Audibles From the Long Snapper

Audibles From the Long Snapper

Brad Biggs Slaughters Jerry Angelo's Record on Offense

In his "Ten Thoughts" column this week Brad Biggs, normally not one to aggressively venture into column land, takes JA to task on the offense's record during his tenure with the organization.  He writes:

So, I did a little research over the last 10 seasons of the Jerry Angelo era (four offensive coordinators) to see where the Bears stacked up. The No. 1 team from 2010 (San Diego) was assigned 1 point and the 32nd team from 2010 (Carolina) was assigned 32 points and so on. Every team in each of the past 10 seasons was assigned a point value dependent upon where it ranked in total yardage that season. The Bears finished 30th last season, their worst finish since ranking 32nd during the Terry Shea Experiment of 2004.

Then, I added up the point totals for each club. The team with the least number of points (Indianapolis 55) tops the list with the best offense. What did I find out? Since 2001, the Bears are tied with the Cleveland Browns for the worst offense in the NFL in terms of yardage based on assigning a point value for the finish of all clubs every season. They each totaled 265 points. Buffalo was next worst with 247.

Nothing shocking.  A million quarterbacks, a million coordinators, several years without quality linemen...etc.  It has been a poor offensive era in Chicago.  But I find it rather alarming that Lovie Smith has chosen three offensive coordinators during his tenure with the club and all three run entirely different offensive systems.  Clearly we have a head coach who doesn't know what he wants to do on the offensive side of the ball outside of running the ball after exiting the bus.

Matt Bowen Attempts to "Fix" the Bears Offense

There is nothing groundbreaking in Bowen's analysis of the broken offense but you won't be surprised to find all five of his keys involve coaching decisions.  Here are the two I'm most in agreement with:

1. Change the run game: Martz wants to use his O-Line to pull on the Stretch G (front-side guard pull strong), the Counter OF (front-side guard pull weak), etc. Why not get back to basics, run the Lead Open, Lead Strong or the quick inside trap out of the one-back look? Matt Forte can hit the hole, get up field and produce. Win up front, put a body on the linebackers and play some physical football. Quick, downhill plays.

3. Align Hester inside of the numbers: This has been talked about since Martz arrived in Chicago, but why aren’t we seeing more of it? Think about this: Hester vs. a No.3 CB from the slot. With his lateral quickness, a two-way go (work both inside and outside release) and open field ability, there is no question I would have him working inside. Runthe option route, the seam and the 3-step game. That’s where he belongs in this system.

These are both no-brainers.  And yet they're not being done.

Why You Should Sign Up For Twitter and Follow Me

So I was reluctant to join this Twitter thing but I have to admit I like it.  It is the only way to get up-to-the-minute Bears information from the writers covering the team and also commentary from myself, Bears players and Bears fans around the world.  Sign up and follow me by CLICKING HERE.

Picks Contest Update

Only FQD1911 registered a perfect Week Three.  A majority of you lost out with the Lions only managing a push.

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  • and rightly so Jeff... and rightly so

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    MB, i've been away alot because i'm working like a dog and started a business on the side and am stocking away acorns for the new bundle of joy coming in December. You can't afford chinchilla seat cushions for your ride if you don't put work in..

    Or as Henry Melton always says:

    If you don't grind you don't shine.

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    sincerely ,

    11-5 despite popular opinion to the contrary.

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    I think you're leaving out the fact that if we get to the playoffs with an 11-5 record, it won't do us any good Gucci. Unless Air Cheese goes down over the Rockies on the way to the Chargers game they'll still be in the playoffs.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    i'll be the one to plant the c4 in the fuselage. payback for Charles Martin.

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    Nice. Well done.

    btw, I like rampage man, he might be batshit, but he's funny and a good guy:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    love Rampage.

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    Love seeing Rampage get worked like a southside corner! Cant wait till the next time! He'll wind up with a chin like Hughes pretty soon.

  • they all do eventually. Hughes is a dickhead. Jones is the real deal. I see him getting better and better too which is scary.

  • really like what I've heard from jones as well, seems like a great kid... and he was the obvious pick to beat rampage's ass. He's just a man among men right now.

    I was really talking about Rampage's personality... he's a funny motherfucker.

    I think he's done though... he wants to be an actor. I think once you hit a certain age, unless you're a complete mindless Neanderthal, you stop wanting to get hit and start thinking about the rest of life. I know I started thinking very differently once I got up to 30 and got a family.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    yeah, i stopped hooking once the baby came. priorities mang.

  • I 2nd that, Jefe.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    how about you doc... when's your new one coming (do you know how hard it was to not make a joke there?)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    December 20th. Laugh it up playa. You snipped yet?

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    Dude, I was just curious. You and Johnny going to have your new ones around the same time. Pretty cool mang.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    It's all good mang. I know you mean no harm. You're just fucking with me. No offense taken, EVER. Seriously. Keep em coming. It makes me laugh. Not as much as hearing your wife is pregs again, but it does make me laugh.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    Dec 4th over here. I asked my wife if we could name him Gucci Mang. She had me on the floor when she says, "isn't a player on the Bears who trys to be a rapper that wears Gucci?"
    "yes, there is babe...he gets that club fucking swole"

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    Ahem. You mean is she snipped yet ....

  • I've got a bright idea. Why don't we just have Cuttler call the plays on the field and fire Martz? Shit can the playbook and learn three or four passing plays, 6 or so running plays. Even Hester could handle that. From what I hear, our WR's aren't the sharpest tools in the shed.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    That's not a ridiculous idea. Keep it simple for the simple. Or hire Jimmy Mac as OC. I had to get that in there ....

  • Great to see something regarding the Bears offense without the words dysfunctional, identity and broken - whoops broken is in there.

    How about - leave of absence, sabbatical, ill at home, sick leave, resting uncomfortably?

  • For the locals:

  • Been on the road since Sunday. Caught back up on the blog. Jeff has had some good posts. Read the comments selectively. We've got a good chance of making the playoffs. Unless Rodgers goes down we need a lot of things to go right to beat the Fudgies. Get NO out of the Dome and it's a different team.

    MB you're always piling on Lovie about not beating GB. When he made that comment Favre was their QB and they were a fading team. Lovie was pandering to the masses and made good on it until Rodgers got up to speed. GB has at least 3 blue chippers on O (Rodgers, Jennings, Finley) and a couple more WR's that are better than anything on our roster (Jones and Nelson). Their OL is much better than ours. Only Forte is better than anything they have at RB. Otherwise they kill us personnel wise on O. How many teams can match up with GB on O. Very few. Lovie isn't great but he doesn't deserve the constant beating over the beat GB comment.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    When you make that comment, and then that very team comes into Soldier and takes the Halas trophy home, you deserve the beating.

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    begrudgingly have to agree.

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    that shouldn't matter and is simply aiding and abiding... or enabling. Whichever moniker you chose to give it. Sorry, you know I love ya, but excuses are like aholes Canada… you know the rest.

    Lovie really isn't the target of all of my ire anyway, as you know. I think he's a fucking milquetoast and is painfully weak willed, but if we had a GM who was worth a shit at bringing in talent we'd all be a lot better off.

    It’s tough when I don't have much of a rebuttal for people who say that Chicago is a place where great players come to be good, and where good players come to disappear. Mostly because I agree. We need to change the way we acquire and coach up talent before we become successful. Otherwise we’ll continue to have errors instead of eras (begrudgingly… you’re welcome chez).

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yes I know it's abetting... it was a play on words... sheesh:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I get all that but Lovie's beat GB comment was about the same as an entertainer saying this is a great audience. I never put that much significance on it. Oh well.

  • In 2005 he took Benson with Aaron Rodgers in the green room. I'm know they weren't ready to give up on Rex yet, but they still spent a 4th on Kyle Orton....

  • Apologies if this was posted on another thread - but a good national look at Angelo's failure:

  • Jeff, actually they weren't 3 entirely different systems. Terry Shea's system was supposed to be similar to Martz's. Although I suppose when you look at the first year results of both, they actually have been remarkably similar... zing!

    When Smith came on board, he wanted an offense like he had in STL. Obviously Martz was still HC in STL so he wasn't going to get him, but on a recommendation (from Vermeil IIRC?) he was led to Shea who grew up in the same family as Martz/Coryell/Turner/etc. (As for Ron Turner, I think he was clearly a JA suggestion...)

  • btw, I have to post this again.

    Jack is such a good little Chihuahua (actually, it’s pretty sad that a 55 year old ver-jin still living with his mother is her only poster).

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    What would be sad is if he was living with YOUR mom. Course, then he wouldn't be a ver-jin. HA!

  • Yes Jeff. Yes my son. Where are the counter traps and treys? Where are the brute force running plays. Large fullback and bruising halfbacks. Sheer momentum > defensive push. The offense knows where the ball is going!

    Hester as a slot receiver. Totally. He can't play the outise he hasn't got the size to shield or the skill to overcome the lack of it. Hurd and Williams or Williams and Earl.

  • The inventor of Doritos died yesterday at age 91. He asked to be buried with the inventors of Fritos and Cheetos in a three pack.


    His casket seemed big, but - you know - 90% of it is air. Pow!

    Can you tell I'm watching the Floyd on Fallon?

  • In reply to gpldan:

    With all due respect to Warren and the Mule, this cover of Breathe by the Shins is great

    (skip to the last segment)

  • That was awesome. I liked the interview with Nick too. He's one of my favorite drummers.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    + 1. His drumming on One of These Days is a thing a beauty. Animals is one of the most underrated Floyd albums I think. I absolutely love that album. DEFINITELY my favorite album of all time. And I love his drumming on that album. It's their one Rocker album. Great night driving music whilst stoned.

  • So Toub called for the punt return at the end of the 3rd qtr, but THAT was when masthay shanked it...Toub knew he liked punting left, so tried it again in the 4th and it worked....we were down 20-10 when he called it the first time...would've been nice!!

  • Bears work out two players
    September 14, 2011|By Brad Biggs | Tribune reporter

    The Chicago Bears kicked the tires on a pair of defensive players Tuesday at Halas Hall, the kind of due diligence that goes on around the league as teams get a better handle for what’s available on the street.

    Linebacker Kion Wilson and cornerback Phillip Adams were brought in for tryouts, according to league sources. Wilson was one of the final cuts by the San Diego Chargers.

  • Couple of thoughts about the the Panthers game.

    Pressure on Cutler will be relentless and if the Bears want to win they will have to be able to run the ball. I look for Cutty to be harassed and hit all day long on Sunday. Riviera will bring it.

    Our D line will determine the outcome of this game. If Newton is able to scramble it could be a long day. The Bears have to win the turnover battle.

    Bears 13, Panthers 10.

  • Steve Slaton anyone?

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