Bears Add Ohio State WR Dane Sanzenbacher

According to a report made on Waddle and Silvy, the Bears have informed their current crop of wideouts they will not be targeting a big-ticket wideout.  They have focused on the position while addressing undrafted free agents.

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  • First to say that this is interesting, more or less a Knox who will go after the ball. Hoping for something bigger.

  • They have to be spending for a someone on the line.

  • In reply to Artoo:

    what are you italian now?

    I a agree a!

  • In reply to Artoo:

    Oh, didn't mean to repeat (damn lag), but we're on the same wave length.

    We have approx 30 mil to spend, the McCheapsters can't be cheap anymore - god bless this new CBA.

    The Bucs gotta spend like 60 mil like Brewster's Millions - I'm actually on my way over there right now and trying out for the team lol

  • Second to say all hail Ceaser, Julio Ceaser that is - J.C. Brignone that is.

    Is it me, or do we purposely choose players with the craziest names?

    Oh, and I lifted that link from Gwill.

  • OK, I made a witty comment but was too fast for CNN, so never mind.

    Bump Bump

    "Anybody know more about J.C. Brignone? (SCC mauler gaurd we picked up)"

    Good link to keep up with the madness live (Thx artoo);_ylt=Au_kMqc9iT8ThI_6QdV7oKA5nYcB?slug=jc-cole_2011_nfl_free_agents_tracker_072511

    Palmer officially retired. Owner Mike Brown says "Don't let the door hit ur ass on the way out." Ced Benson, Ocho, to be them.

    No big WR doesn't surprise me. Character concerns, injury concerns, overpaying concerns...not the Bears way. We can only hope this means that mula is going now to a big LT/G stud.

  • First of all if this is the answer the bears are going to give for our mediocre group of wide outs we are definately going to be at the bottom of the WR Rec, TD's and yardage list. I'm not saying that a couple of the guys aren't #2's or 3's, but to not sign one of the great WR's on the free agent list would be very dissappointing. With Plax, Rice, and Holmes being hounded I'm sure from most teams, the Bears could maybe not shoot so high and go for a Mike Sims-Walker and maybe Malcom Floyd. They are both very good W-outs and would fit the system well.
    We are 34 mill under the cap and I know we need to solidify the O line...but you can not tell me that Dane Orville Redden-Bacher is going to make this group get over the top to be a top corps of Receivers. I love Plax and he needs to be a Bear!! Cutler will make him a pro-bowler in his frist season back. Take a chance JERRY- make him a Bear...this could be your last hooorah w/our team. DON"T FUCK IT UP and win....please!

  • In reply to Darrek:

    I simply *cannot* believe all the yammering on this list for the past year about a "big #1 receiver". IRRELEVANT WHEN YOUR QB HAS ZERO TIME TO THROW THE DAMN BALL!!!!!

    OL, OL, OL, OL, ad infinitum, damnit!

  • Overall I like Dane, esp coming this cheap. He's not big, he's not fast, he's not a #1 WR in the league, probably not a #2 receiver either. But he's got great hands, catches in traffic well, will fight for the ball in the air, can play in cold weather...

  • Busy day in Dallas: Calvin Watkins reports the Cowboys have told WR Roy Williams they will be releasing him

  • Dane is a baller but he is a white Freddy Barnes. Freddy was a baller too and he didn't get a look.
    Some guys can just flat out play ball though so we'll see what the kid can bring. He runs routes better than Knox and i can't see him getting bullied as much. we'll see. i'm not pissed that we brought him on. If we aren't going for WR we had better be bringing in the entire Falcons line.

  • Giants cutting #ShaunO'Hara

  • If the Cowboys are going to pay Williams more money than his salary - just to cut him - then you have to wonder why.

    "They have focused on the position while addressing undrafted free agents."
    - So Angela is focussing on the position by totally ignoring it. We need to sign about 30 dudes to make up the camp roster. Signing nobodies at receiver on a team that needs to win-now is ignoring the shortage of alent and inches at wideout. Thanks Angela, tha's more what I was expecting from you. Dunce.

    Is Malcom Floyd a big-ticket receiver? I'll go ape-shit if they go into this season with a bunch of undrafted projects as our receiver additions. If if any of these dummies was any good, you wouldn't know it or see them for three years. Fuck my life.

  • Damn, that CN blogger Keottahouse (see right) is one fine woman. That is what is goin' on right there. That's what's up. That's your mash potatoes Crown. That is my raison d'etre.

    (If that turns out to be Brittney Payton after pies, please accept my abject apologies and I may or may not be back here some day)

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