Saints, Packers Losses Prove Bears Not Among "September Elite"

Saints, Packers Losses Prove Bears Not Among "September Elite"

Step off the ledge, Bears fans.  Open the window, crawl back inside, go to the fridge, get yourself an adult beverage and sit down in your favorite comfy chair.  Take a sip.  Breathe.

After spending much of late yesterday afternoon and last night swelling with disappointment and Budweiser, something occurred to me this morning.  The Bears did not lose to the Saints and Packers because of the run/pass balance established by Mike Martz.  They did not lose those two games because of their failure to establish a short passing game or because of field position losses caused by the new kickoff rules or because they do not field a viable #1 receiver on the outside.  They lost to the Saints and Packers for the simplest of reasons: they're not as good as the Saints or the Packers.

That doesn't mean they're not good.  It just means they're not September.  Very few teams can create the defensive mismatches for the Bears the Saints and Pack created with Jimmy Graham and Jermichael Finley - both players torching linebackers and second-string safeties in space.  Very few opponents have coordinators as creative as Gregg Williams and Dom Capers - two defensive staples in the league for two decades.  There are many reasons a majority of preseason prognosticators had these two clubs as the odds on favorites to win the conference.  They're terrific teams. Talented.  Seasoned.  Well-coached.

Forget Finley's afternoon Sunday.  Craig Steltz can't cover him under any circumstances ever.  Neither can Lance Briggs and the Reverend will tell you I called Finley's touchdown catch against Briggs before the play was snapped.  (I'm sure some of you did as well.)  The frustrating thing about the Bears defense yesterday was they allowed the Packers to push them around in the run game, giving Aaron Rodgers manageable second and third downs all afternoon.  It is the perfect blue print to win on the road against the LoveRod and a great offense executed it like Super Bowl champions should.

But the Bears defense was heroic in the fourth quarter, creating two masterful turnovers and giving the Bears offense an opportunity to make a game of things.  (Anybody else think Urlacher is playing far better in pass coverage than as a run stopped through three games?)  Dave Toub pulled a rabbit from the special teams hat and showcased one of the great football plays of all time, a brilliant punt return deception that Greg Jennings called "the best play I've ever seen." Unfortunately it was called back for a moronic Corey Graham hold nowhere near the play.  (Side note: Toub better get interviewed for the HC position when Lovie's tenure is up.)  The Bears have the defense and specials to make the postseason.

The offense is the story and it's a messy, messy tale.  If the Bears were an elite team they would have been able to match the Packers point-for-point for the entirety of the afternoon and the defense's turnovers late would have been the difference.  That is how the Saints managed to beat the Texans in New Orleans, battling back from deficits in the first and fourth quarters, riding atop the shoulders have their elite QB.  But the Bears are not an elite team and this, the most difficult stretch of their season, laid the issues in black ink on the front page.  What must the Bears do to establish a run game?  What happened to the short passing game that embarrassed the Falcons defense?  How can they continue to get the ball into Kellen Davis' hands?  Will the improvements shown yesterday on the offensive line continue?  Can the quarterback stop allowing his mechanics to falter as the pocket collapses around him?  I think it's safe to say the Bears have no idea what they want to be on that side of the ball and it's time the head coach make that decision.

The team is 1-2 while the Packers and Lions have jumped out to 3-0 starts.  Nervousness is rampant in the city of Chicago.  But now the schedule lightens.  Before they face a difficult stretch in November, the Bears are home to the stop-Steve Smith-and-win Panthers, at exciting-but-overrated Detroit on Monday night, home to the awful Vikings on Sunday night and in London to face Tampa.  They will have every opportunity over these next four games to get things right on the offensive side of the ball.  If they win all four, we know they'll be contenders down the stretch.  If they win three, we'll find ourselves scoreboard watching throughout the month of December.  If they split or worse, we'll all start wondering who the next head coach of the Chicago Bears will be.

The first three games were a barometer for the 2011 season.  The Bears know they're not among the NFL elite and they know why.  There are no mysteries surrounding this club as we enter the month of October, only questions.  Now we'll see if this coaching staff has the answers.

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  • for the first time in a long time, i felt nothing when the Bears lost. they were out-matched and out-classed (at least on offense). yea the calls were terrible, but you can't depend on that to win you games. as long as the offense is this bad, the team won't be in many games, let alone win them.

    Go Bears.

  • I second that emotion.

  • And if we step off the ledge we'll reach terminal velocity in about two seconds. However if we step back from the ledge we can continue the idiom correctly -

  • Hear me on this Jeff, please. The season is already well under way and the Bears aren't even close to being competitive offensively. Our D won the Atlanta game and the O didn't blow it. Couple that with the lockout and not enough game film on the books, the Falcon's game will be an anomaly at the end of the year. This Team cannot make the playoffs with this offense. Period. If you are waiting for our opponents to self destruct almost every game like they did most of last year, you'll be sipping on a cold beverage watching re-runs of Santa Clause come December cause it ain't gonna happen. I will still be pulling for our boys but c'mon, get real. Our WR's don't have the brains to help Cutty out and their skill level doesn't match the competition's at that position. Teams are daring us to beat them in the passing game because they know Martz's scheme is bunk. Forget about it already. I suggest you start scouting a replacement GM and Coaching Staff because what we mortgaged the franchise for three years ago has failed. We missed our opportunity last year to ride lady luck all the way to the Super Bowl and we both now that's not gonna happen again this year. I'm calling it, Martz is the Bears Geitner and no matter how you try to double down on our chances this year, the Bears are out classed on O in every aspect. It's pretty bad when running isn't even an option anymore. Lets face it, our team is one dimensional and you can't have that in the NFL and expect to dominate let alone compete. We are becoming the Lions of old and I now see the similarities between Mat Millen and JA.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Can't argue with any of that BD - apart from Angelo being Geithner for me. I don't see how Ted Phillips gets a pass though. No one ever mentions Phillips. Shit flows down.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    common irish... that dude only signs checks. He has ZERO clue about football, football players, football teams, football smarts, football instincs... you get my point.

    He signs checks. If you want to include him in the shit-cannings for being part of the mess, I am 100% ok with that, but the dude is just doing what people below him tell him is the right thing to spend on.

  • Fuggit, I've waited long enough for this. Imagine ... just play with this ... but imagine we had the same D .... but Kyle was behind a line with two more decent o-linemen, and a top WR. Would we have been closer to the victory either of the last two weeks than we actually were with JC? Honestly, would we? I think certainly yes.

    Don't tee off and misread the question - I'm not calling for Cutty's head. No way. There's no one out there for us (apart from probably Orton ironically). He's our boy for the forseeable. I'm just curious as to what y'all think a couple years down the road. Knox wouldn't be there, but a first round or third round WR might be instead of him ... with two big beefy linemen perhaps. What then? Look how close Hanie and no receivers got us in that NFC champs game ....

    Are we a better team with JC and a crappy line than we would be with Kyle and a good one with a better WR corps?

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Here's my $.10.

    Think about cutty behind an oline that had been built from 1,2,3rd olinemen for the last 5 years. Think about us having picked up boldin or marshall over the last 2 years in FA. Think about having some high round safeties and corners over the last 5 years built from smart trades/drafts/FA acquisitions.

    Now, think about all that WITH some well-known coaches at OC, WR, DB.

    So, think about that scenario WITH cutty... and tell me who needs to be gone from this organization yesterday?

    THAT is where the focus should be, not on shell-shocked cutty.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Well, yeah ... but .... are we a better team with JC and a crappy line than we would be with Kyle and a good one with a better WR corps?


  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    this morning schlereth said on mike and mike that no other team has used 7 step drops more than the bears
    don't know how he knows that?
    how can that be a recipe for success
    if this line is together for three years that may work
    but we show, and have shown for 15 games we need to do the little things
    just get good at that
    cause yourself to do that until it is like sleepwalking to the cooler for stuff
    we try to use cutler in way too many different situations
    plus for me any sport I ever played there was a feel that you get when you are flowing intuitionally, from a more centered place
    you get the sense of touch in your hands and legs.
    it's a feel
    cutlers great when he's got it
    but we roll the dice with his body being diabetic
    oh! he's as tough as it gets...he gets up
    but, he has a hard time getting into the feel
    after getting blitzkrieged....shit ...put on the change in body chemistry from emotional thinking....recipe for disaster....

    give him short throws and do not deviate
    he should not be hit or huried
    the d should be the one hurried
    snap the ball... the line hits and he throws it immediately
    thats where these boys will excell
    it ain't pretty but they are stumbling around in the dark now

  • Dave Toub is a great special team coach. That's it. The Cover two still works. You just need a offense to win games. Last night the Colts had no offense and the Defense kept them in the game.

    I have to say, Jay is starting to give up, he had time yesterday but just cannot seem to make the correct throws and when he did our wideouts dropped the ball. If we happen to get a offensive line that can run/pass block then we might see some differences.

    This could be me.. but I swear this year reminds of 05 and 09.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    And Artoo. How do you know he's a good special teams coach and that's it? John Harbaugh was a good special teams coach and is an excellent head coach.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    My best example I could give you is the Patriots. When Romeo and Charlie left, they were never the same as they were as a coordinators. When given back a job as a defensive and offensive coordinator, they had success again.

    We both have valid points and this is mine. How do you know he can be? Is John Harbaugh your only example? I can name many other coaches..particularly two on the bears.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    Ditka was a special teams and position (TE) coach only before becoming HC.

    There are a few other examples, but none off the top of my head. Harbaugh is interesting because Toub was an assistant under Harbaugh in Philly when they were consistently at the top of the league. Toub then came to Chicago and took them to the top of the league, and Harbaugh then moved on to Baltimore.

    Actually NFL insiders, including Ditka, have commented that a ST coach actually is pretty uniquely qualified to be a HC... in some ways more so than a OC/DC. They are intimately involved with all roster decisions, have to work with the entire roster, and deal with many organizational and gameday issues similar to a HC. Amongst assistants, their job is probably most similar to a HC.

    The reason owners and GMs like to promote OCs and DCs is because those guys bring a system, schemes, philosophy, or a network of coaches with them to (presumably) solidify one side of the ball. Then they can just bring in an expert on the other side of the ball and conventional wisdom says they are set. With a promoted ST coach, you need to bring in 2 good coordinators, or take your chances.

  • In reply to Michael L:

    you bring up a good point mike...

    Part of the reason our o is so bad/inconsistent is because neither lovie nor Jerry are O guys. they are all about D.

    Martz was supposed to be the guy to run the O, but that hasn't worked out so well.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    In fairness to Martz, his ideas are good - but he doesn't have the personnel to make those ideas work. We need a scheme that fits the guys we have e.g roll-outs for Cutler behind a mauling Louis etc. Recognising the strengths of your people and then utilising them.

  • In reply to Michael L:

    I'd like a coach who does good in-game adjustments and doesn't run off a script that doesn't change. A good situational guy. That Hester fake return thing would suggest Toub has the stones to be a HC. I'd say Marinelli, Tice and Lovie are good coaches, but it takes a different animal to be a HC in the style of Walsh, Shula or Belly Cheat. I actually don't mind the guys staying there if we just improved the roster. Ditka wasn't a great coach, he had a great team, but he had grit and passion in him. I couldn't care less if Lovie looks stoned half the time if we just had a professional drafting and acquiring the talent instead of a second-hand car salesman.

  • Good rant last thread, I bleed. I agree with pretty much all of it.

    What is "tl:dr" bender?

    I do still have hope. Trac, you know I agree 1000% on the management aspects of your rant, and would give my left testicle (the least liked of the two) to kick JA in the face and bring in a whole new management crew (keep tice, toub clean house on EVERYONE else). Unfortunately, I know two things:

    1. That will never happen with this ownership

    2. If we did do that, we'd be looking at a 2-4 year rebuilding period and we'd probably have shit teams for a while.

    ...but at least there would be hope. Hope for what could be, hope for a whole-system reboot, because we all know this system and regime is only capable of delivering ‘miracle’ or ‘destiny’ type playoff seasons. Last year was a classic/brilliant case of one of those and Loive/Martz fucked the dog on that by losing a VERY winnable last reg season packer game because it, 'didn’t mean anything'.

    The bottom line is that I still think we will improve now that we’ve finished playing the top 3 seeded playoff teams from last year and once we start getting some of our best guys back. Yes, it’s sad that those are some of our best guys… but I’ve already addressed that much deeper disease in the paragraphs just above this one.

    I’m JUST talking about fielding a reasonable team that has a shot at a lucky wild card birth THIS year, from here on out. I think we can at least be in the 9-7 range and sneak in. Is that what I want? Is that what I think this org and these fans deserve… no… again, see above for that… I just think we can right pieces of this mess THIS YEAR and end with a decent run.

    Yes, that might actually hurt our chances of a house cleaning, but I’m not convinced that would happen anyway, so why look for it. Anyway, let’s see what happens over the next 4 games before we go all in on this team’s destiny.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    tl:dr - I was joking. means too long didn't read

    and yeah I agree, it was an excellent assessment

  • Irish, too many iff's and cannot work.

    What if "WE" would have drafted Tom Brady?

    Just cannot do it.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    I'm reading between the lines here Erik... you want Twbow don't you?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    lol no..who in the NFL wants Tim Tewbow?

  • In reply to Artoo:

    A7X does.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    hee hee

  • In reply to Artoo:

    Ah. We're not talking about drafting here. Cutler was available. Orton was the most attractive available QB to McTard. The dilemma is purely personnel-related. Are we better off with X as opposed to staying with Y and an unknown W and Z and V? With Angelo doing the drafting, perhaps we are better off now, as is. We could have stuck with Orton and then he drafts a bunch of goons with the picks we gave away anyway.

    Is it about the smarts?

    Knox and Hester are return men, not receivers. It's the experimentation that's so annoying. I don't see successful coaches trying to mold players at one position into performing at another position. They say QB is the hardest position to master in football, but receiver is the next. Can't take guys that did one thing their whole lives, bring them into the professional sphere and then ask them to do something else. Urlacher is an exception, but he was smart. Hester and Knox aren't smart.

    And if we had drafted Brady you probably wouldn't know who he was right now. He's not some crazily talented QB with a rocket arm and pinpoint laser accuracy (see his play at the weekend), he's in a good system. Look at Joe Montana. Look at his legs, his arm. He was just a smart guy in a good system. I'm not buying that Cutler is as 'smart' as people make him out to be. McMahon was smart, Cutler apparently isn't. He can blame Martz all he wants, but if it's not on downfield, why doesn't he dump it off to Forte? He doesn't even look at Forte unless he's the primary receiver.

    Dan Marino was a dumbass, didn't win diddly-squat. Otto Graham was in the league final every single year he played professional football. I'm betting he wasn't too thick. I don't think we can expect a great improvement from Jay at this stage in his career - he's not a bad QB - but we can certainly improve things around him. Just not with this management, who have proven themselves incapable of building a good roster.

  • It's week three, fellas. By the way, the season is well underway? It is literally week three and we've lost to the two best teams in the conference. What does that mean? It means we're not one of those teams. But it's also week three.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:


    So talk to me about the overall longterm strategy of this org Jeff. Let's transcend this year's team.

    Talk to me about managemen Jefft. Want to hear your opinion please.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Let's stick to short term. This season. Last week everyone wanted Angelo fired for bad offensive linemen. This week? The offensive line played pretty well. The QB and receivers didn't.

    I think the Bears are going to win at least three of their next four and find themselves no worse than 4-3.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    I think quite legitimately they were just beaten by better teams and better coaching staffs.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    but isn't that a direct and exact indictment of our GM?

    Aren't those two exact things the direct resonsiblility that lie at the core of what a GM is responsible for being better than everyone else at doing?

    We were beaten by better teams and better coaching staffs BECAUSE our GM can't do his job well. Right?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    terrible sentence structure, but you get the cut of my gib

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    Yes we were beaten by better teams...the problem is they have better coaches as well. Last year the Bears made it to the NFC championship with a worse line then they have now. Is it possible to get there again this season? Sure...BUT if that happens we will never be rid of Lovie, Angelo or Martz...

    I'm not saying I'm rooting for the Bears to lose to get rid of this shit pile. All I'm saying is if the Bears succeed we are stuck with them. That bothers me.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    Agreed. But won't it look a bit choice if Cam Newton runs rampant all over us next week? Last year's NFL basement team, beating NFC finalists.

    And it's every week we want Angelo fired, regardless of how we do :o)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Ok, but at some point we should address this issue this season, yes? Maybe once Q2 is over and we know for sure who this team is.

    For the record, I don't want angelo fired for this oline, I want angelo fired for a proven track record of talent mismanagement. His terrible history of talent acquisition and management have left this team with the perpetual kiss of death in the nfl... zero depth at key positions... multiple key positions.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    can anyone name the great OC that Lovie has had since being head coach? Martz is the best, hands down, and that says alot about where our beloved Bears are up to this point. I still think Martz can right the ship, with a fuck-of-a-lot of help from Tice.

    Oh, and trade Knox for Bowe, straight up. Someone create a webpage for that....

  • In reply to Bender McLugh:

    This isn't going to be popular but.......Ron Turner was probably better than Martz. I haven't done it, but look at the numbers and I bet you that Incorrect Turner, with a slew of dipshits at QB put up better overall offensive numbers then our resident offensive genius with the great cannon armed Cuntler.

    There is a reason why 1, no one hired Martz for years and 2, no other offense in the league is based on the same principles. It just doesn't fucking work. A quarterback needs the ability to audible. You can tell when cutty's in a bad play and can't get out of it. He looks scared to death when he takes the snap.

  • In reply to Bender McLugh:

    Cool name, is that real?

    Knox for Bowe, I like that. Even Lee Evans. Anyone.

  • What a super Monday - Bears lose - cloudy, rainy, damp-cool.

    Fed up with all of the following:: gotta fix this, gotta get better, gotta work harder, more football ahead, can't make those mistakes, false start sweepstakes, encroachment, unnesscessary roughness, third place, last place, next to last place...rotten baseball, rotten hockey, rich and spoiled basketball players, rotten economy, rotten politics, global warming, this solar system, the universe...

    This paroxetine's for you.

    Jack on the ledge...

  • In reply to Jack Lacan:

    we're all dying in a huge fire-ball next year in December anyway Jack. Live all you can and spend your pension now sir. Hookers, booze, and cocaine for the next 15 months Jack... Stick to that and you'll be ok.

  • In reply to Jack Lacan:

    ...don't forget the Fed, jack, way more important. National rape. Human farming .... [IRISH!]


  • Four and three?!, four and three?! Playoffs?! Playoffs?!


  • Why see the glass half full, when there is nothing in the glass.

    We're supposed to be one of the teams or better than the teams we're losing to...otherwise were stuck in the middle (with you) ala Reservoir Dogs.

  • We are not supposed to be better than either of the teams we've lost to. What are you following Jack Lacan? These are two of the three favorites to win the Super Bowl.

    I get it, guys. You're increasingly negative. You all did this last year and we ended up in the NFC title game. I prefer to judge honestly what's happening on the field. We lost to two better teams. And we've opened touchdown favorites.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    The season was over after the Giants loss last year too.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    Last year we had a tough opening, many thought 1-2 would our record last year starting out and this year it really was suppose to be 0-3.

    I hope we can win in October and November. This year is going to be tough.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    They are better Jeff. Particularly on the sidelines and in the front office. It sure would be awesome to get another Jim Finks. Is there one out there?

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    This is from 2008, so someone should ask Pat to update it for this year:

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    That sounds like "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" B.S. Jeffe. I am not buying it anymore. Our offense sucks. I prefer to read with my glasses on. This is the NFL, 1 dimensional teams don't do so well. Well into the season? Yes, 3 games are well into the season from a standpoint of being able to offer an honest critical analysis. I prefer to make the prognosis before stage 4 Cancer sets in.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    it already has... its name is Jerry Angelo.

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    We got to the NFC champs game through amazing good fortune with having no injuries, but were completely out-manned and out-coached when we got there. I don't want to get to the prom and my date's an ugly bitch with a horrible personality with halitosis.

  • This might be the most turn around year in the NFL.

    Jeff, you do realize that Mr. Rivera is going to dial up the defense and blitz just because we suckered punched him?

    That Orton is going to play the best game of his life against us. The Raiders are looking different this year and the Chargers and Tampa Bay are no pushovers.9-7. Anything better will be all on the offense.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    By the way Artoo, I will definitely listen to your advice if I ever need it.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Sorry, if my advice was inappropriate. Didn't mean to make you mad.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    Try to read my posts on face value Artoo. I know it's hard when politics and emotions are part of the dynamic but I was being dead serious. Solid stuff.

  • I can't handle the truth.

    Things could be worse - I could be living in Minneapolis / St. Paul.

    Before we play Detroit is there any chance that we could get some guys out there in practicee with poles and attached hands - like Yao Ming high - and forty-six inch vertical leaps.

    What's on the field Jeff? What's on the field? A creditable defense gives up 27 points and I saw Knox almost get knocked into the lake.


    The NFL Network specials like Belichik's for Martz, Angelo and Lovie Smith are on hold then. A Football Life... uh-huh...real good.

    I'm negative this year because as anyone at the casino will tell you - luck runs out sooner or later.

    MB30SD - Is that the Mayan apocalypse (o). falling space junk, or da rapture (rapchure, rapsure)?

    In my rant above I overlooked consistency --- Why can't we see the Bears that played the Falcons on every Sunday? Does that intensity or did the spectre of the Packers frighten.

  • In reply to Jack Lacan:

    take your pick jack.

  • In reply to Jack Lacan:

    I think the defense was outplayed, without question. But they also made two huge plays late and spent the entire second half defending their own half due to the struggling offense.

    The Bears played two very good teams and were beaten soundly. They have the players to win each of their next four games. Let's see em do it.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    And the defense will continue to be above average as will our offense occasionally put in a good game against a bad defense but stink against a good pass rush. It's not unacceptable to point that out, but thinking we could win a superbowl with this roster is pure homerism.

  • In reply to Jack Lacan:

    It's not even being negative. I never understood people who need to see the glass as being EITHER half-empty OR half-full. If a glass contains 50% liquid then it is both half empty AND half-full. I don't believe there are any half-empty drinkers on this blog. There are those blindly optimistic observers and the realistic punters who call it as it is and aren't any less a fan because they do. Just like the true patriot is not some guy who gets his ass blown off so the power-brokers can take another Risk territory card in the middle east, but he who challenges the authorities.

    Yes there were ructions after the Giants game last year, and rightly so. It showed us who we were. Getting to the NFC final didn't change who we were, we sucked. We gave up the Halas trophy to the fucking Green Bay packers in our own house! How can that not boil your balls?! Storied franchise blah blah blah. So what?! Where's the beef? Where are the trophies. This is Chicago - second biggest market and only one football team to split it down the middle like New Jersey has. Anything short of a Lombardi ... is sucking. One super bowl! Not good enough, sorry. And on we bitch ... and so it shall continue until we do bring home the bacon. We expect.

  • Hahahahaha... check the sixth one down (as of right now):!/TCrabtree83

  • It's so great to see

    After review, y'all agree

    that the Bears. Still. Suck

    .........Burma Shave

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    see, that's just lame man. You had an opty to be cool/funny/witty about it and you come with that same old weak sauce. Honestly, man, you (could be) better/smarter about it. You expend all this energy trying to fit in and be a real part of this blog… then that stuff. Still don’t get it. Oh well.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I thought that taking the tried-and-true packer slogan (after further review, the bears still suck), putting it into the da bears blog preferred medium of communication (haiku) would be clever enough for you. Should I have come on the blog yesterday instead with a bunch of "neener-neener-neener I toldyouso I toldyouso I toldyouso" posts?

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    That's not too far off from what you're doing.
    Although, given some of the doomsday bullshit that's going on right now, it hardly seems necessary.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I think MBP made my point Cheese. We know we got spanked, we all see the disarray the O is in, you would have come off much better just being real about it. like...

    Good game, but we're just the better team this year.

    There were some shitty calls, but our first game last year was the same the other direction.

    etc... etc...

    Not trying to write the script for you man, but you vacillate between lucid respectable consistent blog participant, and jeering, traditional packer troll. I'm only saying that you're obviously a smart guy, and you obviously are going to continue coming here often to do more than just be a troll (you seem to want to actively participate a lot of the time). So, if we're stuck with one another, why not make your time here more relevant and productive than just, 'upon further review bears still suck'?

    Leave that to max and the other lame trolls who come here only for that stupid shit. Just my $.02.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I equate this with trying to reason with terrorists.

  • uh oh: RT @josephperson: Rivera: "I'm not going to downplay it. People say it's just another game. No it's not. They're all big,but this has personal meaning to me.",0,398836.story

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Told you! lol that dude is coming for Pay!!!

    Sorry for acting a little black there but Rivera is wanting revenge and he will get it.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    YUP. But according to Jeffe, we're just playing with numbers. Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?

  • No he won't. The Bears are going to beat Carolina by two or three touchdowns.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    agreed, Bears are PISSED, make no bones about it.


  • In reply to Bender McLugh:

    Speaking of pissed, it seemed to me that JC was playing a bit too pissed off, probably explains the overthrows.

  • In reply to Bender McLugh:

    Bender, I think JC was playing scared, and playing damaged. I invoked Kyle Orton's name earlier to try to draw a comparison of his inaccuracy - I think I need to invoke the name of none other than Rex Grossman to describe his mechanical breakdowns in the pocket and flinging the ball from any body position, WHEN HE DID'NT NEED TO, resulting in missed receivers and INTs. [Never mind the fact that he could have been spot on and those receivers, yesterday, would have dropped the ball].

    But I don't think he was "overamped" due to anger. I also have been a frequent discreditor of "JC's body language" - believing in the past that to be sort of meaningless, just "who he is" - but I'm starting to become a believer. His body language sucked yesterday. And he definitely seems to blame those around him. No one else thinks its commentable about his throwing his OC under the bus for two weeks in a row?

  • In reply to PhilfromSATX:


    Really solid post. I totally agree here.

    (begin rant)

    At some point Jay has to become what we think he can become. Enough's enough. The bullshit back foot nonsense has to stop. Those throws over the middle are a fucking joke. We all know the offensive line is mediocre, but as Jeff pointed out, they played o.k, and Jay still insists on reverting to bad mechanics when its not even necessary. The one pass to Kellen Davis was a perfect example of what he can do when he steps into his throws. I put this loss squarely on his shoulders. Im tired of tip toeing around him , Oh its the offensive line, oh its the run-pass balance, none of it matters when you cant complete the most basic of passes. This guy got a boatload of cash, he was asked to step into a leadership role. Dudes a franchise QB that we traded away a lot for. He needs to start acting like it.

    ps. Briggs leaving Finley on the goalline to cover no one was pathetic.

    End Rant.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    Briggs did the same shit vs. the Saints.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    While he had a solid game for the second week in a row, I've been saying that he's just not the same guy this year man.

    Watch 2010 highlights and you'll see what I mean.

    I'm not saying it's the money/mindset about the money, I'm just calling out his play this year.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    That play was inexcusable. You have probably the best tight end in the league on the goal line (so you know Rodgers is going to be looking for him) and briggs decides hes going to leave the best tight end in the league to move back into the middle of the field. I can only guess he was concerned about Rodgers running it in, but come on. In that circumstance, you have to stay with your man. There was another linebacker (I believe) that was spying Rodgers.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    I saw Ryan Fitzpatrick and others throw off their back foot quite successfully over the weekend. A QB is either accurate or he is not. Jay is not. Period.

  • In reply to Bender McLugh:

    The Packers humiliated the Bears in the Championship game at home - how much more pissed could they be against the Panthers?

    'Lach's mother passing away also didn't rally the troops.

    It seems the only thing that will make the Bears win is their opponent's ineptitude.

  • Yes it was a far cry from last years 1st match up with Green bay (ya know.. the one where I ran around my block sans shirt and screaming while waving a 4ft Bears flag) when Chicago was victorious and all was right in the universe. BUT it wasnt all that bad. It could have looked a lot worse. But the fact remains that Cutler is shakey at best and he is still without a #1 receiver. Those facts were glaringly obvious this past Sunday. And the fact that I only got 2 TD shots for the whole game made it even harder to watch. :(

  • Ok, ok Bears win next four and more.

    At least we have not seen that --- The Bears are who we thought we were to be and was in the present pluperfect...

  • That play will be emulated...

    Toub is the only coach on our staff who consistently delivers. He is the only coach on our staff who exploits his opponents weakness. Could not agree more that he should be concidered for a HC vacancy. Surprised his name didn't come up last off-season, I thought he was a gonner...

    We are a 10 - 6 team with a shot at 11-5. Our lack of a running attack does not concern me as much as our health. Like to see Barber, Louis, and Carimi back.

    The Carolina Panthers will be pummelled this weekend.

    Jeff you said in the last blog that Kyle and Devin use to hook up on deep balls all the time. I need to correct you. Devin use to out run Kyle's long balls, but in doing so, would illicit the bullshit pass interference call as he tried to get back to the ball. The threat of a PI call, was our only deep threat.

    All is not lost.

  • Warning, if you're on the ledge, look away.

    Total Yards Offense = Bears rank 23rd
    Total Yards Defense = Bears rank 25th

    Hmmmmm. This is horrible anyway you try to dress it up boys. By the way, stay away from the Roulette Wheel next time you're in Vegas lads.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    What, no takers? The above rankings pretty much matches our record. It should be no surprise that until our production changes, we're sunk.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    The yardage rankings are deceptive, but 1-2 is what it is.
    The problems right now are really the inability of the offense to get in manageable third down situations and then convert. That is putting what is a pretty damn good defense in short field situations all game long. That is far more a cause for concern than big passing yards. Ryan put up 400 yards on us and they didn't manage to score a single offensive TD. So, that doesn't really concern me. Our base defensive philosophy is going to give up passing yards in chunks as a trade-off to letting receivers get behind the safeties. Ahem, our starting safeties anyway.
    To your point, look at the top five defensive YPG teams. Other than the Steelers game vs. Baltimore, not one of them has played a decent offense yet. I'll bore us all to tears and list the matchups, but that stat is really meaningless, particularly with such a small sample size.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    check the stats in the Haugh article I linked to above trac.

  • All the yards compiled by the Falcons in the fourth quarter blowout count in those numbers.

    Defense: 14th in points allowed
    Offense: 15th in points scored

    They are a mediocre club right now. Wanna spin more stats? I can find stats that say they're the greatest or worst team in the league.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    Have you been seeing the same games I have Jeff? Our D can't stop the pass for whatever reason and our O can't move a friggin shopping cart down the field. Stats are deceptive but c'mon man. Teams that make it to the championship game worth a damn don't digress like this.

  • Thank god this happened in weeks 1, 2 and 3. We're making the playoffs and here is why:

    Week 1 showed us we can play a solid all out effort, score points, rush the passer and defend the run on a good team.
    Week 2 showed us that we have to have balance or at the very least creativity in our playcalling. The blind 7 step is out the door thank god.
    Week 3 showed us that we need to revert back to more straightforward blocking schemes, pass to the huge tightend once in a while and take advantage of people keying on Forte (think fake screen and bomb to Knox...which i called 4 days ago to my buddy).

    Barber is coming back in a game or two, Bennet will be back in a game or two, Harris will be back, Meriweather is getting more reps, etc.
    We will get stronger as the schedule eases up. We will hit our stride after the bye week again...hopefully with certain Samoan warrior spelling Roach once in a while.

    There is no doubt that GB is a force to be reckoned with. Fortunately there are 16 weeks to the season and we will get better every game until the playoffs. Anything can happen in the playoffs.

    11-5 Bear Down.

  • Perhaps we should stop referring to Corey Graham's hold as "phantom". Stupid? Yes. The guy was running to Hester. Holding him up was what you DIDN'T want to do, you wanted him to run past Knox without noticing that Knox was catching the ball. Horse collaring the gunner on Knox's side? Probably not the best way to do that.

    -10 points for Graham's Pro Bowl ST bid.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Yeah, I don't think it was particularly egregious, but he had his shoulder pad. Still a pretty ticky tacky flag, and it did not impact that return at all.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    The refs this year have been quick to flag the horse collar. I think it's all part of this protecting the head and neck thing that has given us the new kickoff rule.

    The new kickoff rule is the worst of all worlds. But that's another post.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I was surprised at all the encroachment calls this game.

    I haven't seen that... ever. Like, that was the agreed upon infraction the crew was going to try and call as much as possible this game? I found it pretty strange.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Jarius Wynn's roughing the passer penalty didn't impact the interception that Cutler threw either (really, no roughing the passer penalties ever affect the play). That's why RTP penalties are so frustrating. The same thing goes for a lot of holding calls in the return game, more often than not they don't even influence the return.

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    *actually i think it was Walden who had the RTP*

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    Sort of - an RTP that's called due to the location of the hit, not the timing of the hit, it could legitimately impact the play.
    But I get your gist.

  • On the deep ball underthrown by Jay, and floated enough to allow a Packer safety who was in Cover 1 zone to run all the way to the sideline and make the pick, illustrated that Jay was floating the ball - and that RW is suffering.

    The replay where he runs the stop and go, it was plain to see that he ran tentatively. He alligator armed the TD catch on the goal line, so we had to come back and get the ball to Dane, to score.

    RW shouldn't have come back. He's probably under pressure to do so, but it didn't help and he did no favors for us. It would have been better to move Hurd out there, and give him a shot - he at least looked healthy.

    Hester's routes are terrible. Just awful. He's a punt returner acting as a wideout. He's easily jammed, pulls up on routes if he thinks he isn't getting the ball and can't sell a fake on his cuts. All he has is speed. Spaeth is a non factor, don't ask me why. Forte is the dumpoff option.

    Clutts missed some of his lead blocks. Omlette's freakish long arms managed to push Matthews outside far enough that Cutler could step up, but Cutler was spooked.

    Until this game, I hadn't seen Martz pull out the gun like that. I thought Garza did an excellent job long snapping and getting into his block, but Cutler's footwork in the shotgun was just odd. He had no faith at all that Webb and Omlette would hold, and his arm motion was just weird, at times he looked like he was sidearming.

    Last season's Jay would have made the Packers pay for dropping 8, by taking off and running for first downs. Yesterday's Jay seemed terrified to run the ball, to takeoff upfield, even when it was there.

    Packers seemed to run blitz into every run call. I could call out run from the couch, and that's never good. Martz tried to draw counter, but the line couldn't clear out long enough for Forte to draw a hole to run to.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Interesting you mention that GP... I was thinking to myself all game... does he have a concussion again?

    He looks like he did after the Giants game last year. Maybe it's just the game-ptsd, but it was a thought.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    That's why I'm not keen on an over-reliance on small receivers - getting jammed up on the line when it's a timing offense we run. Jam the Bears and blitz a lot. Game over.

    I don't blame Cutty being spooked though, who wouldn't be - knowing that J'Marcus Webb has your blind side. Jebus.

  • Jeff -

    1. What is your favorite English Premier League team?

    2. You forgot to add Tyrann Matheiu to your list of Heisman hopefuls.

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    boom. see. there it is.

    Stop being a troll and start being an actively accepted reg.

    I'm pulling for you mang (don't know why... maybe because we're both cal aggies?)

  • I don’t post often but it seems when I do it’s almost the same post. I’ve been in that uncomfortable zone of almost wanting them to fail so that Angelo finally gets fired since the 2007 season. Nothing in all that time has changed that feeling – we’ve gone nowhere since that time. Clearly worse than the SB team that wasn’t quite good enough, but not so drastically terrible that they decide to clean house.

    And yet, it should be clear to anyone who has seen the Bears since the Jim Finks era that it is very unlikely we will get over the hump to become a perennially contender unless major changes are made.

    What Jeff is talking about is a return to mediocrity in a few weeks. That’s all – 4-3. And then what? A run of 5-6 games in a row is possible – but right now it’s just hypothetical. There is no solid evidence that will happen. No solid evidence that 4-3 will happen either.

    We can argue forever about how to mix up the players we have in a way that makes the playoffs possible. But so what if they do? Angelo thinks he did as good a job with the line as he could. He’ll say the same thing about the receivers at the end of the year if not sooner. But the reality is – he traded a lot fro Cutler and then essentially went back to sleep.

    For that he should be fired.

  • In reply to BillW:

    Correct Sir.

  • Peter King calls Henry Melton the next Warren Sapp.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.... *sniff*

    "And you've got to give Chicago GM Jerry Angelo credit for taking a shot on Melton in the fourth round of the 2009 draft after a mostly unimpressive period on the line for the Longhorns."

  • DBB Question:

    Prior to this last game, had Martz ever put Cutler in the gun before? Even for one series? I can come up with nothing. I hadn't seen the shotgun with Kreutz. Is this correct?

  • In reply to gpldan:

    For some reason Kreutz had a problem with the shotgun snap, but Kevin Mawae said there is no difference between the two. I can see no other reason why Martz wouldn't use it. It seems stupid not to use a tool that's in the box when that's the tool you need to use sometimes.

  • I do recall the shotgun with Kruetz a few times only becasue he'd blow the snap. But with Martz? Maybe not.

  • It bothers me to hear stupid praise for Angelo getting one of his guesses right (Melton). And that is based on 3 games so far. Not sayign he won't make it - but come on - another nut found by a blind squirrel. Where did he come up with that on offense?

  • In reply to BillW:

  • In reply to BillW:

    brad biggs in the trib came up with a formula to track the angelo
    occupation of GM castle; in his article "ten things"
    it was a grave indictment

    martz always reminded me of a wall street type
    he runs this offense like a stocktrader....he is impulsive, dishonest, and has a lack of empathy (he ruined cutler)

    you know they did a study once
    they found that in the realm of the mind
    stock traders out perform diagnosed psychopaths

    do the bears have a shrink...if there is a link it may be grounds for divorce

  • jesus... sounds like a rough game:

  • Beanie Wells has issues, and Chester Taylor can't outplay Alphonso Smith for touches. Ok, I guess he was washed up.

  • Don't worry ladies.. The bears just lost to " a much better team ". No shame in that unless it's your main rival & it's on your home field & you're the defending division champs(LOL).

    .. And the bears aren't better than the " overrated Lions " either, so expect 2 losses from the Leo's as well.

    The slipper from last years fluke season has fallen off & you can forget about hearing bears & elite in the same sentence because the bears are middle of the road at best.


    September 25th 2011

  • In reply to January23rd2011:

    You are a "douchebag".

  • Anyone see VIP on the Swole try to pop Ryan Grant on his longer runs, only to end up on his butt? Steve Atwater he isn't.

    Here's hoping for a Pringles/VIP tandem next week. We give up tons of deep balls, kind of like #16 Bears Fan, but eventually, some Panther is going to get speared, like a Packer heffer in heat.

  • What's up guys? The honeymoonin's goin well, the new wifey is reading a book out by the pool so I decided to jump on here and take a scroll thru the comments quick. I did manage to catch the game yesturday here in Hawaii but not with my dvr and not in high-def.

    I think there's a whole lot of over-reaction going on around here as per usual, good to see not much has changed. I knew we'd net one of our first three games this year, just thought it woulda been the Saints. I figured this start would be an ugly one, but the good news is that the worst is behind us as far as 3 gm stretches go.

    I completely agree with Jeff on this one, over the next few weeks we will simultaneously be getting better/healthier players back(Barbarian, Hitman, My name is Earl, BJ, Pringles) while playing inferior opponents. I'm with Viva regarding Carolina, we're gonna fuck them in half. Buccs, Lions, bring em on.

    As for the Fudge trolls on here, we'll see you pricks on xmas, I can't wait, both teams may look completely different by then, alot of football between now and then.

    As for me, I'm just getting used to wearing a wedding ring, can't stop fidgeting with the damn thing.

  • In reply to ben in norcal:

    jesus ben... go back outside mang!!!! That's an order.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I did, MB, shortly after posting. We have Kauai's best snorlking right out our back door. Don't worry, keeping busy here, if ya know what I mean, mang.

  • In reply to ben in norcal:

    Congrats, Ben.

    I hope you have so much fun on your honeymoon, MB's wife gets pregnant.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:


  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    We are having shitloads of fun, saw a seasnake earlier while snorkling. Thanx Doc.

  • In reply to ben in norcal:

    sorry about speaking to the packer fans
    i didn't learn that lesson too well as a child
    after yesterday don't expect much improvement in dec.
    i feel like i have to count coup on them if they are in the same room

    i was hoping for a win so you could pour champaign on each other in a wild locker room celebration
    sadly, just pour some down your throats
    and celebrate your love
    be safe and be happy

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Thanx huntin, will do, cept I'm sippin bud instead of champaigne.

  • Ouch:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Ouch, Carolina took it in the keeshter. Can an OC be placed on IR?

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    I wish Trac, I wish.

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • did you guys see that reasonable packer fan on the last thread? Either it's a social experiment by cheesy and max, or there actually are respectful, reasonable packer fans out there. I know, I knoooooow!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    i am not allowed to even look at them till dec

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    by the way I got permission to proceed in the future from my wife
    it was probrably better that i didn't watch
    but that punt play was worth a thousand dreams

  • i was thinking today:
    why did we draft an O lineman schooled in the rush, and wisc. rushed the sht out of it while he was there?
    we must have known he would have to improve his skills in both the run, and pass protection to match the talent he would be facing.

    but he definately was better initially at run blocking.

    but, we have an offensive coordinator that favors the pass; shouldn't we be trying to weave a garment here that is seemless from college to the pro's
    why don't we target O lineman to match a passing O coordinator
    target schools that match our system

    then we try and force feed Gabe" the jew ox"; a playbook that is longer than korzybski's 900 page diatribe....aptly named "science and sanity"
    in 3 weeks

    this seems disfunctional from the start
    we have not woven a seemless cloth, under the italian tailers tenure...
    it is more like a bohemian madras
    and it is unravelling faster than a cheap chinese suit

  • Ooooohhhh.......if I were a GM? All day long I'd Yidle Didle Doo, if I were a wealthy man.

    If I were GM, I would trade down the first two or three picks in next years draft to replenish this team. Ain't no way we will be able to fill all our needs through the draft next year standing pat. We need like 12 draft picks. Idea's anyone? Why does it feel like the offseason again?

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    whomever our new GM is next year, should talk to Belicheat... on a weekly basis.

  • Refreshing read, Jeff. Before the season started, I thought a 1-2 start would be just fine. Now the Philly game is looking more and more winnable as well, with or without Vick.

    Next week is an absolute must-win, though.

  • In reply to DannoDavis:

    No brownie points awarded here Danno. I already tried that route.

  • It looks like Da Bears Blog I League is gonna be a nail biter this year. No undefeated teams left with 6 teams tied for first at 2-1. I took down R2 and Doc this week. What happened Doc?

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Just can't seem to get into any of it this year. Been watching the bears games and that's it. I can no longer justify giving so much of my life to football. Just seems ridiculous all of a sudden. Maybe it was the lockout, I don't know. But fantasy especially. I just can't get into it. Next year, I'm in one league only. I'm not giving up, I'm just not putting much of myself into it.

    Feels good actually. It's like I realized this stuff don't mean shit. I come on here to hang out with you guys mostly. I wasn't even into that game yesterday. Maybe it's a defense mechanism. Like getting dumped as a youngster. Sooner or later, you put up that wall where it becomes harder for a woman to hurt you. And then eventually, you become totally invincible, like me.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    I'm with you there Doc. Life does have a way of ebbing and flowing. I have been struggling to manage my league's.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    we will shed this cloak of despair
    keep your head up sir

  • Looks like Greenfield and 4ever85 will stay unbeaten at 3-0 in League 2.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    That's right, boys, read 'em and weep. Starting Grownoski over Gates was a 20 point difference. Did I mention I'm a genius? lol

  • well, i heard some more info to prove that i shouldn't
    keep screaming for a more balnced attack...
    gary danielson, said,"you can't win in this league running....
    that's old school coaching, and it won't work. The rule changes have forced the game to the pass."
    or something to that effect
    then he started praising teams like manning and the saints and packers; he likes the tight end use on the later two"

    I'm gonna try to fix this my own way
    i'm lightin' some sandlewood inscence for cutler and martz....
    every night till just after kickoff
    they got to get it together

  • ben in norcal - remember what Groucho Marx said about cigars.

    Regardless what I wrote earlier today - the Packers even if they are an "elite" team and better than the Bears today - the Packers will never be better than the Bears.

  • Just wanted to say thanks for all the advice on the Woman thing. I eventually came around to most of your line of thought. Not the right ship to go down with. It's all fixed already. I think I knew what I SHOULD do all the time, I just don't like to have to be sneaky. I'd rather just say, this is who I am, I'm a grown man, deal with it. But I guess that don't work so well with wifeys. Surprisingly, It's worked well for most of our relationship. As George on Seinfeld would say, " I have hand." But I guess, one doesn't truly have hand, unless he's managed to make the other person believe that they've had hand all along.

    Anyway, good stuff mangs.

    On an unrelated note, I meant to mention this conversation I had with a Saints fan I had after the last game. He's a nutritionist at the college. He said that the Bears will never win a championship with Cutler. I figured it was the usual Cutler-hater bullshit, but then he said that it has nothing to do with his play or his toughness or his body language. It's the diabetes. He said a type 1 diabetic goes through so many highs and lows throughout the day. It's hard to for your body to be JUST right. Adrenaline, he said, can also impact blood sugar. The guy's got to have adrenaline running amok with his oline. I wonder if that's why he stays so aloof for the most part. Like he's trying to manage his emotions to stay at an even keel. I don't know. Food for thought from a nutritionist.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    Doc, someone posted this in the past. Madden does a good job talking about Cutler's diabetes.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    awesome interview

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    I think we as men often make the grave mistake of assuming women think like men, and THEY DON'T.

    We can tell our best buds, "Hey, pudgy, why don't you run over and get me a beer - the exercise will do you good" to which he'll reply, "Go fuck yourself." and all is fine.

    But women, even GFs, Wives, don't work in a "straight forward" fashion, no matter how old, educated, wise, etc she is. That whole "a wife is like a best friend but with sex" is usually incorrect and gets a lot of dumbfounded men into trouble.

    Anywho, I wonder about that with Cutler. Speaking of type 1 Diabetes, my best bud has it, and even though he's determined, works out and does construction, it still takes a toll on him. He'll never admit, like Cutty, but physics is physics. Still, Cutler's much better than Rex, that's for sure. Anyone still doubt that just needs to watch the last play of tonight's game. What Bears fan didn't see that coming?

  • Dallas sack fumble on Grossman seals the comeback win for Shady in DBBFFLII, whew!

  • In reply to Shady:

    So that's how you won!

    Watching that Skins-Boys game was brutal, but I had to do it cuz fucken Mike Wallace on MBPs team had a 20 point game, tying me, so I had to hope Hightower fell forward and gained a point or two.

    After watching that game, I concluded a few things.

    1) Romo and Rex were separated at birth. Who fumbled the ball more tonight?

    2) I need to stop partying Sat nights in order to get up early on Sunday just to check on injuries for my FF. How does Hillis not play because of strep throat, while Tony Homo plays with a punctured lung? According to my Madden, Hillis' toughness is "99"...

    3) Jerry Jones might be a douche, but seeing him in the booth jumping around and grimacing, reminded me of, well, me - watching the Bears. You can question his decision making, character, motives, etc, but at least the fans know he's passionate about his team and trying everything in his power to make them SB champs...pan over to the McCheapsters...

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    Hey, and on the FF note, MBP, did you start Eli Manning over Rodgers cuz you couldn't in good conscience root for Rodgers, or was it a shrewd move knowing Rodgers usu struggles against the Bears (maybe a bit of both)?

    Manning did "outscore" Rodgers, and creamed my Vick head-to-head. Nice call.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    I would like to take credit for that, but FQD could call me out on it. I just could not start Rodgers this week. Could. Not. Do. It.
    Also, his stats have sucked against the Bears...HOWEVER, I did not start him because I am a homer, not because I really thought Eli would outperform him.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    I've been desperately trying to trade for Mike Wallace in my work ($) league. :*(

    Oh, and MB30, the strikethrough tag is (strike)...I keep meaning to answer that question from the Great Blog Breaking of 2011, but forgot due to the Bears getting reamed the last two weeks.

  • "#

    MikeBrownhadaPosse said 11 hours, 22 minutes ago
    In reply to Artoo:

    A7X does."

    This post is a prime example of why only 20 people post on this blog despite the fact that they are only a VERY small percentage of those who read.

    NO ONE on this blog has backed Cutler more than I do. If you'll remember from the old site(Which I doubt you do) my profile pic was of Cutler in a Broncos uniform because I was a fan of his BEFORE he came to Chicago.

    In the last thread I was only contrasting Tebow against other Quarterbacks and even said(And I quote) "Not that I necessarily believe he is a legit NFL QB."

    So no matter what perspective from which you are making this statement, it is slanderous and retardedly wrong.

  • In reply to A7Xthebest:

    You're proud of the fact that you back the emperor we're all saying isn't wearing any clothes?

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Keep praying for another good QB to come to this team. Then you'll pin it on HIM to show why he plays so shitty when he was talented somewhere else. If Cutler had stayed in Denver and played in Josh McDaniel's system, he probably would have destroyed all of the single-season passing records.

    Not that any of that regarding Cutler had ANYTHING to do with the point of my post, but you help make my case, Irish.

  • In reply to A7Xthebest:

    If Josh McDaniel wasn't an egomaniac, I agree, Cutler would have set some records with the Broncos. They may not have gone anywhere, because Micky D had no idea what else he was doing with that club, but the offense would've put up alot of yards.

  • In reply to A7Xthebest:

    Hmm, I guess I should weigh in since it was my remark.
    1) Calm. Down.
    2) Take a xanax.
    3) I think what I said was, "A7X does." in response to a smartass remark by Artoo about Tebow. I did not say, "A7X wants Tebow over Cutler; he is such a Cutler-hater. Man, A7X just can't get over his dislike of our QB".
    4) Slanderous? GTFO yourself. Jeeeez.
    If you actually thought Tebow was a legit NFL QB, hey, by all means, enjoy your opinion. No one said you couldn't express it. You did not do yourself any favors by comparing and contrasting Kansas City and Tampa in an effort to show media bias, but that's OK. I just was cracking on your Tebow love; no one said anything about you disliking Cutler.

    I think you don't post much because you get all fired up and mad over silly shit like that. You really shouldn't. I am mean to Irish all the time and I actually like him. I just think he's crazy.

  • I think you may be taking it a bit too seriously A7X?

    Just looked like a bit of banter to me.

  • Hey MB, I didn't know you were blogging under a pseudonym...

    You probably know I agree with every word. If the talent on this team is not as good as the talent on the Packers and the Saints there is really only one guy who deserves the credit.

  • In reply to MikeV in OR:

    No Mike, but I do believe that I actually might be Neil Hays who wrote the piece Irish posted below.

    "four eyes staring straight ahead, presumably ­attempting to make a clean escape."

    hee hee

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    that was a great one too btw, mike

  • Detroit, Buffalo and Green Bay are all 3-0. Who would have thunk it on Buffalo but the Lions and Cheese are no surprise. Looking at the rest of our schedule, 9-7 looks very real. 10-6 an outside possibility, 11 or more wins a miracle.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Fitzpatrick and Steve Johnson were fantasy gold lsat year when they had the matchups, always a dangerous offense. Love Fred Jackson. They're a lock to go 4-0 away against Cincy.

  • we were 1 game away from the superbowl last year with Cutler. We didn't address the main issue that resulted in us ultimately losing games that would have put us in the superbowl. the defense got older and we've had a couple of KEY injuries this year and don't have the depth of the Packers. It's a a simple explanation of recent events.

    It doesn't mean that we can't make adjustments and go on a streak. We can win with Cutler because we did it last year. we can do it again. we will do it this season. 11-5.

    bing bang boom

  • Cutty was stinking that NFC title game up before he got injured.

    And now it starts ....

  • Here's the thing about Super Bowls and the quality of our ball club.
    You don't have to be that good to win a Super Bowl.
    You really don't.
    You have to:
    a) get into the playoffs,
    b) have the right guys healthy
    c) get the right teams
    d) get coached well for those 3 or 4 games
    e) play well enough to win each time.

    You do not have to be a flawless ballclub, you don't have to have a great defense, or a great offense, and your coach can be an idiot.
    The fact of the matter is that we lost last year to GB in the playoffs based on one idiotic decision by one stubborn coach: keeping Todd Collins as our backup instead of Caleb.
    The rest of the weaknesses in our roster didn't matter enough to keep us from hosting the NFC championship game and they didn't factor in enough to keep us from being competitive with Green Bay on a day when our starting QB played poorly and had his knee blown up.
    My point is, yeah, Angelo should get some blame for the state of the offensive side of the ball and lack of depth at safety...but we should also recognize the fact that every team in the league struggles with maintaining a balanced roster in some respect (although not many struggle with the O as bad as we do), and somehow one of them always ends up as SB Champs. It could have been us last year and if this offense begins to get on track, it could sure as shit be us this year.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:


    The NFL is increasingly a war of attrition. Just get into the playoffs and make a run there. The question is - with the Lions and Packers - can this team make to 11-5, and sweep the Lions and the Vikes? That's what it's gonna take to make it in from the NFC North.

    The Pack seemed to dodge a bullet with Baluga Whale. He may recover and play again this season...

  • In reply to gpldan:

    If you have to come back from 0-20 against the Minnesota Vikings, you are not necessarily a playoff quality team. I'm not saying Detroit won't be a threat to make the playoffs this year, as they obviously have some good pieces in place...but for every strength they have, they have a possibly fatal flaw. They are thin at key offensive positions, their defense is their front 4 (and that's it), and I think it will be a medical miracle if Stafford makes it through the regular season. All that being said, they could win the Super Bowl if the stars align for them as easy as miss the playoffs.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    While I totally agree with you MBP, and have posted similar sentiments a couple threads back... I think Angelo has left two critical areas unfixed for 3+ years now. Irish would argue it's 3 areas (WR), but my belief is that if we had even a solid oline and a real player at FS, we'd be an exponentially better team and our group of receivers would work out just fine... with a safe, secure, non-scared cutty.

    You just can't let the core of an offense be shit. It's like building a boat, and using Styrofoam for the bow and hull… but having really bad ass cannons. It’s inexcusable. The worst part is that we don’t have depth ANYWHERE on this team except dline. That’s it. How do you expect to field consistently better than .500 teams like that.

    Late year’s injury luck was a total and complete anomaly, and we’re finding that out this year. Plain and simple, you HAVE to have a good talent acquisition GM in this league to go along with your injury and game time luck… because as we found out last year, if you don’t have a smart GM to go with that luck, you usually lose out in the end.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    ship... whatever

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I think his record in specific areas sucks, but I think you can also chalk up some of those misses to input from the coordinators (e.g. Manofmoolah and Pace). I'm not here to praise him, by all means, but there have been some hits too. Peppers and Cutler were both pretty ballsy moves.
    And basically, my point is that a stacked roster may get you a loss in the Wild Card round too. Players gotta play, GM's gotta...try not to sign the next Chester Taylor, I guess.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Yes, your point is 100% true, it’s as much luck as it is skill at talent acquisition in this game, but again, as last year proved… if you don’t have the talent or depth in place WHEN that luck comes around, you will end up not being able to take advantage of it. Does anyone on this blog have any doubt whatsoever that if we had 1) A decent (just decent… not worst in the NFL) oline last year, 2) a real WR like boldin, marshall, or even a mike wallace type, 3) a true FS… that we wouldn’t have at least been in the SB? Luck got us to the NFC Champeenship… Jerry’s buffoonery got us a loss to our most hated rivals for OUR trophy, at home… oh, and finally got our QB killed.

    And meh… as you know, I don’t buy that ballsy stuff. Cutty and Pep were no brainers. It was making up for his non-talent in scouting and acquiring talent for all the years previous to those pick-ups. It was, ‘oh shit my job is on the line and here’s a guy that everyone wants and we know can instantly upgrade our offense/defense. I just need to outbid everyone.’ To me, that’s not the sign of a good GM, that’s the sign of a shitty GM who does what he thinks he has to do to save his gig and tries to take the easy route. And we all know where cutting corners will get you.

    The most glaring knock that both articles MikeV and Irish posted on this here thread, is that he goes out and breaks the bank on these two dudes, then fails miserably to fill in the other spots around those players to allow them to do what they were brought in to do. Chester and Mano are two perfect examples, as are pool boy, benchpress boy, the two exact same 7th round QBs (the only reason he’s not on someone else’s practice squad is because Jerry wouldn’t let the exact same thing happen two years in a row), our white safety charity (hee hee), etc…, etc…

    There’s just soooooo much glaring prove and evidence MBP. Jerry Angelo needs to be let go at the end of this year even if we’re in the playoffs – which I’ve stated I totally think can still happen.

    (ps. your joke at the end is exactly right... that IS jerry angelo. He IS the anit-GM)

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    The Giants winning the Superbowl over the Patriots would certainly support that.

  • I have to say that Jeff's sentiment is exactly right. Nothing is over yet.
    I came away with 3 things being at Soldier Field on Sunday.
    1. This is largely Martz's fault - exhibit a) all of the pre-snap shifting of 3 or 4 players b) the trick play in a crucial spot when the Bears couldn't even get the regular plays right c) running straight up the gut on 1st down with no chance of success just to be able to say "see I tried!"
    2. I both love and hate Bears fans. Friendly fun loving bunch of folks who know fuck all about game day fandom.
    Love - guy with the luchadore mask that looked like it was made for an ICP concert asking me to be his eyes so he could jump out from behind me in the line for the bathroom and scare the shit out of female Packer fans. The guy who talked up the prime rib sandwich for 5 minutes in line for food. Forget "Rose bud" my last words will be "Prime Rib sandwich...mmmmBearsssss".
    Hate -Why can't people get up and yell when the D has the opponent on 3rd down - every 3rd down. And why can't you shut up when the offense has the ball in crucial situations? I mean does no one notice that the O-line is already struggling enough and that Cutler still sounds like Froggy from the little rascals? Yes Urlacher's interception was awesome...the O is on the field now, please shut up!
    3. Packers fans need to come to a real city to get civilized. There were a few in our section and every single one of them looked as if they knew they had entered hallowed ground. There was no trash talking and no rubbing it in. I think the collective silence from Bears and Packers fans alike is a signal that we all know Christmas will not be merry for the Packers. Nothing about what the Packers did on Sunday made me feel like they took it to the Bears. The Bears beat themselves and the Packers took advantage.
    Bear the Fuck Down you Tuesday Morning pussies!

  • Listen to the DeAngelo Hall interview about half way down:

    He and charles woodson, in my mind, are neck and neck for asshole of the season award... and it's only game 3.

  • Well Game 4 has not chance. Panthers going down, and I hear they have unbiased refs! Reguardless, Panthers are a Fail:


  • In reply to Richie:

    Nice advertisement. Waste of fucking 15 seconds of my life.

  • Baseball rookie hazing is pretty funny, about the only thing I like about the game:

    My question about the above pic is... how do you get stuck being the penis? Was that a short straw thing? Rock, paper, scissors loss? And talk about a non-sequitor… a bunch of maids unis, chinese takout, hannibal, a tiger… and a huge penis and balls.

    Maybe he’s the catcher? (see how I did that?)

  • In reply to MB30SD:



    'the No. 1 goal is to beat Green Bay'

    Go get 'em lovie!

  • From Jeff's twitter feed above... MattB laying it down:

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