Preseason Opener Game Thread

Preseason Opener Game Thread

I hate the preseason, especially for the Chicago Bears.  Because it means we'll have to endure a month of hearing how bad the defense is going to be before they have yet another terrific season.

Who to watch tonight?

1. Dane Sanzenbacher.  Can he make an impact while catching passes from second and third-string QBs?

2. Chris Conte.  Will he cement his role as the third safety on the roster?

3. Vernon Gholston and Amobi Okoye.  Will either of these former first-round retreads be able to work their way into the d-line rotation?

4. Chester Taylor.  Does he need a good preseason to keep Marion Barber from thieving away all his touches?

5. The Offensive Line.  All of em.

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  • I am excited as I've ever been for a preseason game. To be able to see how everyone performs is enough to be really anxious for the kickoff tonight.

  • I'm ready for a couple weeks of serious Hanie love. Then, the media will start reliving Martz's (and Lovie) brain queef to go with Abe Gibron, I mean Todd Collins, in the Championship game. Then, Martz will pull Hanie based on looking like a total idiot last yr, stating he is our #2 no question, and play the LaFever of the year. Who is that by the way? Nathan Enderle?

    Most important, NO INJURIES. Hopefully, we get lucky two yrs in a row on that front. That will be crucial.

  • In reply to Crown:

    thats it. you fucking jinxs us on the injuries. Sigh fucking crown,

  • It's obvious someones gonna have to blindside Suh. I get the feeling this guy will really hurt someone with his cheap shot style of play. What goes around comes around and I would love to see Webb step on his ankle by mistake.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Imagine the league reaction if that WAS James Harrison who did that last night.

    All these rule changes....moving the kickoff back......defenseless receivers and what that constitues as.....yet Suh can get away with assault. Well played Goodell.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    Suh is a bad boy DY. He wants qb's to fear him. Guess what? They do.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Looks like a classic Butkus play to me.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    True. Unfortunately he's wearing the wrong uniform.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    I was *so* going to say that!

  • preseason is a joke. Cannot fucking stand it! errr............. sigh.

  • I FUCKING HATE CHICAGO NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fres, you ok? I am excited to see how some of the new players look. This year has more new faces on it than I've seen in a while.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    I just hate how I type in a long ass post and then I press the comment button, I get this stupid message. "YOUR POSTING TO FAST CALM DOWN

  • mmmBearss

    I'm really loing forward to tonight considering there was a better than decent chance this game was never going to be played the way things were looking last winter. Although pre season games are basically meaningless and the results have literally mean NOTHING in terms of how the team will perform during the regular season, I'm glad to be watching Da Bears again this year and I'll promise not to be a negative Nancy or a Debbie downer. Wah wahhhhhh.

    You're going to hear the term "vanilla" again this preseason when asked how to describe the defense, and wonder why the Bears would want to show the Falcons anything on film they plan on employing week 1. Same goes for the O this preseason, you'll probably see a classic Martz gadget play or 2 to give D coordinators in ATL something to prepare for.

    There is obviously going to be a ton of focus on the O line because it is the result of sheer neglect over the years, but the offense this season is going to come down to Matt Forte, Jay Cutler and a WR who can step up and be a #1.

  • By the way, just the fact people will be talking about the turf tonight is embarrassing to the franchise and the city of Chicago.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I didn't think it was possible to em"bear"ass bear fans Shady.

  • Hanie to shizen shlonger all night long.

  • Saanzenbaacher!

    I'm pretty much looking forward to the same things as Jeff. I'm specifically looking at Roy and Hurd's timing.

    Also, JT thomas and the LBs - curious what we have there.

    Hanie's been getting int a lot in practice, but is our D that good, or is he regressing?

    I guess we'll find out.

    Bear down.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    I love that kids name 4ever. I can hear Joniak screaming it as he runs down the sidelines.

  • Do we not have a ..ahem.. way to watch our beloved bears tonight?

    I just turned down that job to go back to school. So, I need something to do lol

  • In reply to Bears85Grogan23:

    This was my first name I started as on the blog but it wouldn't work for some strange reason. Hold on as I transform back into Artoo

  • In reply to Bears85Grogan23:

    I agree with Vanilla plays but, its the ones that make the Vanilla plays really good that stand out and help us down the road that matter.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    Vanilla shamilla. I don't care already, bring it on boys, I'm ready for some Foooootball.

  • greetings, i have personally enjoyed all of your efforts (especially, commander jeff) in keeping me abreast of the situation in chicago. its been a multi colored experience and i have been a sort of "mushroom like fungus" on the side of jeff's ship. maybe u could say i have leached off of your interpretations far more than the "corprately comfortable news jockeys" but i have loved things this way......u r all a hoot, and stimulate my bears fix in the right sorta way. anyway here i am, and i love watchin pre season games . everybody gets 2 play. sometimes it gets wierd, and sometimes our chosen choosers stumble through the darks spots of reason to uncover the next "gem"... for me it's like prospectin by the way i have never found that chunk a gold...... peace be still my jumpin heart footballs comin

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Welcome aboard hunt, all hands on deck. Yuk yuk. In regards to "gold", Jerry hasn't ever found any either.

  • regarding the field......back in the day they had some farmers outside niu that could grow grass.... it's only a short tractor ride to the lake is sickening that in life when the workers tell the bosses over a year ago about the" field of seams" and management can't even pay attention. would any of these brilliant leaders run there lincolns through the dekalb cornfields on sunday afternoon like my brother did with the family station wagon in'69.....hllllll no why run your "investments", which are pricier than your stinkin licoln, through the hayfields by the lake......bring in the farmers please....... maybe then the seams will disappear in a cloud of never lives up to there responsibilities in any business......except for shifting responsibility........the workers can't build a house for chicago with inferior tools... take advantage of your talent...the days of mud and sherman plunket r over.......

  • have any of you seen the new commercial for Madden 12? I guess when you pre-order it, you get access to the 2011 AFC/NFC Pro Bowl roster. The commercial pits that squad guessed it...our 2011 Chicago Bears! The Bears get their ass kicked in slow-mo Madden glory......seriously uncool. I can only hope it some kind of cosmic reverse Madden jinx. Punk our team and give them the anti-Madden cover and we win it all, something like that. Anyway, EA sports can suck a dick.

  • In reply to MattySouthside:

    The Bears are the under achievers everyone loves to hate Matty.

  • In reply to MattySouthside:

    Yeah I saw that too. I turned to my father and pointed out that it supported my logic that everyone hates the Bears. It angered me enough that I am considering not buying the game.

  • Have at it boys, what's this world coming to. There's no girls in football.(Think Tom Hanks).

  • Anyone got a feed?

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Don't know if I'll make it past the first quarter, long day .... but it's Bear football. Doesn't that rock?

  • i listen to the games on radio xm it's old school but down here in swfla i have never gotten any love for chicago sports in any media


  • Melton magic

  • Jay looks quick

  • Merriman schools Webb

  • Marcus Harrison's ass - did you see the size of that thing?

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    That is a BIG ass. He makes Richard Dent look like Tyra Banks.

  • omfg Lack shed a block

  • Hurd straight in ! show them what you do my man.

  • What was that about Knox and Kr?

    Merriman eating our OL alive. Its like watching a shark attack...

  • Merriman, 3 sacks in the first qtr? Ouch.

  • Iwuh is flat out baller

  • Barbers runs breaking blown up by nasty lead blocks by Eddie Williams

  • Liiiiink that woooorks pleeeeease!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

  • In reply to SC Dave:

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Damn, it was working better when I posted.... can barely watch now.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Try mine. Works well, just let all the Euro shit load and wait for the ad to pass

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    fuck, nothing works. Damn it.

    How do we look?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    That Chili link works. unless your isp is fucking w it

  • In reply to gpldan:

    go nuthin gp

  • Kellen ... play action .. .TD?

  • Hanie is our number 2, and it is good

  • Harrison's fat ass hurt. Gholston is trying to make this squad

  • Fuck fuck fuck... I got nothin.

    How do we look? I heard a espn highlight... line getting used again?

  • Terrible Dez drop


    MB..this works

  • Number 18 can block

  • God Damn you Chicago Now!?!?!?!? You suck my ass!!!!

  • Our line is not impressive, regardless of which string is playing.

  • Bell is looking good.

  • Khalil Bell is a full grown M A N!!! I said this last year, he should be #2 behind Matty. He's uber quick and strong. Runs hard, and works hard at protection.

  • In reply to MattySouthside:

    I don't know about quick amigo. That long run he had against the eagles was cool but he ran out of gas real quick.

  • In reply to MattySouthside:

    You mean Bell wears condoms?

  • In reply to BigDaddy:


  • They say Enderle is like 6'4"....kid can't get the ball past the line of scrimmage.

  • Wow, the Bills look like the Bears and the Bears look like the Bills. Yikes.

  • Why does the feed only freeze up during game play but not during commercials?

  • In reply to Jedthro:

    It's a conspiracy.

  • Conte is not afraid to hit people...

  • Why does the third string think he can run...?

  • Bell getting solid holes and blocks and rips off two runs that Forte would have made into Tds. now he is gassed and off the field.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    its probably enough to cut Taylor though

  • Santze is slow off the snap. He looks like he doesn't know or can't hear the snap count.

  • Good as gold

  • Bears are kicking ass. It's 10-3 with only 6 mins to go in the game. Man they look awesome. I can't wait till next week.

    Sorry guys, I drank too much sarcasm today.

  • with the change in the tight end , the run seemed to take a big step forward. tonight they average 5 yards a carry and they just moved the pile on a 4th&1 i like the possibility of punishing some d lines into rubber legs by the 4th qtr.....but the pass well......we're gonna work on that until then bruise em

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    how about undrafted Smith at Te? that guy is gonna push Dez out of the league. 267 and giving Martz wood. that is what Martz wanted, big pushes inside with excellent te seal blocks in the trenches

  • Unga goes Iwo Jima!!!

    that was awesome.

  • 8 sacks for the Bills. apologies to Irish but Asiata sucks

  • 9 sacks.......Robbie Gould misses inside the 40......yet the D gives up 3 points and saves the day. Yep, these are my Chicago Bears. I just shouldn't watch the pre-season, it frustrates the SHIT out of me!!!

  • In reply to MattySouthside:

    Yeah but doesn't Buffalo only score one TD every 4 or 5 games?

  • Dear has taken me this long to even get logged back on after shutting down explorer completely. I've been on several forums and cain't never remember having to go through this kind of crap.

    Anyways, I don't mean to sound like a prick but damn Trac, duh.....of course it is a conspiricy to either force me to spend the money or not see my beloved Bears.. Oh well for me is not over if I am not able to see the new faces or not. That's why I count on y'all to let me know what you think, wether this team is worth shit or not. I'm wondering if Sauerbratten is for real. I do enjoy watching underdogs overcoming what has got to be the toughest venue there in Chicago.

  • 2 misses by Gould....
    and one was a g'damn 33 yarder...
    Brad Maynard is missed already.....

  • I only saw the first qtr and then had to get some sleep - how did the O-line look overall? Webb?

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Everytime I saw an O-lineman chasing a defender or looking out of position, it was Webb.

  • In all seriousness gents, without a doubt the Bears will come of the bus running this year. I even heard one of the commentators say Martz told him he loves to run the ball. Really? Barber is a beast and I am glad to have him. Bell is a little harder to evaluate since the starter were out of the game on both teams after 2 possessions but he performed well while on the field. If anyone's on the bubble, it's probably gonna be Chester. For the Bears to set up the pass and minimize sacks, the run will have to be successful. The Bears seem to understand that and I hope they don't forget it.

  • The best OL the Bears have appears to be Carmini.

    Here's the video you can go ahead and be concerned about:

    Merriman starts the clip by pimp slapping Webb around like a Ho. Then we have Merriman stunt inside where he tosses aside Garza like he was a bag of laundry on a ship.

    Either Merriman got a juice exemption from the NFL, was bitten by radioactive spider, or is indicative of every DE we are likely to see. I choose option 3.

  • And, before Maxx comes by to vomit his bile on this blog under one of his many accounts - let me point out that Rodgers and the Pack looked like they are picking up right where they left off:

    I'm sure Lovie isn't concerned, though. Because he never is.


  • O.K....O.K. I understand it's preseason gentlemen..(and I do use that word loosely)....number 5. is my biggest concern:

    the No. 1 offensive line yielded four sacks while playing the entire first half. The reserves then allowed five more sacks in the second half.

    FUCK ME!!!!!!!!! where are my two guards now...thanks "Glitchy" you fu%#%$#!@#$k!

  • “Too much pressure on the quarterback,” Smith said. “We have to tighten that up a little bit. But besides that, offensively I think we accomplished about what we wanted to do the first game.

    YEAH FUCKING THINK!!!!!!!!!? Great to know that LDL is the all seeing "eye of rah" for football. Hey LIMP DICK LOVIE.....hard for Cutty to complete a pass when he's running for his life...


    So basically Webb you were his "BITCH"!?

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    “Maybe individually I didn’t match his intensity,” Webb said. “I have to take a look at the film. He came out as if we were in the regular season and obviously I didn’t. I’ve got to get a little bit better.”

    Look at the film..WHAT!!!! you got manhandled and you know it!

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    This also has to do with LovieFest workouts. during one of the practices' Webb call a pedicurist because he broke a nail....Shit Maybe LDL can have one on the sideline just in case.

    And the Media rip into Cutty that he's not tough enough? man is running for his life...he's in better shape just to take more sacks...Thanks again "Glitchy" for our line.

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    I'm not going to clarify my comments with, " I know its the preseason". Rather I'm going to clarify with, "our pass protection sucks", and our running game on the weakside is "weak". It seemed that every time we ran left (Webbs direction) the Bears got stuffed. One exception to this was Barber steamrolling through 3 tacklers for a first down. It looks like it's gonna be shuffle shuffle shuffle time on the O-line again.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Like with the hate for Olsen, I've never understood the love for Webb. He has yet to show anything to me.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Join the club man. Sucked from day one.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:


  • Given the fact that I think the Rams want to improve more than the Bears do, we could be in for another shaky start come regular season. This is what bothers:
    1) The Rams O needs to get a lot better and they don't mind projecting that to the rest of the league by keeping the 1st string offense in the game for 4 series.

    2) The Bears need to get a lot better on O and they want to hide that fact from the rest of the league by leaving Jay in for just 1 series.

    I hate to be overly critical but last night seemed to indicate more of the same when it comes to pass protection and it looks like Jay may be tossed about like a rag doll again.

  • Jeff, please write about this, I need some encouragement.

    Is Webb a lost cause? How long do the Bears have to figure our who to replace him with if he can't do his job?

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    You get Inspector Gadget.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Now you sound like me GP. Or is it that I sound like you? Hmmm.

  • Here’s my o-line analysis after watching /enduring the game again…
    1st & 10 – Call: end around with Hester – Carimi pushed up to block a LB but he took an inside position, as the play went to the outside he lost any leverage. Spaeth pulled from the left side to help swing things out to the right and ended up picking up the man Carimi missed. That left Roy Williams in position to try and block the two DBs who ultimately made the play. If Carimi was able to get to the LB’s right, Spaeth could take one of the DBs on his pull then Devin breaks for a long run.
    2nd & 9 – Call: pass – Louis drops his head and lets a rookie DT swim through like butter. DT chases Cutler and the play breaks down with a shuffle pass to Forte.
    3rd & 9 – Call: pass – Forte wiffs on a block leaving Cutler set for a head on collision. Cutler sees this and darts through a hole in the line for a 10 yard pickup.
    1st & 10 – Call Taylor run left –C Williams looks like he is in pass protection leaving his man with too much room to operate. Rusher slides off C Williams as Taylor approaches to stuff the run.
    2nd & 9 – Call: Taylor run left - Lots of linemen standing around a scrum resulting in 3 yd gain.
    3rd & 6 – Call: pass – DE (Merriman) charges to the outside of Webb who looks like he is moving at half speed his speed. Webb can’t match speed so he ends up holding but lets his man through anyway to sack #6. Also, Louis puts his head down again letting his man through to provide the other half of the ensuing Cutler sandwich.
    1st & 10 – Call run right – Garza pulls then takes his man too low losing any leverage. His man makes the stop in the backfield.
    2nd & 11 – Call: pass – Webb is pushed back behind the QB allowing his man to slide off to the inside for the first sack of Hanie.
    3rd & 11 – Call: pass – DE (Merriman again) bounces to the inside on a stunt and Garza misses the block. Result: Hanie sacked again.
    1st & 10 – Call: Barber run left – Webb and C Williams open a hole, E Williams blasts through it to pick up the LB. Barber follows through with a head of steam scaring would be tacklers for about 11 yrds.
    1st & 10 – Call: Run up the middle – Blockers all forgot to block.
    2nd & 10 – Call: Barber Draw – E Williams with a block opening up a 11 yard run for Barber.
    1st & 10 – Call: Pass – Webb gets run over but Barber picks up his man giving Hanie 2 seconds to deliver a strike to Knox for 12 yards.
    1st & 10 – Call: run up the middle – The Sieve (aka Bears O-Line) doing their thing. Two yards on Barber second effort.
    2nd & 8 – Call: run left – Barber hits the defenders harder than his blockers do and breaks down the field after getting hit for another 9 yards.

    1st & goal – Call: bootleg right – Spaeth misses the ball that hit him in the hands.
    2nd & goal – Call: run up the middle – Barber stuffed at the line after 1 yard gain.
    3rd & goal – Call: pass – Good protection, but D has good coverage too. Hanie up the middle for a 5 yard TD run.
    For the rest of their series the 1st string o-line looked evenly matched against the Bills third stringers and undrafted prospects.

  • In reply to GoBears:

    Thanks GB(not Green Bay). Overall, what did you think of Carimi's play?

  • I'm not going to over react because it's preseason and I noticed that MANY olines looked shitty this lock-outed preseason, but out of all the shitty Oline performances, we took the cake.

    Few things that can calm me down, but don't:

    1) This is Webbs first pro game at LT. "Intensity" - he better get his thumb up his ass cuz he's going to now be going up against the most elite self motivated pass rushers in the world.

    2) Garza first game as center in a decade. However, Merriman tossing him aside like a pop warner wr doesn't look good. Garza = Olin physically, but without the knowledge?

    3) Our run blocking is at least avg now, which should spell good news for Forte, Barber and Bell. Did Bell just put Taylor out of a job? If so, Angela, TRADE Taylor. Don't just cut him. Even if it's for a 5th rounder.

    4) Hanie looked horrible in practice and in the game. He needs to meditate or something as he always seems to me as if he's on meth. Calm down 'stache, let the game come to you.

    5) Eddie Williams is going to take someone's job. Bears won't admit Williams is a bust, and Garza is too "pivotal" (although the tape says otherwise), so Louis?

    I just want to see ONE, ONE fucking accurate TD pass in the next game. I'm tired of the Bears getting into the redzone and seeing a run get stuffed, than some dump off 3 yarder, followed by some bad looking pass play, then "No longer good as" Gould kick, putting even MORE pressure on our D.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    It won't matter who we have as our 2nd string qb with this line. Who ever he is, he won't be able to run fast enough.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    The problem is that there's only one GM in the NFL dumb enough to trade a fifth-rounder for Taylor, and he works for the Chicago Bears.

  • On a positive note, the Bears ranked second amongst teams in rushing yards this week.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Robbie will be fine. It's really up to Podlesh.

  • My first post of the day and it tells me Im posting to fast. Wtf mang... SMH at this bullshit.

    Anyways I just wanted to let some of you know that they are rerunning the Bears game on NFL network.

    Olsen looked great in his preseason game.

  • I think our DLINE is SOLID! Henry Melton is turning into a beast!

  • Watching this preseason game is really making excited. Our Defense looks SOLID. Major Wright has really stepped up, Our CBs are solid, DLINE IS BEASTLY, and Linebackers are the same badass group.

    Offense looks like well last years offense. Garza looks good at Center, and Carimi lookin good also. And Hester starts before Knox and Bennet? CMON SON!

  • Chester Taylor sucks, dude studder steps way to fucking match. Barber better be our 2nd back.

  • MUCH*

  • Williams and Webb are gonna get our QB killed! fuckin garbage

  • fb_avatar

    Chalk them up got to go to the Bears training camp! Check out the interview here!!!

  • O.K. watching the replay...and I understand it's pre........but damn I'm worried about Cutty ...

    p.s. all the critics about Cutty not giving a shit..did you see him with the phones on and talking to Mr. Hanky aka Hanie? on the sideleines.

  • Corey Wooten expected to be out 4 weeks. Unfortunately this will actually put him back about 2 mos as far as production goes.

  • Finally got done watching the game and rewatching some of the first half (fuck, I could not stand watching that fourth quarter again...snoooze).
    1) The concern with the OL is still, surprise, the interior. Lance Louis looked like he was on crunk-juice. Williams had few one-on-one blocks that I could see - most of the time he was getting help from Garza while Louis got bitchslapped around and/or stumbled head-long into the turf without touching a Bills jersey. Please, Mike, get Spencer in there at Guard if you have to - he can't be as bad as Louis. And I swear, Irish, if you bring up Asiata, I will make you watch Moobs get rung up by the 4th string Buffalo D-line for the rest of the season. He sucks balls. His man-tits are the only remarkable thing about him.
    2) We are in excellent shape in the d-line; in fact, as far as depth across the board, I think the D is in much better shape than last year. I liked the youngsters at Tackle. Hell, I won't even bitch about Gholston much. He was active and got some pressure. At Tackle, Okoye, Melton, and Paea looked good. I wish Adams had been healthy. Melton - young man, you may be a household name by the end of this year. And Okoye played very well.
    3) Chester who? Khalil Bell doesn't have huge breakaway speed but when he makes his cut, he accelerates into the line like Chester can't anymore. And Barber, well of course he should be taking the 2nd string snaps. Taylor will get cut soon.
    4) Don't you wish we'd had these 3 QBs in these spots last year? Even Enderle makes the Todd Collins experiment look like the sad, desperate move it was.
    5) We won't miss Olsen at TE much, and I thought he was unfairly maligned on this board. But KD and Spaeth will be fine.
    6) I like the competition at wide receiver and CB...Poor Bowman fell victim to the Husker secondary curse though; Jennings will have to play really poorly the rest of the way to not seal the deal.
    7) Did I mention the interior OL kind of sucked?
    8) Did I mention the D looked better than last year?

  • I vote for some Samoan sandmich.

    What do most teams carry? 6 backs?


    Pair up Unga the Dragger with TaTufu for the goal line. Finally this is ready.

    Eddie Williams

    That leaves one more back to stay on the roster. Bell or Taylor?

    I haven't made up my mind. Taylor looked shit, but he has some skills. I was disgusted that Bell couldn't break that long run, if he had any speed at all it was right there. And then he was so gassed he had to leave the game for a couple plays. I just do not see it.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Bell's younger, more upside. I'd keep him.

  • BTW, all that Tice "falter" bullshit aside, I expect Tice to push Louis to the bench and move Garza back to RG and stick Spencer in there.

    Edwin WIlliams has a shot to crumble cookie.

  • I forgot to add:
    Who the hell wants to trade Johnny Knox?
    A show of hands, please.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I don't want to trade J. Knox, but I think the BT wants to, and he did increase his value over the weekend.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    If we can get more than what he cost us, yes. We've got WRs now, keeping him around means keeping a better receiver off the field.

  • Oh and Gholston came to play. Might push Wooten to the bubble if he keeps it up, as Wooten doesn't give us shit and now he's hurt again.

  • 9 sacks by the Bills. 9! I know it's preseason and doesn't mean shit, but it's depressing watching Jay run for his life in a freaking preseason game with Buffalo. The first string OLine played the entire first half and played like crap the entire time. Mike Tice, you have your work cut out for you. I wish you the best of luck.

    The rest of the team looked pretty good for a team with virtually no practice. The D looked solid and deep.

    Barber looked good, and Bell wasn't running too bad either. So Matty will have someone to help him out when hes gassed from running in for a TD. We appear to have some genuine run blocking going here

    Chester looked pretty flat. I don't know it was lack of coverage, or desire. He just did not make things happen at a time when you gotta.

    Gholston looked good.So did Spencer.

    Sanzenbacher appears to be a real receiver, if we have any living GBs during our games we should try some pass plays to them

  • In reply to MikeV in OR:

    When the Bills sack your QB nine times, I think that means something. The Bills, remember ....

  • We ran at a 4.7 yards per carry clip in game one of the preseason - great news for those of you who like to win.

  • My anti grade for Saturday night.

    Martz: A. This cat knew what to do with Cutty after three plays.

    Webb: A+. Webb pulled off the heist of the century by convincing Tice a broken tooth equals great potential.

    Jerra: A+. Nobody could have ignored our most glaring weaknesses better than Mr. Angelo.

    Defense: F. This group once again failed to match the offensive lines enthusiasm and commitment to excellence.

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