Bears Down For Now But Nowhere Near Out

Bears Down For Now But Nowhere Near Out

Most of you will consider Sunday a doomsday scenario for the Chicago Bears.  You're wrong.  Yes the Bears lost to the better team and the far better coaching staff but here's the simple fact: the better group in September is rarely the better group in late December.  The Bears aren't a bad team.  They are a flawed, mistake-riddled group.  Here are my quick hit thoughts:

  • Don't blame the "balance".  The Bears could not run the ball against the Packers Sunday.  The passing game had plays to be made by the quarterback missed far too many open receivers and the receivers dropped far too many balls.  (I'd love to hear Coach Drake explain this one.)
  • The Bears have to stop the run.  Giving a team as good as the Packers second-and-four every drive is a one way ticket to the loss column.
  • On that note, stop complaining Johnny Knox.  If you want to be the #1...catch the ball.
  • Nice job, Kellen Davis.
  • Nice job overall, offensive line.  I can't blame these guys if the Bears are going to live on the seven-step drops.
  • And I was surprised Frank Omiyale played such a solid game.
  • As for Mike Martz, I think it's a lost cause.  The Bears are not going to be able to change coordinators mid-season and be productive enough to make a playoff push.  But how can this team not run any screen and quick tosses for three and a half quarters?  How can you not use Forte in the passing game until you're desperate?
  • Oh is Jermichael Finley good, Lovie?  Guess you don't read this site but you can't cover him at the fucking goal line with Lance Briggs.
  • Jay Cutler needs to be smarter with the football.  I know what he expects his receivers to do but they are NOT going to do that so stop.
  • Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, Henry Melton, Julius Pepper...well done.
  • I think the Roy Williams experiment is almost complete.
  • Devin Hester used to catch deep balls from Kyle Orton.  Pretty regularly.  Why doesn't he catch them from a QB with a far better arm?
  • Someone has to step up opposite Peppers.
  • Adam Podlesh has more leg, right?
  • I don't blame Mike Martz anymore.  You can't expect a hungry lion to give a weak gazelle a blow job.  I can still get mad.  And Martz' offense does not work with the skill players on this roster.  There is, however, a perfectly fine offense capable of being run and Martz must adapt to it by next Sunday or be unemployed.  And if Lovie Smith is not capable of making that change, he'll be the defensive coordinator at Texas A&M next year.

All hope is not lost.  Far from it.  The Bears will beat Carolina next week and be 2-2.  But we need this team to improve in all facets before they face their next elite opponent.  The goal is winning a title.  Not winning a division.

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  • FIRST to say that our D is not a D

  • I dunno, Fres - the safety position is where we got lit up this week, and both starters were out. In addition, we got killed by field position. When you factor in the absolute ineptitude on the offensive side of the ball, the D played OK. The Packers were on a short field for most of the game.

  • Back to back weeks our D has given huge pts. Something needs to be done. Offense is well the offense as usual

  • As for Mike Martz, it seems that his gameplan you either live with it or die with it. The man does not know how to adjust. As for Lovie, forget you'd be asking way too much for him to grab his balls and be a leader.

  • 12 rushing attempts for only 13 yards, 10 penalties for 70 yrds, 2 turnovers, and only 20 mins of ball possession. How do you beat the world champs with these kind of statistics.

  • I guess on the positive side, if we had Barber, Carimi and Louis starting, then both the running and passing game .... nah fuggit. We need to beg someone for receivers. The best thing about that game was Hester pretending to field a punt.

  • do we have any plays that we have used this year that are consistent
    go into the next game with consistency as the mantra
    we have to start small and build
    week to week
    we can't beat eaither of these teams without cosistency
    we kept good pressure on atlanta
    why is it so hard to do it on better teams? is this saying our quality is not that good?
    if so ...try the little stuff and stick with the ones that become proven
    i have these crazy thoughts that martz is tring to figure it out as he goes
    he seems scattered...lack of confidence.....

    what is wrong with just getting position on your defender four yards down the line, keep him on you back and take the positive yards
    keep it up

    is this stupid?

  • Martz does not fit the style of Chicago Bear football. We need RB to car the ball 20-30 times, and a QB only to throw 20 times. Cutler threw 37 times, and Im sorry ppl but he is not built for that.

  • he seemed off
    do they have his body chemestry monitored on a day to day basis
    i couldn't see him but he seemed out of a real groove today
    trying to find that sweet spot
    I am sure he has this figured out
    he can be off though at the worst times
    like he is not down in the groove...not intuitional

    of course i always point the finger at martz so this too is on him

    does tice have anything to do with the lack of run production? it all on the play design and it's execution?


  • Ya know Fres, I can understand being upset and bitter after this game, as am I, but please keep the bullshit to a minimum. Martz has proven he can call a game that works (last half of last season, first game this season) with this personnel, but ONLY when the personnel plays up to their talent and doesn't drop a duece on the field. Knox was horrible again this game, getting open only a few times. Hester played better but still crappy. RW can pack his fucking bags right now. Cutler was off most of the game, overthrowing all of his receivers at least once.

    When the TE is the most consistent receiver in a Martz-called offense, something is definitely off, but that doesn't mean he "does not fit the style of Chicago Bear football."

    One thing stood out glaringly obvious the last two weeks - the run game needs a reboot. the O-line protected Jay very well almost all game, seemingly at the cost of run blocking. Is Jew Bear (Carimi) the only real run blocker or what?

  • Jeff, KD dropped a pass right in his grill. OMG had 2 false starts. The running game is non-existent and that's not all on Martz. The OL opened up zero holes for Forte.

    Cutler isn't great but he's good enough if the rest of the team steps up. Williams dropped 1 pass and didn't bother to fight for the ball on the INT. It was a shitty pass but a little effort from Williams would be appreciated. Knox dropped on literally right in his kisser. Cutler definitely needs to scramble when nobody is open. GB is a much better team with much better coaches. Hopefully Wooton is back soon and he has some mojo. Izzy isn't getting it done. Somebody better coach up Conte because Steltz is a STer only. Martz needs to be given the keys to the street.

    After typing all that, if the refs don't totally fuck us we could have won. I counted at least 2 offisides where GB OL moved first, Mathews leg whips Cutler at least 2 seconds after the play is over, the non call on Woodson against Hester and the phantom holding call on the punt return. All of them happened out in the open and were glaring mistakes by the refs. WOW!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Yeah, I think all in all, as badly as the Bears played on O, it was almost laughable that, besides a horrendous phantom call on the return TD by Knox, they would have been down 3 with a minute to go and a shot at an offsides kick.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:


  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I agree with some of what you say about the refs, but Graham copped to the holding call on the punt - he was quoted in today's papers. Bad calls should never be the excuse for a loss. See the Jim Schwarz press conference after he was f-ed out of the first Bears' game last year. Bottom-line is that the better team and by far the better-coached team won the game.

  • We gotta blame this mess on Jerry Angelo... once again he patched this bulls#*t o line together and grabbed the cheapest, washed up vets in the league... not the D fault, they were on the field longer than the grass was...

  • In reply to bigbossbear:

    How in the world do you blame this game on the O-line?
    Last week? Sure - that's fair.
    This one?

  • Panthers. Lions, Vikings, Bucs are our next 4 games. We could easily be 5-2 after that 4 game stretch.

    More thoughts later. Step off ledge people. It's only the 3rd game.

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    We could easily be 3-4.

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    The only game that worries me there is Detroit week 5. We really have to rip Staffords arm off early otherwise I'll be having nightmares about Megatron matching up against our safties.

    If G-Reg has a Finley-esque performance against us next week I will be raging til the cows come home.

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    Are you listening to yourself??? Panthers and Vikings...maybe so. Lions and do you figure that? You're living somewhere deep in the '09 season.

  • the sky was cryin down here most of the game
    cooled down the lanai

    some final thoughts
    i am not a Dr. but;
    my daughter is a nutritionist who sees alot of diabetes cases
    and I have been eating as close to raw as possible
    so i will speak from a bodily perspective
    when i said martz ruined the car last weekend

    this mind thinks this:
    you have an enigma in cutler
    he has godly talent
    in a very mortal body
    when his body processes have to spend the week
    battling with..... dealing with......trying to heal from......
    getting therapy for.....losing precious energy to .....
    diabetes-----and throat injuries
    and multiple bruises
    recipe for disaster

    he doesn't need to be babied; but maybe he knows how the flesh responds to the beating
    and he may know he will be lucky to be 100% by sunday
    thus the silent rage
    it sounded as if he was errent today
    this has not been his knock this preseason and ind the first two games
    now today?

    but, things are looking up
    get to picket with the commoners this week
    i have my game plan worked out
    my representative will appear to me with a martz mug
    I will keep my public outcry civil though
    should be a good exercise of freedom to speak

    I was thinking of a picket sign with a jakob dylan favorite on it
    the vampire rogers draws first blood this year

  • What was really interesting to me on the holding penalty against Graham not whether he committed the foul, but that the ref waited until it was clear that the Packers coverage unit had completely bitten on the fake before he begins to reach for the hankie. I watched it a half dozen times in slo-mo and the (questionable) foul is commited around the 1:08 to 1:07 mark (if you think it was even a hold). It is 1:04 before the ref even starts to reach into his pocket. Frankly, I think he was going to let it go until it became real obvious that play was going to go for big yardage the other way. Hell, even the camera-man got suckered. Knox is off the screen for a good chunk of the return. It's moot, but I think that was really shady shit.

    It could be worse - how do you think the Eagles are feeling right about now?

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Sure didn't take long for the wheels to come off "The Dream Team", did it?

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Even their corners haven't looked great. And I figured that would be the one position that wouldn't need time to gel.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I watched their game and honestly, I have never seen such bad tackling. Casey Matthews looked like a Bears safety on the TD he gave up to Jacobs. They will finish 3rd in their division if they are lucky.

    Vick....karma's a bitch, ain't it?

  • That was just a beautifully choreographed return by everyone on the return unit..and all for naught. If there's a silver lining, it's that they gave every coverage group they face something to think about the rest of the year.

    The receivers have now, two games in a row, shit the bed. Drake has got to be in danger of the chopping block if things don't start turning around against the Panthers.

  • Mismanagement has turned this storied organization into a laughing stock around the league. It's embarrassing to watch this offense hump doorknobs each Sunday. If it weren't for talent drafted before JA arrived like (HOF) Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs or for the McCaskeys opening up the checkbook for Orange Julius this team would be painfully unwatchable.

  • In reply to Shady:

    My bad apparently JA actually drafted Briggs, but that was about a decade ago. What has that fucker done since? How many players has he drafted that AREN'T EVEN IN THE LEAGUE! If he had given one shred of thought to maybe acquiring an established lineman or receiver in the past decade maybe Cutler wouldn't be damaged goods at this point.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I'd settle for a useful safety. Steltz got abused all game by Finley.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Against most offenses the Bears are good enough up front to cover up a shit secondary, especially when the safeties are deep in the cover-2. It's the greatest shit show on earth that JA has created that REALLY grinds my gears.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Can't argue with that; I think Knox is a pretty good find as a fifth rounder, but who else have they picked up at skill positions in the last three years?
    Shitzengiggler was a UDFA, but hard to get super worked up about him yet.
    KD was another fifth rounder.
    Uhm, hard pressed to come up with any others off the top of my head.

  • In reply to Shady:

    To be honest Shady, after week one it's been painfully unwatchable. The game didn't bother me so much because I thought we'd get hammered by a lot more than we did, but after watching Brady shit the bed against the Bills, the Packers could be in line for their fifth. Super Bowl. Fifth. There's just no one out there to beat them. We like to call ourselves a 'storied' franchise but that translates as 'really old team that's got one super bowl'. and is about to be swept by the Lions for the first time since God was a boy.

  • Let's take a few of those and have a look-see ...

    "The Bears could not run the ball against the Packers Sunday. The passing game had plays to be made by the quarterback missed far too many open receivers and the receivers dropped far too many balls. "

    > The Bears can't run the ball against anybody. The QB missed open receivers because he does that a lot, he's not a very accurate thrower. The receivers dropped far too many balls because they suck. That follows on to the Kyle Orton reference, Kyle was an accurate passer.

    "On that note, stop complaining Johnny Knox. If you want to be the #1...catch the ball."

    > He wants to be #1? He isn't even a #2.

    "Jay Cutler needs to be smarter with the football. "

    > We've been saying that, oh, for a couple of years now. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck ....

    "As for Mike Martz, I think it's a lost cause."

    > Yes indeed. Not hard to see why they waited so long to pick him off the scrapheap now, is it? The occasional surprise play doesn't make up for the inability to get the best from your roster. As Aikman referred to something I mentioned last week re no-audibles-in-the-scheme, it home home to me ... WTF?? No audibles! What in the name of all that is good are we dealing with this guy for? I don't do audibles?! I don't do roll-outs. Then fk off Mike!

    And I'm scratching my head at Marinelli. Drake has been a lost cause since the old days and should have been out the door with Hiestand and Wrong Turner. But maybe Marinelli should be a defensive coach and not a playcaller. He doesn't call plays. He rushes four, all the time .... we 'fake blitz' and the LBs just drop back. We let NFL QBs have all the time in the world to find holes in the zone and that's exactly what they do. If the DL don't get pressure on every play, then the game is handed on a silver platter to the opposing team. We offer no resistance. The GB Packers blitz more than anyone, and guess what they do week in week out. Marinelli can coach players, but he has no ideas on scheming it seems. I've got Tice left. For the moment.

    "The Bears will beat Carolina next week and be 2-2"

    > How? Cam Newton will beat us on his own if we don't have a serious wake-up call at Halas hall. I agree, Jeff, the season isn't over. Not yet. But it's in the mail ....

    I get called the Debbie Downer around here - I've got my little shadow to remind everybody - but with a paper thin roster, defeat is never far away with each injury making it harder and harder to win. The Bears aren't a bad team, no. But we're not good. And that's okay.

  • Trac, same me, just a bit more realistic this year about the teams we just played and how things (luck, breaks, momentum changes) work in the NFL… and who knows what can happen in an entire NFL season. We lost the entire run blocking half of our line, PLUS our best between the tackles runner. I bet when we get them back we’ll be a lot better team. Same with Harris in the Dbackfield, same with Earl.

    Overall, the same 3 positions that you guys are sick and tired of hearing me bitching about to angelo are the same three that are STILL threatening to sink this team for the 3rd year running. Angelo MUST be stopped ASAP. We can’t continue like this with the same gaping holes and no one who knows how to fix them. To me it’s pretty simple., but what the fuck to I know.

    Look, I still believe that we can get some key guys back and sneak into the playoffs with a wildcard birth… it’s the nfl, anything can happen. But we all know that if we want to be anything close to the pats, pit, and now what looks to be the pack… we need new guys picking, training, and coaching talent.

    I’ll close with this… I watched the espn pregame show this morning and they were talking to Bill P (the Tuna) and he said it takes three things to make a successful organization with a team that’s consistently successful (and I’m paraphrasing, I will try to find the actual clip soon):

    1. People who can acquire the right talent (his phrase was, ‘the nfl is a talent acquisition game’)
    2. People who can train that talent to execute a well thought through, strategic, long-term plan across not only an entire season, but multiple seasons
    3. The same philosophy that permeates the entire org, from the front office to the field

    We’ve got none of those things, especially not the most important #1. What we have is players who’ve overachieved and outperformed… as one of you said a while back. We are what we are. I just hope we can get a shot to get into the post season, and if not, I believe I’ll get my wish with Angelo… and probably martz and maybe even lovie.

    We all got fooled with last year as we had ridiculous injury and gametime luck. We're all feeling the effects of almost no true new upgrades to this team in 3 years.

  • If the 'Skins beat the 'Boys tomorrow they will join Detroit and Buffalo at 3-0. Who saw that coming?

  • In reply to Shady:

    I'm eagerly awaiting the bandwagon around here to tip over.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    fuck that mang. i'm still calling 11-5. I know it sounds crazy but it just doesn't feel like we are a bad team. I feel like we are just inconsistent.

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    Ooops, I was referring to the Skins fan base here in Virginia...

    I called us for 11-5 as well. I have not changed my mind yet. Health is critical.

  • Doc,

    I had a lot to say re: your conundrum, but let me make a long story short:
    • You are 100% right, and it would be a call to all men with sirly wives if you busted her ass for being silly....

    • BUT, she feels the way she does and it won’t change. Also, I think we can all understand the basis behind her issue with it… these are another woman’s titties after all, and they weren’t picked to show them because they’re ugly/fat/gross.. and she's not feeling her best so I get it.

    • My main point is that it’s a losing battle either way and if you want some peace and happiness you have to sacrifice the small things (sometimes even some bigger things) to keep things cool. I ALWAYS try to minimize the blast radius my man… we are talking about women here. Ralphie May says in one of his stand up acts, "You can be right, or you can he happy... you choose."

    • SO, I would voice your opinion and tell her that you understand her POV, but you don’t agree with it. Try to leave it there and not be forced to come clean about your plans. bringing me to...

    • Do it where and when you want, but where the wife can’t see you. Always delete your browser history and be happy. You’re not doing it to cheat on or hurt her, and it’s not something you deem important… so just do it on your time and she doesn’t have to know about it. No one is hurt.

    • I’m not going to be silly and tell you to drop bombs and lay down the law because that’s just silly and not the way a marriage is successful. Period. You wife has to put up with you watching the bears 3 hrs a week for 6 months, so there needs to be sacrifice... or at least the belief of it.

    That’s my $.02 mang. As long as you’re not hurting her and the marriage it’s fine to do in your free time.

    Oh, and not into sex any more!?!? Fuck man, I'm getting worse and wanting more as I get older. I would kill for the wife to want it 3 X a week plus a BJ like me.

    (speaking of that, where the fuck is crown?)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Artooin it.

  • In reply to Artoo:


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Compromise: Have her take some photos or make some videos you could "use" when necessary. Or buy a dirty mag and paste photos of her face on the ladies bodies. Bad idea? OK never mind.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I'm telling you, You will not win this argument period unless you want her to be pissed at you for awhile doc.

    No girl will ever be ok with her guy looking at other girls boobs.

  • I knew we would lose but I didn't think the ref's would make the game worse.

    The final score should have been 24-27.

    The defense did what it always does. I didn't think our D was the reason we lost, they are not suppose to score points and our offense was down right scary.

    Wanna know who Jay reminds me of? Marc Bulger. Too scared to throw and too scared to trust his receivers.

    Irish, the reason they show that blitz is the reason Urlacher got his interception today. Call me crazy but I believe in Jeff for once. Our Defense will be better once Harris is back.

    Our offense, I don't know, Jay had all the time in the world on some plays and everyone dropped the ball. Is it me or is Sazenburger and Bennent the only two players Jay trust?

    Scary. I hope our offense gets better but I doubt it. The defense can still keep us in games and I guess we have to hope that somehow our offense starts playing.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    But the game is usually over before we get that TD man. They wait the whole game for thsoe interceptions but the opposing QB has all day to throw. Imagine Cutty had all day to throw, albeit with some decent receivers ....

    I don't think it's so much that Martz doesn't want to run more that we can't run. Our line isn't idling, that's about as good as they are. Carimi can get better. Webb is just crap. CW didn't have a bad game in fairness to the man. Omelette is OMG. Louis is missing. Garza is okay, but not special. And that's that. Barber is a loss no doubt, ditto Bennet. So we can play to the Atlanta level again, but the Bucs didn't have much trouble taming them, I watched that game too. The Falcons aren't very good it has to be said.

    You touched on Jay there ... I don't know how many more free passes he gets before we have to wonder what the hell we did. I've always said it's a busted trade off unless we get the Lombardi. Two firsts, a third plus Kyle Orton. For this. A strong arm? A mobile QB that doesn't get mobile? Inaccuracy, inability to beat the rush? In Cutler we trust, but we're falling on his sword so far ....

    Pound it mang.

  • I think Mike Carey is MILES ahead of the incompetent, preening, Ed Hochuli.

    That said, this was WAY less than a banner day for him and his crew. Yes, the no-call on Hester was atrocious (Bear receivers again getting no respect from the zebras) but THAT point is moot because The Bears got the first down on the next play anyway and still did nothing with that drive.

    That leg whip HAS to be flagged. HAS. TO. BE. You are supposed to protect the QBs, Mr. Carey. That's your main function after the ball is snapped. Not to mention protecting the QB's lower extremities is a POINT OF EMPHASIS with the league. What Mathews did was pre-meditated, intentional and born out of the frustration that he has only 1 sack in 3 games.
    Yo,Lovie, GROW A PAIR. You should have beeen out at midfield and in Carey's face for THAT no-call !

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Completely agree. I prefer to give Lovie the benefit of the doubt with his stoic stance on the sideline and to the media, but when it comes to cheap shot dirty plays at the expense of your top players, GET IN SOMEONES FACE ALREADY.

  • I am wrong or have there been no rollouts called for Cutler all season. The defensive ends can just tee off and know exactly where he's gonna be on every pass play.

    "The Roy Williams Experiment Is Almost Complete".? - A complete "180" for you on that issue, I believe, Blogfather.

  • Frank Omiyale: Thanks for showing up this week. We missed last week. Where were you? Would you please stop playing DR. JEKYLL AND MR. "HIDE" and show up EVERY week,?

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    He did a good job at blocking for once.

    By the way, how is it one game we can't run then the next we can't pass?

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Don't worry - the nattering nabbobs of negativity don't even bother to watch the line play. It's just clever nicknames and repetitive bitching.
    It's one thing to be critical and look at what the Bears did poorly with some objectivity. It's another when it is just non-stop "we suck, we're the worst, toss in the towel, fire everyone ever on every phase" bullshit that I do not understand.

  • MB, I thnk we have #3. The other 2, not so much. By far the biggest problem is JA, with Martz running a distant #2 (somehow that seems fitting).

    Huntin, if you don't have Muddy Waters live at Newport recorded in 1960, you should buy it. It has the definitive version of "Got My Mojo Working". Killer band. James Cotton on harp blowing up a hurricane and Francis Clay raising a righteous ruckus on drums. It's a short CD (about 35 mintues if I remember correctly) but it's a great 35 minutes. I'd rather have that than 90 minutes of boring bullshit. I wish they would release a DVD of that concert. I've seen video from that show of Muddy doing "Mojo" and during one of the instrumental breaks he's dancing up a storm. Beyond cool.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    ..and what is that #3 for us Canada?

    Do the best you can with what we got?

    That's pretty much all I can come up with for any vestige of a whole-org philosophy. Do you have anything? It sure as hell isn't 'win at any cost '

  • The more I watch that game, the more I hate the fact the refs blowed us.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    The zebras didn't do the Chicago any favors, but the Bears lost this game because they played like shit not because of a few missed calls. Enough about the damn refs.

  • In reply to Shady:

    The punt return? Come on...

    The first int?

    Hell, I know the refs should not have caused us to lose but damn.. why did they have to hurt us.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    The only reason Rodgers threw the ball up for grabs is because Briggs was clearly offsides. That's why no one really attempted to tackle Peanut.

  • Lovie, the "D.C. at Texas A&M " next season?


    Dream on, Blogfather.

    I'm confident he'll be prowling the Bears' sidline next season. I expect Martz will be gone but NOT before the end of the season.

    The last time the Bears fired a coordinator (even a coach?) DURING the season

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    prowling al?!?!?! I think you meant, "standing catatonic" on the sidelines... right?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    How about "Dozing upon..."?

  • 11-5

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    I agree.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    sorry I mean don't. 9-7 seems more likely.

  • Hey, where are the "Vick is a Quitter", "Vick lacks toughness" fake headlines from Fox?
    Shouldn't they be running those around now?

    Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Right? All for Cutler or Eli but none for that assface?

  • In reply to Bender McLugh:

    Tru dat.

  • You guys hear Mike Vick complaining about getting hit and laying on the ground after every pass but not getting the calls? Imagine the media reaction if Cutler said that crap who spends as much if not more time getting abused by defenders but doesn't say a damn word.

  • In reply to Shady:

    man, this country's social personality is soooooooo incredibly fuck up man. Jesus, reality tv fast-food mentality.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Vick is simply a repentant punk. He's on his ass because his line doesn't block and he really can't play qb as well as Andy Reid thinks - he has consistently held the ball too long since he thought he became a big time passer, which he is NOT. He's never really been a winner, more of a whiner...I guess. The Eagles should have stuck with Kolb and stuck it up dog killer's ass.

  • Im with artoo on the 9-7 record. We will be third in our DIVISION.

  • +1

    But we'll get some nice picks. For shithead to piss away.

  • MB, I think JA acquires for Lovie's D philosophy. Pressure up front. spend your money on the front 7 and hope for the best on the back 4. Also, acquires for ST's, where JA has been the most successful. On O, who the fuck knows. I do think he's done everything Martz has requested. Unfortunately Martz is a fucking idiot. I'm not saying it's a great formula but I do think JA and Lovie are on the same page. Unfortunately JA couldn't draft his way out of paper bag.

  • MBP, Vick for some reason has a "cool" quotient with the younger set. I don't understand it but the media picks up on what that demographic likes and feeds it endlessly. A lot of younger people like that hard ass image (although most of them are about as hard ass as me). Vick has that. Cutler does not. Maybe I'm all wet but that what it seems like to me. I don't believe it's a black/white thing, just a who's cool and who isn't.

    Shady, I don't believe the refs cost us the game but they definitely fucked us. It's legitimate to bitch about it.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I think he's an amazing athlete and can do jawdropping things when he gets outside the pocket but unlike Randall Cunningham, he's a runner first, a QB second. That's not to say he doesn't have an arm - he obviously throws a pretty deep ball.
    And the horrendous state of the Philly line is not doing him any favors.

  • Canada, it IS a black/white thing, don't believe for a SECOND it's not. You can say lots of things about Rush Limbaugh, but I have never heard anything truer in my life that what he said about the media being "Desirous that a black Quaterback succeed."
    Just look at that joker Michael Wilbon calling Cam Newton the "Wayne Gretzky" or "Michael Jordan" of the NFL. Are you kidding me? The guy WON'T even have a job in 3 years in the league. Ever since people realized that Donova McNabb wouldn't cut it, they have been DESPERATELY searching for a black savior at the Quarterback position.Vince Young to JaMarcus Russel to Michael Vick to Cam Newton. Too bad all of these guys are always judged on their athletic ability and nothing in the way of character or heart is demanded of them.

    As far as the game goes, you guys as usual are overreacting. This team could STILL end with 11/12 wins. They showed they are good enough. You have to figure if you take away Cutler's bad pass on their first possession and Knox catches every pass that hits his hands, they win that game. Yes, there were other mitigating factors(Including the worst called game by the best referee in the NFL) but that just shows you how they really were in position to win the game.

  • In reply to A7Xthebest:

    You're right AND dead wrong, simultaneously.

    It's not the media united in some grand conspiracy for a black QB to succeed.

    You want to explain Vick's appeal to many people? Look no further than Wes Welker or Danny Woodhead or your comparison.

    The color of Vick's--or McNabb's, or Vince Young's, etc.--skin is secondary to the fact that he plays QB--a position traditionally dominated by white guys in the NFL. If Vick was a WR, no one would give two shits about him. He'd be Plaxico or Randy Moss or the equivalent. Talented, but tainted beyond redemption for most people.

    But since he's playing against type as a QB, people give him credit as an "underdog." Same way people like "scrappy" white players in positions typically associated with blacks.

    The best thing to happen to Vick--from a "people like him" standpoint--was his imprisonment. It gave him a shot at redemption. It made him one HELL of an underdog--guy going from jail to the NFL was a "meh" thing. But once he stepped behind center as the starter? Well, cue up the drama! "Will Michael Vick have what it takes?" headlines! Start the ball-sack-sucking! He "proves" himself and people can feel good about him again--which means they can feel good about themselves, too. Because if "we" can forgive Michael Vick--whose crimes (and fall from grace) are much bigger than our own--then perhaps "we" will be forgiven, too.

    You know what? You want to rant about black QBs getting more credit than they deserve, take Vick right out of the conversation--because his situation is a world apart from a guy like McNabb.

    And you think McNabb is overrated? Jesus Tittyfucking Christ, there are at least a dozen QBs in the league at any given time who are overrated! Why single out McNabb?

    Oh, that's right. Because "the media gives him special treatment because he's black." Because--in your words--the media has been "DESPERATELY searching for a black savior."

    No, dumbshit. The media is DESPERATELY searching for a feel-good story. Is a black QB succeeding in a traditionally white position a feel-good story? Maybe 20 years ago--like when Doug Williams had a good year and the Redskins won the Superbowl--but anymore, a good black QB is not a feel-good story.

    So, to CanadaBear's original point--why does Vick get so much adulation? Other than the points I've already made (about the redemption factor), I would say the biggest thing about him that appeals to the younger set is that there is some perception that since Vick took his fall, he's somehow stronger, better, and "more real" than "pretty-boy" QBs like Brady (with his supermodel) or Manning (with his endorsements). Add to the grown-man slobber around Vick's genitalia over his ability to scramble and throw the ball far, and suddenly he's larger than life. Now, if Vick played more teams that have him figured out (i.e., the Bears) and had crappier games, you'd have a lot fewer people praising his skills--and therefore less impressed about what he "came back" from.

    Canada, you hit the nail on the head when you bring up Garrard and Leftwich--in fact, those are perfect examples to counter nonsense like "the media DESPERATELY [wants] a black savior".

    The media wants our attention, and so wants any fucking story that will capture it. That's THE fucking reason why we all know that Tim Tebow has snipped foreskins off of babies in the Philippines. I have heard JACK SHIT about any improvement in Tebow's throwing mechanics. But jumpin' Jesus! The guy puts bible references on his face! Let's do a story on what a great QB he is!

    Bottom line: the day Vick loses a step, blows out his ACL, or gets benched for sucking, the fellatio-fest about him goes away without a whimper. He violates his probation & goes back to jail (while at the top of his game)? Get ready for a made-for-TV movie. Why the difference? Not because anyone really, TRULY gives a rat's ass about Vick or the "status" of black QBs in the NFL--but because one feeds into hype and drama that will live on.

  • Why does Vick get so much adulation? Because he's amazing. Before he met the Bears last year the man had thrown 11 TDs and no interceptions. He's lethally accurate in or out of the pocket and moves better than anyone. He's very very good at playing football.

    But when people call Cutty a whiner and then Vick throws his line under the bus like he did yesterday, he's got to take the biscuit.

  • You're a bright guy,.

  • Can't say that I agree with ya, A7. Cam Newton won't have a job in 3 years, really? I'm not a betting man but I'd lay a bunch of dough down on that one. Not sure where you're going with the other stuff but any time you're using Rush to back up a sports argument, you're on pretty shaky ground. The QB's you listed were all very high 1st rd picks. The media is always going to bang the drum for those guys, black or white. Do you hear the media beating the drum for Josh Freeman? I don't. Some talk about him but they don't go into hyper mode. Same with a couple of QB's that are now over the hill, David Garrard and Byron Leftwich. Not a lot of hype about Jason Campbell. The media has hyped a bunch of white QB's that were high 1st rd picks that flamed out. That's what the media does. Hype, hype, hype.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Haven't seen Cam play yet, but you can't argue with those numbers, that's just awesome what he's doing, this is the Panthers remember. Campbell is the guy that hands the ball off to a bunch of awesome rushers, watch out for the those raiders, and they're missing their starting receivers?

  • One last thing and I'll drop it. Tim Tebow has had more hype than almost any QB in the last few years. He can't even beat out Brady Quinn for second string. Why all the hype? His jersey was the #1 seller for a while and the media was feeding the beast.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I always find it humorous when I precede a statement with "Say what you will about such and such, but they're right!" And the immediate response is someone trying to discredit that person. There was a reason Rush was an analyst for ESPN. Everyone forgets that right after Limbaugh made that statement, Tom Jackson(A black guy so I guess he can get away with it) said, "I agree with Rush."

    Josh Freeman is actually the PERFECT example of what I am talking about. He is possibly the most overly-hyped QB in the league. Not sure what networks YOU watch, but ESPN and NFL Net BOTH ride his nuts like he's the next coming of Joe Montana.
    Stack the Buccaneers up against Kansas City. They are almost a COMPLETE blueprint of eachother:

    -Both with young, well-developed running games, solid receivers, trust-based coaching, and young good players on shaky defenses.
    -They BOTH had easier schedules last year.
    -They BOTH went 10-6
    -Both QBs had almost the exact same stats
    et unanimously the commentators ALL said that TB's arrow was pointed up, while KC's was pointed down.

    What are the differences?

    -KC plays in an easier Division(+1 KC)
    -KC has a better running game/Running backs(+2 KC)
    -KC has better coaching/More experienced coaching
    -TB has a young black QB who played better than expected(+100 TB)


    Your memory is also very short. Rewind 3 years and Garrard AND Campbell were very hyped.

    As far as Tebow goes, his hype almost PROVES my point. It's the FANS that want him to play, NOT the media. He is what many believe to be the greatest College Football player of all time. What I said about the others I had previously listed is NOT true for him-He LIVES off of his heart of work and a desire to win. Not that I necessarily believe he is a legit NFL QB. But JUST LIKE those black QBs (e.g. Cam Newton/JaMarcuss Russel) he deserves a shot at playing.

  • In reply to A7Xthebest:

    Have you seen what KC looked like BEFORE Charles tore his ACL?
    Maybe the reason people were putting TB on an upswing and Kansas City on a downswing is because the Chiefs are absolute shit this year in a weak division...and TB is probably going to contend for their division title again.
    That was a really strange example to use, to be honest.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I've agreed with you in longer form above, CB, so I'll add one tiny bit to my emphatic agreement with you here:

    Tim Tebow is the white, "safe" version of Vick. The media plays up this (and Tebow is a VERY willing co-conspirator) Jeebus stuff for a lot of reasons, but the end result is that it makes him "safe, acceptable, and different" from guys with near-identical skill sets--but not skin color--who are less-ready for prime time.

    I would argue that the (media) appeal of guys like Newton, Vick, Tebow, etc., is that they represent something different from the norm--something new and exciting. Like the Wildcat itself. If the Wildcat was so great, you'd see more of it, right? But it's not great. It's like a double-reverse. Why does it get hyped? Because it adds unpredictability and excitement.

    In the same way, QBs with "non-tradtional" skill sets make for easy stories. And an ADD fanbase (especially younger fans, especially anyone who is a pro wrestling fan) needs new/different/unorthodox things to hold their attention--which is why a 49-45 shootout is seen as a "better" game than a 7-3 slugfest.

    But "purists" see QBs like Tebow and see them as square pegs in the round holes the NFL has created for the QB position, and so to "sell" a QB like that, there needs to be something other than athletic talent that can't be molded to be a good dropback passer. Pre-jail, Vick's mojo was going, going, gone. Post-jail, he's a redemption story. Tebow has jeebus and his aww-shucks "good looks" and manners.

    Plus, in regards to Tebow, you gotta remember that Colorado Springs is an hour away from Denver, and is Ground Zero for the evangelical movement. Outside of Florida, the only place Tebow might find a more rabid fanbase is maybe Tennessee.

  • I agree with you partially in a lot of things that you said. But it's been over ten years since Vick was drafted-and it's STILL a new generation thing?
    These days you're hard-pressed to find a Quarterback who CAN'T run it at least moderately. Look no further than our division to see that.
    On the contrary about purists though, they are the ones who divide more down the middle on Tebow. ONCE AGAIN his work ethic sets him apart. Michael Vick(Admitted he didn't study film or give his all i Atlanta) Vince Young(Some of the same things, coaches didn't respect work ethic) and Donovan McNabb(Has been criticized on TWO DIFFERENT teams for not being properly condition) have all shown that they are AMAZING talents. But in the end you see that ethic lacking. Why were they a big deal? They had great skill sets(I am personally a fan of McNabb's) AND they were all black.

    Something that should be telling about this discussion is that none of you guys even want to admit that race factors at ALL.

    Come on though, where in life does race NOT factor?

  • I think you protest too much. We'll just have to agree to disagree.

  • Blame on d for this game is misplaced. Not their fault. Didn't play an a plus game given Ryan Grant's continuing ability to gobble up big chunks finding the cutback lane open EVERY STINKING TIME - and obviously 3 tds to JF - but it seems very obvious they were not the problem in this loss. Turnovers should have come earlier though.

    Blame for this loss is not on the refs. This is a loser fan mentality. Ok to bitch about it, not ok to focus on it. No coach allows any of that weak-minded shit from his players, nor should we.

    Blame for this loss is not on JA or the oline. Not that JA isn't culpable for this roster, of course he is, but this same roster (more or less) has won many games. JA is macro, is game is micro. And the line, and Mike Tice, should be nothing but lauded for this game. Cutler had protection. He HAD PROTECTION!!! With half second stringers on the line.

    What did Cutler do with that protection? NOTHING. NADA. BUPKES. Cutler was pretty much terrible in this game. I'm not excusing the receivers, I'll get to their underachieving raggedy asses. It wasn't like Cutler threw every pass off-target? BUT HE DID THROW AT LEAST 50% OF THEM OFF-TARGET. His pass accuracy was awful, and it started at the beginning of the game, and continued throughout. WITH PROTECTION. So what is it with this guy? Was it last week's bludgeoning? Could be. If so, he should be better next week, if the line continues to perform with at max-protect scheme (which should have worked, although we need to point out that it limited offensive options as well, it wasn't a free bratwurst). OR there's another possibility. Has Cutler been pushed into Carr-ville with one too many sacks? He sure looked that way yesterday, from the get-go. Is he ruined?

    So I mentioned maybe 50% accuracy. Might have been worse than that, not sure if I'll watch this one again to find out. But when he was on target, our crappy receivers couldn't catch a freaking ball. So thanks, receivers. You flat-out sucked yesterday. Absolutely killed our chances on drives. And Kellen Davis, despite getting lauded by Jeff for one good play, which you almost didn't make, I'm not sure you have any hands at all. Receivers, thanks for shitting the bed yesterday. (not you Dane, although you didn't have many chances)

    And finally, Mike Martz. Yes, your game plan would have looked a lot better if Cutler hadn't morphed into the early days of Kyle Orton in accuracy, or if your receivers actually did what they are paid to do, catch catchable balls when thrown your way. But your fault is in not adjusting to the table laid for you. You are proving yourself to be very poor at intra-game adjustments - just witness the second half 3 and outs strung together. Where were designed rollouts? Where were screen passes that heretofore had actually worked for this team is season? Where were quick passes which should have had the effect of giving Cutler some confidence, achieving at least a few 2nd and shorters? Where were the tight ends? I thought e best example of Martz's lack of common sense was the play called after our big gain from Hester which resulted in a time out having to be called - still did all that fancy-ass shifting stuff after the whole team had to run downfield. Martz, you're too genius by half.

    Cutler, receivers, Martz. Dem's da goats. Dose guys. FIX IT!!!!

  • In reply to PhilfromSATX:

    We're singing from the same hymn sheet Phil, I normally do my Cutler rants on other blogs because this can be a rah rah blog sometimes and it's good to keep things on an even keel. But it has to be repeated - even when he does have time, he's just not very accurate and has no vision, how many tiomes have you seen Forte in front of him wide open and he's got his eyes downfield on a long shot dangerous throw instead of just dumping it off for the first down?

    End of the day, we have no other option, so that's why I keep on his side. We sold the farm for a QB with a big arm. End of.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    I don't want to come off defending Cutler too much, but two things:

    • He's always looking for that downfield longshot because, let's face it, how often have the Bears not desperately needed it over the past 3 years? It's rare that the offense is clicking and the defense is stout. More often, the Bears are playing with a desperate urgency on offense--"gotta get some momentum!" or "gotta put up lots of points, because the D is getting pantsed!" More often the former than the latter, but you get what I'm saying.

    • I'm not giving up on Cutler yet, and I don't know that JA would've done anything great with the picks, but I don't think there are too many (sober) people (with brains) who think that the Bears with Cutler are now better than they would've been with Orton and the draft picks they gave up.

    Ultimately, why does Cutler end up looking so much like Grossman did? Is it something in the water in Indiana?

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Irish you are wrong wrong wrong. Cutler likes big receivers that are consistent in their routes, just like every other QB in the league. Bennett is the only receiver on the team that fits the bill.

    Trade Knox for Dwayne Bowe. Straight-up.

  • Well yesterday I called Cutler a Whiner and a Blamer. That appears to be confirmed today as I read that Cutler has officially thrown Martz head first under the bus - no different than last week but even more pointed - "I don't audible... I don't do the game plan..." WOW!!! And they're supposed to have a relationship after that? And then I read that Cutler is being demonstrably annoyed at the attention Roy Williams is receiving by reportersin the locker room.

    What I didn't hear from our QBlamer is any responsibility - AT ALL - for his MANY errant throws yesterday.

    I'm beginning to be of the opinion that this guy is without class, without character, and sorely lacking in personal responsibility and leadership (leadership of course requiring personal responsibility and character if not class).

    Step up and take some responsibility Mr. Cutler!!! Your team needs a leader!!!

  • I believe the Bears are done this year. Mainly because of the division they are in. If the Bears come away with a 3-3 record in division, that means a minimum of 5 losses. I wouldn't be surprised if they only win 2 division games. In this league, that won't cut it. 8-8 is very possible. Once again the players Martz campaigned for and got, are proving to be non-factors. Spaeth, WIlliams, Hurd in particular. This guy is a cancer to Bear football. Find an innovative College OC that is capable of coaching in the pro's and can Martz now. Martz is the anti-Bear when it comes to coaching philosophy.

  • I was in Rockford IL. Sunday coming back from a WWII Re-enactment and was able to hear the second half on the game on AM 780 on the way home. Now I didn’t see the game or hear the first half but it sure sounded to me that the Defense did all they could considering our Offensive could not run the ball. 3 and outs continually will wear down your defense and unfortunately our Bears D is accustomed to this.

    The 2 turnovers in the 4th quarter was proof our Defense was not giving up. The Punt return by know was a TD but our flag killed it. IF we had made that TD we might have tried a onside kick and who knows. Sure the chances are slim but at least we were still in it until the end.

    The Bears do have some problems in many areas and nothing has a simple fix. I agree with Jeff, hope is NOT lost gang. Let’s move on, adjust. And beat the Panthers this coming Sunday.

    BEAR DOWN!!!

  • Game/year/team thoughts

    • Not that I had any reason to like JA before this game, but this game shows the utter and complete folly of JA to such a degree that I no longer will waste a moment's thought on this assclown. Yes, injuries can't be predicted or really prevented, and it's dumb luck that both your starting safeties go down the weeks you're facing the most prolific passing attacks in the league. That said, you made your bed, JA. You have gotten shit at the safety position. Harris is a capable starter and the only way he's in the lineup is from trading away a more important commodity- (a young LB who could step in once one of the greybeard all-pros you have now is gone), but it's telling that the best safety you have on the team is a guy you got rid of (for nothing, if I recall) and then traded back a couple years after his peak. Aside from Harris, the safety position is a disaster. Wright SHOULD be good. But he looks bad, and is hurt. Conte was a reach. Manning had no nose and apparently no head for FS, so he was bounced from position to position until hey look! he kinda works as a SS, but then he's too expensive to keep. Afalava, Payne, McGowan... the list of shame goes on. Mike Brown is the last and best safety the club had, and although great safeties are hard to come by, it's criminal that this position has become such a glaring weakness. That's 90% on JA. 10% on Lovie because he can't stand pat on a safety lineup, and he can't develop talent for shit.

    • Because the bottom line is that Steltz is not a guy who should be playing opposite Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers. Finley is good, but a career day of 3 TDs is inexcusable. And I STILL consider that to be a pretty mild wound, given how easily Rodgers was making throws to Finley... and everyone else, for that matter.

    • Like many others, I'm done with Roy. I've been done with him since early pre-season, but I was tempted to not abandon him because he's a big body with "good" hands who can snag first downs and red-zone TDs. Obviously not.

    • Cutler has a strong, accurate downfield arm. So how come we never (or rarely) see him making accurate throws downfield?

    • No running game. Period. Lay that on the oline. Lay that on Lovie. Lay that on injuries. Lay that on playing behind. Lay that on how the game has changed this year. I don't care; GB was getting 8-9 yards a pop on a lot of plays.

    • Forte didn't get many touches, period. Why not? Was he covered that well out of the backfield?

    • Oline play was horrendous with the penalties. Ridiculous. 54 gets a RARE pick off Rodgers, and the offense goes backwards because of stupid, stupid penalties. Say what you will about guys being overmatched; my coaches always (ultimately) blamed themselves for penalties that are nothing but mental errors--and mental errors come not from being overmatched, but from being poorly coached. Last year is testament to Tice being an excellent line coach. So there's some contradiction there... either the players making the penalties are uncoachable, or maybe the offensive scheme is contributing.

    • On the subject of scheme, the cover 2 needs to be retired. Yes, I know on the majority of plays the "cover 2" is cosmetic. But where it's NOT cosmetic is in the deep zones. Yes, the Bears rotate the deep zones from 2-deep to 3-deep as plays develop and receivers flood/streak down the 2-seam. But that rotation takes TIME, and the Bears' safeties (even the starters) are not fast enough to cover the ground needed, AND it's easy for opposing QBs to figure out which safety is rotating to which side, and pick on the slower ("SS") of the two. Bottom line: the "cover 2" and all its dynamics are as old and stale as the 46 was in 1995. Offenses have caught up. So sure, on first down, second down, the base defense does well. But come third down, especially with 5-WR packages, the seams are too easy to pick apart. Blitz a LB and that leaves more holes for receivers to find. In other words: it's not working anymore, Lovie. You can either keep making excuses for it, or suck it up and try to change things.

    • And that's the perfect summation for this rant. The Packers were beat up last year, and are healthy this year--PLUS they upgraded. The Bears were healthy last year and are getting beat up this year--PLUS, they stayed pat at just about every position except RT. Aside from Carimi, there was no meaningful upgrade (so far, I'm not seeing Garza/Spencer as much better than Kreutz/Garza) to any position. The window is closing; we're nearing the mid-1990s Wanny teams, when Kramer was putting up great numbers and the defense couldn't even stop Bryan Cox from fucking up, let alone stopping the other team from scoring.

    It's easy to be pessimistic, because there were so many things not to like in the last two games. And it's suckier still, because especially in this last game, the Bears were a few plays away from actually having the lead. These are the types of losses I hate. New England last year was like getting the band-aid ripped off fast. It hurt, but it was so brutal and complete that you can count it as an aberration and get it behind you. These last two weeks show systemic problems.

    Now that the nightmare stretch of the schedule is over, and guys can start to heal up, maybe the Bears put a run together and look really good. Maybe the Bears can be like the Packers last year, and back into the playoffs when the division leader has nothing to play for. But at this point, I'm close to rooting for a complete meltdown so that the front office can clean house, bring in Cowher, draft some real talent, and come out next year with a new attitude, new o-line, and a new way of running personnel, development, and games. One that leaves me NOT wanting to rip off Lovie's dumbstruck face and shove it down JA's shit-eating throat.

  • tl:dr

  • In reply to Bender McLugh:

    Like I tell my students, if you choose to wallow in ignorance, flaunt your stupidity, brag about how little you care, and then use all that in some attempt to insult someone, I don't even think I can muster up the energy to pity you.

    Your tl;dr (by the way, it's a semi-colon, not colon) is less an insult and more a badge of assholishness.

  • You're a very bright football fan. You sound like you coach for a living. I'm not nearly as savvy, but I - a Packer fan - agree with your entire post. That's what I love about SOME Bear fans...incredible knowledge and passion. I still say the Bears can scare anyone and the Packers were fortunate to get out of town with a win. I'm glad we don't have to play the Bears - or a team of their passion and defensive caliber - every week. We'll see where we are after 16 games, not 3. I like our chances, but take NOTHING for granted. It's a long time til the end of December.

  • In reply to jalber9648:

    I hate to say this, especially to a Packers fan, but there are a lot of things I like about the Packers--especially things that the Bears could/should/would be doing in a better world.

    Bottom line, though, is that I would crap my pants with glee if the Bears and Packers switched roles from last year. You can win the first regular-season game, and we'll take all the rest--including the Halas and the Lombardi trophy.

  • OMG. That was an awesome post.

    (claps) Seriously. Great synopsis IBN+O

  • Jeff...first I admit to being an avid Packer fan and have been since 1959, when I was 11. As an Italian who worshipped my dad, I rooted for whomever he rooted for and Lombardi cinched the deal. Having said that, I couldn't agree more with your post. Although I do think the Packers will still have a better team in December (but, hey, what if...God forbid...Rodgers goes down...there goes the season), this is NO time to panic in Bearland. I find them to be a scary team to play and feel fortunate that my team came out of yesterday with a win. Great defense that will get better when the two missing safeties return, an offensive line that still could gel, I LIKE Cutler and Forte. Martz is an idiot, Lovie is barely alive and Marinelli is a Lion reject. Add in Angelo and it's not good. But somehow, those guys on the field play with heart and talent. It's early...3 gamies...and I'm still scared. Peace to all Bear fans from what I hope they'll agree is a reasonable Packer fan.

  • Bear organization needs to wake up !
    Last year we threw away our whole season by playing full out against the Packer's in game 16 instead of resting. Very rarely does a team earn the right to rest two weeks going into the playoffs we chose instead to play what would most certainly be a difficult game at best no telling who you might lose in that game ?

    The Organization hates the Packers so much their decision making is suffering !

    The idea is to send the Packers into the Playoffs with some doubt in their minds they lost to us once at home allready but when we played them full out and lost we only fueled an allready dangerous confident team.

    Way to go Morons ! ! !

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