The Four Keys to Being a Bears Fan in 2011

The Four Keys to Being a Bears Fan in 2011

This is going to be an interesting campaign; an exciting one I think.  I think this Bears team is pretty darn good and I think they’re going to be the most exciting offensive unit we’ve seen at Soldier Field in twenty-plus years.  (I’ll be making my full list of season prognostications this time next week.)  But I think being a Bears fan in itself will be an interesting endeavor.  Here are my four keys to surviving the experience:


The second J’Marcus Webb or Gabe Carimi have a difficult afternoon, it’ll be met with a chorus of overreacting columns/blogs from David Haugh and Steve Rosenbloom.  Don’t give it to their panic button mentality.  The Bears may, may I repeat, have found their bookend tackles for the next decade.  But it is rare for NFL teams, especially ones on the cusp of the Super Bowl, to be in the position of starting fresh faces at both positions.  Even for the Hall of Famer, the NFL brings a learning curve.  Bears fans must allow these two guys the time they need.  The result may be years of stability.


I don’t look across the starting roster of the Chicago Bears and see glaring weaknesses.  It is when you go beyond the starting roster things get dicey.  Brian Iwuh does not inspire confidence as the first linebacker off the bench, especially if he’s put in the position of replacing all-time Bears like Briggs and Urlacher.  If Major Wright or Chris Harris miss an extended period, the Bears will be playing a sub-professional at safety.  (Unless you’ve seen something from Conte I haven’t.)


Home Falcons.  At Saints.  Home Packers.  I know NFL schedules are impossible to predict as one injury can change the complexion of an entire team.  (If Chase Daniel is starting for the Saints in Week 2, for example, it obviously becomes a must-win for the Bears.)  But on initial glance the first three games of the Bears season look to obviously be the hardest stretch.  Understanding that 0-3 does not spell doom for the 2011 season and 3-0 does not mean a guaranteed Super Bowl will be of the utmost importance for a fan base that likes to let their extreme emotions get the best of them.  Survive it.  Win a game or two.  And move on.


He’s good.  He’s very good.  And to this point he has not opened his mouth and said a word about the lack of a true number one receiver being available to him.  Not a word.  He has never blamed his offensive line for almost landing him in the morgue in 2010.  Not once.  He has never said, “It was easier to play quarterback inDenverwhen I had a running game.”  Not ever.  I don’t excuse his interception sprees or failures to throw the ball away and avoid unnecessary contact.  But I know that if you look through the history of Super Bowl champion quarterbacks, it’ll be tough to find one who has achieved that goal with a mediocre head coach AND mediocre receiving corps AND mediocre offensive line.  Cut the guy some damn slack.         

September 9 is the final date to vote DaBearsBlog asChicago’s most valuable sports blog by going to this link:


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  • Heyyyooo...First?!

  • Agree with ya, Jeff. I don't think Roach is the answer at SLB either. I'm OK with Steltz as a backup. Nobody gets more out of less. If Wright plays under control he's pretty good but ...

  • Good advice, Jeff. Whether I have the patience to follow it is another thing, though...

    I was just telling my son about this blog, and that Bears fans are a very passionate bunch, with little tolerance for errors (we were talking about The Great Dane's so-so performance against the Titans), and yet, we tend to blame the GM, coach, etc. more than we hammer the players themselves.

    I think you're right - this is gonna be a helluva campaign - and hat's off to Jay for the reasons you stated, as well as the fact that he's the antithesis of the Deion Sanders of the NFL. No PR bullshit, he just goes to work and goes at it.

  • Ha!, i'm such a fucking flip flopping pussy! I can't stay away after enduring such a shitty offseason after getting to the NFC Championship game.
    I just want to say 2 things before i go back to business as usual:

    1. It turns out Chicago Now did not censor me they were fucking up left and right that night and i thought i was being punished for my insults to Jimmy the Gnome and CN in general.
    2. I have scoured the internet and after looking at the shit forums out there to talk bears i have to say that even though Chicago Now has utterly fucked this blog in the ass repeatedly and with Major Wright like force and intensity we still must work to overcome Jimmy's shortcomings as a manager, CN's shortcomings as a website in general and must continue to call out the fucking nonsense of national and local hack fucking reporters.

    I am officially ending my retirement and am returning to the blog. I'd miss this group of internet fans too much plus i don't want to just read the site and not comment like a beeyotch.

    I needed to be here as we keep GB from the playoffs along with the Lions. I needed to be here to talk shit to all of the Cutler haters as he makes Dan Macneil of the Score fucking hang his head in shame for being such a pussy bears fan last year. I needed to be here to remind all of us from time to time that we are winning the division, going to the NFC title game, winning it and going to the dance.

    12-4 and redemption.


    Matty Ice DEAD
    Brees DEAD
    Rodgers DEAD
    In that fucking order.

  • Johnny it wouldn't be the same without ya. I was out and about Sat and most of Sun. I guess I missed the blog tech armageddon. Glad I did. I don't know how they can't seem to streamline this without all the glitches. They might steal JA's nickname if this keeps up (sorry Lobo, still love the Glitchy nickname). Oh well.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Same here. Out swimming in a river on the Olympic penisula on Saturday, and at a nearby lake on Sunday. Good summertime fun.

  • Okay, but you only get one, or I start calling you Brett.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    i think this is the 3rd time i've professed to quitting the blog in 2.5 years so i think i qualify for that title already.

  • Gnome anger

  • i saw all my posts on sunday. They were all fromm after i got shut down on sat. night after the first score. you all probrably thought i was in some time warp, or chalked it up to my stupidity.

    It was frustrating listening to play by play on xm radio when the broadcasters are from tenn. You don't know who was doing the tackling, or opening holes, etc.....i tried to piece it together with the posts and radio.....

    of course paranoia set in and i figured it was instant karma keeping the bears out of the end zone and me off the post....

  • Chester Taylor and Ghoulston done as Bears

  • In reply to NY Bears Fan:

    Yup. I am disappointed they released Tank Tyler. We can always use a guy named Tank on the roster.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    not if he sucks trac

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Since he hung around for three years, I suspect he does not suck that badly. I hope he finds a job with another team. Making the Bears as a DL is not the easiest thing in the world these days.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    huh, didn't know that dave. I thought he was new?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    To the Bears, I think you're right. He was drafted in 2007 and started 19 games for the Chiefs over three seasons.


    Fuck!!! This might mean Barber's injury is worse than expected.

  • In reply to Crown:

    yeah, those calf strains fucking suck. look for AA to be hobbled by it all season. Good thing we picked up Okoye who will probably start. He has had a solid pre-season.

  • In reply to Crown:

    I don't get it... doesn't the think any of this shit through before shooting from the hip and going public? Honestly, it's kind of puzzling.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    it's embearassing.....
    especially along with the dreaded draft phone call

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    I think Lovie was trying to give Chester a heads up so he could pursue other opportunities and Angelo thought it would be "shrewd" to keep him hanging around until Barbers injury situation became more clear. Yup, this has the stench of Angelo to it.

  • In reply to Crown:

    What a bunch of clowns. They hold Taylor out of the Titans game so he won't get injured before they cut him, Barber dings himself up, then front office says "Cut!" followed by "No, wait!" ... asshats.

  • Chester Taylor
    $2 million signing bonus
    $955,000 base salary
    $4 million roster bonus
    $45,000 workout bonus
    Total: $7.0 million

    Brandon Manumaleuna
    $2 million signing bonus
    $1.055 million base salary
    $3 million roster bonus
    $50,000 workout bonus
    Total: $6.105 million

    Nothing like spending 13 million motherf'ing dollars and getting bupkus to show for it.

    Jerry - buddy - you can go to a Ferrari dealer if you're jones'in to get gouged like that.

    I think this means that Mikey gets to paddle you with his croquet mallet at least 13 times.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    peckerhead, i dont remember you being against signing taylor or manu. did you get so good at hind sight because your head spends so much time up your ass?................lolololololol.........................go bears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to #16 Bears Fan:

    that because in theory they were great signings...until we found out that Manu had fucking off season knee surgery and Taylor was utterly misused and suffered a case of the get tackled by anyone's arm/getting hit 3 yds in the backfield-itis.

    i don't remember anyone being too pissed especially about Taylor. We all envisioned him catching tons of screens and short routes not the braintrust suddenly thinking he was Marcus Allen around the goal line.

  • Well, really I think the issue was that Taylor is very much a similar type of back as Forte... which to most of us _seemed_ good at the time (because Forte appeared overworked his sophomore year) as this meant Taylor could be plugged right in without much of a dropoff.

    But what seemed a strength turned out to be the key weakness. This is because Forte didn't need to be spelled (his issues the previous year turned out to be due to injury, not overwork) so having a 2nd Forte wasn't that useful. Worse, because of the O-Line's struggles run-blocking what they really needed was a different type of back -- one with power and the ability to work in tight holes, and able to evade backfield tacklers. Nobody on the roster really fit that mold, and since Taylor had no role anymore they tried him out there.

    I don't think the BT thought Taylor was a goal-line back when they brought him in. I think they were thinking just like most of us -- priority #1 was getting a backup Martz-type feature back to share Forte's workload, and not on finding a complementary back; and like us, they didn't foresee just how bad the O-Line run/short-yardage blocking would turn out to be. So #16's point is valid -- in essence anyway -- even if he acts like a dick while making it.

  • In reply to Michael L:

    I never thought Taylor was a noteworthy move. Particularly because he didn't provide a change up option for the Bears in the Backfield. He was a smaller version of Matty and I was one of the blogger's calling for Bell. I thought Bell showed promise the few times I got to see him and was disappointed they didn't roll the dice on him last year. If Barber can't stay healthy this year, Bell will get a legit shot.

  • In reply to Michael L:

    i thought he would be good for this one reason....

    everytime i saw the vikings on t.v. down here taylor would have these huge games

    his lack of production has shocked the sht out of me

    did they use him differently in minn. i can't figure why the drop off

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Minny's run-blocking was better than ours. AP isn't *that* amazing .... Chester got a raw deal from Bear fans I thought. You don't become a bad back overnight - we had zero push up the middle last year which is where he was sent. Forte also had no luck up the middle.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Actually MIN's run blocking has been pretty horrible, especially the past 2 years. It's part of the reason why AP gets stuffed so often for 0 or negative yards. As I recall, Taylor's last year there both he and AP had pedestrian seasons (although pedestrian for AP is still pretty good).

    MIN's line was highly overrated that year, because Favre and AP made them look much better than they were. McKinnie is a PoS person and player, who didn't deserve the Pro Bowl appearance he pissed away anyway. Even Hutch who was a great guard played poorly that year due to injuries...

  • In reply to #16 Bears Fan:

    That's Mister peckerhead to you, fuckwad.

  • I would buy Madden 2012 if it had the ability to control the juice levels in Clay Matthews. You can pump him up, and get acne all over his arms and neck and he's a freakin monster, but if you go too high he explodes on the field in a giant puss bomb.

    Also, if everyone at Lambeau's avatar looked like they weighed 350 or above

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I played that demo GP. Now, I admit I've only played madden like 5 times in my life (yeah, yeah, I know) and I suck... but there is an OBVIOUS packer bias in that demo man.

    Every single kickoff return no matter what I did there was just a wall of packer dbags at like the 12 yard line. I know it was knox and not hester, but still... our strongest unit and I could barely get past the 20 without some fucking magical spin, jump, stiff arm, dive maneuver.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I've thought Clay was a big-time juicer since day 1. I wonder if this new testing will take him down a few levels, ala Shawn Merriman.

  • Finally watched the whole thing. Had to wait until I was done to avoid spoilers.

    The run game was brilliant in the first half. The dropped passes throughout were painful but the offensive push and JC/Matty/Duke looked great. Hated seeing Jay get pummelled on the opening snap.

    What's up with Gould? C'mon Gould, you have two weeks to get it together.

    I think Hester knows he's on the brink of real WR success and was pressing a bit too much. He needs to loosen up and let the game come to him.

    Loved the push on the defensive line. If Okoye and Melton can produce this way in the regular season, we'll have a truly dominant front.

    Give Briggsy whatever he wants. Even weekly lamborghini's to crash. He's that important. (I know they don't need to and probably won't, but I think they definitely should.).

    Can we cut RW yet? I really don't like this clown. I know, I know, preseason, blah blah blah. Nah, fuck him, he's out.

    I like Hanie, but I'm still not sold that he's a bonafide backup professional QB. Not quite there yet. Championship game be damned.

    Not much else, except I hope Dez is okay and I thank him for his many good years of service and professionalism.

    My hopes for the year remain sky high.

    Pay Forte and let's get this thing started.

    Bear Down Mother Fuckers.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    Pay Forte, check.
    Start Earl, check.

    As for Robbie In the preseason he has merely been league average and everyone is concerned. He will be fine and I'm still wearing his damn number when I represent.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Well, okay, a little worse than league average...

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    they should at least pay the increase on brigg's insurance premium

    i still say that if you drop a pass you got to live a week with the don't leave your hands

    maybe i am crazy, but it seems taking a punt returner who catches the ball in a basket may have trouble breaking that memory and switching to use just his hands.

    i woder if coach drake is uo to the task
    where is mr. miaggi

  • I'm back for commenting on another season, I'll be spotty till the regular season though. I'd say 'I told you so' to the Cutler haters which were probably a minority of 30% of Bears fans last year, but... I'm really enjoying watching an overwhelming majority of Bears fans get on board with this now. Also half of those commenters and sports casters are really packers fans when you get into their bios anyways. One last thing, I do think Roy Williams is working hard and may come in and contribute significantly this season, and with Knox bulked up, I have faith it will give him both confidance and power in dealing with defenders. The Packers btw, played DIRTY last year, just like always, and then they wine when they actually get called on stuff. It will be awesome to see the pack eat a well oiled Chicago Bear machine for a big fat "L" on their season record.

  • I mean "whine" oops.

  • Taylor has not been officially released yet. Lovie Smith said he expects him back in practice. They might be waiting to see how serious Barber's injury is first.

    Jeff I voted several times. I havent said a word in over a year here, but Im back.

  • I think this whole fucking fiasco with Chester Taylor is just another fucking nut shot to the Halas name and this franchise...
    I think this our front offic and management is gna slowly turn this organization to the laughing stock of the NFL...
    Jerry Angelo is slowly turning into another fucking Al Davis...
    shit's embarrassing...

  • In reply to SoILBearsFan:


  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    I was told there would be no math involved NB.


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    off duty

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    oh, right. forgot.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Short hand for "the power set of infinite," but sort of an abuse of notation. Doc can explain when the semester starts ;)

  • In reply to SoILBearsFan:


  • In reply to SoILBearsFan:

    The "fiasco" here (for me) is some dipshit tweeter trying to get attention for himself - and to my eternal embarrassment, falling for it.

    Would one of you please gimme a hand to climb out of the lake of shit I dove into?

  • Gents-

    Im not sure but the comment monster ate my last comment. Anyways, for those still around who I remember from last year, MB, DOC, GP, Waffle, Irish etc. Im glad to see you guys are still here. Im back for the season and look forward to the witty banter and boarderline disgusting links.

  • I talked to Chester a little bit early on, I guess there was a bit of a misunderstanding on exactly what we talked about. Chester Taylor is still a part of the team.

    -- Lovie Smith

    The Story of Bears Management:

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    p.s. this was lip synced just like "Glitchy and LDL" are from the front office

  • Sounds like Lovie was just being honest with Chester, but they are allowing him to remain part of the team thru the last preseason game to showcase his ability for another prospective team.

  • i agree with everything except for the running game comment. the team does have a run game...that run game is called "Matt Forte." look at his stats (mind you in '09 he was hurt):

    2008 - 1,238 yds
    2009 - 929 yds
    2010 - 1,069 yds

    That's almost 3 straight 1,000+ yd seasons; don't know about y'all, but that's a run game to me.

  • I'm just in awe....
    I know kids wit BD's that run fantasy teams and Madden franchises better than these fucks can....
    in the words of my late, great, beloved mother (God rest her soul)..."what a bunch of jag-offs!"

  • In reply to SoILBearsFan:

    I think I would have liked your mother.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    she was the GREATEST woman EVER.
    of course my opinion is alil' bias, but she was Chicago as it gets and loved her Bears...

  • In reply to SoILBearsFan:

    this makes me crack up

    i heard my dad accuse my brother of that practice one sunday aft. when the "project" wasn't going so well and he was no where in sight.

    my dad was predictable

    this was one of the only times he really shook me
    ,i turned away and bit my lip
    how did he know that word

  • as for Lovie and the CT words. running out of terms to defend Lovie, but this is at an all-time low for him & Bears management. I'm convinced this team will not realize what a proper organization will be until the McCaskeys take their hands off of it.

  • I'm not sure how important this is but J'Marcus Webb just posted this thread on his fb page...
    nice to see some recognition from a player...

  • I hope that Taylor DOES actually make the team. I know we all love to see the "bruising" running style of the Barbarian in Blue & Orange but we need to be realistic at the same time. He has had a shit ton of lower body injuries as a result of his running style. He left the game after one carry and we are ready to talk shit and send CT packing? Sounds pretty fuckin' stupid to me. I think it would be wise to keep all four of our very solid backs on the final 53.

    Taylor was not properly utilized last year and has not had an opportunity to compete this preseason. I hope to see him play well in the next game (even if it is against 2nd & 2rd stringers) and make the team because there is a damn good chance that we will need him down the stretch.

    Side note: Caleb Hanie is a 3rd stringer at best. @wishingforavetbackup

  • In reply to MatthewIsMyForte:

    So long as it's not another Todd Collins!!

  • In reply to MatthewIsMyForte:

    agree matty.

    Btw, did you ever hit that bar? If not and you have a PS3, I'm sure you've heard us froth at the PS3 thing. Best shot we gots unless we want to watch chargers blackouts.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Hey Bro,

    You talkin' about 710 Beach Club? Yeah, I make it down there at least a couple times a season. I highly recommend it. Pop out & cross the boardwalk for a halftime break. Can't beat it in January. It feels like watching a game at a bar in Chicago with all the fans wearing jerseys and singing the fight song after every score. I watch most games on Sunday ticket. That's pretty awesome about the PS3 option. Fuck DTV.

  • In reply to MatthewIsMyForte:

    Well, considering the PS3 option is being brought to you by DTV, you wouldn't exactly be fucking DTV by going that route...

    But we got what you meant, man. DTV bites.

  • In reply to Michael L:

    right, but my point is that I would not need to pay DTV for their overpriced television service. Just pay for the only reason I'm with them, Sunday Ticket and watch the rest of the little tv programing I actually partake in via the web.

    So yes, fuck DTV.

  • In reply to MatthewIsMyForte:

    I agree with the agreers here. I'm not 100% he is worth a roster spot, but I think he still has value (not as a complement to Forte, but more as a supplement).

    As many have said before, you can't have enough quality running backs. The question is more whether they need that roster spot for another role on the team (e.g. ST). But that's a tradeoff issue that they have evaluate, which we don't really know.

  • tee hee

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I think part of his sentence falls on their bye week too...

  • In reply to SoILBearsFan:

    wish he would have shown some of this passion while playing 4 us

  • vxmcclure23 about 2 hours ago Smith said tight end Dez Clark has a knee bruise. That's good news for Clark



  • In reply to MB30SD:


    LDL on Dez's knee bruise

    " It was just an appendix bruise and we talked about it, he must of misunderstood our conversation and.... oh wait oh shit...duh#$!@$#% I mean according to Bears Front Office it is a knee comment"

  • besides the completely lame (but appropriate) 3 stooges tie-in, siefart pretty much calls it correctly:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Hey my avatar resembles that remark!!!!!!!!!!

    MB HOWS THE FAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    lobo... my man. Doing well, thanks for asking. Hope all is well in NM.

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    from number 5.

    That said, the Bears have had enough stumbles over the years to feed a perception they have a disorganized front office.

    YA THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tommie:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    one word says it all MB...BUTTER!

    that's what RB's will be running through on the Colts D line all season

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    Until it gets cold.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Tommie's actually looked pretty fucking good this preseason with the starters. Saw him get a sack against Rodgers and the fudge i believe. If that dude is half of what he was with us in his prime, he could be dangerous with Freeny and Mathis. Or, he could hurt his knee again in week 5 and just start punching dudes like he did here. Pretty sure they got him for 3 beans and a carat though. Maybe they through in a white women, not sure.

  • Yep, league minimum, which for him I think is around $800k.

  • From ESPN:

    No NFL team runs perfectly, and it's often easy from the outside to make fun of mistakes that occur in the fast-paced world of roster management. That said, the Bears have had enough stumbles over the years to feed a perception they have a disorganized front office. Some of the mistakes have been harmful and have led to the departure of players they wanted to keep, including receiver D'Wayne Bates. Others, like the botched draft-day trade this spring with the Baltimore Ravens, were simply embarrassing. The latest episode likely eliminated any possibility of getting an asset in return for Taylor and won't inspire confidence among other players that they can believe what the team tells them.

    No owner likes to see money wasted, and general manager Jerry Angelo will have to answer for the $7 million in compensation the Bears gave Taylor as well as the $6 million-plus they gave since-departed tight end Brandon Manumaleuna in March 2010. Even Monday's moves included an unforgivable financial faux pas: Giving draft bust Vernon Gholston a $250,000 signing bonus for what amounted to a preseason look-see. Gholston was waived Monday.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Gp, plagerism is such an ugly word... but read up. I'm hurt you don't read my posts.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Sorry wanted to highlight that point to the casual reader

  • In reply to gpldan:

    his time on the show was good fodder for a hopefull bears mind
    oh well at least he left the stage with a nice parting gift

  • For those that don't think Hanie is a legit back-up, please name me some other 2nd Qs that you would rather have. Matt Flynn? Joe Webb? Shaun Hill? That's just our division. No thanks on any of those. Would rather have Caleb.

    And for those cheenises who think we should keep Taylor, you're probably still watching Hurricane Irene coverage. He sucks and Bell can do everything he can plus play specials. Save that roster spot. It must be b/c they are concerned about the Barbarion.

    Fuckin Cheenis brass!

  • In reply to Crown:

    In no particular order, here's a few back up qbs I can think of that I'd rather have as a 2nd option.

    Charlie Batch-Experience

    John Kitna-Not great, but won't shrivel in a pinch

    Kevin Kolb (was a backup, just sayin)

    David Carr- Pro experience

    Kerry Collins- Dinosaur-Ballasauris

    Marc Bulger- Former Pro Bowler

    Shit, you know what? Yes, Shaun Hill...ok wait, maybe not really

    Billy Volek- Pro Experience

    Even Chad Pennington's broken ass. I don't know.

    Donovann McNabb

  • In reply to MatthewIsMyForte:

    We should have had a vet in place anyway. If Cutty and Hanie go down, we're looking at project boy as our savior? Oh Angela ......

  • In reply to MatthewIsMyForte:

    Charlie Batch and maybe Kitna are the only guys I'd take over Hanie.

    Kolb-not a backup.

    David Carr-he throws one nice fade td against the bears in pre-season and you think he's Montana? The guy might be the biggest 1st pick bust of all time. His winning % is .29. That's not the pro experience I want. Almost bringing your team back from a deficit in the NFC championship against the SB champs is what I want.

    Todd, I mean, Kerry Collins and Bulger can be clumped together. They're both 67 years old. Let's see how that works for Indy week 1.

    Billy the kid who? No thanks. The guy hasn't had any pro experience since 2004.

    Chad Pennington's arm has fallen off and been reattached twice. He can't even throw a 10 yard slant at this point.

    McNabb-again, not a backup.

  • In reply to Crown:


    I'm not even sure on Batch, but I'd certainly consider him. Kitna I hesitate on because Martz hasn't even tried to get him as a backup, and we know he likes guys he's had success with before.

    The rest I completely agree with you on. Also isn't Bulger retired? I thought after he couldn't get a starting job last year that he took a backup gig with BAL (for $3m, yet people complained we didn't get him -- when you have a franchise QB you can't afford to pay for $3m backups...) and then retired this off-season? Or did someone coax him out of retirement? Or am I just smoking crack? Anyway I think I'd be good with him as a backup, but there's just no way that'd happen (at least, not unless his stock has fallen immensely).

  • In reply to Crown:

    Relax buddy. You asked me to name some other QB's. So I did. I even wrote a little blurb next to each one stating the obvious (and the ones I was 1/2 joking about)

    First of all, you agreed, that you WOULD like to have Batch & Kitna over Hanie, so you pretty much proved my point right there. I wasn't saying he is the worst backup in the league. I'd just rather have someone whose shown they can actually play and WIN a football game in the NFL.

    The Kolb example was 1/2 joke. I'm sorry, MICHAEL VICK was actually the backup! My bad.

    Wow, did David Carr piss in your cheerie-o's or fuck your college GF or something? First of all, no one said anything about him being Montana. Again, relax. 2nd, if you are ok with a guy who ALMOST brought us back, yada yada yada, would you be confident that he'd actually do it this year if he had to? Didn't think so.

    You shit on Kerry Collins but that guy has been one hell of a ball player and he WINS games, doesn't almost win, he wins.

    Billy Volek is better than Hanie. Period.

    Pretty sure I mentioned that Chad is broken. But I'd still rather have him ahead of Hanie.

    And yes, McNabb, again, was relegated to the backup role last year because he sucks balls.

    Dude, you asked for a list of backups and then you try to shred the list as if I were suggesting they start.

    Here's to a healthy season for Jay.

  • In reply to MatthewIsMyForte:

    College girlfriends are for pussies.

    Internet fight!!!!!!!!

    Nice rhetorical conversation with yourself. Asked and answered.

    Dude, I'm calm. I was just arguing my point. That's what we do here. I have no qualms; I just disagree buddy.

    Here's to a healthy season for Jay though. That we can agree on.

  • In reply to Crown:

    Haha! Good point on the rhetorical conversation! My bad, was I incorrect in my assumption?

    Please answer that question then, "Would you be confident that he'd actually do it this year if he had to?" *WIN that is, not almost win. If so, what are you basing that on?

    I know what goes on here, (getting too high on the highs and too low on the lows) I've been around for years my friend. You just seemed to really go off on the mention of Carr as a serviceable backup. Thought it might have been personal between you two.

    My point is that I love the team we have right now but I really don't understand the affinity for this guy or feel good about him coming in if the shit hits the last year.

    Much love bro-cheenis! Now if you wanna crown their ass then CROWN 'EM!


  • In reply to MatthewIsMyForte:

    I know you've been around here for a while and know what's up.

    Mmmmmmmmbrrrrrrrssssss mang

  • In reply to Crown:

    I know you know I know bro!

    Just witty banter amongst friends my man!

    Man! I'm pumped for this season! I almost feel un-American for how excited I am for Sept. 11th. Mixed emotions to say the least.

    Never forget.


  • In reply to Crown:

    I like Flynn! Caleb looked pretty good in between interceptions in the Champs game ... it is pre-season guys. We lambasted the boys last pre-season too and look what happened ...

  • In reply to Crown:

    Crown and coke, i would rather have all of them then Caleeb. He sucks cock with a straw my man. He lost the championship game. He made some plays in that game, but ultimately he couldn't locate a huge fat guy and threw the ball right to him, causing us to fucking lose the god damned NFC Championship game to the god damned Packers...No love for Caleeb on this end. Fuck him, right in his mustache.

  • simply put...+1

  • Hanie is NOT a legit back-up obviously

  • In reply to Crown:

    You're right. He's rock solid

  • Hmmm... Blogfather gets a backhanded slap to the face....

  • In reply to gpldan:

    And in turn, so do all of we.

  • I'll buy most of that Jefe ... I think the OL deserves a break from all the guff we've been throwing at them, and perhaps the front office's trust in Tice's boys is legit. I'm surprised at the look of the line thus far and how moving to the left has apparently improved Webb's output.

    But the safety spots are hardly solid and are indeed a glaring hole for me anyway. Chris Harris pass coverage does leave a lot to be desired as does Major Wright's tackling ... I wouldn't be surprised to see Conte in there before long.

    I know we've seen some receivers shit the bed - but it is pre-season, and we have to let them get into real games before we run them off the short plank. I'd love to see RW in the slot where he belongs and let Earl do his thing on the outside with Hester, until Hurd is back in the mix and competing again. I just don't trust Knox. Onrea Jones deserves a spot on the roster based on pre-season performance. This o-line plus the FBs - if we can keep EW and Tofu - excites me in combination with our HBs. The stuff Cutler can pull off if we get that running game going is just mouthwatering, and my boy Kellen Davis will just have a huge year if Martz lets him.

    But mang are we short some linebackers ....

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Amen on that last line. I've been worried about it since the lockout ended.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Illigal Onrea Jones and Sam Hurd boners Irish. I hear they are cutting Asiata by the way.

  • If the dude can't cut the mustard he needs to go, I guess you can't skip the football upbringing and expect to play in the NFL. I'm happy with Levi as backup guard if Tice likes him. Let's get this show on the road and start taking names already ....

  • I found this quote on Pro Football Talk.

    Plaxico Burress and Santonio Holmes lined up on the same side at the 17-yard line, with Burress drawing the safety over the middle. Holmes scored against single coverage. Expect to see more of that.

    Thanks Angelo.

  • here's one for you GP:

    I had the intellivision.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    How sad is this?

    I had 1,2,4,6,9,12,13,15,16

    And of all the pre-teen choices, none of them were as good as this game:

    That, fellow nerds, is the very first physics based football game. You could make your running back a speed 100 and weight 100, and nothing could bring you down, you were Bo Jackson x10.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Oh, and in college - I ran the dorm league of this:

  • In reply to gpldan:

    And, and I'm not making this up, Jim Harbaugh was in the league.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Ahhh, Strat-O-Matic!

    Haven't played a Strat football game in years but I STILL have my 1963 and 1985 Bears' Cards.

    Played in a Baseball Mail League for 25 years, too.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Jim Harbaugh hit once hit on my Aunt while he was on the Bears.


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I can't be losing the Friends and Apostles fantasy league now.



    Chicago Bears: $19,374,218
    Green Bay Packers: $12,811,997
    Detroit Lions: $736,714
    Minnesota Vikings: $374,688

    Lol at the Lions and Vikes having the least cap space in the league

  • In reply to Wicket:

    I'd love to LOL at the Lions and Vikes, but they would just LOL back at us.

    Because the new CBA says we have to spend something like 97% of cap. So the Lions and Vikes have their rosters set, and Angelo is dicking with Forte while still needing to spend something like 12M on SOMETHING. He can't just pocket it and use it for Ginny's ointment.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    After Seifert's ass blast that MB originally noted:

    It's pretty hard to be throwing stones when our house is made of glass.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Oh no doubt that Forte and Taylor have been handled very very poorly. I admit I wasn't aware that that the CBA requirement was so high 8|

  • In reply to Wicket:

    The salary floor per team is not that high - it's at like 89% of the cap number.

  • In reply to Wicket:

    Also I don't think Forte has been handled poorly. If reports are remotely accurate, then not only has Forte been asking for way too much (i.e. DeAngelo Williams money) but the Bears HAVE put down a more than fair offer (a deal that beats Jamaal Charles's).

    I really don't see why people automatically jump to the conclusion that because a deal hasn't gotten done yet, that it's management's poor handling of the situation. Actually if anything it's the reverse, because despite Forte's camp's unrealistic bargaining position, they've kept him engaged, on the practice field, and on the game field. Contrast that to CJ for example.

    By all means, blame the FO when they do fuck up, but this automatic denigration for every bad event or uncertain situation is not just silly, but old. (And sorry Wicket, not trying to pick on you specifically... just making a point.)

  • In reply to Michael L:

    It's my little brother; feel free!
    I think CT -was- handled poorly. Forte, not yet.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Yes - in fact, he can do just that this year and the next.

    The cap basement per TEAM does not kick in until 2013.
    There is a league-wide floor until then. Don't ask me how the f-ck that is supposed to work. No one on Sirius NFL can figure that out either.

    So, this may mean more money in the war chest for next off-season, and for resigning guys like Briggs, Garza, etc who are wanting to renogotiate existing deals (although Briggs...c'mon man.)
    Here you go...

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Oops, should've read this before posting... you were way ahead of me MBP.

    Yeah, I don't know how the league floor is supposed to work... If they're short, then who pays? Doesn't make much sense to me, but perhaps it's spelled out in the contract somewhere...

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Briggsy and Forte want some extra wedge, I guess that's why they're holding the purse strings at the moment ...

  • In reply to gpldan:

    That is correct GPL, except the floor provision doesn't go into effect until the 2013 season (I believe, it could be 2012 but I think it's 2013).

    So for this season that money IS saved in the pocket.

  • In reply to Michael L:

    I'm sorry, I thought it started this year.

    Ah well, then. Everybody gets a mylar balloon for Ginny's 100th birthday party!!!

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Not until next year GP, this year the league has to be within 10% i think.

  • 2 things- First off where is the link to the fantasy league someone was creating?
    #2 - Going to the Best of the West Reno Rib fest this weekend. I'm hoping to come back heart attack free.

  • Hmm. The Saints have released Alex Brown?

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Hey Al.... interesting on AB...hhhhhmmmmmm as you said.

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    I do think the tank might be empty..poor showing last year

  • Why is it the media is just now seeing what this blog has been screaming for the last couple of years!


  • Wow, cheenis fight up top. Glad you two fags worked it out.

    Thanks got the shout GP, but I was just giving you a hard time before, no need to annotate your posts.

    Check this... this was in my Yahoo home page spotlight section, you know the place with all the gripping stories about kim kardashian's fucking wedding and what not to eat during the summer. Man, when our gaffs go that mainstream, it just sucks:


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