As Tight Ends Have Dominated Bears Defense, a Familiar Face Returns

As Tight Ends Have Dominated Bears Defense, a Familiar Face Returns

Tony Gonzalez had 5 catches for 72 yards and was the lone bright spot for a dismal Atlanta Falcons team on opening day.  Jimmy Graham had 6 catches for 79 yards and it seemed every ball he caught was on a big spot third-and-long.  Jermichael Finley had 7 catches for 85 yards.  3 touchdowns.  While it is difficult to reach conclusions from the first three weeks of any NFL season, one thing is abundantly clear: the Bears are being dominated by opposing tight ends.


We know all the reasons.  The Tampa 2 leaves a giant hole in the middle of the field, patrolled only by Brian Urlacher it seems.  (He has done a brilliant job of that thus far in 2011.)  The Bears have been down to their third and fourth safeties at times as they face this crop so they've been unable to put a capable player in a man coverage situation.  And if you're thinking they should line third corner D.J. Moore on Graham or Finley, think about how Moore's 5'9" would stack up against their 6'6" and 6'5" respectively.  You also need an accurate QB to make the tight end work against this system and Rodgers, Brees are two of the most accurate in the sport.

Enter Greg Olsen.  The Jersey-born, "U"-bred, first round draft pick of the Chicago Bears was unceremoniously shipped to Charlotte this offseason under the guise of "not fitting the Martz system."  (One might wonder why the remainder of the skill players sans Matt Forte weren't also shipped out.)  This won't be Olsen's first time contributing for the Panthers against the Bears, however.  In 2008 he fumbled the ball twice in a desperate attempt to help the Bears abandon their 17-3 lead.  They did so after a huge catch by tight end Jeff King in the fourth quarter put the Panthers in position for a one-yard TD run.  You could argue Olsen's tenure with the Panthers started that afternoon.  His love affair with many Bears fans certainly ended.

Does Olsen have an axe to grind?  Who knows.  Will he be attempting to prove a point at Soldier Field?  Absolutely.  And head coach Ron Rivera will be pleased as punch to shove the Olsen decision down the throats of former bosses Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith.  With Peanut spending a majority of the afternoon (hopefully) tracking Steve Smith's wherabouts, I'd expect the Panthers to use Olsen as Cam Newton's primary target.  They'll want the ball out of their rookie QB's hands as quickly as possible.

The Bears should approach Olsen as what they know he is: a wide receiver.  If he is on the field he should be attended to by whichever of the starting corners is not on #89.  Failure to recognize Olsen as the second most viable receiving threat for the Panthers will only lead to another 5-10 catch, 75-100 yard, multiple TD effort from an opposing tight end.  Treating him like a starting wide receiving, like an elite receiving talent, wil force Cam and the Panthers to beat them by throwing the ball to Brandon LaFell and Legedu Naanee.

I'm much more comfortable with that.  Aren't you?

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  • First to say I told you so. This is a all out revenge game. Rivera and Olsen are gonna play lights out.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    You were, and I know what you mean Artoo.

    But I do hope that Rivera actually plays, as even Martz could probably recognize that weak spot in their defense :-)

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Make a sign Artoo, have it say "Ron - you're no Wilbur Marshall"

    That should piss him off, as he had to hear that throughout his career here after Marshall took a big check to play for the Skins. Truth was, he wasn't even as good as Jim Morrissey who replaced HIM. I always thought he was exceedingly average for a Sam side backer. Kind of like Roach is now.

    Downside is, nobody will spot and exploit Roach any better. Roach can't run with the Finleys, cant intimidate the bigger backs, is a non-existent Blitzer. In 5 years, Roach will be in the "who?" conversation with guys like Vinson Smith and Warrick Holdman, with whom he shared #53.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    Problem is, Artoo, they're not a good team. You can't have revenge from the tight end position.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    +1 but it's even money Olsen finds the endzone Sunday.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    It looks like the Bears will be 7 point favorites by everything I've seen so far.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    They will if you are right. Tight ends dominate our defense.

  • In fairness Warrick Holdman battled serious injuries but he, Rosie Colvin and Brian were a lethal combination.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    +1, for sure, Blogfather.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    At least some of their success is owed to Tractor Taylor and who was that other big hoss we had plugging the middle? Neither player did shit after they left.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    That was Ted Washington, yes? No one could run the middle AT ALL those days.

    I liked Colvin a lot.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    That's a yes on Ted Washington. Watching "Tractor" Traylor run with a recovered fumble was show unto itself. Alas, they were only healthy at the same time for 1 season with the Bears.

  • GirlyThor…. DEAD.

    That guy used to suck, and he still sucks. As a TE at least. I agree 100% on the WR thing. As I suggested last year, ‘the dude is 6’5” and runs a fucking 4.5 40 at 255 LBS… why don’t we get him on Jenny Craig to lose 30 LBS and get him into puss-alligator-arm training, and viola…. There’s our big body WR.’

    Still dead.

  • Oh, and agree on the roach thing 100%. Can missing Pisa/manning really impact our run game as much a it has?

    btw, that was yet another retarded move by jerry. We finally stabilize the safety positions and they give one away. How much was he asking for anyway? I know this is armchair QBing, but I didn't think we'd get no one.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I dont the answer to run defense foes. I doubt the absence of Manning has any effect, but I truly do miss his speed on the D, cause we are very much lacking that. As of Pisa, i think he is a legitimate compliment to Briggs, and Urlacher. Roach I have never liked, and seems to be overpowered to easily by opposing TE's and Oline tackles. I rather have Iwuh in their now, and just have him blitz off the edge all day. Cover 1, man up, safety on a TE, Blitzing 5 guys.

  • know* im full of spellchecks and grammar issues. I should read before i post.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    to replace manning I mean

  • check out our fan confidence meeting... down to 39 from 85 before the game. Ouch.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    those aren't fan's
    they're speculators
    lookin for the next good (ronnie) bull run

  • Our D is getting lit up all around. Yea I know, "their on the field to long" and all the other excuses. Sorry people but I honestly do not believe in this D as of today. Our rush defense is horrible, our coverage schemes suck, and pressure on the QB is incosistent. We play to dam conservative, and I would like to see our boys fly around more, and be more aggressive. Play man up, blitz the hell out of them. Our number 1 problem with Rodgers always is we never give him pressure. But how can we generate pressure, and use blitzes effectively when both our Safeties are slow, and our CB are undersized and also slow?

  • Whats embarrasing about the game on sunday against GB. Was that they went into the game with the focus to stop ONE guy, Matt Forte. They succeeded that, and ok cool. But who the hell stepped up? Our O relies on Forte to much, and opposing D's will keep rushing us and keep shutting down the run. Our Oline stinks, and our Pass game is truly weak.

    8 in the morning and Im fucking fired up, and Im tired of this mediocre status quo bullshit set by Lovie, and Angelo.

  • forte's problem
    his G.M.
    and O co-ordinator do not believe in the run or his magic
    i will write about/ analyze angelo's words in a later rant

  • Forte IS our offense, it's true. And we should definitely be blitzing a lot more.

  • This has nothing to do with Jeff's post, sorry. Spent some time playing with my new Ipad yesterday early (what an incredible machine) - trying to find the answer for the question my son asked - Why do the Packers get to have so many great players? I intuitively knew the answer - they're much better at drafting than we are - but I wanted to check the respective rosters and how they were put together.

    I picked the top 24 players from each team that are actually playing, and I ignored current injuries. Also ignored special teams. So I basically took the 11 starters on offense and defense and then added two to each, because I felt the need to include Johnny Knox and Earl Bennett on our squad.

    Here's first the raw data: Where the player is followed by a number, that means the team drafted them in that round. FA followed by a number is obviously free agent, with the number indicating the player's draft round from a different team.

    Greg Jennings-2
    Chad Clifton -2
    Tj Lang -4
    Scott Wells-7
    Josh Sitton -4
    Brian Bulaga -1
    Jermichael Finley-3
    Donald Driver-7
    Jordy Nelson -2
    Aaron Rodgers-1
    Ryan Grant - undrafted
    John Kuhn-undrafted
    Bj Raji-1
    Ryan Pickett-fa-1
    Jarius Wynn-6
    Clay Mathews-1
    Aj Hawk-1
    Desmond Bishop-6
    Eric Walden-fa-6
    Charles Woodson -fa-1
    Tramon Williams -undrafted
    Charlie Peprah -5
    Morgan Burnett-3
    James Starks-6

    Devin Hester-2
    Jmarcus Webb-7
    Chris Williams-1
    Roberto Garza-fa-4
    Lance Louis -7
    Gave carimi-1
    Matt spaeth-fa-3
    Roy Williams-fa-1
    Johnny Knox-5
    Earl Bennett -3
    Matt forte -2
    Jay cutler-fa-1
    Toeina- practice squad signee
    Odonije undrafted
    Briggs -3

    Packers 18 drafted out of 24 (75%) 3 Undrafted Free Agents
    5 #1 picks - Rodgers, Raji, Hawk, Matthews, Bulaga
    3 #2 picks - Jennings, Clifton,Jordy Nelson
    2 #3 picks - Jermichael Finley, Morgan Burnett
    Major fa - Woodson
    Late rounders turned great - Donald Driver, Ryan Grant(?)
    In the wings - not included on roster above #1 pick Sherrod -#2 pick Randall Cobb

    Bears 14 drafted out of 24 (58%) 3 Undrafted Free Agents
    3 #1 picks - Urlacher, Williams, Carimi
    3 #2 picks - Tillman, Hester, Forte
    3 #3 picks - Briggs, Bennett, Major Wright
    Major fa - Cutler, Peppers
    Late rounders turned great - no one
    In the wings - no one

    If you just look at numbers of the 1's 2's and 3's, at first it doesn't jump out at you that it's that different between the two teams. But you have to look at the quality of the #1's compared with our #1's. Thus far (and of course jury is still out on Carimi) - only Urlacher compares with any of the 5 guys picked #1 (I don't know anything about Bulaga). And remember they have a 6th #1 that's in the wings in Sherrod, as well as the #2 I didn't include in Cobb, a guy who's already contributing for them.

    Our 2's stack up evenly, as do our 3's.

    They add two significant late rounders who turned into great (Donald Driver) or really good (Ryan Grant).

    So I guess the bottom line conclusion is Packers have built their team with six #1 draft picks, 5 of which are more or less the best players on their team. They also have a much higher percentage of draft picks as starters.

    When you look at the Bears roster, you can look at it two different ways - the Bears are bad at picking #1 picks but good at finding quality players in later rounds - that's the generous way of looking at it - or the actual answer, the Bears suck at drafting and our late round players happen to be the best we have around, but it doesn't mean they're actually better than their draft position.

    Jerry Angelo, I believe this is a major indictment of you.

    Would love to get others' impressions of this data, what else am I missing?

  • In reply to PhilfromSATX:

    that is a wonderful and great analysis Phil. Print over a million copies of that, and scatter them all around the streets of Chicago. This will truly tear shit up!

  • In reply to PhilfromSATX:

    No, I think you pretty much nailed it.

    Pep and Cutty represent the symptoms of the Angelo disease - blockbuster free agent acquisitions.

    Angelo has adopted the blockbuster FA signing as a survival technique. If the Bears go 6-10 or worse, esp. worse, I expect to see another one. The Eagles are turning into a cautionary tale about too many FAs, Angelo prefers that ONE guy approach.

    Who will be the biggest FA this offseason? What position does he play?

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I also would not be shocked to see us trade down in next year's draft, using our 1 for a 2 and a 3. Combined with the Olsen 3, that is another Angelo hallmark. He knows he sucks at picking #1s, or maybe he's like Billy Beane leaving the stadium - he thinks he is cursed.

    So he pushes downward and picks up lots of 3rd rounders, in the hopes that one of them pans out.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    we didn't even get a 3rd for Olsen in the end, remember? That was just a cruel rumor that JA actually got anything for him.

    Yeah, until we get rid of that buffoon Angelo we're doomed to mediocrity.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Wait, WHAT?

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Oh, wait. sorry, screwed that up. It was a player WITH the 3rd rounder that we thought we were going to get, then that turned out to be false.

    Sorry, bad memory. Getting old.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    On Greg Olsen's Wiki page, it says he was traded for a 3rd rounder. On the 2011 Carolina Panthers Wiki page, Greg Olsen is listed under "Free Agent Acquisitions" 4 years, 24 million

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Cutler was traded, for at least one first rounder (was it two?) you have to figure him into the Bears #1 picks because they spent those first rounders aquiring him

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    Why are you constantly on this blog Cheesedick? Please kindly fuck off and only come back on packer week. The sight of your name irks me to no end.

  • In reply to PhilfromSATX:

    well done Phil. Very good analysis.

    Mike, Viva, your turn please.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    What, don't look at me. I only spoke up before to defend JA from unfair, unbalanced criticism. Phil's post was very fair and well-reasoned -- i.e. an honest examination without a pre-determined conclusion.

    The only things I might add is that the difference between 14 and 18 draftees isn't that large -- given that number varies from year to year, that could fall under random variation. Examining several seasons of opening day rosters would establish whether it's statistically significant or not. Also Melton and Knox (or KD for Irish, heh) have enough potential they could turn out to be great/really good -- even with Driver it probably wasn't clear he would be great after 2 seasons. Also you could maybe argue there aren't #1s and #2s in the wings because of the Cutler trade and Gaines passing away. None of these are meant to contradict your analysis (which on the whole I agree with), but are just small caveats in being too sure of the conclusion.

  • In reply to PhilfromSATX:

    WOW! And Phil did all that OFF THE TOP OF HIS HEAD!

    Seriously, +1, Phil.

  • In reply to PhilfromSATX:

    i believe in reality
    the bears ...s-ck
    i'll repeat ; they don't draft for the plan of attack settled on
    we are all in on the pass
    why draft a skilled run blocker; and then expect that he can pass block instantly...look at schools to fit your style
    wisc runs the sh-t out of the ball
    no knock on gabe the jew ox..... he;ll get it, but not by his 3rd game
    so try to play to his strenght for a while ...
    while he tries to master the coordinator's strenght's

    Rant comming...i feel it...i should press the

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    we really do need someone in the wings
    but i was thinking more like an
    angel or 2

  • In reply to PhilfromSATX:

    3 #1 picks - Urlacher, Williams, Carimi
    3 #2 picks - Tillman, Hester, Forte
    3 #3 picks - Briggs, Bennett, Major Wright

    Instant thoughts looking at those? Angie didn't draft Urlacher. Tillman and Briggsy have obviously worked out. Hester is/was a great returner. Forte is a good running back. And that's that. Ten years as GM - I'm expecting more than that. None of the rest have contributed much and that includes Cutler, sad to say.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    And it's a fallacy that Angelo has drafted well in the later rounds. It's just not true. See below.

  • I sense a disturbance in "The Force", Ob-Wan.

    Unfortunately, it's Icon-Trashing time again., boys & girls.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Er, OBI-wan.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Payton's marriage stuff was well known at the time. Kind of like the Fencik thing.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I wish I hadn't read that piece, Al. Maybe the painkillers led to his liver disease. They are tough on the liver. I won't judge him on getting addicted to painkillers. They are very very difficult to quit and can be addictive after one bottle. Trust me. I know. And with the pain he must've played with, and his easy access. I don't blame him one bit. The nitric thing, well, when you get a taste of a high like vicodin, you tend to chase it with other things. Nitric will give you that immediate relief but can do major damage to the brain. When you get off of stuff like that, you go into a major depression. So all that is really too bad, but it doesn't change my reverence for him. The extramarital affairs, well, that sucks. No man is perfect. And I still love him.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    Painkillers ARE tough on the liver. I've heard about athletes popping 3200MG of ibuprofen and winding up on the waiting list for a new liver.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Payton's depression may have had the same root cause as Duerson's. We'll never know.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Possibly, but having to walk away from 60,000+ people cheering you 8 or more times a year can be deflating too.
    Most of us have, nor ever WILL have, any frame of reference for that level of adulation .In it's own way,
    that adulation is a kind of drug, too.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I'm not from Chi, Al, but it would seem for the Greatest Football Player of All Time, all he would have to do is go to the grocery store for a little adulation. Guess that's not the same as jumping over a pile for six in front of 60k screaming fanatics though. Point taken.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    walter was so beautiful
    alot of that was done for us.....
    he never wanted to dissappoint

    never criticize another human beings life experiences
    no body ever born, is subjected to the goodness
    without also experiencing it's opposite; { because of the concepts the mind has as borders}

    everything that happened to the body "Walter Payton"; was in his seed at birth
    we remain one with the 'real' walter; to us, he is like the sweetness in the sugarcane.

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    this is the world of marketers that whore themselves out
    to get the golden goose and all her eggs
    just a simple spreading of the legs

    S.I. could have chosen page 246
    but, page 246 was clean
    no money there

    well cromwell, if you don't find any dirt in that manuscript; make something up
    we have our reputation on the line

    this book has nothing to offer
    trash it

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    i have to go see the 3 stooges;
    it is the only normal left in this f-d up place

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    A. Fucking. Men.

  • If this very next piece doesn't make your blood just boil as a bears fan, I don't know what will:

    "LM: Jay Cutler has been sacked a league-high 66 times since the start of the 2010 season. Are you concerned about all of those hits affecting his performance?"

    JA: “All quarterbacks are affected when they get hit; there isn’t one in the NFL who isn’t. I’ve said this time and again: good offenses start with protecting the quarterback. You can’t be a good offense unless you protect the quarterback. It’s that simple."

    I want to hurt this man right now. Can someone please go down to Halas and fire him right now... RIGHT now?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I am still flabbergasted that he committed that statement to copy. That is a slap in the face to every bears fan.

    Fuck you angelo you cancer.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Cutler's been sacked over ONE-HUNDRED times as a Bear, which averages about 3 per game. Lord only knows how many hits & knockdowns that translates into.

    His average in Denver was about 1 sack a game.

    (Stats source: The Dan Patrick Show 09/28/11)

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    so, facts and stats being established.... what would you like to do about this Al? You know, if it were up to you?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    For starters, and this is not a revalation to any of the sentient posters on this blog, I would cut WAAAAAY back on the 7 step drops and I would call a lot more bootlegs and rollouts for Cutler so he's at least a MOVING target.

    Whacking Mike Martz up side the head with a 2 by 4 every time Jay is sacked on a 7 step dropback comes to mind, too.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I like the 2x4 idea.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    yes;yes; yes! albert

    i would use the shock therapy
    hook him up before gametime
    pour some water on his socks
    and see how practical he gets

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    think ron santo; boy's
    jay is a brave man
    who is rolling the dice

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    As I've said before MB, I'll do it. Somebody with some pull send me the plane ticket, organize my visa and let me know where he lives and I'll do it with his own glasses.

  • never been a huge fan of the ali g character, but this is pretty good:

    And this is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen a human do:>

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I'm guessing he broke his foot. 2nd vid is awesome!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Ali G talks with a police officer about dangerous drugs. Classic.

  • Actually most of the balls, certainly to Finley and from what I recall to Graham as well, were not in the middle of the field at all. Most of their catches seemed to come against either man coverage, or in the outside seams between the corners and the safeties.

    I'd actually be surprised if Rivera tries to make Olsen the focal point. Under Fox every QB went to Steve Smith, and somehow he always found a way to have at least good yardage days against the Bears if not TDs. I don't know why Rivera would give that up -- unless maybe Newton isn't ready to make those throws yet. That said I'm sure Olsen will hope for a big day against his old team.

    Lastly, even great #2 WRs don't have corners follow them around, especially in T2. Corners set and play the edges. If the top 2 wideouts line up on the same side of the field, very few defenses will move their top 2 corners to the same side (unless they are playing say some type of man-free coverage and don't mind broadcasting it). They probably should put a corner on him at all times, and tend towards nickel personnel when he's on the field however.

  • I’m out for work for a couple weeks and da blog turns into a Mr. Mom and the Menses show with the Bloody P Sticks opening. Jesus men!! This is the fourth week of the season with a must win coming up! Let’s sit up straight and focus for fuck sake!

    Martz better have a dozen plays flushing Cutler out of the pocket this week. Maybe his pressure awareness will increase if he’s able to move around a bit and wait for routes to develop. This is what keeps Cutler from being elite; the inability to feel pressure and throw away the ball. Rodgers seems to always know when someone is close and is always able to get rid of it. Cut certainly seems to be more accurate throwing on the move for some reason. You can lose 11 lbs to decrease your gunt and work on your foot speed in the off-season, but that don’t mean shit if you can’t feel the big bois coming after ya.

    What happened to the spectacular receiver blocking we saw in week 1? I guess receivers need to first separate and catch the fuckin ball before we can ask for more of that.

    Henry Melton could be a pro-bowler this year.

    Tim Jennings is turning into one of my favorite players. One of the only sure tacklers on our team despite him being the same size as my 14 year old cousin. He always seems to be in the right spot.

    No more swinging out Cookie to try to block LBs on run plays. He simply cannot get to the spot.

    Upon further review, white safeties with rose pedal tattoos from the SEC might be smart football players, but they certainly cannot cover track stars and power forwards converted to NFL tight end. How many times does Gary Fencik have to dick slap you Jerry for you to figure that out.

  • making friiiieeeeeends:

  • JA is a walking contradiction. I was really expecting him to have left by now when Tim Rusky was hired. Rumors were JA was getting burned out, wishful thinking. I try to be a glass-half full guy. When we get the Barbarian, Harris, BJ back and RW healthy we should be better - SHOULD. But, I don't think its' enough to contend. Many years ago JA was talking about how teams have this narrow "window" of time to truly have a shot at a SB. We have been close 2 times, and last year was our best chance, except we couldn't get done what Lovie was brought in to do -- Beat the Fudge. Our window is closing fast with our 30-plus aged Defensive studs. I am still ticked we didn't land a Sidney Rice or V Jack type of WR, and pick up an O lineman. This topic has been beating to a pulp, I know, but damn this nerve is still raw in me. If we can't put up 30 points vs the Panthers at home an win, we need to blow-up the coaching staff, particularly Martz needs to go. Its early in the year, but this Panthers game is critical for us to get on track and hope for a wild-card spot. Good news is that the Heat (Eagles) and Flacons are also struggling.

  • ahhhh yes crown, the dreaded gunt, or FUP:

    welcome back.

  • Hey Doc, thought maybe this would help:

    (ps. It's owwwwn muthafuckah!)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    My fave:

    Male acquaintance: "Are you pregnant?"
    Me: "Yes, how did you know?"
    Male acquaintance: "Your face!"
    Me: "Oooh."
    Male acquaintance:"Is it a boy?"
    Me: "Yes! Again, how did you know?"
    Male acquaintance: "Again, your face! See when women are pregnant with boys, they tend to lose the femininity in their face."
    Me: "Oooh."

  • Its one of those weeks where I have a player (Olsen) playing against the Bears and I'm fairly certain he'll be scoring some points. To play or not to play that is the question. To secretly root against your own team in even the slightest way or to stay loyal and in doing so chance a loss... to lose.. to win no more.. to endure the heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to, 'tis a consummation devoutly to be avoided.

  • 1) How much money is invested?

    2) How will you sleep at night?

  • Da Coach once said "I never promised you a Rose Garden". Ok, he didn't - but it sounds like something he woulda said to Johnny Morris in a pissed off mood.

    Now, he gets to visit the White House Rose Garden - along with Dent, Hamp, Mongo, Jimmy Mac and others. Duerson and Payton will be missed.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    hopefully their jerseys will be on display

  • Bears will crush Panthers - Charles Johnson, Jordan Gross, Steve Smith, and Greg Olsen.

    We have more players in the Sporting News top 100 than the Panthers.


    Do you think Angelo or Lovie saw how easy it is to leave the building like Ozzie?

    Another S.I. douche - Walter Payton also shat many times during his life.

  • I'm not going to read that WP hatchet job. Stop the presses, football players take pain killers and cheat on their wives. Walter will always be a special player to all Bears fans and this gossip mongering bullshit will not make a bit of difference, Fuck the author.

    Phil you went to a lot of work to prove what we all knew intuitively. Thanks for backing it up with the facts.

    If we lose to Carolina there might be a full scale mutiny at Halas Hall.

    I'm afraid if we don't get our O straightened out soon, Cutler will never reach his potential. He's trying to hang in there on the 7-step drops and usually gets sacked for it. It's not even the sacks that worry me. It's the hits. He seems to get really smoked at least a couple of times every game. That jackass Martz stumbled on the answer last year and is too stubborn to go back to it. Fuck I dislike that guy.

    Has anyone heard if Mathews has been fined for the leg whip? If he isn't, the NFL might as well come out and admit they like to punish Cutler and promote GB.

  • +1 on that canada... didn't even think about reading it.

    Yeah, mine too doc. Guys can be so fucking dumb.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yeah. Guys are dumb and women are crazy. At least dumb is predictable.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Here's another thing you should apparently never say to your pregnant wife:

    "I'm going to look at half naked babes on bikes whether you want me to or not."

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    Doc it really didn't help that the last entry was the first one showing much skin in the last month or two. If she would have seen the 2-3 entries before the last one she probably would have thought you had more of fixed gear bike fetish than a thing for babes.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Yeah. That's EXACTLY what she would have thought.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34: need to follow up her response with......
    "Say anything ya wanna;
    I have heard it all"

    are you fast?
    your next move is the duck and run

  • One of the best. scenes. ever.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I saw a picture of her with her hubby (Kevin Kline) a few months ago. She still looks great.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I slapped the salami many times to that scene in my early pubescent days.



  • I get the impression that Sweetness biography is going to get the knees a-jerkin at the DBB Waterin' Hole.

    Maybe before we start stuffing the rags in the scarecrow to be burned in effigy, maybe it might be a good idea to get a feel for Pearlman as a writer

    I'll say this, his writing seems fair and pretty evenhanded. Payton is a legend, but when he was alive, people in Chicago knew his problems. Well, some of them. Painkillers and the goofy story of how he tried to bring his wife and his mistress to his Canton induction. A bold move from a man known for the juke.

    Anyhow, the book is trying to be definitive. 700 interviews. Lots of stuff on background, but alot of people put their names to their words. I may read it.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Whoops - sorry - mixed two things up. He was dead during his PF-HOF induction, so that would have been a bold move indeed.

    His son Jarrett gave his speech, as we know. He tried to bring his wife and his mistress to another honor banquet, I need to find out exactly which one.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Also, even though he's from NYC - he obviously has some affection for Da Bears

  • In reply to gpldan:

    still smells of cheap marketing
    i am interested if it's clean
    but; i turn away from the cheap tricks
    makes me suspect

    no reason to sell literature that way
    stand on your research and literary skill
    let us find those personal items during our own rrading
    or just leave it out and see how many you sell
    that would be manning up

  • Crown, that was fantastic, top to bottom. Killer opening paragraph! I'm still laughing.

  • I tried to link that to Crown's post, don't know what I'm doing wrong here. Oh well. Also Michael L, great reply, don't disagree with any of your points, except that the 5 (actually 6) 1's the Pack drafted are playing with the team and are the best guys on the team. In that analysis, I realize the we have several #1's in the form of FA's in Cutler and Peppers, but they do to, out of three free agents on that list, two of them were 1st rounders as well, Woodson and Pickett. So I saw that as a wash in comparing rosters. Agree on Melton, hope he continues as good as he has been, and Johnny Knox should actually be included as low rounder who was a steal for the Bears.

  • In reply to PhilfromSATX:

    I guess Knox wasn't exactly a waste of a fifth round pick, not yet, I mean he's still on the team technically. But even though we can probably all agree Enderle was a weird pick, it just makes you want to throw up when you realize that James Starks was on the top of the Bears draft board when Angie decided to reach for Enderle. We shouldn't even have been drafting a QB - we should have been waving cash at Sage Rosenfels or somebody who could actually direct your team to a win in the NFL. There you go tribesmen. Three Bear Jews!

  • Angelo never had a better opportunity to sign a high profile FA than Plax.

  • Chargers sign DT Tommie Harris and place SS Bob Sanders on IR.

    I feel really badly for Sanders... he was like the Colts Mike Brown. Brutal.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    'Cept he got recognition and a ring.

  • Walter Payton was a football player, and a damn good one. He was not Superman; he was not a saint.

    If you wish to keep the hero image, by all means do so and avoid the book. But given the research that evidently went into the book, it would be unfair to pillory the author. Just looked at a Yahoo story that ended with:

    "As "Sweetness" shows, our heroes are always more complex than we know."

    Ain't that the truth....

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    it is not the content that bothers me
    it is the cheapening of the literature and research; by tabloid marketing...let me find this out when i read

    walter payton was way beyond that type of characterization in his lifetime
    and he should have respected walter a bit more
    just another leach living off an athelete's fame
    aparently; walter will make this pear man alot of money
    but to me he will be an imitation pearl

  • Well you guys got me curious so I read the piece in SI. Don't really care. One thing that jumped out at me as bullshit was the trailer with a bunch of tanks of nitrous. I've done nitrous a few times. All it did was lead to a few laughs and a killer headache. I find it hard to believe guys were huffing tanks of it.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Yeah, that seemed sensationalist to me, as well.

    At some point, one would think Hamp and Hub will address the book on the Score and let us know if this is Hunter S. Thompson or Albert Goldman, or somewhere in between. My guess is Hamp won't like it.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    What time is that show on, GP?

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    Hamp and Hub have about a 3 hour pregame show just before every Bears game on 670 the Score that you can listen to live on your computer. Hampton is also usually on the third hour of Mully and Hanley every Monday after a game that you can podcast.
    I agree with you on the Animals album Doc. Between HS and college, me and my brother probably studied a few hundred hours while stoned listening to Animals.

  • My take. The Payton piece only increases my idolatry of him. What mortal man could eat that many painkillers and not die? What mortal man could juggle two bitches at his own HOF induction ceremony in which he was the shining star? The answer? Only Sweetness. God bless you, good sir.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    He was literally Jack Tripper, Hunter S. Thompson, and The Terminator all rolled into one. Wow. What a man.

  • still riled up about the website thing huh doc.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Nah. Just crackin' wise.

  • greetings
    did u boys honk for your picketing mailman?
    a couple of thoughts on olsen and angelo

    I think we should scheme a play early; where olsen gets his bell rung
    we need to start making film for other teams to think about
    regarding the tight end strategy
    hey it's business
    i like greg-o...always will

    i digress:
    this is why rodgers gets more dangerous against us each time we play
    we have not given him anything to sear doubt into his mind
    he needed to be blown up just once
    hit him for a safety near the goaline
    and the next game he is inside the two we are inside his head
    blame the coaches for not setting him up
    just to knock him down
    he still believes he can get away with anything
    not good considering we have to see him 2x a year for the next 10

    back to Olsen
    I think olsen is soft
    and here is why
    i was cutting through the T.V. room during pre season and got stopped by a reality t.v. show, that was on;
    it was Julianna, and the Trump golden boy -----Bill;
    Bill was at a workout with Forte and Olsen
    after the sweat; they went to a juice bar and manned up to three shots of wheat grass
    after throwing them back; greg, to my suprise;
    twisted up his face into a sour pussed pucker
    forte never flinched
    if you can't throw back wheat grass
    without the face you are a wimp

    I was livin the green life in a cabin without power or water
    I used to go out into the freshly mowed pastures of kentucky blue grass and squeeze me a gallon of chlorophyll
    my buddies came over with their shots of whatever
    and tried to be alchoholically tough
    they would offer me a shot and i told them i would do one of theirs if they could get through kentucky green first
    i never got to theirs

    now let us analyze mr angelo's speaking
    and by the way
    everyone is speaking from the same set of talking points
    must have been quite a meeting
    cutler said that we don't need to change horses midstream
    we just need better execution

    Jerry said; and I quote, "if you're throwing the ball flawlessly, then you really don't need a strong running game"

    several thoughts
    brilliant deduction on his part;....if you are flawless at anything; why would you need anything else.....just keep doing the flawless
    it's a win every mistakes ever in flawless
    pretty boneheaded theory in a realm of dualism that not only contains flawless; but inept also
    not having another way is dangerous J.A.

    no wonder forte is not getting the $
    no respect for his craft; and it's contribution to our future succes

    He also said, "we have to execute and create an identity for ourselves"

    conflicted J.A.
    when you first got a wiff of this organization it had an identiy
    now we are in the death throes of creating a "passing identity"
    before it's time
    this would have been a pin on his lapel; and the answer to his dream trivia question; "who changed the identity of the bears football franchise?"
    he is Italian and has way too much ceaser blood

    oh by the way matt caught more than six
    it was another loss
    i stopped counting, but I think it's 2-8 or 9
    just stop it

  • In reply to huntinbare:


  • Payton taught me how to reach down and find gears I didn't know I had. On the field and off the field. He was and will always be the Best running back of all time. All that other crap doesn't surprise me though it does make me sad that he had so much pain in his life. In the end, he took it like a man.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Walter was ALWAYS my inspiration when I played organized football, starting at about age 8. I was always one of the smallest kids, but once the pads came on it was different...I had no fear. In 9th grade, I was the smallest kid on the team out of about 60 kids. I was about 5'5"-5'6" and 110 lbs., but started at middle linebacker. I had a lot of sacks. I loved lining up as a DT in passing downs, because the bigs couldn't block me. I got my ass kicked against big power run teams. Part of my chin got broke off one game, but I only missed a few plays. I never told anyone (adults), but it took about 6 months to reconnect. That's when I got the nickname Cormonster. I wanted to be tough like Walter.
    I broke a few bones in my hand before sophomore year playing "kill the guy/ smear the queer" with college guys, so I couldn't play. I went to a top D1 school in Wisconsin, and the coach said I couldn't play for him because I was too small. So, I got a job to afford a car and smoke weed. Then I grew 6" and gained about 70 pounds between jr. and sr. year, but had given up on organized sports by then. I still played tackle football almost every weekend in the fall and winter until I was about 21-22, but it was never as much fun without the pads. It was more like rugby.
    In hindsight, I'm glad I didn't play HS or college ball like a lot of my friends and have to work out all the time. Too many of my friends had life-altering injuries, from permanently screwed up knees, hips, shoulders, etc.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    Football rocks.

  • We live in a society that loves to glorify men but that delights in their failures on some sick level.

    ....and just to prove that we live in a pussy ass Kardashian culture???

    On the right hand side of the Yahoo Sports page next to the sad exposure of Payton:

    "Breaking News: Brady cuts his hair".

    No, i'm not fucking kidding you.

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    the philistines made sampson's life hit the skids after a haircut

  • In reply to Gucci Mang:

    I doubt that our society is unique in that regard, G.M. It seems people have always had a love/hate relationship with those having power or fame. And particularly those with both.

  • How do we stop Olsen? Easy. Send a small cornerback into his general vicinity and watch him up-end himself.

    How do we stop Cam Newton? With our defensive strategy ... we don't. 400+ yards a possibility. We corralled Vick, but we're not letting this guy out of town with under 300 yards passing and Steve Smith murdering us.

  • Hey guys, I agree the article describing the book sounds a bit sensationalist. But reading the excerpt in SI, and the Q&A of the author, it actually seems to be very well- and fairly written. The man clearly respects 34.

    A very long excerpt
    Q&A with the author

    I came away from reading the excerpt with a much greater appreciation for Payton and just how much he truly cared for people around him. Also my impression after reading was that he was not so much a philanderer as he and Connie drifted apart, and both of them refused to consider divorce -- in a way not unlike Prince Charles & Diana. He stayed with the 2nd woman for over 10 years, until his death, so it wasn't as if he had a parade of women (like many athletes). In a normal world he and Connie would have just divorced, but he refused to put his kids through that (or his fans).

    In fact, that may well have been both his greatest flaw and most singular virtue -- his passion to give to those around him. As Pearlman says in his Q&A: "He was amazing with fans. He went out of his way to meet their expectations." The examples and breadth of his generosity and kind spirit are so numerous -- even in that excerpt -- it's dizzying. That passion is, I believe, a big part of why he and Connie let the marriage continue despite falling out of love with each other... for the kids, and the fans. That in turn, I think, is one of the reasons Payton was so torn up inside, and contemplated suicide daily... thinking about "the people [he] put into this fucked-up situation" (his own words).

    I don't see this book as a hatchet-job. I see it as an honest look into the life of someone who was both beautiful and with flaws that were never addressed by himself or the people around him. His post-career life does not diminish who he was or what he represented as a true NFL icon. It is a cautionary tale, however, both on depression and on putting others ahead of oneself so much that you might wish to end it all. Yet through it all, Payton always remained a class-act, staying connected with regular people, and seemed guided (and later haunted) by a moral compass.... And while those qualities eventually led to an intense internal conflict, it also made the lives of so many so much sweeter.

  • In reply to Michael L:

    that was great michael; thanks for reading and sharing
    now I don't have to
    humans are too judgemental
    i hope we continue to see the virtues in walter
    and lose sordid details

    if jesus were wipin' the shit out of the money changers on wall street today
    i am sure we would be hearing about his terrorist tendencies:
    and some " official" would be submitting his crude rendering for his next woodworking project into trial as evidence of a "plot"
    and of course there was the woman...
    all this; just because he cared

    flaws-- shmaws....

  • The Bears still suck. You'll have your hands full playing catch up. Cam will eat you up and spit you out.

  • Don't do it....

  • Hold the front page. J'Marcus Webb got OBR's gold star this week. Mind you, that's a bit like pointing at a guy in a crowded jail cell and saying he's raped and murdered the fewest number of people :

    Found this link in the comments section :

    Interesting extract :

    Angie .....

    * has never drafted a Pro-Bowl offensive player

    * has not drafted a Pro-Bowl position player since 2004 (making the Bears one of 10 teams in the NFL to carry this distinction);

    * drafted a mere three offensive lineman from 2003 through 2006 (one sixth and two seventh round afterthoughts, none of which are currently on the roster)

    * filled only three current roster spots from the 30 draft selections made from 2004 through 2007; and generated a grand total of one current starter (left guard – and bust – Chris Williams) from eight first-round draft picks.

    Again, Angelo apologizers please feel free to chip in once more.

  • Noticed some stuff about Wally as I was pasting in some links for my boys. Saw a link somewhere else and this is all I've read about it.

    I'd love to read 'Never Die Easy' some day if I ever find a copy, don't have a credit card so I can't do the Amazon thing. But I don't want to read a book 'about' him. So he was human after all? Good. He was too much man for one woman? No shit. He was addicted to painkillers? Isn't half of America? And they don't even need 'em. He did.

    At least they waited until he passed. I'm only sorry for Connie, Brittney and Jarret.

    I never saw Jim Brown outside of the movies, but I respect his rush average. Emmit Smith? Nice O-line. Barry Sanders? Yeah, he was quick. O.J.? Nice moves. Earl Campbell, pounder for sure. Bo Jackson? Yeah, special. Adrian Peterson? Meh. C.J Who? But Wally was a sweet guy and the best football player I have seen to date. And that is about the size of that.

  • Just read the actual blog.

    Can we please stop calling it the Tampa 2 Jeff? We don't play the Tampa 2. We play the Chicago 2. Sometimes. We also play single high safety, some man, and some qtr-qtr-half. Because of Brian Urlacher's role, there's no big hole in the middle, but it's vulnerable down the seams.

    And fuck Greg Olsen. He was ineffective for the Bears. He's suddenly a weapon because he plays for the Carolina fucking panthers? If he caught a glimpse of Smurfette Tim Jennings he'd drop his handbag and faint on the spot - losing all of his curlers in the process.

  • Just read the actual blog.

    Can we please stop calling it the Tampa 2 Jeff? We don't play the Tampa 2. We play the Chicago 2. Sometimes. We also play single high safety, some man, and some qtr-qtr-half. Because of Brian Urlacher's role, there's no big hole in the middle, but it's vulnerable down the seams.

    Greg Olsen ? Goldilocks? He was ineffective for the Bears. He's suddenly a weapon because he plays for the Carolina fucking panthers? If he caught a glimpse of Smurfette Tim Jennings he'd drop his handbag and faint on the spot - losing all of his curlers in the process. Fuck Greg Olsen.

  • I'm a Packer fan, who doesn't particularly care for the Bears. But there's enough NFL film on Newton now and the mystique has taken a bit of a hit...although Car did win last week. He hasn't faced a defense like the Bears (hear that, oh my heroes in GB) and, as much as I hate to admit it, they're going to pressure him into at least 3 ints. Or a couple of picks and a fumble. The D scores 7. He's good, but he needs more "marinating" and Marinate"-elli is going to give him all he can handle. Bears 28-10. Ouch and goddamnit.

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