Bears Must Understand Their Need For a Solid Caleb Hanie

Bears Must Understand Their Need For a Solid Caleb Hanie

When I started to think about the Chicago Bears training camp, I had positions at the forefront of my mind.  Second corner.  Third safety.  Third linebacker.  Back end of defensive line.  Offensive tackle.  Never, not once, did I think we'd see a newspaper article (never mind about 7) about Caleb Hanie's status as the backup quarterback.  Especially considering the only man challenging him for his position is Idaho's Nathan Enderle.

But that is exactly what has happened.  Watching the sideline interactions Saturday night between Mike Martz and Caleb Hanie made one thing abundantly clear: Martz is not thrilled with his backup quarterback.  As Hanie puts it:

‘‘Mike’s done that before with me; last season in training camp, too,’’ Hanie said. ‘‘Mike’s tough on his backup quarterbacks. It’s been his m.o. his whole career. I’m glad he is because it pushes me and makes me better.’’

Every kid on the playground knows one universal truth.  Pushing someone is fine.  Cracking him in the jaw means 'game on'.  And demoting Hanie off his disappointing performance in the first meaningless game of 2011 was inching its way close to a closed fist to the chin.

Folks around here like to say the Bears stay luckily unscathed injury-wise last season.  Poppycock!  That would be true if you didn't count losing their best offensive weapon (#6) at intervals due to a toll booth of an offensive line.  And losing him for the second half of the NFC Championship Game might have been the biggest injury blow to a franchise all season.  We would all prefer the only action Hanie see all season be mop duty during a couple of blowout victories over the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers (how they will be referred to on this site until it is no longer true).  But while I expect rampant improvement from the offensive line, it would be a bit unfair to expect one of the league's worst units to become one of the league's best in one non-existent offseason.

The Bears need their backup quarterback ready and they need Hanie confident.  If Nathan Enderle ever takes a snap in a regular season game for the Chicago Bears, the car has ventured well off the road.  Hanie must be put in the position to succeed, even if it's only for the next three meaningless games.

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  • Here here on Hanie, but we were definitely one of luckiest teams in the league re staying injury last year. What scares me is rookie Dom DeCicco is 33 yr old Urlacher's back-up at MIKE.

  • In reply to Crown:

    No shit Crown, no shit

  • Again, it's not about who's the better QB. It's about "EGO'S". Martz didn't draft Hanie, Martz doesn't want Hanie because Hanie's not his quy. It's really that simple Jeff. Enderle was Martz's draft selection. He's going to have to be proven wrong on Enderle before he'll relent. Right or wrong, that's just that way it is. He want's his guy to know that that Martz wants him to succeed. Collins was obviously Martz's choice as backup last year and we see how that turned out. I honestly don't like Martz. I don't like his system with the players we have and I don't like the way he calls a game. He absolutely hates having to be hogtied to the run game the way Lovie wants him to be. Martz doesn't want a balanced attack, period. He wants to sling it around and Hanie doesn't have the arm strength or the skill set that Martz wants.

  • blogfader...great post...+100

    as I said in a previous post...If he(Martzy) thinks his suck up from Idaho is any closer to Cutty than #3 position he's a fool.

  • Also, the quote by Hanie in Jeff's thread is definitely a back handed compliment directed at Martz. Those kinda statements get most players in his position a one way ticket to the waiver wires or the practice squad.

  • Anyone on the East Coast with some chainsaws need a few bucks?
    I can't install Direct TV because of the tree line in back of my house. Trees in front of my house? No. 60-70 foot pines along the marsh line in the back where the satellite is? Yes.

  • Here's Enderle's pre draft analysis. His best attribute is that he does well throwing quick, short to intermediate passes. This is why Martz likes him because that's what his system entails.

  • According to this guy, the Bears were having a great draft until they drafted Enderle. MB should appreciate his comments about Angelo.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    BD...........I love this line here:

    "This franchise has zero history of finding and developing future quarterbacks.

    Yes we do "Glitchy" has a doctrine in the Helen Keller school of how to pick great draft picks for #1 and QB's you see how stellar his track record is. hehehehehehehehe

  • Jeff and everyone, I think you're all way overreacting to this... Hanie was right back to taking all the #2 reps after 1 practice.

    Were they trying to send him a message? Maybe. Probably. It wasn't out of line though -- Hanie didn't play that well in the Buffalo game*, and his timing has been very off this camp. Guys, he's a pro. He knows he needs to get in sync and back up to speed -- listen to his ESPN Waddle & Silvy interview and you can tell. Seriously, making a big deal out of all this is ironically exactly what you all are doing. The kid is going to be fine.

    * 2 of the sacks blamed on the OL were actually coverage sacks where Hanie took 3+ seconds without unloading the ball. (See Our Boy Roy for full clips of those plays.) He has every right to be rusty, given the lockout, then the missed week for FAs -- so I expect him to get back on his feet. But you guys (and hence the media) making a big deal out of it is more likely to affect his confidence than losing reps for 1 practice...

  • In reply to Michael L:

    Agreed - it's pre-season, he's getting more looks is all.

  • New Thread.

  • that Endwerle pick was a stinker, total waste. Martz does like power play trips with his QBs. Agree totally with Jeff on this one, why are we having this friggin QB drama now. Maybe it's designed to be a diversion for us to forget about our hideous O-line performance. Does anyone really expect Martz to be here next year? We should start the Giants game with 10 consecutive hand offs to the Barabarian. That guy is a tool, and I gotta say I like his pissed off demanor to the media guys, but not sure if he's a psycho or not, as long as he keeps running like a pissed off psycho I'm ok with the attitude. He's probably gonna be our best FA pickup this year. If we can get a few good years from him that would be sweet.

  • damn.... went to a new Blog while I was typing. f#ck me.

  • What I need to understand is why you guys have all this love for Caleb Hanie!

    Seriously though, WTF? I really don't get it. Please don't mention that he "almost" brought us back to win the NFC championship game. I give two fucks about "almost".

    I was one of the few fans here last year that was questioning our back QB situation. You all assured me that Caleb was legit. Then he was injured in the 1st preseason game against SD. I was there, and his play prior to his departure was weak at best. Now, was he a better option at #2 than Todd Collins? No question. That wait, those MOVES by the coaching staff were inexplicable.

    I just don't think that Hanie is very good. He is slow to drop back, he doesn't make quick reads and he has a very slow release. That means that we live or die with #6 and that sucks.

    I'm also confused by some heat/hate on Martz & his system. I'm pretty sure we haven't seen an offense as exciting as this in a long time. Not to mention our record since he has been OC. When was the last time we were in the playoffs prior to his arrival? Would you guys rather be running it up the middle EVERY 1st down and throwing a hitch route 3 yds short of the 1st down marker on 3rd down? Its like bitchin' for the sake of bitchin'.

    I'm stoked for this season. I think it is going to be some of the best Bears ball we've seen in 26 years.

    Super Bowl! Super Bears!

    Pay Matt Forte

  • In reply to MatthewIsMyForte:

    In between TDs in the NFC Champs game, he was pretty good for a guy short on experience in a huge game, and with little help at the receiver position. Hanie's good.

  • i am confused,if you knew me this would not come as a suprise; but why do players report to camp,"rusty" out of shape etc.
    the dynamics of this season with its shortened pre season should have been a clue that this year was going to go a bit different during camp, so these college educated athletes could not figure out the timing of a properly motivated offseason. I don't understand why one of our QB's comes in lean and studied up, and the other wants camp to prepare him.....that is my knock on hanie.. we almost got to the promised land and u don"t show up ripped and ready....what the.....I just wish he would have worked on his game more.
    i love the begining of camp because you get an idea who has been preparing......i love "bear spirit ".....displayed all year if your takin home the millions.....hanie may have put himself in this position.......
    martz should man up and also talk about changes in real time with his players.....thats what your office is for.....let him know what you expect and then its on the player to improve.... rather than let someone get tangled up in wrong thinking, stewing thoughts can damage the confidence...... plus you just wasted another practice that could have been productive for the player...matz needs to open up and quit being secretive and motivating through the stick...caleb did not react to that style well, so does martz really know his players....maybe he believes his own mind a bit 2 much...

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    not that anyone will read this, but...

    There's only so much a backup QB entering his 2nd year in the system can do during the offseason. Further clouding the situation is that he's a FA, so there's always the possibility he may not even be on the team. Also much of the work he can do is with timing, so that requires working with receivers. If Jay is leading practices, then they'd certainly rather practice with him.

    Having said all that though, you'd think he still could have tried to arrange something. He couldn't work with Martz, but maybe he could have with Jay. Anyway, who knows. I don't hold it too much against him, but I do see your point...

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