Bears at Titans Meaningless Game Thread

Bears at Titans Meaningless Game Thread

So that you all know, little old New York City is preparing to get slapped in the face by a hurricane.  So it's doubtful that I'll be able to get any kind of content up on the site Sunday/Monday.  But we shall see.  If you are a reader of this site and you're in a dangerous area, be prudent and get yourself somewhere safe.  There's nothing courageous about putting yourself or a first-responder in a life threatening situation.

For the rest, enjoy the game tonight.  The season is a mere two weeks away.

For the Bears, stay healthy.

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  • Let me be the first to venture a wild one - I think Sanzenbacher (sp?) makes the 53-man roster by pre-season's end. Lovie & Co. like players with heart, and he has it. I think we'll see a lot more of him today.

  • In reply to Sdwat52:

    Everyone loves players with heart.

  • Exhibit "A" on the Great Dane's heart.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    I love how he chose us Trac. I hope he makes the team.

  • Gameday boys, i watched the Pack game last night. I have to admit that i hate/respect Rodgers. That fucking douche can play ball. I kind of even like the cockiness of the belt and the audacity of the mustache. The bottom line is that he brings it every game but obviously gets a pass from fans for his multiple 55 passer rating from the Bears games because they pulled each one out by a fucking TD last year. The fans act like they dominated us but the fact is the Pack can be beaten just like every team in the league. It was proven last year over and over and it will be proven again this year. The key is to take that last step in each game and just put them down like dogs.

    1. Bears 12-4
    2. Pack 10-6
    3. Lions 9-7
    4. Vikes7-9

    2011 is the year. Let's take that last step and not give away 3 games to the Pack by a touchdown. Show why Rodgers maintains a 55 rating against us.

  • agree with most of it johnny, except:

    * The gay belt thing is a total douche maneuver. makes me embarrassed for him every time he does it.

    * Mustache = lame attempt to be cowboy. For some reason he's forgotten he's from fucking chico, not dallas.

    Lovie needs to fulfill his fucking self-professed prophecy and finish the fucking game. Flush the toilet lovie you weakass sally. Coffee is for fucking closers, so PUT THAT FUCKING triple amaretto sowcow cappuccino DOWN… until you finally flush the toilet in BOTH of our games this year!!! Watch the turds spin down the hole baby, watch ‘em spin.

    Personally, I say if lovie doesn’t beat the pack TWICE this year, he should give back at least half of his fucking salary. That is your goal this year lovie. Beat. The. Fucking. Pack.

  • Fuck Rodgers. I hope your man crush gets "cured" after Pep RIPS HIS Head OFF.

  • In reply to GuinnessPlease:


  • Irene is aptly named after your kooky old lady neighbor. Both are running out of steam going up the stairs. It's already dropped to Cat 1. The storm surge may still fuck Manhattan right in the face, but we'll see...

  • In reply to gpldan:

    the kooky old neighbor who always gave kids candy out of a glass jar instead of the bag it came in.

  • or put crushed glass in the popcorn balls. NEVER eat the popcorn balls guys.

  • Ahh, popcorn balls:

    Can you hammer a six-inch spike through a board with your penis?

  • In reply to Crown:


  • In reply to Crown:

    that yellow turtleneck murken is awesome

  • In reply to Crown:

    Watched that shit last night.


    Even the soundtrack is good.

  • Hey Crown, it's the famous third game of preseason, the one which spawned your handle...

    "Who the hell takes the third game of preseason like it's bullshit, BULLSHIT!"

    "...Thanks coach."

  • In reply to Shady:

    Thanks Coach really makes the clip what it is...

    I'm hoping Green grows enough of a sense of humor to do a Super Bowl ad on that. Green goes shopping with a guy for Miller Lite or something. Green pulls chips off shelf, yells at bag "it is what I thought it was!" tosses bag in cart, etc. Straight man says "thanks coach"

  • In reply to Shady:

    A ha, should have known how Crown got his handle!

    That post-game meltdown never gets old.

    What does get old is me missing the last part of the game when the Bears made the epic comeback! Damn. I just got off work, was trying out some alligator/kangaroo/ tacos (no, not kidding, and no, they don't taste like chicken), when they fell too far behind to the Cards (so I thought). Disgusted, tired, and a little buzzed from some Blue Ribbon, I walked home, only to turn on ESPN and watch Green go Chernobyl.

    Oh I of little faith.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    Hehe, one of the best, most memorable moments of my life. I did not lose faith... because I knew as long as #30 Mike Brown was on the field, something magical could still happen. When Anderson made the blind side sack-strip I jumped out of my chair as I saw the ball bouncing back... and I saw my boy #30 fly into the screen out of nowhere and scoop that ball up for a score. From that moment, I knew this could be one for the ages.

    Of course I had no idea just how for the ages the post-game rant would be. My god.

    I was watching that game with my little brother (who I had just indoctrinated at the beginning of the season to Bears fandom -- now and adult, but he grew up mostly out of the country) and a friend on his projector. Both of them didn't believe they could come back... but I did. Hahaha. What a great moment. We practically blew up when Hester took it back. Our very first game my baby bro and I watched together we saw Hester take one back in the 26-0 drubbing of the Packers. Then there was this. We earned a lifetime fan that night... thanks to Hester, the defense, they boys, and Denny Green. Good times... =)

  • In reply to Michael L:

    there is nothin like great memories,life is filled with magic, these time get me good and high,

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    I watched 'on the radio' and then jumped around the house screaming like a little girl. That was bigger than Hester's TD in the superbowl. What an awesome game.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    That game was about Urlacher. Probably the beastiest thing of his career. Insane.

  • This is what FUCK DODGERS is really thinking about when he does that fucking belt shit...:

    and all the fudgepeckers did this on family night too!

  • what the espn and all the other cretins of the media do to FuckDodgers and the fudgpeckers:

  • Watched a little of Skins-Raven replay on NFL Network. I think I'm fucked with Ryan Torain on my FF team, because Hightower is Shanny's man now. The only think dumber than the Cards dumping him would be if we shafted Forte before opening day.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh...GP don't put that out there...McCaskey's and Bidwill are personal dipshit's when understanding and paying talent......not saying Double Deuce needs the top in his field but please Bears pay the man what he deserves. and get over it..

  • In reply to lobotobear:


    Bidwill had a reputation for running the Cardinals rather cheaply; the Cardinals had one of the lowest payrolls in the league for many years.

    Him and Ginny and Scrooge....

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    True, but that was then...whichever son has taken over seems more interested in being a winner.

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    Nobody, and I mean nobody, compared to Bidwill. You can't even put any other owner in the same sentence as him.

  • In reply to Michael L:

    I disagree. Mike Brown of the Bungals is an absolute "Just send me my revenue-sharing check" louse owner. Lest we forget, He was ALSO the ringleader of the owner's faction that espoused the "Let's keep the lockout going until we lose a couple of regular season games and we'll crush the Players Association" philosophy.
    Not content with screwing Bengals' fans, he tried to screw NFL Fans in general.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Not to mention Mr. Brown's LATEST act of "Cut your nose off to spite your face" abject stupidity in his spiteful, wasteful, riduculous, self-serving, incomprehensble mishandling of the Carson Palmer situation.

    I rest my case.

  • So I finally (FINALLY) got my Bears videos uploaded to my account on Youtube:

    The list includes clips from the Bears/Pats game and clips from the NFC Championship pre-game. One of the videos features a brief appearance by our beloved blogfader from the game the DaBearsBlog faithful voted me worthy enough to attend. Check it out! And sorry about the terrible quality.

  • In reply to Shady:

    nice shady. have any showing some football... and/or you hazing fat, dumb, ugly packer fans.... wait, that was really redundant wasn't it?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yeah, thing about those games was...not too many Bears highlights. Maybe I'll add the Chester Taylor TD in the Pats game, or the one of me yelling at Amy Freeze on the Jumbo-tron drunkenly after the game.

  • Link anyone? Mine aren't working... damn it.

    Willie, you're going to get your guinea pig... FUCKING SHIT! I hate not being able to watch games... even on shitty pirate sites.

  • Wow, in two plays Carimi really looked like shit.

  • Anyone have a video link?

  • In reply to BillSwerski:, Mr. Swerski

    Good morning, good evening and good night.

    We look good, nah?

    Why are we kicking field goals?

    Meangingless games? No purpose or reason? I disagree baby. Imagine what we'd look like in week one with no practice games Jeff ....

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Gould looks more like fool Gould as of late. He and Podlesh need to sleep in bunks for the remainder of the preseason.

  • iam listening on xm radio williams caught his first pass on tyhe 1st play then had one bounce off his hands intercepted...51yrd fg attempt did not get hit well...wide right

    tennesee titans radio announcers......roy could have caught it

    fox and cbs both carrying the dolphins for miami fans

  • In reply to huntinbare:

    wait RW had a dropsie that was intercepted?

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • In reply to huntinbare:

    fire him. That's enough.

  • forte gains 10 to 49.

    forte for two
    cutler 7 step drop to knox but did not get feet in for possible 17 yrds
    smith throws challenge flag

  • 3rd and 8
    refs 1 lovie nothin

    bennet first down at 29

    cutler sacked

    overthrows williams
    3rd and 10

  • bachbeer comes back to ball for 1st down at 16

    forte to 13

  • forte scrambles oit of backfield for 2

    3rd and five
    cutler hit hard but got pass to hester

    1st down at 3

    forte to 2

  • TD BABY!!

  • thanks for the play by play hunti

  • hester in motion forte into end zone over shawn smith on left side..good block by des clark

    gold is good

    thats 7

  • Nice to see a red zone TD. Cutler still taking shots, but looking in rhythm. Forte looking SOLID so far this preseason, so no need to keep him in any longer - let's see the Taylor vs. Bell battle.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Lance Louis looks better pulling rather than blocking straight ahead. He has the speed to get to the next level ahead of Forte.

  • 37 yard return? Hey Toub... get it together mang!!!

  • busted, i will try to keep this up let me know if it gets old
    marrietti brings ball out to 37, tackle by iwuh

    harper gains 3 tackle by melton
    harper trapped in bckfld toenia tackle for loss of 2,,,early penetration

    haasbk hard count draws offside 3rd & 5 hasslbk throws high saves williams life from urlach

  • Melton cheese is a force inside

    rw and his butter hands piss me off

  • In reply to gpldan:

    fire his ass. he's had his shots. Dude has bricks for fucking hands.

  • touchback on punt
    cutler 4-7 65 yards

    lined up in i forte for 6 up middle

  • The titans are going to be terrible this year.

  • In reply to Shady:

    without cj they suck. hasselprick sucks

  • this forte barber 1-2 is sweet

  • jesus, we're killing these guys and I can't even see the actual game

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Hester is the butterfingers now ...

  • Detroit takin it to the golden child:

  • martzy in the box...please stay........ because I like the play calling. Maybe on the field he gets a chubby and wants to wreck our QB. in the booth a bunch of old coaches no chubby just focus on the game

  • how's the pass protection?

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Looking solid for sure, but don't be fooled this is a work in progress at best.

  • In reply to Shady:

    thnaks bud... uhhh, yeah... you know me. I get that.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    We have no linebackers ... and Knox can't even hold onto the rock on ST. Was that Tim Shaw knocking i tloose? The dude we got rid of to keep Hattie fkn Hillenmeyer? Angela, you are a ......

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Tim Shaw stripping Knox - Karma Kramer.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Dude... no, they dropped Shaw for Iwuh. Your Angela-chubby is getting to your head man.

  • cutler to barber at 41 3rd & 1 barber over middle to 44.
    5 4 5 on 3rd down
    forte pump fakes to left hand off to forte first down

    pass to bennet 4 9
    pass to spaeth for 1st down
    forte to to 19

    bears hold ball for 1232 min in 1st qrt

  • are u fukung kidding me...error posting to quickly? WTF!!! what the hell is that comment from the blog


  • In reply to lobotobear:

    sup lobo. How's it going my man?


  • good as podlesh

    this is silly. robbie, maynard isnt coming back. try practice, it helps

  • Gould WTF!!! Quit missing these chip shots. Did Maynard give a rub and tug before every kick last season?

  • Robbie Gould off the left upright. He seriously needs to get over not having Maynard there to hold it for him.

  • MARION BARBER CALF INJURY. Will not return. great.

  • This is bullshit man. I am paying the tree fity. Fuck this shit. Can't watch the fucking game... and there's zero game on tv here. SD sucks for sports man.

  • barber done for night w calf muscle pull

  • In reply to gpldan:

    shit, those suck

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • uh oh...

  • Bears D getting gashed by the run. Major Wright limps off the field with an injury.

  • was that jennings with that piss poor tackle...wrap him up you shit not the shoulder pads at the legs...BASIC TACKLING TECHINIQUE

  • great coverage by peanut

    pringles hurt. pringles is more fragile than the chips in the can

  • In reply to gpldan:

    yeah, thank god we didn't pick up Mays for a coke and a smile. Big sigh of relief.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I'm sure Mr. Mays will find fulfillment in the NFL purgatory known as Cincinnatti.

  • Pringles hurt? Are there any slow white old safeties still available in FA?

  • MB


  • In reply to 4ever85:

    thanks 85, tried that one about 100 times. didn't work once.

  • In reply to MB30SD: on mine. You just have to wait for it a little. Maybe download V-share (though sometimes that shit has bugs, so buyer beware)

  • podleshs handjob did the trick. 45yrdr good

  • In reply to gpldan:

    tee hee

  • Cutler make correct hot read. Ball hits Hester in the hand. Hand drops ball.

  • detroit kicking the pats ass, and we're squeeking one by the tenn titans. Uh oh...

    Hope the whole pre season thing is in big effect.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    maranelli is gonna run base cover 2 all night

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Isnt the 3rd game supposed to be the "dress rehearsal?

  • Cutler looks fucking sharp. And thats not the 7 beers talking.

  • pringles ok

  • In reply to gpldan:

    just a penis head light strain?

  • gould makes a field goal
    he hits another one on the kickoff, he must be still pissin over the missed chip
    been in the penalty box awhile hope this post wrks

  • jennings grabbing air............ TACKLE BITCHES!!!!

    this is HIGH SCHOOL tackling wtf....LDL teach these bitches how to wrap up

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    jennings hurdled... while standing up.

  • Why do our blitzes always do shit!

  • Contain Muther Fuckers!!!!!!!

  • to do proper play by play one must post more frequently

    is goodel trying to protect print rights

    maybe your a titans fathey just scored let me back in

  • Major Wright another bad angle whiff on a TD run.

  • alright, I can't do this shit anymore. $350 here I come PS3... this is bullshit.

    I'll be back later to see what went down. Peas out gents.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

  • this is not the same d wo briggs

    pringles again overran the big back who cut back on him and left him looking stupid.

    im not loving roachs play

  • In reply to gpldan:

    True that. Briggs is our run stuffin muther fucka.


  • In reply to Vicp71:

    Nice channel!

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Only the best for Irish!

  • Cutler gives me a boner right now! Looking so Fuckin Sharp.

  • Ex Bear Tim Shaw had to feel good about stripping the ball from Fort Knox....

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    good point

  • been in the penalty box for the entire 1st half
    ryan 22-42 218 yds 1 td 1 int for first half
    redman starts 2nd half

  • Pisa....get fucking healthy right now.
    Briggs...get fucking healthy right now.

    Williams has some catches. Tough drop for the pick but he will improve.
    Barber hurt. not cool. give him the next 2 weeks off.
    Bears using the FULLBACK OF ALL FUCKING THINGS RESULTING IN 1st downs and TD's. nice!!! Martz you fuck, good call!!!

  • Cutler converting 3rd downs like he fucks reality stars

  • Bowman playing very un-mikebrownlike. step up mang, you were solid once.

  • He is gettin burned like a mother fucker.

  • Peppers playing tackle on a play, nice push by the Dline. Izzy, Pep,Okoye,Toe

  • we have a way of making mediocre wrs look great.

    Nate Washington already has like 6 CA for 66 yards. He's just sitting in that zone, and Hasselbeck just chucking it to that soft spot.

    Only think saving the Bear D from getting gashed are some WR Ten drops and occasional blitz/pressure.

  • missing AA

  • ha ha... a little dig at CJ..."Forte also looking for a new contract, and he's here tonight"

    I like these Ten announcers.

    Nice open field tackle on SP Conte.

  • And safe wishes to everybody in New York ......

  • Our run D is solid, and once Major Penis takes better angles and AA and Briggs and Pisa are back, no team will be able to run on us.

  • Steltz almost decapitates Hasselbeck....I mean DeCicco, his own fucking player....again....fucking steltzy.

  • Bring in the back ups.

    Steltz just always seems to be in on every tackle.

    Hanie has looked a lot like Rex to me this preseason thus far, so we'll see how he performs tonight.

  • RW has given hes the shimmy hands

  • Hester another drop. He's running b4 he catches the ball - that or he's scared of getting hit.

  • Devin Hester. Hearing footsteps. That's two catches he should have made and I missed the first 40 minutes ....

  • Bell ringing some Bells for the D. He runs hard.

  • Anyone else miss Hanies Playoff beard?

  • that purdue kid adams and tatufu will be fb. eddie williams is gone

  • Hester is not a natural WR, you just have to hope he has more big plays than missed opportunities.

  • all bennett does is catch passes and make plays. fucking 10 catches a game at a minimum he must have. like yoda i just said that.

  • knox is incapable of screening a physical cb off him on the slant. earl the pearl is fearless

  • In reply to gpldan:

    thinkg the same damn thing GP.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    You don't see that ball hawking aggressiveness from Knox.

  • In reply to gpldan:


  • I say again Bennett is the titties!

  • Earl the Pearl! See Hester, that's how you do it son!

    Earl should be starting. NOW.

  • Liking our push on 4th and inches. Kellen has is out with a 'bad back' tonight - didn't start. Don't like the sound of that.....

    Major delays on the posting-update speed with this Wordpress software CN ... it's not going to iron itself out. Change the software. There is no alternative to changing the S/W. None.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    I find that if I hit refresh after the CN error, the post still goes through. Regardless it's still weak, weeeeeakk.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Jimmy you worthless lawn ornament

  • Hanie u fuck!

  • Didn't I say Hanie looks like Rex? Nice duck thrown into triple coverage Hanie.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    huge huge fuckup. hanie will be waxing martz car tomorrow

  • ooofffff..................that hurt

  • how bad is "The Barbarian"

    bell is n double deuce with the screen

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    what the hell just happened to post

  • Rex Hanie. That's his new name. Looks sharp, then horrible in a short time span.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    nice coin 4E85 Rex Hanie....hehehehehehehehehehehehe

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    He's getting time to throw though, good stuff. Sanzenbacher doesn't make the team, and neither would Hester if he was a young dude based on pre-season efforts. There are huge gains to be made if we had a back with the speed to cut-back across the field.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    I think the missed punt was an ugly demerit - I was willing to dismiss the dropped pass - hell, Mr. #1 Receiver of 2010 was missing them all night long - but that punt might have made the coaches spit a few nails.

    On the other hand, I'm not willing to toss him under the bus just yet. He just got here.

    P.S. - God, that ridiculous login setup reminds me of the old days of compuserve.

  • In reply to Sdwat52:

    I sort of wish your avatar was a scuba diving donkey.

  • In reply to Shady:

    ...ever tried to get a wetsuit on a jackass?

    ...and somwhere, there's a youtube video crying out to be born...

  • Robert Hughes, undrafted free agent domer, getting the call ahead of Chester.

  • say it ain't so shazbot.. watching to much of RW

  • dez hurt

  • Bell looks solid, Onion Jones with a nice grab, Sanzenbacher with a drop... motherfucker went at Dezs legs not cool! Not fucking cool at all!

  • In reply to Shady:


  • In reply to Shady:

    this is what happens when defenders are scared of hitting up top because of fines.

    I guess that means Kyle is on the team.

  • Hate to see Dez go out like that.

  • FUCK ME CARTING HIM OUT #$!@#$%^!#$@#$@%$!@#%^!#$@%^!!!!!!!

  • Gouldmember.

  • Fare thee well desmond ....

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    yeah, that is the end of his career.

    sucks. Dez we love ya man

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Hopefully it's just a strain, but yeah, it looked ugly.

    Clark will be forever a Bear.

    When we win the SB, we can give an honorary ring to Clark, Kruetz and of course, Mike Brown.

  • not only may the blogfader be in deep water from Irene...he may be deep in how many casualties we walk away from the woods of Tennessee...this is the kind of game he was afraid of

  • Coverage sack by Okoye. That's 3 sacks in 3 games for him. Looked a little dinged up though after the play.

    Sanzencocker returns PRs too?

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    They need to see what else he can before they cut him. Natch.

  • The Bears are awesome!

  • Cutler is awesome!

  • longest run of the night for the Titans by a second string punter.

  • Fkn bullshit first down and game over. This kind of crap will kill us during the regular season. This is a severely depleted Titans team and we couldn't put them away. Bullshit. And these are in no way meaningless games, Jeff. These games do have a purpose and a reason, they most certainly do. Complacency everywhere.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Irish-didn't everyone say that about the second Fudgpecker-Bears Game during the season and our attitude was don't worry they will get knocked remember they knocked OUR FUCKING ARSES OUT!!!! THIS IS LDL attitude FOOTBALL..

  • Who missed the tackle?

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Was trying to figure that out too Irish. #49 put a nice lick on the punter at the end though.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    eddie williams let the punter get the 1st d

  • solid showing by Cutler

  • These games are in fact meaningless, except of course for injuries. Basically the team with the least amount injuries wins the game. Look at Detroit and New England for instance. Preseason games are about whose shit stinks least.

  • In reply to Shady:

    shady..... then not only did we lose on the board we lost as in injuries. SHEITE!!!!

  • In reply to Shady:

    then don't stand down wind...hehehehehehe

  • In reply to Shady:

    Meaningless? No way. Jeff loves to suggest that fallacy, but no way.

    I strongly disagree these games are meaningless Shady. Somebody will point out that Detroit won 4 in pre-season and went on to blow 16 - *that* would be a meaningless and completely irrelevant statement.

    Players, coaches and even officials have shit to iron out before the regular season starts. Start as you mean to go on. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. "Practice as you mean to play" - Gorge Halas. We have four games to evaluate the state of the union, get the O-line cohesion, get the offense in sync, bring up the younger guys to speed on D, get the playbook installed, figure out how to cut the roster in half for Payton's sake! Unimportant? Meaningless? Imagine what kind of bullshit we'd be looking at in week one if we didn't have pre-season!

    Players taking their eye off the ball and saying this is only pre-season is the kind f attitude that has us losing key games earkly in the season. Have you guys forgotten who we're playing in the first four weeks? If we're not careful, the only win we get is against the Panthers and we're stone last in the tightest division in the NFL. Complacency. The Titans were missing a lot of their best players tonight.

    Good points. O-line pass pro. Earl Bennett is our #1, and Onion Jones looks like our #2. Some push in the run game. Some.

    Bad points. The rest of our receivers look like bullshit in a bag. We have no linebackers, currently. Urlacher looked slow and we have nobody to replace him with if he goes down.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Who in the he'll takes the 3rd game of preseason like it's bullshit? Bullshit!

  • In reply to Shady:

    Hahaha... awesome Shady.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Someday, someone should put together cut-ups of the '85 pre-season where they went 1-3 and by all accounts looked awful on both sides of the ball (especially defense). Then every year we can watch that and remind ourselves how wrong our suppositions are of how much bad preseason play actually means anything...

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    And Onrea Jones as #2? Seriously? Come on man.

    Also I thought Urlacher looked fine. He made some good tackles and didn't get beat that I saw.

  • In reply to Michael L:

    #2 based on today's game solely, should have prefaced with that. The other receivers didn't look good today, just today.. Onion hasn't done much wrong in the pre-season games. Honestly, who has looked good other than Bennett? Dane maybe, but not today.

  • pussy ball

  • shaw twice fucked us!!!

  • to shady.....Thank you Rex Hanie...hehehehehehehehehehehe

  • Yeah, Hanie had his moments tonight, but looks like may have regressed a bit. We should see some Enderle next Thursday.

  • In reply to Shady:

    * he

  • good job Bears!

  • Case in point - the Lions just trounced the best roster in the NFL on a 'meaningless' game. Trounced. We need to show up like well-rehearsed little bunnies to beat these boys this season.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Exactly Irish, if these games counted for anything do you think Belicheat would have let that happen?

  • In reply to Shady:


  • In reply to Shady:

    I think people write the Lions off too easily Shady - Belicheat doesn't like to lose. Period.

    Just watching these Queens to see if there's anything to worry about there ....

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Detroit has always had talent, they just didn't add up to the sum of their parts. If they don't break the .500 mark this year I think coach Schwartz is in trouble.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Be concerned about the Lions. Yup.

  • But you know what? We can run the ball. Cutler looked great. We were missing our animal TE and Sam Hurd. Our DL will be better once Sideline Yoda runs his stuff, and our LBs are healthy.

  • Boys, i'm out of here until CN is gone or Gnome admits to fucking up like Angelo. I've been censored enough....about 10 posts tonight. Fuck these fucks. Waffle 2.0 fucking out...aka Son of Crown...aka "he wore only a jeweled cape.."...aka Son of Peppers, aka Johnny Chicago...aka Johnny "Waffle" Chicago, aka Waffle, aka He who brings death upon Rodgers....

    Get better at your jobs CN. Go Bears! Bear down.


    Rodgers, McNabb and Stafford Dead

  • In reply to Son of Peppers:

    That was great hahaha.

  • In reply to Son of Peppers:

    They just need to change the s/w away from wordpress but appears like they won't ...


    funny till the lame end.

    Johnny, son of crown was you? Damn, sorry for fucking you up last year.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    That was also great!

  • You know, I've been thinking we should just start our own DBB forum. Fuck this comment system bullshit. It's a pain in the ass to read anyway with its 10 pixel wide column and stupid spacing, not to mention when it starts dropping newlines. Not to mention you can't ever find the new responses without hand scrolling through 250 comments (which with this craptastic formatting is like 1000 pages).

    I didn't want to suggest it before, since I don't want to direct traffic away from the blog entries... but this system doesn't look like it's going to get a whole lot better before the season starts.

    Jeffe, would you be cool with that?

  • In reply to Michael L:

    Our loyalty will forever remain wit Da Blogfader.

  • In reply to Michael L:

    Asking Captain Bligh if he wants to join the mutiny ?

  • Post game mortum. Bennett needs to be on the field every play - period. Hester not.
    Okunye (sp?) showed some game. Bell is solid, dump Taylor and replace with a F-in FA O lineman.
    Pay Forte.
    Somebody at Halas Hall get Barbarians calf healed.
    Damn shit luck for Dez, that was sad.
    Toub WTF is going on?
    Knox had a golden chance to take it to the next level, but queefed a silent but deadly......
    I miss Tim Shaw. And most importantly, fuck A Rodgers and the Fuckpack. I have not an ounce of admiration for the smegma heads.

  • OK who gave the squirrel drugs?

    Great ending to this game by the way, huge save by the goaltender.

  • MB, final post:

    Remember boys, 12-4 and open wide banks you fucking douche, our huge Bear penis is coming to break your jaw.

  • mr. dylan said:
    my woman's got a face like a teddy bear
    she's tossing a baseball bat into the air
    i'm standing stark naked ,but i don't care
    im off into the woods i'm huntin' bear

    i felt like takin the bat to the person who is responsible for keeping real time posting from becoming "real"

    i am sorry but after the first score, the bears couldn't get back into the end zone and my posts could not get into the boardroom either

    i kept posting at first thinking that it woul get fixed, then i just started being stupid and thought i was talking to some electronic ref.

    i am non violent , but i felt like takin a flamethrower to this place

    some nice statistics, but some glaring "issues" after that lost evening.

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