Links From Around the Bears

Links From Around the Bears

I'm not usually a big links posting guy but there's some interesting stuff out there worth paying attention to.

MOON MULLIN is predicting the Bears repeat as NFC North champs with a record of 10-6.  I see them with a similar record but how can anyone predict whether that'll be enough to win division/make playoffs.

LANCE LOUIS left practice Wednesday due to vomiting all over the field and Chris Spencer lined up at center this afternoon due to it.  Last night he was lined up at guard in pass protection drills.  I don't believe for a second that Spencer was brought here to provide OL depth.  He was brought here to play center.  And it's going to happen before too long.

ANY PLAYER CONNECTION TO "THE U" is going to be asked to comment on the allegations that have folks recalling the SMU death penalty.  Devin Hester is no exception.  Whatever Hester did while down in Coral Gables, I don't care.  I'm not stupid enough to believe any Division I university's athletics program is on the level and you shouldn't be either.

ROY WILLIAMS WANTS TO BE THE MAN.  And I would love him to be the man, even if it remains he starts to pull a little prima donna receiver shit off the top shelf.  Seeing a rapport between Roy and Cutty will be perhaps the only offensive plays of interest this preseason outside the work of the fellas up front.

SEAN JENSEN'S TWITTER ACCOUNT featured these back-to-back posts:

Caplan reports #Bears put in a claim RT @caplannfl: LB Thadedeus Gibson, who was waived by the 49ers, was claimed by the Redskins.

As I've said before, I still believe linebacker is one of the positions the #Bears are more inclined to make an addition at.

So...can someone out there explain to me why Lofa Tatupu is not already a Chicago Bear?  Is he not in football shape?  Tatupu is capable, when healthy, of being an elite linebacker.

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  • First to say that a Royboy and TO combo in the redzone during the playoffs would be nice, now that Hester might have to get a paddling from the NCAA or something:

  • In reply to gpldan:

    For about five years, my main comment on the NCAA is "pay them already". The entire system is ridiculous, and is unlikely to change it would seem. Perhaps instead of crippling small business, the DoJ and IRS could do something useful and jail these bastards under RICO.

  • I'm down GP.

    "So...can someone out there explain to me why Lofa Tatupu is not already a Chicago Bear?"

    2 knee surgeries... he's basically a carbon copy of pisa, but in the middle. And he's got a badly jacked up knee… just like pisa.

    "Tatupu is capable, when healthy, of being an elite linebacker."

    Yes, the key two word phrase being, "when healthy". Pretty sure it's as simple as that Jeff.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I agree with MB30 and others who have pointed out that Lofa is a Mike, and only a Mike.

    We have no depth behind Roach if JT Thomas is going to fold. We need to address at least that.

  • from last thread... hoooooomeeeer.

    But I've been saying that we own the packers, we just need to stop handing them the fucking game. Ridiculous. Close the fucking deal... we had our hand on the flusher and the pack was just floating there stinking all 3 times... we just need to flush the fucking toilet boys..

    "More to the point, the Bears under Lovie Smith effectively owned Brett Favre. They were 6-2 against the Favre Packers with Smith. Aaron Rodgers had a passer rating of 55.4 in the NFC Championship game, one in which the Bears played the entire second half with backup quarterbacks. Rodgers threw two touchdown passes and four interceptions in his three Bears games last season.

    The three Bears-Packers games were each decided by a touchdown or less. The gap wasn’t huge then and it isn’t now."

  • I hadn't heard Louis booted all over the place. He's about to break the last straw here pretty soon, the problem is Spencer has said to the press, he doesn't know the playbook or the calls.

    Our Boy Roy's breakdown of Spencer against the Bears in last year's playoffs, even if you don't agree with all of Roy's comments, reveals a pretty poor center overall. Cutler will be none too happy to lose Garza at center, I really think if Tice tried to move Garza back to RG that Cutty would stand up to that. I think Garza is our new center come hell or high water. And Louis and Asiata are both shit. Both wastes of space.

    I think Tice will sit down with Spencer and try and convince him to take RG. If Spencer can do that, he'll play. I am more convinced now that we may see a Webb-Cookie-Garza-Spence-BJew line as soon as the Giants game. Tice may be printing off Louis' greyhound bus ticket as I write this.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Tice said that there was a player who had impressed during camp that did not show it against the Bills. Sounds like Louis, and sounds like he's expected to show up soon. The addition of Carimi to the line was just negated by losing Kreutz. I'd like to see this Levi Horn guy sometime soon, it's not like we have much more to loseThe line is shit (at pass-blocking), and the backups are shit. Unless Martz re-tools his gameplan to be a run-first offense, Cutler is dead. Especially if we see your Webb-Cookie-Garza-Spence-BJew line Jeff - that would be an all-time worst line for me, or at least in 25 years ....

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Glad you're back!
    Louis is a bigger project than Webb and that's saying something.

  • Tice sounded relieved that Louis barfed all over the place...not subtle, but one never gets that impression from Tice anyway.

  • I just cannot fathom Pete Carroll, whose team snuck in the backdoor of the playoffs last year, is seriously going to go to war with Tavaris Jackson as his general. No way.

    Before Labor Day, Carson Palmer will be a Seahawk. Carroll will push - is Goo Goo Ga Joob Walrus in the front office? - anyway, he's gotta get on his knees and beg to put two 2nd rounders up for Palmer. Mike Brown is now in danger of being considered a bigger dick and worse football guy than Al Davis. Does he want that?

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Pete Carroll has no idea what he's doing either. He jumped the hell out of USC as quick as he could and took the first job available and willing to cut him a big check. Now he's trying to piece it all together. My theory? Last year will be his best as Seahawks coach. (My other theory is Harbaugh is tanking 2011 to draft Luck in 2012.)

  • I just... right now... as I type this... saw that commercial for Madden 12. Mother fuckers!

    What in thee fuck is up with all the bears hate man? I don't get it?!?!?

    Oh, hey.... fuck you EA!!!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I second that motion MB! For a long time I haven't thought much of EA's Madden games. That's why I quit at Madden 98'. I saw on the cover of M12 that they put Cleveland's RB Payton Hillis. REALLY! Yeah Hillis ran for over 1,100 yards, but for a 5-11 team that canned their coach at the end of the season. Madden probably still has an axe to grind with the Bears, especially since we would always give his silver & black boys a physical pounding each time they played. Like Apollo Creed in Rocky II, he got the decision in R1, but steamed at the fact that Rocky beat him nearly to death in the process. So Madden most likely has not ever recovered from the beatings we laid on his raiders....

  • In reply to garydean:

    I really don't think Madden has anything to do with the production of the game anymore, or in years. Other than maybe some voice work...

    But no argument from me on them hating on the bears....

  • In reply to garydean:

    I could be wrong, but I think M12's cover was decided by public vote this year. Each team had one player that you could vote for, then they gradually narrowed the field.

  • Hmmm, this is not so encouraging. I didn't realize RW was noticeably out-of-shape compared to the other WRs...

    I hope that's a situation that gets rectified soon...

  • In reply to Michael L:

    I hope Sam Hurd is our #1 before long . Our boys will be in shape before long, this was not a normal pre-season.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Dude wow, you're really high on this Hurd kid. I'm not sure the optimism is warranted, but I'm glad there's something about him to get excited about...

  • In reply to Michael L:

    “I’m a firm believer in no matter what you do in the offseason, nothing will get you football ready except for playing football,” Williams said. “That’s what I believe. It’s tough. You can run all the hills and mountains that you want to, but when you get out here and play for four seconds and jog back to the huddle, that’s what gets you in shape.”

    Walter Payton would beg to differ methinks.

    I hope this gets Sam his shot ..... and what about Fantuz - our only legitimate go-up-and-get-it guy ? Has he been mapped at training camp?

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    All indications I've heard are that Fantuz hasn't shown up much one way or the other. Sounds like it's likely to be practice squad for him (or cut) unless he starts making some kind of splash in the next 2 weeks.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    illegal Fantuz Boner, flag on the play.

  • And there you go...

    “Nate did a real good job in the game,” Martz explained. “So we wanted to know a little bit more about Nate. So each week, he’ll get one day with the twos, and, of course, Caleb will get some snaps with the ones.”

    But there appears to be just one set of circumstances under which Enderle would moved ahead of Hanie on the depth chart to start the season.

    “Not unless Caleb’s arm fall off,” the Bears’ offensive coordinator said Wednesday.

  • I want Sanzenbacher to make the team. He's a baller.
    The Bears should also cut ties with Taylor, and keep a fullback/special teamer.

  • If all goes well with our line and the grows the Bears are able to pass more effectively than last year, I predict the Bears will go 14-2.
    If the same offensive production shows up as last year I predict 9-7.

    I can see us starting 8-0.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    Can't argue with that BD. But it's the biggest IF in football history.

  • So with all this jerrymandering, lollygagging and tomfoolery on the offensive line .... why did we draft Conte and Enderle again?

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    We had zero depth at Safety (one could argue that situation hasn't changed much or even deteriorated w. Manning leaving).

    And somebody has to be the 3rd have seen this OL, right?

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Truth there. Just the fact that Conte is likely to be rotating in as a 3rd safety, and that there isn't another free safety on the roster means that was a need, not a luxury pick.

    And to be fair, there has yet to be jerrymandering on the OL -- unlike last year they have tried to stick to one lineup. Good or bad, at least they realize the line won't achieve any semblance of consistency without stopping the rejiggering...

  • "Woot!" is now officially a word according to the latest edition of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary. Used in electronic communication to express elation, enthusiasm, or triumph. Fitting indeed.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    They couldn't put the zeros in there at least?

  • Sorry for the post-fest but... I like reading stuff like this:

    Moon: Cornerback D.J. Moore stepped in front of Devin Hester to intercept his sixth pass of training camp. Hester recovered, pursued and punched the ball out but Moore recovered…. In the kind of fight that coaches and quarterbacks love, Hester outfought cornerback Tim Jennings to make a sideline reception….

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