A Response to the NFL's Terrelle Pryor Decision

A Response to the NFL's Terrelle Pryor Decision

Note: this is written without editing and with pure rage.

First, the decision.  The NFL in its infinite wisdom, and with the support of the NFLPA, has granted eligibility to former Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor for the supplemental draft.  The NFL has granted this eligibility with a catch: Pryor will serve the NCAA's five-game suspension in the NFL, making him eligible for action Week 6.

Joke.  No other word for it.  Absolute joke.

How can the NFLPA claim to be a legitimate organization, let alone a legitimate union, when they'd allow for such a ruling to stand?  How can they set a precedent as potentially damaging as this for such a third-rate talent?  Does every NCAA ruling now carry over?  What about school-instituted suspensions?  Do they carry over?  How long till the courts get involved in this?  What if a player is kicked out of college or banned for life by the NCAA?  Does that restrict them from ever earning a living playing the game?  And wasn't Pryor freed up to play the bowl game for Ohio State even though this ruling had been made?  Will that happen in the future if the suspensions carry over?

Can you imagine a scenario wherein Bud Selig would call Donald Fehr and suggest a Texas A&M star serve his suspension for the Trenton Thunder?  No, you can't.  Because Selig would never be stupid enough to make that call!

And don't get me started on the damn league itself.  At one time, about a year ago, Roger Goodell carried the image of a tough-as-nails, no nonsense commissioner.  He was ready to suspend your mother for six games if she blew a .08.  Then he lost control of everything, got booed out of the building at Radio City and watched his pet project, the 18-game schedule, never make it onto the negotiation docket.  Goodell is the perfect commissioner to administer this new ruling for he is a joke commissioner.  He has the power of the Queen of England and the intelligence of her tapestries.  Why in hell should the NFL become responsible from fixing the NCAA's bullshit?

And what about Pete Goddamn Carroll?  How can this league look itself in the mirror as one of the most corrupt college coaches of the modern era collects $5M a year in Seattle as they thump their chest to remove five game checks from a 2011 third-string QB like Pryor?  Is the NFL truly this hypocritical?  Answer: unequivocally yes.

The NFL, as a league and American institution, needs to seriously consider a minor league system.  I don't know how it would work and I don't care.  But if the NFL is going to start aligning itself with the NCAA, it won't be long till the close the big tent and put the elephants to sleep.

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  • Is this not the NFL's way of avoiding potentional litigation if they refused to declare Pryor eligible?

  • I see your rage, Jeff, and I raise you 100% bewilderment.

    How long til we get to vote on the national championship like the NCAA does?

    What a crock of shit.

    What kind of sanctions will the NCAA, errr Goodell, throw down for The Skunk?

  • I know I know I know... I've been on a PS3 geek-storm lately...

    But all my geekdome has paid off in spades... All I can say is HO-LY-SHEITE-MUSLIM!!!



    Besides having my personal info ganked, I am so fucking doing this ASAP!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    ...oh yeah, and whatever Jeff said about the NCAA, or goodell, or pryor, or whatever.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yeah, I might have to go that route if Direct TV can't fix their shit.
    Of course, it's going to bump the cost back to $350..and it will not have an unlimited number of licenses.
    So, there's that.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Wow. That only serves to exacerbate my conundrum. How much is a PS3 anyway?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Well... I was very excited to hear this news... until I read the cost!

    $350 for streaming bullshit? HELL NO.

    As a 2 year vet of paying my parents in Tucson an extra $50/year to bump their service for streaming Sunday Ticket, I can easily say it is in no way worth $350 for streaming "HD" content.

    I have the highest speed Cox internet, and streaming the Sunday Ticket via my PC (hooked up via DVI to the plasma) was so frustrating. Sure, Netflix looks fine... but that is not live streaming video. Red Zone, Sunday Ticket, etc. looks like shit. I can't imagine it being choppiness or pixelization free on the PS3.

    Here's an example -

    1. Hike.
    2. Lag. Skip. Blurry choppy shit.
    3. Whistle.
    4. Announcer: "4 yard run by Forte".

    If you do pony up $350 for it... let me know how it goes, because it sucks dick on my PC (which I even hardwired to the router to try and squeeze some extra non-wifi limited bandwidth).

    I suggest you find a friend who is ordering it and pay them the $50 to get added to their account... Otherwise, you may be sorely disappointed.

    Fuck my apartment complex. I face the wrong direction.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    mmmmmmm... damn it.

    It's really my only option unfortunately, but thanks for the heads up willie. Damn. damn.

    Is it worth the gamble. It's either potentiall choppy crap for $350, or even worse choppy crap on pirated interweb streams... IF I can find them and get on in time. Or of course, nothing.

    Damn you Time Warner Cable.... just fucking pay the NFL what they want you cheap bastards!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Some good responses in the PFT version -


    A few people agree with the shitty quality. Some, with no clue, just give a "yeehaw", and lots bitch for bitchness sake. The writer agrees that the DTV versions of streaming video have a long way to go... and I agree.

    For $350, why don't you just get DTV? I would if I could... and my house isn't done until mid-season, so I won't be upgrading this year.

    Likely pub action.. but I need to HEAR my game... Even if it is some douchy Troy Aikman. Nothing's worse than having the Packers game audio blasted over the bar and I can't hear what the hell is going on with the Bears. That's the only reason why I did the streaming last year as well.

    As for being worth the gamble... well, tree-fitty is tree-fitty. Are we talking MB30LaJolla or MB30PalmDesert?

    In all reality, find a buddy that has the package and use his account for $50. That's the way to go. If my folks don't get it this year, I got my backup plan.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    ohhh, the Ticket on PS3? Me likely.

    All the pixelated halting choppy streaming quality for 350, me no likey.

    I'm trying to think of someone who's a bigger homer for their team who will get this so I can mooch off for 50 bucks, but alas, I may be the biggest honk I know...

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    where I grew up and where we vacation sometimes have nothing to do with this Willie!

    But there are plenty of parts to la jolla, so I'm not talking the farms here... but for $350 I'm willing to try it to see my Bears every weekend (man that sounds good).

    Why not the real DTV... I guess I don't really want to deal with the whole fucking set up and satalite on the side of our fucking roof (the wife would not be to keen) mess. I don't know, I'll probably end up there. I am going to call those bitches before and ask some questions.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Yeah $350 is a lot. Fortunately, one nice consequence of being overseas is that I can get the NFL Game Pass -- streaming live video + access to full archives for the past 2 years and this season... and it's only $200 (Bears only) or $250 (all teams).

    I think I'll do it... I don't know how good the streaming is going to be, but I'll let you guys know. (Although I don't know if it will necessarily mean anything -- Game Pass is run by the NFL I think, not DirecTV...)

  • In reply to Michael L:

    where overseas michael?

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • Amen brother. Seriously, this is just bad.

    Admittedly I don't know the details, but the NFL shouldn't be drawn into the politics of NCAA, nor kowtowing to it. Perhaps this is just a olive branch, an isolated case to try and keep peace... but I can't help but agree that it's not possible for this to not have longer term ramifications.

    Al, is there any reason they would have declared Pryor ineligible? If he's 3 years removed from high school, are there grounds to refuse elgibility?

  • Seems alot like jumping into someone else's bar fight. What does the NFL gain?

  • I'm just waiting for them to come after Hester. After all, *someone* has to be made an example of, AND he plays for Chicago. Think of all the glee and accolades for the Commissioner on SI and ESPN and the rest if the Bears get screwed...

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Oh, and to repeat myself from an earlier thread, the DoJ and IRS should go after all these athletic directors and the like under the RICO laws.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Tee hee.

    All this booster grift pushes alumni donations, which lessens the university's need for state funds for the public schools like OSU. Ohio is fucking broke. Cities like Toledo and Dayton look like sets from the Walking Dead. Get real.

  • That is messed up.. what about Reggie Bush?

  • I find this as confusing as anyone, but in a way it makes sense. Currently, players can flaunt the rules in the NCAA, knowing that as soon as they get caught, they'll go pro. Nothing worse happens. Even the Reggie Bush thing. He CHOSE to give back his trophy, it was not mandated, as far as I understand. So, while I don't like the NFL getting involved in the NCAA's business, maybe this kind of punishment is the only thing that will keep these fools in line. Now, if they break the rules and get caught, going pro will have it's own set of negative consequences. I'm not sure if this will become a trend, or if it's even legal, but after further thought, I kind of like it.

  • College athletics has jumped the shark. Nuked the fridge. Whatever.

    The NCAA *is* the NFL's minor leagues. At OSU, the football team makes more money for the university than everything else put together. In fact, football allows swim teams to exist, as they lose money.

    Nothing will change. Some useless reporter from Yahoo blew a loud whistle, and the only reason this is blowing up, is that Miami was so brazen and the reporter has a mountain of research and testimony. For his efforts, some Miami mob boss will probably put a contract out on him. Florida is GTA in real life. Say hello to my little friend.

    Donna Shalala is a former Clinton admin crony, typical of the kind of head administrator of these institutions. She is good at lying and making it seem real. The NCAA will give the Hurricanes the death penalty for as long as 4-5 years, same as Umich got for the whole Fab 5 debacle, which made sure that Michigan would never again see a NCAA basketball tournament. Everyone will endeavor to do better, and LSU or someplace will pick up the slack. The hookers in the Big Easy are skank, so they might have to have more road trips. Maybe to Miami.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    And lest we get our outrage on too heavily, this fucking farm system gets alot of hulking dumb jocks out of the workforce, as they spend all day pumping iron chasing that NFL dream. It's that or the Army.

    Maybe we can sign up Lance Louis and Vernon Gholston for a tou of duty once they wash out. It should be mandatory. Make the roster or get drafted. Soon enough, soon enough.

  • I've said it a million times and I'll say it a million more... take big money out of amateur sports and for the most part the problem will be solved. No more corporately sponsored bowl games and stadiums, no more televised games etc etc. College sports has effectively strangled any alternative pro sports leagues do to the obviously unfair advantage.

  • or just come up with a fucking payscale for the athletes

  • "Take the big money out of college sports." ?

    Fat chance.

  • the voice of treason: http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/football/bears/chi-bears-tweets-20110726-twz,0,945274.htmlpage

    ...it's infuriating listing to this fucking idiot. with some seasoning? You mean like paprika jerry? idiot. Is this guy fucking for real? “We feel good about how it worked out for us” Seriously? I can’t even fucking listen to the rest of this.

    Danpompei 14 minutes ago
    Omiyale would be the fallback. RT @adge2159 Webb fails to show promise Monday, do the Bears trade for a tackle? Or plug Omiyale in?

    Also... "BradBiggs about an hour ago Henry Melton sporting a T-shirt I've seen for 1st time: "Chicago against the world."

    Tell us about it henry, tell us about it. But from my perspective, most of it is self-inflicted.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    btw, I am holding my tongue on the oline situation until the SECOND real game finishes. I can only pray that my worst fears won't be realized.

    ...Viva, tell me it's all going to be ok.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    We are going to have a formidable run first O-Line this year. Cohesion is esssential. The more they play together, the better they will perform. I said last year that the line would start improving vastly by week 10 because of the changes during the first half of the season.

    Again, the number that should concern us all the most is the yards per carry number. The 4.7 they busted out last week should have put a smile on your face. Not too mention the tweaks to our 3rd and short/goal line offense will result in more points and more time of possesion. In addition, each skilled position player has been in this scheme for a year, and we should see better execution as a result. The arrow is pointing up, MB.

  • In reply to Viva:

    Smoke has been blown.

  • In reply to Viva:

    You do know that Mike Martz is still our OC, right viva?

    I loved what I saw on the run... what I saw on the pass was very familiar, and I am scared. I don’t think cutty will have till week 10... he's not a cat my man. Dude already used up one of his football career-lives last year.

    That gel everyone keeps talking about (for the third year in a row now) better be the quick-dry variety this time.

    ..wait, I just realized something. If cutty goes down early, Martz will have no other choice but to run the ball. Hey… you might be onto something here viva!

  • In reply to Viva:

    I sincerely hope so Viva. Running first would solve a lot of problems and give Cutty a chance to sell the play-action roll-out.

  • The other workplace Bear fan saw some crap on NFL network about the Bears being last in the NFC North... the guy, obviously, references the "e" (Oline without Olin) and special teams.

    Now the guy is down in the dumps... I send him Moon Mullin articles, and it's too late. Do we have an antidote for this helplessness? I know it's name isn't Chris Spencer.

    I really can't see the Lions being better than us, and McNabb bringing back the Vikes? I really hope Martz can figure something out, because 7/9 step drops won't do it. We need run, run, run, bootleg, run run run, shotgun, bootleg, run, run, run.

    Can the OLine be worse than last year? Yes. Can we be as healthy as last year? No. Can we get as lucky as always? Maybe.

    I hate the media. They really kill my Bears boner.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    D Line my friend. We're only going to need to score 13 points a game to win. Our D tackles are much improved. I think having Tommie Harris out there the last two years hurt us more than helped. It looked like he was playing on ice half the time. I bet he's fucking invisible in Indy this year. Melton/Okoye are going to be huge upgrades at the 3 technique, adding Paea to rotate with Adams is going to be big too. It wouldn't surprise me if we doubled our sack total from last year.

    Jam out with your Clam out.

  • Yeah, the D carries the O for about half the season (what's new in Chicago?). We basically have 5 new linemen with little reps, so it'll take a while for them to gel, same as last year.

    HOWEVER, unlike last year, we now have a solid RT, and a center who won't get pushed into Cutler (as much). We have a true blocking TE to help out, and Cutler, Knox, Hester (hell, even Williams) are pretty familiar with the Martz scheme, which should translate into quicker reads, throws, thus less sacks.

    ALSO, Martz had to learn after week 8 that running the ball and bootlegs got us to the NFC championship, right? Our screen game is also very effective.

    This is not hope, or fact, but reasonable conclusions I make from what I have seen with my own two eyes (no Trent PenisHead analysis). I thought the Bears were going to go 9-7 and be a wild card last year, when every "expert" and many doomladen Bears fan were predicting 6-10. They did a little better thanks to health and minor luck, but that can be said about any superbowl run.

    So rest assured, barring major injury, the Bears will win games this year, it'll just be the nail biting low scoring screaming at the tv type where the game hinges on a turnover or two. We will get nervous as the opposing team marches about 60 yards then either turns it over or settles for a field goal, and then get even more nervous when our Offense goes three and out, then the opposing team gets the ball, and go three and out, repeat, and by the 4rth the score will be something like 14-10 thanks to good field position and some random big play from Hester, Knox or Forte.

    So let it be written, so let it be done.

  • I think Gholston will surprise people too. Marinelli is the Sideline Yoda. I'm not worried about the defense - unless Urlacher goes down, but we've never had a guy to replace him anyway - it's all about that OL. That's our season right there.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Let it be said - losing Olin over 500K was a monumental fuckup of the highest order. The egos of Angela and Kreutz will cost the Bears' season a hell of a lot more than 500K methinks ....

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Very poignant Willie : "Can the OLine be worse than last year? Yes. Can we be as healthy as last year? No. Can we get as lucky as always? Maybe."

    That's about the size of it. Left Tackles get paid the most, but I think Centers are more important, and we don't have one ...will the team be okay? Probably. But this roster - and every fan - deserves a good OL.

  • Oh, and on a random football note, there are a few teams that everyone's bandwagon jumping who have to PROVE it to me first, then I'll believe.

    Texans - they were supposed to "get over the hump" 3 years ago.

    Cowboys - perennial superbowl contenders in expert fantasy land.

    Chargers - see Texans.

    The "If the NFL were based on drafting and free agency, I'd be champ" teams.

    Lions - child, please. 50 years of ineptitude and you expect me to jump on that?

    Bucs - like the Lions, a "young" hip pick, never mind that the Saints and Falcons are in their division, or that they had an easy schedule last year.

    Eagles - the hype on them reminds me of other "all in teams" - the cowgirls and viqueens. Like them, they'll probably make a deep playoff run, lose, then have to let everyone go the following year because of the cap, and some other team will take the "all in" baton from them.

  • i believe we have gotten better at moving the ball on the ground, and we have alot of depth to basically punish defenses; we could force defenses to stay on the field for extended periods, and in the words of marynelli play" bone on bone"; for most of the game....our d has been upgraded and will keep us close into the second half .....then cutler should be able to use his talent to make a difference.......until this line can keep the wolves at bay i don't see us blowin people out......that said i still believe that another year of games has got to help the techniques tice is preachin to get set in stone and become instinctual.......mertz has to become honest with himself and realize where his immediate strenghts lie; and not phantasize about what "could be" in an unproven air attack

  • oh forgot to say there are too many lawyers and too many rules let em all play ball and let the mafia "honor" who they want........sometimes it's better to let the shadows remain dark.... do we really need to shed light into the darkness around every corner

  • The NFL is made up of players who, at some point, get charged with a serious crime. Not misdemeanours, but serious crimes. The 'justice' system being what it is, means that a lot of these rapists and wife-beaters get off scot free. I, like everyone else, essentially turns a blind eye and goes back for more every Sunday.. Just look at the two QBs leading out the Steelers and the Eagles today.

    So, Terrelle Pryor? Terrelle Who?

    If we're talking Terrell Owens I might get a little bit excited.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Sorry, that should read :"The NFL is made up of 20% players who, at some point, get charged with a serious crime."

  • Jeff, as always, you hit the nail right on the head. Is the NCAA paying Roger or the NFL owners? Probably both are. He is playing God and in the meantime ruing the integrity of the game. And the sad part is he doesn't give a SHIT. He is a businessman, period, and probably could give two shits about the sport. Just give them points, coddle the corrupt NCAA, and ruin our game. Roger, you suck! Thanks for the mess.

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