Quick Thoughts on a Resounding Bears Victory

Quick Thoughts on a Resounding Bears Victory

Here are my quick thoughts on a wonderful Bears win.  I told you this team was terrific.  I told radio hosts in multiple markets too.

  • I will be telling the whole story of where and how I watched the game tomorrow.  It is quite good but it requires a literary flair.
  • J'Marcus Webb struggled with John Abraham but that's to be expected.  The Bears need to find ways to slide help his way.  Give the kid the chance to succeed.
  • Brian Urlacher.  Hi.  You look terrific.
  • You too, Jay.
  • But I thought Cutler got lucky on a few tosses into tight spots.  The outlet to Forte is going to be there on every play.  Take it.
  • Julius Peppers is some kind of animal.
  • Pay Forte.
  • I don't know who to credit Lovie for more: Matt Toeaina or Henry Melton.  Both were excellent today.
  • I know he's not going to Canton but Peanut Tillman might be my favorite Bear of the modern era.  Nobody, and I mean nobody, strips the ball like 33.
  • I like Adam Podlesh.
  • Martz, stop calling end arounds.  Especially with Dane Sanzenbacher.
  • Does Roy Williams get to call Steven Rosenbloom personally?
  • Why is Corey Graham so damn good on specials?
  • Am I crazy loving Tyler Clutts?
  • Nick Reed might be a player.
  • I'm not done with Henry Melton.  Hey, Henry!  Don't pull a Tommie!  Keep working and keep getting better.
  • Cutler's miss to Kellen Davis on the sure thing TD was unfortunate but don't disregard the brilliance of the play call.

That's enough.  I'm liquored up.  Brilliant win.  Brilliant performance.

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  • Gooo Bears!

  • Cutler 23-0 when passer rating above 100. Today it was 107.

    Quick question for Drew Brees:

    Drew, do you feel comfortable with Kreutz going up against Okoye and Melton? I hope so mang because it's not going to be pretty. With all respect to Olin for what he did as a Bear, this is going to get ugly. Brees is not making it out of this game.

    Lance Moore and Colston already out. I'm excited for a hard nosed game.

  • Great win guys and great comments afterwards. Melton is bad ass and like has been said, if our front 4 can create pressure like that, sans blitzes, then our back seven can handle anything. The cover 2 can really shine with front 4 pressure. That being said, Atlanta's offensive line is suspect and we can't count on that all season. And while I share in the unbridled optimism that is pouring out of this site right now, I don't want to get carried away. The Steelers got manhandled by the Ravens today, and we know the Ravens aren't really THAT much better than the Steelers. The point is, we can't overreact when we have bad games and we can't overreact when we have good ones. The Saints will be hungry and clawing for a win next week, on ten days rest, at home. They took the champs to the brink last week. We will have our hands full. I love our start but it's a long fucking season. Damn it feels good though.

    Huntinbear: I don't get the Dylan reference. I'm a big fan so please fill me in. Here's another Dylan reference: Talkin Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues

    Repost: The following thoughts occurred to me recently.

    While much maligned, the following current and former chicago bear quarterbacks are ALL starters in the NFL. Cutler, Sexy Rexy, and Orton. That's almost 10% of current NFL starting QB's! Oh, and Jim Harbaugh and Sean Payton are NFL head coaches.

    The following former 85 bears are, or were last year, NFL head coaches. Singletary, Leslie Frazier, Ron Rivera, Jeff Fischer, Sean Payton (87 strike year scab).

    The 49ers dominated the bears in the eighties and nineties. So who have the 49ers turned to coach their team in recent years? Mike Singletary (80's-90's), and Jim Harbaugh (90's). And they wonder why they suck? We're sabotaging those sons a bitches. Morons.

    Bear Down, amigos.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    Sabotage...I like it!!!

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    The Steelers QB played like crap, you know that douchebag. If Jay has a game like that, it won't be pretty. Super Bowl teams don't normally put up a stinker like that. Lets hope the Bears don't either.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    Caught Melton on INSTANT REPLY on WGN last night. He's not just a bad-ass, he's a very well spoken bad-ass.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    great song about an actual event....but i chose the song
    Honest With Me...because the references remind me of chicago
    in the song he says:
    I'm stranded in the city that never sleeps....back in the early 70's I spent a great deal of time at, The Kingston mines,and WiseFfools Pub listening to the blues, and finding out that the city never slept

    I'm avoiding the south side the best I can....so did I at certain times

    the meat is so tough you can't cut it with a saw.....after he got out of service my dad chased down cattle in the stockyards; and morphed onto a career with jewel as a butcher

    my woman's got a face like a teddy bear
    she's tossing a baseball bat into the air......this reminds me of a cub hat from the last world series, it has a cub with a bat under his arm

    the siamese twins are coming to town.....brings back the yearly trips to barnum and baileys big top
    Bob loves the circus...especially the wierd stuff they dragged in from all corners of the strange and bizzare....do you remember in the movie " masked and anonymous"
    a man passes a tent with a sign over the door that reads
    Man Eating Chicken....he pulls the flap back and there is this guy sitting at a table gnawing on some bar-b-q chickn

    so now that I have gotten you a little closer to new orlean's
    i will leave you with this reference....
    I'm stark naked but I don't care
    I'm going off into the woods, I'm hunt'n bear

    I changed the spelling because I swore I wouldn't plagerize anymore after my senior year

  • Random thoughts on the victory :

    6/5. Easy. Money. If the Pats win, no spread, 800 Euro for the babies new shoes. Thank you Green Bay and Arizona.

    The 'experts' unanimously picked the Falcons and we still let two scores go awry.

    Welcome to Chicago Matt Spaeth and The Clutts.

    Didn't notice Garza. That's good.

    Noticed Webb on every single play as the DE moved into the backfield at will.

    Roy is a seasoned pro and owed an apology or two, I may owe one to Knoxville, we'll see.

    Devin Hester, full-time returner, that is how we do that with bubble screens.

    Jay Christopher has grown up. It was great to see him throw the ball away instead of forcing it, the play-clock in his head still isn't working though and the dude is plain going to get his bell rung because of that combined with our play at OT. Can't totally blame him on the Kellen-wide-open play because I think he threw the ball without actually looking at him.

    Teams will be in trouble when we actually start blitzing.

    Biggest pre-season worry for me was J'Marcus Webb guarding golden boys blind-side. He is just as bad at LT as he was at RT - I thought Tice had figured out something amazing in that he operated better on the left side, but no, no he didn't, he's just as much a liability on the left and sucks donkey knackers. Get CW the frak out of LG and put him back where he belongs. 1st round pick is greater than a 7th round pick. Discuss. He owned Jared Allen once. Who has Webb ever owned?

    As Rosie would say, Henry Melton, your table is ready.

    Isn't it about time we looked at what a 'touchdown' is and perhaps thought about making it rugby style, where you actually have to 'touch it down'? 6 point scores in the NFL should be called something else.

    I thought Gabe Carimi was supposed to be good, or does he just have the rookie wookies?

    When Marion Barber gets back, we may have the best backfield in the business. Who's got a better backfield?

    Is there a bigger stud than Brian Urlacher?

    Lance Briggs was quiet for a change.

    Safety-gate : Was that VIP or Pringles whiffing on Turners big 56 yarder, and who was the genius that caught him?

    Did I say how much J'Marcus Webb sucks?

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Sadly.. pringles

  • Irish, I think you need to lighten up on Webb a little bit. You HAVE to admit you have a bit of a vendetta against him.
    Yes, he did play bad. But I think there are a couple of considerations to take in:
    A. He was playing his first game at a new position.
    B. He was playing against a pretty decent pass-rusher in J.A.
    C. He is huge. Huge guys historically have a tough time with short Defensive Ends like J.A.

    In answer to your questions, it was Major Wright AGAIN getting burned on a big run and it was Tim Jennings who caught up to him. I for one was very impressed.

  • In that case we really do have a problem with Pringles, and Tim Jennings is FAST.

    As for Webb, I don't get the love for this guy. When has he ever played well? When do people stop excusing his performances where nobody gets blocked and he holds so much?

    A. No he wasn't playing a new position, he was a LT in college.

    B. CW played against Jared Allen and closed him down. JW is bad against ordinary DEs too.

    C. That's a reason for why he sucks, not an excuse. He can't block quick DEs - that's always been my point.

    Anyone notice how CW played? I couldn't take my eyes off Webb as usual - I keep waiting for Cutty's concussion to come from the blindside. If it's a vendetta, and I guess it is, it's because I value Cutler as the starting QB. I guess where Webb has value is the run game, although we didn't seem to exhibit one yesterday.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    MIchael Turner is, fortunately for us, not fast.

    The primary down side of the game for me (such as i have one) was giving up a 100 yard rushing performance. Turner had 100 yards on 10 carries. Granted 53 on one play, but that still means 47 yards on nine more carries, an average of 5.22 yards. Not good.

    But the bottom line is that the Bears beat the snot out of the Falcons, and for one week, all is right with the world.

  • From what I saw, all his big runs went uncontested and nobody laid a hand on him for 20 yards. What bothered me was that all his big runs came in obvious running situations.

  • Wow. Injuries ahoy .....


  • All in a great game.

    Webb had a bad day. I thought Carimi played okay, he had some bad plays but he had some good ones too, one play the announcers called him out for he wasn't even the one who got beat. Interior of the line played well.

    D-line, omg, monsters. Front four plays like that and we are in every game.

    Peanut played amazing, Lach played out of his mind.

    As far as the 100 yds rushing, that was soft; 10-20 yards of that came after we had an 18 pt lead, give em the 12 yard run that eats 30 secs under 5 min up by 3 scores. And 53 on one play. so they had about 17-35 yards of ground game when it mattered.

  • The Falcons, for personnel or coaching reasons, decided to rely on Babinich and Abraham etc. to put the rush on us with just 4, and to sit back in zone.

    This smacks of the lockout, honestly. The Falcons D better start showing new looks or the Eagles are going to put up 60 on them.

    Cutler is just too good at his reads, and has too good an arm to play sit-back zone against. They sacked him 4 times, which is bad, but I can tell you this - the Saints are going to blitz, blitz often and early and keep it up and test Jay that way.

    I expect to see more formations of John Daly and Tiger Woods (thats what I call Clutts and Forte now) helping out against the blitz packages the Saints are sure to come with.

    On the flip side, Olin is shot, and Melton is going to tear him a new one. So we showed a very powerful front 4, maybe one of the best in the NFL.

    I am still not free of the Debbie Downers, I think the Falcons are a huge regress team that did not come prepared. Now, film exists. Let's see how this Saints game goes. If we're 2-0, then yeah, I am ready to eat crow and say we are strong. But my feeling this was half Bears being good, half Falcons being bad.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I have to agree with GP and Irish on the o-line stuff. Even if you figure two of those five sacks were on Cutler (one being the slide and one being the dropped snap) that means there were 3 sacks. Three sacks over a 16 game season is 48. That is a recipe for concussion soup for Cutler. I thought Webb had a bad to terrible day. He looked overmatched and his assignments are not going to get any easier. But I will say this, the o-line did look much improved compared to last year and the pre-season. Lets hope they continue to improve.

  • In reply to JAB1:

    one more was on Cutty... he held the ball for at least 3.5-4 seconds. Gotta get rid of it in under 3 dude.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    John Daly, yeah :o)
    Saints scare me more than the Falcons. Brees can carve us up inside if we're not careful and we're playing sit-back. I hope Marinelli cops to the fact that they know that and has something up his sleeve for them. I'm sure he does. Sideline Yoda to the rescue.

    When they start blitzing us though, Webb, Carimi, Spencer and Williams are in trouble ergo we are in trouble. My $0.02.

  • http://espn.go.com/chicago/nfl/story/_/id/6959172/chicago-bears-defense-was-right-start-vs-atlanta-falcons

    I won't spoil it for you, but look for Adams's commentary on Urlacher, and read to the end of the piece.

    I spit coffee all over my workbench (hmmm - makes an interesting stain color, though....)

  • In reply to Sdwat52:

    Adams makes me laugh.

  • Noooo, Irish is spot on that webb sucks balls no matter where he plays. I don't care what the reason, get him the fuck out of there, now.

    He is wrong on CW... Irish, he had one good game in many now... CW is NOT. GOOD... at tackle. I saw him fuck up one play at guard, but my gut is he's much better there. Irish is also wrong about Knox. When used CORRECTRLY by Martz, he's a stud and a very good receiver.

    I wanted a known FA entity at Ltackle (Ryan Harris?) and there were a few out there up for grabs. Jerry wasn’t interested. Now we lose LL too. Like I said, Tice may be able to cobble together a B-grade line with what he has, but if Webb stays in there and we lose even one more guy, we’re in deep shit. Why Jerry couldn’t grasp this concept I’ll never ever ever get it. (and please don’t give me this, ‘tice said he was good with the guys I have’ bullshit. At your job, if you’re offered more/better resources to get your shit done, do you turn those down? With your job/rep on the line… really?)

    Pringles on short, non-critical run downs only for the rest of the year – I don’t think he’s a bust, he just needs more experience… bring in the pimphat!

    I was worried that we didn’t even come close to a good turnover in preseason… not worried about it anymore.

    Corey G is a fucking mystery. Like he has a wrist wormhole generator that he uses on every play to put himself ON the returner. Fucking amazing.

    Gotta stop those runs right through the middle of the line through holes the size of building. I know we want to get the QB on every play, but, guys… keep your eyes open for those draws and traps.

    …and huge guys have a tough time with shorter faster DEs?????? That’s like every single fucking team in the NFL!! Jesus Christ.

    Briggs better show up next game or I'm ptting that on the money situation. He's never quiet like that for long.

    GP, I don't know mang... it's all on the oline and whether they improve. I saw a lot of little 'first-game' mistakes that will get cleared up, so it feels like we're legit at this point. If we go 3-0 and kick the fuck out of the pack, we're going to the big show.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    If you ran a football team, you'd stink at it. Webb needs at least a year at LT. They need to slide him help.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    I don't do things I suck at. If that was my chosen profession, I promise you I would at the very least be better than Jerry... Guaranteed.

    ...with the amount of data those guys have at their disposal. Guaranfuckinteed.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Agreed. Angela = incompetence squared times infinity.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Williams has got to be a better LT than Webb, MB. One was a first rounder, the other was comes from the other end of the spectrum. Something may not be right with CW, he owned Jared Allen once upon a time. I don't think Webb is capable of owning a top lineman in pass pro. Run blocking, yes, pass pro, no.

    Knox did look better, MB I'll give him that. I based everything off how he played up to now, if he keeps playing solid and isn't lost in space then well and good - but that's one game. I like our WR roster now, with RW, Hurd and Sanzy up. If the OL gets it together, this is a superbowl team no doubt. We'll know more about that line after the Saints and Packers game obviously - then we can open up full throttle on Carolina and fire that warning shot to the league.

  • oh, and RW... great job catching the ball... now please stop doing the fucking retarded first down thing - it is SO un-Bears.

    And doing it while limping to the bench injured was simply ridiculous (in a bad way).

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Agreed. HATE the first down thing. It's just not right.

  • "Bears Shock"

    "We really never know what's coming from the Bears, do we? They're one of the most unpredictable teams in the NFL, and they're capable of both brilliance and bumbling from week to week"

    No Don, it's just you and the rest of your ass buddies at the Bear-hating media you fucktard.


  • Oh why why why do teams always seem to implode and self-destruct against us: http://nfl.si.com/2011/09/11/falcons-reenact-playoff-meltdown-in-blowout-loss-to-bears/?sct=nfl_t11_a1

    Man, it must be something about our colors that just forces other teams to get sacked, turn over the ball, and just not play offense or defense well.

    Oh well, guess we'll just have to bumble along lucking out that other teams just play terrible games against only us… right into the playoffs.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    MB -

    While I agree with the Bears Rodney Dangerfield angle; we do get shafted and hated on - there is a real problem with the Falcons. Martz saw their zones, and ran plays designed to fuck those zones into knots. And he did. Some of those clearout routes where Roy was wide open on the sideline were designed to confuse the Falcons secondary - and he did. There were blown assignments all over the place.

    The NFL stands for Not for Long - and so the Saints will look at what Martz did and change into man coverage at times. And blitz. Because Webb is awful out there, he's gonna need Spaeth on his side often against the Gold and Black.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I get it GP, but everyone can say the same about us... we give up huge swaths of field with our big zone holes every year. I don't know, I just have a feeling that the falcons will pull it together... peronsally, I think the saints are the ones that will implode this year and be mid-level. We'll see next week I guess.

  • O.K. boys and girls...slept soundly thinking of the ass-whooping we did on the dirty birds...now with a night under my belt i'm thinking this could be a great season.

    1. DAMN CUTTY!!!! look sharp just play within yourself and those numbers 107.???rating nice bro

    2. We may have the next Marshall Faulk and I think MARTZY KNOWS IT ! pay the man!

    3. "F"ing D front four I think Shady said it best.."Wait till we get Wooten back" hee hee hee!!!

    4. LACH..you made us Old Men look good!! Thank you for that!!!!

    5. Peanut...you may mean something small but DAMN you bring a big game!!!

    6. O line we need a couple of more games under our belt but..not bad...not bad at all.



  • Color me blue and burnt this morning!!! That was one helluva game, although I was not the least bit surprised by my Bears' overwhelming greatness.

    I am so glad Cutler showed them all what's what, and Urlacher was ON FIRE. I just wish Pep would have gotten that ball. Melton was insane and let's just have a moment of silence for Peanut. My favorite Bear continues to be my favorite Bear. The stripper LIVES!!!

    Can't wait to see this all happen again next week in NOLA. Wish the Lions and Eagles had lost, but I guess I shouldn't get so greedy - it's only week one.

  • So I don't get something. Maybe I wasn't paying attention last season, but why is everyone SOOOO up in wootwoot (besides the obvious favrerere killing?)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    As if favrere killing is not worth some type of gold medal in itself?

  • In reply to sjvl:

    Again, I get the farve thing... but everyone seems so excited about his return, and I just didn't see anything last year to justify it. I'm not saying it wasn't there, I just didn't see it. I did miss a few games due to shitty technology/circumstance, so maybe I just missed those games?

    I would think we'd all be more excited about the fact that we have Melton, Toe, Adams, and Reed instead? Not judging (for once), just asking.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I will admit, the murder is the only big thing I've seen from the Woot too. Perhaps if we could bring him out once per game and he could work his magic weekly, that would be enough for me.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Doesn't his return deepen our roster? It's all good mang. It means we can afford to lose people to injury and not suck. It's all good.

  • Forgot something.....

    Nobody beats our rendition. Nobody.


  • Ed Hochuli, your plane is boarding. And take the herd of incompetant zebras from Sunday with you when you go.

    You stink on ice.

    As a matter of fact, you would need to IMPROVE just to stink on ice.

    I'd call you the Olin Kruetz of referees but you were NEVER any good.

    Speaking of Kruetz...

    Anyone here who still thinks the Bears should have paid him 4.5 Million to stayt is either delusional or a troll.

    I repeat from Friday, but, the section of "The Rant" from the Weekend show regarding Kruetz was misguided,embarrassingly off the mark and frankly, ignorant.

  • Tyler Clutts.

    Remember Mad Magazine? Don Martin's "CAPTAIN KLUTZ"?

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Captain Clutz sounds better than John Daly I guess. No one wants a fat alcoholic for a fullback.

  • Okay. I got to watch the game on time yesterday.

    Here is how, we were just waking up around 11, I was really depressed that I wasn't going to watch the game but if you understand how much her birthdays were ruined because of 9/11 then you would see why I gave up the bears for an afternoon.

    Anyhoo, as she woke up I realized that I only had really one way to watch the bears and that was to knock her out. So, I proceeded with waking her up then immediately got naked and started hitting it. After an hour of pounding it, she was out of breath and laid there in bed all happy and then she just was knocked out.. Idk if it was because she ran out of breath or if the pounding doggie style did it.. idk..all I know was she was breathing and smiling with her eyes closed lol

    So, went down stairs to watch the game and guess who comes home. My roommate, and he is a steeler fan. Thus, we had to flick back in forth to the Steelers game and Bear's game. As a result, he eventually was disgusted with his teams performance and said " Let's watch the Bear's".

    Now that I have told you that I watched the game and how I watched my roommate sink into a mad depression as Big Ben and his D crumble. I will tell you what I thought of the game.

    Pepper's is the man.

    How did you like my hero kicking ass that game? Urlacher better go to the Hall of Fame. That dude is the legit.

    Melton did all right and if I remember correctly, did he not go against a second string Center and guard?

    Major Wright is becoming a Major Pain. He needs to use his penis to trip people if he is going to come down that hard in the box and then get blocked.

    I thought Webb did great. I mean, Our qb wasn't running everywhere and he passed for over 300 yards? We have the best depth at Wideout and Running backs. Don't believe it? Look at their stats. Daunta Robinson is not a bad corner and we tore him up.

    I was disappointed in the run attack. It didn't really come alive and we need it to be dominant.

    Forte is a beast and did Charles Tillman shut down White and Juilo?

    Wow. Over or under 3 sacks for Melton against Kreutz ?

  • In reply to Artoo:

    Dude, you're killing me.

    You don't need to feel compelled/pressured into disrespecting your future wife on the interweb by telling us details of your very personal sexual exploits with her, I'm sure she'd be horrified. Crown is a seasons professional, do NOT try this at home Erik.

    Great idea about MP tripping people with his immense penis if he's going to get juked and wind up on the matt. That made me giggle.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    You take too many things too personal.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Why is it you jump my ass but not Irish, Crown, or Doc? Is it being a young guy or something ?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Nah, it's all in the details .... thanks for sharing Erik :o)
    Pounding it for an hour, I remember that shit. I'd need cordriceps and a heart defibrillator to do that ....

  • In reply to Artoo:

    Aw, mang! That's my boy. That's some Super-hero shit right there man. Pounded into submission. I'm sure Crown has a medal for on that one my man. Excellent. Just excellent.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    I would say your performance was as intense as the defensive line....great day all around for you.....even pitts burg tanking early so u could get more t.v.time

  • http://www.chicagobears.com/photos/index.asp?SECTION_ID=442

  • dabearsblog @SI_PeterKing Next time you want the cozy space with GREAT food, shoot over to 11th Avenue to the Market Diner. Best pure diner in Manhat.

    Jeff... I hope this is a trap and the door you're taking him to is up 10 stories and the front door opens to the outside of the building. And hopefully he has don banks with him as a dinner companion.

  • Tyler Clutts blocked 3 guys on Forte's screen pass touchdown.
    Tyler Clutts was blocking 40 yards downfield on Hester's long run.

    This kid has made an impact on the season already and he has been on the team for 5 days.

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    I don't get how he figured out the offense in 5 days or became the starter..who is this man?

  • In reply to Artoo:

    just a tough sumbitch football player. there are hundreds of guys like this every single year that don't get to make it to the pros for one reason or another. It is just good to see a guy do well that no one thought could. Arena league, UFL, etc now he is the fullback for the Chicago Bears. Go figure. As long as he blocks like that and gives that kind of effort he can be my fullback any day.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    I was wondering why the hell they got rid of Eddie Williams, like he must have banged somebody's wife. But no. It was just Captain Klutz.

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    great article I read that described his pre game act in the gym early sun a.m.
    and about his attitude towards keeping a high motor.....hitting with intensity.....until he hears the whistle
    I read that in trib analysis of game today

  • new thread mang

  • Well at least the Bears showed up to play and Atlanta didn't. I'm not going to get too hyped up for a long time yet. We'll see how it goes. Got some good teams to go up against and they'll have there work cut out for them! Just hope they keep the injuries down.

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