The Not-So Curious Case of Vernon Gholston

The Not-So Curious Case of Vernon Gholston

The Bears signed Vernon Gholston.  Having lived in NYC for the duration of Gholston's tenure with the Jets and having spoken daily with a Jets fan who happens to be my brother, I can tell you that Vernon Gholston stinks.  He's awful.  If the Bears can make something of him, the entire coaching staff should be given their own wing in Canton.


No news on Corey Graham and Olin Kreutz re-signing.

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  • first to say WTF! with our fu$#$!@#$%Ked front office!

  • haven't been her for sometime..busy but really lost faith in NFL CLUSTER FUCK! will see what this season brings. did go back a little to read and MB agree WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY GUARDS..oh "glitchy" aka JA has screwed the pooch again...

  • Hey Lobo, 'sup.

    Yup. Gholston Schmolston. Even his own coach practically said as much. Jamar - can you feel the love ? Trying to get you home my son. Angela's ego won't allow it though.

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    Gholston was a pretty good DE at Ohio State, I think the Jets made a mistake thinking they could make him into a LB. With this defensive coaching staff and a move back to DE in a 4-3 it could give him a chance to live up to his potential.

    All that being said he has been terrible in the NFL, interesting move but the front office has done a terrible job so far where's the OL.

  • In reply to Cory Hornish:

    Gholston was signed to make things interesting in training camp. He has been signed at league minimum. He's worth having as a possible project/special teams contributor.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    He's a total and complete flyer - I think he's been terrible, but he's also spent the last three years out of position. He doesn't sound terribly stupid for someone that went the Ohio State University, but he never seemed to catch on to playing in space as an LB.

    I guess we could have traded for fat-ass Albert. That would have been worse. Vernon's got less potential to waste.

  • In reply to Cory Hornish:

    Couldn't agree more Cory. Here's a snippet from a Wright article

    "It’s believed that Gholston’s disappointing career has been partly a result of coaching and position changes. Gholston played defensive end in a 4-3 scheme at Ohio State, and then moved to 3-4 outside linebacker with the New York Jets playing for Eric Mangini.

    Gholston played linebacker in Rex Ryan’s 3-4 system when the coach took over the Jets in 2009, before moving back to defensive end in 2010, a position -- because of the scheme -- still a world apart from what he’d been used to in the Buckeyes’ 4-3 defense.

    “He’ll have his hand down instead of [playing] a stand up end position [like in a 3-4],” Smith said. He’ll be in a three-point stance rushing the passer most of the time. We’re going to give him a shot. Everything has added up for us to give him that shot.”

  • You don't think a traditional 4-3 system will make a difference for him Jeff? His frame reminds me of Mark Anderson.

  • Don't discount the fact that Nelli gives the Bears a decisive advantage because he can convince defensive players that he can resurect their careers by coming to Chicago. So far I haven't actually seen him be successful in this area but it still may be worth a try. Low risk, high reward opportunity. At least we know that Jerry isn't the only one that swings and misses in the first round.

  • What's his current weight does anyone - can anyone know? If it's a DE then Osi is not happy and

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    ... would be worth shelling out for?

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Osi wants Mo Money and I don't think he's be worth blowing our wad on him. The G-Men don't think he's worth it and his injury may be a significant reason why.

  • In reply to BigDaddy:

    He had an NFL record 10 FF last season. 11.5 sacks. Sign him and it doesn't matter who your corners and safeties are. If GholstonSigned for league minimum, then his signing is a non-story. Let's get Plax as a nother non-story.


  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    So far everyone has gotten their beaks wet on the coaching staff. Tice got Carimi and might think he's set.

  • I'd like to know wtf has happened to my last four or five posts.

  • Jeff.......I'm really trying to get a read on where you are on our offseason moves thus far. After taking 24 hours to process the events of yesterday and today, I have these thoughts:

    1. Roy Williams......I understand he's 6'3", and I know he thrived in Martz' offense in 2007, but I've lived in Dallas since 2005 and around here this guy is weapon's grade plutonium. Seriously, I hope he proves me wrong but I would have rather had Moss, regardless of how much Warren Sapp "Loves this move".

    2. Greg Olsen........while I am still dismayed that you would get rid of the best friend of your QB, and his favorite target in the Red Zone and other instances, I'm intrigued by the angle that you have to remove him from the equation to open up the field for Jay, causing him to work harder without his security blanket. I'm actually glad we made this move, as I hope we can turn the pick into something productive.

    3. Sam Hurd.......while my anti-Dallas bias initially caused me to hate this move, I'm actually warming to it now. He is a bigger, more trustworthy version of Rash on SP, and has value in the offense. He's a quality guy, high character guy, who values hard work and winning and has no room for bullshit. Other than Leonard Davis(and Miles Austin), probably the only Cowboy I would like to have.

    4. The OL and DE free agent moves......seriously, we started this rodeo with $35 mil of cap space, and you're telling me that we can't get AT LEAST 3 solid, proven, veteran lineman and JUST ONE quality DE's to play opposite Peppers?

    You are a huge Bears fan, as evidenced by your unfailing desire to provide us with a forum to discuss our Monsters of the Midway. Please help me understand how you can have 6 months as an organization to strategically plan your free-agent acquisitions and this is what you come up with. I believe that if you put you and me and half a dozen hard-core posters from this blog in charge of the FA period we would be in a better place.

    I've rambled, due to large quantities of beer this evening and the passing of my grandmother(no tears, Alzheimer's for a decade, it's for the best regardless), but I'm curious to know your thoughts on these items. Thank you, Goodnight, and Bear Down.

  • In reply to MattySouthside:

    Matty, sorry for your loss.

    Whatever beer you're drinking must be good, because it hasn't dulled your wits. Aside from your view of Williams as plutonium, I'm in 100% agreement with you. Though I'm not sure there were enough quality O-linemen around for the Bears to throw ridiculous money at. Let me put it another way: would it be worth it for the Bears to pick up a journeyman OG and pay him Pro Bowler money?

  • In reply to MattySouthside:

    Amen Matty. With all the money da Bears have to play with, please explain to me why we are shopping in the shady fucking used car lot (or even the junk yard in some cases) when we have the financing to purchase a great, reliable model?

    Oh and jeff, im not sure what is scarier; not having a plan for this free agency, or pointing to the Sam Hurd signing as proof that they have a plan.

  • In reply to MattySouthside:

    That's a nasty one Matty. I have an aunt with that,iIt's strange having to explain who you are every few minutes. I didn't go to bed last night either , my dad is on the other side of the planet losing a 12 year battle with cancer. They stopped treating his cancer yesterday. I felt like having a beer or five, but just sat up watching to see who we'd signed. That's why I love my Bears, they're the one constant in our lives, right?

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Damn Irish....that's a tough night brother. So sorry to hear about your Dad. I feel the same way about the Bears, and my sports teams in general. They're a way for me to stay centered when everything else is going to shit. Hang in there, 12 years is a long time to fight that monster. Your old man must be one tough SOB!

  • BigDaddy has it right. Gholston is a body in training camp, and a potential ST guy--the next Izzy?

    I watched Gholston play while he was at Ohio State (I'm a grad student at OSU), and he was very good. I thought that the Jets reached tremendously, taking him in the 1st round, especially because he was better in the weight room than on the field.

    That said, he was good. Dunno why he sucked so hard in NY, but if anyone can turn him around, it's Marinelli.

  • Off topic, but does anyone remember the line "McPenny"? If anyone knows who said it, when, or about whom I'll give you four stars.

  • My take so far, RW had some good seasons 4-5 years ago. Total prima donna that goes in the tank when he's not THE MAN. Not a good sign. Gholston...Please. If you can't play D for Rex Ryan ...Hurd ST'er with some upside. AA back in the fold, good move. Same with Roach. We still need a proven WR (never gonna happen now that we have RW) and 3 OL.

    I like Kellen but his lack of speed is an issue. Forte will get paid. Really hoping Unga pans out. If he does, shitcan the molester.

  • Jason Babin sucked until he was put in the right defense by the right coach. There is always hope for Gholston. In the meantime we have Pep, Izzy and Favre Killer. If Anderson can have 12 sacks can't Vernon have a couple?

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    For his career?

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:


  • Obviously a special teams player. Nothing more.

  • I'm all for the Bears paying a bit too much for the following lineman:
    Sean Locklear
    Max Starks
    Loenard Davis(cat can run block)
    Matt Light
    Ryan Harris
    Deuce Lutui(I like the kid, he kept Warner upright)

    If there are others on the market, then let me know who they are. I'm missing a center, but think for continuity purposes and overall GP we should keep Olin. He is my #1 choice to groom the C we draft next year, and he still mean as shit.

  • If Asante Samuel is indeed available for trade, what do you think Phi would want in return for him? Do you think they would take our 3rd round pick, or do you think it would take more? Keep in mind he turns 31 in January and he's owed almost 6mil this year.

  • Bears set to start Carimi at LT. That would mean Webb stays at RT, Garza (4 now) at Center, and maybe Chris Williams (if we don't get an FA gaurd) at LG, and Lance Louis at RG...That does not inspire confidence.,0,2555697.story

    Also, our roster is at 89 out of 90, presumably that 1 is reserved for Kreutz, but I hope to god we sign at least Leonard Davis at G in addition to Kreutz and let some "project" go.

  • Oh, also, we need a true rough-neck FB like Vonta Leach, you know, the FB who helped an undrafted player rush for 1,600 yards last year

    When the Fudge switch to that "psycho" 2-4-5 defense, we just run it down their throat with a 220 pound FB, and two 6'7 260 + pound TEs

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    Matt Forte is already 220. Eddie Williams is listed at 249, Ta'ou'fou is 247. Unga 235. Do we need aother Fullback?

    Good to see Marinelli wants Gholston with his hand back on the ground. If he reckons the guy has somethng to offer then we may get value after all:,0,7550223.story

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Angelo didn't consult me when signing Ta'ou'fou. If he had, I would have said, "No Jerry, we're signing a TRUE PROVEN FB, not a special teamer/gimmick FB, who made an undrafted HB the leading rusher."

    Remember what Lorenzo Neil did for Tomlinson in SD? LTs production dropped when Lorenzo left.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    Yeah, truth be known we haven't really seen what we have in our three FBs - surely we've got at least one banger in there? At least we can expect Webb to open up a hole or two in the run game.

  • I heard the pack cut John Kuhn...
    he was a bruiser for them and he'd prolly come cheap....
    even tho' he was a fuckn packer I like he tough running style and I'm pretty sure he's a good blocker....
    what do you guys think?

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