A Plea to the Bears Faithful at Soldier Field on Sunday

A Plea to the Bears Faithful at Soldier Field on Sunday

Late this Sunday afternoon the Super Bowl champions will come to the Lakefront and take on the Chicago Bears.  It is Packer Week and those are only guaranteed twice a year.  Listening to Chicagoland radio Monday morning it became more than apparent the Bears faithful were not only willing but downright giddy to trash everything (and I mean everything) involving the organization.  Suddenly 30-12 was the dream and 30-13 was the reality.  The fans I listened to seemed more excited to say "I told you so" than they would have been to say "Yeehaw!  We're 2-0!"  It is the most consistently disappointing component of doing what I do: having to deal with the inherent negativity of those supposedly pulling for the same club and those reporting on the club for the city's dailies.


Sunday has the opportunity to be a pivotal moment of the 2011 Chicago Bears season and a true home field advantage must be created at Soldier Field.  Chicago. Rome. Soldier. Coliseum.  Force Aaron Rodgers to burn timeouts when he can't communicate audibles at the line of scrimmage. Get on the refs when you don't agree with a bullshit pass interference call on Tim Jennings.  When Roy Williams makes the formerly obnoxious first down gesture after a big third down catch, shake the damn building.

But don't boo.  Especially not early in the game.  I understand the cost of ticket prices for the ballpark.  But if J'Marcus Webb lets a rusher around him on the left side early, don't turn on him.  If Cutler throws a pick in a bad spot, calm down.  If they lose, if they get embarrassed at home, you'll have six more games to unleash your wrath on all things Bears.  Sunday all that fourth phase bullshit matters.  Don't disappoint.

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  • Thank you! If there's one thing I can't stand it pessimistic fans.
    First time poster, long time reader. Love you site.

    BEAR DOWN!!!

  • In reply to Cutler6Fan8:

    welcome from another rookie...so far the animals have been hospitable...and they are just as entertaining as the bears i saw riding bikes around barnum's big top

  • In reply to Cutler6Fan8:

    Yeah, it's grammar and blind optimists with me. Welcome.

  • Amen Jeff!!!

    Let's crack some Cheese-heads and kick some ass!!!

    BEAR DOWN!!!

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    good story btw B4... GP's was just really impressive and... 'special' maing.

  • Ah there's nothing like having to sign in each and every time!! It never ceases to annoy me.

    Yeah I'm actually listening to Mike Wilbon on Waddle and Silvy ...he's ready to lead the chicago fans off a cliff if they lose this weekend. But they wont lose!

  • one thing. Just one thing.

    Fuck. The. Packers.

    Rodgers. FUCKING. DEAD.

    Hey MBP, you know that breakout pep game you mentioned last week? Sorry lad, you were a week early. It's concussion time for bug-eyes.

  • Posting this not-gay way.

    Know what shocked me? Hair roid only did 18 at 225???? Wow, with all those roids, you'd think he was much much stronger. shocking. (Hairboy.. DEAD) ((oh, and sorry Johnny))

    Check the last one... Ghonston!!! Hahahaha... jacked does not equal good football player.

    btw, thank goodness we didn't take a shot at bob sanders this year. Phew... dodged a bullet there, huh Jerry?

  • Peanut... timmy... shooter... Hitman...

    Please read this blog post.

  • Let's play... the FEUD!!!!!

    (Doc, have you been noticing my embedded link nerdy brilliance?)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yes. And I really don't like to be out-nerded. Please share.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    here you go my man:

    (a href=http://www.yourlinkgoeshere.com)this is what the link will say(/a)

    just replace each "(" ")" with the requisite less than/greater than signs instead. Make sense?

    Now, MBP... please let us know how to strikethrough.

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    once again... who the h-ll are you people.....can you climb in anywhere you please

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    ever see "The Matrix" Hunti?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I preferred the normal links, that way you could tell whether or not you wanted to visit. This way, you have to do a mouse-over to see where the link goes.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    ...says Irish as he grabs his handbag... to go bra shopping with his sister

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Manbag. It's a manbag, dude.

  • see told you doc: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/09/20/andreea-barbosa-twins-uterus_n_971911.html?ref=healthy-living-health-news&icid=maing-grid7%7Cmain5%7Cdl17%7Csec1_lnk2%7C97724

  • Watch the second vid... not the most mobile guy out there? Dude, you are fucking clueless. Do your homework.


    Then there's this...

    "They don’t have to be the best players, but they have to be players who know each other the best on the field"

    - Jerry Angelo on the oline

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    this thing on?

  • At least Lovie understands that beating the Packers is important - unlike Wanny. So I agree - booing makes no sense unless we're getting blown out.

    But I have nothing against fans expressing disapproval over management's incompetence - in the form of booing - if the end of the game resembles the end of the NO game.

    Look - Angelo has proven to be a failure. Any success they have is clearly inspite of him, not becasue of him. So the booing you are afraid you might hear that will only an indictment on Angelo - it really isn't directed to any player or even coach.

  • In reply to BillW:

    No, lovie understands nothing about beating the packers... he understands SAYING it plenty, then he fucking half asses the most important game(s) and we lose to them by 3-7 points.

    It's fucking bullshit. If that was his god damn rallying cry and the very thing he was hired to do, then that should be the one fucking thing he excels at… and is measured by, right?

    I get so pissed off thinking about that last game of the reg season last year. We half assed it and let those fucks in when we had beat the crap out of them all game – we just didn’t put in a real effort because the game didn’t mean anything (really it didn’t in the end? Really?). If not for that ridiculous game, we would have been in the SB and all the packer fuck fans would be shutting the fuck up. Pisses me off.

    Beat the fucking packers lovie, that's it... just beat the fucking packers this year, or angelo can fucking take you with him. Asshole.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Always thought it was strange that Lovie's mission statement was to beat the Packers. What about Super Bowls? Would anyone care if the Packers swept us every year we won the SB?

  • It's never a good idea to tell fans how to root for their favorite team. The Bears play on Sunday will determine the fans reactions, not the other way around.

  • In reply to Shady:


  • In reply to Shady:

    I've got to agree.

  • Damn... too bad that won't be on the Jumbotron about 15 minutes before gametime

  • awesome: http://www.csnchicago.com/09/21/11/Kaplan-1985-Bears-will-finally-visit-Whi/kapman_article.html?blockID=565647&feedID=661&awid=8522108421791716281-914

    no, I meant this: "Bears quarterback Jim McMahon did visit the White House when he was a member of the Super Bowl winning 1996 Green Bay Packers and he wore his 1985 Bears No. 9 jersey on the visit."

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    They should all wear #34.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Oh, half wearing 34, half wearing double deuce for the 'Irish Safety'. R.I.P.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Offense wears 34, defense wears 22. Settled. Mkay? Mkay.

  • MB..preach it Bro!!!

    I'm with ya!

  • We are going to play like men on Sunday. This is going to be an intense game and I believe our defense is going to come out angry. I don't want cheap shots but i want them to be vicious enough that the refs have their hands on the yellow flag the whole fucking game.

    51/49 ratio and we fucking win this thing.

  • Maybe you should also remind all the fans not to burn their number 6 jerseys again this time around?

  • Don Banks

    Ok, let me check the logic here (I know, I know... but it's fun to dissect this… ‘logic’)

    1. Bears lost to the #4 team on your list, at home in the dome... and we were just 3 points behind going into the 4thQ

    2. Steelers got blown out game one... and beat fucking Seattle by only 3 TDs last week at home?

    3. And the stealers are 3 spots ahead of us?! Really?

    4. Don’t even get me started on the Lions. They squeaked by TB week 1, and blew out the doormat chiefs? BFD?

    Don, you sir... are a genius.

  • Hey Cor and MB, you guys were asking me about singers/soul, so here goes. Favorite singers in no particular order Solomon Burke, Al Green, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, "Toots" Hibbert, Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf, B.B. King, James "Thunderbird" Davis, James Carr and Otis Rush. I'm sure there's a bunch more but that's just off the top of my pointy, little head.

    As far as white guys that are soulful, for me that's a tough one. I'd give the nod to Steve Cropper. He co-wrote a ton of Stax hits and was the guitarist/writer for Booker T and the MG's.

    Favorite white artist is Richard Thompson and my all-time favorite artist is Professor Longhair.

    Oh and one last thing, kick the fuck out of the Fudgies!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Thanks Canada. I got some research to do, because I'm not real familiar with a few names. That's why I asked! Your a wealth of knowledge on a music genre that I've only gotten really into in the last 5-7 years. I'm familiar with most of those guys, but need to check out the James boys and Solomon. I've probably heard some of their songs, just no recognition.
    I seen an incredible show a few years ago at my favorite blues bar with Clyde Stubblefield, the funky drummer from James Brown, with a guy named Charlie Brooks who could sing like an angel. Time to hear some new music!

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    This is for you Canada and Gp. Old school soul in 2011. If either of you like this, there's lot of great shows to choose from on the website, most not on the you tube.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    plus 1 on cropper try his new tribute to his heroes the five royals

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Nice Canada.

  • interesting:

    "Green Bay Packers: Tramon Williams (shoulder) returned to practice Wednesday and coach Mike McCarthy expressed optimism that he'll be ready to play Sunday against the Bears. Linebacker Clay Matthews (quadriceps) might not practice this week but McCarthy said he anticipates him playing as well. The same goes for cornerback Charles Woodson (foot), who didn't practice Wednesday. "

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Woodson has had a "foot" injury for about the last four years, yet he still excels when game time comes.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    cheapshot asshole powers unite... form of.... a healthy foot!

  • does he AT ALL, sound sorry, or is taking responsibility for his actions?



  • In reply to MB30SD:

    We ARE blaming you Mr. Martz. Don't worry about that. That's exactly what we're doing. We'd like to move on, but this happened last year too. We'd like to move on from a piss poor offensive line but Angelo won't let us, he couldn't draft his way out of two man war. We'd like to move on from a piss poor receiving corps, but Daryl Drake blows chunks. I'm not surprised he was defending his boys this week - they reflect directly on him don't they? Who's defending *you* Mr. Drake? You should have been out the door with Angelo, Hiestand and Turner.....

  • Check out the article. Esp. the last paragraph.


  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Wow. Just... wow. The coach suits up, even as a joke in that context - the subtext is there. To me, it's right between the lines: Angelo gave me shit.

    That's how I read that.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Yup. Bottom line is that the linemen are really just not very good. Combine that with an OC that cannot see the obvious (Martz reminds me more of Turdner every day) and you have a recipe for a dead QB.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    He comes up with some good plays, but when you can't see the obvious and need to change it up and try something different ....

    Adaptation doesn't seem to be our strong point. Blind adherence to some formula is the order of the day. Lovie's bend-don't-break defensive stance is fine against okay-to-bad QBs (combined with quality safety play), but it's a wet dream for a quality QB like Brees. 5/7 step drops are fine for poor pass rush teams, but were preyed upon by the Saints blitzes. What's wrong with power running? Why can't we load up with TEs and a FB lead blocking like the old days. Is hard-nosed football not trendy enough? Does it matter how you make 4.5 yards?

  • As I said three threads ago - this town is fucking SURLY right now.

    Cheeseboy, the Johnny Fucking Appleseed of Dickdom, haunts our virtual bar like a piss drunk hobo, telling us we all suck and recounting his glory days.

    When I see some asswipe sporting the G, walking down Wacker or something, I wanna pop him - throw down right there. But other people who are more casual, this town is downright sick of this regime. There is a real disgust in casual sports conversations at local bars directed at Halas Hall than I can ever remember. Well, okay, I can remember: it resembles the last days of the Wanny Era. People just have had enough of being shorted on the Green Bay thing, enough of watching Cutler get killed.

    We lose badly, and this crowd and press turn on Halas Hall faster than a room full of obnoxious drunks turned on Charlie Sheen during his World Tour of asswipe-ness.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I also know I'm going to see the pre-game interview between Angelo and Jeff Joniak go like this (I will interject my commentary of me speaking to the TV):

    JJ: Against the Saints, Carmini was injured, now it appears he will miss at least 6 regular season games, that has to affect your outlook.

    JA: Yes, we're disappointed that Gabe is injured, these things sometimes happen and you just can't plan for it.

    GP: Fuck you Jerry

    JJ: You've received some criticism and Tice some criticism for the level of play in the 4th quarter last game, how do you respond to that?

    JA: I have total confidence in what Mike is doing. Look, we saw we needed to improve and we made moves to improve. We drafted Gabe, we acquired an interior lineman from Seattle in the prime of his career, and we were pleased with the progress we saw.

    GP: God, the ease with which you lie makes me physically want to kill you with my hands.

    JJ: How do you think things progress from here?

    JA: We'll be fine. We have total confidence in our schemes, and I expect and know we'll see improvement in these areas, we are happy with our personnel packages. We can't anticipate every injury, but I have faith in our backups and I know Mike will have them ready to step up.

    GP: Suck it, you ass clown

    JJ: Thanks so much for your time, I know you need to go.

    JA: No problem Jeff, thank you.

  • In case you missed it from last week, another epic Irish rant on Angelo:

    "I'd say Carimi was the default pick. Like an auto-pick in the fantasy draft you don't attend. The window of opportunity for this team is closing before the unthinkable rebuilding begins. Replacing Peppers, Urlacher et al. We should have seriously thought about trading up for Pouncey in this draft, or re-signed Kreutz. From what I saw of Kreutz the other day I'd say Jerry missed the boat again. There should be a website somewhere dedicated to enshrining how many times this fool - this absolute incompetent fool of a man - has screwed the pooch in failing to build from the draft, acting as nothing less than a cancer to the team I love. He is the absolute antithesis of Jim Finks.

    The examples are almost endless ... in order to get back Chris Harris, a guy who used to be on the roster, we traded away a very promising young linebacker who made something like 18 tackles in one game against the Rams I think it was. The Panthers were just about to release CH but this was somehow unknown to Jerry Angelo. Jamar Williams recently suffered a spinal injury I believe and is out of football. FUBAR. SNAFU and then totally FUBAR.

    He'll take credit for the Cutler deal. A deal which doesn't work out unless we win a Superbowl by the way. Any dog in the street could have made the Cutler deal ... if they also had Kyle Orton on their roster - because that was the only thing that had Cutler coming to Chi-town.

    Did he make the O-line priority number one - as it should be for any team with a star QB? A team's foundations are after all, the offensive line, right? Not in Jerry Angelo's world. We now have a former first round pick, an OT, blowing chunks at LG. We have last year's worst rated RT in the entire NFL, blowing chunks at LT. We let our pro bowl center, the blocking assignment dude who snaps the ball and does all the important stuff ... walk for 500K. A multi-billion dollar organisation nineteen million dollars under the salary cap can't find 500K to cement their line and protect golden boy. Am I dreaming ? Who does Angelo bring in to cover the Kreutz blunder? Chris Spencer - one of the worst centers in the NFL. He's so bad, we move our RG over to center, a position he's never played, and
    move the backup RG into position ... keeping Spencer on the
    bench. Genius. Meanwhile .... the guy we go all-in on as our future Left Tackle is stinking the joint out at Left Guard beside last year's travesty at Right Tackle, who's our new Left Tackle? Did I get that right? Am I missing something? We saw against the Saints what happens when you have no depth on the line. The attempted murder of Jay Cutler.

    Did he provide his new wonderboy with any new toys to play with ? Did he deem Brandon Marshall - a guy who Cutler connected with over 100 times a season for three seasons - worth a second round pick? Did he shite. Instead, we persisted with Johnny 'where am I? - Knox and Devin 'I'm not a very good receiver' Hester .. .when the only real receiver on the roster, Earl Bennett, got overlooked. We let Shabb, the other good receiver go because Mike Martz said "he couldn't play the slot." Well deary me Mr. Martz, maybe play him on the outside where he can play?

    What happens when/if Brian goes down. How do we replace him AND Kreutz and get any depth anywhere else? You can't repeatedly fail in the draft - as he does every year - and then find quick fixes. You have to do it Belly Cheat style and have so much talent on your roster that you literally have a bag full of first round picks every year and can afford to just cut pro bowl safeties because they might be a liability off the field.

    No, Jerry fraks up draft after draft (along with Ted Philips, who must take full responsibility for not firing the man who is pissing away our drafts year after year). Instead of drafting Mikel Leshoure - the best running back in the draft who amazingly dropped to us at 53 - he drafts some guy who looks good in the gym. Like the guy who looked good jumping out of a pool. Genius. Drafts another white safety - the annual white safety benefit - and then wastes a pick on Enderle instead of getting a vet from somewhere. With this line, when Cutler and Hanie go down with concussions - likely next week - who leads our franchise into battle. Nathan Enderle. We could have had Sage Rosenfels on the roster. Genius. The list is just growing and growing of bonehead decisions by this guy.

    If we had a roster worth a damn last year we were in the SB. Due to amazing luck with no injuries we somehow got to the NFC championship (with Todd Collins as our #2!) .. at Soldier field ... for the Halas trophy ... and we let the Green Bay Fudgers walk into our house and just take it.

    They got there in spite of Jerry, not because of you. You're such a tool Olin took a paycut to get rid of you.

    And he gets paid millions of dollars to not-see things even an Irish guy getting paid $1000 a month teaching English in Thailand - and who's never even set foot in the U.S - can see clear as day. Be gone from my beloved Bears Angelo, get thee hence to endless night ... you tool."

  • In reply to Shady:

    I'll have to stop posting under the 'Shady' handle, it's just not right. I do try to keep the Angelo rants at a reasonable frequency but seriously, didn't he say he was about to draft Starks and then he had a brain wave and drafted ... who was it? Enderle?

  • By the way the stories from the last post are incredible, good work guys.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I love the line about the white safety benefit.

    The Jerry Angelo Annual Benefit for Otherwise Undrafted White Dudes.

    Starring: Craig Steltz, Dan LeFavor, Chris Conte and Nathan Enderle, with special free agency guest Adam Archuleta! Donate Today!

  • On that topic, let me all leave you with this thought:

    Starsky and Hutch may start Sunday. I have heard nothing about Harris' hammy being good to go, and Meriweather's arm may still be swoooooooollen.

  • MB this is for you:


  • In reply to gpldan:

    Holy 2012 zombie mealtime!

    Nice find GP.

  • Wasn't Chris Harris 50-50 coming into the NFCCG also? How did he end up playing in that one?

  • I grew up in WI and was talking to a good friend of mine tonight who's a huge Packer fan and athletic director for a university. He knows his football. Before the Championship game last year he said run right at Tommie Harris all day, and he was right. He stated the key to a Packer victory this week is running Starks effectively.
    He stated the key to a Bears victory this week is running and throwing at AJ Hawk. He thinks that is their weak link, and he's not too happy with the rest of the secondary. It should be a good, tough battle, like all Bears - Packers games should be. The game will probably come down to one or two key plays. BEAR THE FUCK DOWN!

  • You know what's unique about this blog? Most people on here do not live anywhere near Chicago. When you live around Chicago, you have people to talk to and media coverage overload to talk about football on a daily basis. Most people on here live far away, so have no one or very few people to talk to about their beloved Bears. That's one of the main reasons I love this blog.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    Well said Fifth. True as.

    Is Barber back for the Packers game? He might keep Cutler alive. I hope Nick Collins is okay, but for the week after ....

    Jefe - if you didn't see the end of the Lovie Smith thread, then you should. That was some funny shit. The nerds actually broke your blog. That is without doubt some of the nerdiest shit I've ever seen, and I teach English and C++. It was like a bunch of horny little puppies gathered around a helpless bitch in heat. A little poke here, a little poke there, and before you know it everybody is drilling away at her like she's Annabel Chong. HTML gangbang. A bunch of stuttering, retainer-wearing pee wee hermans with over-bearing fathers. When Nerds Attack. Damn, I LOLd for real when I saw that shit. They broke the blog.

  • well put Corm.

    Peter King taking the filthy hoard??? Shocking!


  • http://espn.go.com/chicago/nfl/story/_/id/7000616/chicago-bears-quarterback-jay-cutler-unsure-survive-season-getting-hit-rate

    Martz actually said the following in the article

    "Obviously, if you throw the ball that much you are going to lose him," Martz said of Cutler. "We can't do that. We won't. We want to be balanced. Anytime he throws the ball I get nervous for him. When you get close to somebody like this, you worry about him like your own kids. He is one of the most tough, physically tough, mentally tough people I've ever been around. He's incredibly tough. From that part of it, I don't worry about it. He fights through that stuff pretty good."

    Any fucking time he throws the ball you get nervous but yet you kept calling for empty backfields and 7 step drops and only 11 running plays. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!! Also i think we may need to call DCFS on this SOB. Hes got to be physically abusing his children if he can compare Cutler to one of his kids. His kids must be some tough motherfuckers if they can take beatings like Cutler and still get back up.

  • In reply to bearfantillend:

    He must have learned this shit from others (including at least on former President) who apologize for things they do, continue with more of the same, and believe that apology makes everything is all right.

    Martz needs to such his trap and fix the damn offense.

  • this sounds like the mind of a man trying on the suit of contrition
    the mind will cover it's own ass; after exposing itself at the wrong place and time
    it is difficult at best, to figure out which side of his mouth he is talking
    but in the end for me; like I discovered in 1965; but wasn't quite sure what to label it....( see my story from the last thread; reported in late last night about my experience with mistrust for authority)

    let's just say this man is" CYA-ing" all the way to the bank
    his paycheck carried in a sack cut from egotistical cloth

  • Things I want to see:
    The media calling out JA for the fraud he obviously is.
    A "Fire Angelo" webiste that is factual and reasoned - so it gets local attention.
    Martz fired and Tice promoted. (won't happen, but I can dream).
    Cutler calling out Martz IF there is another 5+ sack game. (Hopefully won't happen - the 5+ sack game I mean)
    Forte getting paid.
    Rodgers actually making a bad decision that results in a pick 6 (won't happen but I can dream)
    Receivers getting separation (why is that so hard fro them?)
    Fox apologizing for making up "headlines" about Cutler and having the nerve to say they from real Chicago newspaper stories (when it was so easy to fact check that.) Won't happen either.
    Bears 27 Packers 24

  • In reply to BillW:

    There should definitely be a Fire Angelo site that just lists every decision he's made, and not listing any good things he's done, that's for the Keep Angelo tweet - if anyone wants to send one.

  • fb_avatar


  • In reply to Your Team Sucks!:


  • Spot-on, Jeff. +1, all that. I find it hard to boo my own team from my living room, let alone to their face. Never have been sure about people who think it helps to denigrate the guys trying move the chains.


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