How To Be Terribly Outcoached in New Orleans

How To Be Terribly Outcoached in New Orleans

Maybe I'm getting older.  Drifting further into that maturity thing folks keep talking about.  But today's loss to the New Orleans Saints - a grotesque affair if there ever was one - did not upset me the way it would have upset me in recent past.  Or rather did not upset me the way it might in a pivotal December ballgame.  Perhaps it is that maturity thing.  Or perhaps it's because we've seen this show before.

I was there a year ago.  The 3-0 Chicago Bears were on top of the world and folks were starting to dream of the Super Bowl in the Windy City.  Then Justin Tuck happened.  Osi Umenyiora happened.  And suddenly the Super Bowl dreams became Meadowlands nightmares.  The Bears were forced to stare into the large Halas Hall funhouse mirror that constantly reflects Cade McNown and re-design the entirety of the offense.  They did.  And they managed to take a lackluster (at best) offensive line to the NFC Championship Game.

This game was not on the players.  Yes the Bears allowed a lot of sacks but many of those sacks were by defenders entirely unblocked by the line at all.  Yes the Saints had success moving the ball down the field but why wouldn't they when you are covering one of the most explosive tight ends in the game with mediocre safeties and (gulp) linebackers?  Yes Drew Brees struck the Bears with an 80 yard touchdown pass but if Conte and Major are playing safety together why wouldn't he do that?  The Bears coaching staff - Lovie, Rod, Martz, Tice - were embarrassed on the bayou today by better coaches.

Now comes the reckoning.  We fans have a week to digest all the mistakes made in the dome this afternoon.  We'll discuss the well-placed rage Cutler showed on the sideline.  (And I'll have a full piece on that tomorrow.)  We'll discuss Lance Briggs one-on-one with a wideout on the pivotal third quarter touchdown pass.  We'll discuss the allowing of unblocked blitzers from the blindside of the franchise repeatedly throughout the second half.  But the coaching staff has a home date with the best team in football Sunday.

And make no mistake about it.  For the Chicago Bears organization, next Sunday will feel like that Super Bowl they dreamt of a year ago.  Next Sunday is everything.  And the Bears have a month's worth of work to do before then.

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  • yep world isnt ending.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Not till next december at least...

  • Honesty, losing the game isn't what upset me. Watching them quit is what really got under my skin. I can cheer for a team that loses with heart and dignity. But, when the offensive unit clearly checked out in the fourth quarter, it made it hard to be a Bears fan.

    And yeah I would rather have Martz etc. get exposed in the second game of the season, rather than later when the playoffs might be on the line.

  • Defensive line sucked today. End of story.

  • I don't think they quit, Turgul. I think the Saints kept bringing more than we could block. And we stubbornly refused to adjust. As for Cutler, I wouldn't have been playing him for the last ten mins.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    Maybe quit isn't the right word. It just seemed like that no one had an answer for the Saints defense. I don't think Cutler would have stayed out. But, they could have at least stopped dialing up blatant pass plays daring the Saints to blitz.

  • What pissed me off in this game was Martz and his hard-on for the pass in spite of himself. I didn't see a single run play in the whole second half. When you o-line is getting embarrassed on pass plays why the FUCK would you leave Cutler in an empty backfield.

    I sided with Cutler in this game and I would have been throwing towels at the bench too. No, the sky is not falling, but Martz needs to get his head out of his asshole and run a balanced attack. Cutler should have to attempt 45 passes in this game.

  • In reply to Vicp71:

    It's like last year all over again.

  • Martz shit the bed today, plain and simple. When you only run the ball 12 times (just looked it up), your gonna lose. Maybe the Patriots, Colts, and old Warren Moon Oilers could get away with this, but not the Bears. A couple of those runs were "cute" trickery type plays. The Falcons OC did the same thing last week, and we blew them out. When you don't TRY to run the ball, the DL just goes all out for the QB. It's not fucking rocket science. Martz acts like if your down by 6 points, you have to throw every down. The receivers didn't help today, dropping a bunch of passes. Aside from the long TD pass today, I don't put a lot of blame on the D. The Bears had way too many 3 and outs today on offense, and the D is going to eventually wear out. Martz decided today that his main targets needed to run 20-30 yard routes when the defense was blitzing on almost every play. It was stupid play calling, plain and simple.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    I'm disliking Martz more and more.

    He's like a packers fan in school... he just don't learn.

  • With you there Dave.

    Besides the points I posted last thread... the thing that stood out to me most was....

    Didn't we already learn these exact same lessons last year???? Didn't we learn that when the other team is blitzing like crazy we can't go to 5-7 step drop after 5-7 step drop? Didn't we learn that when they stack two guys on the end and bring both, that we should devise some crazy-complex system to ... I don't know.... block both of them, instead of letting them come in untouched to destroy our QB??

    THAT is what scares the shit out of me more than our paper fucking thin oline and safety positions that already have us using backups and rookies... it's that martz doesn't seem capable of learning from his mistakes and adjusting to them long enough to make us a long-term threat. And will he in time this year to save Jay from a grizzly death?

    Good-great teams just don’t do these things. And good-great teams fix their biggest gaps after three years… even fans can see this.

    I think we’ll bounce back, but man, we better start having some more of that injury luck we had last year… and fast.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Agree on everything you wrote MB.

    But I also must add that despite GDP calling me out on the last thread for dissing the dline, they were simply dominated today. Brees had all day to throw the ball on most occasions, and the only reason the Saints did not get huge running yards into all the gaping holes in the line is because passing was so easy.

    Yes, we helped them on the Cutler fumble (not Jay's fault by any means), but the game was the Saints next drive. 14 plays, 87 yards, 8:01 off the clock, and 7 points to go up by 17. Defense like that will NEVER win you anything.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    That's just the inevitable downside of the cover 2, Dave. If a quarterback is patient and doesn't make mistakes (no d-line pressure) then long drives are probable. We kept them out of the endzone on a few of those. My point is, when the cover 2 works (d-line pressure) those long drives inevitably lead to mistakes. When there is no pressure, like you said, those long drives become scoring drives. The yin and the yang of the cover 2.

    I take exception to your blaming only the defense. Drew Brees is a good QB. You have to take the hat off to the other team sometimes. It was on their home court. They've played us tight at home a few times. So they finally beat us. The defense had their part in the loss, but anybody who watched that game would say the offense is why we lost.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    But, on the good side. it is only one game. Time to suck it up and fuck up Rodgers and the Fudgies.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    How are we going to do that Dave, I'm all ears ... can we pull anything good from this. I'll try. I have to.

    Marion Barber, Roy Williams, Carimi, Lance Louis and Chris Harris. There's five players we were pretty much without. They will return.

    We made little or no effort to establish the run. That ancient, archaic notion where you show the other team you can run, before you pass. If Lovie puts his boot up Mike's ass - both Mike's asses - again ... maybe we can temper those pass rushes.

    We let Brees stand in there for the first half with not a blitz in sight. Lo and behold, when we did blitz him in the second half, he got a little flustered. Quarterbacks don't like pressure - yet we don't like pressuring Quarterbacks. Discuss.

  • i don't get paid to coach the offense but has Martz ever heard over moving the motherfucking pocket to neutralize the nintendo blitzing that was going on? i mean how fucking obtuse do you have to be to just drop straight back every single time so they can play tee the fuck off Jay the entire second half.

    No sprint outs? no bootlegs? no draws? no runs at all? Who the fuck was calling the plays in the second half? Greg Williams?

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    Damn Johnny, whenever I hear the word obtuse, I got to post this video. Are you acute, obtuse fool? My friends wrote this for me after I gobbled up too much fungi on New Year's Eve 1997.

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    Exactly, Waffle. I wonder though. Is the problem the Mike Martz philosphy? If everything is based on timing, then scrambling would seem to make accurate timing hard to impossible. Agree?

  • anyone thing we weren't missing the hit man out there btw?

    the worst part about this loss... schlereth (and the rest) was right. I can't wait to read about the collective football media glee tomorrow. yay.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Well, you could just ignore them. It's easy, and healthful too!

  • I totally agree with Jeff's analysis. I still do not understand why we cannot f*ckin adjust our offense and simply match up their blitzers. If the coaches believe we need Garza at center so he can call out protections, well that rationale has not panned out. I hope bearjew is not hurt bad, we are up shits creek now with our Oline. Put Spencer at C and slide Garza back to G, maybe even LG since Chrisse was so overmatched. Yes, sky is not falling and just 1 game, but for craps sake Cutty ain't gonna survive much longer. I was glad to see him getting PO'd on the sideline, somebody needs to fu*ckin shake things up. Tice better grow a pair quick and coach up.

  • In reply to GuinnessPlease:

    Adjusting the offense and matching up on the blitzers ... well, that guy was playing for the other team. Our front office is such a bunch of cock-knockers that he took a huge pay-cut just to get away from them. Nineteen million under the salary cap and we let 500K get in the way of approaching a semblance of an offensive line. We could have signed a tackle and a guard that can actually block someone.

  • The D did 4 and outs until such time as Pringles face planted. Welcome to the NFL Pringles. Gator or no Gator, you may not know that these guys are fast. And big. Bigger than you. And strong, they will push you off and you may bounce off them trying for the big hit.

    The O kept putting the D back on the field. Podlesh got a workout.

  • Today I wanted to be a Redskins fan.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    you have GOT to be fucking kidding me trac.

    why would anyone, ever want to be a redskins fan?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I think he means he actually misses Rex, our day was so bad.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    thank you doc. Yes, I know... I was busting his balls for saying it.

  • good thing that I didn't see this game
    it seems that we tried to dial something up in our schematic that
    was almost known before the play could develope
    this seemed to be a good coaching job by olin about our players strenghts and weaknesses
    no wonder they made him captain

    Hey Dbl. M. your line needs schooling; and you do not do them great service sir....
    didn't we want them getting gelled into a fighting unit to become the line you want them to be-----that won't happen by taking them through the kind of sht you drove them through today
    we just wasted another week of development

    we should have been running about 60% today
    you had your best player playing juiced on his emotional adreneline in front of his family at home
    who cares if we lost this game that way; we would have shown the league nothing except bland for the films and a dogged determination to get better at running the ball
    think of all the good knowledge that could have been acquired
    we really showed em today Dbl. m.
    we showed them panic ,and disorganization
    and you embarras a franchise reputations that was built on the run

    you ignorant man, i never played this game, but it seems to me that at this stage of these players developement you would want to be a bit more discreet and try to hide some of your passing tendencies behind the run game; until the players can just flip the d-line the bird and say "we are throwing it, and there is nothing you can do about it"

    I want those days too; but they won't ever get here if you get drunk in the french quarter; then take the franchise out for a spin in the oil stained swamps along the bayou
    your passing could get jay more time with this approach
    even I know that and I am just a stupid fool........I let you drive today
    I shoulda taken the keys and made you jog home

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    +10 HBare

  • I tell you what though, I sure am glad I didn't buy Sunday Ticket this year. I figured why pay for misery. Jeff, I guess I'm getting smarter the older I get too.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    At least it worked perfectly this weekend.

  • Well, despite how horrible today was, hopefully it shut all you chuckle-heads up who were talking all that good-shit about our young-stud tackles blowing up the old washed-up Kruetz . He bitchhandled every single LINEMAN he had to block today.

    His only bad play came from Urlacher rage-throwing him.

    @ Gucci, I don't know if you noticed but they DID try a little sprint out, and Malcolm Jenkins KILLED Cutler on his backside.

  • In reply to A7Xthebest:

    they just happened to blitz the outside on the same play, it doesn't mean that we should shelve it in favor of empy backfield, non shotgun 7 step drops.

  • In reply to A7Xthebest:

    that's experience for ya
    I am just concerned that a line with no cohesiveness yet gets put into these terrible situations
    they will all be ruined before they get a chance

    tell 2bl.M to put the clutch in before shifting
    he is screwin up the gears

  • We were out coached, out hustled, out played. Period.

  • Wow.

    The Lions are going to sweep us - how about that? Man, do I feel like a homer. They had me pumped for the season ahead, they really did. What were the bookies thinking offering 5/2 about my awesome Bears? This is what they were thinking .....

    They were thinking no matter how many Bs Our Boy Roy was handing out to the O-line last week, that our offensive line sucks. That all we did in the off-season was lose our pro bowl center, draft a rookie RT, and sign a loser from the Seahawks, a cast-off from probably the worst team in football. Well who's going to replace the rookie RT now? Omelette? Good luck with that Jay. I guess there's not too many guys on here ever thought they'd be missing Lance Louis. He might be our best lineman.

    They were thinking we wouldn't move the pocket or use Cutler's strong points, because that's not what we do. When you have a QB who's more accurate on the run - and you're the Bears - it just makes too much sense to do so.

    They were thinking the defense took time off this week.

    They were thinking Lovie would guard his precious little red challenge flag like a new born puppy.

    They were thinking we don't have any wide receivers. Devin Hester and Johnny Knox caught three passes between them and looked like camp bodies trying to survive first cuts.

    They were thinking we're a shit football team with shit managers and shit coaches.

    That was so brutal at all levels, playing, coaching - whatever - it doesn't even warrant close analysis. It's a scrub. It was an ass-kicking from top to bottom pure and simple. One cogent point though, is it a good idea to leave Martz skulking away up in that box where Lovie can't put the evil eye on him? Is it so much of a mystery why the man was looking for a job for so long? Is not the best thing to do with a QB like Brees .... y'know .... keep him off the field? Forte was our offense, all of it, maybe running the ball more than 12 times was a radical idea.

    We looked very good last week. So did Baltimore. Pittsburgh looked terrible. Things aren't always as they seem I guess ....

    I hope we don't somehow limp into the playoffs because we'll need those draft picks, and somebody new to make them. The world hasn't ended, no, that's true - we've got about 40 years of that left - but our season has ended. That's true.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    it's a 16 game season Irish. we are 1-1 heading into GB week. If you think our season is over feel free to stay away because if you are just going to troll and tell us the season is over every single day save it.
    now, i personally want to believe this is just you being your usual dramatic self but if we end up beating the Packers it will be tough to take you seriously. just sayin.

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    Troll? Who did you used to be again? Dude, I want to believe we can beat the Packers but how in the name Christmas do we do that without receivers, an O-line and a running game? Answers on a postcard please.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    But you'll watch the rest of the games, right?

    Cheesy and the rest of the prick brigade are on the way to this blog this week. Won't that be fun??? Eh???

    It will be hard to trade smack when none of us believe much in this squad.

    I feel really bad for Cutler. A great talent on a TERRIBLE offensive team that is going to ruin his career. We finally get a good, if not possibly great QB, and we trash him with smurfs and turnstiles. He has a good back, though.

    Today made me miss Girly Thor.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Girly Thor only targeted by Cam "Stay Away from the Drank!!" Newton four times today.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I always watch my Bears even when I know there is bupkiss squat-diddly chance of winning the SB. Cos that's every season. Looks like we're paying back the injury gods for our good fortune last season.

    Hear you on Cutler, GP - I'm worried about his frame of mind also, he was just getting ready to throw it away when he got the snaps last night. He misses Kreutz more than anyone. He wanted out of Denver because of the short-bus rider at HC there, must be getting itchy about now too.

    Cam Newton is definitely hot stuff though. Interceptions or no. Dude throws for over 800 yards his first two games in the NFL?

  • In reply to gpldan:

    don't miss that doucheyne one bit. (even though davis sucked today)

    1 catch 34 yards today. Meh.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    ....and the game changing missed block on the sack fumble. Cutler was not happy.

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    no, the one catch for 34 was girly Thor today. None if our TEs caught a pass today

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    That's one more than Greg would have had. Somebody should have popped Jimmy Graham by the way ....

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    14 more regular season games to go and you are ready to roll over and look for high draft picks because we lost on the road at the Superdome?
    For reals?
    For all that you think Detroit is a juggernaut, they have managed to beat:
    a) a Bucs team that narrowly escaped the shit-heap that is the Minnesota Vikings;
    b) a Chiefs team that may not beat anybody this year and lost their main offensive weapon to a torn ACL

    And as for the Seahawks being "possibly the worst team in football" last year? C'mon man. Tone the hyperbole down just a bit. You do remember they went two rounds into the playoffs last year, right?

    Be pissed about the loss but giving up on the season when we're 1-1 versus the top two teams in the NFC South is just asinine.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    If only we'd started Johan Asiata.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Hee hee

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    If Asiata was a Chicago Bear we probably would be starting him next week ....

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I didn't say last year, they probably 'are' the worst team in football. That would be what's known as the present tense. Now. Today. The bit in between the future and the past.

    For those looking for positives right now, we're better than the Seattle Seahawks. Probably.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Fuck off.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Completely agreed Posse. It's damn easy to panic after seeing the crap-storm of a game this was, but the best thing to do is remember the Saints & Falcons are very good teams.

    Still, Martz can suck a big fat donkey cock after that gameplan. Ass.

  • The Bears had the ball for a total of 23 minutes, 45 seconds today. Hmmm, I wonder if that had anything to do with the defense wearing out. Maybe it had something to do with Martz calling 51 pass plays to 12 runs. Is Martz really that stupid? Hopefully he learned his lesson earlier this season than last year. I wish the Bears would have pursued the Wisconsin OC a few years ago.

  • Ooooooooooooohhhhh. THAT'S why Kellen Davis rode the pine the last couple years..... I get it.

    He can't block.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    he's 6'7, if he can't block at least have him run some short routes so Jay doesn't have to pick between Forte, Sanzenbacher and heartbreakingly brutal sacks.

  • I also thought the D didn't get the respect they deserved from the announcers. I mean they held the Saints to 3 field goals toward the end of the first half, one of them being a long shot 50+ yarder.

    Honesty, if it weren't for the defense, this would have been a blow out.

    One thing that does have me worries is that both the Falcons and Saints were able to run for big yards right up the middle. This used to be close to impossible against this D.

  • In reply to Turgul:

    I thought we did get blown out. It looked like Superbowl XX didn't it? Except we were the Patriots.

  • Martz, you can't see where you are going!
    That's right, I can't!!!!!!!

    Turn us around Martz!!!!!

    There is no earthly way of knowing, which direction we are going!
    There is no knowing which way the river's flowing!

  • If we get blown out next week I will start to panic a bit. But like I said, this was the game to lose out of the first three... so I am holding out hope.

    Fuck man, I know I sounded like a broken record this offseason and took some heat for it... but wouldn't you feel better with Franklin, Moffitt, and maybe Ryan Harris on our line, plus a donte stallworth or B Edwards type (for a coke and a samich)... oh, and a stud FS? I know I would.

    Instead we have conte and enderlender and some dude who can bench press a lot of weight from his rehab chair.

    I’m not sayin it would have been perfect, but I am just sayin that Jerry Angelo needs to be fired before this year finishes no matter what our record ends up being. He's not even a serviceable GM. That would be someone who fixes long-term obviously critical gaps.

  • Like I said after the last W. Let's not overreact to a win and lets not overract to a loss.

    It's a tough three game stretch. We can come out of 2-1. The Saints wanted to beat us after three straight losses at our place and they desperately wanted to avoid 0-2. We were in the game until the early fourth, at which point our offensive line completely fell apart. At least part of this is due to injury's to bear jew and other such things. We'll be fine. It's a long season. Everybody fucking relax. I'm talking to you, Irish.

    On the no-shotgun thing. I recall Olin wasn't so good at the shotty. It stands to reason that Garza can't do it any better. Maybe Spencer can? Maybe Mike Tice'll get his head out of his ass and find out.

    Still Bearing Down.

    I recall

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    Doc, at this point it looks like the Panthers could rip on us. I'm not even joking. Cam Newton put up 860 yards (or close on) in two games? Not that I'd want to see that game ever again, and I won't, but it felt like bad vibes central long before the fourth, didn't it?

    Re the shotgun - there's an article on the trib talking to centers :

    [Centers and quarterbacks typically go through 15 to 30 snaps per day before practice. Shotgun snaps still seem to be a concern come game day regardless. "It's something that many centers, they just think about it too much,'' Mawae said. "I learned that it's the same snap you would do if the quarterback was under you. … They make it more complicated than it needs to be. It's not a hard thing to do.''],0,5008092.story?page=1

  • fb_avatar

    Why do the Bears never go after a top number 1 receiver, is having an NFL pro offence that offensive to the present braintrust? Aikman and Buck constantly pointing out the fact they should surround your franchise qb with weapons, are they smarter then Jerry Angelo, can we get Angelo smart pills?

  • In reply to Kevin Hill:

    Everyone on the planet is smarter than Jerry Angelo Kevin. Sarah Palin is smarter than Jerry Angelo, and more fun around a pool table to boot.

    Mortgaging the farm for Cutler I get. Talented QBs are hard to come by, and we haven't really had one since McMahon. But failing to do anything about the OL or the guys he throws to is just baffling. You buy the Ferrari ... then you put square wooden wheels on it and piss in the tank.

  • Let's assume that this week Lovie drops the hammer again about running a balanced offense. We were only down by 3 and didn't need to pass the entire 2nd half.
    I feel like the defense will come ready to play next week and a balanced offense is all but guaranteed. This 3rd game is huge because a win and a win in week 4 vs the Panthers puts us at 3-1 for the 1st quarter.
    Let's see how these injuries play out. D-line needs to step up. Peppers needs to step up. Roy needs to step up fucking hard. Knox and Hester were non existent. Sanzenbacher is not Welker and Forte can only do so much before teams focus on him and shut him down. Let's take advantage of that Mike, fake a fucking screen and use your fucking tightend and WR's. Move the pocket, use the quick sprintout and throw some bootlegs in there. fucking bear down it's packer week. they must die.

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    52 pass 11 run. fuck that. Martz get your head out of your ass.

  • I guess the Eagles should also fold up shop and enter the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. I mean, their QB is dinged up, they just lost on the road to the Falcons who - gasp- got killed by the awful, dreadful, horrendous Chicago Bears last week.
    Yeah, their season is over. Maybe Reid and Lovie can hold hands at the draft.

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