about not being in shape has cost us
    it's always the little things

    it freaked me out the way barber was running in the pre season
    we do not have much common sense in his regard

    I can't help but think how the run game may have been affected
    with just his healthy presence
    that changes every thing
    i don't even think we would have needed r.w.

  • In reply to buckbear:

    Buck, for the millionth time (first to you so no offense). THERE ARE NO AUDIBLES IN THE MARTZ OFFENSE.

    You put "those other guys" at QB in this offense with this line with this amount of experience in the system and Manning would literally die on the field. Brady's legs would fall off, Rivers would tough it out like Jay, Rodgers would beg them to move the pocket or get some new weapons, Flacco would continue to look like a pedophile bellhop, etc.

    All of the franchise qb's would cause such a shit storm and would demand, FUCKING DEMAND, changes to be made. Jay would be lambasted in the press if he did that but that is exactly what needs to happen. He needs to call a meeting and demand changes be made immediately.

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    Thanks for the response Gucci. I'm sure some of the greater portion of responsibility lies with Martz, but at some point Jay Cutler has to either change the play in the huddle or just do something in game. I think that Jay was trying to make his point emphatically with coaches on the sideline a couple of times. Of course the camera and commentary in never too kind when he does this.
    I wouldn't ever criticize his toughness of even his smarts. There just seems to be some sort of disconnect when all the stars don't allign with the gameplan and protection schemes. The only time in Cutler's tenure I can remember a game situation NOT going from bad to worse was the win over the Cowboys last year in week 2. He was getting tossed around in that game 2. But everybody got it together and pulled that turd out of the toilet and polished it up.
    Like I said all of the complaints about the pieces surrounding Cutler are legit. But some of the blame has to lie with Jay. And I'm pretty sure he welcomes that kind of criticism behind closed doors from teammates and coaches (not the media).

  • In reply to buckbear:

    Changing the play that's called in would be an audible. He can't do it without shitting all over his HC and OC.
    I don't think Jay would do that.

  • In fairness to Cutler, there just wasn't a whole lot of blocking going on. As for guys running in unblocked, the center surely has to take responsibility for that, and Garza is new to this. PLus, Cutty got kicked in the throat in the 3rd quarter and could barely talk in the presser - as loud as it was in the dome, he couldn't really shout anyway.. I guess we have to remember that we were missing LAnce going itno the game and were without Carimi for half of it - Cutler didn't get sacked until Carimi left.. Then we had two bad OTs in the game and a center playing RG who doesn't passs block well anyway.

    So if and when we get Lance and Gabe and Marion Barber back in the mix together, things should improve - hope Cutler survives until that happens. But who knows how bad those guys are hurt. As for Kellen, that was still shocking stuff. No doubt he was an impressive receiver last year, he dropped a lot of balls last week and missed blocks bigtime this week though. I'd say we're missing RW bigtime too.

    I've always wondered about the audible-thing with Cutty, I remember reading that the audibles are built into each play, but that sounds kid of funny ....

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    audibles are not built into the plays. Hot reads are built into the plays. Why do you think Jay goes to the slot guy all of the time. He knows he's going to get fucked and the hot read is the only guy that is running a short enough route so Jay can get it to him before he is pounded.

    The teams know we aren't going to audible into a run or change the play. They will blitz and will eventually catch on to who the hot read is. That is the rub with this offense. Other teams can change plays to burn the blitz heavy teams. We have to rely on one guy running a short hot read route to beat the blitz. it's unfair really. It's not a fair position to put our qb in.

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    this offense is great when you have a probowl line and probowl receivers... needs to drastically evolve with the personnel we have (or don't have actually).. and it (something) needs to happen before next week.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Irish not to put too fine of a point on things but last year Kellen Davis had 1 reception all year. A 19 yd TD. The year before he had 9 receptions for 75 yds and 3 TD's. The TD percentage is awesome, other than that it's not too impressive. You get on the bandwagon with players and make outrageous statements with no basis in fact. This is clearly the case with KD.

  • Erm ... Tom Brady is technically on course to throw for 7520 yards and 56 TDs this season. Just sayin' .....

    The only other QB with anything close to that yardage is Mr. Newton who is technically on course for 6832 yards. Ahem.

    The only other QB close to Brady's 128 rating is .. .erm .. .A-Rodge ...with 5 TDs and 0 INTs .... and the only QB who can beat that ratio is Drew Brees with 6 TDs and 0 INTs.

    Meg Ryan's pedestrian numbers aside, that is still quite a first quarter to the season we face .....

    If Eli throws for over 600 yards, about 7 TDs and no interceptions on Monday night then he will of course be bang in there.

    By the way, over on Yahoo, Michael Silver has gone 27-4 in the first two week's picks. Respect.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    absolutely, get meaty receivers who aren't afraid of getting hit, and can beat defenders regularly and not only will you have those kind of stats, you'll have receivers you can trade! And establishing efficient Line play won't hurt us. If Bears fans whinning loses us Cutler (Probably our greatest asset) I'll be pissed. Look at our offensive stat leaders that is the Bears offense. When Cutler chooses another team and becomes a Brady I wonder what his Bears fan detractors are going to do? Oh wait never mind I know, they are going to start blaming the next QB. BTW half the media guys in Chicago that talk bad about Cutler are PACKERS fans looka their profiles before you eat the food they serve you.

  • I'd like to make one more observation here.
    The Saints had an extended week to get ready for this game, their home opener to a team that has had their number for the last few years, going back to getting whipped in the NFC championship game. The Saints were hungry, rested, and prepared and on their home turf.
    The Bears, on the other hand, had just creamed the presumptive favorites in the NFC South by 3 TDs and then days later, had the face of the franchise lose his mother unexpectedly. As somebody (Al?) pointed out last thread while Irish was doing his weekly gnashing of the teeth, that had to take some oomph out of the guys on the team, particularly those close to Lach.
    If that's, in hindsight, not the definition of a trap game, I don't know what is.
    You add the loss of our stud RT to injury in the game, the poor depth at safety with Harris out, our key WR getting knocked out of the game early, and Martz having a series of micro-strokes....well, it is surprising we only lost by 17.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:


  • We had a very bad O-line last year and went to the NFC Championship. Yeah, our O-line needs work and no doubt it's not easy with our number one draft pick hurt BUT the real issue is, as the Blog Father has stated, ADJUSTMENT! The bears didn't. Look, the Saints had a no brainer, keep blitzing someone and it keeps working. WTF!?!?

    I again blame play calling and the coaches in general. Everyone knows I cannot stomach Lovie and I'm not a big Martz fan either. BUT I've come to the realization season before last that we're stuck with them. Period. So perhaps we can still come out alright this year IF our coaches can adjust and I don't mean NEXT GAME but NEXT FREAKIN QUARTER or SERIES! plays that protect Jay.

    On a side note I thought Forte was DA MAN yesterday.

  • Back from the Middle East, and given how Week 1 went and how Week 2 went, maybe I'm jinxing the Bears and should leave the country again.

    I think you've (once again) hit the nails on the head, Jefe. This is deja-vu all over again--same positions, same worries. On the bright side, we have aging players on defense who AREN'T the problem, so there's that. I worry long-term about what will happen when dinosaurs like Briggs, Urlacher, Peanut & Peppers are gone. It feels like the mid- to late-90s all over again (I still have nightmares about Bryan Cox running up 45 yards' worth of penalties on a single play).

    Anyway, the biggest problem this team faces is coaching. The fact that the offensive game plan was so awful--following a week when Martz was borderline brilliant--and awful in the same vein as it was early last year, tells me that Lovie cannot be an effective boss for Martz. Either he doesn't follow up, trusts Martz too much, or Martz doesn't listen to him... or some combination thereof. In any case, the blame rests 100% on Lovie.

    The defense gave up points mainly because of breakdowns, and no coach--with the possible exception of He-Who-Sold-His-Soul (Belichek)--can shake off injuries to key players.

    One of my best coaches (though really, most of my coaches were great) once said that having a position wiped out by injury was worse than having half the team wiped out--meaning that it was worse to have both corners injured than one corner, one LB, one safety, one DE, etc. His reasoning was that the way football is, there's always overlap in responsibilities and skill-sets between positions. That is, if a CB and a LB and a FS go down, the other players on the field and on the depth chart can compensate. But if a position gets decimated--losing both safeties, for example--even if there aren't any other injuries, you've got no way to compensate. There's a lot more to this and I'm explaining it badly, but for this coach, each player had to learn & be a back-up for another position (on the same side of the ball). I was a SS, so I learned and was listed on the depth chart as a backup OLB; we had a DT who was a backup LB. To make a long story short, whenever I see an instance of a team losing multiple starters at the same position, I pretty much can guarantee bad things will happen.

    Thus, the Henderson touchdown. I think Biggs gave Conte a pass for that, saying that Henderson ran a 4.4 40 at the combine in 2004. #1 if the coaching staff isn't smarter than that, fire 'em all; #2 Conte is supposed to be "smart," so no matter how damn slow he is, he knows that the NUMBER FUCKING ONE RULE TO PLAYING FUCKING SAFETY IS TO NEVER FUCKING LET ANYONE GET BEHIND YOU!

    A couple defensive lapses. A terrible job coaching. Those two things are all you need to make a blowout loss.

    Cross your fingers that none of the injuries are bad; the Bears need everyone healthy to have a shot.

    And jeebus, JA, STOP DRAFTING DBs FOR SPECIAL TEAMS. Yes, Safety is an exceedingly difficult position for young players to thrive in. But for fuck's sake, stop drafting Tafolas, Steltzes, and Worrells, and START drafting Carriers, Duersons, and Browns.

  • Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman yadda, yadda, yadda - sacks?

  • Didn't see either game (out of town on a bike ride). It sounds like 2010 part deux. I have a hard time blaming Lovie for Martz being a stubborn ass, in game. After the game, Lovie and Tice have to give Martz a swirly in the coaches bathroom. During the game, not so much. It appears our injury luck has vanished and we're in for an up and down season. Hopefully we bounce back against the Fudgies but that's a pretty tall order.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    welcoem back canada... I don't know... how hard would it be for lovie to call up Martz in his little box and say, "FUCKING RUN THE BALL MIKE!!!!! WE'VE LEARNED THIS LESSON ALREADY!"

    Lovie is either a dumb ass or a total pussy. Neither of which is good for our chances. But you guys know me, I'd MUCH rather have angelo's head. At least if you have good-great players you don't end up needing perfect coaching

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Thanks MB. I hear what you're saying but in game is not the time for a trip to the woodshed. I can't stand Martz and hope this is his last year here. Genius my ass. He's an egotistical, stubborn ass that would rather get his QB killed than admit he fucked up. I remember when the Bears hired him one of the regulars had a friend that was a Lions fan. He said we would love Martz. He lied.

  • video:


  • I think it's too early to panic. Reading all the previous posts almost every player got called out by a blogger. Some deserved, some not. I think we missed Earl Bennet a ton. When the pressure is on he is Cutlers outlet. He makes the catch and seems to always be on the same page as Cutty. Hester and Knox are not gonna consistently make a catch over the middle. The interior of the line and Carimi have actually played pretty solid ball. Omiyale on the right was not very pretty and Webb is having a rough stretch on the left side. Couple of guys on here dogged Williams, actually he and Garza have been the most solid players on the line this year. Deeeeeep Breaaaaathhhhh. All is not lost, this team and these coaches have proven they have the ability to make the proper adjustments to go ut and win games.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    +1 Murph. I only wish Martz wouldn't erase his brain after each game. I really dislike him.

  • Hey Doc... do you believe in karma?

  • Oh for chris's fucking sake, are you shitting me Fox??? Are you fucking shitting me!?!?!?! Really???

    I might just either watch without any volume, or stick a sharp hot stick in my eye first: "BradBiggs Fox's top crew of @TroyAikman, Joe Buck & Pam Oliver will handle #Bears #Packers game."

    btw, Pam oliver has NO business being on TV around football. Did you see her first report yesterday? She looked scared, lost, and clueless.... pathetic and baffling. If you’re going to have a woman cover pro football, and she’s not going to be good at what she does, she should at the very least be hot. Brutal.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    You had to know that going in MB. This game will be a ratings bonanza for Fox. I don't mind Aikman. I don't think he hates the Bears like some posters believe. Joe Buck must suck major cock each and every week at Fox. Does any poster know of one fan that likes him? I don't.

    Pam Oliver makes no difference in the broadcast. You could have your fave announcers down on the sidelines and it would still be a huge waste of time. "Tell the folks at home how you're going to get your team back into the game in the second half down 100-0?" "We just have to execute better." "There you have it folks, now back up to the booth."

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    agreed. I hate Ache-for-Man. He is gay, and there is something wrong with that. Joe Buck sounds like his doorman suck-up. What about when Major Disappointment left the game and then Fox had a sideline news break from Pam on his injury status, she said "Major is out with a head injury". Wow really..., what great news reporting skills. The bad news, more than all the above good threads points, is that the Saints were without there #1 WR and also their #1 DE, and their CBs were injured and banged up more than ours. So, they were more impacted by injuries than we were, easily. Cutty still needs a big body WR, someone like V Jack --- did you see his 1-handed catch with 2 guys on him for a TD vs Pats. I see that play and quickly realized we have absolutely no-one on our team that would even have gotten a piece of that ball. Lob passes to Smurfs in the endzone are a disaster. So.....Packers week, let's get some good vibes going now. Maybe this was a well deserved wake-up call and we got too carried away with the Falcons win. I will be Mr. glass-half-full (with Gunness) this week. Rodgers dead --- by decapitation.

  • btw, I agree with whomever (MBP?) said that the passing of lach's mom had an impact (not making excuses), check out his stats on the game - 2 tackles, 1 assist!?!?!? Compare that to last game... or any game for that matter. Sheesh.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Original attribution should be to Trac, after I looked back a couple of threads.

  • I repeat this from the last thread.

    Dear Chicken Little,

    Like I said after the last W. Let's not overreact to a win and lets not overract to a loss.

    It's a tough three game stretch. We can come out of 2-1. The Saints wanted to beat us after three straight losses at our place and they desperately wanted to avoid 0-2. We were in the game until the early fourth, at which point our offensive line completely fell apart. At least part of this is due to injury's to bear jew and other such things. We'll be fine. It's a long season. Everybody fucking relax. I'm talking to you, Irish. The same thing happened after the Giants game last year and we ended up winning the north and hosting the championship game. Do we never learn?

    On the no-shotgun thing. I recall Olin wasn't so good at the shotty. It stands to reason that Garza can't do it any better. Maybe Spencer can? Maybe Mike Tice'll get his head out of his ass and find out.

    Still Bearing Down.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    doc... do... you... believe... in... karma...?

  • btw, for a team that hates us because of our moronic GM... we are pretty much in the same spot right now.... interesting:

    EXCEPT, they played fucking Tennessee and we played the saints... next week we play the filthy hoard and they play the rams... so, yeah, I guess we're not all that similar after all.

  • Long time reader, new to the active discussion.

    First. Jeff, this is hands down the best Bears blog out there... period. Really great work, I enjoy visiting the site daily.

    On the ESPN pre-game show, Da Coach threw out an interesting stat I think most of us are aware of... and surely Martz is aware of. Dating back to last season, when the Bears run the ball more often then they throw it they have a record of 10-0. 10-0!! We ran, what, 11 times yesterday. We don't have the talent on OL and WR to start acting like green bay, NO or Indy of a few years past. WE HAVE TO RUN THE BALL. If, for nothing else, to keep the defense from sending 6 men every snap.

    If you take away (another) Major Wright fuck up and the sack strip on the 25... this Bears D makes it hard to get it in the endzone. We need to run the ball and manage the game, then take shots on occasion. We don't have the talent to be the greatest show on turf. We are an average (at best) offense. Why won't Martz just admit that and play accordingly. You can still win with this team if you play smart on O and let the D and special teams carry you. Stick with what works until we get more depth/talent on Offense.

    Oh and pay Forte. He's about the only thing we have on that side of the ball.

  • In reply to Jimwoww:

    decent first post FNG. Now carry my pads!!!

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    Good one! Isn't there a tradition where the FNG has to buy dinner for all the old guys?

  • Too soon to panic - but I hope Martz got it out of his system and goes back to a balanced game plan.

    Frankly, I's give up on him as an Offensive coordinator. He's in love with his plays and it doesn't seem to occur to him that he needs better personnel to execute it.

    Don't ever forget - he was brought in becasue no one else would take the job, given Lovie was a lame duck coach at the time. Not to say Lovie should have been extended.

    But it's another indication that the Bears really don't know how to run a team. It hurts to see how well the Packers do it. Read something today about their cap guy getting a lot of praise too.

    There's not much they do wrong. There really is nothing we do right.

  • In reply to BillW:

    And yet, we both ended up in the NFC Championship game, on our turf. And we lost by one score with our third string QB taking most of the 2nd half snaps.
    I think the praise for the Packers front office just gets OTT from time to time here.

  • It makes me week Baby Jeebus tears that Boy Roy had NFL films cease and desist him. Fucking lawyers.

    I really would like to see his Youtube video this week. I'm not kidding. I don't have a DVR for digital antenna (they exist, I think I just might have to buy one) - so I don't have the game recorded.

    The jailbreaks were so brutal and pressure so relentless, but I still want to see who was the most worthless of them all.

    From what I saw, again - I have no DVR rewind so I am hopelessly crippled by watching the broadcast replay - it seems as if Chris Williams actually held up. It seemed mostly Webb and Spencer and that Kellen Davis is a nimrod.

    Again, at the end of last season, OMG was kind of settled in at LT. I think the time has come to think about giving Webb the sitdown.

    Any word on Creamed-Mini? Is his knee shot or what?

  • In reply to gpldan:

    knee sprain

  • In reply to gpldan:

    The only thing I've read is the knee is sprained and he's getting at MRI today.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Glad you back me up on that Williams assessment. He was getting dogged pretty bad by a couple guys on here and I didnt see it that way.

  • You know it's bad when Lovie comes to the podium for today's press conference and without even being asked starts talking about a more balanced offense.

    The fact that it's week 2 and Jay is still alive gives me hope that we will play balanced for the rest of the year and will succeed as a result.

    Time to let Meriweather loose on these bitches. I want Driver or Jennings decapitated. Hitman!! Come back to us. Hit that hyperbaric chamber STAT.

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    I wouldn't be shocked if Pringles gets the bench, and we see Hutch and Huggy Bear out there.

    Starsky just plain sucks. A true free safety my ass. Yes, Pringles got torched, but Henderson crossed into Starsky's zone and all he could do is fall over Pringles

  • In reply to gpldan:

    There should be some sort of rule about carrying too many white defensive backs on your squad especially when you are already carrying a career practice squad/special team white linebacker. Goodell!!! Get on that.

  • MB, if you tell me your wife is pregnant again, THEN I'll believe in karma.

    She is, isn't she? ISN't she?

  • I'll make this quick because my son Shiloh wants to watch the Three Stooges......and I need to laugh
    afyer the capitulater -in- cheif just gave the o.k. to axe sat. delivery and throw 1 out of every six carriers out the door
    I will remind everyone...there will be a bit of truth telling about this; only because I want you to know the facts of why my posts may be a bit bitter for a while....point 1. we have a workforce that is 22% military... ...on to football

    I can't stop thinking that the lack of summer preparation has cost us
    1. in the O line
    2. In our """"#1""""" reciever
    3.In 2bl.M's mind about what he could and could not do in his strategizing
    roy williams was f-n off this summer.... hoping for a late start to the season and this hurt yesterday; which may have future ramifications so the bleeding may not be over who can know

    I was freaked out by the way they let Marion Barber run in the pre season.....we had plenty of other backs who would have loved to play till they got cut....the hometown kid was havin a ball the last game what you didn't know how he ran???????? good scouting i guess
    if barber is healthy yesterday everything changes
    especially the play pass ratio
    Some one tell me why you just don't want to go out and smash a blitzing team with a painfully punishing run game?
    Does it not take the sting out of them in the end of the game?
    I wanted to smashmouth yesterday because that is what our sentiments were...after the loss of a loved one you don't go out and dance an airial pick something up and take out your pain on whatever....
    I believe our team wanted to hit, but pass blocking sort of puts you into this defend mentality

    the last point I believe forte caught at least 6 passes? if he did... that makes us 2 and 8 when he does

    if martz doesn't have make-up over a black eye today then we let him off the hook
    he needs to get put up against the wall by his offense and they need to put some fear into his arrogant nature

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