Bears Add UTEP WR Kris Adams

He is 6'3".  195.  He runs a sub-4.4 40-yard dash (click here for video).

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  • I find this young man intriguing.

  • Potential...

  • UTEP...I'm sure that their progam resembles NFL coaching schemes and he should be ready. Right...

  • In reply to Darrek:

    Listen, with the physical tools he has, he'd be playing for a top tier program if he had football smarts. The question with a guy like this is whether our program can bring something out in him that he didn't get in college or high school. If we can teach him to make the reads and run the routes he needs to run, he'll make a great option.

    None of the undrafted guys is going to look amazing on tape. We just have to find a good fit.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Right...and if he had the POTENTIAL that NFL teams look for...he would have been drafted.
    DA was a good project too and where is he?

  • In reply to Darrek:

    Shabba just got signed by the BiQueens. Fuck. My. Life.

    Like that move isn't going to come back and bite us on the ass.

    Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

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    In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Doesn't always work that way. See Bernard Berrian. This could be different. But I've got to trust that Mike Martz who knows what he wants out of receivers, was not impressed. So, I'm inclined to give the benefit of the doubt on this one.

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    In reply to Darrek:

    If one of these guys makes the team and contributes its a big victory. The Bears did will in the undrafted rookie signings. They got 4 guys who were mentioned as being among the top undrafted rookies. The WR from Ohio, the DT from Northwester, and I think a TE and a Safety.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Right...and if he had the POTENTIAL that NFL teams look forhe would have been drafted.
    DA was a good project too and where is he?

  • In reply to Darrek:

    Darrek, there have been plenty of undrafted players that went to the pro bowl and have had great careers. If you think these scouts or Mel Kiper are the be all end all you are mistaken.

    Guys get passed over all of the time because they don't fit some "profile" and most guys never get a shot. Warner was in the fucking arena league and NFL Europe and you know the rest. Jeff Saturday and Shaun O'Hara weren't drafted and they've been playing for years.

    You never know what's going to happen. Nick Barnett goes down last year and Desmond Bishop steps up and plays so well that they are releasing Barnett.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    Waffle---> I understand that the certain fellows that you named are gr8t players but they also had good supporting casts around them to help their development. Jeff s is a fantastic C but if he wasn't snapping the ball to arguably the best QB of all time and was maybe handing of to the round table of QB's in detroit over the last few years do you think he still would have been as good? Smart guy yes and a good find. Its sad that a lot of guys get passed over for not fitting the 'profile'...but if the scouts weren't right 95% of the time, you and I would be picking the players and not some of the idiots out there(JA and Co.)
    There will always be diomonds in the But that doesn't change the fact that there a plethura of good, mid to upper level players in FA that have exp and know how the NFL operates. An not to mention some of these guys will come cheap. I know we need to fill roster spots to get to 90 and we want to see some new talent...but the rosters will all be the same when the season starts.53 man. We are set to win now and i just think that getting too high on Undrafted players vs. signing players that will still be here when the season starts would be more priority.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    Well...had a great response but I sent it and CN has not posted. WTF!!! that has been happening alot.

  • Dude's a stickfigure... and I'm sure the NFL is exactly like the Conference USA West.


  • From twitter:
    Adam Schefter
    Busy day in Dallas: Calvin Watkins reports the Cowboys have told WR Roy Williams they will be releasing him

  • In reply to Norwegian Bear:

    release him right into our loving arms

  • In reply to Norwegian Bear:

    Let's get him??? NO? YES?

  • In reply to derekd:

    Floyd or Sims-Walker??? Anybody?
    A lot less money and younger.
    I like Plax...Cutty would make him a ProBowler again

  • In reply to Darrek:

    Floyd avg about 17 yds, so I would prob choose him, then Plax, then Walker (yup, Plax over Walker) them maybe Roy, but I wouldn't be all that thrilled with that.

    Every season some quality WR always wants out of a team, usually before the trade deadline, so there's always that route, if worse comes to worse (& b4 saying it's only prima donnas, Fitz almost demanded to be traded)

  • In reply to Darrek:

    Wait, Roy Williams is a head case and Plaxico Burress ISN'T?

    Burress is not a good idea, period.

  • Not saying that he's not but he has a t least something to prove to the fans, the NFL but most importantly to himself. The fact is that the man was a beast and still is. Williams is about to be cut/traded by what, his third team?
    Besides i've seen the light and FLOYD and JOSEPH are our best options...and like always the O-Line.

  • In reply to Darrek:

    Floyd over Sims-Walker. 6'5 is boner-inducing. I like Plax too, but he's been banged up for two years. I understand that we need to sign camp bodies, but can Angela be serious in not adding a guy would lay claim to #1 at WR? I guess we all know he certainly can.

    On a side note, how is Fox news allowed to go out on air? I thought Nazi hate propaganda was against the law? Do Bill O Reilly and Nick Hannity call themselves journalists

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Do I need to apolgise to Sean Hannity for calling him Nick? No, but I just wrote emails to both of them asking them why nobody on Fox - or the media in general - is addressing the real reason behind such a massive debt.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Oh my Payton ..... get this ... there is no email address on the Fox site for 'the nation's number 2 talk show host' Sean Hannity (Fox blurb). If you want to communicate with His Holiness, you must first register to do so using credit card details. I kid you not.

  • In reply to derekd:

    CN : You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.
    Me: Blow me, it's free agency bitches, like fucking christmas for adults. more like Hanukkah since it's multiple days of presents in the form of talented players being obtained from other teams.

    Free Agency (noun) - the period of time when grown men can fuse together the commericial aspects of xmas and hannukah to create the perfect NFC destroying football team.

    In case they don't post my last thought:

    Offensive linemen are like midgets and salt....they make everything better.


    Interesting stuff out there.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    once again I found myself moving my mouse slowly up the page from the list of players cut from teams to the swimsuit button. Oh swimsuit button, you know i can't ignore you.

  • I'm ok with this strategy in theory... IFF we spend the money we save on 3 olinemen... which will never happen, but I said in theory.

    The theory goes that if we sure up our oline, stop cutty from getting killed, and give him normal amounts of time back there, we can make our current and new set of receivers work.

    So, if jerry doesn't get a big #1 AND only adds one OL (which is soooo like him), then we're fucked and are going to see more of last year's performance... except there no way we'll avoid the injury bug like that two years in a row.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    We're 42 million under cap latest figures. Nobody can tell me there isn't eight to ten million in there to get us a weapon at wideout.


  • Giants cutting #ShaunO'Hara

  • If I was neckbeard i would be asking myself if I am a victim of the show Punk'd.

    Orton, who participated in Broncos player-led workouts during the lockout, has made it clear he does not want to back up Tebow. Orton has started 28 games for the Broncos the past two seasons, passing for 41 touchdowns and almost 7,500 yards.

    ......and is going to be traded so Tebow can start. WTF?

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    It's because he shaved the neckbeard. No respect now.

  • 19 Undrafted FA's signed so far.

  • I guess I could just list them. From

    "The Bears on Tuesday agreed to terms with 19 undrafted rookie free agents.

    The group includes 10 defensive players: Tackles Corbin Bryant (Northwestern), Jordan Miller (Southern) and Sean Murnane (Central Michigan); linebackers Tressor Baptiste (Texas A&M) and Deron Minor (McNeese State); cornerbacks Antareis Bryan (Baylor), Mike Holmes (Syracuse) and Ryan Jones (Northwest Missouri State); and safeties Winston Venable (Boise State) and Anthony Walters (Delaware).

    Players are on the offensive side of the ball are centers J.C. Brignone (Mississippi State) and Alex Linnenkohl (Oregon State); guard Ricky Henry (Nebraska); tackle Josh Davis (Georgia); running back Robert Hughes (Notre Dame); wide receivers Travis Cobb (Arizona) and Jimmy Young (TCU); and tight ends Kyle Adams (Purdue) and Andre Smith (Virginia Tech)."

  • In reply to 34Z23:

    The fact that we even brought Travis Cobb onto the team makes me angry. WE ALREADY HAVE THE BEST RETURN MAN IN THE HISTORY OF THE LEAGUE JERRY YOU FUCKING RETARD. If we aren't going to use the best return man in the history of the league and feel the need to bring in other return men then Jerry has to be paid off by the NFC to make the Bears worse. There is no other reasonable explanation. LET HESTER RETURN ALL KICKS YOU IGNORANT SLUT.

  • In reply to Waffle 2.0:

    I hesitate to call another Bears fan a moron, but you, sir, are coming close.

    How many of these UFAs are serious contenders for starting positions? For roster spots in Week 1?

    You have to have bodies in camp, period. And given that the Bears will be auditioning kickers and wanting McGee to get as much practice as possible, they'll need a guy like Cobb to--if not run scout-team routes--shag punts.

    The very notion that an UFA would take returns away from Hester is idiotic.

    I expect better of Bear fans. Stop letting the cheese up north melt into your brain.

  • In reply to IBNO:

    It's the mindset that is upsetting. You know full well that with Danieal Manning leaving that the Bears are interested in someone taking over the kickoff return duties hence the interest in Brad Smith or a guy like Cobb.
    Brad Maynard admitted today that the Bears didn't want to put Hester on kickoff returns because of the risk of injury. They simply pay him too much to put him on kickoffs and feel they are better served with him only returning punts and playing WR.
    I have no illusions that any of these guys will do anything of substance. IT's the fact that Hester is not put on punts and kickoffs at all times that is absolute lunacy.

  • Orton is getting screwed balls deep in his neckbeard, yet again. I feel for that dude. First Lovehammer screwed him in the neckbeard with his loaf of pumpernickelesque shlong, and now Fox is doing the same. I bet he ends up a sticky bearded viking.

  • I agree--poor Neckbeard got hosed in Denver.

    But I think he's too expensive for Minny, plus he wants to go somewhere where he's got a pretty good chance of being a long-term starter.

    Arizona if he's desperate (because that team is going to suck for a long, long time), SF if he's lucky.

  • No Satana Moss here.. he went back to Washington

  • ..... And any of these guys *may* prove capable receivers in two or three years ... which is too late for the core of this team to succeed in our ultimate goal.

    Fail to prepare ....

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