Happy Fourth of July

It's July 4th - a holiday that actually means something.  Say what you want about most of the shit we celebrate in this country but this is one that has to resonate if you're living on American soil.  This video still gives me goosebumps.

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  • Happy 4th guys

  • Happy 4th of July mangs.

    Chew on this bitter rotten hot dog this weekend:


  • Happy 4th of July mangs.

    Chew on this bitter rotten hotdog this weekend:


  • i'll just keep on posting the same fucking thing over and over until this fucking system tells me to slow down

  • For what avail the plough or sail, or land or life, if freedom fail? -R.W.E.

    Happy 4th.

  • Did we decide on a game this year where Da Bears Blog will meet up?

    Happy 4th of July weekend by the way!

  • Who's watching le tour? Canada... I know you are.

    Did I tell you I got a 2011 cervello p3 for father's day this year? Booyah

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Holy shit MB. I had to go see what a Cervelo P3 was. For that kind of dough I sure don't want to pedal it! Enjoy!

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:


    Yeah murph, we both went big since we decided not to do anything for each other for the holidays or birthdays the first half of the year. We both saved for 8-10 months for these gifts. She got some nice bling.

    A bit indulgent, but one big wanted gift is better than a bunch of small shit you don't really want. Besides, I have had the same bike for 8 years... and she got a really great deal.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Besides, I got my karma handed to me yesterday when I pulled a fucking hammy stretching (yes stretching) after my run/swim/run training session yesterday. Fucking pissed.

    A bunch of poor kids are snickering at me right now.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Hey Murph, you didn't miss anything on the other site. Doc made an off color suggestion and it was not well received. Oh well. MB's bike is nice but they are meant to ride.

    It's like guys who buy classic cars and trailer them to car shows. What's the point? I once worked with a guy that had a '55 T-Bird. At that point he had owned it for 11 years and put less than 1,000 miles on it. Makes no sense to me.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I agree with that Canada. I can never figure why someone would buy a vehicle to let it sit unused, not enjoyed. I know lot of guys are proud of their motorcycles being 7 years old and having less that 10k miles on them. I just traded my 02 for a new 11 last week and I certainly didn't spend 22k to look at it sitting in the garage.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Hey Murph, what kind of bikes are they? I went to Sturgis about 15 years ago. I was too old and not drinking. Lots of fun but it really tried my patience. The riding in the Black Hills is fantastic.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I had an 02 Heritage. Just traded that towards an 11 Ultra Classic. i have to agree on that too old for partying crap. Me and my friends take road trips and the driving factors are, no rain and we stay at hotels with bars restaurants and whirlpools. By the time we ride all day and sample some food and brews along the way, we hit that hotel bar and restaurant and we are usually snoring and farting by 10:30 Life is good Canada, Life is good!

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Great stuff, Murph! Keep it shiny side up and have a brew or two for me when you're out on the road. I miss having a Scoot but my Beloved Bride really hates mc's and the drivers here are beyond stupid/crazy/aggressive.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I was surfing between the Cubs/Sox, The Tour and Klitschko/Hayes fight. All 3 were snooze material. I missed the crash at @ 8 km from the finish. I've got it recorded and will watch it when I get home (working night shift this weekend).

    Nice bike! Did you get the Ultegra or Dura Ace? Do you do a bunch of triatholons? I've got 6 bikes (down from 8) but the most recent purchase was in 2000. Enjoy the new ride.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:


    It's unreal murph, got one ride in before I blew out my hammy ... man that thing is a rocket. Wish I could afford the wheel set they show it with on the cervelo site. Been puttin in 60-100 miles a week for the last month.

    Saw the pile up... I have no idea why they still let drunken morons tthat close tto the race field ... I know it's tradition, but...

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    It's crazy how close they let the drunks get to the riders. On those mountain tops the crowds are out of their minds. Eddy Mercx was winning the Tour (it would have been his 6th) when a fan stepped out and punched him in the stomach. He was never the same after that and retired shortly after.

    Nothing wrong with Ultegra. Are you using the bike for triathlons? How does it handle? I'm not much of a time trialist and I've never done a triathlon (they'd have to time me with a calendar on the running portion).

  • Jeff, I can't ever imagine anything having to do with soccer giving me goose bumps. Just sayin. You all have a safe and Happy Holiday! Doc I missed some stuff, but what did you post on Milkin It to get a scolding for? Hell even the guys were sayin WHOA! Apparently that stuff got removed from there because I went over to see what it was all about. Sure hope there is some football soon, before everyone gets in trouble and there will be no one left.

  • Jimmy replies! Read this in the down to up manner you've grown accustomed to...

    Hey John,
    The thing we love about the readers of Da Bears Blog and Bulls Confidential is they love those blogs, and from this note it’s never been more clear.
    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. We are making plans right now to fix the comments so they will be A) Threaded and B) Chronological. In short, they will be essentially how they were before. We chose to launch with a commenting system that was not customized with plans to fix it up as soon as we could.
    So please be a little patient, we’ll have things fixed very soon. Again, thanks for your note and have a great holiday weekend.
    Jimmy Greenfield
    ChicagoNow Community Manager
    From: John Petrillo [mailto:johnpetrillo82@gmail.com]
    Sent: Friday, July 01, 2011 1:45 PM
    To: zztrb.chicagonow.staff
    Subject: New Layout
    I'm sure you've heard it a few times, and if you have looked through the comments at Da Bears Blog or Chicago Bulls Confidential (2 of the only pages I've seen on ChicagoNow where comments go above 3/post), we hate it.
    I only know a few things in life, and one of the most important lessons is "what motivates people"? Well, according to evolution, it's survival and reproduction... both things that are severely helped by money. So, I assume this was done for monetary reasons - either making more or spending less.
    As for making more money - What drives money on a blog site? Ads. How do you get paid for those ads? Views and/or clicks. How do views/clicks increase? Traffic. What will kill traffic on a blog housing website? Alienating the majority of your visitors. Do you make more money by decreasing blog readability and usability and increasing internal advertisement? Is this an attempt to improve ad positioning? I don't get it.
    Is this an attempt to cut down on costs? Any major overhaul increases costs. Is the new site easier to maintain? Did the old site require constant maintenance?
    Do you guys think this style looks better? I think it looks more flavor-of-the-month, but far from an improvement.
    Eliminating threaded comments upsets those commenting heavily.  Those that comment heavily increase your traffic (though not unique visitor count, I understand).  Does the new format increase your Google placement? I hope so, because it alienates those driving the most traffic to the sites currently.
    With the ever increased reliance on mobile devices, specifically tablets, the new format looks terrible.  I do not fear change, but I fear change for the sake of change.  I would suggest the change to a more content-centric view, and away from internal advertising.
    I hope thie ChicagoNow staff is as interested in the current rounds of commenting going on in their most visited pages, and not reliant on people like me who are furious enough to actually write an email.  THings aren't looking good, and Doug/Jeff may decide to jump ship if the complaining continues.  However, as most people will take whatever poor performance is provided, I assume they will complain for a week and then acquiesce.
    Here's to the right decisions made.

  • And yeah, John... Not Willie. Now both Erik and I have shown our Clark Kents.

  • Blogfader,

    I sit here before you, shamed for the embarassment I've caused the family. Seriously. I've let the other blog writer know that I am sorry, and I've done the same with Jimmy Greenfield. Though there is no excuse for my poor choice of humor, I will attempt to provide some semblance of context.

    Over here on this site, we use all kinds of crass humor. Crass humor that is usually reserved for the locker room. Crass humor that is far and away worse than what I posted on her site. I guess I forgot that I had left the locker room. It looks the same over there. I had her pegged for a pretty easy going, raunchy-humor kind of chick. I suppose she probably is. And the kind of humor I used, might have even been appropriate from one of her close friends. Maybe not, but maybe. Either way, I forgot my place and used locker room humor among strangers and mixed company. I made the family look bad. For that, I once again sincerely apologize. I'm sure we've all said something, or written something, that we wish we could have back as soon as the words are out. I've had many such moments. The good news is, they are becoming less frequent with age. I will do my best to restrain myself in the future.

    Shamefully Yours,

    Your Northwest Capo,

    Doc Nitty

  • In reply to DocNitty34:

    Hey Doc, nice of you to fall on your sword but kind of unnecessary. You forgot the #1 rule of comedy. Know your audience.

    I did the same thing at work once. I got transferred to Sioux City, Iowa (not a place you want to be) and was working with a bunch of wieners that let a bunch of whiny women run the show because they were too big of pussies to deal with them. One morning at the daily meeting they were whining about nothing, as usual. I looked at my old boss (who also was transferred at the same time) and said, "Do you know why women have 4 lips? He gave me this please don;t finish that joke look and I said, "So they can piss and moan at the same time." You can imagine how that went over. Fortunately for me all the whiny women ended up in different departments once people finally had enough of their shit.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Great joke Canada. A couple friends of mine were on a really good female pool team, and one of their friends was a manager. They were talking about whether they would rather work for a man or women. The other three said they would rather work for a guy, because they don't hold grudges. The manager lady got so mad in the debate, she has not talked to her other long-time friends since, and that was about 10 years ago. I guess she didn't get the irony.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    Funny story, fifth. Women are so hard on other women. It's crazy.

  • In reply to DocNitty34:

    Hang your head nor more! You are forgiven Doc.

  • @doc

    Doc you are forgiven. No horsehead in your bed tonight.

    @ willie

    Damn man... super hero rule #1. Never ever ever reveal your secret identity, ever.

  • Nuts. So if you weren't there, you don't know what went down, right? No sharing? Mkay.

    People were pretty harsh on the staff there I thought. Lots of F-bombs and what-knot. A little constructive feedback is all they're after and it'll get worked through , I'm sure. And Jimmy Greenfield is such a great name, and he looks so nice, I had no idea he was on the staff. We get away with murder compared to WCG, trust me on that. So, apologies to the staff, impending NFL blueballs has got us trigger-happy.

    Artoo, was that you asking if there was any loyalty towards Kreutz? Not in my bowl of lucky charms my young, lithe friend. It was either trading up for Pouncey or signing Olin to a one year deal for me. Don't know if it's in his legs anymore or if he was carrying that achilles thing all year .. which would just frak him up for this year, right? There isn't anybody available in FA that's a good, young, center, is there? Any big cash spent would be nice to have on Asomugha or The Beast. Center boy needs to come from the draft, and the draft is over. We didn't get a replacement for Olin or Brian this year, and we need both. We can slot in Edwin for Olin, but again, what happens if Brian goes down?

  • Willie... one fucking linkedIn connection? Common man

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I ain't on linked in or Facebook.

  • Happy 4th ladies. Do not drink and drive ... unless it's y'know, to get more beer ....

    Had to look up why y'all got so excited that Landon Donovan scored against Algeria ... and I did not know that the USA had qualified for the second round of the world cup! Well done. I boycotted that WC so I didn't see the games, but was happy for Spain because they're just lovely people. I'm Encino man! But well done.

    From #16. Damn!

  • And ultegra... I wish DA.

  • MB or random person i've never met, any link for UFC? Not that i would watch it if i had the link.

  • @ canada

    Funny. I once had an acting coach (don't ask) and he used to tell me, and only me, the most off color jokes and comments all the time, but loud enough for everyone to hear. That was his shtick. My fav was

    "Women...turned them upside down, they're all the same."

    You could imagine how well that went over with all the prima-donas lol

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    I hear ya! I'm not anti-female at all. The best boss I've ever had was a woman. I've got 3 sisters and I'd take a bullett (literally) for any of them. However, we've all worked with the whiny, constantly complaining, self-entitled, out to correct the world types. They can make your ass tired in about 30 seconds.

  • Huhwhattheidon'tknowwhathiscouldbehttp://channelsurfing.ws/live.php?v=event_id%3D53489%26tid%3D189385%26channel%3D0%26layout%3Dpopup%26Itemid%3D207.html

  • @ canada

    Hear ya. I'm all for women too - I'm for them in the kitchen, the bedroom...I kid, I keed. But see, at DBB we can screw around like that. If I were to post that very same anecdote on the NOW website, I'd prob get sued! I think that's why we all like this blog, cuz we don't have to put out disclaimers.

    And I think it was adam corolla who joked - 'I don't like female stand-up comedians...they whine and they bitch, and it doesn't make me laugh, just remember my wife and to take out the garbage'

  • In reply to 4ever85:


  • Doc - all love from me. Just keep your evil on this site.


  • Ha ha, clears throat, reads from Tiger Woods teleprompter...actually, no.

    But, enough of all that. Who here thinks that Garza or Edwin Williams (or name an FA) should replace Kreutz at center? I know Irishbear (Simpson Ha Ha!) is on that bandwagon.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    I'd rather leave Garza at RG. If Williams or a FA can come in and take over, I'm OK with it. I'd prefer to keep Olin for this year because of the limited window to get a new guy up to speed. Olin's been one of my favorite players for a long time but he's definitely running on fumes.

  • Oh, Auto-login please Jimmy/Staff.

    I wouldn't be in favor of just tossing Olin unless there's someone who can get the job done. Not to belabor the 'closing window' this squad has, but I just don't see how we can get a push up the middle in the run game with him at center (unless he was playing hurt last year), or be effective in the passing game when Cutler is under siege from both the middle and the edges. He's up against some very testing fronts in the division next year and it's a tough thing to know when to pull the trigger. We'll know after a game or two if he's still up to it, but will Lovie do the necessary thing? Carimi was a great addition, but the old guys are older now, and the rest of the starters pretty much suck. We need to hit big in FA on the o-line. We couldn't move the ball up the middle last year and we can't blame the tackles on that.

  • Hey Irish... new day huh? All the ills of the nation gone today? Jobs, money, and pussy for everyone?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I've got none of those MB!

    Happy birthday Fres!

    Good for you Artoo, it's nice to be nice.

    Football! Here's some promising news from the trib :

    "I’ve trained him for four years," Poliquin owner Mike Bystol said, "and this is by far the best shape I’ve seen him in. Each year, we have to do a little something. But this year, he was ­injury free, and we trained hard right away. For instance, last year, he was not able to push a sled with weights because of surgery. This year, he’s pushing 400 pounds. He’s light years ahead of where he was last year,"


  • Two other things i Noticed.
    1) Reading from Bottom to Top SUCKS
    2) Avatar pictures are somewhat distorted and not clear.

    It weekends like these that make me proud to be an American. Parades, Beer, Food, people getting together under onecause, etc... its great. And it also happens to be my Bday on the 4th. Hopin I get that new Electric guitar!
    Safe weekend everyone. ENJOY!

  • In reply to DHESTER23:

    Happy B-day Fres.

  • In reply to DHESTER23:

    Happy B-day, Fres! Hope ya get some!!!!!!

  • Two words... team. Cervel.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Got a kick out of those riders trying to carry Vaughters on the podium. I thought for sure they were going to go down in a pile. Saw the crash yesterday. What an odd crash. Granted the fan was oblivious but it almost looked like the Astana guy leaned out and hit him. He must have lost his balance and was (over) correcting. OUCH!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Nice to see that some of my fellow bears fans are also following Tour de France. I’m very happy atm with the Norwegian "viking" Thor Husovd in yellow. But i am disappointed that they are not going to let him ride for the green jersey. Ferrar is better in the flat sprints. I believe Thor could have a good chance with the green jersey, since he is much better in the semi hard stages of the race.

    Best regard the Norwegian bear!

  • In reply to skjaeveland:

    Good to see ya posting Norwegian Bear! I agree about the God of Thunder. I'm guessing Farrar is getting the play for the Green Jersey because of the mid-day sprints have a lot of points this year. Thor is a couple of notches down from the top sprinters but he's got a great chance to win on the hilly stages. Great motor and he seems like a nice guy. As long as Cavendish doesn't win, I'm happy.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    A belated HAPPY CANADA DAY, CanadaBear!

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Thanks Al! A belated back atcha for the 4th.

  • O

  • I sent a polite and lengthy email to Jimmy.

    I don't care if he doesn't even look into it. I am done. Till they fix it to where at least I can read from top to bottom, I will not be on here as much as I use to.

    Some of you will like that and that is cool. I just hate not reading everything in order and I am sure I am not alone.

    I will get on here from time to time to comment but this is ridiculous, I can't even begin to understand why it is a good idea to read like this.Would you read a book like this? Hell no, and if you do, well congrats there is a website just for you now.

    Happy Fourth of July, sorry, Soccer is not my idea of celebrating the Fourth of July, but I do think everyone should enjoy this holiday. I wish more people would understand the significance of this holiday and not just think it is another day off from work. It is really important and means a lot. Thanks guys and be safe I hope you always "piss harder".

  • Ditto - happy B-day Fres/Dhester23 (bring back Fres!)

    Anyone bbq? I may bbq, but I;m tired of bbq the same ole things: carne asada, hot dogs, hamburgers...you guys got any recommendations

    And please, no bacon cups lol

    Also, I know you guys are always recommending beers, and I tried two new ones yesterday.

    Stone Smoked Porter. It's a porter, so it's dark and smooth. The guy who recommended it said it was a cross between beef jerky and Guinness, which didn't sound all that appealing at first, but it wasn't too bad. However, it was very bitter and not as chocolatey as I thought.

    Old Rasputin: These come in 4-packs, but they're like 9% alcohol, so buzz-wise, it's like a 6er. The label says that it's the same English recipe that was used to brew beer for the Russian royals in the 18th century, which was pretty cool because I am royalty lol Old Rasputin it's a stout (I prefer dark beers), and while hearty and a bit bitter, it has a nice rasberry-ish woody finish. Also, after drinking just half of one, it makes the taste much more enjoyable. Some brews are like that, and this one fits into that category. I would def recommend Old Rasputin for dark beers guys.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    85- The Old Rasputin is maybe my all time favorite beer. It's top five for sure. Love that beer.

    I was living with a buddy circa, oh 'bout '97-98. He just bought our first home brew kit. We were all set to make our first beer. He also happened to bring home our very first 4 pack of Rasputin', a quarter oz of kind, a brand new 2 foot glass bong, and the new Phish album, Switch Stitch n' Pass. We were so waisted. The beer was okay for our first, but the altered state of mind definitely affected the end product. Good times.

  • Happy Birthday to ya Fres! Im still having a hard time remembering who's who with these new handles. Which one is Artoo? Who's Waffle?

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Artoo (Erik) is the one Being angry below.

    Waffle is Hollywood1

    I'm mb30sd

    You're murph

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Sometimes I wonder who I am. Thanks for setting me straight MB

  • Been a while since I posted on here, wow. Anyway, I saw someone talking about homebrewing. YES! Any of you guys homebrewing anything Bears-specific? Wanna share the recipe? I was thinking of doing a Honey Bears honey wheat for this season... And the great thing is, if there is no season, at least I can drink.

  • In reply to PhilinNYC:


    Honey Bear Wheat...that sounds good! I only homebrewed once with a pal, and the end product wasn't all that bad (even though we were drinking them from empty mountain dew bottles). I don't think I have the time or energy now, but maybe I'll give it another go around if we start posting beer recipes.

    Also, there's so many more micro breweries and imports now, unlike "back in the days" - I mean, there's a bar down the street from me that literally has a hundred beers on tap - and that's just on tap. Mostly regional stuff, but man, there's a lot more selection now (and BevMos too).

  • @Norwegian bear

    I have absolutely ZERO idea how a team of 5-7 guys can maintain a 60KM average for 23 fucking kms!??! How is that even hunanly possible?!?!

    I asked my buddy and he texted me 3 messages in succession, like this:

    1st message: E
    2nd message: P
    3rd message: O


  • Thanks for the Bday wishes! Everyone have great day, and enjoy being an AMERICAN!

  • In reply to DHESTER23:

    Enjoy it every day thanks to people like your Dad. Be sure to wish him a happy 4th, from all of us here.

  • Great TDF day today, ferra won and Thor keeps his yellow jersey!

  • Classy move by Tyler after winning the stage today holding up a "W" for Wouter Weylandt killed in the Giro a couple months ago.

  • In reply to gwill:

    Gotta agree Will. I liked the W salute, a lot. Nice to see Tyler remembering his friend. Unlike Cavendish, who always makes it all about him. He reminds me of a bunch of NFL WR's who conveniently forget about all the work the rest of the team did to get them there. Oh well.

  • Joey "Jaws" Chestnut, 62 Hot Dogs in 10 minutes. Now thats something to give you goosebumps! Joey Joey Joey Joey Joey!!!!!

  • Ugh

  • Thor Hushovd holds onto the yellow jersey. What a gruelling (and thrilling) end to the race that was

  • Hey Erik, Thanks for your email, appreciate the feedback. I posted a note Jeff’s blog in his first post a couple of days ago. Threaded comments in chronological order will be restored as soon as we can, it’s our top priority. That’s been our intention all along and I couldn’t agree more that the system in there now doesn’t work. Please be patient. Quick question: I couldn’t tell from your note if you were able to add your handle or avatar. You can update your handle by clicking on your user name in the top right corner and changing your account settings. To add your image for now you’ll need to use gravatar.com. Just sign in there and attach the desired image to an account that has the same email address that’s connected to your CN account. Thanks for taking the time to write all this, really do appreciate it. Hope you’re having a good holiday. Cheers,Jimmy

  • Any of you guys following the Anthony trial?

    Man I hope that bitch gets the full monty. What a sociopath. I say they stone her.

    85, the formatting didn't really work in your favor on that one (below).

    ek vikingen NB.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Sorry MB, never did get into watching trials or murders.

    Someone said something that just clicked into my brain, If OJ can get away with it then Lord how messed up is our system.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Keeping up with that trial MB? I am stunned! Once these trials go high profile, all bets are off. Once again, totally stunned.

  • Disappointing aspect of my 4th of July weekend.

    ELEVEN homes on my block.

    TWO American Flags flying, INCLUDING my own.

  • football now.

  • Great Handle Waffle.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck and quacks like a duck and prances around like a duck while her duckling is decomposing in a shallow grave. It's a god damn duck.

    How stupid are americans??

    1. accused of murder the defendant doesn't testify on her behalf=guilty
    2. hides body of murdered daughter and decomposition elements found in her trunk=guilty
    3. daughter looks up chloroform 82 times and daughter is found whith duct tape on face and enormous amounts of chlororm in hair samples=guilty
    4. daugher invents story of abduction when pressed about whereabouts of child=guilty
    5. daughter is informed in prision by mother that media now thinks child may have drowned...story of abduction then turns into story of accidental drowning.
    6. when guilty elements add up the attorney accuses father and brother of molestation hinting that Caylee may be the product of incest. This is eventually disproved but americans are dumb so the tactic worked.
    7. grandfather decided to have an affair. Great timing grand dad.
    8. Daughter gets tatoo of "a beautiful life" in italian...DURING THE TIME CHILD WAS "missing". and is busy partying to friends not once mentioning that child was gone.
    9. oh my god do i have to go on. The legal system is a fucking joke.

    If you are ever guilty of something you do anything to get a jury trial. If you are innocent always request a bench trial so the judge is the only one to hear the case.


  • When I go overseas, I like to boast that despite its shortcomings, the U.S. still has the fairest judicial system in the world, but about those shortcomings....

    Not Guilty - 1st degree murder
    Not Guilty - Aggravated child abuse
    Not Guilty - Aggravated manslaughter of a minor
    Guilty - misdemeanor giving false information

    Maybe it was the prosecutors who were stupid and not the jurors...

  • I am so thoroughly disgusted with that fucking ridiculous outcome, and that group of animals that couldn't see though the bullshit. Are you fucking serious? Honestly?

    What the fuck was wrong with those morons? I am serious, I am even more disgusted and shocked than Nancy Grace, and that is saying something.

    I know the case was purely circumstantial, but are you fucking serious? That’s all I can say. I am so disgusted.

  • In reply to MB30SD:


    The bitch actually walked.

    How can they hide her in the States with the head she has?

    The bitch walked. That is ...... there are no words. That is unbelievable.

  • Just like O.J., all the proof was there but nothing legit that said he did it.

    Kinda like Jackson all the kids that everyone claims he touched.

    Does anyone have any real proof that she did it? No, but it sure looked like she did and I guess it is wrong to assumme she did when they really can't say she did.

    I think something and I really mean this, I think this case will change all the rules and judical problems, because here is a case that had every bit of obvious clues and evidence that she really did it but nothing showed that she actually followed through with it.

    I think now, people will get off the hook easier and the rules will be bent till they crack and people will still bent them.

    Our system just proved that the clues do not matter unless you can prove they actually did it. Which how in the hell can you prove that and if that is the case..go read about all the people who have died, lived, and sent for life in prison for a crime they didn't do. The only solid and righteous judgement you will get is from your religion.

    I chalk it up to he without sin cast the first stone.

  • Erik,

    I agree, we have to do something about that image. Too small.

    The issue with the sign-in is noted and we’ll be discussing.

    Thanks for being patient, I appreciate it. We’ll have the comments fixed by training camp for sure

    Thanks Jimmy.

  • Pet Peeve #4 -

    People blowing Romo to death in the media and anywhere else. Romo has Austin, Williams, Witten, 3 talented running backs and the Boys can't win shit.

    Give Cutler those weapons and he'd be so popular here he could kill a 2yr old and get away with it.

  • Waffle, I was reading how his tightend and others were saying there should be a qb battle for the starting position.

  • Romo blows... seems like kind of a funny guy, and gets smoking chicks, so not a total douchaine.

    But yeah, I'd take cutty in a heartbeat man.

    Lots of crashes on le tour today. Brutal.

  • MB - probably a normal dude, just don't get the super love for Romo and the super hate for Cutty.

    Bears85Sweet23 - there are rumors that they said that? that is kind of shocking really seeing as how Romo loves throwing to Witten.

  • Love the handle MOFO. I think the Bears "Fans", you know, the special ones, bring most of the heat. They crucified the Sex Cannon and now it's on to Cutler. The National media are only too happy to join in. I REALLY don't get the players piling on. Cutler has his faults but toughness isn't one of them.

  • I hate how I don't know whether or not I posted something but hey, would you guys be ok with Roy Williams?

    I wouldn't mind having him, then two stud oline guards or a center, and another starting corner.

  • In reply to Bears85Sweetness23:

    Roy would be a solid target for Cutler. I think there are more intense guys out there that could benefit us but it's not like Roy is chopped liver. i just wouldn't pay him the way Detroit and Dallas did but i think he would expect that kind of money.

  • Ray Liotta as Roger Goodell. Tee hee.


  • "Apparently, the O.J. jury all retired and moved to Florida". - Jay Leno.

  • "The O.J. Jury all retired to Florida." - Jay Leno.

  • Hello..6'3" and has something to prove and could come cheap.. no one is talking but mofo!

  • Yep irish, yep. I think it hit me harder than normal because my daughter is almost the same age, and in some of the videos, Caylee reminds me of my daughter a bit.

    Just fucking sad and sick. I do hope there is a hell so that she and all those fucking jurors end up there. I was thinking, maybe they all planned this so that they'd get bigger better book deals - like a three kings but in court? Fuck man, I don't k know.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    All circumstantial and no direct evidence in a 1st degree murder case is dangerous to prosecute. The government knew it had nothing to hold its hat on besides character attacks that it promoted through intensive media blasting by biased ex-prosecutors andf the like; but that doesn't prove the who, where and why. Proof beyond a reasonable doubt is a high standard, but it is a necessary standard so that our country doesn't shift towards totalitarian style regimes and government. The fact that Casey didn't report her child missing for 31 days, allowing the body to decompose and eliminating the possibility of hard evidence is the most sickening thing to me. The defense created enough of a distraction and the government didn't meet its burden of proof. Innocence before proven guilty is a priciple that has been seriously eroding for the last quarter century.

  • In reply to Crown:

    Yeah, I think that's the issue right crown, innocence doesn't guarantee acquittal and guilt doesn't portend a conviction any more. That's my issue, and that's what scares the shit out of me man.

    Anyway, here's an interesting piece from the queen of fucked up trial outcomes, Marsha Clark: http://beta.news.yahoo.com/worse-o-j-231200719.html

    Glad you had a blast on the 4th. The little missus and I wrangled chilluns and didn't do shit all weekend... we couldn’t even leave the house to see any fireworks... so you know, we had pretty similar experiences.

    When are you guys planning on procreating?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    We'll have kids when Henry Melton becomes a pro-bowler; so in the short-term future. I was concieved after a Monday night Bears victory over Minnesota in '78. I'll probably follow suit. I don't know, but the wedding planning is about the heat up. Good thing the women in our families are doing all the work. I really could care less as long as she gets is happy.

  • In reply to Crown:

    I had the exact same kind of laissez-faire attitude before I had kids too Crown – ‘suuuure… whatever babe… we can do whatever makes you happy’. In general it's a good way to go, but I would suggest you think it through first and more importantly prepare yourself at least a bit.

    It's like old people (now us) telling you that time flies... you don't really get it until you're there yourself... but kids DO and WILL change your life DRAMATICALLY. Even if you promise to not let it. Not in a bad way at all, just in a very big way... some good some tough. It’s all part of a good pre-game plan… not being prepared is preparing to fail. Ha! I sound like my granddad.

  • In reply to Crown:

    Melton also gets his Super Bowl ring this year too which is nice for a young guy. Mwah! Mwah! Mwaaaah!

    That lockout video was sweet .... but Oi! Cromartie! NO! Why didn't Walter come back? Get that shirt off your back boy! You do not get to wear #34 on the field of dreams! Get back to your families.

    Artoo, you asked a question in the middle of 4th July festivities and aftermath, and the incredible-walking-bitch-verdict. Roy Williams. What was his issue in Dallas? Can't really say I saw him play, but he was up against some talented boys on offense. Dude's 30 years old, that's not OTT, but what's the price tag? I'd start him over Knox any old day of the week though .... 7th overall pick ... he'd certainly turn it on against the Lions twice a year if nothing else.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    So her weird, GUILTY behavior could be explained away by " the fact that she’d been molested by both her father and her brother."
    I would love to know the average IQ of that jury .....

    Terms I hate. 'Military Intelligence'. 'Conspiracy Theorist'. 'Circumstantial evidence'. 'Double Jeopardy'.

    May that little angel Cayley rest in peace.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Hey MB, I think something in these jurors minds kick in and they picture a certain amount of "celebrity" by coming up with verdicts like this in high profile cases. The reasons this alternate juror enjoying his 15 minutes is nuts. No motive? Most killers just kill, no real motive. Cause of death? I guess if you can hide a body till it decomposes your off the hook. Weird family? The world is full of fucked up families that dont breed compulsive liars and killers. Enjoy your kids, raise them to the best of your ability, and keep your fingers crossed it all turns out good.

  • Hope all you gentleman had a buetiful 4th holiday!

    I had a fuckin blast acting like a kid again in Michigan. Annual cubs v sox fan softball game, grilling hog, swimming on the cleaner side of Lake Mich making up sports (and sex) games in the water, bangin in outdoor showers, playing bball, best weather yet, wild turkey 101 proof son, fuckin cobbler, and lots of young tender ass to look at. I need that shit bad!!

    On a bears note, I gave a homeless guy a dollar today for sporting a Jim Flanigan #99 jersey. He told me thanks and got down in a three-point stance as a sort of salute. I also saw a Zorich jersey yesterday on a guy I could garauntee did not know who he was. Good way to start the day.

  • Why don't we want Alberta? I am telling you, get him here and he will be the Beast we need at DT.

    He will be so happy to be back in a 4-3 that he will give Rodgers and Stafford nightmares.

  • It was a tough verdict to swallow MB, but I felt it was the correct one based on the evidence presented.

  • agreed murph. Sad.

    Oh, and who's TheFifth?

  • several things piss me off about the Anthony trial and the system of law in general and what it has become.

    It seems like the role of the defense attorney has gone from someone who helps the accused put up an honest and forthright defense against charges to someone who tries to pull every scumbag move in the book to get their client off while pissing all over the spirit of the law in the process.

    Do you think John Adams would appreciate the tactics and chicanery (yeah i said it) that Baez pulled and attorneys like him pull every day? Adams defended British soldiers accused on killing Americans in cold blood for god's sake. He did it the right way though and the soldiers got to defend their actions by telling the whole story.

    Now we allow the defendant to not utter a single word so they won't so obviously condemn themselves since they are guilty as shit. They have professional liars do it for them so they make sure the lies sound polished and that all of the convenient holes are plugged up.
    The attorney can then level charges and accusations against everyone they want with impunity while the defendant sits there because it would be instant perjury if the prosecutor asked a simple question:

    Casey, did your father or brother molest you or is this a tactic that your attorney suggested would confuse the retard caliber jury members you see before you?
    Casey, isn't it convenient that your story of an accidental drowning became your story after your mother mentioned it to you while visiting you in prison.

    The simple fact that the defense attorney is able to bastardize the law while bending and shaping its loopholes to make simple common sense an objectionable subject is sickening.

    I could go on for days with dozens of examples in this case alone but i'll leave you with this little fucking gem:

    "WHAT!!!!???!!!! CASEY ANTHONY FOUND NOT GUILTY!!!! I am speechless!!!"

    That's how bad it has gotten folks. The daughter of one of the key members of OJ Simpsons defense team in his double murder trial is utterly flabbergasted that she got away with it.

    Something has to change. Clarence Darrow just rolled over in his grave and fucking puked in his mouth a little.

  • Saw that USA today headline below the lockout video thingy.

    "Ravens' Ray Lewis warns of spike in crime if NFL season is lost."

    I agree wholeheartedly. With that many NFL players sitting around on Oxy and Drank, I'd expect their raping and spousal abuse to go through the roof. Hide those phone cords and have 911 on speed dial, that's all I'm sayin' girls. Holla!

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Irish, speaking of spousal abuse, Brandon Underwood of Green Bay was arrested for ripping a necklace off his soon to be ex-wife's neck and shoving her to the ground. The day he got his Super Bowl ring, all the spouses received a necklace. She filed for divorce and he thought he should have the right to decide whether she could wear the necklace. Here's the link:

    Forgot to mention, TheFifth is the man formerly known as Cormonster. That must have been a really old handle, but I'm sticking with it.

    This thought might be blasphemy, but we should get Farve for our backup at a relatively low price in September, and only play him in goal line situations against Green Bay. He can throw his last TD pass as a Bear against the Packers on Xmas Day, cry as he leaves the field, get his second Super Bowl Ring as a Bear, and fade into the Mississippi swamps.

    Hey bigcheese, is your wife's name littleslice?

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    Hey Cor/Fifth, glad you id'ed yourself. I'm a little slow otherwise. The Favre scenario made me laugh (and throw up a little).

  • "[a] representative for a juror in the case against Casey Anthony is sending messages to several media outlets that he is willing to talk for the right price. The juror described as 'a married, college-educated, 33-year-old white male with two young children' is allegedly asking for 'mid 5-figures.'"

    ^somebody punk this hoe.

  • In reply to gwill:

    damn, that sounds like MB's description.

  • In reply to mofo Waffle 3.0:

    Yeah, I wish. I've got about 5 on that youngen.

    And it seems like I would have been the only motherfucker on that shithole of a jury to say, 'are all you worthless social working, nurse loving buffoons out of your mind?!?!?!'

    Fuck the lucrative book deal, I want to see that bitch jumping with 100,000 volts in the electric chair.

    I'll hang this motherfucking jury faster than any of you morons can fuck something so easy up. I mean, it's like they all went to the school of Jerry Angelo drafting for trial juries (see how I brought that back around?). Jesus A Christopher!

    I would have been the one to get into a fist fight when one of those pussies got in my face for being the only holdout… and as all pussies do, not expected to actually get their face smashed in. Jesus H Christopher.

  • Wow, there's another Bears blog on Chicago Now called Chicago BEars Huddle. See it down there on the right under 'related blogs' ? Apparently it's "The number one Bears blog online."

    They got to be #1 without getting a single comment. Are you pissed Jeff?


    See? Got my handle back ... check. Mojo? Double check.

    Now. Cornerback, Tackle, Adonisian Wide Receiver and football season please. Schwing!

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Dude, I just wrote about getting all those things lol you know, that make us a better team, WR,DB,DT,

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Irish... he has a POLL on his blog!!! That's why it's #1.

    Jeff, hear that... a POLL!!!!

  • speakin of rapin' and abusin':


  • Irish, they want to release him as soon as the CBA is done.

    He is 29 atm, and if anything he is a great redzone target till he can figure out Mike's confusing system...which can't be too hard.

    Seriously, this is my plan....

    WR- Get Roy for cheap or Ocho for cheap.

    OL- anyone who is a stud and will destroy people

    DL- Sign AA back and Get Alberta, he will be worth it. Lovie has the respect of the players and also, I know a certain Linebacker that will put him in his place. That way Melton can have some serious competiton before he just gets the spot.

    If we do that, I will be happy. Ohh, just to make up for lousy bday present the nfl gave me on March 12, sign Cromartie. He will be a great pickup and let the Moore's, Bowman , and Jennings battle it out.

  • Irish, they want to release him as soon as the CBA is done.

    He is 29 atm, and if anything he is a great redzone target till he can figure out Mike's confusing system...which can't be too hard.

    Seriously, this is my plan....

    WR- Get Roy for cheap or Ocho for cheap.

    OL- anyone who is a stud and will destroy people

    DL- Sign AA back and Get Alberta, he will be worth it. Lovie has the respect of the players and also, I know a certain Linebacker that will put him in his place. That way Melton can have some serious competiton before he just gets the spot.

    If we do that, I will be happy. Ohh, if we can get Cromartie and let The Moore's, Jennings and Bowman battle out the 3rd DB spot.... that would make up for the shitty bday the nfl gave me on March 12.

  • In reply to Bears85Sweetness23:

    I'm on board with that Artoo. But Willaims over The Mouth. I couldn't take the mouth, nothing to do with his skillz, just the gob on that guy. Competition is sweet, we really only have it at TE and I guess OL in a messed up way. A bunch of blind guys fighting over the labrador ...

  • CN..... Please shoot your system.

    Thank you.

  • So CN is having a live chat tomorrow at 2.

    This should be entertaining. Anybody now how fast comments can be deleted on a live chat?

  • In reply to gwill:

    link pls will.

  • That's my bar in Davis, Ca. Donovan's penalty against Ghana may have even been louder.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to thebigcheese:

    Ah Davis ...it's all coming together now.

  • In reply to Justin Lehr:

    Eeeeeasy.... but I get your point.

    Justin, who are you?

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    What do you mean by 'my bar'?

    And Jesus H Christ, really? Of all the places... a fucking packer fan is from my alma mater's town? Jesus.


    Irish, that's not Artoo... that's 85.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Dammit. Wait, what happened? Isn't that Erik/Artoo/85Sweetness23/Superman? .

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    "My bar" as in that's where I watched the pack in college, and where I watched all the footy matches.

    You went to UCD also? And you openly admit that?

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    Great school - the chicks were (are?) fugly, but I made a lot of great friends, and got a damn good edy too.

  • fb_avatar

    What the hell is with this thread type? Its impossible to follow. And why the hell did i have to sign in with my actual name etc. Now Trac is probably going to show up on my doorstep one day with a pair of crazy eyes and a bible.

  • In reply to Justin Lehr:

    Not sure who you are Justin but that really made me laugh.

  • Wasn't one of you guys a star wars geek? Irish? Doc?


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Oh my Payton ...

    "Hey George, what's left to sell those suckers?"
    "The blueprints to the Death Star ...."
    "But George, nobody's that f-"
    "Blueprints to the Death Star."
    "Yes, George."

  • is the lockout still going on? man...this baseball stuff is KILLIN' me.

  • Canada, I want to go to a concert with you some day. Are you in the Banff area? I really want to ski there some day. I've heard nothing but great things about the area. If you got any more suggestions for me to check out, let me know. I'm a music junkie.

    Doc, if your in the Portland, OR area, check out Hamilton Loomis, who is playing in the area on July 25th at Duff's Garage. They are awesome in concert. It's a Monday, but it's worth the pain. If you don't like it, I'll send you a check to reimburse you for your time and drinks. They put on a great, energetic, fun show.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    Hi Fifth,

    Doc said he couldn't make it, but I'll mosey along anyway. I'm pretty sure I'll like them, but just in case I don't ... you can send the check to :

    Irish, (works like McLovin)
    126/15 Moo 12,
    Sukhumwit 3,
    Chonburi 20150

    I got scalped for two tickets ($457.50) and I might fall off the wagon that night, so I like a few white russians to warm up, Pomelo juice with my vodka, then say a bottle of Kahlua, bottle of Jack, Pepsi/Coke, and then a bottle of Cuervo gold to get things real messy. I don't know what I'd drink after that to be honest, I won't be driving though - are taxis expensive there? Can we call it a thousand even? I'm sure I'll love it though ....

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    Hey Cor. I'm in Calgary. Banff is a total tourist trap. It's a beautiful tourist trap and a party town. It used to have the rep for the highest rate of STD's in Canada. I'm not a skier but Sunshine is about 20 minutes and Lake Louise is about 30 minutes from Banff. Calgary is about 90 from Banff. We own a home in SE BC. It's about 45 minutes from Fernie and 2 hours from Waterton Lakes NP.. Sunshine, Lake Louise and Fernie are big time ski resorts. There are lots of smaller ski resorts too.

    If you come up, let me know as soon as you know. I'd love to take you sight seeing in the mts. I was a guide on bicycle tours one summer. The Icefields Hwy from Lake Louise to Jasper is one of the most beautiful drives with plenty of places to stop and see waterfalls, glacier fed lakes, etc.

    The music scene is kind of sketchy. Lots of good local musicians but the national touring acts are pretty hit and miss, esp in the winter.

    It would be great if you could make it up here.

  • Whoa. Wait. Cutler didn't make the NFL Top 100? Tony Rohomo. Check. Matt Ryan. Check. Joe Flacco. Check. Donovan McNabb. Check. But the NFC North winner and NFC Conference finalist doesn't cut the mustard. Why do they bother with fan polls ?

  • Okay let's have it out - if I hear anymore guff about Peyton Manning I'll puke. Gimme your top 5 GOAT QBs. Let the games begin.

    1. Otto Graham. Lost 13 games in his career. Won 7 NFL championships and was runner-up the other 3 times in a 10 year career.

    2. Joe Cool. The best I ever saw. 4 rings.

    3. Steve Young. The Niners got damn lucky. Holds many important passing records and 3 rings (said he learned the game sitting on the bench watching Jim McMahon).

    4. John Elway. Nine pro bowls. Couple of rings. Mercurial. Might be Jay Cutler's father.

    5. Tom Brady. Three rings. Nice hair.

    Peyton Manning? Not so fast, son. Cometh the hour cometh the man. One ring and you were the worst SB MVP I ever saw.

    The floor is open .....

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    MB is wrong and you are correct Irish, I am who I am.

  • In reply to Bears85Sweetness23:

    Erik, is that you?

    This shit has me confused. So if you're Erik, where's '85?

    Also, it's like you've matured in one thread... I was looking for some lol's and some spite about the site (that rhymed) and couldn't find either in like, 7 posts… hence the mix up (and I can’t remember 85’s fucking handle - to be fair you were first).

    ...Avatar please Erik.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    4ever85 is .. 85.

    I should just change my name to Artoo. Can I do that without changing my email address?

  • In reply to Bears85Sweetness23:

    So I get the advertisement at the top right all big and in ur face, but the exact same add right above the comment box. That is redundant and annoying.

  • In reply to Bears85Sweetness23:

    Yeah, thanks to whoever pointed it out - don't bother changing anything on Gravatar, Artoo - just scroll back up to the very top right and click on your username. You can change your handle in the profile and you don't have to put up with Gravatar anymore. I got my old handle back that way.

    And you;ve just changed your fkn handle already ... okay, I'll post this anyway for others ....

    Hey Cherokee, how about the Washington Americans ? Or just the Hopeless Grossmans?

    I see our current favorite chick got four years for being a little pinocchio. Hope they're really nice to her in the clink ...

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    John Elways stats are horrible and I think he was overrated.

    But, I do think the same senario that happend to Elway is happening to our Qb, he just can't do it alone.

  • Yes lol feel better now?

    I won't get a Avatar till they fix it, hell, you can't see what the pictures are anyways. They said they will fix it before training camp, so, no sense in me getting one till they fix it.

  • eww... this layout is awful. What do you have to do to get a picture?

  • Okay, think I got the avatar thing back....

  • The Washington Redskins finished last season at 6-10, tied with the Dallas Cowboys at the bottom of the NFC East barrel. You can be sure they don't want that to happen again.

    The word from the Washington Post is that the team is planning to try and add some big names to its defense to help change the team's direction from last year. "Washington is among the long list of teams expected to make a push for Nnamdi Asomugha(notes) -- the top cornerback on the market," the Post reports.

    Also, "there is mutual interest between Washington and end Cullen Jenkins(notes)," a source tells the Post. Jenkins had eight sacks for the Green Bay Packers last season.

  • Also looks like all the pictures for the tshirts in the store are all broken links.

  • fb_avatar

    Oh sorry guys.. this is Sac's #1 Bears Fan.
    in regards to the Skins- I hate that racist ass name but more importantly they'll never do anything unless they get another QB. I told my buddy who's a Redskins fan that Grosman will break your heart every time! Every time!
    And why wasnt cutler in the top 100? Well players dont like quiters and that was the perception, valid or not, around the league after he went out with a knee injury. He'll have to step on a landmine, blow off his right leg and then hobble through the rest of the game on a bloody stump to shake this stigma.

  • In reply to Justin Lehr:

    Justin just edit ur accounts display name to Sac's #1 Bears Fan or whatever u want...

    I am 1/8 blood Cherokee and the name Redskins doesn't bother me at all. It really isn't any more or less racist than the Chiefs name.. I think we are all a little oversensitive about a lot of these things. The Washington Native Americans just doesn't have a good ring to it.

  • fb_avatar

    I signed in with Facebook.. I guess thats the prob. Im too lazy to create the 100th online account.

  • ...btw, there's nothing wrong with gay bacon Justin.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    btw... it's not like I can't stand the shitty deprecation of core/necessary features and gratuitous ad placement of the new site... but when you post something and it just doesn't fucking show up, THAT is what I say this is bullshit... oh, and having to do a full emails AND password sign-in every single fucking time I start a new session is b-r-u-t-a-l!!!

    Sac, here's what my gay Bacon comment was supposed to relate to for fuck sake: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDwvqrSi92Q

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Preach it MB, I was trying to post all day yesterday about the Cowboys talking about a qb competition and Roy being a FA.

    After the thrid post not going through..I have learned to just copy now.

    It's fine. I'm not scared of anyone using my name but some people are very scared I have seen.

  • Ah ha! Now I'm back and Trac proofed! Guess i'll just have yet another online account. So how do i get my avatar? i remember you guys were saying something about signing in with yet another site?

  • Well.. MB, do I clear up a whole mess now?

    I miss football.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    Much better Erik... and I'm still going to call you by the name your angle of a mother gave you.

  • Sac, get your avatar on @: gravatar.com

  • well I hate to say it but this reading from the bottom up is going to take some real adjustment, and the narrow columns as well. seems like the advertising gets more room than the column itself. Guess ya got to pay for the bandwidth.

  • Artoo - people think they are safe on the internet but it's the wild west. Some people have high or higher profile jobs where it is not advisable to just throw your name out there. It is not fear exactly, just alot smarter if a handle is used.

  • In reply to mofo Waffle 3.0:

    That is a good point. Believe it or not, my name on the internet is pretty cool to see and helps out at work.

    It's nice to show off the boss that I was at a Bears game. My first at that.

    I do get it though. I know a lot of us say things we shouldn't say or dare to say in public.

    Btw, does anyone really want to all meet up at a Chicago Bears game?
    If so, tell me which you want to go to or which we all can go to. Unless your a rapist or murder, no thanks

  • Artoo is murdering the english language.

    Your - possessive
    You're - contraction for you are
    Ur - l33t slang for either of the first two
    Yur - Slang for Vinny the Microwave Johnson
    (See: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=yur)

  • The CN developers are on live chat now. I want to slap them about the face. They say a new, threaded, chronological posting system is 2-3 weeks away.

  • BTW, that little garden Gnome Jimmy Greenfield is the community manager at CN and is answering all the questions. They didn't like my suggestion to allow embedding youtube and animated GIFs into comments.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I just saw that GP, wtf... I just asked why not because that makes no effing sense.

  • Sorry GP, I just can't really proof read at work.

  • biggest pet peeve #5
    people who use loose instead of lose:
    example: whatever hollywood your're bitch qb is a quiter, Cutler is such a looser. Pack Forever!

    That post actually fucking happened.

  • In reply to mofo Waffle 3.0:

    Loose bothers me too MutherFuc%ingWaffle. I notice many teachers I know don't know the difference between affect and effect. Drives me nuts.

  • How about the use of "irregardless"... which would mean the opposite of what you’re trying to say... and isn't even a real fucking word in the English language to begin with.

  • "irregardless" is annoying. I also get annoyed when young single moms kill their 2yr olds and then because people in Florida are hick ass motherfucking hillbillies and generally missing vital brain functions they get to walk away as if it was some misunderstanding.

    Juror 5 - "Well, we just didn't see the evidence. I mean, there were no laser projections or computer simulated re-creations of the event combined with blood spatter analysis and a tacyon charged particle accelerators to bring the child'd decomposed body back to life so we could determine that she had been killed. The only things we were presented were things like the Anthony's taking an accidental drowning, covering it up and eluding authorities for months, making the accidental drowning where no one was present or even asked about look like a gruesome murder of an innocent toddler. We were also presented with silly non-sensical ramblings of some FBI person confirming a dead body was hidden in the suspects trunk but obviously that could have been a sack of rotten hamburgers like the defense said, I mean, doesn't everyone have 45lbs of rotten baconators in their trunk laced with choloform and wrapped in duct tape? I mean, there wasn't even a motive. Just because Casey was prime broke as a joke florida trash that had a kid out of wedlock at 20 and felt her life was stolen from her and wanted her freedom, even going so far as to have "bella vita" permanently tatooed on her body while she partied her ass off as her daughter rotted away in the woods a victim of a tragic pool drowning doesn't mean that she could have killed her daughter even though it would have resulted in the ultimate freedom she desired so much. It was apparent that she was so innocent that when she decided not to testify we the jury didn't find that to be suspicious at all even though her attorney had just accused her dad and brother of molesting her throughout her youth. Casey never confirmed that legal manuver but it obviously that meant that there was no way that Casey could have researched choloform 83 times on the internet and coincidentally the toddlers hair contained the most chloroform content a noted scientist had ever witnessed. It was tough being on that jury because the defense was just so confusing. I mean personally, i can't even sit through a 2 hour movie! Ugghhh, too long...boooorrrriiinnnnnggggg!!
    The prosecutors just didn't quite nail it for us on the jury. No Tom Cruise -esque yelling, no drama, no lasers???? Just like 12 things that coincidentally pointed to Casey Anthony as the killer. Only 12 things. I mean, not even a you tube video of the killing?? Just 4 separate made up stories, a made up nanny who kidnapped the child or didn't. I think they may have mentioned WMD's but i don't know."

  • In reply to mofo Waffle 3.0:

    yeah, ummm… thanks for that Johnny. Just when I was starting to try and put the anger, disbelief and disgust behind me... that perfectly summed up why all 12 of those people should burn in whateverversionofhell you personally believe in forever.

    Jesus fucking christ. Can we please just wipe Iran, Afghanistan… and Florida off the map? Please?

  • pet peeve #6

    when parents lie for their child murdering daughters about researching chloroform on the internet, get caught in the lie based on the fact that the topic was researched 83 times and not once yet the jurors are too stupid to realize the lie has been exposed and consequently use said lie as a partial basis for their not guilty verdict

  • pet peeve #7

    charging me extra to put big mac sowwwce on my value menu double cheeseburger which took it from becoming a 1 dollar big mac with no lettuce. so close.

  • Cutter is such a quiter, Bore fans are such loosers. Pack Foreve. Favre Sux, Rogers rulz. Bores will go 0-16 !!! lOL lMAFAO

  • see what you did you CN idiots? your site is fucked up now and it's forcing me to carry the load like that pussy Maurice Jones Drew. 6 out of 8 posts? Damn Greenfield, get your shit together. I'd be poisoned by an ex Mossad agent if i sucked at my job this bad.

    Fix the site.

  • I'm going 7 for 9 posts haters. I made my bacon money already and the last 2 hours have been gravy.


    You have to laugh when the Cowboys keep getting picked to do well and they just don't. Once again picked as better odds to go to the big show than the beloved? The Pack played lights out last year but our team can, will and must take it to them this year. We are taking the division, then the conference and then the bowl. Lions will help put the Pack down so we win the division. Pack will get taken out by the Eagles or Giants in wildcard play and then we get our rematch against the Colts or the Pats. mwaa haaa haa haa haa haa.

    Bore down you loosers!

  • It's nice to be nice .... and remember, Jimmy has a kind face.

  • Howdy boys,

    MB: Not a star wars geek, just a fan who has turned his 5 year old son into a star wars geek. By the way, when did you play your college ball. I'm guessing 92-96ish?

    Cor: Thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately, I'm in Seattle, and the dreaded drive from here to Portland takes about an hour and a half longer than it should. Traffic. I don't do traffic.

    Urlacher: I agree wholeheartedly, though I am not Native American. P.C. is lame. I refer to somebody who is mentally retarded, as handicapped, I refer to a buddy who does something stupid as retarded. I see nothing wrong with that. I stopped calling Native Americans, Native Americans, when I heard a Native American refer to himself as an Indian. I stopped caring about names like the Redskins, Chiefs, and Indians when I saw Indians wearing the hats. PC has made me think twice in the classroom every time I use the word "him" to refer to a general person. So now I have to say "him or her or them or whatever the fuck" and I get confused and paranoid. Fuck P.C. Fuck it right in the ear hole and then cum on it's face.

    Here's an interesting story about how PC has gotten out of hand. At a certain college there was recently a fiasco involving a math teacher (not me). The teacher was in charge of writing all of the common final exams for the Intermediate Algebra class. Their were two copies of the test, each with different colored paper. The questions were the same but the numbers in each question were changed so there could be two different copies of the exam so students couldn't cheat (A common practice, but not one that I subscribe to. You cheat in my class, I'll catch you, and throw your ass out). So anyway, on one of the story problems, there was a question like this: "Condoleeza Rice drops a watermelon from a 100 foot building....." Well, some students were offended and raised a big stink. The media got involved and there was a huge uproar in the college and local community. The teacher ultimately resigned and the math department has been dealing with image issues at this school ever since. The uproar was over the use of a black woman dropping a watermelon. But on the other test, it was a white man dropping the watermelon from a different height.

    PC has gotten so bad in the Northwest that when writing my recent tenure document, I had typed, "...the teaching experience I missed in grad school has been made up in spades during my first year". Well, somebody on my tenure committee reads this as tells me not to use that expression because spade is also a former derogatory word for a black person. So even though my reference has nothing to do with it, I couldn't use the word. Unbelievable.

    I gave myself the nickname Nitty Gritty for several reasons. But one reason is that I don't believe in beating around the bush and don't mind pointing out the ugly to get to meat of the problem. P.C. has everyone pussyfooting around everything, afraid to say anything. It's anti-Gritty and it's anti-Nitty and I'll have no part of it.

    And just because it hasn't been said in a while,

    Bear Down.

  • In reply to DocNitty34:

    I was going to mention that you hadn't been around in a while. Anyway, onto bidniz:

    1. Cool... I guess.

    2. Round abouts thereins

    3. I loved the way you used a pop culture reference... that was created by yourself... on someone else's blog... a week ago.

    4. Or too afraid to call a spade a spade and convict a fucking piece of shit baby killing murderer? Kinda like that? Yeah, I'm 100% with you... fuck all those bitches!

  • In reply to DocNitty34:

    I agree with the PC stuff Doc. At one time I was going to protest the name Vikings because it makes Scandinavian people out to be rapers and pillagers. I'm Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, and American. Sure they raped and pillaged Europe for a few hundred years, but through most of history they were peaceful farmers and herders. I joke.
    When I went to college orientation at Madison, in the Ag School, I walked out. One of the speeches basically was about how white heterosexual males under the age of 40 with no handicaps were the scourge of society.

  • Hey Guys, I officially sent my letter of complaint Martin Luther style to CN. Here it is in all its glory.

    To Whom It May Concern,

    Regarding your new changes – in sum – they suck. While I’ll refrain from using expletives or the phrase “suck big monkey balls” as others at Da Bear Blog have, I must admit that it does reflect my sentiments of said changes. What changes, one may wonder?

    1) The chronological order of ‘last first’ doesn’t encourage more posts, only redundancy and vertigo. However, I’ve heard this self-inflicted wound will soon be remedied, so I will not dwell on the issue.

    2) No threads is the worst. Why the old format was changed is beyond comprehension and common sense. I only hope that it was some technical matter and not an “innovator’s” bright idea. The old format encourages discussions, thus, posts, page visits and by implication, traffic for potential advertisers or other blogs on the network. But perhaps these things aren’t all that important to ChicagoNow (CN).

    3) Disabling links. Last time I checked, we no longer live in the Industrial Age, but the Technological Age, so disabling this feature seems backward. Sports is now a multimedia animal, and often when discussing the Bears (or anything, for that matter), we post links to youtube or other multimedia outlets to enhance the blogging experience. Again, this promotes posts, etc etc. But you can simply cut and paste a link into a search, say you? Well, how would you like it if I went to your house and snatched away the remote control from your hands and say “you can just get up and change it, slouch.” If anything, CN should enable MORE tech options, like direct HTML embedding, but that’s another issue.

    4) Comments do not post! This may be the most destructive change of all and hopefully this is just a temporary glitch. It’s happened to me twice already and others as well, so needless to say this is not an aberration and needs to get fixed immediately. Nothing more frustrating than writing a long thoughtful reply to another, then it inexplicably vanishes when one presses ‘comment’. Are you really going to make your followers copy every little and long remark before posting - just in case?

    “Improvements” less critical, albeit annoying.

    5) Having to create a Gravatar account for an avatar. The reasoning behind it might be sound (I’m assuming this feature was added to weed out trolls and not shameless site promotion), still, it seems unnecessary. We were all ok with the way our handles and avatars worked before, so why the change? Speaking of which, the avatars are a little small and fuzzy. In addition, making us punch in our email and password every time is yet another inconvenience.

    6) Half the page being dominated by ads other blogs. I understand wanting to promote and getting paid, but maybe scale it back a bit – maybe like ¼ of the page. I’d prefer none at all, but recognize some necessary evils are inevitable.

    7) While the aesthetics of the new format seem snazzier and more contemporary (IMO), perhaps consider changing the colors of Da Bears Blog to, you know, Orange and Navy Blue and not the Chief’s red and white. Just a thought.

    I am not against change, but change needs to make something more efficient, intuitive and pleasurable, and not the opposite, as is the case with the new format. Hopefully CN will identify and care enough about the issues to make the appropriate fixes because I am not the only one harboring this dissatisfaction with the “innovations” (if you don’t believe me, just click on the “New Look” or “Happy Fourth” links on Da Bears Blog). It is also of note that we are perhaps the prime demographic for most, so it would be in the best interest of all parties to solve these complaints, ideally BEFORE the NFL lock-out ends.


    A Bears Blogger.

  • Checking checking one...two

  • is this thing posting?

  • Ok, is it racist to hate the language " ebonics"?

  • In reply to Artoo:

    Yes, it be racist Artoo.

    I find it a little annoying, but it depends on context. Ebonics plus serious conversation, distracting. When listening to rap or after a few purple dranks, fun.

    BTW purple dranks is ebonically correct. The word "ebonically" however, I just made up. I'm actually a little curious if anyone still speaks Jive anymore, like in Airplane.

    I find some other forms of speech equally annoying though. For instance, every time I hear Rosie Perez or Fran Drescher open their yaps I just want to get an ice-pick and jab my ear drums...

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    Language peeves : Opposite usage of Your/you're, too/to, they're/their. If English is your first language boys and girls, the word 'immigrant' should never come out of your mouth in a negative connotation. My $0.02.

    Ebonic peeve : Pronouncing 'Ask' as 'Aks'. It's three frakkin letters long ....

    Artoo, would you be happy with a pot-smoking WR. As I've said a few times, nothing against pot-smkers, but when you're playing wide receiver on my team ... nah. He's a good receiver but doesn't have those crucial extra few inches we need to stretch the field. We should pursue Marshall until he says "No thank you"

    Preferring a certain color of chick - I'm a caucasian who isn't attracted to white chicks, what does that make me? They do nothing for me whatsoever. Seems whenever I see a high profile black guy, their wife seems to be white with blonde hair. I guess guys want what they can't have growing up(normally)?

    Albert? Really? Don't we have to buy his contract?

  • Ok, so it posts, but doesn't show, which is even worse because now I'm prob gonna post like the same thing two or three times thinking it didn't show up. Jeesh. I think my complaint now needs to be amended.

    Oh, and Jeff, this is the email for grievances to be sent, right?


    If not, it's going to be a little awkward lol

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qa1rjCZxtxo

  • I have tried to post something 5 times and it won't post.

    Jimmy the gnome... this sucks dude. seriously

  • Ok, so I just figured out that the old no more than two links in a post or it won't show up rule, is now the, no more than one link per post rule.

    Feature deprication is AWESOME!

    Here's one... any of you guys ever run: http://abcnews.go.com/International/slideshow/running-bulls-pamplona-Spain-festival-14016478

  • and here's the other one that wouldn't post.

    This HAS to be fake: http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/iiaqy/bachelor_party_request_from_the_bride_wtf_do_you/

    ...it just HAS to, otherwise that guys is sooooo fuck-ed.

  • here's number two... second try by itself inclusive of one "slow down" error...


  • OK, on to football (not lockout, which ESPN is predicting will likely end mid-week. These clowns also predicted the Cowboys to win the SB, so there's the caveat).

    Here's a little game. IF you had to choose two and only two Unrestricted Free Agents (UFAs) this year, which two would you choose?

    Let's take Asomugha off the table right away, cuz I know that would be everyone's lock choice. Also, let's assume that Peyton Manning will resign and that we will resign all our UFAs except D. Manning. And let's say for the sake of argument that free agency reverts back to the "Players with 4 years of experience are UFAs" meaning Sidney Rice and some others would be a UFA.

    So, with that being said, which TWO UFAs would you sign if you had a magic wand?

    Here are some of the bigger names:

    (T) Tyson Clabo (ATL)
    (T) Matt Light (NE)
    (T) Jared Gaither (BAL)

    (G) Carl Nicks (NO)
    (G) Harvey Dahl (ATL)
    (G) Robert Gallery (OAK)

    (WR) Sidney Rice (MIN)
    (WR) Santonio Holmes (NYJ)
    (WR) Mike-SIms Walker (JAC)

    (CB) DeAngelo Williams (WAS)
    (CB) Jonathan Joseph (CIN)
    (CB) Antonio Cromartie (NYJ)

    (DE) Cullen Jenkins (Fudge)
    (DE) Ray Edwards (MIN)

    There are a lot more UFAs, but those are just the hottest commodities, esp in relation to the Bears.

    It's easy to say "Just get the two best olinmen" but which two, and would you really select a Dahl over say, Sidney Rice, Cullen Jenkins, or Cromartie? It can get very interesting. Anyhow, this is all just a theoretical game.

    So, if you could choose two and only two, which would they be?

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    Light and Holmes.

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    @ Doc

    Wow, Light over a guard. So what would your oline look like? Light-Williams-Kreutz-Carimi-Webb?

    And Holmes over Rice? That's a toss up. Big Rec -vs-Clutch Rec. Unfortunately, I think the Jets are trying to keep Holmes even if it means letting Braylon Edwards go, which ought to tell us something.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    You said only two. I would have went Tackle, guard but I couldn't pass up a big play WR who has proven himself in the big game. DB was tough to pass up too. Hall over Cromartie. I want them all. I'm so starved for football I've damn near talked myself into thinking I want Alberta.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    Sidney Rice or Sims Walker depending on the price of Rice (heh)



  • In reply to Urlacher FTW:

    Yeah, Cromartie (preferably Asomugha) with any big ass WR, a tough tackle for when Paea tanks, and we have no depth at running back. Come to think of it we don't even have a backup Mike ....

    We definitely need an OT. I can't see any reason to put Webb on the left, or even on the line full stop. We just drafted a LT in the first round, am I missing something?

  • 85- I agree. What it is, Mama! People should speak mo'e JIBE.

    This pathetic attempt at Jive is brought to you by, http://www.luketillo.com/page3.html .

    If you thought you couldn't speak jive before, wait til you use our online English-Jive translator! We'll make you wish you never tried!

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    @ Doc

    I agree wid ya' , Jive turkey.

    Holy Shiite! That English-to-Jive translator is the awesomest invention ever! Everyone should check out that link - you literally type in something, and it makes it jive!

    I typed in "I agree with you" and got "I agree wid ya'".

    See ya' lata'

  • And ya doc, only two (back to standard English) - It's tough - I know. I want them all too, but then we'd be the Redskins.

    And for the record, I might finally be off the Alberta bandwagon - but it all depends on how cheap he is.

    When Albert got accused of sexual harassment recently, and his defense was "I don't even like black girls" (talk about being P.C.) because the girl was African American, I was speechless.

    I mean, what the hell is that - is that even racism? O.J. didn't like black chicks either, just sayin...all that being said, if we can get him dirt cheap, why not? The second he acts up, drop him.

  • ha! I was just thinking of what it would be like to have that fuckstick Haynesworth on our team, in a 4-3 with him playing the position he loves, getting his perceived respect. What a fucking douche, he would be awesome.

  • wt F, left 4 comments on here none appearing. Where did they go Jimmy G? I leave a comment, the comment never shows up. That's exactly the opposite of what I want to happen.

    Here's hoping this shows.

  • Why does the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) sell automatic weapons, like AK-47's, to Mexican drug dealers by the thousands? Isn't their job supposed to be the complete opposite? And why does the FBI have "informants" who are Mexican drug dealers buying the weapons from the ATF without any threat of prosecution? It must all be about job security.
    I've heard all these news stories over the last few years about American gun sellers "supplying" the Mexican "Drug Lords". Little did we know it was the American Government supplying all the weapons to "Mexican Drug Lords". Obama said he was going to decrease the "War on drugs" when dealing with Medical Marijuana growers, but at the current rate he will prosecute more people than George Bush. Bush was a dick, but the current "President" is a Cock Sucking Muther Fucker.
    The current dipshit President wants to raise taxes on the "rich", but his real goal is to fuck the average small business owner. If you don't believe me, go back and listen to some of his early campaign speeches when running for President. He is owned by Wall Street just like every President since Reagan. The biggest theft in World History has happened in the last three years. I thought 2011 was going to be the worst year of this recession, but 2012 might be worse. I better stop talking now.
    Go Bears.

  • I am telling you..get Alberta for cheap and this D will be stout. I promise.

    Get Cromartie to play in a cover two

    Get Roy to be our big threat and then pick up Harvey Dahl.

  • Just two players?

    That's tough.. I want Holmes and Dahl.

  • You want the receiver that has been stabbed by his wife?

    I think the pot smoker is a little bit more safe. Holmes is the perfect match for Martz. Smart, open, and can catch.

    Which reminds me of Bennent in a way. Can Bennent light it up this year or is it smoke?

    Remember when we all thought Bowman was gonna be good..remember when he said right this down, the dbs are gonna be good this year..

    I won't fall for that again. Get Cromartie.

  • We will not get Asomugha. He is gonna get paid like Peppers did. With a salary cap coming back it also limits are abilites.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    I've got a boner for Marshall Artoo. If Orton can get him the ball 22 times in one game, imagine what's possible if he's reunited with Cutty. Just put it up there and let the boy do the rest.

    Re Asomugha, I didn't think the Bears would spring for Peppers. Cromartie is still a good call, and it gives Urlacher another wingman for Hooters. Salary cap being an issue is even more of a reason to push the eject button on Omelette. If we accept that CW is a tackle and not a guard, we should have no problem finding two starting guards from Garza, Horn, Asiata and Louis. Then we pick up an OT in FA and open up competition between CW, Carimi and the new guy. A big signing like Marshall makes us one scary offense as you've got to account for that guy if you're the opposing defense - leaving Forte, Hester, Olsen, Bennett et al to run amok scot free. Even if took plays or whole games off, he's always to got to be accounted for. That's a scary thought mang, that's a gunpowder offense with a none too shabby defense on the flip-side.

    I really wish we'd gone Carimi, Leshoure, Cannon(or whoever at DT) in the draft, but Jerry's the million dollar brain .... so we'll see.

  • Jerry - you out there man? The windows is closing for this team, and it's closing on your life in general, so listen up and look see. You go out and wave a third round pick at the Dolphins for The Beast and finish what you started when you traded for Cutler ... then you go all-in and snag us Asomugha AND Cromartie .... find us a serviceable OT and you get yourself a Super Bowl ring.

    Oh, and have a word with Lovie Gump, let #19 out of the shit-house ..... your boy Cutler can't hit midgets.

  • Just saw that interview with Plax - says his legs have never felt more explosive - I know he's 34, but his knees weren't exactly under much pressure in jail unless he was bearing a lot of weight in the showers. He still doesn't seem to understand that you can't walk around with loaded firearms though. Houston apparently want him to book-end AJ, because they've got some smart people down there and we don't. Arian Foster went undrafted? Really, Jerry? You didn't see anything in Arian Foster that we could use? Now there's a shock ... I guess you've always got staff around to blame for that. Where does the buck stop on the Bears talent finding trail ?

  • Dear Ted Phillips,

    Thought we'd forgotten about you, didn't you? You hired that goblin-looking goon as the GM to deflect attention away from whatever the hell it is you do at Halas Hall, cos it sure ain't about doing the right thing. In your defence, you'll point to the NFC championship appearance, I'll point to the lower draft picking order that results, and the zero number of Lombardis you have brought to Chicago.

    All you had to do was find us a guy like this and you would have been a legend, instead of the carcinogenic sack of bacteria that you are, stuck in the gut of the Chicago Bears.


  • Wow Irish you're like a one man show this morning.
    Best thing about the Casey Anthony trial- it's over and I hope I can turn on CNN and see some actual news. You know...something that might actually effect the general public. Worst thing is if she had a scientist boyfriend researching the cure to cancerous aids herpes and she killed him nobody would care. Cute little white girl.. the world is in shock! And if there are two people I could punch in the face #1 George Bush jr #2 Nancy Grace.

    And can the NFL/ players just make an agreement already!! I went to Reno last week and couldnt place any bets on futures because they dont even know if they're going to have a season! I'll be back up there later this month so lets hope they have an agreement by then.

    Oh and take the Fifth- love it or leave it.... I vote you leave it.

  • Hey sac, what's with all the whiteman angst? Are you a black panther?

  • Sac, it's the legal system and the ridiculous verdict that people are shocked about not the fact that it is a little white girl. jesus christ man. your heart is bleeding so much it's staining your shirt.

  • Why do we drive in a parkway and park in a driveway?

    Why do they call them apartments when they're all together?

    Artoo: You picked the wrong thread to say "...it also limits are abilites..."

    Like the student who emailed me, "...Math is not my worste subject..."

  • you guys keep forgetting, here is what we need to be the team we want to be:

    1. OG
    2. OG or Center
    3. Big-ass WR

    (if we can get the beast for a 3rd, fucking do it... then use the money we would have spent on one in FA to get another (real) LT.

    How’s that for a strategy? Wholly replace our second-year-running worstest oline in the nfl. Hows abouts we start there? We have enough of the rest to be decent in the other spots for a year. REPLACE THE OLINE FIRST AND FOREMOST. PERIOD.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    For Christ's sake, won't somebody please get Lobo his guards!?!

  • indeed.

  • Did any of you mo fos answer my two questions?

    1. Have any of you run in the san fermin?

    2. Did you read that Bachelor party email?

    Speaking of... where's Coach?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    The Bachelor party email was hilarious. Can you imagine? RED FLAG RED FLAG. Get the hell out now buddy! Holy Christ. "Trips are a sensitive issue with me..." WTF?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Did san fermin twice, once in the summer of 2000 and the second in the summer of 2004. First time we planned 5 months in advance, stayed at a hotel above a bar about 3 blocks from Plaza Del Castillo. Second time we just winged it and stayed outside Pamplona. What can I say, I can't wait to do it again.

  • In reply to gwill:

    WIIIIIIIIILLL... fucken a man. I knew there was a reason I liked you right away.

    We did the same fucking run in 2000 mang!

    Intense, huh. Did you make it into the plaza to play with the little ones and the vaca loca? That was by favorite part. I saw dudes getting POOOOOWND by the little bulls. Incredible time, will remember it forever.

    I'd go again in a second, just don't know that I'll have the chance with a wife and two little ones now.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Mingled with the vaquillas in 2004, the baby bulls were fast and unpredictable and went bowling over drunk Americans and British expats with pure ownage. It is wild. Everybody should do san fermin at least once. Sangria literally flowing in the streets. You won't sleep. Meet people from all over the planet. I can't do more than 3 days anymore.

  • since you have absolutely ZERO idea how to draft it Jerry, you better fucking SPEND IT!!!


  • Read Beardick's gang bang reply down the thread. It's hysterical.

  • God damn it!! Where are my Kate Spade plates? And seriously.. they cost like $50. Who on earth cant afford that?

  • I think the DBB dive should have Kate Spade plates.

    And Trucknutz (http://www.trucknutz.com/), with a little label on them that says


    And when Trac gets out of line, we teabag him with the BOJ by slapping his face with them.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Real classy GPL

  • The 8th Circuit Appeals court has officially overturned Judge Nelson.

    The Lockout stands.


  • I'm not sure I'm the one with the bleeding heart if I could care less if some WT killed their offspring or not.

  • i think people are generally shocked and saddened when helpless 2yr olds are brutally murdered and then in stunning displays of stupidity and ignorance the perpetrator gets to walk.
    The bleeding heart reference was regarding the fact that you mentioned she was a little white girl with the insinuation that if someone else had been killed it would have been shrugged off which is incorrect.
    It tugs at peoples hearts when the victims are helpless, innocent, full of promise, leaders, idealists, little kids, etc.
    The broken legal system should annoy you on a completely different level altogether.
    If neither of those affect you at all then I can't help you but I would bet you bottom dollar that at one point you have been on a Yahoo message board making some outrageously offensive statement about some tragic event behind the cloak of anonymity. If i am wrong about that and you've never done it then congratulations, you just did it for the first time.
    When you have kids the thought of a kid getting tortured and killed by the one person that is supposed to do anything in this world to defend them, love them and keep them safe tears your fucking heart out and brings about thoughts of vengeance and reprisal from anyone that has the emotional capacity of someone older than 20.

  • In reply to mofo Waffle 3.0:

    Actually I'll be talking about this crock of media perpetuated garbage on stage next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
    Trust me.. not everyone is a sheep following the media circus wherever it may go. Violence against children is at an all time low. According to the FBI your child is far safer now than they were in the 50's or 60's yet the media figured out that these sensational stories sell, especially when the victim is someone the rapidly vanishing middle class can connect with (mostly white middle class etc). So now we get a new super victim dominating the airwaves every 6 months. Just wait.. a couple months from now you’ll be outraged all over again.

  • Sac, I don't really have a dog in this fight but making crass comments about a murdered 2 year old probably isn't going to win a lot of friends. I have no idea why you would be talking about this on stage next week but I just can't imagine the mesage being well received.

  • you don't have to be a sheep to feel sickened and you don't have to be a scholar to realize that i'm talking about multiple levels of insanity here from parents torturing and killing their kids to a legal system that is increasingly losing touch with the basic tenets of the law.

    A sheep believes everything they hear and takes it as gospel. An educated person that formulates well thought out ideas can watch something and be disgusted. There is no extra special honor for being so cool and aloof that you don't give a shit if someone murders and gets away with it in front of everyone while everyone is fully aware of the guilt. It's fucking depressing and comical.

    A lot of your comments on politics sound strangely sheepish as well Sac. Sometimes you sound like a Huffington Post shill and sometimes like the the kid that is too cool for school nihilist.

  • Unemployment ticked up to 9.2%

  • Then there's this ridiculous meathead shit: http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/blog/shutdown_corner/post/Joe-Flacco-makes-his-wife-play-center-in-a-weddi?urn=nfl-wp3225

    Although, if you are going to put the wife anywhere, that's probably the right spot.

  • http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20110625/19243714865/trolls-town-drunks-internet.shtml


  • It's hard to write shit on the fly at work.

    I dare one of you mofo's to mess up on here.. I hope you burn and die in hell!! I dare you to challenge Prince to game b-ball and make sure you people are they to see it!

  • In reply to Artoo:

    damn it! make sure your people are they to see it. Shit.. Shut up!

  • In reply to Artoo:

    BAAAAAAAAAAAhahahaha! Fucking erik, it's ok lad. We all still love you man. That shit made me lulz. Ooze noooooze GP!!!!

    ... and what does work have to do with it? You're sitting at a drafting table with your back to the open room right now huh? I always have my back to the wall man... especially after the nam.

    Sac, on stag huh… that would make you either a comedian or a politician.


  • I got my "Trial of the Century" tick out of my system with the Lindbergh trial. It used to be the state murdered innocent people, and not let guilty ones go free...ahh, the good old days.

    I also used to walk up hill both ways to and from school.

  • @gwill

    I remember when all the politicos predicted that if unemployment still hovered at 9% it would be a death-knell to Obama. However, who are the Republicans going to nominate, Michelle Bachman? who recently signed a petition arguing that African-Americans were better off in slavery because it kept the nuclear family in tact.

    No, I'm no kidding.

    With that field, unemployment can double, and Obama would still cruise.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    That isn't what she said or singed 85. You need to reread that or check what someone else conveyed to you. No Im not a Bachman backer but I believe people deserve to have their stories told truthfully. Man I hope we have some football to talk about soon. I have seen some downright crazy, nasty shit on here and before half of us end up hating each other I sure hope we have football soon.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Totally agree, Murph. I can't imagine the regulars getting that mad at each other. We've got a lot of different outlooks, experiences, etc. but overall everyone is pretty tolerant of each other. Thank goodness!!!!!

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    Not saying anything about presidential politics.

    9.2% unemployment to me is high. U6 unemployment at 16.2% is higher still.

  • @ Murph

    I did read that story in more than one news outlet, but I'm not about to go Sherlock Holmes on it. The fact that it's even believable proves how unelectable Michele Bachmann is, though her and Palin would be a great reality tv show. Here's an excerpt from the Marriage Vow organization's petition, which does cite a study, albeit erroneously.

    "Slavery had a disastrous impact on African-American families, yet sadly a child born into slavery in 1860 was more likely to be raised by his mother and father in a two-parent household* than was an African American baby born after the election of the USA’s first African-American President."


    I'll let you guys make up your own minds about implications and innuendos, but here's one implication that this particular columnist concluded,

    "To be fair, The Marriage Vow doesn’t appear to be arguing that slavery was good (hey, they said it was “disastrous”), but rather, that Barack Obama is worse than slavery."

    The beauty about implications and innuendos is that they can be denied. Still...

    And yes, we do need football, fast.

  • @ gwill

    No, I know you didn't make the connection of unemployment to presidential race, that was just my two cents. It's hard not to think of one without the other.

    In a lot of ways, both the unemployment problem and the lock-out mirror each other in that most avg americans don't care how they get solved, they just want to "get 'er done".

    I don't like gross generalizations, but Americans I think are pretty pragmatic, which is really the only way a democracy (or football) can survive.

    Anyhow, off my soap box....Now.

  • "black-children-worse-off-under-obama-than-during-slavery/"

    Aha, that old chestnut. They were also worse off under Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan .... but is that an argument for slavery? Germans were better off under Hitler than they are today ... is that an argument for National Socialism? The U.S. dollar is worth about 5% of what it once was. When you're paying those Fed bastards the guts of a trillion dollars a year just to pay accrued interest on a loan that can never be paid off ... well ... nothing short of a revolution stops that I'm afraid.

    Sac, Mang, if you're going to talk about the Anthony case on stage, I hope it's only to talk about what you'd do that bitch if you were left alone in a room with her. There's only one thing thing worse than killing a toddler, and that's when the mother is the doer. Just take a time out and imagine the last 2 minutes of her short life.

    And on that note I can't remember the trivial football thing I had in my head. I'm off to kiss the twins.

  • http://blogs.nfl.com/2011/07/07/ddfp-the-announcement-of-the-greatest-nfl-uniforms/


  • This will piss me off.

    All we do is resign our guys " except Manning that negro amigo is gone" and some guy like Josh Bullocks.

    The defense is aging and we don't know if we have players to replace them. I hope Wooten, DJ,Josh, and Roach are ready but I don't think they are. In a few years, we will need players at DB, FS,LB,DE,G,C,.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    I'd say we need to sign those guys now, Artoo. You're spot on, in just a couple of years, the nucleus of this team will be gone, with Cutty in his prime, all dressed up and nowhere to go. Hence, it's all-in again come FA period or we can just kiss the baby.

    Pep and Izzy have what, a year or two maybe? Who's left for the future? Melton just turned into 8-ball with 30 extra lbs canceling out his motor. Wooton could be anything. Paea? I'm with Mayock expecting a bust on that dude, sorry. And he was supposed to replace Tommie, not Tommie and AA. Urlacher's not far behind Pep and Izzy. Kreutz will be (or perhaps already is ) toast. Garza's done. Who do we have on that line for the future? Carimi? I don't believe we have a DB worth a shit when Tillman breaks down. We maybe have a #2 and a #3 WR. One RB for the future, when we play in a league where you need 2 or 3. We have two NFL QBs going into the next season when we could potentially need all 3 with the line we have. And we WILL need all 3 if Fatboy Slim goes to LT. No replacements for Urlacher or Kreutz in the draft this year ... both of which require a high first round pick. The only place we have no complaints is at TE

    Nobody in the clown car has the knowledge to build a team the way Finks did in any respect.. Not only has Angelo consistently failed to build a solid roster from top to bottom, he set us back further with the Cutler trade. We had to pay over the odds for a QB that should have been drafted. Instead, he drafts a Grossman, busting out on that, and then we have to go all-in when a real prospect like Cutler presents himself. Even if we somehow managed to win the big one next year, I'd still douse the clown car in petrol and push it out of Halas Hall. I see a couple of plucky, failed seasons ahead - so close but so far kinda seasons. Angelo/Philips finally get put to the sword, and it's rebuilding in 2014 around a shell-shocked Cutler.

    It's funny, and another example of how the rules of life are opposite to how they should be. Only CEOs of huge organizations, Directors of large banks, and NFL GMs get to blow chunks year in, year out, and then walk off into the sunset. The further down the ladder you go though, the quicker you're fired for incompetence.

    Debbie Downer, I know, I know - but blame Jerry, I didn't pick the team.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    I watched tape of Webb, over the end of the season, he started to actually do great.

    I agree with you about him going to the left..I don't know about that but if he does then he will need a vet at LG because he is lost when it comes to picking up the blitz. Damn, don't make me think Urlacher is almost done. That dude is my hero and Briggs isn't that young either.

    We need someone to scare the Db's at wideout. We need someone to block across that whole line. Last but not least, we need some fresh guys on the whole D side to start getting ready to inheirit the throne.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    Exactly, he'll have CW telling him what to do? Why not just stick CW back at LT, cos there is no way in hell the 7th round pick will turn out a better player than the first rounder from what I've seen of both. Webb could never shut down a Jared Allen. He might shut down another Webb, but that's it
    I spent most of my game-watching time with my beady little eyes on Webb and Omelette last season. I guess I'm a masochist. Webb has some upside in the run game, but I didn't see anything to suggest he'll ever be a premier pass blocker - can't teach speed - and if you're LT for the Chicago Bears and covering the franchise's blind side ....

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    What round did Manning and Brady both go in again?

  • Sac, let me be straight though in that i do believe that people like Nancy Grace do put on that sort of act to sensationalize a case that would already blow someones mind. I agree that when it's done for ratings and profit and page clicks it is tough to swallow.

    At the same time, we don't live in a vacuum and these stories need to be told. It is just gay when they are told by fake ass earnest newscasters that would stab you in the kidney if you ever turned your back. Part of me thinks Nancy Grace is like that in real life though as well.

    I'm just trying to say that i see what you are saying but don't agree with everything you say and find part of it plain wrong.

  • In reply to mofo Waffle 3.0:

    This isn't levied at anyone in particular, since it seems all you fucking queers (not that there's anything wrong with that) are getting all upset and thin-skinned because we don't have football yet, so there's my lame PC disclaimer so I don't ruffle any petticoats you bunch of Kansas City Faggots (not that there's anything wrong with that)...

    You know, my buddy and I always make fun of Nancy Grace, "Aaaaareeee yooooouuu tellllin' meeeee...", and yes, she does what she does because people watch it, but she is also performing a pretty damn needed service in my estimation.

    And you can tell the freak actually cares about the cases she's talking about. I think it started as a way to drum up outrage at certain cases to drive ratings, but has now become her 'thing' to really champion these victims causes... and I value that to be honest. Cause as johnny says, the run of the mill newscasters just deadpan these horrific stories and then move on the next second to the weather with a big smile on their face. It’s nice to have someone who actually cares.... even if it is contrived and self-serving.

    Also, it seems like the three dudes on here who are the most outraged at this case, have very young daughters… I don’t think that’s a coincidence. When I was young and single and saw stories like this, I would take a second and say, wow that fucking sucks… and then move on to planning my tiki garage bar party. Now I can put myself in that place and think about what I would do if someone did that to my baby, and it literally makes me so fucking angry that I want to fucking pound someone out (mostly casey Anthony and each one of those jury members one by one). For me this case was very personal, because my daughter is almost exactly the same age as cayle when it happened… and to boot, they look somewhere, kind of, vaguely similar.

    I don’t blame you for not being as struck by it sac, but I most certainly, also very much agree with and completely relate to Johnny’s (and Irish’s) feelings.

    Mostly, let’s all just take a deep breath and enjoy the banter… not matter what it’s about.

    GP, where you at man?

    Nice FQ sighting by the way… dude, get your ass back on here – don’t think you’re going to just show up when the season starts and everything’s just going to be fine again… fair weather friend.

  • Is everyone asleep? Am I the only one on this blog working on Saturdays?

  • In reply to Artoo:

    Oh oh oh... me too me tooo.... I'm working too!!!

  • Waffle woke up on the wrong side of the bed.. Sheesh!

    I try to avoid these conversations. Most people can't really be as polite as you are Waffle. There are just too many ways to interpret things now.

    You are either against this whole case because there is a million reasons why everyone thinks she did it. The web searches, dead body, and all the lies in the begining.


    You are for it because there is no proof that she actually did it. There are assumptions and evidence that comes close but nothing concrete enough.

    Personally, I want to believe that is all like "To Kill a Mocking Bird" but I know that this is totally different. The decision did not shock me at all. The jurors did what I thought they would do. They didn't want to let a young beautiful lady" don't hold me to that" go to prison for something that the defense had no proof that she did it. I bet they thought "no mother would kill her own child" theory too.

    Finally, now that I am at the end here, I would have said that she did it. The evidence is all there and it all happened too coincidently. Could I have sent her to death without proof that she did it? Sorry, I couldn't.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    I could have and I would have. When you have a wife and you have a baby and you see how that woman thinks re: that baby first hand... then you'll get that Casey Anthony is a murdering sociopath that has zero feelings about killing her little girl.

    What she did after that baby died (whether on purpose or by accident) is simply not a normal human response. She either did it herself, or is a sociopath. Either way, she's worthless whiteT that shouldn't use up valuable air.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    You are right MB, if I had a child I could have.

    Double edge sword. I either see things clearer in the sense that I don't have a child or I don't see how the other side would be if I had one.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    The evidence was all there and then some Artoo.

    Problem #1 - they didn't even avail of most of that evidence(!)

    Problem #2 - they put it all in the hands of 12 people who were too dumb to get out of jury duty.

    Problem #3 - there should be a FUBAR switch the judge can hit when common sense is not prevailing. Judges are smart, juries are not. See #2

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Had this not been some decent looking girl.. I am telling you she would have been sent to prison based on the evidence they had.

    Since there was no video, blood on her hands, or someone telling the Jurors " hey, the body was in her car", They couldn't send her to jail/death.

    Sorry. That's how I see it.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    Dang, where did all my posts go? Anybody using Firefox 5 out there? Is it a FF 5 thing?

    Artoo, I wouldn't do that chick with yours, mang. Really? Casey Anthony? If I could wear a knuckleduster then the donkey punch would have some cachet.

    I won't be drawn into comparing Tom Brady and J'Marcus Webb :o)
    Okay, I will. One will be in the HOF and have at least one pro bowl on his CV when it's all done ....

    Shabba's still under contract and I don't think anyone will come knocking his door down. Bennet was making sounds on the trib like Knox has been demoted. Hopefully that doesn't mean to the slot, and we get Bennett in there and Shabba outside where he belongs. Martz said Shabba couldn't play the slot, which was kind of a pointless thing to say because he's not a slot receiver, he's a classic wide end. Even if we don't make a splash for a WR in FA, then we've got him and this Fantuz dude to look at.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Irish, Aroma is gone. His contract ran out and they did not offer him a new one. Definitely a "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out" ending.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    He's still on the team roster on CB.COM. Was there a press release? We're Shabba-less? Okay Jerry, get busy, you A-hole. Fare thee well Shabba. [sniff]

    Bye the bye, do folks in the States even know the American Football World Cup is on? Where the actual World Champs will be crowned ...
    Somebody posted this on my old team page.
    Don't worry, USA looks to have things in hand.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Irish, I'm guessing as soon as the lockout is over all the UFA's will disappear from the rosters. Then let the signings begin. I've got some faith in JA when it comes to signing players. It's the drafting part where he sucks big, hairy moose cocks.

  • Sorry for getting everyones hopes up...

    the Dolphins have no plans to release Marshall if/when the lockout is lifted.? The Dolphins, at this time, have no intention to break ties with Marshall, a source said Saturday. Miami reportedly has the option to break away from Marshall by not paying a $3 million option bonus that guarantees the player’s salary through 2012. They have an out if they want it but, according to report, they won’t take it. Even if the Dolphins wanted to release Marshall, it would be a difficult pill to swallow.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    Frak on the Marshall thing. Okay, back to reality I guess. Which reminds me, the Bennett article on the Trib - sounds like Knox got demoted due to general cluelessness. I hope that means Bennett in the slot and Shabba back on the outside where he belongs anyway. And he was saying that the receivers get together with Cutty four times a week, but no defenders ?? WTF?

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Shabba is gone.. I don't think he wants to play for Martz.

  • http://www.cnn.com/2011/SPORT/football/07/09/hines.ward.arrest/index.html?hpt=hp_p1&iref=NS1


  • "I agree with you." = "Sho ya right."

  • that was meant to be a reply to 4ever85 from 1 day 16 hours ago. Stupid site, or stupid user? I vote the former.

  • In reply to Oaktown34:

    @ Oaktown

    Who are you? WHO ARE YOU!!!!

  • have a good night boys.

    I have a triple IPA called Devil Dancer in my hand and a gin and tonic waiting for me as we all prepare to go to dinner without any kids.

    Thank god for young hot college babysitters that don't mind staying in on a saturday night once in a while.

    Semi disastrous behavior inevitable.

    Bear down while i bear down on this g&t.

  • In reply to mofo Waffle 3.0:

    BooYah Johnny! Go get 'm baby.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    just got back. it felt good to drill a couple of dirty martinis without getting a disdainful glance. Steak au poivre haters! closed a deal via text in the bathroom without wife knowing. paid for entire vacation. glass of Powers and met a guy wearing a bears cap in Minny while in the bathroom. told him peppers was going to tear Rodgers' dick off. Minny fan in bathroom says fuck yeah. I proceed to tell him that Ponder/Webb's dicks will be torn off as well. i was told to fuck off.

  • In reply to mofo Waffle 3.0:

    wow, as i read my last post this morning I sound like a real douchebag. that is kind of embarassing. i'm going to chalk it up to being giddy at my good luck and the drinks. It was a little surreal to get that reaction regarding my Minny comment from a guy in a Bears hat though. You'd think he'd be die hard but i guess he still has some love for the hometown which is admirable.

  • You there, ya uze. Wanna smell my fingers? ha ha. Get me a martini, extra dry, before I stomp your face in. Kidding, I kid.


  • This lead article title just made my heart sink a bit.


  • In reply to mofo Waffle 3.0:

    The two things that stand out from that page were :

    Free agent period will separate best front offices from the rest
    >> That's us pooched.

    Favre’s brother, mother chime in on annual unretirement talk
    >> It was only a matter of time. I hope he does come back, and I hope it's the Vikes.

  • Do you honestly think the Jurors were all stupid or felt guility for the girl? ..Telling you, any other girl that would have been Fat, different race, and poor would have been sent to jail.

    Did we not release Shabba with Harris and Shafter?

    Good luck on getting him to coperate with Martz.

    Comparing Tom Brady to Webb is out there. I was just pointing out how they both went in low rounds where they barely got on a team.

    Working 7 days in a row, there has to be some more murdering of the English Language to give GP and Doc a chance to destroy me.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    Dude what are you doing for 7 days in a row?

  • Johnny, being a queens fan is like being gay (not that there's...)... you either suck dick or you don't mang?!? That dude was a queens fan, period. Dude was a poser clown, you should have grabbed the bears fan off his head then smashed his head into the bottom of the urinal and left him unconscious in a puddle of his own filth on the floor.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    MB's gone vigilante (not to mention, Midevil).

  • Pac Man Jones arrested in Cincy. Disorderly conduct, resisting, intoxicated. Some guys never can get it. I'd say this pretty much ends his NFL career

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Who knows, Murph? It only takes one team to want him. I try not to get too judgemental about athletes but this guy is a piece of work.

  • Artoo, I wasn't slamming man. I was just pointing out that this particular thread was a bad one to confuse 'are' and 'our'. Only because of other people talking about language pet peeves. I could give a fuck less frankly. Now your calculus skills, well, they concern my greatly. Did you pass, by the way?

    As for the NEW trial of the century, everyone on here is missing the boat. The fault does not lie with the jury, the prosecutor, the judge, the defender, or the media. It lies with everybody in that little girl's family who could have, but did not seek some old school vigilante justice on that bitch. If something like that happened to my boys, or my wife, or my mother, I promise you, I would not leave justice in the hands of the "justice system". Fuck all that. You fuck with my family, you may as well be Matt Stafford. Which is to say...


  • Canada,

    Took a midnight bike ride to the ocean beaches with a buddy the other night. Pretty sweet. Took a chain ring to the ankle though. That smarts a bit. Chain rings'll fuck a brother up. Any good stories?

  • In reply to Doc Nitty 34:

    Chainrings can bite really hard. Hopefully the puncture isn't too deep.

    I've been riding the bike a lot. Trying to get ready for week-long bike rides coming up. I'd be OK if I lost a metric ton but that doesn't seem to be happening. Oh well.

    Did you see the stage today in the TDF? Some dumbass driving a media car knocked down two riders. One guy went straight down to the pavement on his hips and ass. Looked like it hurt a lot. The other guy went cartwheeling into the ditch and slammed up against a barb wire fence.


    All the crashes have been crazy.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Canada, I was going to post that crash... I was watching and when that happened I was flabbergasted... Holy shit! did you see that shit! I yelled to no one.


    It looked like he did it on purpose when I saw it, but when you watch closely you can see there was a tree he thought he was going to hit. Just bad news man. I freak out when I’m riding on this bridge by my house that’s right by a high school. I just always picture some ditsy high school chick looking down texting her BFF how hot johnny is as she fucking plows me into the concrete wall of the bridge at 50mph. Fucken A man, be safe out there on your rides.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I worry about that stuff all the time. It used to be in Iowa the rednecks would buzz you and yell at you. Up here in Canada there aren't as many rednecks in town (pop 1.1 mil) but the bad drivers and people distracted by their phones is even worse. Fortunately the city has a great bike path. Around 800 kms. Although there are distracted bikers on their phones. Fucking weird.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Yeah canada, scary man. Tis is a huge triathlon community so cars are usually pretty good... WHEN they aren't looking down at their phones. It's just wrong place, wrong time... can happen to anyone, you just have to hope it's not to you.

  • Yup.

  • I did Doc, still dislike it a lot. I

    I want to learn to ride a motorcycle but you can't get bj's on the bike.

    We need football because after this week.. our football season starts to tank really quick.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    Artoo, go take a class and learn to ride. BJ's on the move are kind of hard. Just pull over, lean back in the seat and enjoy mother nature while one of her beautiful daughters goes to work on you.

  • Hey GP, this kid is fucking scary


    Jesus man...

  • 299 ...

  • 300 ... ?

    I'm that bored.

  • Intern as a civil engineer but most of it is secretary work.

    Told you Shabba was gone.

    Big question guys....

    You have one choice a Stud Olinemen or Stud Wideout, to get when FA hits. What matters most?

  • I could never really get into Soccer but... that bicycle trick was effing cool.

  • Fucking tragic: http://news.yahoo.com/video/us-15749625/jaycee-lee-dugard-kidnapped-at-age-11-25909946.html#crsl=%252Fvideo%252Fus-15749625%252Fjaycee-lee-dugard-kidnapped-at-age-11-25909946.html

    What is wrong with people.

  • Anybody got anything for me to write about?

  • Fucking dirtbag: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/07/11/casey-anthony-lawyer-worried_n_894487.html

    Foghorn leghorn motherfucker

  • Yes Jeff, that Jimmy the little gnome man who is now the damn CN moderator or some shit - promised the blog would unfuck itself by now. If they are using wordpress tools, why can't they just change the settings to use threads and chronological order?

    Just post how much this community wants to smack that little Travelocity gnome around...

  • And stop talking about Casey Anthony and Jaycee Dugard!!!!!!!! Christ. If you go there, post how bad a lay Nancy Grace would be. With her big ass titties in your face and her tsk tsk tsk if you did it wrong....

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Nancy Grace would get all sub/dom leather fetish on you, pull out the whips and chains. You won't defile me, I will defile you!!!!!!! Boooga booga boooga! Get in the trunk! Get in the trunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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