Despite Silly Roy Williams Hoopla, Bears Will Be Receiver Collective

Despite Silly Roy Williams Hoopla, Bears Will Be Receiver Collective

I’ll have a full recap of the third preseason game for Monday morning.  In the meantime, go vote DaBearsBlog as Chicago’s most value sports blog: CLICK HERE.

You walk into a diner.  Order your cocktail and open up the menu.  Under Specials you see bacon-wrapped scallops.  You love bacon-wrapped scallops.  You had bacon-wrapped scallops on Martha’s Vineyard a few years earlier and it was the finest meal you’ve ever had.  And those bacon-wrapped scallops were expensive.  These are only a few bucks.  You have to order them.  Maybe they’ll be as good as those scallops you had on the Vineyard!  You know it’s a diner, and a diner is not known for its seafood, but at that price what’s the harm?

That should have been Roy Williams.  At worst, he’d put you on the toilet for forty-five minutes but your wallet wouldn’t mind.

The difference?  Your buddy Mike Martz, also ordering the scallops, told you he’s had them before at this diner and they’re going to be the best meal of your life.  He also told that to the table beside you, where Brad Biggs and Jeff Hughes are questioning your choosing nostalgic seafood when there was reliable Rice available.

One thing became abundantly clear watching the Chicago Bears third preseason game: they have no #1 receiver.  They are a WR collective and the quarterback does not mind.  (The quarterback, by the way, looks primed for a pretty spectacular year.)  Earl Bennett will make the big catch.  Johnny Knox will make the big play.  Devin Hester and Williams and perhaps Sanzenbacher or Hurd or the tight ends will find the ball in their hands in key situations.  The screen game will be the offense’s backbone.

Is that preferable?  No.  My belief is that you always want a player on the outside opposing defensive coordinator’s need to game plan against.  Someone to draw the opposition’s best corner for sixty minutes.  Someone who forces a safety away from the box.  The elite wide receiver, prima donna or not, can make an ordinary offense seem spectacular at times.

Is it sustainable?  Absolutely.  If Duke of Earl and Jackass and Skunk take logical strides during their second year in a complicated offense, the Bears passing game will be improved significantly.  They are more than capable, professional wide receivers.  And all it might really take it the five guys up front giving the quarterback enough time to allow them to finish their routes.

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  • Mmmmmm.... bacon.

    So who did we lose dez and barber?

  • Secondly, rw is currently a liability. It sucks that martz/jerry always make the poor/wrong/vale (read: cheap) choice, instead of the guy that can be a pbowler.

    And please don't tell me briggsy, one player does not a great talent evaluator make. I just wish we had someone in management insisting on good to great quality players instead of 50/50 projects all the time. This is the bears not the chiefs

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Speaking of Briggs.......shit/heavy sigh/shaking of head. See below.

    How are ya MB? All is well in SD? You get your PS3 last night?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yeah, Martz' retreads are wearing thin - "he knows the system" kind of graets when the guy who knows the system doesn't take practice seriously. But Hester is dropping balls, Sanzenbacher didn't look so hot, and Mr.Knox dropped a ball on ST. Everybody drops balls. Let's hope they're just getting their eye in and the radar will be fixed by the Atlanta game. I like that teams can't really gameplan for us - there's no one guy they can take out, because we have so many weapons.

    4ever85 calls him Cutler 2.0 down below and that's exactly what he is, he looks super skinny and confident and is stepping up, not just in the pocket and mechanically, but as a leader and a captain of the offense now that he's not competing with Olin. We look like we can take a step further than last year, which means ......

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    amazing what losing 15 lbs of granulated sugar from around your neck and chin area will do for your performance on the field.

  • ....okay, someone please explain this to me. I really don't get it:

    "Sources strongly indicate the Bears will likely force Briggs to honor his contract. The Chicago Tribune reported Briggs will demand a trade if the club doesn't extend a new deal before the end of the 2011 season. "

    Whole story here, where half an update is also found on Forte's negoiations:

    I still hope we keep Sanzenbacher - it wasn't his best night, but he just got here. And yeah, I want him on the 53, not the PS.

  • I still think Roy Williams can help this team. Maybe the guy is just nervous. He is human too right? But Jeff is right, this will have to be a collective effort by the WR's for us to do some damage. Im excited to see what this group can really do.

  • SD, how the heck are you my friend? I hope all is well on the farm. I meant to give you a shout yesterday, then the whole fiasco with the pirate sites started. Hope all is well.

    I’m not at all for overpaying for aging and injured players like we have in the past, but we can’t swing the other way either. We all know exactly what briggs means to this team. We’ve seen it all preseason and we saw it during the two game stretch last year where we lost both games to majorly inferior opponents. Try your hardest to work out a fair deal and if he’s being stupid then fine… but letting arguably our best player on D besides pep is inane.

    Joe, here's my deal. I think we have enough talent at WR that if RW stays a distraction and a liability, we'll be just fine spreading it around... but I would love him to stop being a fucking turd and step up. You’re a “#1-style WR” in the NFL, you gotta fucking catch the ball mang, period. Like keeping a TE that can’t block for shit… it’s silly.

  • Every year the Chicago media needs to have someone to kick around. Never fails to happen. It's been Jay Cutler the last couple of years, it's been individual members of the O-line, it's been Ron Turner, and of course the all-time whipping boy in chicago history was Rex Grossman. This year it's Roy Williams, welcome to Chicago.
    There will be little mention of Devin Hesters two drops including the slant against the blitz from Cutler that likely would have been a touchdown. Also expect no mention of Johnny Knox's fumble on the kick return or failure to get his feet in bounds on a uncontested out route.
    but expect 12 hours a day of Chicago radio devoted to blasting Roy Williams.

  • In reply to ALinWI:

    1 superbowl win in over 25 years... bitch away until we get what should happen every few years is what I say. Personally, I'm tired of all the fucking mediocrity.

    Again, this is the chicago bears people not the mother fucking browns!!!!!!!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    You may have to start using another team to use for you analogy MB. Colt McCoy looks like the real dear. Peyton Hillis and the D look good too.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    real deal. I hate my typo's.

  • In reply to ALinWI:

    Tottally agree AL

  • Despite a fastball that bounced off his mitts and became a INT, RW showed he has the ability to go over the middle. And, he has a solid out route - much better than Johnny Knox's sideline route - mainly because Cutler can keep the ball up high where a Lamansky Hall can't step in front of it and run it back for 6.

    Williams also seems to have curbed his ego after the thrashing, and is willing to try and make the big catches.

    Hester, as we saw, is simply not a big time wideout. If Hurd doesn't make the club, Rickenbacker will fill in nicely as a backup to Bennett, who can alternate from the slot to the #2.

    Martz simply has a bacon boner for fullbacks that are credible threats to catch the football. And not just the flat pattern, he likes a FB that can come off and get upfield and catch the comeback route in front of the mike. That's why Purdue Adams is making this club.

    If you have the game on DVR, you will see that on the blocked punt, it was Eddie Williams who lost contain and let the punter get to the edge and pick up the 1D. Taub will give him a yellow card for that, and that should be it for Eddie.

    I dunno what to say about Chester. He'll probably get major touches in next week's game, and I hope his agent didn't misplace the Vikings phone number. If the Bears rather see an undrafted Domer punk than you, it's probably time to go.

    Spaeth is most complete TE we have by far and has the right attitude. Several times he pinned the LB inside when LL was pulling out. I really need a DVR back, but my GF says it can be a Christmas present, so I may have to watch this season with having to rely on the broadcast playback.

    Cutler is razor sharp, needs to stay healthy, needs to get rid of the ball just a tad faster. Rex Hanie continues to confound.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Any Tofu sightings GP? How many looks did EW get? Why are they handing it off to the HBs at the goal-line? Martz not showing off his FB looks and TE outs that they've been drilling in practice?

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    there were two incompletes inside the 20 to tofu... but since I couldn’t actually see the fucking game I don't know if they were cutler's or tofu's fault.

  • if williams catches one or two deep balls every other game, would,t that cause defenses to change their perspective about us.

    i am watching the game on nfl network on direct t. v. now and i am thinking what happens when you have been chewing up yardage for a quarter; and then miss a field goal from inside the 30.

    it really is one of the differences why we have not been very good in recent memory on controlling the tempo of the game with our offense.

    we get a bit deflated when we should be using that to gain momentum now 3 first downs later by our opponent and it seems we have done nothing positive when we actually have.

    we seem to press after these situations and get away from what we had done to be effective. gould just turned his body to the left as he followed through and thats where the ball went; he usually does not do that.

    i hope we learn to put some distance between us when we start so well; instead of wasting this ability to gain confidence and consistency

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    A solid running game should help us with that confidence and consistency HB. I just hope Martz remembers that when he's trying to catch the D off guard by running five pass plays in a row .....

  • henry melton can play some run d

    my favorite play.....when golds angst at his error drove the ball through the uprights into the stands after his first successfull attempt.

    we should have 17 pts on the board; and hoping the d don't get complacently used to this type of output.

    i have always wondered if the intensity would be there like it has when the d was our only answer for victory; if cutlers offense ever gets to be stratospheric.

    i never heard ghostens name mentioned on the radio did he do o.k.

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    Not really no. He seemed ineffective at generating pressure.

    When Pep was interviewed by Lou Canellis, he gave a shout out to Wooten. I think the message there was, no - these guys you see now will not be here.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Melton looked good to me in the middle. Getting pressure on the qb and stopping the run up the shoot. And I don't know how you think Harrison will make the squad. Melton and Toe will start in the interior IMO and I like that combo.

  • before i bow out...

    i would like to extend my heartfelt thoughts for the best outcome for your situation if you were impacted by the hurricane.

    living s.w. fla. i have cleaned up way 2 many year i got a new roof.....thank you mother nature

    another year i sifted through the ashes of my parents memories after their house burned to the ground......

    nature gives me some of my favorite feelings; but it also causes us to cower in respect

    this made me laugh late last night and helped my minds mood

  • Old Sauce has some thinkin to do. I would hold:

    Okeye (dude is a pressure beast)
    Harrison (he looks to have worked his fat ass in shape)

    Reclassify Melton as an end, since he was playing some last night

    Send Packing
    Tank Tyler

    Stash Flatbread on the practice squad and give him a year to stop playing on one leg, aka butter.

  • LBs

    Child Support
    Lambo Lance
    Dom Deluise - Backup Mike
    Prom King (JT Thomas) - Backup Sam
    Iwuh Jima - Backup Will

    Chris Johnson probably leads Trahan but the Bears will only carry 6 LBs.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Is Child Support Pisa?

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    No. Child Support is Lack. I am assuming Pisa will stay on IR until as late as October.

    Lack gets that name from swinging this deal:

  • DBs

    Harris and Pringles to start at safeties
    Peanut and Jennings at CB

    Starsky and Hutch backup at safety
    Bowman backs up Jennings
    Josh Moore backs up Peanut
    DJ is the Nickel

    Graham never sees a non-special team down

    Guys who are gone
    37 - Walters
    25 - Ryan Jones
    32- Bryan

  • ironically, now that our Oline gives Cutler 2.0 time, our WR liability will show more and more. Kinda like a fat girl who loses weight. Never really noticed her crooked nose, but now that she's got a banging body, that crooked nose looks worse everyday.

    Earl the Pearl is our only hope. Can't we move him to be the #1? He's very effective in the slot, but I just want him out there all the time; he's esp nice to have when the pocket breaks downs and Cutler just chucks it.

    Hester, Knox and Williams are all too inconsistent for different reasons. I would like to drink the kool-aid and say "They just need a little more time" but to me what's stopping them from being a true #1 is mental. We need a Yoda for them, but must settle for some dude named Drake.

    Our TEs and HBs will play a big role overall too in the passing games.

    What worries is our red zone scoring. They need to score a TD and stop settling for FGs - for the sake of my blood pressure this season.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    So what you are saying is... our wideouts are like this psycho chick?

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    I'd say what stops Hester and Knox being true #1 receivers is ... eh ... they're just not very good receivers?

  • BTW, the Lions rocked Mr. Bundchen without EITHER Fairley or Van Den Bosch.

    I think we're gonna need Pep to put Stafford down again....

  • came out w/ 2 conclusions after this game:

    1) the O-Line looks a lot better. Webb looks like he's halfway pissed out there and Garza looks to be handling the signal calls well. mark my words: Lance Louis will be the reason why Matt Forte approaches the 1,300+ mark in rushing yards.

    2) Earl Bennett needs to see more burn. Here's what the depth chart should look like opening day: Johnny Knox, Earl Bennett, Devin Hester, Roy Williams. matter of fact, if Roy isn't producing after Week 3, he needs to be cut b/c there are too many WRs on this roster that can be productive (i really like that Sanzenbacher kid). I bet Jay hovers near 4,000 yds. this season (if not over).

  • Just watched the game.

    I was encouraged by the O-line play.
    I detect more push on short yardage. If they miss Kruetz, I didn't see it. Did they allow more than the 1 Haney sack? I think Cutty looks more comfy in the system. Forte looked great. Green Acres was hit as he threw so the ball floated on the pick-six. The sneak on 4th & 1 was a breeze. The Titan announcers were impressed, too.

    Ouch: At least 5 drops. R. Williams, Hester's 2, Sanzenbacher (Yo, Dane, "Sanzenbobbler" is NOT a good nickname if you intend to stick) and at least 1 other. Bruised thigh for the "Barbarian". Dez's looked UGLY.

    They DOMINATED the first statistaclly but led only 10-7.

    And don't forget, no Chris Johnson or Kenny Britt for Tennessee.

    Caught Mr. Peepers(AKA "Ponytail".Clayton) with Freddie Coleman on 4-Letter radio this morning discussing offensive line issues but, surprise, they were exprssing concern with New England and Philly. Brady got bopped around pretty good. Belicheat will NOT be amused.

    Do they HAVE play a 4th game?

  • Olin snapping to Brees on NBC right now.

  • the recievers need to spend time doing drills to improve their hands.... they need assistance from a coach

    i think it is a coachable trait...but with any discipline you gotta put more time in with that ball

    a mr. miagi type; would be good.
    ... only bennet has a feel for the ball

    they need to do drills with their eyes closed to get a better feel....
    it won't matter how hard it comes or at what all becomes feel

    hester has a punters mentality toward the ball, no needs to develop these soft hands; cause the other parts of the engine are getting ready to supply plenty of opportunities for these recievers to shine.....

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    These are fully grown adults though. If you're a receiver in the NFL shouldn't you already be accustomed to - I don't know - catching the fucking ball?

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    + ∞

  • Dez not done:

  • Chester Taylor apparently made some comments post-game that mak me question if he'll even suit up Thursday night.

    Hub Arkish predicts that by opening day, Spencer will be at center.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Hub Arkush predicts ....


    He's like the Fox news of football reporting for me, GP. This is the guy that had it on good authority that The Chin would be head coaching us by now. Garza has a year left on his contract, and Tice appears to be grooming Louis as our RG regardless of what folk might think of him so far. I was wondering how Garza would pan out at Center, and by virtue of the fact that nobody has mentioned him at all, he seems to be doing just fine. So why anyone would think we'd put a Center in there who sucks - like Spencer - when he doesn't know the calls or the offense kinda beggars belief. We've got Louis and then Levi Horn behind him on the depth chart. Tice is a fairly straightforward guy who talks honestly about his Plan A and Plan B. Garza is the center, Louis the RG - and if Louis doesn't work out, then Horn is the RG, not Garza.

    I don't think this line will be as bad as we have suspected it might be. It has been lightly tested against the Giants, so the Falcons will let us know where we stand ... before we pound them into the turf.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Irish... I need to know what in thee fuck those three back up olinemen did for you and your fam? Shit maing, did you meet them on their vaca to thailand? Did they leave all their weed with you when they left? Tell me maing, tell me...

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I though we'd get more out of them because Tice seemed to be happy with the roster. Louis is a mauler, allegedly, Asiata hasn't worked out yet - he's played very little ball though - and You mean Levi Horn ? I seem to recall reading that Tice liked him a lot, although he's built more like a tackle. It looks like we might be okay though right? I mean we appear to be able to run it better than last year, and the QBs are getting their 2.7 seconds, so ....

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    damn man.. just you and me here and you couldn't even help me complete the joke?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Joke? Humor ? Nah, mang - this is my o-line. Nuthin' funny about that. No smiles until I see big, man-sized holes to run through and three seconds of upright Cutler ....

  • What's going on nerds?


    DEEEZY!!! Like an indestructible futuristic robot warrior... but with old balls!!!

  • Fuck it, after the second consecutive disastrous weekend of NOT watching my bears play shitty preseason football... even on shitty, pixelated, broken up and buffered pirate sites with obtuse Swedish commercials, I’ve officially decided that I'd much rather spend the tree fity to get the DTV package for my PS3 and deal with shitty, pixelated, broken up and buffered bears football without the obtuse Swedish commercials.

    How’s them fucking apples? At least I know what I’m getting… but it’s better than watching that fucking ridiculous game center update bullshit I was watching.

    And yes Willie, I will let you know… but it’s streaming playah… Deion isn't going to show up at my house.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Unless you have DSL made up of old tin wire strung down the fence and spliced at the pole, if you have 3Mb down or better - PS3 football better not fucking suck for triple benjis and a coke.

    Tell us how it is when you get it...

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I'll let you know GP. It will be worth it to me even if there's a little buffering and pixilation. As long as I can actually watch the games, I'll be happy.

  • Tree Fitty.

    Yeah, I might just pay some guy to hook up my dish at the new house, I want to see my beautiful Bears in beautiful Technicolor.

    And Jefe, the 'Duke of Earl', I like it ....

    Seems to provoke an image of a blonde girl though, topless, singing 'Duke of Oil' with a Brooklyn accent for some reason ....

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    new job, new house, new dish... damn irish, very nice to see you're back livin the high life baby!

    Careful mang, you know what comes next? Ask Doc...

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Nah, there'd need to be sexual intercourse for that .....

    Frak, two more twins, can you imagine that ? I'd have to do a legger to Cambodia .....

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    ooohhhh... what's up with that man? lay down the law.

  • Chester to the titans.... ?

  • I think it's interesting that the 1st rounds biggest bust so far is Patrick Peterson, who can't even get into the starting lineup at corner for the Cards.

  • As nobody else will touch Tatupu, I'm kinda okay with the decision to have Dom Deluise as our backup Mike. Yes, he totally screwed the pooch on ST, but his Mike play has been good, and this is one time I think the decision to stay out of the FA pool was sound.

  • hey it's obvious that Martz is running the offense completely and accordingly he will have to bear the blame and have his ass fired at seasons end if we don't make a major move. Williams definitely was his call and he will have to wear it. "THE SYSTEM" horseshit and Williams knowing it is trash. There were tons of talented receivers out there... but he had to have someone who "knows the system" too bad Williams knows the system but can't catch!! Martz is supposed to be a coach. As a coach you teach the system to great players and make your team better. You don't go out and just sign guys you know!!. .

  • In reply to CanadianBear:

    Have to agree with Hub Arkush on the decision to pick up Williams. Its a one year, $2.5 million deal - not bad for someone with Williams stats.

    The blame on Martz will be if he decides to play Williams all year, to the detriment of Johnny Knox. That could screw up Knox's future with the team and offensive production this year.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    sheesh... only in football (and other sports) can you get paid $2.5 million fucking dollars to absolutely suck at your job for 6 months. Man, I wish I had been just a few inches taller and a few hundredths of a second faster. Maybe I could have beaten out conte for a spot on this roster. (...gloooory daaaaays...)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Fund managers can do the same.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    good point GP... so wish I could have been a lot more of a dirtbag too.

  • Note the very last point in this article. Okoye has three sacks in the preseason... the only three sacks on the team. Kind of a half smile on that one I guess.

  • Hey MB - thanks fer askin' - the farm is running smooth this year, and the woodshop is covered nonstop in dust - owe you for that, and thanks again......

    On to news I like....Angelo gave my boy Sanzenbacher (The great Dane, as Shady dubbed him), a big thumbs up for making the 53....heh. I like it:,0,7853898.story?track=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&

    And Briggs says he won't pull a CJ:,0,2256801.story?track=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&

  • In reply to Sdwat52:

    Man, Pep just refuses to let the media draw a controversial statement out of him. I like how he handles the press; maybe they will just decide to leave him alone.

    I get the feel that the guy let's his play do his talking for him, and I like that too.

  • In reply to Sdwat52:

    SD, that's great man, really happy to hear it. You're most welcome for whatever tiny part I had in that my man... but it's aaaaalllll you! Great job!

  • I think it's time the NFL had a Herschel Walker / Ricky Williams blockbuster trade.

    CJ to the Cowboys, where Jerry will pay him, for Felix Jones and a 1st and 2nd rounder. Now that would be a trade.

  • Sean Jensen tweets that Barbarian is walking around without a cast or a limp and seems ok.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    sit the fuck down big bird!

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • The more I hear Hub, the more I think he's a cheenis.

    I'm worried. He's had a hx of lower body injuries. He is key.

  • In reply to Crown:

    oh, I can't wait for this one... cheenis?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    tee hee... teeee heee

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I heard my friend say it. But, i love the urban dictionary double meaning.
    1. A perfectly square penis. One that is wider than it is long.
    2. The place between your butt chin, aka you chin butt crack.

    Saw a 4 foot mexican guy wearing an Eric Kramer jersey this morn. It's the little things gents.

    I'm buying a Dom jersey today. GP, you're right, that guy rocked the MIKE right. I'm good with him at backup now.

    So, no news on Marion? I really hope it's minor.

  • Watched the game last night. The OL was actually impressive. Irish you'll be happy to know LL had a good game. The 1st string did a lot of traps and pulling and look good doing it. Cutler looks great. Matt looks great. The WR's not named Earl, not so much. There were 5 dropped balls and Knox should have gotten his feet in bounds. Hanie's int was beyond awful. I'm not sure if it was quadruple or quintuple coverage. I'm not kidding. The intended target was surrounded on all sides.

    The D looked good. #54 was rocking it, the DL was pressuring the QB and were in the backfield on running plays all night. Don't know who makes the roster by Paea will not get slipped onto the practice squad. Someone would take a chance on him. I'm guessing Harrison is toast. Gholston has to be toast. I'd love to see Pisa back and healthy. Iwuh and Roach don't give me a warm fuzzy. Bowman looked OK but not great.

    In a game that counted, our O would have rolled up huge numbers on the Titans. Just not sure how many points they would score.

  • Is Chester Taylor gone? I read this comment he made about not playing against the Titans.

    "My running backs coach (Tim Spencer) told me after I came out for pregame that I wasn't playing," Taylor told the Chicago Tribune. He didn't give me no reason or no excuse or nothing. It can't be from the competition because it's hard to get three carries in a preseason game and the other players are getting 13, 14 carries. That's not comparing anything. It's not from production and play. Yeah, I'm disappointed. I'm practicing all week thinking I'm going to play. Just for them to come out of the blue and say that, yeah, I'm disappointed."

    I think getting rid of him would be big for us. I like Bell and Barber in the rotation or Matt.

  • BradBiggs about 22 hours ago Sure they would like to. He is more durable than many options on street. RT @abovetheplanes @BradBiggs Chance #Bears will trade Taylor?

  • Why would Angela trade him, when instead he can release him and get nothing?,0,5799182.story

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    oh well, hope the barbarian can stay on the field.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Flip Side - Why would any GM make a trade for the 32 year old CT when they can sign Clinton Portis without giving up a pick?

  • In reply to Viva:

    True... but do you suppose Angelo tried?

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    From the article, it sounds like yes:

    Taylor has a durable track record, but as expected the Bears were not able to squeeze a draft pick out of anyone for him.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Dave, nobody was going to give us a pick for Taylor. If they trade for him they have to honor the contract. That wasn't going to happen. Taylor had the worst ypc last year of any back with at least 100 carries in 30 years. Literally. When he played in the first two games it was 2010 part deux. Hit the hole, turn sideways and find soft place to land. You can fault JA for a horrible signing (along with ManofMoolah).

  • In reply to SC Dave:


  • In reply to SC Dave:

    The Bears did not play him Saturday night at Tennessee because they did not want him to become injured and then be on the hook for his base salary of $1.25 million this season.


    K. Bell costs $585k this season (enough coin to get some phat spinners for the Slade, but nowhere near enough to get invited to a Kardashian party) while Chester would be 1.2M.

    Way to save $600k on the down low Jerry! My MAN! Ginny said you can have a Popsicle for dessert today!

    Guess we get a whole lotta Domer action on Thursday.

  • Anyone?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    btw, bayless is a moron.

  • In reply to MB30SD:


    The dude is the only OL to ever win the Walter Payton award. I mean, what more cred does his need? He backs up or pushes LL at RG. We got center covered.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Hmmm.. depending on the price how about waters AND gurode, and all of a sudden we have a solid line AND a bit o' proven depth!

    Holy shit, I'd go from eating crow to eating an entire murder.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Wow, props to the NFP for predicting that move weeks ago. They were getting blasted by Cowboys fans calling the idea absurd.

    As for whether he'd help the Bears, I really don't know. He's obviously had good seasons, but he is coming off knee surgery. Plus they just spent a good chunk of change on Spencer. If they think he is still that good though, they could try signing him with the future in mind.

  • doh:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    It is fun to pretend that's Farve though.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    that IS going to be stafford... unfortunately (seems like a nice kid and a good QB... you know, for a china doll)

  • vxmcclure23less than a minute agoBears announce that defensive end Vernon Gholston has been released. Gholston and Chester Taylor gone.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    = Mario Addison running wild on the 53 man roster. Gotta say I like this kid. He's been active; much more so than Gholston.

  • Rosendoom yanks out his cheenis and urinates on Briggs comic book collection:,0,5555287.column

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    cheenis. tee hee

  • Two words on the whole season's success " Offensive Line" Our wide recievers will be praised if our offensive line, dare i say, continues to develop. Bennett just keeps sticking out as a truly dependable target. No he is not a number 1 but needs to be on the field more than any other WR.

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